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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  September 7, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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about 30 acres but it's windy there. the fire is spreading and we have live pictures now from sky 7 hd. we zoom in to the structures that are surrounded by this flow. firefighters are battling flames. we don't have word yet on any injuries or evacuations and we're going to stay on top of this situation and have latest on abc 7 good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm dan ashley. east bay police have made an arrest in the high profile murder case. they have still not found the body of a missing nursing student but have a suspect under arrest. michelle lee has not been seen since vanishing at the end of may. and laura anthony is had live with arrests. and after all of this time, laura. >> that is right. dan, police have been looking at this former friend of michelle lee, gisele estoban from the beginning. you may remember they arrested
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her, but let her go. now, they say there is enough evidence to keep her behind bars. >> the brother of missing nursing student michelle lee asked the woman suspected of killing his sister to bring closure to the family. by telling police where lee's body is located. shown here after an unrelated court appearance, the 27-year-old was arrested this morning in her union city condo, charged with lee's murder. lee disappeared may 27th frj a kaiser hospital parking garage. >> it's located inside of the car bloodstains have been analyzed and have been confirmed that michelle is the source of the bloodstains. security camera footage at the hospital parking structure where michelle's car had been revealed that she was present both before and after michelle's disappearance. >> and in a search of esteban's home, investigators
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seized a pair of tennis shoes with lee's dna on the bottom. >> there has been information relative to gisele's relationship with michelle in the past. and i believe she gave that up early on to local media. >> in a phone call, just days after lee disappeared esteban denied she killed lee but admitted she quote, hated lee for her friendship with her ex-boyfriend. in the months after lee disappeared there have been searches for a focus on the hills around niles canyon but lee's woded body has not been found. >> tomorrow is my 24th birthday. she would call me to tell me happy birthday z to tell me she loved me. and... i just want to hear her voice. >> and esteban set to be arraigned tomorrow afternoon in alameda county superior
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court. she's of mother of a young daughter. the father of the child is scott marasegan. he says he's relieved es text ban is under arrest and his brother talked with abc 7 news as well about estaban. >> she was unstable. prone to mood swings and violence. that is all i can say. it's nothing new the media hasn't,. >> when you say violent, what are you talking about? >> um, you know, like her one of her ex-boyfriends had a statement about her violence. and that she's, yeah, she gets physical. >> and those allegations are outlined in court documents. in hayward, abc 7 news. >> and laura, thank you very much. pg&e capped a gas leak sparking a shelter in place.
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that 11:0 a work crew tried to remove a tree stump across the street from the hospital. crews ordered a shelter this place for a four-block radius for the hospital and. >> san francisco's economic forecast delivered to business leaders. bottom line, it's going to be okay for the wealthy and well educated and middle class is going to continue to be squeezed. and we have specifics on this. >> the forecast delivered by chief economist for wells fargo bank. and also the former chief economist for the senate banking economy. >> economist john silva told his audience sfran is becoming like paris and a lot less like denver. >> people adding have heard of
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the people. >> he says the city will grow good-paying jobs here inth care, and of course, information technology and that will cause rents and property values to rise and the traditional blue collar middle class will continue to be squeezed. >> the reality is that we're not growing manufacturing jobs or low-tech jobs. >> a forecast for which mayor lee begs to differ. >> i still look at the economy at being quite varied. >> lee says tourism and construction will continue to provide good paying and working class jobs for san francisco and the new chief took the stage. >> if we can get that right that, is going to have a major benefit for the state. >> and they plan to get jobs
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moving to the bay area and former b of avp told me he's only been in the job a few weeks and wasn't prepared to take questions. and he did tell his audience that the state needs to be more business friendly so the moderator asked if that meant qlor taxes and less regulation. he admitted he's heard that same thing from a lot of leaders and said the state could make it easier to understand what is going to be required. >> thank you very much. and parents, students and teachers hope the west contra costa board votes to keep two schools open tonight instead of closing them at the end of the year, students at pinole elementary made signs along with lake elementary. 700 students attend two schools. >> hopefully, they can keep
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this school hop because i've got a 5-year-old that just started kindergarten. >> you closed three schools already. this is part of an ongoing problem we're experiencing. >> and the school district is dealing with dwindling funding. >> and bill is sailing through legislature to fast track construction of a football stadium in los angeles could benefit 49ers as well. and it waves regulations that could holdup construction. abc 7 has more from sacramento. >> farmers field will be the most far reaching stadium in the united states. >> there is a proposal sailing through the legislature in the final days of session. to spur jobs faster, it allows legal challenges under the landmark california
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environmental quality act to go to the court of appeal chz must rule in 175 days and shaves up to three years and potential delays and republicans are getting behind the bill. >> we need to have relaxation of the air tight unreasonable rules that there is right now. >> and cities worry about a special deal just for l.a. which could lure chargers away. >> they can't continue to play in qualcom. it's very old. >> so democrats hope include other projects in other cities. 49ers would like the same considerations for the new stadium. maybe san diego could kmeet with l.a. if an environmental review is expedited. and the senate president could mean keeping sacramento kings from leaving to anahiem. >> we've got to get people back to work. people are hurting and we
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aren't violating in anyway. >> the sierra club doesn't like this and ensures effective local residents have a way to fight back a plan. >> this is a game changer that says you go to the court of appeals only. you don't get to argue ghu superior court. >> the zwraimd bill must ab proved by friday otherwise, they will have to wait until january to try again. >> and more to pass along here tonight. coming up, a lot of ruckus this morning along the coast what. noise was about, ahead. >> and city leaders gather to mark a milestone at the new transbay terminal project. a look at the new communities built around the system. >> and a local couple faces off with her satellite provider. i'll show you how it ended later on 7 on your side. >> and our familiar summer time pattern with us today
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along with summer time heat. i'll show
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a long stretch of the coast isite tonight after sirens went full volume at 10:00 this morning. this morning's was loud skbrer longer, why? officials say the test is to make sure the sirens are fully functional and confirmed sounds can be heard over projected coverage area. >> that will get your
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attention. a milestone in san francisco tonight. the city becoming the grand central station of the west. >> it's the end of the demolition of the old trance bay terminal. and today, san francisco mayor ed lee signed an i beam, symbolizing the beginning of the new terminal going up in the south of market neighborhood. >> this is job producing and it's the most important thing we'd be doing while she we shake our heads. >> this brings us at a level with new york having a huge transit center where everything comes together. >> the project is just one piece of the transit plan. and as these sketches though, a neighborhood is envisioned with mer than 4,000 units of housing. 11 acres of park, six million square feet of office space
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and a new skyline with buildings tall enough to rival the transamerica pyramid sm. critics call it the manhattan of san francisco. and head of the planning and urban research association is enthusiastic. >> and we're going make the tallest building in the city be our transit center. in europe it was a fire of a cutch. today we're going to celebrate. >> the city is celebrating completion of the environmental review of the project. the crucial first step which will allow the public to weigh in. >> i expect there needs to be some criticism. there has been strong acceptance of the fact where this is the place where it should happen. >> the environmental report should be ready by the end of the month. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and sparkling out there
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today. spencer christian is here. >> going on road, i love this weather. >> and don't mince words. >> you can find whatever weather you want. and there is a live view right now looking out towards golden gate. there is a small portion of which you can see with a flimsy marine layer earlier. and here is how it looks by way of close up satellite image this afternoon. rather shallo near the coast despite absence of a strong marine influence it was cool compared to hot inland locations. there is a sample of the highs. 9 aantioch and 97 in livermore, mid-90s inland locations. and there is warm around the bay. and right now, we're looking at temperatures still into low 90s in many inland locations.
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there is of 1 in half moon bay. take a look at highlights. shallow fog will prevail, minor changes the next couple days, temperatures may go down tomorrow and will bounce back up on friday and there is low temperatures will range from low to mid-50s from north bay and mid to upper 50s pushing inland into the east and south. our satellite image shows again an expansive area of high pressure big rigs there. at least two more days. along with that warm pattern extending across wide areas, there is fire weather concern for dry lightning strikes into higher terrain so these areas in red are those areas covered by this watch. parts of the mountains up into oregon. so be on the lookout for that
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friday and saturday. those 2004 days covered by the watch. tomorrow, sunny skies and high temperatures mid to upper 80s to about 80 in los gatos. and 80 in palo alto. 66 in half moon bay. and there is lots of 80s in the north bay. and 92 in clover dale. 70s up to 82 in fremont. and there is inland east bay seeing low to mid 90s and warm there again tomorrow. there is most readings into the 70s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is hot inland two more days and temperatures beginning sunday seeing four days of highs only into 80s inland. 70s around the bay. low to mid-60s on the coast. >> and fully convincing.
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>> thank you. >> and hockey fans caught in the middle of a feud between dish network and comcast. >> coming up next how michael finney helped them achieve their goals. 3@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñú
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a big would block safety reforms for gas pipe lines and prohibit federal regulators from requiring pipeline operators to inspect the structural integrity of major
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pipelines and would bar regulators from setting standards for detecting leaks and requires regulators to study both issues and come back with findings in a year or two. safety advocates say the bill would undermine safety and measures sponsor says it improves safety and will help create new jobs. a house committee is scheduled to vote on the bill tomorrow. >> and a dozen california hospitals including four right here in the bay area face fines for failing to meet state requirements. and the state says that led to, or was likely to cause serious injury or death to patients. the hospitals are alameda hospital, kaiser hospital in vallejo, sutter delta medical center in antioch and san francisco's ucsf medical center. the california department of public health fined the hospital $50,000 and incollided -- included failure to follow procedures, kaiser and delta say once problems
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were brought to their attention they took corrective action. we're still waiting to hear back from alameda hospital. a list of the hospitals are posted on our web site. just look under see it on tv. >> and legal battle over a proposed merger two of wireless giants head back to work. one week after the department sued to block the proposed merger, the status hearing has been set for september 21. the government says it could lessen competition in the marketplace. at ask t considering it's options to make the merger happening including a plan to sell off 25% of the t-mobile business. >> and sharks open their season in just two weeks. >> it's what happened last season that had a couple going into overtime. >> michael finney met the couple and is here with the story. >> this couple had been facing off with the dish network since late november.
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then, they finally decided to call 7 on your side for help. robin wood has been a sharks fan from the beginning and remembers excitement of the sharks making a playoff appearance in 1994 and has two hockey sticks and a hat signed by the team. among her most cherished autographs is jason moore. you can imagine her disappointment last season, turning on her service and sharks weren't there. >> we've thought we're frustrated with the new remote. and thought we didn't know which channel this was on. >> they signed up for dish satellite the day before, making it clear they had to have shark autos before we switched over, i called to make sure we'd had channels.
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top priority was having sharks game autos her husband remembers calling dish, asking what happened? >> and they think we're crazy. and we went through channels and didn't vit. >> turns out comcast had gotten into a contract dispute the day before. the shark games would not be carried by dish until the dispute was resolved. and this lasted more than two months. the couple didn't wait and dropped dish and charged $400 cancellation free. >> we were clear that this is one of the things important to us. >> dish declined to waive the fee. and then contested the charge. the credit card company ruled in dirn's favor. >> i thought there is no way to get the money back. just frustrated and a friend
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suggested i try 7 on your side. >> we called dish. it told us after careful inspection of the circumstances involving her account, dish agreed to issue her acredit for early termination fee. >> i was just amazed we were able to get our $400 back. >> thanks to 7 on your side. and this worked out excellent. >> she should have been amazed. if you have a problem we can help with, let me know about it. click on 7 on your side. >> goal accomplished. >> yes. >> thank you. >> and good job. >> and as we continue tonight moving on, carson city i hop tragedy. and next, a call ta give a sense of how people tried to help amid is the chaos. >> disaster in russia. details on one of the worst aviation disasters in sports history. >> why oil prices are rising
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and you may soon notice a price increase at the pump. another half hour of
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tonight in carson city, nevada details about that deadly shooting rampage in an i hop restaurant. >> we're hearing the desperate 911 calls made in the chaos. and jonathan bloom is here with more. >> the calls paint a picture of panic during moments and after moments of the deadly shooting spree. but one question is why. a desperate 911 call captured sounds of gunshots. the 32-year-old opened fire inside of the carson city i hop.
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and shots hang out, more calls started to pour into the office. >> who still has the gun? >> i believe he does yes i'm looking into the window now. >> how many people? >> and we have people down. >> okay. okay. >> as police rushed to the scene, witnesses say he came outside and began shooting in every direction then turned a gun on himself. >> this suspect is down. >> and you you heard a couple ambulances here. and this is clearing down.
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and and there are multiple victims here. >> five people died, including the shooter. nation wral guard major and sargeants first class were having an informal breakfast when he killed them. a civilian was also killed. >> in a few are shourt number of hours. >> he had no criminal record but family says he did have a history of mental illness, investigators say any insight into motive may have died along with him but grief lives on. >> yesterday our town was shocked to the core. >> the sheriff says six surviving victims are hospitalized with injuries ranging from severe to extremely life threatening and points out more than half of the people shot were not in the national guard and says there is no reason to believe
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that he was after men and women in uniform. in the newsroom abc 7 news. >> and jonathan, thank you. sharks still don't know if a player selected in the draft was among those who perished when a jet crashed. the sharks picked the 20-year-old in june. there is no word if he boarded a plane with his teammates. the russian-made jet plunged into a riverbank seconds after taking off in an airport about 150 miles northeast of moscow. rescuers found only two survivors. one was gravely burned and 43 others died including several players who played in nhl. >> and a rally broke a three-day losing streak on wall street. the nasdaq climbed 75 and s and p gained p 3. this after a court decision giving a go head to a bailout
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for germany. oil prices are surging on expectation tropical storms will hamper oil production. and texas crude prigs -- prices jumped. and tropical storm lee cut production by 837,000 barrels per day. about 4% kons assumed every day. labor department said employers posted 3.2 million jobs in july, largest number of openings since august, 2008. and it takes from one to three months to fill an opening. roughly 4.3 unemployed workers are competing for each job, however, so very competitive. facebook's first half revenue nearly doubled according to a report today and the net income for the first half of the year totalled almost $500 million z facebook has mer than 750 million users but is facing new competition from a social network launched in
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june by google. >> texas firefighters are beginning to gain control of a wildfire thatuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
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as you know 10th anniversary of the september 11th attacks is this weekend z
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tonight you're going to hear from bay area family who's lost loved ones on flight 93. it left newark that morning bound for san francisco and crashed in pennsylvania after passengers fought to stop terrorists. here is laura anthony. >> it's me. pick up the phone. >> it's a phone message kathy has saved for 10 years. one she'll never erase. >> i take united airlines tomorrow, 8:00 in the morning, flight number 93. >> the last time she heard the voice of her 21-year-old daughter, nicole miller among 45 who died when the flight crashed in a grassy field near shanksville, pennsylvania. >> to me, it seems like a dream. >> miller had flown out to new jersey to visit a friend. it was a last minute trip. >> she was due to-to-fly home monday night. she called work because her plane was delayed saying they might cancel the flight. and they rebooked her for the
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flight for tuesday morning on september 11th. >> and months earlier miller celebrated her 21 birthday with a bright smile, family and friends. weeks before september 11th the college student danced in a family wedding. >> for her to die so young at age 21 is a waste. she was very happy go lucky. loving. and friendly. and person to everybody. >> just an over all nice personable guy. >> carol's brother jason was the captain of flight 93. based in denver, he grew up in the south bay and attended san jose state, joining a club called flying 20s. >> it was a love of his, i can remember my 13-year-old little brother that loved flying and being part of views of the airport. going out to air patrol.
6:46 pm
>> when they learned about the hijackings, the morning 6 september 11th they had no idea he was flying that day. >> i had hopes he was still in denver at the training center having what he would normally do for work. >> then, a family called. he had gone down with flight 93. >> i think we looked for jason just to come through the door, for months. just thought this was a horrible mistake. >> in the years since september 11th, there have been contribute united states to jason. including renaming of the san jose school he attended. >> and now they will travel for the 10th anniversary taking hope that the next decade brings a new measure of peace without forgetting what happened that day. >> that is the number one thing we don't forget what happened and forget all
6:47 pm
victims of the day. >> there is that fear it's going to happen again. and i tell you what. i hope it doesn't because this is a -- it was a nightmare. >> with this terrific loss has been also a terrific wakening. we don't take anything for granted anymore. >> in san jose, abc 7 news. >> and abc 7 news will carry special coverage of the commemoration beginning friday, our wayne freedman will report live from new york city and from shanksville, pennsylvania. on sunday, abc news begins our live coverage of the september 11th ceremony was a special edition of "good morning america" followed by our broadcast frf 8:00 until 10:00 a.m. and hope you'll join us that
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day. >> this warm spell going to continue for a while. here is our accu-weather forecast. we'll see warm weather and highs in mid-60s on the coast, then, temperatures moderating saturday. then, sunday through wednesday inland highs only into 80s, 70s around the bay. low to mid-60s on the coast z there is a lot more warm weather likely to come our way. >> that will make you happy. >> thank you very much. >> and there is a new thriller opening in theaters on friday. it's about a fast-moving virus attacking the world and there is no cure. some of the movie filmed in san francisco. abc 7's don sanchez says it's scary. here is a look at the film on the aisle. >> was anyone sick? >> it starts with a cough z spreads. and a virus attacking the world ask scientists race to
6:49 pm
find an antidote. >> it's transmission. we need know which direction. >> this is one of the cast epics loaded with stats making you never stop washing your hands. >> average person touches everything three to five time autos spread by contact. >> there is two people, then four, and 16. two months. >> jude law is a san francisco blogger taking hits but getting little cooperation with doctor autos blogging is not righting it's graffiti with punctuation. >> more people are dying and stores run out of food. people panic z chaos. >> the governor is calling out national guard, setting up road block autos shot with digital camera, almost documentary-style because it could happen. >> is there anyway they can weaponize bird sflu so someone
6:50 pm
doesn't have to. birds are doing it can they stop it? >> there is a guy coughing through the film and some of us wanted to ask him to leave. this is frightening. it's a film with a slick look and haunting music score. it's the first time i left and i wanted to wear a mass skpk gloves. and there are improbable moments probably why i'll give it almost a full bucket. and we'll see you on the aisle. >> with sanitizer. >> he's said he will be back. >> and coming up, arnold schwartzeneggar planning a return to starring roles with help from the famous friends.
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join me tonight at 9:00, coming up, it's almost as if solydra didn't happen. the project and a bay area company is the winner. and then at 11:00 here on abc 7 two schools on the chopping block tonight. the decision and what parents are saying about it. and those stories and more when we see you tonight at 9:00 and 11:00.
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>> and there is some near history. >> almost. almost. it is good, though. but almost. and a's pitcher flirted with history. a near no no and ended upsetelling for a franchise record. and there is a 8-8 after the win today. talking about a no hitter there has got to be defense. a sliding catch in the first inning. and there is a perfect through live z he walks and there is a walk allowed in the game. to the 7th, a's up and there is a breaking ball. the no no intact through 7. to the 8th inning. two down and perez... breaks it up. there is a solid base hit. standing o, 13 in the last
6:55 pm
start. 17th today. and all of the giants can do now is win and hope. beat padres and hope arizona loses tonight. got to take care of first things, first this, is what you call starting the game with a bang. justin with a drive. here comes the drive. there is a space against the wall, he hangs on, days but okay. and bottom of the first, matt cane knowing no room for error. that is an error. watch the fans. boom. hits to everybody. everybody getting hit in highlights. he's okay. and there is a first major league homer and first at bat yesterday. here is number two. solo shot. tied in the 5th. familiar story for cane, getting no support. padres take a rbi single and they tack on an another run. and there is now six and a half back with just 19 to play.
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coaching against each other in college, they seemed to have a good rivalry. almost a feud going. a clash of personalities to be renewed sunday with the 49ers hosting seahawks. >> and that was the classic what is your deal? >> what is your deal? conversation after stanford rounded up in 2009. they looked like best buddies in march. and so now, they're both in nfl. is there a feud here? or not? >> and the coach is going at it. tune in to see what coaches are going to say prior to the game, after the game. you know? and anything said before has been well documented. and overdocumented. and in the end this is 11 and 11 game. it's that exciting. >> good point. and there is joshua morgan
6:57 pm
listed as starting wide receivers. where does that leave michael crabtree? well, we'll have to find out. crabtree has been practicing this week. >> you have to throw them yesterday z a little bit. and... so that good. good to see them out there running around. so you know, talented, going to help us a ton. >> we mentioned a plane carrying a russian hockey team crashed today killing 43 people and among those that did die was saichlth round pick attending developmental camp, 0e7b8 years old. >> thank you very much. and we want to leave with you this. arnold schwartzeneggar has a new movie deal. >> those going to be part of the all star cast in the sequel "expendables 2". he made a cameo in the first film and reported will will have a major role. >> the cast includes bruce willis and john travolta. >> and the film set to begin
6:58 pm
shooting in october in bulgaria. >> and that is our report. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings. >> thanks for inviting us into your homes tonight. ososososososs
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