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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 30, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. the terrifying torrents, dangerous wrath. entire towns still cut off in the northeast. water still rising in many places. and caught on tape, this father and his daughters rescued at the last moment from a swollen river as their jet ski washes over a raging dam. and breaking now, a new tropical storm fires up in the atlantic set to become a major category 3 hurricane.
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sam is tracking the latest path. also, why the judge in the hot sauce mom case says she's still a good parent after delivering her sentence in court. now she speaks out for the first time. and party rock prince. what a wild night for playboy harry. newly single and blowing off steam, he hurls himself into a pool. good morning, everyone, and still l aling with hurricane irene. we have live arrows right now from little falls, new jersey. look at that flooding. some of the worst flooding new jersey has seen in years and it has not peaked yet. almost 200 roads have been closed across the state. >> and you get such a vantage point from the wabc chopper from that and people are misjudging how dangerous the water is.
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>> this is up in new hampshire. a father and two young girls went jet skiing. they fell off. they were saved just seconds away from going over into the falls. you see that happening right there. the girls were just 7 and 9 and this was a very, very, very close call. >> so thankful that they're okay and also thinking of people down in north carolina, virginia, so many areas. >> here, this is a remarkable x-ray that we are going to show you after an accident with pruning shears. he's fine. he's fine. what the doctor has to do. >> how is that possible? >> i don't know. plus, switching gears, new cast of "dancing with the stars" has been announced. boy, they have done it again. nancy grace, chaz bono, david arquette and hope solo, this could be the most controversial cast yet and behind-the-scenes with them. >> in the 8:00 hour. to the floodwaters still raging after irene and we begin with abc's linsey davis in
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wilmington, vermont, for us this morning. linsey, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, robin. want you to take a look at what remains of the roadway. water did this. there's so many stretches of roadway in this area that look much the same way. asphalt in just about every other kind of debris you can imagine litter the roadway and then there's this. the art gallery. you're about to see video of this getting rushed down the street by floodwaters to this, its final destination. this building and what remains of the building behind it used to be about 300 feet down the street. this is normally main street and that is someone's business, an art gallery floating down it and this, yes, that is a chrysler, irene may have moved on but the devastation continues, homes ripped from their foundation, now gone. at least a dozen towns have been cut off from the outside world after floodwaters knocked out bridge after bridge and destroyed highways, even the state's emergency operations center, gone.
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the governor tried to assess the state's worst flooding in more than 70 years from overhead. >> we just came through town and half of town is gone. >> reporter: in upstate new york, a similar catastrophe. >> the fire alarm in this house, we just met the kid who owns this car. >> reporter: much of prattsville demolished. anastasia lost her house. and is now homeless. >> water started coming through the door, then the walls started to break and the moldidi started to pop and i knew i was in trouble. >> reporter: the town, she says, is devastated. >> everyone's lost everything. my brother's yearbook was found miles away. i mean floating and that was in the basement of our house. >> reporter: the national guard flew over the susquehanna river to assess the damage. now the cleanup. here in wilmington the water climbs the stairs of these businesses along main street with much more ease than i did.
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so you say the water was over your waist. >> yes. >> reporter: and now you have all this mud here. >> this is where -- this is how high it came. this is how high it came. >> reporter: so what are you going to do now. >> we're going to clean it up and we're going to look for stuff on the side of the road and start again. >> reporter: what's extremely unfortunate is that many of the homeowners and business own ers are in the same boat and didn't have flood insurance. george? >> okay, linsey, thanks very much. now to that remarkable rescue in manchester, new hampshire. a father and his daughters cling to that lifeline and saved just seconds before plugging over a waterfall. jean mackin has this amazing story. >> reporter: it was a heart-stopping scene, a father and his daughters, 7 and 9 years old, clinging to buoys under the bridge in manchester. they fell off their jet ski on the merrimack river. that jet ski went over the falls. rescuers scrambled to reach the
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family before they let go knowing they were about to enter life-threatening water. >> everything better go right or it could be catastrophic for the responders and obviously thehe family. >> reporter: cables were lowered from the bridge to attach to the family but lieutenant paul smith and firefighter josh wei got there first in the rescue boat. >> saw them both -- all three hanging on to that cable that was down there. i saw the two little girls on either side of the dad. knew that's who we had to grab first. >> reporter: rescuers said all three were struggling when they started pulling them from the river. the father in and out of consciousness. one girl told rescuers she could not hold on any longer. the two little girls came out first then the father. for a moment he looked for his little girls then collapsed in relief seeing they were all safe. >> the gentleman was very cold, very cold, very frightened. afterwards he -- he was very disappointed in himself but he
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saved his own family by first having pfds on and then keeping them all together. >> reporter: safe on shore they were taken to the hospital to be evaluated. d veteran firefighters say this was as close as it get. >> we're talking within seconds of them letting go. there's nothing between them and the falls. >> our thanks to jean mackin. their mom has put out a statement, the girls are doing fine as well as can be expected and they start school today. >> all right. glad it was a happy ending for them, george, thanks. towns all across new jersey struggling with flooding right now. abc's dan harris is in little falls, new jersey, where even the national guard has had trouble battling the raging waters and, dan, we can see you, wabc chopper is up there to give us a perspective. good morning, dan. >> reporter: robin, an incredible scene here. good morning to you. this is it. this is zero hour for the people in little falls, new jersey, the river is cresting as we go on the air this morning.
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the mayor just came over and told us that the river has reached a level that it has not seen since 1903 when there were no homes here. let me show you a few things. over here there is a house where the water is lapping at the front stoop, but if you go back this way you can see the water is reaching the windows of the living room in this house and there are parts of this neighborhood inaccessible to us where the water is at the rooftop. let's go to that live aerial shot from wabc, the chopper re covering this story very aggressively. as you can see the water from the passaic river bleeding into this neighborhood where there's about 500 houses, we're out here yesterday talking to people as they packed up and left and said they've seen flooding before but never anything like this. as you said, robin, there is flooding all over this state this morning. i want to show you an incredible picture from the town of manville which is about 50 miles away if here. look at these national guard trucks trying to drive through very, very deep water. all you can see is the rooftops of the vehicle.
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incredible shots from there. one last note, they have set up a shelter for the 500 families to ride out these anxious hours. this morning, the questions when will the water go down and when can they get back into their homes and how bad will the damage be? >> our thanks to you, dan. i got to tell you we're thinking of the people there and our local stations all up and down the east coast, terrific job in covering this. people are still assessing the damage from irene. take a look at this one family's house in nags head, north carolina. before the storm, after irene raged through, the family was on the stairs. that's their house before the storm. it was a turn of the century home listed on the national registry and you can see what happened to that historic place, but they are okay and just have to think of all the people, all up and down the east coast and beyond that were affected. >> all that's left of their house, wow. we'll switch gears to politics. what an august it has been for texas governor rick perry. just two weeks after jumping in
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he is the clear front-runner. abc's jon karl joins us with more. since perry got in the race right before that iowa straw poll, he has been the whole story. >> reporter: oh, that's right, george. rick perry has transformed this race making it look entirely different than it did just two weeks ago. >> yes, sir, howdy. >> reporter: texas governor rick perry hasn't even finished setting up his campaign office yet but he's already looking like the dominant player in the field. he's only been in the race a couple of weeks but several polls put perry at the top. the most recent from cnn g ges him his biggest lead yet trouncing mitt romney by 14 points and michele bachmann by 20 points. >> nice to meet you. >> reporter: even if you include sarah palin, who is still making up her mind about a run, perry has a huge lead. he's already outlining his foreign policy. >> we must renew our commitment to taking the fight to the enemy
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wherever they are before they strike at home. >> reporter: as governor of texas perry doesn't have much foreign policy experience but he's reached out to former defense secretary donald rumsfeld and other bush administration veterans for advice. so far perry has been able to appeal to mainstream republicans by touting his economic record in texas. >> how many jobs are you going to create? >> as many as i can. >> reporter: and to tea partyers with blunt talk on things like social security. >> a ponzi scheme. i can promise you my 27-year-old son, social security under the program that we have today will not be there. >> reporter: mitt romney had been the clear front-runner for months before perry jumped in the race. so far romney hasn't had much to say about perry keeping his attacks for now aimed at barack obama. >> it's been a presidency which has been associated with debt and with downgrade and with delay. >> reporter: there's no doubt that romney will eventually need to take aim at perry.
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in fact, george, romney is going to be in perry's backyard later today giving a speech in san antonio to the very same group thth perry addressed yesterday. >> and maybe we'll see it in the first big debate or the next one next week. thanks very much. >> perhaps we will. now the hunt is on for members of gadhafi's inner circle. his wife and three children are believed to be in hiding in neighboring algeria. now libyan rebels are demanding that algeria return the family members for trial. abc's jeffrey kofman is in tripoli with more. >> reporter: a week after moammar gadhafi was pushed from power his family has fled the country. behind me the palatial home his daughter has abandoned and, boy, would she hate to see what is happening here now. they have opened its doors for all to see the lavish lifestyle she left behind. until a week ago you could literally be shot for simply pausing in front of this house but this is the new libya and
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now anyone can enter. this was aisha gadhafi's house the dictator's only daughter, once called the claudia schiffer of south africa. she became a strident t fender of her father's regime. the people want moammar, she chanted, referring to her dad, the dictator. not quite the people deposed him last week. yesterday, her mother and two brothers fled to neighboring algeria. her father is still thought to be in libya still being hunted. she would not like to hear what's being said about her in her own home. the silk she says as she rifles through the wardrobe, look, look says the woman, and the people are starving. god willing, she will wear it in jail. in here you begin to get a sense of where libya's oil billions went.
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gold lame sheet, fir blankets, silk wallpaper. jewels, this in a country where professionals, doctors and engineers make $300 a month. meanwhile, she had her own spa, beauty parlor, huge entertainment space and that gilded and rather gaudy bench. yes, that is her head. in a city with 100-degree heat and no running water, nothing keeps the kids out of her huge pool. maybe how gadhafi had the women guarar. at one point they were said to 400 of them. they have disappeared. gadhafi always claimed they were all virgins but now five of them have surfaced to say that gadhafi and his sons repeatedly raped them. it is very hard to find anyone with anything nice to say about gadhafi or his family. robin, george? >> i'm sure that's not the last we've learned. another fatal grizzly attack
7:15 am
in yellowstone national park. he mauled a hiker and neal karlinsky has the story. >> reporter: in this incredible video taken just two weeks ago at yellowstone people are just feet from a grizzly bear trying to cross the road. how people and bears often mingle dangerously close. >> don't move. >> reporter: now another close encounter not far from here has turned deadly. rangers say 59-year-old john wallace was hiking along the mary mountain trail when he was mauled by a grizizy. hikers found his body alone and surrounded by bear tracks. >> we're trying to piece it together from the evidence that's on site, you know, in terms of what were the circumstances that led to the attack. >> reporter: wallace's relatives say he was an experienced camper but he was hiking alone so rangers don't know exactly what happened. in his pack, no bear spray and
7:16 am
the only food he had on him was left untouched by the bear. we recommend people carry bear pepper spray. by caring bear pepper spray it gives people the confidence to stand their ground. >> reporter: deadly bear attacks are rare here. not a single death in 25 years until just the last two months. now there are two. in july just eight miles away a woman watched as her husband was killed by a grizzlzl though in that case the rangers believe the bear was acting on instinct to defend her nearby cubs. wallace's relatives say he was killed while visiting a place he loved. they told us in a voice mail to his wife last weekeke said, being in yellowstone was like being in heaven. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news. >> you just have to be careful. and look who is back. josh elliott. >> hey. i got a story coming up maybe in the next hour. it turns out george stephanopoulos is a folk hero back in the home country. >> really. >> more on that in the 8:00
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hour. >> and with the remaining -- >> your first clue was the last name stephanopoulos. >> yes, it was. yes, it was. well done. oh, it's so good to be back. let's get to the news. the former pro basketball player now under arrest this morning in a murder case. javaris crittenton was taken into custody at an airport neaea los angeles. police in atlanta say that he shot and killed a mother of four in a drive-by shooting while aiming at a man that robbed him. crittenton was suspended from the nba in 2009 for brandishing guns in his team's locker room. and for the first time ever, nasa may need to abandon the international space station temporarily because russia's space fleet is grounded following a liftoff accident and with the u.s. shuttle program discontinued, there is no way to launch a new crew before the current one has to return home in november. gas prices have reversed their downward trend and are back on the rise this morning. ahead of the labor day weekend, the prices rose 5 cents
7:18 am
nationwide last week, currently sitting at an average of $3.61 per gallon. . and an incredible survival story from arizona. take a look again at this x-ray. a man impaled with pruning shears. he fell on top of them head first while working in his yard. you look away if you're squeamish, i guess it's a little for that. it went through his eye socket, the handle reaching into his throat. remarkably doctors in tucson were able to remove the shear, save his eye. he is currently suffering only swelling of the eyelids. >> unbelievable. >> and finally, new controversy for britain's prince harry. caught on camera vacationing in croatia, dancing so wildly he either jumped or fell into the nightclub's pool with his clothes on. reportedly he'd bought so many drinks he ran out of money. good thing the security team can actually have some cash on hand. he is on a break from his training.
7:19 am
he is a 26-year-old single guy on vacation. prince harry, you have fun. >> apparently you did when you were on vacation by y at you said. >> welcome back. >> how about it, sam? >> falling in the pool. really, who hasn't? let's get to the boards. some stuff to talk b as this storm that is katia, by the way, now a tropical storm moves off the african coastline we wonder what will happen with this storm. this is what the hurricane center says now. this will be a category 3 hurricane way off in the atlantic and then you've got some time to make a decision on what it will do, will it curve out or head towards a land mass? by the way, eight states are saying this is a 1 in 100-year event for them certainly the after-effects of irene. the heat is big. houston now 20 inches, more than 20 inches below normal in their rainfall.
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>> tuesday trivia brought to you
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by the united states postal service. and we'll concentrate on the coolness of the west coast. >> you got that. thank you, sam. coming up, brand-new details about what really happened to robyn gardner in aruba and what abc news learned about the police report and what the prime witness told the police. and the hot sauce mom. she speaks out for the first time since her sentence. time since her sentence. . your kids will each take care of our class hamsters, lewis & clark. then i'll tell them the story of pluto, the sad little planet that was. i'll i iroduce them to some new friends, the fractions, and some cold blooded ones, the dinosaurs. [sfx: dinosaur growl] clark! anyway, here's what they'll need: markers, scissors, crayons, pencils, folders, juice boxes, pretzel sticks, glue sticks, tape that sticks, and glitter. so much glitter. school takes a lot. target has it all. hi! i brought champagne. wow! the best in the world. ...some chocolates
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santa clara county sheriff's deputies are investigating a shooting. a man fired at a deputy and deputy fired back hitting the man. it happened last night. police say the wounded man suffered non life-threatening injuries. the deputy wasn't hurt at all. it's not clear why the deputy was trying to stop the man. let's get an update on the tuesday morning commute. >> check the drive times. we have issues, 680 southbound, now it's cleared up. a little over 15 minute drive between the benicia bridge. to the maze, slow westbound 80 and about 30 minutes. 280 san jose, police activity still happening on stevens creek boulevard still closed between lawrence expressway and wolf.
7:26 am
live look at toll plaza. >> thank you very much. when we come back mike has a look at the bay area forecast.?'
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welcome back. off to a cooler start, 47 in santa rosa and 50 in antioch. cooler temperatures this afternoon. warmest in the east bay valleys, low to mid-80s. most of us in the 60s and 70s at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people.
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♪ i will be rising from the -- >> she is rising like a skyscraper. that is demi lovato. her new video and she was sparkling on sunday night at the vmas. twitter was buzzing about her appearance. some of it was negative and she is firing back what she said and wheel's get into the controversy ahead. you know, she was very open discussing her eating disorder, got help for it is healthy and some people had the nerve to
7:31 am
talk about her arms. >> but, boy -- >> she's standing up for herself. >> good for her. that coming up. talking about this hot sauce mom, the alaska mother punished for child abuse. three years' probation and counseling. is that the right sentence? >> talk about the debate. new cast for "dancing with the stars." it was announced just last night. some big surprises. the person you're about to talk to, ashleigh banfield has comments about nancy grace. >> we'll chat, chaz bono. >> we'll talk to some of them coming up. new exclusive reporting on the disappearance of robyn gardner in aruba. abc news has obtained the actual police report detailing the accounts of witnesses who spoke with gary giordano just momenen afafr she vanished. >> i love nancy.
7:32 am
i used to work with her. go, nancy. it turns out there were a lot of people who witnessed some very strange behavior on the beach the day robyn gardner disappeared in aruba. abc news has been reviewing the witness statements and at least three people have the same story. to them it seemed gary giordano was calm and unwilling to search for the woman he described as his girlfriend. the day she disappeared three witnesses said a man approached their group saying can you help me. we were snorkeling and my girlfriend is missing yet the witnesses said several things seemed odd. one of them saying while his sneakers were wet his shorts were not. they were certainly not soaking wet because there was no water dripping from his pants. in my opinion the man was covered in sweat. she went on to say the only thing i had noticed was that the man was very calm. her friend also remarked on the man's behavior telling police, what i thought was strange was that this man was not searching. i also noticed that he had a scratch on his throat. it looked as if someone had
7:33 am
scratched him with a nail. a third witness told police in my opinion the man wasweird, weird i mean that he should have cried or put pressure to find his girlfriend. >> we all react to things in a different fashion many times but there are some baselines. when you're with somebody that you care about. >> reporter: one of the witnesses told police he saw blood on the beach saying the spot was about the size of the opening of a plastic cup. i saw the man had a cut on his right shin. i immediately heard him say, no, that's my girlfriend, i wouldn't kill her. eyewitnesses told police when she asked about the blood he said, no, no, we were not fighting. we were cool all day. it was nothing like that. >> what really went on between 4:00 and 6:00 and w w don't really know and that's a crucial time that the police really have to fill in minute by minute if they possibly can. >> reporter: abc news has also reviewed gary giordano's police statements. when asked if he argued with ordano on the beach he said this didn't happen at any time.
7:34 am
we enjoyed each other. there was no reason to argue. he said something went wrong while swilling in the rough water telling police he tried to take off his sneakers when attempting to get to shore because they were heavy. when he lost sight of r ryn he said he tried to get someone attention. i tried to make as much noise as possible to raise the alarm. i was scared and panicked. i banged on the shutters to make noise. but investigators confronted him with video surveillance saying at no time do you see him in a hurry. you certainly don't seem panicked. giordano's answer, i i was completely exhausted. >> it's the totality of his behavior that's very troubling. >> reporter: when police asked why he called american expression about the insurance policy on giordano he told him his lawyer advised him to do so. police then asked did robyn have the choice to make you beneficiary. his answer, yes. she filled out the papers herself. we now know giordano's reaction to the police when they asked him why he wouldn't submit to a dna test.
7:35 am
he simply answered i asked and i refused. he was asked why he stopped cooperating. he said i told everything i know and that his lawyers advised him to say nothing further. it's likely there will be another hearing very soon as the current order that's holding him in that aruban jail is supposed to run out today. the judge can hold him for another 60 days. it gets tougher and tougher to keep holding him. they have to show really good probable cause. >> they have enough for another 60 day, don't you think. >> this is aruba and this is the dutch system. this is the probable cause for america. they say you can indict a ham sandwich here. that's not true but i'm not sure about aruba. a curious week. >> ashleigh, thank you very much. another case, the so-called hot sauce mom, jessica beagley was sentenced monday on charges of child abuse for disciplining her son with hot sauce and cold showers. abc's abbie boudreau has the
7:36 am
latest. >> i've tried to do that every single day. >> reporter: jessica beagley's very first words in her bombshell case, a far cry from this. >> what happens when you lie to me. >> i get hot sauce. >> you get hot sauce. >> reporter: known for this controversial punishment. now beagley has received punishment of her own. a judge on monday sentenced beagley to three years' probation. he also sentenced her to 180 days in jail and at $2500 fine but suss pndzed both telling her she'll need the time and money to help heal her family. >> open. close your mouth. >> reporter: beagley's video earned her a spot on a "dr.ville" episode called "mommy confessions" showing her throwing hot sauce on her tongue and forcing her into freezing cold showers. >> you are to do what you are told. >> reporter: on monday the judge lashed into beagley. >> the crime here of child abuse
7:37 am
was not done on the child. it was not a spur of the moment. it's something you've been thinking about for two years. you just weren't quite sure how to do it. >> reporter: she used the video to get on tv but beagley's lawyers argue she reached out to the show for help. >> we used time-out. i don't know what to do with him. >> reporter: a terry beagley told the court. >> i feel it's my most important job to lolo, care for, nurture and teach my children. >> repororr: her husband talked about parenting their six children making it to 11 different therapy appointments a week. as part of her sentence beagley must continue to attend counseling sessions with her son. she could have been put away for up to a year but the judge agreed she wasn't the worst kind of offender saying outside this case, you're a good mom. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. apparently she reached out
7:38 am
to the tv show for help and it looks like she will now get that help that she wants. sam and the weather now. >> good morning again. we'll start with pictures of last chance colorado, i believe. a hailstorm there with big powerful thunderstorms, take a look at this. if you think you've been too shot of some cold air, but it was nice. there was a double rainbow, ooh, ah, ooh, ah. summer returns. these numbers come up. back into the 90s even as far north as minneapolis you're going there. denver will be there for the next three days. kansas city gets there wednesday and thursday. indianapolis, thursday as well in denver. as far as the cool west these coastal numbers are much cooler than normal. inland numbers you get heat going on. l.a., 81. you've been in the 90s, portland
7:39 am
>> okay. all that weather was brought to you by samsung. robin. >> a long time for that. coming up, demi lovato's fighting words. why her latest critics cannot stop her from being healthy and happy. ♪ from the ground like a skyscraper ♪ like a skyscraper ♪ hd 3.
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all for just $3. ♪ i will be rising from the ground ♪ >> now that demi lovato, the singer taking a stand about how she looks. she has struggled with an eating disorder, something she talked to me openly abobo earlier this year and she's facing criticism now about her weight. this is really got a lot of people fired up, lara. >> it's got to stop and it is go
7:44 am
to, i think, because of demi. you know, it's something she says she's been dealing with since she was 8 years old and after some people sent out critical tweets about how she looked a athe vmas sunday night she called them out and said she is healthy and happy. >> demi. >> reporter: demi lovato sparkled at vmas sunday night. her healthy employee a welcome sight for her millions of fans after overcoming an eating disorder earlier this year so when one tweeted arms were looking a tad bit chunky the twitterspeer went crazy. she tweeted "i've gained weight. get over it. that's what happens when you get out of treatment for an eating disorder. she quickly took it down and replaced it with this message, guess what, i'm happy and healthy. ". >> she's acting the way a publicist who's been acting this
7:45 am
way for decades. >> reporter: her fans came to her defense sending so much love her typing was trending. ashley greene tweeted "girl, you're beautiful." she spoke with robin roberts about her personal struggles triggered by bullies who called her fat. >> until now i've suffered a eating disorders from the things that were said to me. >> can you explain more about that period of your life? >> the period of my life that i went through was really dark and i became very depressed and my only way of really coping with it was through my eating disorder, soso i just stopped eating and that was my way of coping with it. >> reporter: after three months of impatient treatment last fall demi says she's learned how to cope with her emotions channeling the strength of her
7:46 am
fans to focus on her blossoming career. ♪ like a skyscraper >> reporter: just like her new single "skyscraper" she's choosing to rise above it all. well, after the critical tweets on sunday night about lovato we checked one of the trending topics on twitter is demi lovato is stunning. some the things i found online. no one should have to tolerate bullies. demi is a great role model to young women that you can stand up and say that's enough. and thth one other blog said, hey, why don't you grab a mirror and kri teat your own butts and thighs and leave hers out of it. >> when i sat down with her in april, very strong and the reaction has been tremendous and a lot of people coming forward and saying, thank you helping young women deal with this. >> absolutely. i know personally as a mother i felt outraged and i'm proud of her. >> got a lot of support, her
7:47 am
lo lovatics. >> a ballroom season we cannot wait to kick off. the hot new stars of "dancing with the stars."
7:48 am
vo: a breakfast worth waking up for. enjoy the sausage, egg and cheese croissan'wich today. only at burger king. my name is lacey calvert and i'm a yoga instructor. if i have any soreness, i'm not going to be able to do my job. but once i take advil, i'm able to finish out strong. it really works! [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil. your favorites, in pieces. make the switch. if you sleep in your contact lenses. lucky for you, air optix brand for up to 30 days and nights of continuous wear.
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7:51 am
welcome back. >> welcome back. >> don't ask, please. please. >> "dancing with the stars," the new season is coming up. talking to affiliates this morning. everyone talking about this new cast. a little controversy. >> yeah, we got david arquette. >> i was surprised on that one. >> ricki lake. chaz bono, nancy grace. >> wow. >> that's a surprise. >> i want to see how she handles it. she says she's already tired. >> hope solo, go hope. , hope.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
right now the national transportation safety board is releasing findings on last september's san bruno pipeline explosion. at a hearing in washington, d.c. n.t.s.b. chairman is slamming pg&e. she says the final report will show missed opportunities that
7:57 am
could have and should have prevented the tragedy. she called pg&e's system of checking pipeline safety, quote, an integrity management program without integrity. let's check in with the weather forecast. flight arrival delays. and cooler 50s and 80s in the east bay valves. cooler tomorrow and summer heat for the weekend. >> back to southbound 680, plagued with problems. accident hayward "a" street. >> sue, thank you. news continues now with "good
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ dancing the paso doble, our wonderful studio audience. you know what that music means, we're counting down to the kickoff to another sizzling season of "dancing with the stars," you're looking at the cast and look who's here right now. ricki lake, david arquette will joins us live with the inside scoop. getting used to this tune.
8:01 am
because you're going to hear it over and over and over and over again. there you go. there you go. >> behind-the-scenes, david already the insider favorite. >> really? >> really? >> how about that? >> i know he will provide comedy. not t afraid. also, you guys we have a new take on kiddie couture. diapers are going designer. yep. it's coming in all sorts of colors and styles, so would you pay top dollar just to cover your baby's bottom? oh, wow. we're going to take a look. welcome back, josh. >> really a question. do you want george and i to weigh in right now? no. >> speak for yourself. take a look at dan harris. you know, we always send him out on these wild adventures. this time he is face to face with a cheetah. >> oh, i love that. >> pretty calm cheetah. >> wow. >> but we know what he is capable of. >> he loves it.
8:02 am
>> he was in great hands, jack hanna, our good friend. it is good to have you back. i'm so happy to have you back. >> an extra day off. >> i know. >> really. i suffered so that all of you did not have to. speaking of irene, you know, even watching it from afar it's all they were talking about in rome and here's why. one new jersey river swamping neighborhoods. hundreds of people had to be rescued today. 40 deaths along the east coast are now being blamed on the hurricane. millions today remain power throughout the northeast and there are concerns that fema is reporteded running low on cash. in one new jersey town, a national guard vehicle -- look at this -- barely visible. in new hampshire, a father and his two daughters had to be rescued. they had to hang on to a rope
8:03 am
until hope arrived seconds from castro fee. meanwhile, we received confirmation this morning that this month is now officially the deadliest for u.s. forces in afghanistan since the start of the war in 2003. 66 american troops have died in august. nearly half f them when the taliban shot down a chinook helicopter. and the rebels who now control libya are demanding the return of moammar gadhafi's wife and three children who they say fled into algeria. by hosting them they say algeria has committed an act of aggression. and as michael jackson's family and friends and fans remember his birthday, a california judge blocked a number of witnesses from testifying in the upcoming trial of dr. conrad murray pointing and defense is pointing the finger at jackson himself. abc's yunji de nies has more. >> reporter: was michael jackson a drug addict desperate for the substance that eventually killed him? that's what the defense, and his
8:04 am
personal physician, dr. conrad murray plans to use at trial. he is charged with involuntary manslaughter for allegedly improperly administering propofol, a powerful sedative. in new court documents his attorneys say michael jackson used it repeatedly to help him sleep and was so familiar with the drug he that referred to it as milk. murray's team plans to get other doctors, friends, even jackson's own children to back their story. >> the defense strategy in this case is clearly that dr. murray was the last man standing and they're going to do whatever they can to show that michael was already predisposed and was on drugs and everything else. >> reporter: but on mondayayhe judge dealt the defense team a major blow barring a number of witnesses including jackson's dermatologist and his children's nanny. the judge also ruled witnesses will not be allowed to testify about jackson's molestation trial. over the weekend in his hometown of gary, indiana, prince, paris and blanket marked what would
8:05 am
have been their father's 53rd birthday. >> in coming here, and seeing our dad's old house and all the fans coming out, i think it's really cool they did that. >> dad grew up here and it's good to see it, the place that dad -- where our dad grew up. >> reporter: for "good morning america," yunji de nies, abc news. meanwhile, take a look at video from southern california. all that remains of a small plane that crashed into a house near the santa monica airport.t. this is hard to believe but the student pilot survived this crash but then take a look. >> you're okay, man. you're almost there. >> painters working on the house the plane struck helped rescue him and used a garden hose to put out the fire. the pilot broke his leg but is otherwise okay. and finally, if you're thinking of posting your neighborhood pool party invitation on facebook, you might want to think again.
8:06 am
look what happened when one kid said, yes, swing by, people. over 2,000 people showed up at an apartment complex near colorado state. clearly most who had had a couple stops in their day prior to arriving. eventually police arrived actually arrested four people. the building's management may also have to pay nuisance charges. can't imagine the problem there. >> they posted it online. >> on facebook, remarkably social media. >> a look at that picture and think of our future. >> it's terrible. >> scary. home schooling. that's what i say. lots of home schooling. and convents. >> good luck with that. >> what's sizzling over there, lara? >> you guys, here we go, "pop p news heat index." to the buzz, a lot of reporting about sandra bullock and ryan reynolds hanging out together but while the media is busy playing matchmaker thehewo stars are reportedly using the quality time to make an animated comedy show, people.
8:07 am
and they also have a follow-up to their hit movie "the proposal" in the works. no word yet on whether betty white has signed on. it does look like these two will be making beautiful comedic music together once again. there it is. hi. how are you doing? all right. moving on to story number two, a snickers a day keeps the doctor away. not exactly. but chocolate lovers, listen up, we're getting closer to hearing what we want, the biggest study on it to date, it shows chocolate can lower your risk of heart disease and stroke by up to a third. that is shocking and there is a catch. it's only two squares a week, people. for the health benefits and stick with the fancy stuff. european chocolate tends to have higher levels of cocoa. than the chocolate here. scientists admit they're baffled as to why chcholate works so
8:08 am
well to help the heart, but frankly who cares. thank you. and can you imagine, dancing to michael jackson's hits while balancing on a high-wire? sounds off the wall. perhaps even dangerous. yeah, start it, people. it would be for anyone else but the cirque du soleil gang and they have teamed up with the cirque gang that will launch this fall called michael jackson the immortal world tour. some of his choreographers are working on it set to his chart-topping hits and that sounds like a "thriller." thank you very much. and finally, i spent a lot of time on this story because i was just waiting for you guys to chime in. i tried to figure out a way to make this clever. i couldn't so i'm just going to say it. panda poop may hold the key to revolutionizing the production of biofuel.
8:09 am
thereby saving our country's dependence on foreign oil -- >> he's the answer right there. >> a scientist named dr. brown studied pandas and their poop for a year at the memphis zoo. they discovered the enzymes that breaks down bamboo chutes we could use it to make more cheap and plentiful biofuels -- a couple minor differences. >> giving whole new meaning to the phrase $2 gas. >> that's the first time lara spencer ever made me think of al gore. >> from years ago back in the white house, al gore was working on global warming and he came in with a big story on a delicate way to say this, if we could capture cow gas it would help solve global warming. very serious issue. everybody in the oval office broke up. i feel for you, lara. >> i did not want to do that story.
8:10 am
apparently it was necessary. for your information. >> i was asked to remain silent. >> i was wondering, that's not like you. >> well done. >> i was looking to -- that was my favorite part. >> half my weekly quota. sam, you got weather. >> ladies and gentlemen, the "good morning america" dream team. hey, we provide a public service at "gma." your name. >> hector and my wife lorena. >> now, these two, your cell phones out. you need to make sure that someone -- you're going to be home tonight and pick you up at john wayne airport at 10:30 tonight. do not forget to pick up the two of them. >> hector and lorena. >> it's what we do. public service. to the boards. one or two things going on. outside your doors a live shot from chicagoland, wls, the powerhouse in chicago, everything you need to know if you're not watching them unplug the tv set. it's useless. here's their five-day. and you get a little warmer in the next couple of days.
8:11 am
this could be your last shot at 90-degree temperatures this week, so enjoy the warmth, chicago. east coast, cool up and down the east coast. another punch of cool air, san francisco, 66. l.a. gets into the 80s. >> still storm survivors in times square. did you make a t-shirt for me or for yourself. >> i made them for mysysf. >> okay, thanks. lara. >> he's honest. a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu."
8:12 am
the new cast of "dancing with the stars." we have inside scoop from two of the dancing stars, david arquette and ricki lake with us. designer diapers. a new fashion trend fofothe toddler set. do you need to see them to believe them? finally, we always talk to kids about money. what youou need to know to get them saving. coming up on "gma."
8:13 am
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8:17 am
>> reporter: transgendered chaz bono, tv's ricki lake. carson kressley, rob kardashian. >> i really have no strategy yet. >> reporter: they all come from different walks of life. nancy grace is already complaining about her feet. >> these things hurt, people. i'm willing to hear whatever the judge has to tell me. i don't know anything about dancing. i just hope that i don't fall. that's my big goal is to not bust it because they didn't teach dancing in law school, honey. >> los angeles laker nba champion ron artest. >> reporter: guys usually wait till week eight to pull the shirt off and show everybody -- how will you avoid the tight pants and healed shoes and sequins? >> man, i'm trying to be conservative and i know they'll have their little standardized wear, whatever you call it so i'll have to take it there but i hope i don't have to wear feathers or nothing like that.
8:18 am
>> reporter: chaz bono just revealed to his mom, cher, that he'll compete on "dancing with the stars." >> she wanted to know how everything was going, was i nervous? >> reporter:r:f you weren't transgendered you wouldn't have taken on the challenge. >> no, never. i wouldn't have felt dancing with a male dance partner. >> it's against the law -- >> reporter: j.r. martinez and i worked together on "all my children." he was burned over nearly 40% of hihibody in the army fighting in iraq. >> my life was almost taken away from me and i understand and i believe that i've learned how to really maximize every single second of my life and every single second of opportunity, whether it's to love, whether it's just to grow, to continue to learn and i want to continue to do those things. >> reporter: hope, we know you as the goalkeeper for the wowon's u.s. national soccer team. athletes tend to do very well on this show. do you think that will translate in your case.
8:19 am
>> people keep telling me i will have an advantage but i don't feel it. i don't see it. i can barelyalk in heels. >> reporter: they've already sized up their competition. >> i'm worried about david arquette because he's so free spirited he just won't care on the dance floor. he'll let loose. >> reporter: who are you most afraid of. >> i think ricki lake and david arquette are going to be the biggest competion. >> i have to watch out for ricki. >> david arquette. competition.uette is my biggest >> reporter: really. why? >> you know he will get out there and do a great job. >> reporter: would it surprise you to know that about half of your competitors are putting you as the guy to beat? >> oh, god. well, that'ss very humbling. >> reporter: who do you think is the person to beat. >> i think there's amazingly talented people this year but i don't want to single out anybody because you never know. >> reporter: who is your biggest competition? >> i think what's her name, the
8:20 am
pretty italian lady. >> reporter: elisabetta canalis. >> she told she was 25 when i -- >> is it that or so attractive she's distracting to you. >> a little bit of both. >> reporter: elisabetta canalis got a warm-up from me. put this on. put that on. there you go, see. i'll be a gentleman. >> so i'm very cited. >> reporter: we know you have a famous ex-boyfriend. any comments from -- >> yeah, oh, my god, he's calling me right now. >> reporter: come on. any opinions from him? enough? >> can i give you your jacket? thanks, bye. >> and ricki lake, david arquette join us now up early in los angeles. good morning, guy.
8:21 am
>> good morning. >> good morning. >> so, david, you saw the piece there. the pressure is on. >> oh, i know. >> yeah, i don't know how you'll handle the pressure. >> so, ricki -- >> no pressure on me. >> i don't know. hair spray, you've got some experience there and we all watched you in the finale of last year out there in the audience. was that the inspiration or doing some research? >> absolutely, kirstie alley, they had asked me before and i wasn't able to do it then but, you know, yes, kirstie alley watching her physical transformation and seeing something happen internally to her was really, really inspiring. >> you're so used to being before the camera. are you nervous at all. >> i'm really nervous. i never get nervous. i've been doing live tv. did my show for 11 years but something with dancing and being out of your comfort zone, something tells me david is going to be really comfortable on the dance floor. i for one am not going to be
8:22 am
but, yes, this is a huge challenge, a huge undertaking. i'm going to give it my all and i did not come to be second. >> ooh. here we go. >> tough. i know it. >> i usually get what i want. let me just say that, okay. i don't know. we'll see. i'll give it my best shot. i'll complaining all the way but hopefully make my partner proud. >> david, what's your favorite dance? >> oh, you know, we just started and i'm just learning the first one and it's all an unknown language to me, so i've always wanted to know how to waltz and i'm learning the veiennese walt and it's really hard and takes a lot of detail. i've always wanted to dance at a ball. >> you are going to get that opportunity. and, ricki -- >> you might find a date. >> which judge are you focusing
8:23 am
on, ricki? >> oh, my god. that --he guy -- the older gentleman. >> len. >> he scares me. he scares me because he's so hard core. you know, i think carrie ann might be nice to meet. i'll focus on doing the steps and really taking in what my partner is teaching me. i'm going to try not to think of what they'll stay. >> we are looking forward to seeing you both. ron has already taken his shirt off so you'll be next with that in the first week or two. >> right now. >> "dancing with the stars" returns with a two-hour affair monday, september 19th. boy, they are a lot of fun. >> they're ready already. >> he's already making us laugh. robin and george, changing topics a little bit, the designer diaper trend started with those denim diapers. remember them? i don't know if you do but i certainly do but now there are so many more high-end options for your baby's bottom line. our melissa rycroft has this
8:24 am
story. melissa? >> reporter: that's right. now even babies can make their own fashion statements with new designer diapers. they come in all styles from m como to pink ruffles. welcome to a baby party. >> oh. >> reporter: not just any party, these babies are showing off a whole new side to diapers. there's argyle, ruffles, dots and camouflage. it's fashion week for the under 2 set as these babies are rocking the latest in designer diapers. that's right. designer diapers. >> parents today are very unique. they grew up with their own sense of style. they like to share that. if we live in a very highly styled world and thihiis it something that parents really seem to like. >> go on like underwear and protect like a deeper. >> reporter: once mon a time diapers came in just one color, white. not anymore.
8:25 am
diaper leaders huggies and pampers have caught on in recent years that fashion savvy moms want more for their baby's posterior yo. it's next to impossible these days to find a nonadorned diaper. even everyday diapers have fung pictures on them, cute and sweet just like you. ♪ >> my diaper is full. full of passion. >> reporter: huggies limited run of denim diapers last sum wear as a smashing success. some 60 million sold in just a couple months. that's why the denim diaper has returned this summer and now gracing walmart shelves are huggies' latest camouflage diapers. not to be outdone pampers partnered with cynthia rowley last year to create fashion forward diapers and this year it unveiled four new looks with promises of more to come. suzanne cohen, a spokesperson for big city mom, one of the largest support moms support says it's a no-brainer.
8:26 am
>> diapers are a baby's main accessory. sometimes it's the only thing a baby has on. even if the mom can't afford the entire outfit they can afford the diaper. >> reporter: if you're interested in more than denim or ruffled diapers there are dozens of sites that will customize a diaper. a name, a nickname. even your own photo. there's a lot at stake. diapers are a $5 billion industry and after a four-year drain in birth manufacturers are looking for a way to boost sales. while the babies we had had no comment, their actions seem to suggest their rearing to go. i think this little one would look best in the florals. >> so cute. just saying, robin. >> all right, guys. >> keep going. keep going. coming up, mellody is with us. her money ambush. what you need to know about your
8:27 am
kids and cash coming up on "good morning america." >> show me the money! police and crime stoppers are offering a $15,000 reward leading to the gunman who shot and killed an oakland man in front of his 6-year-old son. friends and neighbors held a vigil for jose esparza. he was leaving a store on sunday afternoon when two men tried to rob him. they say he yelled at his son to run just before he was shot. let's see where the problem
8:28 am
spots are. >> thank you, kristen. >> we go to hayward at "a" street, blocking the "h" street on-ramp. that is closed right now. a stall on 80 westbound, san pablo dam road has been very slow. very slow around these areas, take your time and take your time. >> we'll check in with mike and get your fororororororororororor
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back. temperatures in the 50s. to 60 in antioch and the clouds, they will be stubborn today and that will drop our temperatures. only low to mid-80s in the east bay valleys. a lot of mid to upper 60s into san francisco with 70s footer rest of us. even cooler tomorrow but look at the summer heat for the holiday weekend. thanks a lot. news continues right now with "good morning america." [ cheers and applause ] well, now we know who the stars will be. on "dancing with the stars" but that's only half the story. who will they be dancing with? hard to measure up with last season. oh, my man maks and kirstie, oh, oh. who will maks dance with with this new lineup. >> you will find out here tomorrow first on "good morning america." the couples will be announced. >> that's going to be a great
8:31 am
show. >> i know. [ cheers and applause ] >> check this out. dan harris went to the columbus zoo with our friend jack hanna. got to feed a giraffe and did a whole lot more. dan harris loves this stuff. you will love this just ahead. >> he lives for this kind of thing. right now, mellody hobson is usually -- want to get your sign on or something? celebrating your birthday. >> you did warn us about the crowd today. mellody hobson, kids and money. so in chicago, she put them to ththtest to see how much they really know. we'll talk to mellody in just a moment because you all have some young ones, very important to have this conversation. talk to the kids first and then mellody. >> the kids are out in chicago's millennium park. >> reporter: want to talk about money? is that a no?
8:32 am
hey, do you want to talk about money? no, okay. >> and our mellody hobson is tracking them down. >> reporter: how much money is your bank.k. is a thousand dollars a lot money? what do your kids know about money? >> it's mellody's money titi. kids and money. >> reporter: will you come to my office? do you get an allowance at home. >> yes. >> reporter: you do. how much? >> i don't know yet. >> reporter: do you get an allowance? >> i used to. >> reporter: what do you mean used to. >> i kind of took a little vacation from doing my chores. >> reporter: do you get an allowance. >> yes, $3. >> reporter: what do you do with the $3 you get every week. >> i save it. >> always offer an allowance. kids with an allowance become more responsibib money managers. >> reporter: when you get credit cards one day you have to pay the entire amount every single month. if you don't pay the whole amount, what happens? >> you lose your credit card.
8:33 am
>> reporter: is there a fee for having a credit card? when you put your money on a credit card and don't pay it off, do you have to pay anything extra? >> yes, you do. >> reporter: what is that? >> i think it's like 8% of what you bought or something. >> reporter: you're amazing. it's called interest. >> talk to your kids about money. even tricky terms like interest. >> reporter: do you have any money saved. >> yes. >> reporter: how much. >> i have 68. >> reporter: you have $68. >> no, i have 68 -- >> reporter: where do you keep them. >> in my piggy bank. >> for kids under 10 get a piggy bank. kids with piggy banks become better savers. >> reporter: what if i told you i could give you a barbie doll or next week you could get the $50, which one would you pick? >> the 50. >> reporter: very good. >> teach delayed gratification.
8:34 am
kids who practice it are more likely to score higher on the s.a.t. and become better money managers. >> reporter: it's great you saved and wait for the $50 and not take the barbie right now. that's really smart. you're a smart cookie. --fiech. high-five. i dance around. let me see that. the dollar dance. >> with those move, mellody hobson should be on "dancing with the stars." mellody joins us live this morning from chicago. nice moves there, girl. so how young should you start talking to your kids about money? >> well, despite the fact that most parents say that they want to not talk abouou money at all with their kids and rather talk about alcohol or drugs or something else, they just don't like the money conversation, you can start as young as 5 years old and i've seen it work very, very effectively where pararts will say just, you know, think like will you trade barbie for a cupcake? little things like that start to establish value for kids besides
8:35 am
the fact that they're fascinated with coins and bills at that age. >> it was fascinating to see your interaction with those children and some were a little more knowledgeable than others when it comes to money matters. that little girl who knew about interest already. >> she was amazing. she obviously had a parent who spent a lot of time with her because she knew a lot. and here's the thing, you can do the same thing by just having teachable moments around everyday experiences like teaching about credit cards while you're using them. if you pull it out, you explain that you have to pay. what happens if you don't, that why you shshld pay the whole balance at the end of the week -- at the end of the month. all of those things become very, very valuable teaching lessons including even showing them the bill when it comes so they can see all the things that you spent over the course of the month. >> ah. are there other ways to slip in those little lessons to our chililen? >> so one i like explaining the relative value of things so if
8:36 am
you give them an allowance as an example, you'll say, if you want to buy this item it's three weeks of an allowance. is it worth it to you? that's one way to help them start to comprehend what things cost and that you have to work to get it. the second thing is to use math in everyday life. kids love to pay the bill. so if you're in a restaurant, haha them pay the check. it's not only honing their math skills but startrto understand what things cost and last but not least do not use that atm as a video game. some parents let the kids punch in the button, and it's fun, it's a game. instead explain i have to work to have this money be in this account, show them the receipt, have them really understand that this is not just a machine spitting out money. >> are you all guilty of that at all with the kids? they're going, no, they're not letting their kids near the atm machine. i know some are. this is something my parents did with me and didn't realize other
8:37 am
parents do it too. kind of like that family 401(k). your parents matching some of the money that you save >> that's right. i love this. >> i do too. >> what you actually do is give them an incentive to save just like we all get when we're in a 401(k) plan at work. if you save a dollar, i'll match it 50 cents or 25 cents, whatever it is you can afford. of course, i'd love that to be in an account where they can get a statement and start to again understand things like interest. that would only further the lesson. >> okay and i know we have links to some financial teaching tools that you have for us on our website at mellody, thank you as always. certainly do appreciate it. >> to the weather now. it's not my birthday. they didn't know if they'd ever see me for my birthday so today is pie birthday. how wonderful is that. that's original. >> by the way, do we have a nice wide shot? i mean a nice wide shot. i'm coming down the hall this morning and i'm like in a
8:38 am
t-shirt and jeans and i see robin roberts looking like this in the morning. this is -- i'm just saying. >> how was i walking down that hall, just like, thank you sam, we'll see you. >> every hallway is a runway. bam! let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to get to. we'll show you the twitter pictures that came in. on the upper left-hand side, a shelf cloud from maryland. a woman's son in the navy sent this to her on the leading edge of irene. that is amazing to us and then, of course, the results with all the flooding in just about -- wow, so many places in new england. here's where the heat rolls. houston, hottest august so far, hottest summer so far, 101 again today. tallahahsee, the heat in atlanta, 90 degrees as well today. nice and mild in new england, you guys enjoying this lovely times square weather. >> all: yeah. >> nothing wrong with that.
8:39 am
nothing wrong with t >> all that weather is brought to you by usaa. coming up, dan harris in the while. with my pal jack hanna. everything is going to be all right. everything is going to be all right. the dog is not eating the cheetah. everything is fine. ♪ head out ononononononononononn
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8:42 am
so our dan harris loves animals. he loves a great adventure and he found both in a pretty surprising location. you're here now to tell us -- how, where? how did this happen? >> usually when i go cover animal stories i have to go to africa or asia or australia. this time columbus, ohio. my host, jungle jack hanna. check it out. i am no stranger to exotic animals. i've been chased by elephants.
8:43 am
i've gone swimming with sharks. i've even hugged it out with a koala. but this, this right here is one of the coolest things i've ever seen. they're playing. >> they love each other. >> reporter: that's incredible. a cheetah play fighting with a golden lab while purring its face off. i've never seen a cheetah purring like this. i.d. incredible and this is how i started my day with jungle jack hanna. as a die-hard animal lover to be with a purring cheetah, hard to put into words how cool that is. and a golden lab. hey there. you're from the wild. >> all you do is stay in the truck and nothing will eat you, okay. >> reporter: 30 species, 300 animals. next stop, giraffes and this guy can hungry. jack taught me the secret to feeding a giraffe. how do you do this? >> just hold it here. is this the experience of a lifetime? >> reporter: this issen father tass tick. old out the branch and the
8:44 am
giraffe will strip the leaves right off. i'm getting an expxpience of giraffe bretz i've never gotten before. i want your job. this is amazing. the wild is the largest conservation center in the country. it's partners with the columbus zoo where jack is the director emeritus. it's like being on safari in africa except you don't have to leave the country. >> come here, come here. coco here. >> reporter: they have rare and endangered species here like the asian rhino. she is animals have been pushed to the brink of extinction by poachers who sell their horns for a lot of money. while we were here we got a rare look at a rhino showdown. ooh. look at that a mother and her advances. nd some unwelcome >> those things could take this truck and push it over like a marshmall marshmallow. >> reporter: he's getting really close. am i going to lose this hand. >> touch the inside of his mouth. >> reporter: are you crazy?
8:45 am
>> just go like that. he's not going to hurt you. is that something? you tell me -- >> how many people could ever touch a rare mammal on earth, asian horned rhino like this. >> reporter: you briri people here. they get to touch animals like this and they go home and want to save it. protect it. i feel that way. just being here with them. this, of course, is just one of jack's many animal adventure, one of the first ever to bring wildlife to this small screen. >> we got three bubuet, two lions and six of us in this vehicle. somebody is going to be eaten. >> reporter: now he's launching a new tv show called "jack hanna's wild countdown." >> she ain't going to bite my hand, is she. oh, big one. >> reporter: every week he goes face to face with some of the best beasts he's encountered from around the world. >> golly, i did not know a cat did that. >> reporter: those clips from his show is amazing.
8:46 am
he's done some amazing stuff. that will air on most abc affiliates on saturday morning "jack hanna's wild countdown." we had a great time at the wild in ohio. i i uld go back any time. >> you got the sense you were in africa. >> it's amazing. there are vistas where you can look around and you don't see anything except for wild animals and nature. it's beautiful. >> you stuck your hand in a rhino's mouth. >> the first time for me, yeah. >> all right, thank you so much. coming up we'll talk to bernie madoff from behind bars. stay with us on "gma."
8:47 am
8:48 am
bernie madoff may be the most notorious con messenger in
8:49 am
american history. bianna this is something. he's opening up to charlie gasparino on fox and telling him he's working with business. >> business ethics and harvard is denying this. some of the crazy claims that madoff is making. he's known charlrl for years. he interviewed him when he was a prominent businessman but charlie was surprised when he received a collect phone call from the federal penitentiary. >> his voice is the most amazing soothing voice you -- >> really. >> you feel like you're talking to your uncle. your nice rich uncle who is a nice guy and, you know, you don't feel like you're talking to an arch criminal. >> so began a six-week-long process. an occasional phone call and he says he was trapped into the greed of others and wall street
8:50 am
corruption is an everyday occurrence. >> this side of the story is pretty simple. it's, listen, i was kind of victimized too. i was part of a racket which is wall street. and, by the way, my clients all knew i was ripping people off and, by the way, they were forcing plea to do because they had such high expectations. i'm kipdz of a victim too. >> what is his state of mind. >> it's got to be delusional. he says things so patently false you could check so easily like the thing with harvard, he basically told me that he was -- harvard is interested in doing some sort of entrepreneurial course with him. >> when talking about harvard he e-mailed some strange turn of events, huh? but harvard says it's completely untrue. they aren't working with madoff on anything. he's given few interviews since being sentenced in 2009 to 150 years in prison. those that he does give capture a man seemingng unapologetic f f his crimes. listen to this audio interview with "new york" magazine. >> did i make a lot of money for
8:51 am
people, yeah, i made a lot of money for people. you know, people lose profits that they thought they made? yes. >> would you describe him as a sociopath. >> he's pathological liar. no doubt about that. >> are you surprised this is the path he's taking to telling his side of the story. no remorse. >> his aim right now is not to help regulators find out exactly where the street is wrong, his aim right now is to sort of create an alternative reality for himself that -- and for the general public to think he wasn't such a bad guy, to have -- he doesn't want that to be written on his tombstone and also let's face it he still wants to feel important so to keep his sort of aura and his feeling that he is an important guy going, that's what all this is about. he's got such an inflated sense of himself. >> and ever the puppet master, madoff is keeping everyone guessing about his next move. >> he's only contacting a few
8:52 am
people. he called me back. a handful of other reporters, only giving selective tv interyou haves. >> anything that the american public would be able to find even an ounce to sympathize with. >> you know, he lost his son, his son killed himself. that's a tragedy. that makes me sympathize more with his other family and feel bad for anybody who lost a kid but he didn't come across like he cared much about that. >> unbelievable. his son marc who killed himself and madoff may be concerned that andrew mayaye speaking t t the interview soon and may be doing an interview with "60 minutes" and concerned with -- >> his wife is doing a book. >> andrew's wife and they haven't had any communications at all. if anything he seems to be concerned what andrew could possibly say. >> this idea that bernie madoff is somehow a victim, boy, that's a hard sell. >> nototn ounce of remorse. i mean he said, look, i know i've made mistakes and was unapologet and like charlie said has this huge ego and likes
8:53 am
this large -- >> he thinks he can spin it. >> i'm doing what the rest of wall street did and my clients even knew about it. those are some harsh allegations. >> all right, bianna, thanks
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
♪ oooo. >> i have to tell you, you get to talking. enough american tourists on the island to talk about the show and multigenerational families there and the non-english speaking older greeks, the second they hear "good morning america," stephanopoulos. >> change that name. >> stephanopoulos. >> i'm never changing it. >> toga, toga. >> have a great day, everybody.
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8:59 am
right now the ntsb is releasing its finding on the gas pipeline explosion. chairwoman is slamming pg&e. she says the final report will show missed opportunities that could have and should have prevented the tragedy. she calls the system of pipeline safety an integrity management program without integrity. clouds are clearing this morning. >> cooler conditions this afternoon and flight arrival delays still into sfo. 50s around the coast


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