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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  August 27, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> alan: heavy winds, flooding, and tornadoes, and it's not over yet as hurricane irene zeros in on major cities in the northeast. good evening, i'm alan wang. hurricane irene is plowing up the east coast. your looking at live pictures from new york city, where the full force of the storm will it in just a few hours. at least five people have been killed and nearly two million people evacuated. 1.8 million people are without power tonight. irene is packing wind gusts up
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to 100 miles-per-hour and is now a category 1 hurricane. we have this report from north carolina. >> reporter: irene continues to churn the waters on the east coast while moving toward new england. it first made landfall in north carolina, leaving in her wake a trail of destruction and four deaths. >> my heart goes out to the families who lost somebody. >> reporter: teams are standing by waiting to assess the damage on sunday. but it could take days for the flooding to subside. further up the coast, for those still in irene's path, officials advise them to stay out of harm's way. >> this is a good night to stay home. hopefully you're going to have the electricity. watch a movie. >> reporter: more than half a million homes and businesses have lost pour -- power in north carolina and virginia. irene's huge scope and power are apparent. hundreds have been told to leave
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low-lying areas but those defying the mandatory evacuation order -- >> going to stay here and -- >> reporter: the city has never sleeps has come to a virtual standstill. buses, trains, and subways in new york, all stopped running at mid-day, and thousands of flights have been grounded. newnew york's governor is doublg the number of national guard to assist the local officials. >> government has done everything they can to be prepared for this circumstance. >> alan: now, the threat of irene has prompted a state of emergency situation in ten states, including washington, dc. a total of more than two million people are under evacuation orders in pennsylvania, philadelphia officials are expecting 6 to 12-inches of rain and plan to shut down the city's
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transit system tomorrow morning. we're live viaa skype in philadelphia. >> it's exactly as you said. it's windy and wet, and it's going to be another few hours or so before the biggest brunt of the storm comes through. the biggest thing that hit he area is it has crippled transportation in the region, and you can see one of the subway stations which is actually -- the mayor has ordered a state of emergency. the first time that's happened here since 1976. >> alan: looks like we lost ken out there. ken, can you still hear us? all right. we've lost him. irene is now closing in on new york city. mass transit has been shut down, and if the flooding gets bad,
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power will be cut off to thousands of customers in lower manhattan. >> the grate dane jerry -- danger to us here is from the storm surge and there's no evidence that the forecast for that is changing. it is going to be a very serious thing. now, they said they're going to -- the water is coming up here. so looks like it's going to be bad. >> alan: the hurricane force is expected to hit new york city in just a few hours. a possible tornado spawned by irene ripped through delware tonight. as many as 40 homes were damaged, five severely. there were no injuries out there. >> meteorologist leigh glaser is tracking irene's path. >> leigh: you can definitely see those rain bands just lashing parts of the new england area, from virginia beach up to new york city. the storm system right now, 80 miles-per-hour winds. it's moving to the north
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northeast, 16 miles-per-hour. very slow limit still category 1, and considered 250 miles southwest of new york city. the potential impact we've been talking about this, the storm surge especially new york city, anywhere from five to eight feet as this thing wraps up and moves in tomorrow morning. rainfall potential close to a foot expected along this path, and speaking of the path, was we head through the evening hours, the category one hurricane will start to move into the new york area early tomorrow morning, 6:00 a.m., and then change over or decrease into a tropical storm as it passes boston tomorrow afternoon. it is definitely a storm that everyone is keeping a close eye on. >> alan: thank you very much, leigh. thousand office flights have been cancelled because of hurricane irene, and it's having a domino effect all the way back their the bay area. 40 flights at san francisco international airport were cancelled today. another 30 have been cancelled
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for tomorrow. at oakland international, three cancellations today. no word on flights for sunday. and in san jose, two flights were cancelled tonight and two possible cancellations tomorrow. john alston reports from sfo. >> reporter: this is what crushed dreams look like. mart a and her family came all the way from pole lean to -- poland to visit the u.s., especially new york. >> empire state building, rockefeller center. statue of liberty, of course, you know, the famous applauses. >> now the family is looking at plan b, visiting chicago. >> it's not fair. my dream was to see new york and i didn't think the hurricane would strike. >> reporter: the three major airports around new york city are closed. washington, phil, and boston are still handle something flights but airports there expect cancellations tomorrow during the prudent -- brunt of the
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storm. a big effect appears to be international travelers who have to travel through hubz. this couple has to be in barcelona on monday so they can be back at work on tuesday. >> we came to the airport to change our flight, maybe to another airport. >> jeany ching of san jose and her daughters were going to spend a few days in new york after their european vacation bought they got a standby estate the bay area in the nick of time. >> called her name, almost like winning the lottery. >> reporter: grounded jets are parked around sfo. it will be at least another day until they're airborne. >> tomorrow we mail see some departures, though we have seen 30 cancellations for tomorrow. >> oakland international cancelled two jetblue flights to new york, and incoming flights into san san jose was scrubbed and more flights expect
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to be ground ud there tomorrow. >> alan: the bay area is doing its part to help victims of hurricane irene. members of the california national guard were scheduled to load equipment on to a c-17 transport plane this afternoon. but it was put off until tomorrow because of flight crew rest requirements. the guard will mobilize swift water rescue personnel from the 129th rescue wing, along with supply rescue helicopters. >> we anticipate that depending on the flooding, we'll probably be doing hoists, and use our basket our rescue strap, which is basically a strap that the personnel can use to get themselves attached to the hoist. >> alan: the 129th rescue wing has saved more than 900 people since its inception. the big changes at candlestick park. the new security measures and
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why not everyone is happy with them. plus, six alarm fire burns thousands of acres in fairfield. another wildfire closes off another major road into yosemite national bark. that's next. a bit of a warmup but cooler
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you can see
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: a crackdown on security at the 49ers game. tail gathers had to put the part short as part of a new security measure. here's a look at the changes.
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>> reporter: the only thing hat heeded up in tonight reside game was the stakes in the parking lot. there were 40% more police officers on hand and that made for a calm evening of football. children played in candlestick's parking lot as parents and fans cooked and tailgated. this was normal. >> looking at sciewmplet they beefed up the security, it's different. >> in order to keep things normal, the police chief beefed up security and said there are as many officers on hand now as responded to last week's shooting and fan violence. >> we started with 40% more officers and then the 49ers added additional security as well. >> other changes beginning today-tailgaters only been allowed in the parking lots four hours before the game and have to stop cooking and drinking when the game starts. no one is allowed in the lots during the game unless they're arriving or leaving. this fan says faithful fanned souped be punished for what bad
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fans do. >> they should crock -- dramatic counsel -- crack down on them, and the ones watching their ps and qs, leave us alone. >> closing the parking lot reduce the time fans drink in the lot. >> it's a little bit of them and them just trying to cut it out and make you spend your money in there. >> jeffrey miller was at candlestick to check out security measures and assure fans who might think twice about coming to an nfl game. he says what happened laughs week won't be permitted to happen again. >> fans will see that was an aberration, something that was unacceptable and unusual for a lot of different ropes. >> as to whether the raiders will ever play the niners gain in a preseason game. >> not a decision that needs to be made at the moment. >> another beg change is the sfpd will be running dui enforcement and checkpoints
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after every 49er game. they happened out 35 traffic citations and impounded two cars. no dui arrests were made. >> alan: thank you. a couple of fires to tell you about tonight. first, fast-moving grass fire in fairfield. so far about 700 acres have burned before highway 80. the flames are moving toward vacaville. was hone was threatened briefly. fire is # 0% contained and fire officials say it should be under control by tomorrow. >> the wildfire outside of yosemite national park caused the evac wife a -- evacuation of a small community. the fire has burned over 3500-acres and caused the closure of highway 140. the flames are in steep terrain, making access ding difficult for firefighters. the fire is burning along the merced river. >> a memorial service will be held tomorrow for a
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four-year-old boy killed by a hit-and-run driver in santa rosa. christopher rowe died on august 18th. the service will be at 3:00 p.m. at st. you -- eugene's catholic church. the driver was arrested later that evening. >> palo alto police released surveillance photos of a man suspected in a series of recent nighttime burglaries. the crimes date back to 2009, and police believe a single person is responsible for at least ten burglaries. the suspect appears to be singling out small restaurants and salons and enters through the rear door or window. >> up to 900 school kids are admiring their new backpack tonight, courtesy of an event at oakland city hall. the fourth annual attend and achieve back-to-school rally brought people out. the rally offered work shouppes an attendance and academics and drove home the message you must
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fin asia project after starting one. the spokesperson for the rally says positive reinforcement to youngsters can produce amazing results. >> it's very important to support. the more you put in, the more you get out. so we're trying to do our pout putting in. >> alan: the event targets low income youth of color who are at risk of dropping out because of poor attendance or academic performance. leigh glaser is here with a look at the weather. >> leigh: if you can see it. the low clouds and fog making inroads. this is our high definition sutro cam and you can barely see the city lights below. we still have a little heat in the east bay. it's 71 degrees in antioch. napa, 59. 56 in san francisco where the fog is moving in 60 in fremont. and san jose, 62 degrees. so, here's a look at the weather highlights.
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the areas of dense fog will continue to move inland overnight tonight. we'll look for some coastal drizzle, and look for a warmer days a inland temperatures move back into the 90s tomorrow, and then we'll trim those temperatures down the middle part of next week. our forecast showing you that a lot of this will just move very quickly inland overnight. by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, pockets of dense fog here and there around the bay area, also, inland through the bay, and temperaturewise, if you're out and about tomorrow morning, antioch down to 60 degrees. it will be a mild night for you, and then the rest of the bay area, mid-to-upper 50s. high pressure starting to build back in, rotating from the east to the west, and this bubble of warm air is going to warm us all up tomorrow, mainly interior east bay locations. that's where we'll see the 90s, but enough of an
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impression that the low clouds and fog should begin to thin out a little bit at the beaches so even the coast will enjoy temperatures warming up. here's a look at the highs for sunday. 87 for san jose, 90 for los gatos. dense fog tomorrow morning for half moon bay, and drizzle, and a little sunshine late in the day. 83 for palo alto. san francisco, near 70 tomorrow. afternoon patchy sun and also we'll keep the few low clouds in the forecast, too. in the north bay, 49 for cloverdale. 84 for napa. east bay. oakland, 77. fremont, up to 84. really it's going to be interior east bay locations where going to get a little uncomfortable. brett wound, 95. concord, 93 degrees. livermore, 94. lock for 94 for gilroy. but the closer you get to the coast, a bit cooler, with santa
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cruz, january -- afternoon sunshine, 76. monday and tuesday, 90s. 80s around the bay, 60s at the coast, and then the low clouds and fog start to move back in. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, the cooling begins there. back into the 80s inland. 70s in the bay and 6 series coast side. >> alan: shu has a lot going on. >> mike: a big night at at&t park as former joints jason schmidt and marvin bernard added to the bench. and a little extra pressure for tim?koooooo??????????????????ytt
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>> mike: imagine this, you're tearing it up in double-a ball. you're brought in the middle of a pennant race, and on tim lincecum bobble head night. but the 24-year-old unfazed. got a little help from his friend. martinez, robbed by a leaping mike fontenot. fontenot going way up but the astros score.
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extras. bottom ten, keppinger, the former astro, burning his old team for the second night. here comes derosa, giants win a big one 2-1. decision diamondbacks win so the g-men are three back in the national league west. before the game, amy gamble of san francisco won a raffle and the prize, world series ring. the rings authentic. over $770,000 was raised through the raffle which will help youth and their families in california. wow. a's trying to bet hurricane irene in boston. a solo shot in the sefndle red sox would score at the bottom of the half. hudson tries to help the a's winging out else burry, but it's only strike two.
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the a's could have used that. ellsbury with an rbi double and the red sox win big, 9-3 the final, all that rain pushed game two back self hours. ortiz, big papi, a two-run jack. 2-0 sox in the second. branton continues to impress. that's at's good as it got for the a's. they drop game two. the weather a little better in jersey where they're wrapped up a shortened 54 hole barclays. nothing but nut. fires a 6-under 65 for a story stroke victory. matt kuchar's fifth career pin on the pga tour. the 49ers offense pulled a disappearing act tonight against
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texas. most of their completion went to the other guys. a good night's sleep.
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woman: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over-the-top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. you're feeling sleepy already? nighty-night. [giggling]
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>> mike: the 49ers are hoping to get their offense unleashed against houston but they gave them problems. in the third preseason game, had to love the start. burris, easy money in the end zone. 7-0 niners. rookie water, kaepernick cook -- took over and got his welcome. looking at his receiver the whole way. 73-yard touchdown. it was ugly. starting quarterback alex smith not much better. another interception by troy nolan. here's collins. getting way ahead of it. sorry about that, chief.
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73 yards. that made it 24-7. now alex smith wasn't much better. niners outgained 417 to 105 yards. smith, 2-6, and a pick. the loss, falling 1-2 in preseason play. >> a bitter pill to swallow, when you're beaten that thoroughly. pretty much all phases. >> we took our lumps today. it's a rough one for all of us. look at it and get better. >> as much as you hate to have them, sometimes you learn more from losses than wins. >> mike: the indy grand prix at sonoma is set for sunday with will power grabbing the pole, the local hero is sausolito's j.r. hildebrand. the rookie loves coming home for this race. >> it's awesome. it's a track i've been to in a
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lot of different stuff, and raced near indycar last year. one of two tracks i actually have some experience in with indycar, so that's big for me. it's awesome just to come home. sleep in my own bed. >> mike: good luck to j.r. >> alan: gets to sleep in his own bed. that concludes another broadcast of abc-7. of abc-7.
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