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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  September 2, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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today, investors reacted to terrible news on the jobs market. the labor department reported this morning that the nation added no jobs last month. it's the weakest employment report in almost a year. and the first time since february 1945 that the government has reported a net job change of zero. >> the rate stayed at 9.1%, economists are sounding alarmz about a second recession. >> i think at some point, the risk is that we tilt into that self reinforcing dynamic, consumers are worried about job losses. they stopped spending and then businesses cut more jobs. >> and president obama left washington for the weekend. without commenting on the weak jobs numbers. this morning, the white house says faster growth is needed to replace the jobs lost in this town attorney. next week, the president will address a joint session of congress, presenting a plan the white house says will stimulate growth and create
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jobs, with target add sis stance to the long-term unememployed. john boehner says americans keep asking where are the jobs but democrats keep pushing agenda. >> more stimulus spending. higher taxes and more regulations. we've seen all of this before and it's failed. >> the republican candidates pounced. mitt romney and rick perry said the lack of job growth is a clear sign the policies have failed. and it's time for a change. abc news, washington. >> and we'll carry president obama's speech to congress live, outlining his jobs plan, thursday here on bc 7. you can watch it here at 4:00. >> the jobs outlook is not all bad. abc 7 expected to find doom and gloom at the edd nofs downtown oakland today. he didn't. >> the faces are intense z all business at the edd office on broadway and oakland talked to some job seekers to get ready
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to be surprised. >> people think there is no jobs, that is the biggest myth out there. >> so saysgerald freeman of oakland, looking for work for two months, sending out three resumes every day. he says employer is in the driver's seat now. >> the employers can choose now. they can take their time and pick the exact person they're looking for. so you've got to be sharp. you've got to be very concise and persistent. and optimistic. you can't give up. >> the president took off this morning for camp david to prepare for thursday's announcement of the jobs creation plan. but back in oakland people aren't waiting for that. >> sales associates. you can click on that. there are 58 jobs throughout the alameda county. >> alan jackson runs the employment office and the kind of guy you listen to when looking for a job. >> there is flexibility is the key.
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if an individual is willing to do something other than what they've been accustomed to doing, there are opportunities and individuals can become employed. >> talk about flexibility, gary johnson, you can see him there, couldn't find a job teaching in oakland. tire fd being a statistic in oakland's 16.5% unemployment rate, he's head together train station and a teaching job in detroit. >> through skype on the internet we interviewed. and talked. i'm on my way to amtrak right now. because i want to teach. and it's just not happening here. >> if he decides to stay local, gerald freeman says never, ever give up. >> you'll get a job. you'll get a job. >> not trying to sugar coat jobs numbers. unemployment is 11%, and worse in contra costa county. but as we've heard, if you're flexible and willing to work for less than what you're making before there is always hope n oakland abc 7 news. >> and there is are companies
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hiring in the bay area, many will be at the next job journal hire event on the 20th. there job fair will have a technology annex, where employers will be set up. it's at the south san francisco conference center. we have all details at abc 7 >> and a wildfire in southern california has forced residents to evacuate and it's shut down a main interstate between los angeles and las vegas. this is the fire burning in hesperia. it started around 1:00 this afternoon and since grown to more than 200 acres. residents of million dollar ranch homes have been ordered to evacuate. the freeway closure caused a massive traffic jam for drivers trying to get way for this long holiday weekend. >> federal investigators are begin looking into a natural gas pipeline explosion involving pg&e just days before the anniversary of the devastating and deadly san bruno blast.
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and we're live in cupertino with that story. >> there are a number of investigations trying to sort out exactly what happened here. the fire department, cpuc, national transportation safety board is taking a look. it's not a full blown investigation. and of course, pg&e, after the explosion, found seven leaks on two-inch line feeding this condominium. and pg&e spent the day here going door to door, checking for leaks inside and outside of the complex. on wednesday, one was destroyed after an explosion caused by a leaking line. fire officials say escaped natural gas caught in the garage, it's likely the pilot light ignited explosion and fire. the owner had left 15 mins earlier. a gas service representative or gsr was here about 30 minutes after the explosion. the gas flow was cutoff after another hour and a half.
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pg&e says excavating to pinch off lines which they did here is faster than closing valves. >> i.think our response is good in this case. our gsr was a first responder on scene. he called for a work crew. and a crew came after he called for them. >> amount of money that consumers pay, i think we expect that gas leaks should be found before there is an explosion rather than after there is an explosion. >> tuesday in washington, d.c. the day before this last year. the national transportation safety board blames pg&e for the san bruno explosion that killed eight people and leveled 38 homes, pg&e says it's in the middle of trance forming itself after this incident here in cupertino, one has to wonder if that transformation could possibly be happening fast enough. live in cupertino, abc 7 news.
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>> and thank you, heather. >> a san jose police officer accused of molesting two teen-aged boys in gilroy made a court appearance today and some disturbing accusations are coming to life. abc 7 is live at the gilroy police station for us. >> and right. today we learned about parties without alcohol, young teenagers, and a craig's list dating ad that may have started the down fall of a san jose police officer. the 44-year-old was in front of a judge less than two minutes but long enough to understand the charges against him. a grand jury has indicted the san jose police officer on three counts involving sexual contact with two boys, ages 15 and 17. >> this defendant responded to a craig's list dating ad that a teen-aged boy listed. a teen-aged boy then introduced the defendant to several teen-aged friends. >> police say the party was
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alcohol and sex encounters took place at the home between december, 2008, and march, 2009. and neighbors are stunned by the charges. >> he's just one of the other police in the neighborhood that, you know, seem to be doing his job. and didn't have a lot of interaction with the rest of the neighborhood. so kind of quiet. kind of a loner he pled not guilty in court this morning and his attorney says he'll mount a defense he will answer charges and looking forward to time in court. it's my expectation he will be exonerated. >> the deputy district attorney says the evidence and grand jury testimony they have not only supports charges and there is strong evidence there may be more victim autos this is an ongoing investigation and is going to take time to go through computers and cell phones recovered. >> prosecutors say one of the boys testified good b.getting
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a $300 ipod for christmas and gift cards, if convicted on all counts he faces up to three years, eight months in prison. he's on paid administrative leave from his job in the san jose police department. and his next court date is september 15th n gilroy, abc 7 news. >> and thank you. the holiday weekend got off to a really bad start for drivers in the east bay. there was a huge back up on interstate 880 in oakland after a wreck and oil spill involving two big rigs this, is about 10:30 this morning. 40 gallons spilled on the road this, is just south of west grand avenue. two northbound lanes were closed from just over three hours, one driver was hurt. that person's condition is unknown at this time. and the number of tire slashings in berkeley and oakland continues to grow this afternoon. berkeley police now list 61 damaged cars, vans and trucks in their city z another 13 over in oakland.
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the slashing was discovered on wednesday. most of the tires had three cuts in them. authorities are still searching for a person responsible z investigators say they do have some viable leads. >> and time now for a check of the holiday forecast. >> and sandhya patel is here, i'm thinking sun, sun, more sun. >> we'll, you'll get sun, sun and more sun as long as you head inland this weekend. we have plenty of fog at the coast. temperatures starting to come down. and this evening, looking for coastal dog,- -- fog, tomorrow morning, areas of fog near the coast and parts of the bay. low 50s to low 60s, afternoon, still warm inland. mid-60s to mid-90s inland. today, some areas inland have gotten up into upper 90s so we're going down. how much cooler goitsing to get heading towards labor day? i'll be back with more on that. >> thank you. next at 4:00 california just a signature away from the nation's first teen ban on tanning beds. >> closing in on gaddafi.
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libya's rebel leaders say they're ready to move in. >> and 7 on your side is taking your consumer questions through his facebook and twitter pages. we have the links on abc 7 >> taking a look at get away traffic for holiday weekend. not getting away quickly. this is interstate 80 in emeryville. high clouds and low clouds, i should say just above the road here, and moving quite slowly in both directions. we'll be right back.
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in libya now, rebel leaders moving closer to muammar gaddafi's hometown, they believe they have him corners and say if gaddafi does not surrender they'll
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attack his remaining strong holds. >> rebel forces are massing for an attack on the last remaining towns that support gaddafi. they say they'll give him another week, but gaddafi they want now, with good reason. we won't surrender, he says. we're not women. we'll keep fighting. he's calling on his people to mount an insurgency. continue your strong and violent resistance, he urges. ramblings being broadcast on syrian satellite tv are menacing. libya goes up in flames, who will be able to governor yesh it? let it burn. rebels are kons vinced he's taking refuge about 120 miles southeast of tripoli. there is pressure to locate and capture him, so far, remarks are -- streets are remarkably calm and safe. but gaddafi has power to make people anxious.
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>> still, now, really i feel some -- a little bit afraid. >> he was ranting from his hideout, representatives of 60 countries were meeting in paris to help the new democratic libya get on its feet this, should help. a quarter billion dollars of libyan bank notes were delivered to libya's government to help pay its bills. the only problem? each note bears the face of gaddafi. >> libya is in need of bandages and other supplies. items on their way from a san leandro humanitarian group. med share has been doing the work 13 years and today held a ceremony to mark a sendoff of 700 shipments of medical supplies. >> and many parts of the world they're washing them up to dry and using syringes for a
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second time because they have to. >> and surgical packs, gloves and oxygen masks are on their way to africa. officials say most supplies would otherwise end up inland fills. >> and we have breaking news at this hour, the bay fair bart station has been closed in fact there is no service at this hour between coliseum, hayward and castro valley stations because of an injury. there is a person underneath a bart train. there are no details on how that person got there. but bart officials are looking into it. we do have delays and bart will update the situation in 15 minutes but again, no service between coliseum, hayward and castro valley stations and this occurred at the bay fair bart station, we'll keep you updated during the newscast. >> and checking healthy living news now. a bill to ban teens from using tanning beds in california sk
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sent to the governor for final approval. the senate approved legislation to make it illegal for anyone under 18 to use the beds. and there is a connection to skin cancer, banning beds for anyone younger than age 14 and requires teenagers between 14-17 to get their parent's approval. >> and it turns out caffeine boost from coffee may be at least partly image nairy. those are the findings of researchers in london. participants given coffee they thought had caffeine. and researchers noted an improvement on performance and mood. and this study speaks to the power of the placebo affect. >> everybody wants to know about holiday weekend forecast. getting ready for barbecues on labor day oo. yes, and it's going to be great-looking weather for grilling this
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weekend. keep in mind the coast will be the coolest spots you'll find. along the coastline there are tl is fog just moving in from the south filling in along beaches. there is a wide range of conditions and there are coastal areas, it's foggy, temperatures low 60s so far, inland areas have been cooking and getting into upper 90s in locations. 97 degrees. and it's toasty there. napa up to 90 degrees. mid-80s for san jose and mountain view. and half monday bay is one of our cooler spots. and very warm inland tomorrow, not quite as hot as it was today. and we're expecting surf conditions to continue throughout the weekend. south-facing beaches watch out for that southern swell. rip currents are a possibility. overnight, fog near the coast moving just locally inland so.
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parts of the bay into north bay, east bay, getting a little bit that have fog first thing in the morning. temperatures varying from low 50s into north bay valleys to low 60s in places like antioch tomorrow morning. and here is the set up for weekend. it's a quiet pattern, not expecting major changes other than the cooling trend. that is getting underway. we'll continue right throughout labor day. there is a look at highs for saturday into south bay. 87 degrees for you in san jose. and 92 los gatos. 86 degrees on the peninsula. 80 in san mateo. if you're going to be in millbrae, millbrae art and wine festival. 76 tomorrow afternoon. 63 on the coast. downtown san francisco, and 67 degrees, still getting up to 70 in south san francisco. and north bay, you'll see heat up around yuk kia. 97 degrees and mid-60s at the coastline. santa rosea, napa, low 90s today, coming into mid-80s
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tomorrow, east bay, 76 in oakland. 82 for union city. inland areas a warm afternoon. 94 livermore and walnut creek. around the monterey bay, 75 in santa cruz. here is the accu-weather forecast. warm inland tomorrow. and reamy comfortable at the coast with fog, some areas on the cooler side. cooling continues on sunday. bottoming out on labor day. upper 80s inland. the summer warmth returns tuesday, wednesday, mid-90s inland. upper 60s at coastline. >> looks great. >> thank you. >> and in our on the red carpet report this afternoon, one celebrity helps his hometown. >> and another is heading to jail. here is chris bailish. >> today's top story is in atlanta. rapper ti is back in prison. the grammy winner just released wednesday for a prior conviction but apparently misled authorities about the way he was leaving. on a luxury bus. his lawyer hopes this issue can be cleared up, quickly.
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and actor josh dummel is in his hometown in north dakota this weekend to raise awareness and money for flood summers, some summer, thousands were forced out of their homes, and fergie and black eyed peas set to perform at the state fair grounds tomorrow, the producer of "dancing with the stars" is speaking out against the controversy against chaz bono saying he's the first transgender contestant, viewers should check out the season before passing judgment. for more dancing news head up >> and next at 4:00, man bites snake. why a sacramento man did this to a python. >> and later at 4:30 what southwest airlines did to green day's front man when he boarded a flight in oakland. >> and then at 5:00 we told but dismal jobs report today. what you'll see on this woman turned her unemployment into a sweet new business thunt. >> and taking a look at
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traffic on 101 moving smoother than it is on interstate 80 now, looking good. we'll be right back.
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usually this works the other way around n sacramento, police say a man did a -- bit a python. the 54-year-old has been arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty. officers say they were contacted about a possible
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assault then arrived and another person claimed he had taken two large bites out of a life python. it's unclear why he would do this, officers contacted animal control and vets performed surgery on the snake last night. >> apparently someone took a chunk out of her abdomen. the internal organs were exposed. some ribs were ripped off. and some muscles were ripped off, also. >> bizarre, animal control says the snake is in guarded condition but is expected to survive. >> and looking better. >> and how is this for a marketing stunt? domino's says it's a good time to open a new restaurant on the moon. the japanese division has the idea saying it's designing a two-story dome including a kitchen and living quarters. it will cost $21 billion including 15 rocket launches to carry everything to the
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lunar surface. >> is there would still going to be a 30-minute delivery guarantee? i don't want to wait around. >> ahead, a weekend warnings on the gulf coast. >> they're worried about another hurricane in new orleans. what's happening now, with the tropical weather. >> and the family of a prominent civil servant killed in a hit and run accident is asking for public's help. i'll have a live report coming up. >> and bart to san francisco, varied under dense fog, you can see from our sutro camera getting away this friday, i'll tell but a cooling trend heading into the labor day holiday weekend. ab
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skr. hp not giving up on finding a hit and run driver who killed a bay area business leader. >> it's been three weeks since he was hit as he jogged in sonoma county. we're live with the investigation. and it sounds like police don't have too much to go on. >> that is right. despite the accounts of two witnesses who are very close when don casper was killed and a video showing a suspect truck there has been no arrests. >> we feel strongly that this was an unfortunate accident. not an intentional act. >> family and friends, of san francisco's civil servant donald casper want the rit hit and run driver to come forward.
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>> doing so will make things easier for you, our family, and donald's friends. >> the 63-year-old casper was struck and killed while jogging along river road near guerneville. a security camera captured this image of a 2004-2008 white ford four-door f 150 pick up with tan, or gold trim, believed to be the truck that hit him. >> witnesses were near the accident and close proximity to the accident. whit happened. and they described the vehicle to us. >> casper was a former chair of the san francisco republican party and worked on the city's civil service commission for 11 years. >> i am so very sad to this day about how such a kind and gentle man was taken from us in such a violent man year not only did the family lose a beloved member, the city lost a great asset. >> we're going to really miss him. and this is a terrible way for
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a man like him to have to end his life. >> and casper's family is offering a reward of $12,500 for information leading to the whereabouts of the truck and the driver. and anyone with information is asked to call the california patrol. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and thank you, laura. >> and sky 7 hd live over menlo park now this, is membering technologies, you can see crews responding to a report of an explosion and fire in a lab here. >> there is one injury that has been reported. and there is a report of a chemical explosion in one lab. and not sure what's happening in terms of the immediate advice ti of what sit like but people are being cautious in the cause and we'll keep you posted on the explosion in menlo park. >> it's known as mtr for
4:32 pm
people in the area. there are concerns about hazardous materials being released here, we'll keep on top of that for you. so far no shelter in place has been ordered. >> and a junl this afternoon threw out cases of two women accusing a lawyer of sexually assaulting them after they responded to his ad on craig's list. but the trial involving a third woman will go forward. abc 7's vic lee is live with this new development today. vick? >> larry, the judge bruce chan threw out cases against two women saying that basically there was a credibility issue here. just too many holes in the stories. now this, preliminary hearing lasted two days, two days, of very graphic testimony. >> sex, lies and videotapes. add to that sexual domination. this case had it all. the 50-year-old defendant, michael hoffman, a labor lawyer specializing in cases involving wrongful termination and sexual harassment.
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his accusers? three women who responded to his ads on craig's list where hoffman said he'd like to degrade and dominate partners. all three said he sexual assaulted them here in his condo. liz, shown here wearing a purple top said she'd been attacked in june, that he forced her to have rough sthaechl day but lawyers produced a video that his client took. which the judge said showed otherwise. >> this was a video of the alleged rape. and it showed she lied in the courtroom. >> and hahnlynn poked holes into this woman's story. vanessa says she was fondled in a painful manner, hahnlynn got her to admit she lied to police. >> she told the police that she'd never had sex with my client before the alleged
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sexual assault. and she also said she never texted him about sex. >> he produced more videotape showing she had consensual sex with hoffman on two prior occasions and produced text messages that she the had a relationship centering on sexual domination. there is a third woman also accuses hoffman of sexual assaulting her in march at his apartment. she testified that she also answered his ad on craig's list, and did not know she says, that she was in for rough, domineering sex. hoffman's lawyer says she responded by sending pictures of herself, naked pictures, one included wher a dog collar and leash. the judge is allowing her case to go forward z by the way, the judge did reduce bail from $3 million to $450,000. >> thank you, vic.
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>> just momentsing ayot mayor of new orleans declared a state of emergency for the city. tropical storm lee is gaining in strength. people are already filling sandbags and dodging rain drops. now, lee has top sustained winds of 40 miles per hour. it could turn into a hurricane. forecasters expect lee to drop 20 inches of rain or more. state officials warning rez don'ts take precautions. >> bottom line is know that what they call it, you live in south louisiana especially southeast, you're going see a lot of rain between now and tuesday. >> and it's been a brutally dry summer and much of the south has rain. the runnoff made from -- could overwhelm the region. oil companies are now evacuating workers from their rigs, and lee is expected to make land fall late tomorrow. >> and sandhya patel has been tracking this storm for us. what is the latest? >> latest is that it's going to drench the gulf ko. i'll talk about lee in just a moment. hurricane katya is a category
4:36 pm
one no. major threats to land, not yet. there could be high surf and tropical storm lee packing winds of 45 miles per hour. moving to the north at two, you can see here that rain is already beginning to move in across new orleans. we're expecting over the weekend, ten to 15 inches of rain for louisiana, mississippi and alabama. they'll see flooding in that region. and areas could pick up up to 20 inches of rain. keep that in mind heading into direction. i'll be back with a local look at the forecast in just a moment. carolyn? larry? >> thank you. >> we have an update on now this breaking news situation at 1360 willow road in menlo park. there has been an explosion and fire. >> and we now know chemicals are methane, and nitrogen, it's believed a dozen people have been exposed to chemicals. we can see crews on the scene now. and trying to bring this
4:37 pm
situation under control here. >> there is an exexplosion a fire in a laboratory at this technology company. and we don't know exactly how wide spread this release of chemicals has been at this point. but that is the concern in the area. >> and still to come this afternoon... disturbing video of a 4-year-old driving through some busy city streets. >> and a new kind of city sanked street festival. why police will be standing by. crowds smoke marijuana. >> 7 on your side's michael finney is taking questions on twitter and facebook. he'll answer them here live a little later, there are links for you at abc 7 >> and 4:37 on a get away friday, and nobody is getting away and traffic on the skyway in downtown san francisco is pretty much a crawl. slow going in both directions. we're coming back with more on the news at 4:00. ñ/ñ/&ñ&ñ&ñ&ñ&ñi
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if you smell marijuana in downtown oakland, don't worry. it's probably legal. outside oakland city hall they're preparing for a first-ever marijuana festival. >> that is right. and it's the international cannibis and hemp expo. they're setting up for it right here in front of city hall this, will be the first time public streets and a public plaza have been closed off for an event that is all
4:41 pm
about marijuana. here on oakland city hall, 14th and clay streets they've been closing blocks of streets in order to set up the equipment for this two-day festival. so vendors and performers and for the first time had an outdoor fair, they'll have an area where people q k.go to smoke their medical pot this, is sanctioned by the city. police have been involved in this planning process. the head of one major marijuana collective says he thinks others should take note. >> oakland is showing the way to the rest of the nation how a legal, regulated system of cannibis distribution can increase tax revenue, create well-paying jobs and retus the burden on police officers to concentrate on violent crime. just generally uplift a community. >> i don't think that marijuana needs any publicity of this type. and this has to do with
4:42 pm
devastating affects its had on the youth within our communities. >> and shairls o'neal says the fair is only open to those over 18 he is worried it kill give kids an impression getting high is cool. and backers say it's only open to people over 18 and yes, they will be checking id and adding medical marijuana will not be for sale here. >> careful trifing in china 4-year-olds now taking the wheel. this little girl is driving down a highway in china cars whizing by. she have having a great time. and she does pull over to let her daddy drive z you'll see here the man pulls out.
4:43 pm
and there is a short round from indiana jones and temple of doom. just bizarre. >> tremendous parenting. >> and fis net flix raises prices for delivery. now you're going to have fewer options for live streaming but at least no 4-year-olds are running into you. >> fate sealed for a tree people call granny. stay with us.
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looks like net flix library may be getting smaller. >> and first news, bloomberg's deb has the after the bell report. >> breaking news out after the closing bell. u.s. government announced it will sue 17 firms including bank of america, jp morgan chase, citi bank for losses tied to faulty for the mortgages and as for other news during the trading session that dismal jobs report bringing the stock market down. the economy created zero jobs last month, and that brought back you'll of those concerns about a recession z the tough economy may lead to fewer jobs, more u.s. manufacturers are becoming skittish about hiring and that is worry some because it's that industry that led to recovery. now, it's cutting back again z you'll no longer be able to
4:47 pm
see stars cable network shows like movies from sony on net flix starting next february if a contract between the two expires and is not renewed. stars doesn't want to renew its contract because of a dispute over pricing. sources tell bloomberg stars was seeking to add extra charges for films and tchl v shows. i'm deborah kostroun with the bloomberg after the bell report. >> and still ahead, green day's front man kicked off a southwest airlines flight. >> and from 7 on your side, you've got great questions this afternoon. there is an interesting one getting low-cost health care if you're unemployed. >> and at 5:00 watch out for dangerous surf this holiday weekend. a live report coming up.
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♪ because of you [echoing] we make a great pair. huh? progressive and the great outdoors. we make a great pair. right, totally. uh... that's what i was thinking. hmm. covering the things that make the outdoors great. now that's progressive. call or click today. michael finney is answering questions from
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facebook and twitter. >> mike yil assures it's it's a huge issue for those out of work. >> i love this first question this, question comes from roser, asking that through twitter is there anyway an unemployed person can get group insurance through a volunteer organization? you bet. that is a great way to get your health insurance if you're not getting it through work. it won't be free, it's not free but you can get great prices. a good place to go aarp. you can be any age to join aarp z they've got great insurance rates f you're a member of a fraternal organization, any clubs, i had a group of friends that were artists about 10 years ago put together and went and set up their own group insurance, if have you a group of buddies that can put together a group, that is the way to go. individually you join a group, you may not be as healthy as you are.
4:52 pm
and question number two. this comes from ken l by facebook. there web sites offering work at home jobs, businesses? i thought about half of the career telling people there was in the one single legitimate work at home scheme i was aware of. and last few years that has changed. you can work at home but this is assuming you have some skills, stuffing envelopes is still a scam. making jewelry, still a scam. there are a couple that are not. i put them up. e just about any job you need done or willing to do you can find z this is if you have particular skills, computer skills. o desk. not a lot of people know about o-desk compared to e-lance. it's the same type of thing. and of course, ebay made a lot of people a lot more comfortable running around on the weekend buying stuff at
4:53 pm
garage sales skput it on ebay. is very common here if the bay area z this this question comes from twitter user. will a bank give me a mortgage on a house that is in bad condition? you bet they will. they're just not going give you like a 97% loan or a 90% loan. if the house is a total mess, they're going to want 20% down. some will go as high as 35% down z whole deal is that they want to make sure they get their money back. they want you to be in on the game. if the house is a mess, they believe you're going fix it up or if you don't they'll get money back. you bet they'll loan your money on that. >> thank you. >> sure. >> and we want to take you back to breaking news. you can see this is hesperia, lots of smoke but we're seeing plenty of flames on the ground coming close to some very expensive homes in this area. >> this is a very fast-moving fire. talking about 500 acres in two
4:54 pm
hours, it's closed, i 15 and high desert that is northeast of los angeles. >> this is a route travel bid folks trying to get between l.a. and vegas on this hmd weekend just a mess there with traffic and we've heard one driver has suffered smailgs from this. >> we've been following this and you can see the firefighters made headway and protect a home, then minutes later and let's get a check on national forecast now. >> sandhya patel. >> i want to mention quickly regarding fire. fire it's 18 miles per hour out of the south. near hesperia. wind taking flames towards victorville. it's hot there. dry and hot. and windy there. hot in dallas, 100 degrees tomorrow, day 68 of heat. the all-time record. there is 69 days in 1980 so we're approaching an all-time
4:55 pm
record there. and in st. louis, hot as well, 110 in phoenix. towards northern tier states not quite as hot. minneapolis, 77. new york, 84 degrees, statewide, heat confined to deserts and towards fresno, 101. 111 in palm springs. high surf advisory has been extended for southern california until sunday so watch out for dangerous rip currents there. 80 los angeles. 74 san diego. 80 degrees in tahoe. 65 in eureka. here in the bay area, cooling has gotten underway. goitsing to slowly spread. and there is where we're talking about hrts into mid-90s so it's still very warm. 72346 oakland and richmond. 86 in santa rosa. and there is
4:56 pm
67 in san francisco with fog lingering and 64 in half moon bay. and there is temperatures 68 in monterey to 94 morgan hill, and have a grit grate labor day weekend. >> thank you. you, too. >> and green day's front man says he was kicked off a southwest flight for wearing saggy pants. >> billy joe armstrong tweeted just got kicked off a southwest flight because pants sagged too low. no joke. >> the bay area rocker was trying to fly from oakland to burbank. 7 live associate producer was on the flight and witnessed this incident. >> the flight attendant approaches him and says "pull your pants up". and so, he said "don't have you better things to do than worry about that?" the flight attendant said again "pull your pants up or you're coming off the plane". and he said "i'm just trying to get to my bleeping seat". at this point he said "you're
4:57 pm
getting off the plane". >> in june a university of new mexico student booted from a u.s. airways flight from san francisco because of his saggy pants. he is now suing the airline. >> southwest responded to armstrong's tweets saying sorry for your experience someone from our customer relations team will reach out to you to get more details. >> and in the south bay, a concerned citizen rescued an injured duck shot by a blow dart. >> someone shot several baby duck was a blow gun at marina playa complex over the weekend. and take a look, this young mallrad was hit. animal rescuers unable to capture it. >> the person took it to wildlife center. and got the dart removed. >> and he is stable today. no fractures were found. he's on antibiotics. he's on pain medication. and is on fluid treatment and
4:58 pm
is in a low stimulus box. his care is underway. he's doing really well. >> and unfortunately another duck shot was five darts has died. officials say the duck rescued will be released into the mild when it recovers. >> and the sow-called grammy tree may live to become a great granny. >> this tree stands in a right of way owned by the san francisco public utilities commission. and it wanted to turn granny into sawdust. >> p.u.c. voted to save the tree and everyone there is happy. and especially granny. >> all right oo. and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm larry beil. >> dan ashley is here now with news at 5:00. >> wall street tanks again after a bad jobs report and new worries about another recession. a new investigation into pg&e tonight after another gas line explosion in the bay area. and homes evacuated in a
4:59 pm
freeway shut down. wildfire in southern california. and its happening on the peninsula. an explosion and fire in a tech company appears to have injured one person and others being checked out. we're live in menlo park better known as mtr in that area. there is concern about hazardous materials inside. these are live pictures from sky 7. fire chief is joining us live on the phone now. can you hear me? >> yes. i'm sorry for the bad connection. >> no worries and thank you for coming on. tell us what happened. walk us through went what went down today. >> i just arrived at the scene. and the chief in charge advised me we have a company called membrane technology that company in the back of the company in the warehouse were transfering methane and


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