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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  September 5, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm amy
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hollyfield. they are being warned that al-qaeda may be trying to get ahold of planes just ahead of the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. >> hard a work at a san francisco bart station. and weather never takes a vacation. we'll talk about where you'll find clouds and cooler weather and where you may want to find sunshine. how long the warm weather is going to last. >> and cleaning up the mess in vermont. left behind hurricane irene. federal help is now on the way. good morning. 5:01 this labor holiday. hope your holiday turns to the be a good one. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. >> the top story, as the tenth anniversary of 9/11 attacks, they are issuing a warning. it comes for the smallest airports. i'm joins us live from hayward with more on this warning on
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general aviation. >> reporter: good morning. homeland security is trying to get a hold of all the small airports trying to let pilots know that al-qaeda may be trying to get a hold of their airplanes so they can hurt americans. experts say al-qaeda is no longer determined to pursue massive attacks. now, they are focused on smaller attacks that are less complicated. alert from the federal government terrorists have considered renting private planes and loading them up with explosives. they are trying to get the word out to 4,000 small airports across the country. the f.b.i. agent came in and told me about the possibility of not a specific threat but they were planning on using general aviation here in america. >> the threat is high. we face a determined enemy who has not given up. >> reporter: authorities say
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there has been no specific or credible terrorist threat for the ten-year anniversary of the attack but they are stepping up their security as a precaution including this bulletin they put out about small planes. this isn't new. in 2002 they uncovered an al-qaeda plan to fly a small plane into a u.s. warship. so al-qaeda has targeted these small planes before considering them but it looks like it's on their radar once again. they issuing this bulletin and tightening up security just in case. a programming note on sunday abc news will have live coverage of september 11th ceremonies with a special edition of "good morning america" from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. followed by the abc morning news from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. >> for the fourth straight monday, organizers are planning to stage a bart protest in
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downtown san francisco. protestors are upset about the shooting death after homeless man by bart police in july and by bart's decision to shut down cellphone service to avoid a planned protest last monday. they didn't disrupt bart last weekend but they still want an apology for cutting cell service. a reminder, public transit will run on reduced schedules. bart will operate regular sunday schedule with trains starting at 8:00 a.m. plus, parking permits and fees will not be required at bart lots. in san francisco, muni will operate on a sunday schedule and parking meters will be enforced today but residential permits and tow away stones will not. caltrain will operate regular, train service will not operate south of san jose. and golden gate transit and
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samtrans are running a sunday schedule. >> oakland police are looking for help in the 80th homicide this year. terrence smith was shot to death off of 77th avenue. second victim was taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds. there has been an out pouring support for people in oakland who have been touched by violence. there were two separate vigils in oakland. the two individuals were not on koovd nate both groups never even met but as they report, both groups have the same two goals in mind, honoring those who died and keep pushing to end the violence. ♪ >> reporter: at international boulevard a solemn procession of
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mourners leaves the church. they are paying respect to a victim of a member of their congregation. he was gunned down three blocks away from the church. >> thanks to everyone of your support to her fellow parishioners who turned out for the vigil. [ speaking spanish ] >> she says she is overwhelmed by the idea of having to raise two sons now alone. here a fellow parishioner. >> we want to support her family and we want the violence to stop. >> the idea behind this is to make sure that they refocus on this particular incident but also make sure that violence doesn't continue in oakland. that is the idea behind this vigil. 175 candles are lit, one person
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candle for every person that was murdered in last year and a half. one was shot last summer feet from the vigil. >> so when he passed away a part of me died. i knew then i needed to do something to make a change. >> taylor and three of her friends organized the school supplies giveaway to children in the neighborhood. the giveaway is an effort to steer children away from the violence in the streets by focusing on education. crews in yosemite have found the body of a 69-year-old man who disappeared during a backpacking trip. gene hall appears to have died of natural causes. >> lee is tropical depression. it caused a lot of rain and
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flooding. it came six years to the day after hurricane katrina ravaged new orleans. this system had little storm surge but still it packed plenty of wind of 10 tornadoes have touched down. >> in vermont, residents are struggling to get their lies back normal after hurricane irene. salvation army truck is making its way around rutland. they are still tries trying to put the pieces back together. they only have 22 day water supply. volunteers are bringing in bottled water and encouraging people to conserve. almost 200 national guard members are helping out, as well. >> it's something people don't think about initially after water treatment plants get knocked out so you lose the water supply. >> here we have very calm
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conditions but at the coast, i wonder if there is going to be a bigger than normal surf. >> rip currents are still a possibility. we don't have any watches or advisories, but it is going to be rougher than normal. that is the best way to say it. thunderstorms around southern california and around the sierra so watch out for those. once around sierra will move away, ones in southern california will hangs around the better part of the afternoon. let's talk about what to expect when you search outside this morning. 50 in mountain slew. everybody else in the mid to upper 50s and just about everybody covered in clouds. we'll see those clouds retreat to the coast by noon and even pockets of sunshine develop there. low to mid 50s, san francisco to 67 in richmond. mid to upper 60 70s around the bayshore. 80 in san jose. upper 70s to 80 in north bay valleys. east bay valleys, that is where the warmest weather, probably not air-conditioning. heading down to monterey bay,
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look at all the sunshine, low 70s in salinas and mid to upper 70s you head inland. seven-day forecast, beyond today's holiday we have warmer weather for tuesday and wednesday. then temperatures will taper thursday friday and especially over the weekend, saturday and into sunday. sunday looking like the coolest. thank you. 5:09. >> still ahead, what president obama is doing this labor day to try to create more jobs for frustrated american workers. >> also, in the money report, postal service finds itself defaulting on a major loan payment. >> and china's role in libya and why united nations says it's illegal.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> good morning, postal service is running dangerously low on cash. "new york times" reports that the post office may default on $5.5 billion payment unless it gets help quickly. they are checking a major design of the website. they are trying to make the site easier to use. >> at bmw is checking out laser headlights. since they are brighter conventional light and it will save energy.
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they will be more conventional to the eyes of oncoming drivers. that is america's money. i'm rob nelson. it's going to be a jobless labor day for millions of americans. president obama heads to detroit to address thousands of union members during the annual labor day parade. it follows friday's grim news on the unemployment front setting the stage for president obama's big speech on thursday on how to create so many needed jobs. here is a report. >> reporter: president obama is spending the labor day at camp david working on his jobs speech. he left town with a parting shot. >> there is a lot of talk about creating jobs but it doesn't help when those same folks risk on losing hundreds of thousands of jobs just because of political gamesmanship. >> they revealed the economy added no new jobs in august. that left unemployment lodged at 9.1%.
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president will lay out job strategy before a join session of congress thursday evening. >> president will come forward with specific proposals that by any objective measure would add to growth and job creation in the short term. >> the plan is based on texas relief including tax credits for companies that hire new workers, infrastructure investment, building projects for transportation schools and clean energy and targeted assistance for the long term unemployed. those out of a job six months or longer. republicans say that won't make businesses hire. >> they want the regulators off their back. they want the national labor relations board to stop pushing the union agenda and try to help companies that create jobs. >> a lot of people, they probably need about two people to fill in a job.
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>> and so many will be listening to the president on thursday. richard cantu, "abc 7 news." >> we'll air his speech on thursday. you can see it live at 4:00 p.m.. >> an embarrassing allegation about an offer just as rebels were about to oust moammar khadafy. they report that china offered to sell khadafy's administration large stockpiles of weapons and ammunition in violation of united nations sanctions. one memo shows that chinese arms companies offered to sell them $200 million in missiles. the transitional government says they will make a protest through the appropriate international channels. we started out with a sea of clouds. it looks like this morning, once again. we have the same situation going on. >> in east bay, it was cool and breezy. >> everybody is going to be cooler than average not as cold as yesterday.
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we'll see sunshine a little bit faster in most areas, at the coast sunshine will be at a premium. good morning. happy holiday to you. looking back from emeryville. we'll tell you about the flight arrival delays at sfo begin and how long they'll be as soon as that is report. let's talk about temperatures. we're not going to start with the highs for today. we're going to start to with what is going on right now. most of us in the 50s as we speak. we do have one area holding on to 50 and that would be mountain view. as you look around the area today, sunshine, at least the bay area and inland and cloudy conditions at the coast. middle of the week, warmer temperatures and more sunshine even at the coast. then we reverse all that and more clouds and cooler weather coming in for the weekend. talk about the temperatures compared to average, we're going to be warmer in livermore by 2 degrees, everybody else, oakland
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san jose, san francisco, napa, redwood city, 2-7 degrees cooler. sun comes up at 6:43 but you better be above 2,000 feet. sun sets at about 7:33. let's talk about the clouds, how extensive they will be through 9:00, when they will start to pull out. by noon, should be back to the coast and we'll tart to see pockets of sunshine. you'll be stuck in the 60s with a pretty good sea breeze, 70s and 80s for the rest of us. for today, how about 79 in cupertino, santa clara, mainly upper 70s to low 80s in the south bay. peninsula, we have low to mid-70s with 73 in san mateo. low 60s along the coast-w mid to upper 50s in downtown south san francisco. even 70 in sausalito. mid-70s to upper 70s petaluma, san rafael and vallejo. low to mid-50s at your beaches
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also. how about some low 70s around berkeley and then mid to upper 70s for everybody else, even cooler around richmond, around april degrees. san ramon, mid to upper 80s, antioch and brentwood there is the 90s. we'll see sunshine around monterey today, 55, santa cruz, 70, 72 in watsonville and salinas with sunshine. heading to the day game, coliseum, we swept three games from the mariners. how about three from the royals? that would be pretty good position. high clouds and comfortable 57 up to 70 degrees. for tonight, temperatures in the low to mid-50s and mid to upper 50s for the rest of us and cloud cover mainly around the bay and along the coast. take a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. on the way for tuesday and
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wednesday. temperatures will be above average on thursday. you can see the tapering, we'll lose about 10-12 degrees around the bay and inland. here is kristen. all right. mike, thanks a lot. >> it's 5:19. southwest airlines make quick moves to quell a new saggy pants controversy. this one involving a green bay rocker. plus new technology that could make them obsolete in drive to discover. you definitely wanted to come back and see this story. ge it ag
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going on.the box that guess board? then youcaribbean beach. we8ñ@ñ@ñ@(@(@(@(@(@(@(@(@(
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>> good morning, it's 5:22 on labor day monday, so hopefully you don't have to go to work this morning and enjoying our newscast and checking out the cars for folks that need to go to work. not too much traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza or anywhere else in the bay area. should there be any traffic problems, hopefully you will enjoy in lovely day. yeah. southwest airlines says it has resolved the controversial incident involving green day front man billy joe armstrong that was kicked off a flight because he was wearing baggy pants. he sent a tweet on thursday says he got kicked off a flight because his pants were too low. they said, quote, we reached out to apologize and followed up and understand from the customer the situation was resolved to his satisfaction, end quote.
5:24 am
armstrong was allowed on to the next flight to burbank. >> the newest app for phones are learning to recognize the products themselves. they unveiled mobile devices to track and identify 3-d objects. an app to unwrap the world's secret. >> first we used the phones to scan bar codes. then we went to more two dimensional codes that provided links on the internet. now, forget the code. we can get information from pointing the camera at a picture at 3-d information to the real world. >> that is called augmented reality and special if i of a company that offices in munich and san francisco. it makes mobile and non-mobile appsfor tracking natural
5:25 am
features including faces. then we went beyond the camera to add other sensor information such as geo location such as find a place to park. red means the spot one street away is taken, green it's available layered on city parking sensors data. next step goes beyond images to track three dimensional objects in the real world. >> we're tracking objects, we can track a printer. we buy a model and able to track it and everything on it and teach the phone how to see. >> with a phone you can overlay your own information on a favorite object. >> it's simple to make your own. >> using an app a tree down load on the android market. as they add visuals to a market it's part of a social network. with the next step in reality, richard hart, "abc 7 news."
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next at 5:30, stock markets overseas turn south while wall street takes the day off. i'm amy hollyfield live in hayward with a new warning from the federal government. a new terrorist alert ahead of the anniversary of the 9/11 11th attacks. >> also next at 5:30 the surf that has pounded the california coastline all weekend takes the life of a surfer. >> here is a look at temperatures across the country. doesn't look like very summer like, portland at 87. let's take at airport delays, there aren't any, look at all the water. temperatures will be cool in the 70s and low 80s. when the delays develop we will have them at our flight tracker at at scroll down to the bottom.
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>> reporter: good morning, i'm amy hollyfield. pilots are being warned about a new threat from al-qaeda. >> also in the headlines, the group anonymous says they are raegd ready to spend fourth straight monday demonstrating today. >> on this labor day, sunshine and warm weather away from our beaches. you will get in the warming, too. i'll tell you when. >> good labor day morning. 5:29. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. >> top story, federal officials are issuing a new warning just as the nation gets ready to mark the 10th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. they say this time, al-qaeda may try to use smaller airports to cause major damage. amy hollyfield is live at the hayward executive airport with more. this airport is one of 4,000 across the country that the f.b.i. and homeland land
5:30 am
security officials are trying to get a hold of and warn them about this possible threat. officials are telling pilots that al-qaeda is planning the use general aviation to harm americans. alert says terrorists have considered renting private planes and loading them with explosives. >> you are not going to be able to put a huge device aboard them but the other side is, if you put some biological or chemical agent in one of them, clearly they can cause some major damage depending on your target. authorities say there has been no specific or credible terrorist threat but they are stepping up security as a precaution that includes this new bulletin about small planes. the threat against small planes isn't new. in 2002 u.s. officials uncovered an al-qaeda not plot to fly a
5:31 am
small plane into a warship. so they have decided to issue this alert and get ahold of many pilots in small airports as they can get to tell them to be extra cautious. we have programming note. on sunday, september 11th, abc news will have live coverage of the september 11th ceremonies with a special edition of "good morning america" from 5:00 until 8:00 a.m. followed by the morning news from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. >> protestors are planning to stage another protest even though it's a holiday. it will be the fourth straight monday that protestors will be out. they are upset about the shooting death of a homeless manned by bart police and by bart's decision to shut down cell service last month. protestors promised to keep up the demonstrations until bart
5:32 am
disbands his police force, just a few of these for cutting cell service. >> public transit will run a reduced schedule. bart has a regular sunday schedule starting at 8:00. parking permits and fees will not be required at bart lots. in san francisco muni will operate on a sunday schedule and parking meters will be enforced but residential permits and commute towaway zones will not. train service will not operate south of san jose and golden gate transit and samtrans are also running a sunday schedule. >> president obama is celebrating labor day in detroit today where he'll address thousands of union members to create jobs and help the economy. today's event will be a dress rehearsal for major jobs speech that he will deliver during a joint session of congress on
5:33 am
sunday. he wants to pressure lawmakers to act quickly on his proposal. his appearance follows friday's dismal jobs report that shows employers no new net jobs in august. unemployment rate is 9.1%. we'll air his speech right here on thursday. you can see it live 4:00 p.m. right here. in san francisco is looking to put more people back to work and spruce up the city at the same time. ed lee announced jobs now 3, 200 people on welfare will be hired to clean the streets and parks. the workers will earn $12.39 per hour and work 32 hours per week. the program is designed as an apprenticeship for a permanent city job. it begins october 1st. >> wall street is closed following the dow's 253-point drop last friday but overseas markets are trading lower this morning and taking a beating.
5:34 am
nikkei and tokyo closed 1.8%. stock market in hong kong plummeted nearly 3%. in south korea the market was down more than 4%. markets in europe are trading lower and the lack of hiring in the u.s. is intense firing fears of another recession. powerful waves pounded beaches across california over the labor day weekend. a surfer was found dead in southern california. they say the 42-year-old was found in the water near his surfboard. the national weather service lifted the high surf advisory but rip currents remain a concern. rough surf was caused by a powerful storm in new zealand. it's amazing how other systems on the side of the world can affect weather here. >> weather, if you are heading to the beach. what will you find? a lot of cloud cover.
5:35 am
will will be pockets of sunshine. monterey bay, i think the more you'll see sunshine. if you are heading to southern california, look at this. scattered thunderstorms and thunderstorms over the sierra. those will move on and increase in sunshine. bring it back here at home you can see the winds. they are pretty stout at fairfield. we have nice normal sea breeze, that is why most of us under cloud cover. winds down in the lower elevations are fairly quiet. oakland 4 degrees warmer. antioch, one degree warmer. everybody else one to about 4 degrees cooler. even though we're starting off cooler this morning, i think we'll see pretty warmer temperatures the farther away from the coast. east bay and south bay will start to clear out first, but most of us will be at 50s at 8:00 this morning. jump up to lunchtime, low to mid 50s around the bayshore.
5:36 am
now let's head to 4:00, see the clouds firmly en entrenched around the coast. looking at santa cruz, 67 and sunshine low to mid-70s around the bayshore. south bay and north bay, mid to upper 70s. take a look at accu-weather seven-day forecast, get past today, and we have warmer weather on the way during the afternoon hours. we're talking about temperatures that will reach in the low to mid 90s. mid-50s at the coast. cooler weather as we head. you may notice, not much in the way of traffic this morning because there is not much in the way of traffic. >> all right still ahead. an effort to keep your kid of buying your own alcohol in california. what the state legislature is doing. >> and a look what san francisco judge will consider tomorrow in the legal battle over same-sex marriage in california.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning, it's 5:39 a live look at some of the fog that shrouds the golden gate
5:40 am
bridge. it's a holiday and many people staying home from work. you can count the cars on one hand. you don't even know your toes to count them. >> california supreme court is set to hear arguments on a key issue in a legal battle over same-sex marriage. the question before the panel is whether state law gives insurance the right to appeal the federal court ruling that found the ban unconstitutional. sponsors of prop 8 may not have legal stand to go appeal the ruling baus since the governor and attorney general have refused to do so. in january the u.s. court of appeals asked for an advisory opinion after hearing tomorrow's arguments they will have 90 days to issue an opinion. >> the state senate is expected to vote this week on a bill that would ban the sale of alcohol using self-checkout scanners. they revealed that grocers don't
5:41 am
check for ids at the scanners and fibers found ways to cheat the system. so anybody that bought booze would have to buy it from a cashier rather amp machine. >> mitt romney's debut on tea party stage got off to a rocky start. more than 200 people watched the massachusetts governor speak during a highly anticipated rally in concord. 25 protestors showed up to the event and said that romney's message to tea party members is not genuine. biggest complaint was the health care plan that he passed as governor. >> when it comes to health care plan that tea party stands for how could you explain that with romney care? >> other tea party members say they don't know enough about his mission to dismiss the governor
5:42 am
as a former tea party backer. >> sarah palin's candidacy still is a question mark. she did say she believed there was room for more candidates in the already crowded republican field. >> she said there is a strategy that is not happening yet. i hope it will happen but i don't have the information but i am hoping for that in the future. >> instead of talking about her own plans, she spent m of her speech criticizing president obama and his policies. >> coming up a typhoon hammers tsunami ravaged japan. >> and update a wildfire that has grown dramatically and forcing dozens of families out of their home. >> plus, the manhunt continues for a killer of a councilman in ft. bragg. >> and culinary schools in san francisco are taking action after finding career dreams
5:43 am
going cold.
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welcome back. it's 5:45. look at the storms across southern california in the sierra. those storms will hang around in the south and keep temperatures around 86 in l.a. and up to 105 and when it rains it will cool it off. 76 in san diego.
5:46 am
mid 90s to upper 90s throughout the central valley. 76 in big sur. takes a look at the stories we're following this morning. a new terror alert as we approach the tenth anniversary of the september 11th attacks. this time it involves airplanes much smaller than those used to attack new york and washington. they have issued a nationwide warning about al-qaeda threats to small planes. today is no holiday for protestors for the fourth straight monday. bart demonstrators are planning to stage action in downtown san francisco. they are upset about the shooting of a homeless man by bart police in july and bart's decision to shut down cellphone service. >> oakland police are asking for information about a fatal shooting that occurred yesterday afternoon. it took place on 74th avenue near bancroft at about 3:00
5:47 am
leaving one man dead and second man hit with non life-threatening wounds. in northern california this morning, dozens of law enforcement officers continue to search the thick forests near ft. bragg after sheriff's deputies spotted a man wanted in the killing of a city councilman. they are looking for a suspect aaron basler he is wanted in all 26th killing of ft. bragg councilman of jerry mello. he was gunned down while investigating reports of an illegal marijuana farm outside ft. bragg. basler is suspected in the fatal shooting of a mendocino land trust official on august 11th. >> firefighters continue to make progress against a wildfire in southern california. it has burned more than thousand acres on interstate 15 on cayun pass. the fire is fully contained but
5:48 am
the flames destroyed two mobile homes and damaged two other structures. >> a deadly plane crash, one person was killed in the crash. the fire burned 500 acres. at least one home was lost. 30 others are threatened and wildfires continue to spread across east and central texas. flames have destroyed homes and evacuations in the drought stricken state. in austin the fire department issued a public appeal for any and all firefighters to report for duty. tens of thousands of acres have burned across the state this summer. you've heard of bears taking your food. here a bear taking a car on a joyride. a pleasanton man's car was parked outside his cabin when ee heard a commotion. a bear broke in looking for food got stuck and went on a rampage. it ripped out seats. bit the steering wheel and broke the gearbox. the family watched as the prius
5:49 am
rolled away into a rock wall and eventually crashed into the front of a neighbor's porch. the bear eventually got out and escaped into the woods. prius was totaled. >> you can hear them telling that on to an insurance company? some graduates from a culinary school is part of a $40 million settlement stemming from a class action lawsuit. it accused the academy of making misleading statements about their programs to lure students in. once they graduated students said they found themselves struggling to pay back thousands in loans and find work in a tough industry known for long hours and low pay. >> the families of michigan mis go fishermen are vowing to continue to search for them. the erik sank during a storm on the night of july 3rd.
5:50 am
survivors hung on to whatever they could waiting for 12 hours before they were scud. they found one body but stopped look for several heroes. the families paid a private company to do an underwater search. >> just understanding the lay of the land we're coming up what we consider hot spots to do our search. >> the group find our fathers received a check from a recent chevy restaurant fund-raiser that are help finance the next search. >> typhoon talas went over western japan killing 20 people. thousands were stranded as the heavy rains turned towns into lakes. 50 people are missing and dozens more injured. evacuation orders have been eibd to more than 400,000 people in the region. about what the unusual surf
5:51 am
off the coast? >> it's letting up but it won't be as bad as it was over the weekend. hope you have a fun time and see pockets of sunshine developing there. you can see how hard the clouds are pushing in as we look from vollmer peak right along 24 how the to mount diablo. high clouds, we'll see a lot of those today. that is from the thunderstorms down in southern california. we'll have blow off and high clouds but no rain in our forecast other than the morning drizzle especially at the coast. let's talk about temperatures. right now, it's still 50 in mountain view. mid to upper 50s everywhere else. fog forming around santa rosa, visibility is down to 3 miles. it will be sunny in the bay by afternoon, clouds, pockets of sunshine and cooler at the coast. middle of the week, we have sunshine with warmer
5:52 am
temperatures on the way. it doesn't last long. clouds are rolling back from the ocean and so is the coolest afternoon temperatures. today, everybody going up a little bit, especially around concord and fremont, three degrees. santa rosa could see the biggest jump about 89 degree jump. 12 hours and 50 minutes of sunshine before sun sets around 7:33. 90 in antioch and brentwood. mid to upper 80s for the rest of the east bayshore. 67 in richmond. everybody else in the mid to upper 70s along the east bay shore. down in the south bay, upper 70s to low 80s with campbell and saratoga at 82 degrees. low to mid-70s to the peninsula today. redwood city, palo alto, 75. low 50s along the coast to mid-50s and even upper 50s downtown south san francisco. sausalito, 70 today. mid to upper 70s petaluma, napa
5:53 am
and vallejo and san rafael. 90s ukiah and clearlake. see more sunshine around the monterey bay today. santa cruz 70. mid to upper 80s as you head inland. orioles are in town to play the a's. 67 warming up to 70. tonight, clouds not as extensive this morning around the coast and in the bay. low 50s in the north bay valleys. here is a look at the warming trend for tuesday and into wednesday, then those temperatures slowly taper, thursday, friday, saturday with the coolest afternoon on sunday. here is kristen and eric with more news. it's 5:53. >> beachgoers in western australia are worried about a
5:54 am
shark attack that killed a body border. this shark bit the legs off a man at a popular surfing spotted. about 30 surfers were in the water during the shark attack. three of the them saw the body and brought him to ashore. >> a boater and holiday weekend plans were ruined by a big mistake. man's truck in long beach ended up in water along with the boat trailer. driver was trying to launch the boat from the ramp but apparently forgot to put the brakes on the truck. both the truck and trailer ended up, divers took the vehicle to a tow line and pulled it out of the water. but it was a big wet mess. >> right now we want to show you breaking news we've got in the bay area. golden gate bridge, we have a live picture. this is truck that apparently had some sort of collision in the parking lot tunnel beneath
5:55 am
the toll plaza where the flashing lights are. that is tunnel that connects two parking lots there by the golden gate bridge toll plaza. you see the semi has some damage there and also we understand the tunnel has been damaged a bit, too. not sure how that affects traffic if at all. there shouldn't be too many problems but we will keep our eye and give you the latest on the morning show. not enough clearance maybe. >> we'll keep following that. >> thousands of people celebrated gay pride in downtown oakland today. ♪ that is rewind from yesterday. jennifer holiday serenaded the
5:56 am
crowd. organizers hope to double the turnout of 50,000 but they are still counting the number. oakland has the third highest rate of same-sex couples behind only san francisco and seattle. >> the nation's retailers pulling out the incentives to get you spending more money. >> here is the bloomberg business report. >> good morning, i hope everyone is enjoying this labor day weekend. stock market is closed. for some, marks the end of summer for others strictly an observance of the labor market. either way, investors are focused on the nation's labor market and still digesting the jobs report that the u.s. added zero jobs last month. in the meantime, some of the nation's retailers want to help you celebrate and the day is kicking the white shoes, there are retailers offering deals
5:57 am
this weekend. north zruys have eliminated shipping charges today and some are offering a free shipping after an order exceeds a certain amount. bloomberg has compared consumer confidence to alcohol consumption and there is alcohol jump being consumed at home as confidence in the economy has slumped. so beverages are benefiting from higher consumption at home. that is business at the new york stock exchange. with the bloomberg business report. >> 5:57. just ahead on "abc 7 news" at 6:00, why you'll need to pay more for a cab in san francisco. >> big change for the lodge standing boathouse.
5:58 am
>> reporter: al-qaeda may be thinking about small airplanes as an opportunity to attack americans. i'm amy hollyfield live in hayward. details of a new terrorist alert up next.osed
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