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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  September 2, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> stay with us for "good morning america" and you all have a great friday. >> enjoy your labor day. government's monthly job report will be released in an hour and it could show signs of growth even after the u.s. downgrade and the stock market's wild ride. i'm nick smith and i'll have the story. >> also this morning, oakland police say they are recovering fewer illegal guns because of budget cuts. they say the public should be concerned with violence on the rise. >> clear skies over the bay area this morning. we do have the spare-the-air day. i'll tell you how long the poor air quality will last. >> i'm sue hall in traffic central. so far light friday.
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we'll have all the details for the morning commute coming up. >> and one of california's largest health insurers in a contract dispute with stanford. what it means for you, stanford hospital is no longer part of the anthem blue cross network. 4:30 on friday. and labor day weekend. i'm kristen sze. >> a lot going on this morning. including an earthquake in alaska. we'll tell more about tsunami warnings for there, as well. topping our news this half-hour, we'll get the latest look at the nation's jobs picture. economists expect a slight improvement days before the president addresses the nation about his plan to encourage job growth. >> reporter: the government's monthly job report will be released in about an hour and it's barely enough to keep up with population growth.
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they forecast the economy added 93,000 jobs last month but the unemployment rate is expected to say the same. they need to add 250,000 jobs per month to bring down the unemployment rate which has been above 9% since may of 2009. fears that the u.s. economy is falling back into recession have hurt the markets even after gains in consumer spending point to strong growth. weak growth, a downgrade of u.s. debt and a sell-off on wall street likely kept some businesses from he hiring. in california, they complained that regulations are too burdensome making it difficult to expand or hire. new proposals hope to change that. >> 11.8% unemployment rate in our state, we don't have time to waste. >> it was underscored by the obama administration which estimated that unemployment will
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average 9% next year. on thursday, obama will address a joint session of congress to introduce a plan for creating jobs and boosting the economy. in the newsroom, nick smith, "abc 7 news." a san jose police officer arrested for molesting underaged boys is set to face charges in court today. gilroy police arrested patrick durego on wednesday. he is now free to o bail. they say he molested 15 and 17-year-old victims during parties at his home another gilroy where he served alcohol to the boys. he may have molested other teens. he worked as a campus officer at san jose leland high school for 11 years. a dangerous start for the school year at u.c. berkeley, a string of crimes have been reported including two armed routines and several sexual assaults. berkeley police say they see a
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spike in crime around the start of the school year due to the influx of returning students. classes resumed last week. >> oakland police are taking fewer guns off the street primarily there are fewer cops enforcing gun laws. the loss of 80 officers to budget cuts a year ago and the reorganization of the remaining force has hurt the department's ability to take guns off the street. on average they take 1400 guns off the street each year. but this year, they are set to take 1020 guns off the street. >> stanford hospital is no longer a member of anthem blue cross network. patients should expected changes to their coverage. >> she had a tumor that was proved four years ago. she had had her surgery at
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stanford where she had the best care and begs doctor. >> he had pioneered this in surgery but made it less evasive if you look for the doctor's name in the particular field. >> but shannon and her husband are worried. they are members of anthem blue cross that doesn't have a contract with the hospital, which includes stanford medical center, lieu seed packard center. they have been negotiating for months but have been unable to reach a contract. negotiations are continuing and for now anthem blue cross members may receive care at stanford but a hospital spokesperson says, during what we hope will be an interim period, men's should continue to work closely with their primary medical group for approval and authorization. anthem blue ppo customers may have different access to the
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facilities and physicians. shan shone and mark say they hope they come up with an agreement soon. they don't want to be forced to find care elsewhere. >> it would be unnerving. start from scratch. >> reporter: neither side will reveal details of the negotiations but the sticking point appears to be over reimbursement rates. a new pg&e blast this week is drawing the attention of federal investigators. n.t.s.b. sb is looking into an explosion that explode this townhouse on wednesday. it appears to be gas lines on fire near the en tra of the home. pg&e crews examined the pipe and found a told of seven leaks. they released a report on tuesday blaming the utility for the san bruno ex ploegs explosion that killed 8 people.
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a sudden change in parking enforcement has oakland mayor offering a.m. next i at this for people that received tickets under the change. people with handicapped stickers got tickets about a week ago for not feeding the meters near grand lake businesses. turns out the city's parking director made the change without notifying the public, the mayor or the city council. the mayor learned about when she encountered angry business owners while promoting small business month outside an avenue store. >> today we have a spare-the-air day. it's only the third but the bay area quality management district has ironed this year. the temperatures are contributing to unhealthy air quality in the bay. there is no wood burning ban in place. people are encouraged to take public transit, carpool, bike or walk to work to reduce pollution.
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avoid using gas powered mowers or lighter fluid on a barbecue. >> anyway, you don't have to worry about burning wood. >> i'm laughing for the fact that spare-the-air day. spraying his hair, he just wouldn't stop. both of them. >> all right. east bay valleys, santa clara valley, all kidding. we're giddy but those if you live in the east bay and santa clara valley you want to stay inside and possibly tomorrow. let's talk about how we set this up. look at the calm conditions everyone. barely ever a wind at sfo, six miles an hour out of the west in
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fairfield and the onshore flow is nonexistent. temperatures are mild. 55 in antioch. 48 at half moon bay everybody else in the 50s this morning. by the afternoon we'll be in the mid to upper 60s along the coast. mid to upper 70s around san francisco and richmond and low to mid on 80s around the bayshore and mid-80s to near 90 in the north bay and east bay valleys, hottest once again with mid 90s. mid 90s gilroy and morgan hill. 77 in santa cruz and 59 in monterey. check this out. september in the bay area, it's going to be warm. temperatures will taper a little bit during the holiday weekend but almost as warm tuesday through thursday of next week. >> happy friday everybody. live shot of golden gate bridge, a little bit of fog as you approach the toll plaza. if you come out of the waldo tunnel, road work has you down to one lane and it's difficult
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to see the with the fog on the span. a little bit slow. a stall westbound bay bridge, live shot of the toll plaza, very light. right lane center divide may be cleared out of the lane, it is a spare-the-air day. you are strongly urged to use public transit. so far, so good. everybody reporting on schedule. >> thanks a lot. it's 4:39. >> a bay area car owner has quite an insurance claim to make. emergency having to explain how your car came within inches of flying out of a parking garage. >> and jay leno and3q septic system breakdowns affect over one million homes each year, causing a disgusting mess and hours of repair.
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it dangled four stories above fourth street. police say a parking garage worker was trying to help move the vehicle after the battery died but helost control of the vehicle. shattered glass and steel fell to the street. there a large metal support that pulls cars back, she shared three of the four. almost came through and almost fell four stories. >> there was glass all over. inconvenient but i kind of wish i came here to see it. >> the glass worker complained that nobody else was hurt. hammer and jaleno was in san francisco last night. it was more just a concert as celebrities teamed up to help raise money for a new children's hospital in san francisco.
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>> this aftershock. it's not an aftershock, it's another earthquake. >> getting laughs from jay leno. >> and music from alanis morissette and raising money for children's hospital. >> i think it's fun and people say, tell these jokes it will raise this money. it's hard work. it's a great cause. >>. >> just like this. they donated $100 million to build children's hospital. this is what they do, he was diagnosed with severe scoliosis and may have had to wear a brace for ten years but a doctor had something innovative. >> they performed a staple surgery on the back instead of wearing the brace. >> and there is not a lot of research that it even works. >> that was five weeks ago and look at her now.
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it opens in 2014, they tell us it will be the most advantages had children's hospital in the country. and jay leno might be back for that. mayor ed lee declared this jay leno day in san francisco. >> two concerts in two years they have raised $8 million with a lot more to go for the new hospital. in san francisco, don sanchez, "abc 7 news." >> it is 4:45, new information about the earthquake that hit off the coast of alaska and is generating a tsunami warning. that story is coming up. >> and report cashed for san francisco's muni. if you are waiting for a bus this morning, find something to pass the time. >> and critics are asking full body scanners tell the difference between under arm sweat and an underwear bomb? >> and ducks in distress from a
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south bay complex is a lot more challenging then investigators thought. >> if you think gas prices shoot up faster3q septic system breakdowns affect over one million homes each year, causing a disgusting mess and hours of repair.
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welcome back, check out the high temperatures. it's going to be steamy around st. louis and 111 in phoenix. 70s across the northern tier states. boston and new york, maybe a touch of fall. good news all the airports are running on time. a lot of wet weather, chicago toward kansas city and new orleans. any developing delays we will have them with flight tracker at at the bottom of the front page. as we've been telling you, a tsunami warning is in effect in alaska after a 7.1 earthquake. it hit just before 4:00 this morning on the tip of the aleutian islands.
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in effect for the centrality coast of alaska. these are are very remote areas and there is no word on injuries or damage but we will keep track of this and keep you informed. >> and new warning about one type of body scanner that is being used at san francisco international airport. it can often not tell the difference between body sweat and a bomb. the full body scan machines are no longer being used in germany. officials say a ten-month trial at hamburg airport found false alarms. german experience has demonstrated exactly how ineffective the devices are. when they can't distinguish between body sweat or explosives or a underwear bomb it's not making anyone safer. >> the company that makes the scanners is not commenting.
4:50 am
after a nation is they say is vil vulnerable to aviation threats partially because body scaning is unreliable. >> residents are worried about the duck that has live on the property. somebody has been shooting them with blow darts. wayne freedman has the story. >> reporter: in the motif of the complex, most residents love the ducks and the geese. >> not anymore. she doesn't dare take her little girl to see the ducks if she sees this. a duck with a blow dart. >> who darts baby ducks? that sick. >> they launched an effort to help the ducks but to no avail. based on the evidence it appears
4:51 am
someone shot the bird from inside this complex. >> we are speculated that go the young ducks they haven't flown in and flown out. so that means it happens here. >> that duck is not the only victim. there have been two or three others including one last week that died. santa clara police have started an active investigation. management of the complex will not comment but residents did. >> it might be someone here, there is a lot of problems, a lot of duck feces, cat feces. >> rescuers have not given up. they plan to return next week with a new plan. in santa clara, wayne freedman, "abc 7 news." this is a big day for the giants. they'll host the diamondbacks in a huge series to determine if san francisco will make the playoffs.
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brand done belt has been nicknamed the baby giraffe. he spent the day in vallejo to see a new baby giraffe and name is named brandon and it's tiny bit shorter. he will eventually grow to be 18 feet. what do you think? do they look alike. >> i don't think you want to be that close. >> 18 feet, that is a bit. >> go giants. >> it's going to be very nice tonight. it will be pretty warm and you will be a able to smell the garlic fries everywhere because the wind won't be all that bad. it will be sitting there. full forecast but first, let's start what is going on. it's clear as we look southeast
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bound from our roof cam in san francisco. the temperatures, 50-degree temperatures, san rafael to be cooler in half moon bay at 48. we have 50 at fairfield, san jose, 55 in antioch, everybody else in the mid to upper 50s. few clouds around monterey bay and inland, temperatures in the running to low to mid-50s. three highlights as we head into the holiday weekend. watch out for the air quality in the east bay and south bay today. spare the air, sunny and warm everywhere, except for the coast may not be quite as warm and sunny as everywhere else. mild to warm temperatures all throughout the holiday weekend. for today, everybody going up once again compared to yesterday. san francisco 3 degrees warmer. concord, 6. santa rosa, 7. oakland, 8. fremont, 9. let's start in the east bay valleys, everybody in the mid 90s today.
4:54 am
mid to upper 70s, richmond and berkeley, cool spot on the east bayshore. everybody else in the low to mid 80s. 87 in fremont. down in the south bay, mid to upper 80s relocation 80s in lx at 93 degrees. low to mid-80s on the peninsula with menlo park and redwood city 85. clouds along the coast. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s, even 70s around daly city and sunset. mid-70s in downtown san francisco. sausalito, 78. mid to upper 80s in most of north bay valleys. santa rosa, run into the 90s, 87 in hollister. mid to upper 70s for santa cruz and salinas. we could get hundred in chico today and fresno heading into the central valley, going up to thoi, 79 degrees. let's talk about that giants' forecast today, 7:15, clear and mild. 72 dropping down to 62 degrees.
4:55 am
for tonight, it's going fairly mild. look at the temperatures in the 50s but a lot more low to mid 50s around the bayshore and inland. not quite as comfortable as this morning. tomorrow could be a few degrees cooler than today, 4 degree drop on sunday and a couple more on monday and then we turn that right around and start warming tuesday and wednesday and thursday. let's get your friday off to a great start. so far so good, walnut creek southbound, taillights are headed toward 24. no problems will, overnight road work around el costa. that should be cleared up by 5:00. in san rafael, southbound 101, taillights headed in the south direction, no delays there, 80 berkeley, your commute is getting under way, no problems as you head into the macarthur maze. take a look at drive times, if you are headed out of the central valley, 101 down to the golden gate, 880 southbound
4:56 am
toward san jose and 580 out of the central valley, mere 18 minute drive. is the website for all the information including your drive times. scroll down left side of your computer screen and click on bay area traffic. the computer hacker group anonymous said it took down the website of the federal appeals court of san francisco. it was down for 45 minutes yesterday. it cam as 4 members pleaded not guilty to charges steph from an online attack against paypal. they say it was in retaliation for paypal's leaking information on wikileaks. less has it been for muni riders. muni buses and light rail were on time 73% of the time in the year 2011.
4:57 am
down slightly from last year when the agency boasted a 73% on time mark. it marks the first time since 2008 that muni did not improve from the on time rate from the year before. >> gasoline prices are near an all time high for this time of year. it stands at 3.63 a gallon. that is higher than any other year except 2008 when it was 3.69. new government analysis confirmed that they tend to shoot up faster than they come down. we look for lower cost gasoline more intensely when prices are rising than when they are falling. station owners don't feel as much competitive pressure. >> but there is an app for that if you want to find the gas. >> go to >> which would be the preferable way to do it.
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>> a meeting this morning go to bart's new policy if and when bart police can pull the 'plug on cellphone service. that is next at 5:00. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland where police say they are taking fewer guns off the streets. the problem is,, is that because fewer guns on the street. i'll explain. >> mike has been warning us, big waves are hitting the california coast. coast. the swells we can expect to see
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