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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  September 4, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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some participants began crying as soon as the entered the ring and others took the opportunity to enjoy a little nap. the shrine has been hosting this event now for just 300 years. that's it. thanks for joining us. we'll see you again in a half captioned by closed captioning services inc. this is "world news." tonight, round two. the second tropical storm in a week battering the u.s. tonight. bringing tornadoes and 20 inches of rain to the gulf coast. where is it headed next, and what is this lurking off the coast? hurricane katia. stadium scare. something we've never seen before. the unprecedented measures taken when extreme weather descended on three major college football games. an abc news exclusive.
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born and bred in virginia, the boy who grew up to become a terrorist, charged in the deadly ft. hood rampage. tonight, only on abc news, his family breaks its silence. >> do think he should get the death penalty? and cold feet. the big day arrives for our favorite lost penguin, happy feet. time to be set free. but does he really want to go home? good evening. and here we go again. with parts of the northeastern united states still under water tonight from hurricane irene, now comes tropical storm lee. tonight, spreading misery across the deep south. here's the view from 22,000 les above the earth, as lee made landfall on the louisiana coast earlier today, unleashing tornadoes and causing flooding. up to 20 inches of rain are
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forecast, causing much anxiety in new orleans and other communities still recovering from hurricane katrina, such as lafitte, louisiana, where we find abc's yunji de nies. yunji? >> reporter: good evening, jake. it continues to rain very heavily here and this water isn't going anywhere. dozens of homes here are now flooded and many more are susuounded by all this water. for a loloof people, the only way to get around is by boat. lafitte's mayor is drenched in a mix of rain, sweat and sheer determination. he's working overtime this holiday weekend, trying to save his small town. >> i love this area. and it's worth fighting for. i mean, we are down right now but this community ain't giving up. >> reporter: but it's already too late for billy jo. this is her mother's house. they're still recovering after hurricane ike three years ago. now, they're back to square one. >> i would not rebuild this low ever. >> reporter: the water is
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creeping dangerously close to shirley's door. >> i'm not afraid of water. i can always get out. my car is parked where i can get to it by boat. >> reporter: right now, that's the way a lot of her neighbors are getting around. tropical storm lee came ashore nearly six years to the day that hurricane katrina ravaged new orleans. some streets flooded, but this time, the city's pumps kept up with the downpour. and unlike that hurricane, this system had little storm surge. still, it packed plenty of wind. >> water spout. >> reporter: at least ten tornados have touched down across the gulf coast, including one in biloxi, mississippi, that nearly killed mary lancaster. she watched from her car as hehe mobile home was flipped upside down. >> unbelievable. it was just like nothing i've been through before. it was terrible. >> reporter: even after the rain stops, it will take several days for this flood water to go down. and that's when the real work here begins. tropical storm lee is now moving towards alabama and georgia and
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still packing plenty of rain along with it. jake? >> yunji, thank you. stay safe. it's been more than one week since hurricane irene came ashore, but many in the east are still in the dark. more than 102,000 homes and businesses from virginia through new england are still without power. president obama was in new jersey today to get a first-hand look at some of the devastation caused by irene. he promised that he would not let, quote, washington politics, get in the way of getting federal aide to storm victims. one flood victim got more from the president. a hug. >> we'll be here to help. i know. it's very hard. very hard. >> and there's new concern tonight in the northeast about the potential for more flooding. rain is in the forecast and then there's hurricane katia, lurking in the atlantic. so, let's bring in meteorologist jeff smith of our affiliate wabc here in new york. all this rain from tropical storm lee,e,here is that headed? and couldn't that hurt the already saturated nortrtastern united states? >> well, that rainfall is headed
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off to the northeast, and it does eventually get into the northeastern part of the country. but the more immediate concern, northern georgia up through western parts s north carolina. 6 to 10 inches of rain in these areas and that could cause flash flooding. think of the scenes we saw from vermont from irene. we could repeat those from asheville to atlanta, georgia. the rain falls and rushing down from the mountaintops in flash flooding. by the time it gets up to the northeast, less moisture, but the rivers can't handle more rain. >> and then out in the atlantic, there's hurricane katia. how much of a threat is that to the u.s.? >> not a huge threat right now. we can't completely write it off, though. it all depends on when it takes that turn off to the north and thenff to sea off to the northeast. if it takes the turn too late, it will come uncomfortably close to cape hatteras by friday. >> at the end of the week, you'll be watching. >> close watch. >> jeff smith, thank you. they've been dealing with extreme weather in the midwewes too. we've all seen football played in horrible conditions, heavy rain, blinding snow. so, what happened when lightning storms crashed the start of the college football season this weekend? here's abc's barbara pinto.
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>> reporter: the most ferocious opponent was not on the field, but threatening from above, at michigan stadium, torrential rain and lightning sent 110,000 fans scrambling for cover. twice. >> we are suspended here. >> reporter: cutting short the michigan-western michigan game with about a minute and a half left in the third quarter. both teams agreed it was too dangerous to go on, handing michigan the win. >> we're worried about the kids, you know? you go out there and you play your heart out and then you're back in for another half hour and you get five-minute warmup and then the lightning strike comes again and then yououome back in -- it didn't look like this was going to get any better. >> reporter: it didn't. not in michigan or iowa city, where, for the first time ever, lightning and rain delayed iowa's home opener against tennessee tech. another historic first? at notre dame, three hours of storm delays, two evacuations of the 80,000-seat stadium.
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>> and they announced an evacuation of the ststium just as the teams headed to the locker room at halftime. >> reporter: ironically, moments earlieie the parents of declan sullivan were honored at saturday's game. the notre dame junior died last year when a wind storm toppled a lift he stood on videotaping football practice. with his death fresh in mind, along with seven others killed last month when storms toppled this indiana stage, clearing the stands in the interest of safety may now be considered a good call. barbara pinto, abc news, chicago. turning overseas tonight, thousands of rebels have converged on one of moammar gadhafi's last remaining strongholds. negotiations for a surrender have collapsed, and now rebels are waiting for the order to attack. but is gadhafi even there? abc's jeffrey kofman is in libya. jeffrey? >> reporter: good evening, jake. today, we traveled south to one of the last remaining cities loyal to gadhafi. and it looks like it won't fall without a fight.
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they are preparing for one more battle. and it could come within hours. the battle of bani walid. when we approached the front line late this afternoon, there was still hope fighting could be avoided. at this hour, this is as far as the rebels will let us go. their troops are massed down this road on the outskirts of bani walid. but right now, they are calling a meeting with tribal elders to try to find a way to avoid more bloodshed. is this brigade ready to fight if they have to? >> if we have to, yes. that's what we're here for. everyone here is trained. we all have our weapons. we want a peaceful resolution to this conflict. but if peaceful resolution is out of the table, then an armed confnfct it is. >> reporter: bani walid, a city of 50,000 southeast of tripoli, remains under loyalist control. so are parts of sabha further south in the desert and so is sirte, gadhafi's hometown. rebels know fwa daf gadhafi and
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several of his sons were in bani walid just days ago. they believe now he's fled into the desert. within a few days, you think you can finish this whole thing? "god willing," he says, "today or tomorrow, bani walid will be free." those gadhafi loyalists have to know they are both outmanned and outgunned. as for the rebels, their military leader told us they won't consider this revolution over until they've caught gadhafi, dead or alive. jake? >> jeffrey kofman in tripoli, jeffrey, stay safe. and news tonight from another war zone, afghanistan. the united states has spent nearly $30 billion building up the afghan army, to take over the security there, as u.s. troops pull out. but new numbers revealed today show that many of those new afghan troops are not sticking around to fight. abc's nick schifrin is in afghanistan. >> reporter: the future of afghanistan depends on these men. but every year, 1 out of 5 of them deserts his post and walks off the job. with u.s. troops pulling out, the afghan army is the front line force against the insurgents.
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in the last few years, they've come a long way. their training has improved and they are more professional. but their jobs remain highly dangerous. they are almost twice as likely to die as u.s. soldiers. and they lack leadership. so, now, they are deserting the army at double the rate as a year ago. >> these losses pose the greatest threat to quantity and quality of the afghan national security force. >> reporter: on a recent patrol, i found afghan soldiers who were underequipped and undertrained. they were also informal. they listened to music in their american ford rangers. something i've never seen an american soldier do. but the u.s. has already begun to give these men responsibility over security. and the soldieie i met are eager. and what do you think will happen as the americans leave over the next few years and you have to take over security? "we will try our best," he says. "if more young men like me join our national army, god willing, we will be able to create securityty
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so far, retention is high enough to maintain the afghan army. but if it gets worse, it could risk all the sacrifices the u.s. has made over ten years of war. nick schifrin, abc news, afghanistan. back in this country, your voice, your vote. the presidential race. it's labor day weekend, a time when the political season traditionally kicks off, and today in iowa, sarah palin is running -- in a race, sponsored by the storm like iowa running club, seen here on the greta wire blog. tomorrow, the noncandidate will appear in new hampshire, coming off her much publicized speech to a tea party crowd in iowa. so, we bring in senior washington editor rick klein. rick, at this point, does it even matter if sarah palin running? >> reporter: jake, sarah palin's waited so long that she may not be a factor, even if she wanted to be and she does get into this race. she was going to face severe skepticism even under the best of circumstances.
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but this prolonged waiting game leaves her less relevant when it comes to 2012. one poll last week showed more republicans wanting her not to run than wanting her to join the race. the other candidates are just starting to pick it up and more and more republicans have just moved on. >> and rick, this is a big week for politics, starting tomorrow. >> reporter: that's right. and we're going to start seeing the republican candidate s draw differences with each other, not just president obama. the major candidates will be at a forum in south carolina tomorrow sponsored by tea party groups. on tuesday, mitt romney y is gog to lay out his jobs plan, in part to try to counter the influence of rick perry, the new front-runner, who appears at his first debate the following day. and then thursday, 24 hours later than he wawanted, we're going to have president obama lay out his economic proposals before a joint session of congress. >> a lot for us to cover this week. thank you, rick klein. still ahead on "world news" this sunday, why did he do it? the family of the ft. hood shooter speaks out for the first time in an abc news exclusive. he swapped his hospital i.d. for a prison i.d. we'll tell you why. and happy feet's last voyage. the penguin that got lost 2,000
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the deadliest act of terrorism on u.s. soil since 9/9/ took place at ft. hood, texas. army major nidal hasan's bloody rampage shocked the nation, including his own family. they struggled to understand how the boy with the typical american childhood in virginia became a religiously motivated assassin. his cousin speaks out for the first time in this exclusive interview with abc's bob woodruff. >> reporter: what's been the impact on your family and you? >> devastation. clearly condemnation. we originally thought that he was shot. >> reporter: but nader hasan's cousin, major nidal hassan, was not a victim. he was the shooter who opened fire on his fellow soldiers in november 2009 at ft. hood, killing 13 and wounding 32. >> i was just talking to myself, saying, wait, this isn't be him. he is the last person any of us would have thought. he was never violent.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: nader and nidal were boys together, growing up in suburban virginia. >> play soccer, catch fire flies. >> reporter: birthday parties. santa at christmas. also graduations. nidal there on the left. nader says nidal was not religious then, but turned to religion after the death of his mother in 2001. nidal began to see the war on terror as a war on his faith, an army psychiatrist who began to dread his own deployment. >> there was this issue of choosing god and country and i think that's where his sickness really started to morph. >> reporter: if you had known what was possibly going to happen, would you have turned him in? >> absolutely. without question. >> reporter: nidal was shot three times during the shooting rampage and is now paralyzed from the chest down. do you think he should get the death penalty? >> i don't believe in death penalty. that's going to be left up to the jury. >> reporter: nader knows about juries.
5:48 pm
he is a defense lawyer with his own firm. >> he committed a crime. i don't think there's any question as to who the shooter was. the question is still why. >> reporter: some of the ft. hood families who attended the preliminary hearings said hasan showed no signs of remorse. >> our family wishes for our cousin to show remorse, try to turn this into a positive thing. >> reporter: instead, nader has taken a positive step himself and started the nawal foundation, whose message is that american muslims can be both devoutly muslim and defiantly patriotic. >> almost two years now since my cousin, i believe, was stolen from, you know, stolen by some psychotic combination of whatever might have happened. we lost him. the nidal we knew before ft. hood is not thehe nidal from ft hood forward. >> reporter: so, what would nader say to the families of the victims? >> god bless you. god bless the ones you lost, who
5:49 pm
have been harmed and god bless our country to get through this. >> reporter: i talked to one of the families today, whose brother was killed at ft. hood. he said that nader hasan is very bold, actually, to speak out against terrorists like his cousin. it won't get her brother back, but it is a reminder of the fallen and nidal's try actually begins in march next year. >> bob, very powerful piece. has nader been to the prison to visit his cousin? >> reporter: he hasn't gone there. he told me today that he's a criminal defense lawyer so he's been to those kind of prisons many times for his clients. but this time, very uncomfortable because this time, it is his cousinin so maybe he'll come back sometime later.. >> all right, well, very important spot. thank you so much. coming up, he treated emergency room patients like any other physician's assistant, until the hospital found out he was just pretending. my whole body hurt. it was an ongoing, deep pain. i didn't understand it. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of overactive nerves
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gas-x. pressure's off. dominique strauss-kahn arrived home in france today, three months later than he wanted. the powerful international banker landed in paris a week after new york city prosecutors dropped charges that stemmed from a hotel maid's accusations that he sexually assaulted her. but he faces an investigation for an alleged attempted rape in france, as well. a florida teenager is behind bars tonight for pretending to
5:53 pm
be a physician's assistant, even treating patients at a hospital emergency room. the 17-year-old talked a hospital clerk into giving him an i.d. he spent the next week performing exams, viewing confnfential charts and administering cpr. it was his repeated requests for access to the doctor's lounge that finally raised suspicions. the hospital says none of the patients he treated were harmed. it's not the teenager's first time. last year, he was caught impersonating a sheriff's deputy. and a massachusetts lobsterman beat extraordinary odds by catching a rare yellow lobster. ththchances of finding one with that particular genetic mutation are 1 1 30 million. but the lobster had her own stroke of luck. because she was bearing eggs, the fisherman let her go. still ahead, the celebrity penguin with a case of cold feet. celebrity penguin with a case of cold feet. ♪
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favoritelly, d-day for hour finally, d-day for our favorite penguin, happy feet. the little guy became a global celebrity when he turned up on a beach in new zealand two months ago. he was sick and two lost 2,000 miles from antarctica. today, he was supposed to head home. but did he want to go? it was a long and expensive journey to bring happy feet to this spot. but in the end, this pampered penguin seemed reluctant to take that final plunge. that might not be surprising. happy feet has lived a pretty easy life since being rescued back in june. stranded on a new zealand beach, apparently washed 2,000 miles from his native waters. >> i just wanted to rescue it. poor little thing. >> reporter: starving, the penguin had been eating sand, apparently mistaking it for snow. and then he caught the attention of the penguin paparazzi.
5:58 pm
thousands lined up to see him at the wellington zoo, and a quarter million more followed him on a live web cam. after veterinarians nursed him back to heheth, researchers agreed to carry him 1,000 miles south in a custom-built crate. but today, when it finally came time to jump into the icy waters, happy feet seemed to forget that he's a penguin. it took a final push to send him on his way. >> unfortunately he went backwards rather than fwarns so he wouldn't have got a perfect ten for entry. >> reporter: happy feet now has to swim 1,200 miles to reach his real home in antarctica. experts say he has as good a chance of survival as any other emperor penguin. though he may be out of sight, his millions of fans can still follow his progress. a special gps tracker on his tail will post his location online. >> i'll miss you. and don't come back. do not come back to this beach. >> and for a few hours today, happy feet was swimming in the
5:59 pm
wrong direction, but tonight his gps tracking device shows he's heading south. that's "world news" for this sunday. i'll see you tomorrow night. for all of us at abc news, good night. d night. good evening. i'm john alston. there have been 80 murders in oakland this year, and that's 20 more than last year at this time. and tonight, victims' families are getting help. we're live tonight in oaklandy a vigil is about to get underware. >> a pair of vigils in oakland this evening in memory of recent victims of gun violence near oakland and right


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