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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  August 27, 2011 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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in the news this saturday morning august 27th. hurricane irene has made landfall over north carolina around cape lookout. they have downgraded the storm to a category 1 hurricane but it's caused thousands of flights to be cancelled throughout the country. we have very quiet weather but look at the dense fog. golden gate bridge, mist and drizzle, 53 san francisco, 56 in oakland, 60 in san jose but a warm day today inland. good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. hurricane irene is moving up the
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east coast but it is downgraded to a category 1 storm. top winds at 85 miles an hour from north carolina to atlantic city to new york towards boston. philadelphia in the way, as well. john hendron is live from lower manhattan where they are expecting flooding and evacuations have already been ordered. >> reporter: good morning. we are seeing the first drops of hurricane irene here in new york. 11 states are under a hurricane watch. that storm stretched north carolina the eye going over north carolina and it is now moving its way up to washington, philadelphia and new york making it potentially the storm of the century. i reason landed like a hammer with 85 miles an hour winds. >> this hurricane is real. it is headed our way. we are ready and we are prepared for the worst and we continue to
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pray. >> she arrived as a hurricane 1 hurricane. it makes this storm historic. after the carolinas she went straight to new york city, hitting baltimore and d.c. on the way. then boston later. president obama cutting his own vacation short warned americans to take irene seriously. >> i cannot stress this highly enough, if you are in the projected path of this hurricane you have to take precautions now. don't wait. don't delay. >> new york is bracing for a direct hit. the city that never sleeps will have to walk. the mayor has shut down mass transit. 370,000 new yorkers have been told to move. >> we wouldn't be doing it now unless we not the storm was going to be very serious. >> on the new jersey shore, forget about it. >> get the hell off the beach and get out. you are done. you have maximized your tan, get
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off the beach. >> amtrak has cancelled trains and they have cancelled thousands of flights up and down the coast. >> these waters in new york harbor behind me might seem calm now but some have them reaching shoulder level. that would flood battery park where i'm now standing and could even flood the subway. now, back to you. 2.3 million people are under mandatory evacuation orders including as we heard all of lower manhattan for the first time new york subway system shut down, broadway shows and atlantic city casinos will grow dark. two mets games postponed, jets and giants in north carolina has new jersey been moved to monday. hurricane warning from north carolina to rhode island. so we're looking at a category 1
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at 85 miles an hour that will continue to be a category 1 as it lashes much of the eastern seaboard. north carolina getting hammered with wind gusts have over 70 miles an hour. we are looking at tornado watches all the way up through virginia and wall of water, that storm surge moving into washington, d.c. later on. we're talking in the next 24 hours of some very heavy rain, urban flooding and coastal flooding and not out 6 woods until later on sunday. in terms of how it looks right now, you can see the eye of the storm has been on shore for over three hours and is heading in to new jersey and new york. the rain there and that will last right on through tomorrow. look at our weather coming up. mayor of washington, d.c. and the governors in ten states have declared states of emergencies. u.s. airlines says it will cancel 6,000 flights over the
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next three days. three major airports are closed. laguardia, j.f.k. and newark. bay area flights are being disrupted, as well. 40 flights have been cancelled today. >> reporter: vacationing tourists came up from sidney last week. they talked about the quake earlier in the week. >> it's very interesting out here. >> the flight to new york was cancelled. >> it was cancelled and we went on line, it's been called and we couldn't get in touch with american airlines. >> they have been in line for two and a half hours. it's all because of hurricane irene. she is responsible for more than 600 flight cancellations nationwide so far. east coast airports are experienced serious delays. irene is stranding hundreds of thousands of travelers.
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>> anyone planning to get a seat on any of the airlines this weekend will have a tough time. >> this will be a very busy travel weekend before lane day, a week away and there are not a lot of extra seats on the plane right now. we work three or four days with the flight and there are not enough seats to updated people. >> people like be rebecca that needs to get to law school on monday. >> i'm trying to find out the earliest i can get out. i was hoping monday or tuesday. >> reporter: remember the aussies? >> we may be able to get a flight to new york if it doesn't get cancelled. >> airports are expected to be closed by noon today. if you are planning airline travel please go to for the latest flight information.
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firefighters two from two counties are ready to head to the new york area. they coordinate the response by rescue personnel. new york state needs to finalize paperwork before the group can depart. eight local red cross volunteers is assisting into coordinating disaster relief efforts. >> we call disaster assessment and figure out damage. others the specialty is logistics and warehousing and distributing goods, trying to get the large amount of goods distributed. red cross also tells us dozens of other volunteers have signed up to go back east if they are needed. the agency has sent 200 relief vehicles to the northeast. a magnitude 4.6 earthquake
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hit near hollister after midnight. it was centered 65 miles south of san jose. a viewer said she felt shaking for about ten seconds. a series of aftershocks were rod recorded at 12:36 and another one around 1:30 in the morning. >> they have upheld barry bonds' conviction. the judge refused to overturn the decision made in the courtroom last april. his attorneys are expected to appeal. he was charged with lying to a grand jury when he denied using steroids. >> the 49ers play at candlestick the first game against the violence against the raiders. the head of n.f.l. security to see what the niners are doing to
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prevent it from happening again. the team is promising more parking lot security and less tailgating for the rest of the season, tailgating will be halted at kickoff. coming up next, san bruno pipeline explosion, pg&e outlines a comprehensive plan to make sure it doesn't happen again. the wildfire that is blocking the main highway into yosemite.
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you can make a difference. pg&e is preparing a multi-year modernization plan that they claim mr. had l make the pipeline system one of safest in the country. verifying the integrity of the 6,000 miles of gas transmission lines. they are in the process of setting more stringent and performance requirements for natural gas utilities in the wake of last september's accident in san bruno. >> a 3,000 acre brush fire west of yosemite national park has forced the closure of highway this morning. it's accessible via highway is 20 but hundreds of tourists had to be evacuated. >> dark canyon sky remains lit up. fire lines continue to burn ridges atop the merced river
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canyon friday evening. more than a thousand hand crews worked into the night many taking a break near el portal. these firefighters did not rest long. they quickly moved along to keep an eye on the flames overnight. their focus is protecting homes and businesses. >> a lot of people, it takes a long time something like this can happen on an annual basis. >> charles brought his son to this overlook. their home is not in danger yet but many friends have left their homes behind around rancho rio flatsd. >> that is hard to take mentally. it's scary and all these things that hit the emotions. >> friday afternoon most of the fire fight came from overhead. helicopters hovered over the cold merced river sucked up water to drop on to the flames.
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hand crews worked on the fire lines. >> we are in the merced river canyon, there is a rocky, grassy terrain. that is playing in a parted in areas that are inaccessible. >> they rode along the fire's edge but they were forced to evacuate guests. >> worried about historic lookout tower and as more sheet expected this weekend, next few days look to filled with hazy skies and burned mountain sides. >> yosemite national park officials say all entrances into the park will be open this weekend, but there will be no access to highway 140 and fire officials have no word yet on containment of this fire. higher temperatures coming this weekend? >> that is right. near hundred, plenty of fog near home and airport delays.
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you heard about the closures around the eastern seaboard. emeryville, cloudy, numbers in the 50s. we are headed for a warmup over the weekend. nice temperature spread, microkleits in full swing. >> and brian wilson on the disabled list. giants turn to garcia to close giants turn to garcia to close out the astros.
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are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyo recognition. fibeone. we talked a lot about irene but on the local scene, a nice warm weekend. >> persistent onshore flow, numbers are staying in the 60s. look at the fog behind us. we have rain in tahoe. this is heavenly, you see the partly cloudy skies. tahoe light rain, 60 degrees. vollmer peak, locally you are looking at the marine layer at about 1200 to 1500 feet. gray skies from north to south.
8:19 am
in fact fog down by monterey. roof camera right now, pretty gray but everyone will enjoy warmer weather but the warmest day will be tomorrow especially inland. we'll continue to warm. 58 in fremont. good morning mountain view, 59 for you. san jose 61 and the fog sits here although we've had half mile visibility up in santa rosa with about mile at half moon bay. it's going to take a little more time, maybe the next hour or two it will begin to evaporate. it's cooler with anywhere from two to five degrees of cooling across the bay. with that dense fog we have mist and drizzle. if you head over the golden gate bridge, you may need the wipers. bay bridge is not as bad but mainly sunny skies today, a few high clouds especially south around the south bay, monterey, san benito county. then we'll look for the cooler pattern to hit in tuesday.
8:20 am
we've got an area of high pressure around the desert southwest. if you remember the flow around high pressure is clockwise. so with that we're looking at subtropical moisture being pushed up into southern california as well as the heat. we've got the high pressure ridge expanding a little bit westward. not only do we have some of the high cloudiness, chance of thunderstorms for vegas and palm springs and the southern sierra but we've got a little bit of humidity, too. are we're about 93 degrees in l.a. with a 114 in palm springs. high fire danger, possibility with lightning strikes here. we'll talk about the light rain all the way north to the sierra nevada. we are looking at the main activity in the southern sierra and by tomorrow, we should see very warm inland.
8:21 am
90 in los gatos. up the peninsula you have the low clouds and fog, sunshine, 75 in san mateo. san francisco in at 67 degrees with partly cloudy skies. still kind of foggy and gray in daly city. 83 in novato today. temperatures right about where they should be for late august. 79 in vallejo, warming up to mid-70s for oakland. 73 in hayward. 80 in hayward. 89 in dublin. if you are headed out to inland east bay, it will be warmer tomorrow. 91 in pleasanton. 93 in livermore. lots of fog here but the numbers range from the mid 60s at our coast to the mid 90s in gilroy. tomorrow the warmer day and few degrees will cooling around the bay on monday but the main cooling comes in by the middle of the week but still should be very pleasant and off in the distance maybe another heat wave for labor day which would be
8:22 am
next weekend. in sports, giants will send their top prospect to the mound against the astros. yesterday, eric was with the richmond flying squirrels. last night, madison bumgarner pitched a gem. science says it takes thousands of years and immense pressure to create a diamond, very similar to what the giants go through each night to try to score a run these days. giants and astros, i'm dancing with a girl! shake it, don't break it pop. madison bumgarner, six plus innings, strikes out. one earned run. 51 for keplinger to the seventh, miguel tehaja and he takes it to the side. no play there.
8:23 am
santiago slams the door and gets the save as he strikes one out, giants win 2-1. >> a's and red sox in boston. tim wakefield going for career win 200, not going to get it. scott sizemore, knuckle this, two-run bomb over the monster, josh willingham muscles up another one. 23rd of year, a's up 8-1. a's pitchers having trouble keeping in the yard. this ball was crushed. the game was so out of hand, they brought in an out fielder to pitch. that is why he never pitched before. two-run double, they clobber the sox 15-5. terrell fire participated in
8:24 am
the first practice with the raiders, call it emergency immersion training. he 'pitched and signed his contract and on the raiders playbook. once the season begins, pryor has to start serving a five game suspension he was glued to jackson's side. it's obvious the transition to the n.f.l. is going to take a little while. >> i'm not nervous but you are getting so much information, my mind wants to accomplish it but it's overwhelming. >> he's a good young man. i want him to hear and get a feel for how we go about doing it. there is a first day for him. i thought he did a good job.
8:25 am
>> notice him wearing number 6. he wore number 2 with ohio state but they don't want him wearing 2, call it the jarmacus jig, that was russell's number. >> why, i don't know. you tell me. he won't let me wear number 2. >> danica patrick is heading to nascar. she has raced indy cars but won one race. she says she enjoys the track here as well as the surroundings. >> on the track i feel like this is a real rhythm track. if you get in a good rhythm and get comfortable with the car and can put it where you want it and get aggressive, it can be a good day for you. off the traffic i love the area.
8:26 am
>> and logan agreed to on to $2.5 million extension. lock them up and he'll be in san jose where he scored 32 goals as a rookie last season. that is wrap on morning sports, shu will be here at special edition at 3:30 and back at 11:00. have a great weekend everybody. i'm larry beil. >> next at 8:30, hurricane irene makes landfall in north carolina as new york city prepares for the worst. we'll have the latest of the category 1 storm. also 650 horsepower roars into the wine country, the big race as indy cars come cruise go into northern california. -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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are the great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a perhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ good morning, hurricane irene swept over the outer banks
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at about 4:30 this morning pacific time knocking out power to nearly 200,000 homes. you are looking at a live picture of the beach, north carolina. you can see the storm is in progress, water is high, flooding going on right now. meteorologists said it would happen. category 1, downgraded, packing 85 mile-an-hour winds. showing the heavy storm doing damage. here it is showing part of a pier collapsing at atlantic city. it extends a hundred feet in the ocean but the far send gone. jim avila reports. >> reporter: the evacuations begin with the elderly and the sick. at new york university hospital, 400 patients moved to higher ground, same with the low lining coney island hospital.
8:31 am
and staten island, an emergency room is now empty. today more evacuations, around 370,000 people in zones city has labeled "a" and "b". it's the first time new york has ever evacuated residents because of a hurricane. >> it's better. it takes precautions and gets out of the way of the storm. mother nature is much stronger than all of us. >> strong enough to flood heavily populated areas of the city. the storm surge is expected to reach above five feet which would put battery park in manhattan under water. rest of the city will not escape irene. >> the world's largest transit system will shut down at noon. subways and buses and trains around new york, paralyzing the city and 8 million people who use the system. other closures the beaches the bridges in and out of manhattan, major highways once winds reach
8:32 am
60 miles an hour. outside of the city in new jersey, atlantic city is closing casinos and the governor ordered everyone out of the pool so to speak. >> get the hell off the beach. you have maximized your tans. you are done. lisa argen is joining us now. >> even though it's weakened a little bit we are talking about category 1, winds of 60-70 miles an hour continuing all the way up eastern seaboard. hurricane warnings from north carolina through washington, virginia all waited up to new york city and boston and rhode island. so this will continue to batter much of the eastern seaboard. by 4:00 tomorrow morning, still at minimal hurricane, 74 mile-an-hour winds, we're looking at flooding rains, urban flooding, coastal flooding and that wall of water that is going to be pushing we are looking at
8:33 am
7-8 foot storm surge around chesapeake bay. the way it looks right now with north carolina getting hammered and virginia beach, yeah, you are next but the rain is going to hit the new york city for the next 24 hours. thanks very much. >> days of thunder in sonoma indy style. infineon will have a huge event bar for bay area race fans. >> reporter: you are listening to the sound of music, infineon raceway style. no beat or tune or lyrics and those that come to hear it. >> for me, the beatles. drive-by truckers, this. >> how about drive-by indy cars, they have plenty of those this weekend and a quiet space.
8:34 am
>> 1400 pound car, 750 horsepower. >> the rest of us, are just watching. >> what would you get on to be in one of these cars? >> i would tell them to get me how the. >> these are the same cars that run the indianapolis 500, they push about 160 here but the difference and suspension and tighter turns generating 5 g's. >> it separates the weak from the strong. >> which one are you? >> i'm eternal. >> and he is the man in the pits where every job is ultra specialized. if you can spend money to race
8:35 am
all season. >> can you get auto insurance in something like this? >> it's really costly. >> another reason to watch than to drive even if you do spend $800 for a mobile home, parking space and tickets for this weekend. they say the grass is greener up here. >> explain this to me. you could be shopping, you could be wine tasting.... >> you could be at the races. >> speaking of races. here is a story. you know those wings on the front of those cars, they generate as many as 5,000 pounds of down draft. if they ran one of those cars on a roof at speeds, it would stick things would be upside-down. >> fun facts. >> the fog is still sitting very low out there. >> mist and drizzle across the
8:36 am
golden gate bridge and cloudy over into east bay valleys. it's going to break up soon. warm day inland, upper 60s and nice warm weekend coming up. >> also ahead, san francisco building that was home to a secret operation before world war ii.
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when we heard from her last, she was hichbt go at a heat wave down the road. i'm getting ahead of myself. i'm getting to labor day weekend. >> some folks are wanting hot summer weather. we've got all of that. 60s at the coast due to the fog here. look at santa cruz, gray skies, upper 70s with plenty of sun later on today. much of monterey and san benito county could see high clouds. vollmer peak where clouds sit at
8:40 am
1200 to 1400 feet. golden gate bridge, misty and drizzle but this, too, will lift. we're looking for a mild day downtown. 56 half moon bay. the fog has been bringing poor visibility. santa rosa, half mile. down around the central coast but in our east bay, it's overcast and winds gusting up towards the delta. 55 in oakland. 58 in fremont with 53 in enemy. so areas of dense fog, mist and creates throughout the next hour or two. that will begin to lift and look for the fog to quickly evaporate bringing a nice mild afternoon around the bay. getting warmer, hot inland and the cool weather pattern takes shape in the middle of next week. here is what is going on. we've got some subtropical moisture moving up in southern
8:41 am
california. an area of high pressure. high pressure that brought all the heat to much of the nation throughout much of the summer, beginning to expand westward, not only is it bringing the heat into l.a. but also some showers, some thunderstorms into the desert into the southern sierra with numbers very, very warm. in yosemite, 99 degrees. how about 103 in fresno. we've got a threat of some wet weather, not only in the southern sierra but we are looking a little bit of light rain now in lake tahoe. a chance of showers and thunderstorms today. this will all shift further to the east tomorrow. see we won't see as widespread of a threat of thunderstorm activity. westward, we've got the same old same old, 35 degree temperature spread to inland valleys. low to mid-80s in the south bay. at campbell, numbers where they should be and 84 san jose. getting warm toward los gatos.
8:42 am
very dry and be careful if you are doing hiking out there. 90 there. 77 in menlo park. 72 in millbrae. fog is going to stay put around the coast. sunshine in the city, upper 60s. in north bay, notice we've got the fog around point reyes, bodeca bay, 60 there. and numbers will stay in the low to mid-70s from richmond and oakland. 77 in san leandro with you a couple of low 80s around union city, castro valley and fremont. out over the hills, kind of warm here for low 90s. 91 in pleasanton. tomorrow will be the warmer day, feeling muggy in spots down around monterey. 90s inland. here is a look ahead. not much of a change today to tomorrow, a few degrees warmer inland tomorrow. the heat is staying around on monday. especially around caldecott tunnel and cooling back tuesday.
8:43 am
and then a heat on labor day. you brought it up. [ laughter ] >> thanks a lot. >> believe me. >> the presidio is making plans to honor 6,000 linguists in world war ii. in this morning's report. heather ishimaru reveals the secrets of 640. >> this warehouse across from crissy field sits empty. but building 640 has a secret history. in 1941, it housed the first class of the u.s. army's secret military intelligence language school training 60 linguists. >> the u.s. army new that
8:44 am
japan's war was coming. they collected the few they could find that could were bilingual. >> among those were 93-year-old tomyakamoto. he found himself in desert tank maneuvers when he was approached by the head of the school. >> i said, yakamoto, i will make you a commissioned officer if you attend a secret school at presidio in san francisco. that was a hell a lot better being in that desert. >> the school was moved to minnesota after pearl harbor. when he went on to be than interpreter. his family was sent to an arkansas internment camp.
8:45 am
now it will be a learning center telling the story of japanese-americans like sakamoto. his story of patriotism and the pain of prejudice. >> some of us wanted to prove ourselves in combat of our loyalty to our country. that think is big lesson for future generations to see. >> a model of the future 640 is at the american historical society that has made the dream a reality. presidio trust also played a role. >> it's an incredible piece of property. what you are looking at is very important piece of history, not only important to the national japanese american historical society but important to the country. >> he ended up staying in the army with a long career including serving at president eisenhower's interpreter. he is hoping that 640 will keep
8:46 am
them alive for future generations and the story. >> groundbreaking for the learning center is scheduled for today. don't go away "7 on your side" is next. >> a woman wants her $25,000 that her bank won't give it to her. i'm michael finney, i'll explain why. i love this time of year but my nose doesn't. it gets stuffed up and that means i stay up all night. good mornings? not likely! i've tried the pills, the sprays even some home remedies. then i tried something new. [ male announcer ] drug-free breathe right nasal strips. [ woman ] you just put it on and...amazing! instant relief. i breathed better, slept better. and woke up ready to face a fresh new day. [ male announcer ] get 2 free strips at it's my right to breathe right!
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8:49 am
bank was sitting on $25,000 of your money? that is what happened to bay area woman that couldn't get the bank to release her cash. >> reporter: before she died, betty gave her daughter susan the house they shared. it's surrounded by geaws filled with memories and now in need of a big repair job. >> contractors found a broken pipe underneath her kitchen and water seeping everywhere. >> i was shocked. i had no idea it was going to be that much damage. >> they ripped out floors in the kitchen, living room even cabinets had to go. thankfully state farm insurance agreed to pay just under $25,000 for the repair. sue figured everything would work out fine but it didn't. >> a check was made payable to bac home loan services. >> that when the troubles begin.
8:50 am
they written a check to sue and her mortgage lender bank of america. the bank cashed the check promising to dole out money as repairs were done. here is the first check made out to sue's mother. >> i told them she died. this is my mother's name and not my name and unable to cash it. >> they issued another check made out to sue and her mother's it's state but her mother left no estate. therefore, sue couldn't cash the check. >> they needed a copy of the death certificate. >> she provided all the paperwork and bank of america said they could only issue a check to the mother. sue could not assume loan and she says the bank wouldn't take her loan payments anymore either. >> i actually got nervous they might try to take the house away from me. >> finally sue paid off the mortgage entirely with $17,000 left on the loan. however, even that didn't help.
8:51 am
bank of america still said it had to put betty lou's name on the insurance check. >> i was getting nervous i was never going to see this money. >> months went by, the house repairs were left undone, floors ripped out, nearly $25,000 still sitting at the bank. >> i contacted "7 on your side" out of desperation. >> we contacted bank of america. the bank executive office has agreed to look into her case and within weeks, the logjam broke. bank of america found a way to issue the check in sue's name alone the bank told us, we truly apologize her experience with the bank. >> without "7 on your side"... i still wouldn't have that check. i am so grateful. >> bank of america says the situation was complicated by the fact she owned the house but not the loan.
8:52 am
however, the bank should have tried harder to resolve the matter quicker. we do thank the folks at bank of america to get it all settled. >> coming up next, latin flavor. ♪ >> a traveling exhibition celebrating latinos in americicc ah yes. there it is. the "mystery spot". not a mammal in this household is willing to lay claim to its origin.
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spanish word sabor means flavor in english. some of the flavor of an exhibit that means flavor as don sanchez it celebrates the influence of latinos in american popular music. >> that rhythm, the passion, the tradition of latin music has been captured in american music forever. american sabor captures it through world war ii to today. ♪ >> latin sounds, it's probably
8:56 am
the greatest crossover of rhythm and sound. it's the heart and soul of communities and picked up in ways that are very profound. >> smithsonian organized it with a students' music project in seattle. >> the music runs deep but some made the crossover to popular music like our own santana, he is joined by the escovedogs and linda ron stetd. one of five regions that the music integrated in the culture. texas had ritchie valens and selena. los angeles shows up with groups like logs lobos and it's in the public library because this is where they tell stories. >> we are a cultural institution as much as an educational
8:57 am
institution. it helps to sort of promote the resources that we have to exhibit. >> a corporate sponsor is paying the bill and hope it will be significant to a new generation. >> it might inspire one of them. >> american sabor is a traveling exhibition here through november 13th. that is at the san francisco public library downtown, i will sa, one look at the forecast. >> take a look at eastern part of north carolina where hurricane irene continues to batter the shoreline. 465,000 people without power in north carolina and virginia. this will continue to hold together. virginia is has tornado warnings and floodings all the way up through boston and rhode island. back home, 67 in san francisco, partly cloudy and sunny in oakland, 74 and 92 in morgan hill. more 90s in the east bay. a little cooler monday.
8:58 am
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