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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  September 6, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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francisco naked with out clothes, sitting down, however, may be another issue after the board of supervisors this afternoon. welcome to the naked city. in the castro district, that is not just a saying it's a life style. >> i'm kind of a tunist for weather. >> and a fair weather nudist. you'll find some friends on just about any warm day near the corner of market and castro, soaking up sun, shade, stairs and the criticism from people like andrea. who runs a local merchant association. >> shall we have a seat? >> sure. >> and naked people sit here with bare butts. >> so san francisco souper visor scott weiner to cover themselves before entering restaurants. >> this is not about whether the ban or not ban for nudity.
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it's a baigsic public health measure. >> as we stood around today, several men walked past on full display this, gentleman had no comment. another worried about overexposure in the media. and george davis bared his body and soul while sitting on his pants. >> i see it both ways. it's it's nudist et yi quit. >> the supposed legislation must under go public hearings, since no food will be served we preassume clothing will remain optional. if you can't sit naked on a park bench what is left in the city? >> a lot. >> and it would seem even in a city like san francisco, there is a limit to toller yens. wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> thank you, wayne. >> and a fight over same-sex
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marriage that began in 2004 was w.unauthorized marriages in san francisco had yet another day in court. this time in the state high court. and california supreme court justices being asked whether those who want to prohibit gay marriage have a right to take this to a higher court. abc 7 sh live in the newsroom for us. carolyn? >> one of the plaintiffs pointed out 13 months ago today then u.s. district judge struck down prop 8 as unconstitutional. and those who don't want gays and lesbians to marry continue to challenge rulings. now, the state supreme court justices being asked to clarify if those backers are legally qualified to appeal. this was the first case on the first day of the calendar. >> all case that's came before in our injures prude yens never had to disease the issue. >> and the justices have been asked to decide if the sponsors of prop 8, the voter
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approved ban can continue the legal battle. a federal judge ruled denying gays the right to wed if unconstitutional. and the state attorney general agrees. prop 8 supporters say that means they're the only ones left to mount appeal. >> pro pone nents have an official status in state law. >> prop 8 opponents say only the government has the right. >> there is nothing in the california constitution or the statutes that give private citizens the right to take over the attorney general's constitutional responsibility. >> but over and over, the justices questioned the fairness of a one-sided legal challenge. >> would you have us here today with only you argue something. >> and the answers all support our side of the case. >> the court made a point they do their job best when they
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can hear from both sides. >> the chief justice says this issue transcends proposition 8 but it's that initiative that continues to bring demonstrators on both sides to, the court house. abc 7 legal analyst dean johnson points out once the california justices determine if the prop 8 backers have legal standing to keep up their fight, the ball is back with the federal appeals court. >> the ninth circuit will decide yes or no on standing. if the answer is no, then the case is over. the federal constitution requires that there be one, at least one party on either side of a dispute withstanding. >> state justices listened to an hour and now have 90 days to issue a written ruling. >> thank you. and a bill focusing on natural gas pipeline safety is making its way through the state legislature tonight. it's been almost a year since the explosion devastated a
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neighborhood. the bill by jerry hill would require shut off valves on lines and for utility officials to keep in touch with each other. the purpose so each will know locations of pipeline, something that did not happen last year. >> and we're delighted and it's so important to make sure that the state of this neighborhood as well as others is insured for generations still to come. it's daunting and it is likely will not go away foremost of us here, in this neighborhood. >> hill hopes the bill will be voted on this week, if so wants governor brown to sign it friday. that is a one-year anniversary of the explosion and fire. sky 7 on the scene moments ago. a brush fire burned more than 10 acres near regional shore line area. no structures were threatened and no reports of anyone getting hurt. officials are just beginning to investigate the cause of
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the fire. >> a gunman with an ak 47 opened fire on a group of national guard members in a pancake restaurant. it happened in an i hop in nevada, three people died before shooter turned a gun on himself. and we're live at the scene. >> part of the investigation is to look into whether they were targeted. it seems all of them at one table shot dead or injured. just minutesing ayes, the suspects -- blue minivan taken by authorities. the vehicle the suspect was seen in driving up before chaos. >> carson city is no different than any place else. seems small, but it's got its share of problems. >> the sound of gunfire at this nevada i hop restaurant sent people running for cover. a hail of bullets inside and outside. and mary was nearby and ran over, worried about family
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member who's worked there and was able to call them later. >> and i said what happened? someone shooting up people outside, inside and outside i hop. i said okay. and i said are you okay? she said, yeah. yes and hung up. >> authorities say just before 9:00 a.m. the 32-year-old walked into this carson city i hop and fired upon a table of five national guards men dining in the back at one table. two of the three shot dead were part of the unit. the third was a civilian. an additional eight people were wounded, including three guardsmen. he walked outside and fired while walking in a circle, taking his own life. >> there has been some suggestion by the family members that there is some mental health issue autos there is no known connection, between the suspect and the national guard. >> the loss of any guardsman,
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weather a soldier or airman is a loss, we feel it the same no matter what circumstance autos i hope's president assured the public it's safe to eat at the restaurant and this was isolated. >> we're here and we grieve with victims and families and they're friends and for all of those touched by the tragedy. >> and the fbi says it has ruled out terrorism and will be searching his house later tonight. he was born in mexico with a u.s. passport. >> thank you. and this appears there has been a bitter leadership shake up in ayahoo. in it she says, quote, i've just been fired over the phone by yahoo's chairman of the board and it's been my pleasure to work with you. i wish i only the best going forward.
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he she was named in 2009, replacing jerry yang. she has a representation as a take no prisoners leader who can help turn the company around that. didn't happen. yahoo's stock closing just under $13 per share, where it was when she took over. the cfo tim mors has been named interim ceo. >> and san francisco's china town business leaders gathered to blast the city attorney and mairl candidate herera after pulling support for the project. his campaign office told abc 7 news he wants to deal with the issue in a detailed and thoughtful way. and he'll post his position later this week. supporters maintain it will be good for the sti i pray this stuff happens and the subway becomes a political football for the campaign. because it will kill a community dream. >> the subway project will
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extend metro service to chinatown n july a grand jury suggested scrapping the project saying it's too costly and further straining muni. supporters claim most money would come from the federal government. >> and just getting started here at 6:00. more still to come, plummeting mortgage rates. we're going to take a look at the rush to refinance, why those rates may be too good to be true. >> also, the devastating path of destruction from wildfires sweeping across texas. >> and fog at the coast. hot inland. we've seen a pattern before and are going to see it again. details in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and there are those out there who want to kill us. and boy rather fly protected. >> traveling has not been the same of course since september 11th. later tonight impact of tightened security and what may be the next target for terrorists. stay with us.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. if you're looking to buy or refinance, now is a great time to do it. and abc 7 reports not expected to last for long. >> the process from start to finish, we like to give it 45 days. >> kevin is shopping for a new loan. and an effort to capitalize on low rates while they last. >> there is an adjustable rate mortgage z i got a feeling some point it's going to adjust. i figured it's time to take advantage. >> the home sales have plunged and mortgage brokers in the bay area have been plenty busy, moving people out of one loan, into another and last week's
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rate 3.75%. but average rate 4.39%. so not as low as some rates, this banker says his clients are getting loans that will save them tens of thousands of dollars. >> there are 15 year lows in that neighborhood and there is 30 year into low fours. you go into high balance spectrum, nair a mid 4th ooj those seeking so called jumbo loans are benefiting in this market, excess of $729,000. depending on qualifications, interest rates on a 30-year fixed jumbo can be found in
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upper 4% to lower 5% range. >> and state lawmakers believe a deal by yam skon is a sham and want colleagues in sacramento to stop it z amazon proposed bringing 7,000 center jobs to california in exchange for a two year moratorium. brick and mortar retailers claim they face unfair competition. and they say it's costing california 18,000 jobs and hurt local communities. >> in most of our communities, we've got business that's support our boy scouts, girl scouts and yet vfr seen a team with amazon tee shirts? i haven't. >> amazon appears to have nearly enough signatures to put a measure on the june 2012 ballot. and that tax went into affect july 1. amazon calls it
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unconstitutional. >> firefighters are making progress on a big wildfire burning in kern county. it's near a town of tehachapi. and flames have consumed more than 13,000 acres of brush and trees since it broke out sunday afternoon when a plane crashed into a hillside. 12 homes have been destroyed and 18 destroyed or damaged and more than 1200 firefighters battling this one. it's an effort complicated by winds and temperatures. and in texas, more than a thousand homes have been destroyed and 100,000 acres burned in dozens of wildfire as cross the state. winds from tropical storm lee spreading fires and two people died and biggest one burning near austin. officials say they haven't head headway on containing that fire. >> hot, dry, windy. worst possible combination. this depends on weather. >> there is encouraging news. winds diminished significantly, which is good news, community quite low. so it's dry not oppressively
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hot. so with lighter winds and the moderate temperatures, should be encouraging. >> yes. >> and things looking pretty warm here in the bay area now. there is a live view from our high definition camera. and this is not a view of the warmth. this is a view of the marine layer that has suddenly become assertive and started to push through the golden gate and locally across the bay. it will be dense in spots tonight. it's not going push far inland. and there is a look at shallow fog this afternoon and near coastline, it's getting more and more dense. the evening grows longer, wide range of temperatures and it was hot with temperatures at 100 degrees in livermore. 93 in concord. 6 fairfield. and 99 in yu kia. 94 down in morgan hill. 70 in san francisco.
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and right now, it's 59 degrees here in the city. 5 in santa rosa. and 82 san jose. and 77 redwood city. highlights, fog on the coast. tonight locally dense, hot days inland throughout friday. and tomorrow is a spare the air day as our temperatures rise and air quality is diminishing. low temperatures tonight overnight into early morning hours mainly mid to upper 50s, around 6 owe in livermore and san jose. 6 antioch z slightly cooler way up north in clover dale. atmosphere, sheer what's happening. a big strong ridge of high pressure that is a dominant feature now going to give us more warm to hot weather for the next several days before it starts to weaken. we have a little bit of a cooling trend starting over the weekend. and tomorrow is a spare the air day expecting poor air quality inland and santa clara valley good air quality into south bay and north bay.
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and moderate in central day and coast. high temperatures higher today, 91 in san jose. 95 in los gatos, mid to upper 80s, 87 palo alto. 9 owe in los altos, 64 on the coast. 68 half moon bay. downtown 74 tomorrow, keeps getting warmer here in the city. and up into the north bay, readings into 90s tomorrow. and there is 92 in santa rosa. and inland, near east bay, mainly 80s, 86 in newark. and upper 90s to about 100 in livermore, 86 in watsonville. 101 inland and gilroy. here is the accu-weather forecast. heat holds on a couple more days and friday a sizzler. temperatures moderating over
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the weekend. sunday, monday, tuesday, highs back into 80s, mid-70s around the bay. low 60s on the coast. we'll need a cool down after more days with this heat. >> that will be a good combination. >> thanks spencer. >> one of san francisco's cultural treasures will start celebrating its 100th anniversary, tomorrow. members of the san francisco symphony rehearsed today. legendary violinists will join fr tomorrow's big show. and on thursday, they will head outdoors, hosting a free lunchtime concert. and historians credit it with revitalizing the san francisco cultural life when playing in 1911, five years after the 2006 earthquake. >> still to come, new at 6:00 big parking problems again in oakland. >> who is being targeted for take yits when they should be
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targeting for free. stay with us. >├║ytytytytytytgxeec
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a bill some are calling racist just landed on the governor's desk, banning trade, sale or possession of shark fine fins used in a soup many consider a delicacy. one calls the bill discrimination, singling out one practice. supporters say it's needed to
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protect endangered shark species. >> the debate over parking is heating up in oakland. residents say meter mades are handing out tickets with fines to people who park in city lots with disabled placards. those residents if he ever had to pay before, just like parking on city streets. but the parking department changed its policy two weeks ago without warning. oakland mayor says she was also not aware of the change and is refunding fine eyes rolled that back when i found out that that happened without them talking to merchants about them giving people a warning. >> and there are tickets that will be rescinded. meter rates are up to $2 an hour in oakland. some residents and business owners feel increase in parking fees is driving customer as way from the city. >> and employee just laid off
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by fremont solar panel company solyndra sued the company. the company announced it was filing for chapter 11 wednesday. the suit claims they violated rules requiring companies to give 60 days notice before laying off more than 50 workers. and they said it was working to find a way to save the jobs. and the suit is seeking class action status on behalf of every employee laid off by the company. >> and san francisco coffers will grow thanks to a commitment from a long time bay area company. mayor ed lee on hand to welcome heath ceramics to the city. the dinner ware and tile maker sign aid long-term lease in the mission. the location will be turned into a retail store and manufacturing plant, initially hougsing 34 employees in the first year. heath her camics which operated out of sausalito since 1948, plans to complete the plant by early next year.
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>> still to come on the news at 6:00, president obama's sliding approval rating and poll sending a shudder through reelection campaign. >> what the post master general says he needs to pay the bill. it's not money. >> and travel in a post september 11th world. looking back at changes and what terrorists may be targeting next. [ beep ]
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another rough one on wall street. the dow posted its third loss over concern about the european debt crisis and u.s. economy. and here is a look at numbers. dow down 100 points, down 307 before a late rebound. the nasdaq dropping six, s and p 500 fell, eight z the stock market drops again, so do president's approval rating ootz president's numbers at an
6:30 pm
all-time low. a growing number of people believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. mark matthews is here with chances for reelection. >> yes. and his storicly, approval ratings fall below 50%, history tells us he's headed for defeat. that is where numbers are, right now. >> latest abc news poll finds 53% of americans disapprove of the job president obama is doing. and 62% think he's doing a bad job. >> it's sobering news for anyone looking at reelection. >> the former political advisor to president clinton says the president is clearly in for a tough race. and that reminds him of 2004 when george w. bush beat john kerry he ended up winning because he won in ohio with a small group of voter autos and
6:31 pm
he says they did like president bush personally. and they trusted him. >> and they still voted for him to throw ohio to bush. >> and the bright spot is that president obama's likibility is pretty high. >> people like him z people trust him. that gives you pillars to build off off. >> this chair sees another lesson. >> previous presidents were similar numbers in polls before election. >> numbers do not look good and says it's significant the best possible scenario is being described as a narrow victory. >> seems to be a range of possibilities between two bushes. >> in other words like george h bush, mr. obama loses or like george w. bush, he wins
6:32 pm
by a slim margin. >> that is the range unless there is a mirror cell seeming unlikely given what going on in europe. >> if the economy tanks, he says that range of possible outcomes would shift into negative for the president. and he and democratic strategists say the president must show more leadership with regard to the economy. and president unveils a job speech before congress. >> yes and they'll be carrying that at 4:00. >> thanks mark. >> and default, then bankruptcy. the postal services they sez that is the choice facing congress unless legislatures act quickly. the post office running a debt of more than $9 billion. officials contend without action, the agency will run out of money next summer. they also stress they don't want taxpayer funds. and they need changes in the law to relieve them of
6:33 pm
prefunding costs which no other federal agency is required to do. >> two ceremonies honoring the memory of jason dahl, the pilot who died on september 11th ai. rose planting ceremony look place with two sisters. the school has become a high achiever. >> he would have been proud of the students and staff of the school. because they've achieved something that is rarely achieved and over 100 poingts in the state accountability test score autos a second tribute took place later in san jose state university. that is his alma matter. >> we'll mark the 10th anniversary of one of the tragic moments in american history. attacks on september 11th shook the nation and left a lasting affect on the way we
6:34 pm
travel. and what has changed and why the next battle front is close to home. >> senior government official speaking on condition said planes were hijacked. >> terrorists were going to target highest priority soft targets. >> transportation scholar recalls 10 years ago there was no ts skpa. flying was less of a hassle. but when the unthinkable happened on that tuesday morning, it changed air travel forever. >> that is where tsa came from. out of september 11th. >> tsa founded with two missions. to keep skies safe and reassure traveling public. over 10 years, both have occasionally been a challenge. passengers were forced to remove their shoes after the al qaeda shoe bomber made it through security, then tsa banned liquides after word of a new threat. and the so-called under wear
6:35 pm
bomber prompted a roll out of what american civil liberties called naked body scanners. >> this is outrage. >> and it didn't eliminate concerns over intrusive pat downs. right now, the terrorists are winning. whit comes to this security situation, to make us accept intrusiveness but it's a necessary intrusiveness. >> travelers rights attorney says in this case, he believes the right to privacy comes second. >> there are those who to kill us, i would rather fly protected. >> nothing is truly private when you fly anymore. auto mated x ray machines scan every checked bag. and pull it off the line if something likes fishy. this is a side that you don't usually see. in this room, inside of the airport, any bag
6:36 pm
that looks suspicious is sent down this belt to be opened up, inspected by hand. and once arriving employees look and search for explosives and bags aren't the only place tsa looks for bombs. you'll see more dog autos not everybody likes dog autos now, officers have a new mission, too. and spotting sus spishus behavior. >> we have found hundreds of items through the techniques that we're using. >> experts tell us these dools have made air travel safer, but now, suggesting terrorists have a new target. >> when bin laden was killed they targeted u.s. rail system
6:37 pm
autos it's a threat police have taken seriously. like the airport there was a new state of the art surveillance center, added bomb-sniffing dogs and now trains officers. >> this is not an tack on bart. it's on america z we're part of defense and protecting america. >> sitting in the train saigs, he pointed out there is more being done that you can't see. >> you go through surnt styles now and there are scanners and sniffers. >> this is technology that wasn't necessary back when the station was built. >> i hope we go back to an open welcoming society that we had been in the past. >> will that happen? >> i hope. >> in san jose, california, united states of america, jonathan bloom, a kbr. 7 news. >> there will be special
6:38 pm
coverage of the commemoration all weekend, beginning friday, wayne freedman will report live from new york city. and sunday, our live coverage of the september 11th ceremony was a special edition of "good morning america" followed by abc 7 morning news from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. and please join us if you can. >> family photos vanished with out a trace. >> this is traumatic. >> from michael finney what a hokeal family was offered when
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if you're a new parent you're probably tired and frazzled. >> one couple made sure to capture each important moment and wound up with almost nudging. >> terrible. and there is this young couple wanted to document each phase of their only son's live. they stored pictures on a hard drive z some of the pictures disappeared. these are some of the few pictures they still have of their 2-year-old son. not that the new parents didn't take thousands of photos and videos since the moment he was born. they did. >> this first birthday he did
6:42 pm
go into the zoo and taking a bath. >> any time between when born and 1:00 is so draw matic. >> they recorded his birth, steps first toys, storing it on their computer external hard drive like this one. then, one day, some pictures were accidentally deleted. >> we're going send it out to get recovered and put on an new drive. >> the couple shipped a hard drive and a new one to a company that could restore the lost pictures. shannon sent package off. little did he know it would be the last time to see the picture autos this is not replaceable. it's traumatic. >> the package with their precious photos never arrived to drive savers, dina checked fed yechl tracking showing it went from their local office to oakland, and then, to the
6:43 pm
facility in petaluma, and the tracking stops there. >> so my husband called them and fed-ex told them the package was lost. >> then, i called drive savers they said we don't have it. well... where is it? >> fechl ex -- they searched and the couple refwretd they made just a few prints. here in frames and a calendar. they did file a claim for the $229 value of the hard drive. fed-ex only would pay $100. >> and there is a $100 limit. >> because the couple did not declare a value, fed-ex would not pay the full a dina called 7 on your side. we contacted federal express. it could not explain what happened to that package. and agreed to redouble efforts to find it and pay the full $229 for the hard drive after all. it said we're highly rated for
6:44 pm
series reliability and take this matter seriously. now, they are busy making new memories. holding on to the few old memories they have in print. >> hopefully, there is some hope we can get it back. >> won't that be nice? lesson is that they say from now on, they'll make copies upon copies of their photos and videos and print, cds and hard drive. when it comes to shipping a tracking system is not a sure thing. now if you have a problem let me know about it. go abc 7 and let me know. >> that is a tough one. >> tu and just ahead here tonight first phase of a remarkable monument unveiled in oakland. >> who sk honored when ke come back.
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when your eyes are smiling... you're smiling. and when they're laughing... you're laughing. be kind to your eyes... with transitions lenses. transitions adapt to changing light so you see your whole day comfortably... and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. first phase of a massive sculpture honoring humanitarians has been unveiled in oakland and will
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need more funds to reach completion. don sanchez has the story. >> it's it is imposing. 52 feet wide and covering a thousand square feet when finished w 60,000 pounds of brawn. it's called remember them. champions for humanity, showcasing 25 people who made a difference in the world. >> i probably would have put 300 people if i could. but you've got to start some wr. they're not definite people of life that. is important to note. they're ordinary people. and did extraordinary things under the worst of circumstance autos he's donating time. family members were here for an emotional unveiling. there are faces of world leaders and local heroes. one is ruby bridges. >> kids today want to grow up to be athletes. i think now we need to inspire them. to take on community services and social justice, here it is.
6:49 pm
youngsters recognizing importance of the work. >> i wanted and hoped this could be a place in a city where people could come to and celebrate humanity and good things presume beings have done. >> so is a poem. >> remember them when you can note see the light or hear birds sing. and when you're lost and in speed of hope it took 10 years and $6 million. they need $2 million more to complete the final phase, they hope to have installed summer, 2012. when this is finished it will be the largest bronze sculpture on the west coast. in oakland abc 7 news. >> and spencer is here now
6:50 pm
with an accuweather update. >> starting with a look at tropical atlantic. there is active weather there. yesterday a category four and still a powerful storm. and here is the paths of the two storms. katia going around bermuda. and this next storm following pretty much the same path looking like posing no threat to populated areas. this afternoon, time lapse view from our sutro camera looking at golden gate. you can see a marine layer that is deeper and deeper, tomorrow, high temperatures upper 90s to 100 and will be a spare the air day. here is the accu-weather forecast. heat will be slow and stay with us through friday z no
6:51 pm
treat if you're in it. next week cooling down. >> thank you, spencer. >> they blew out san jose state in opener 57-3. >> up next in sports what andrew luck says cardinal needs to improve. stay with us. h@
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join me tonight at 9:00, coming up, world's largest online retailer and changes it's making that could change the way you shop. >> then at 11:00 the six pack beer ban. why a councilman is pushing a plan to take six packs and bottles of wine out of some store autos and now on to sports. going to talk stanford. >> some things are a coincidence, one person went to stanford. >> who might that be? >> this is a coincidence. >> and this cardinal red just came out. >> something just went wrong. >> yes. >> and the ducks out of the top 10 allowing stanford to move up a notch into the polls this week. they're sixth in the nation. and still has oklahoma on top follow bid lsu, boise state and florida state. then, stanford handling san
6:55 pm
jose state now traveling to play duke this saturday. >> andrew luck led stanford to a win saturday. and he wasn't completely happy with performance. >> a win is a win. it's good to get that one win out of way sh i guess. >> there is room for improvement. and they're going to be running the ball. i got the first game. just something to iron out. >> the defense caught six fumbles and held spartans to a field goal. >> we'll take that every time. couple things to clean up, but we've got to keep the team out of the end zone. >> david shaw got plenty of help in the staff at the first game. >> that would be key for us. is that we've got good coach was lots of nfl and college experience. and i didn't feel i was out there myself. >> great thing about cardinal
6:56 pm
offense if it's not working, they can rely on andrew luck. >> that is why he's andrew luck and they're talking about him, one over all. he can just take a team and fix everything that is maybe going wrong. >> cardinal will not overlook duke in the first road game. >> doesn't matter what a team has done the week before. it's all about how you play this incoming weeks. >> mike shumann, abc 7 sports. 50 and they've got to get better in short yardage. just days before kicking off the jaguars release man going to be the starting and the first time they pulled a switch. and replacing in 2007, he has flashz of brilliance but kind of inconcities stent. and the rookie waiting in wings. u.s. open closed today in new york. there was heavy rain, four men
6:57 pm
fourth round matches were washed out. more rain in the forecast for tochl. and speaking of rain, rain delays race in atlanta. worth the wait. two of the sports best, jimmy johnson and jeff gordon, and conditions made for a really slippery race. and looked like a dirt track ask side by side tibl stay for a final lap for johnson, fighting just to keep it steady. you can see johnson almost flies sideways coming down the stretch. gordon hol holds on, moving into third place on the all time wins list. >> that was a lot of run racing with him. you know? control was tough there at the end. a couple moments i thought he got it and 85th win. and he beats his teammate. >> thank you. >> and that is this edition of
6:58 pm
abc 7 news. >> we'll see you later tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. >> have a good evening. osososos├║
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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. this is the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament. here are today's contestants-- in college, he volunteered to help in a classroom


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