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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  September 5, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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were occupied. >> sky 7 shot these pictures just minutes ago. firefighters are still on the scene and looking for hot spots. investigators have not determined what started this fire. and good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. hundreds take together streets calling for union sol dare tie in a demonstration organize bid hyatt hotel workers working with out a contract for two years. >> we're live in union square. leanne? >> it's labor day. on this day, hyatt workers took an opportunity to get their point across. and mind you, these are the doormen, service employees and cooks and room workers and bellmen, and phone operators among others. workers at two hotels have been without a contract two years.
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one of the demands of their union, local two is that workers in san francisco be allowed to support other hyatt hotel workers in other parts of the country. even if that gheenzing on strike. -- going on strike. >> workers are saying they demand the right to pick it or strike when abuses occur anywhere they occur. >> the union signed agreements with two other hotels, hilton and starwood. hyatt agreed to same wages and benefits packages but will not allow the union to organize at the other nonunion hotels. union members say that that is important to them. >> we can get more members for the union, more stronger. >> the general managers of the grand hyatt and hyatt regency wrote about this in an op ed page. it's about trying to impose the union's national agenda at hyatt's other hotels.
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workers have chosen not to be represented by a union. antonio works at hyatt fisherman's wharf, which is a nonunion shop. he claims workers have little protection. >> a lot of co-workers who don't have a 30 hours to work, maybe 25 hours. or, you know, this sm times, i don't work 30 hours, and i do. which i'm happy. >> today's protest had fair share of other hotel workers and community leaders who want an end to this impact. >> it's important that it ends, you know? there are other hotels and ready to come to an agreement with the union. we want to make sure we have every employer in the city working for the unions or workers to make money. >> and contract negotiations will resume in about two weeks. i just got off the phone with a negotiator for union. he's not very optimistic. and the hyatt hotels corporation did not return our calls.
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i'm live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you, leanne. >> it's monday n san francisco that means another bart protest is planned organized by a group call add nonmus this, is the fourth in four weeks but because of the holiday there is not much of a turn tout out -- turnout. >> not much of a turnout is right. let me just step out of the way so you can see the scene above ground here, a lot of people standing around and there is a handful of protesters. you can count them. there is ape number of police officers and a calm scene compared to previous mondays this month. and let's go down stairs to civic center station and take out -- take a look at the scene before a live camera we've got down there on the platform. there is a normal commute. and the protests appears is fizzling out. and this is not oaf. near that spot, late this
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afternoon, is where a coalition of groups announced they'll hold another demonstration thursday, taking place at powell street station at 5:00 p.m. during the commute z organizers say the goal is to flood the fair gates so passengers can ride free. these protesters from a group say they're in no way affiliated with the hacker group anonymous. that is in august and brought the commute to a stand still this, group is protesting the police force but especially july bart police shooting of charles hill, the homeless man who threw a knife at police officers on his civic center station platform and killed by officers. >> if bart chooses to close that station we'll protest elsewhere and move to other stations and continue there. >> there is an epidemic of
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police brutality in communities and come place yensy that is it is okay for police to kill black, brown and poor people. >> and this group is angry of bart's decision to shut down cell service and called for a protest again, it appears the call has gone unanswered. now, let's talk about thursday's 5:00 p.m. commute. the group says if police interfere with their actions outside of the fare gates they're going to take to platforms and as we've seen that, is when the commute has been disruptive. >> thank you and pg&e is on the hot seat again tonight. old plastic pipes already suspected of causing gas explosions will be replaced in a cupertino complex. and abc 7's david louie is live with the story tonight. david? >> and pg&e did tests in may
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here in northwest square. the crews did discover several small leak buzz not crack that's led to an explosion that destroyed one town house. the pipe invochled in this explosion and fire last week is known and made by dupont from 1970-1995, the subject of a recommendation in 1998 by national transportation safety board. to step up inspection after a series of explosions. pg&e says it will replace all 6,000 feet of the pipe that feeds gas to 400 units. >> they've, you know figured out that that is not normally good. so i would think that with this pattern material, they should be taking precautions to make sure these don't happen. >> tests indicate there should lifb extansy of 150 years but can be weakened by rocks in the soil pressing against pipe
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f found in one area, this pipeline consultant says replace wmt a newer generation of l th pipe is likely. >> that is an area that the gas company, operations people and engineering people will pay close year tension to. will do increased monitoring. and then, make a decision whether that should be a replaced or not. >> he says all pipes, plastic or metal can suffer cracks and produce leaks, however plastic pipes are flexible and less prone to damage. he cited a 1989 loama prita earthquake. the cast iron pipes ruptured in spots, plastic did not. pge promised it will perform gas leak checks in northwest square until it with k.replace pipelines. >> they're on a likely to take long. we paid regular monthly fees and all and expect service to take care of it and more on a
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proactive basis. >> and pg&e says there are just over 1200 miles of the pipe in its distribution system. the state p.u.c. has launched an investigation. national transportation safety board will be watching closely. in cupertino, abc 7 news. >> and thank you, david. >> and neighbors on peninsula have beaten a deadline to safe an oak tree they call granny. the tree stands in the way of a project to upgrade the hetch hetchy aqua duct. neighbor as agreed to create a park around the tree. the san francisco public utilities commission will pay more to dig beneath roots as an alternative. the p.u.c. still needs to sign off on this deal. >> california supreme court set to hear arguments on a key issue in a legal battle over same-sex marriage. get is whether state law gives the sponsors of prop 8 the right to appeal a court ruling that found the ban on gay marriage unconstitutional. the sponsors of prop 8 may not have legal standings to
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appeal. the governor and state attorney general do have that right z they have refused to do so. state supreme court will have 90 days to issue opinions after tomorrow's hearing. >> and it's the end of an era in san francisco. next, the day for the stow lake boat house as we know it and why many say it just won't be the same. >> a wild afternoon in southern california. where three major fires are burning now. >> i'm spencer chris chichblt will we have a big warm up coming our way but does it have staying power? the answer is in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> he has a heart of a soldier. after 6:30 premier of an operaou
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you can see
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. tonight the price of progress. a familiar attraction in stow lake is going away and are th the -- and a lot of people aren't happy about it. the city insists in this case, change will be good. how about a good, long last look at the past and if you haven't, it's too late. >> it's a good memry. okay? >> that is why melba took a ride with her family around stow lake. these paddle boats and the boat house and the snack bar about to disappear in this form, anyway. >> today is the last day for operations. and tomorrow, we start packing up. >> because after 68 year was one local franchise, the department of recreation and
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parks will bring in a new operator from out of state. as recreation and parks describes it it's a win-win for the city. new boats, a better boat house, $230,000 in improvements. why aren't locals buying this? >> there are a lot of us in san francisco that are like, furious about this. >> i think we need to stick with businesses that are small businesses and locally owned it doesn't seem to add up why we're not being listened to. >> they say they'll miss the time capsule feel bug rec and parks cites disrepair on boats, dry rot in the building and the city told us it's an obligation to protect resource autos bottom line is that s.their bottom line. >> we offered more money, more boats for the public. and we offer aid full scale kitchen. we offered to do all of the renovations and painting the buildings and necessary renovations the building needs. and we still lost. i don't understand that. >> with a lawsuit pending this is the end at least for now.
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jeff says he'll lose his job and down stairs david mars, renting only bikes in gronld gate park will lose his too,. >> the city says goitsing to be better. i doubt it. we'll see. but i doubt it better for you?. >> not better for me. >> the old boat house in stow lake, not going gently. >> and several fast-moving wildfires are keeping firefighters busy in southern california. take a look this, one broke out this afternoon in mandeville canyon near 40 5 freeway. the fire has come close to homes at the base of the canyon but winds are now pushing away from buildings. about 50 acres burned so far. and this is video of a much larger wildfire in l.a. county. flames eating up dry brush in this hilly terrain. hot, windy weather making it difficult for firefighters to keep it contained.
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about 500 acres burning now. homes are being threatened and only a volume teary order has been issued. investigators believe this fire began in a barn on an old movie set. and in kern county another brush fire burned more than 4700 acres and firefighters near the town are getting a break with calmer winds and cooler temperatures. residents of 650 homes and three small communities have been evacuated. and the fire is just 5% contained and broke out following a plane crash on sunday, two people died. >> and firefighters made quick work of a grass fire this morning outside moraga. the fire broke out just before 8:00 a.m. z burned 15 acres before firefighters were able to contain it. officials say downed power lines may have started this blaze. and residents did report brief power outages when the fire started and no homes were threatened and there were no injuries, glad to say. >> we're seeing warmer conditions around here.
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>> indeed z spencer christian is here with the forecast it will be warming up over the next couple days. and will be hot in some inland locations there. is a live view right now from our sutro camera, we're beginning to see a marine layer that was thin and shabby looking and now, it's coming together and beginning to push over parts of san francisco. pushing over the bay during evening and night time hours. you can see as we pan northeast here and into east, and later this evening, they will this, afternoon there are clouds away from the coast and sun around half moon bay and lots of sunshine around the bay and inland. and high temperatures today were a little bit below
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average at this time of the year, but still toasty up north in yuk kaia and clear lake z low to mid-80s into inland east bay. 87 livermore, 83 in morgan hill and 70s around the bay z currently, temperatures these, 59 degrees here in san francisco. 66 across the bay in oakland. 73 up in santa rosa. and there is 86 in ant yk. low clouds along coast tonight and pressing locally across the bay. much warmer weather will prevail tuesday and wednesday and we'll have cooler weather by week's end. overnight, lows into mid 50s and cooler into the north bay. there are lows of 49 in clover dale, 51 santa rosa and upper 50s inland. and up to 57 in san jose. and then... satellite radar shows us some active weather to our south. southern california had showers and thundershowers this afternoon. not heavy down pours and from about 2/100ths to 5/100ths of
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an inch from los angeles down to san diego. subtropical moisture pushing farther inland. for our weather picture, it will be a big warming ridge of high pressure. and that will cause our temperatures to rise rather sharply. forecast animation at 5:00 in the morning, what little witness of fog there is will burn back to and away from the coastline. and giving us a wide range of weather conditions tomorrow, and highs near the coast, low to mid-60s, and 70s around the bay. actually 70s to 80s around the bay. 80s to 90s inland. high temperatures ranging from 88 in santa clara to 93 in los gatos z peninsula, low to mid-80s and mid 80s in redwood city and palo alto. downtown 70 degrees tomorrow z 65 into sunset district. highs mainly 80s and 90s up in clear lake and cloverdale. near east bay highs 80s and 85. fremont, mid-90s inland east
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bay and mid-90s inland away from monterey way. -- bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. two days of heat, temperatures starting to moderate after that. and by weekend we'll see highs back into 80s, 70s around the bay. low 60s on the coast. more in the next hour hour. >> just head tonight a 7 on your side product test. >> michael finney checks out a new device claiming to make freezer pops quickly and organicly. i've got nothing against these do-it-yourself
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steam-cleaning enthusiasts. it's good for the cuomzeroq get to know their own carpet. and spending the day moving furniture and lugging around a hot water extraction unit can be a rush! i know. that's why i'm carpet for life. but look, if things get out of hand, and the place starts smelling like wet gym sock, there's no shame in calling a professional. i respect you for trying. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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next flix is launching a service in latin america and is available in brazil and over coming weeks will launch across 43 countries and
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territories in latin america and caribbean. but it faces challenges for its streaming service. and there is brad band internet reaches before speeds there that are slower. >> there is a new kitchen gadth yet -- gadget that promises to make homemade popsicles in minutes. and michael finney put to it test. >> this is a fun way to spend part of a labor day holiday. and experimenting with this item. it's a quick pop maker and seems like a good idea. but is it? the quick pop maker makes big claims. it says you can make healthy frozen pops instantly. and gives a time frame. >> seven to nine minute autos do you believe that? >> maybe? maybe. >> doubt snfl. >> might not be good, though. >> are they fast? are they good?
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these three middle school students are helping us test this product. there to the left is celly and her friend tailor and danielle. >> make sure that the molds are completely dry and placed in the freezer for 24 hours. >> so we put it in the freezer and rather than wait 24 hours, we have a second one that is already been in the freezer overnight. we take that out. and begin. >> these are the popsicle sticks. just that. >> yeah. >> and once the sticks are in place, the girls pour in the juice, then, we watch the clock and the pops and sure enough in seven minutes, they're ready. ready, but not able. >> and just screw it on top z pull it out. >> good in theory but our testers had some problems. >> i can't. >> they resorted to knifes. >> i did it. okay. okay. >> woo. >> and out it came. so it wasn't a pretty process.
6:24 pm
so we went back to the instructions and found we should have screwed in the orange handle until the pop popped up. so we repoured the fruit juice, wait nine minutes and screw on the handle until... this time, it popped up. >> there we go. >> yes. >> she puts the pop back in, and takes orange handle off and viola. a frozen pop. we try a second time. and there it is. perfect. >> there we go. >> wow. >> woo. >> i like it. >> and danielle? >> i liked it. i think it worked well. we were just doing it wrong. >> the more you practice it, better you get. >> as in much of life. it's available online and gos for $50 tlchl is a link on our web site to check it out. >> i recognize that blonde young lady. >> do you?
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hmmm. >> great and is just ahead, politics of labor. the president's z.those who wanted jobs square off on jobs and the battle over unions in america. >> and september 11th anniversary approaches and what might be al qaeda's next weapon of choice. >> huge financial problems for postal service and what it may fail to deliver this month. ababú [ male announcer ] at green giant we know nature
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good evening, again, thanks for joining us. traditionally organized labor celebrates on labor day but this year, biggest event wasn't a picnic, it was a protest. abc 7's mark matthews is here with a look at state of the organized labor's political clout and what that means to the race to the white house. >> you may have read it over the weekend. i read about this labor day being no picnic for american
6:29 pm
workers. he said a protest would be more appropriate. well in, san francisco, that is what happened. union members marched around nunin -- union square shouting about union power, over 20 years union power has been... >> diminished. >> putting it mildly. union members represent just 12% of the nation's work force. and the commerce department reports that private sector wage gains have lagged behind the wage gains of the great depression. >> and this is a period where there is a transfer of wealth over the last three decades that. is what we've seen. we can see working people standing up, fighting back whether in a union or not. >> the local union president believes like the great deprelgs, these hard times will help build union supports. not everyone is optimistic. and pines led the union chant
6:30 pm
and admitted tea party's message is resonating. >> i don't know how to convince working people, but they did a good job. >> today, sara palin address aid tea party rally and did not talk about organized labor. and opting to bash the president. >> our president has no plan to tackle the politicians deficit problem autos the president spent labor day talk bgs the economic plan intending to unveil on thursday. in the bay area, these kinds of labor day rallies were few and far between there. was a breakfast in benicia, but the only event of its kind within 50 miles of the city. and says unions need to do a better job. >> we need to educate members what is at stake here, and it's the middle class of the
6:31 pm
united states of america. >> and our political analyst says organized labor is disenchant wtd obama administration. and the afl-cio unhappy with his support for more free frayed agreement buzz in the end level of union involvement in the elections may depend on who gets the republican nomination, if it is a tea party favorite with a history of antiunion leanings, it means more than anything he can do himself. >> and president obama needed some positive news from the international financial markets but didn't get it today. last friday's report showing u.s. companies stopped hiring in august, and britain's lost 3.5%. germany saw 5%. and japan unchanged. the reaction from the jobs report in u.s. markets won't be evident until tomorrow z wall street is bracing for the worst. >> and mail service as we know it could be a thing of the
6:32 pm
past as soon as later this month. and this is because the post office is flat out of money. the internet and cell phones have taken a lot of letters and bill as way from the post office. now, they say it will default on a $5.5 billion payment this month, unless congress helps out. one spokesman claims the service is really too big to fail. >> we're the center of a trillion dollar industry nationwide. people just don't rely on us for mail, but mailers relie on us, paper makers and ink makers. we're huge, you know, in, and as a whole. and this nation relies on us for mail delivery. >> the post master general goes before congress, one changes he's asking for will be ending home delivery on saturdays. >> with the 10th anniversary of september 11th less than a week away, airports are heeding fbi warnings that al qaeda may be plotting an tack using small aircraft.
6:33 pm
abc 7's laura anthony checked in at livermore municipal airport. the latest fbi warnings about possible terrorist activities involving small planes has the owner of this flight school on high alert but it's business as usual. >> do we worry about things happening as we approach the 10th anniversary of september 11th? yes. does it change how we operate? not rooly. >> a retired air force lieutenant kolel, he says a lot did change after september 11th. the attacks that day involved large commercial jets there was information that the hijackers had chained on small planes. and there is a realization that even a cessna could be a weapon in the wrong hands. >> the tsa insuspects our roles and people that we work with and our students at our school operations to make sure they're screening method is not terrorists. >> the and l physical security
6:34 pm
around air fields has been tightened, tall fences have replaced low ones and security cameras are a common sight and gates shut tight and locked. and there is added measure of scrutiny from pilots. >> since september 11th all of the pilots actually look out where there are funny people around. so we're very cautious now. >> the fleet herein includes ex-military aircraft, but the owner tells us these planes pose less of a threat than a modern small plane. >> good news in terms of the terror threat is that these planes have been demilitary so they didn't shoot rockets anymore. >> not to mention without modern instruments, they're difficult to fly. in livermore, abc 7 news. >> just ahead here tonight a live update on a fire that burned three homes in concord. >> also, uncertain future for a prominent stretch of shore line. up next threats facing san
6:35 pm
francisco's ocean beach and planning now underway to prepare for the worst.
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we want to take you back now to breaking news. three homes destroyed by a fire in concord and there is a is laura anthony with detail autos let's show what it looks like here there is you can see
6:38 pm
at the end of sky lar court this home was under construction and went up in flames about 5:00 and there are no workers working on the home. we understand that this home does not have gas service so there is no and let's show you what it looked like. this house is destroyed and at the height of the fire, some embers from the home traveled over to a couple homes on march view circle and two homes on mar view circle suffered heavy damage and they're occupied and we understand there were no injuries and there are no workers in the home that was under construction. and so this fire according to the fire chief here is under
6:39 pm
investigation at this point z there is no and there is no one inside of the home supposed to be inside of the home this holiday. >> thank you, laura. >> san francisco ocean beach is under assault from mother nature. erosion problems there expected to get worse and there is an effort to come up with a long term vision for what the beach should be like in 50-100 years from now. ocean beach is three and a half miles long from and this is often gray and windy. the rest of the bay area, sunny and it's a major draw for all kinds of recreation. and sunny days it's spectacular. and a difficult balancing act lie as head. this is planning long term future of ocean beach that is
6:40 pm
50-100 years out. >> change is coming whether we like it or not. and there is is climate change and erosion pressure that we have been seeing is only going to get worse. >> the san francisco planning and research association is taking a lead in creating a master plan, bringing together bringing together user group was an interesting in what happens here, there is the national parks service, concerned about neglected infrom a structure and i'd like to see a renaissance down here. >> the public utilities commission is worried about water treatment plant at the southern end of the beach. a $1 billion investment. under severe threats from the advancing ocean. >> and we'd like to come up with a long term solution. and there is is one fix, 40 feet of bluff disappeared during winter, 2009-20106789
6:41 pm
surfer environmentalists don't like the forecast affect on coastal access and beauty. >> this looks like a huge eye sore and a war zone. and has been a caveman approach. >> the list is long and varied. >> we're caught between a rock and hard place. and this is going to have tradeoffs and going to be creative thinking about how to manage these. >> and there is is more public worker -- work shops whchl done, it will hopefully help influence it. and this sea wall is still here today, will it be in 50 years? it will be nice to soften that hard escape we have here. and a little bit more of a welcoming refuge for people. >> there is talk of something
6:42 pm
called managed retreat. for p.u.c. 15 acre plant and associated infrastructure. >> anyone thinks we can do something and move inland this, is large to have to relocate it. it's not an easy thing to do. >> public is invited and encouraged to be a part of the process. and location still to be determined. >> and when we come back here tonight, honoring a man saving thousands of lives on ground zero.
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what is a hero? for san francisco opera it's a man who saved thousands of lives but he did not survive. the world premier of his story, it's this saturday. and don sanchez has the story. there is a fire drill that
6:46 pm
would save lives. he was headed security for a brokerage firm in 2, world trade center. the story is heart of a soldier. that is to create this work, saying hours with his widow. >> i think they will say he's one of the incredible men in the world. >> she lives in new york and wants to share him with us on the stage. >> this is dignity and idealism. rick was english and became an american sill sit sen, a sold skbrer a decorated war hero in vietnam.
6:47 pm
>> he's saying to men in vietnam so they won't be frightened. >> he survived prostate cancer. for years and warned the building could be a krak target. september 11th, susan was home walking their dog. melody moore, the first plane struck, he called her he said stop crying very to get everyone out. and p f.something happens to me i want to you know you made my life. he led 2700 people out of the building to safety. singing as they went down stairs. he went back inside to look for more people. the building collapsed and his body has never been found. for the creators this story had to be a personal one. >> approached with reality as we could. >> this was a hero. and he was modest.
6:48 pm
and yet, his life has an extraordinary story z now, an opera. >> i'm no longer mourning or grieving for my husband because flying with eagles. i'm grieving for america. >> she'll northbound the opera house for the world premier. there will be no towers and that she says would have been insensitive it was about the fullness of their life z there is an important question. how do you remember the fallen? >> this is a tribute. >> and heart of a soldier opens saturday evening for seven performances through the end of the month. and there is special coverage on the ceremonies taking place this weekend. wayne freedman will be reporting live beginning friday at new york city.
6:49 pm
and there is sunday, september 11th, our coverage begin was a special edition of good morning america at 5:00 a.m. >> and tonight people in central texas running for their lives from a 14,000 acre brush fire. popping sounds coming from burning homes. the flames just seem to install structures, 500 homes have been destroyed. the flames being fanned by winds coming from what is left of tropical storm lee. there is nothing stopping those flames now. they're feeding rain-starved farmlands. and there is a county about 25 miles east of austin z let's get a quick update on conditions threw tl now. >> there is a look at that. >> there is a red flag warning for about a third of the state of texas. there is winds strong and gusty out of the north at 15-25 miles per hour.
6:50 pm
and gusting to 35 miles per hour. and there is price of heat a bited just a bit. there is tropical systems and there is remnants of tropical storm lee now a massive rain storm and there is into new england. there is hurricane katya, maximum winds 115 miles per hour. and there is a track taking it northeast, then northeast around bermuda away from the coastal areas of the u.s.. so good news there and there is a satellite radar live doppler hd radar of this storm. and there is remnants moving northeast.
6:51 pm
it's a massive storm back down to the gulf coast. back here in the bay area is warming up and heating up. lasting for a couple days. and temperatures starting to moderate towards end of the week. by week's end we'll see highs into 80s, 70s around the bay. low 60s on the coast. just going to be rather toasty. >> thank you, spencer. >> stay with us. we'll
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join me tonight at 9:00, coming up then, it's being called a crime against the values of civil saigs. a 19th century fountain, vandalized. police found the vandal by focusing on his feet. >> then at 11:00 one man's plan to make sure this never happens again. making bay area natural gas systems safe. it's coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and there is some fwibl talk about. >> sh su. here with sports. >> i understand you dusted off a tennis racket. and there is seven back of arizona they have to just keep winning to keep pace and hope they falter if there is a chance of reaching playoffs.
6:55 pm
pablo sandoval talking to his bat like serano in major league. and there is what he did. there is right center, that is gone. and there is a fourth inning. there is a strike again, not fooled by a change up. number 18 another shot. wilson can't believe it. and 3-1, giants. there is a 11 strike strikouts against number 11 today in the 8th inning. there is a hudson, swinging a mess, and there is up two runs and there is seven back of arizona and winners are again, today z there is a's with a strange game against royals for a 4-3 lead z there is for
6:56 pm
kansas city, solo shot off rich harden in the third, then, a two run shot in the sixth. and there is a a score in the 9th wealth an rbi double. and kansas city and a's four game win streak. and for first time since 2003, four american men reached a round of 16 at u.s. open. and that includes marty fish with his hands full today with now surpassed andy roddick as top-ranked american. and able to take the fourth, then an early break in the fifth. gave him the edge. he was eliminated in five. and top seed novack jokeavich. check out this epic first set tie breaker point. look at this, gets a great run together net.
6:57 pm
he gets a back up, gets the overhead. just an insane point. goits out. and he won the point. jokeavich would win the tie breaker cruising for next two sets for a straight set victory. there is serena williams in a round of 16. moving into her first major quarter final since missing nearly a year due to health problems. and in golf, fed yechl cup playoffs continue. 100 players cut to 70. what a fib finish ted. 18th hole. there is a miss and check out reaction to the wife of simpson. she can't believe it. and there is a now the number one fed-ex cup. >> what a day in sports. >> yes. >> the pain of golf. >> what is this edition of abc
6:58 pm
7 news. >> thanks for joining use we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. this is the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament. here are today's contestants. she teaches at a school district that has been in operation at the same site since 1790.


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