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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  September 8, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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ssz. >> growing concerns about a new terror threat against the u.s. and dozens add after another bart protest in san francisco. 7 news begins in 60 seconds. bart protest in san francisco. 7 news begins in 60 seconds. postscriptptptptptptptptptptptpt
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. >> new terror warning against 2 major cities just days before the 10 year anniversary of september 11. good evening everyone. dan has the tonight off. >> heightened security following a credible uncorroborated threat. 3 individuals entered the u.s. last month intending to launch a car bomb attack in washington, d.c. or new york.
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lee ann is here now with what we know. lee ann. >>reporter: the information from intelligence is that these 3 people affiliated with al qaeda traveled to the u.s. from pakistan. rate now law enforcement is being told to look for 3 men of middle east decent potentially traveling in a van. new york city reacted very quickly and tonight the mayor and police chief had a press coaches to talk about the additional precautions they are taking. >> the threat at this moment has not been crop writed. i weren't to stress that. it is credible but not been corroborated. >>reporter: because the information emerged so close to the tenth anniversary of 9/11 new york city is taking the threat very seriously. officers will now be on 12 hour shifts through monday. there will be check points throughout the city. more bomb dog on patrol and more radiation monitoring equipment. >> if you sea something potentially suspicious, call
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311. if you sea something that you think is potentially dangerous, call 911. >>reporter: the information obtained by intelligence points to 3 men who may have entered the u.s. in august. with a plot to carry out car bomb attacks in new york and washington. when osama bin laden compound was raided in may, information revealed al qaeda was thinking of attacking the u.s. on the tenth anniversary. that's why the government had already enhanced security measures. but following this new information today president obama ordered the counterterrorism community to redouble its efforts. this evening uc berkeley sponsored a forum on how the 9/11 attacks changed america. mechanical mack served as assistant secretary of defense for global strategic affairs. >> they decided to go public suggests to me that they have convinced themselves from
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several sources this is very serious. >>reporter: james patterson is a historian. >> i'm not surprised that there are credible threat because there are still a lot of ways in which l the country can be in danger. we haven't covered all the bases. >>reporter: so far the nation terror alert has not been changed but homeland security is considering raising it writ now. meanwhile the white house says there are no plans to change the president's schedule on sunday. mr. obama will visit ground sear. pentagon and pennsylvania before returning to washington for 9/11 ceremony. carolyn. >> all right lee ann reporting. >> more than 100 audio recordings of september 11 attacks have been rae lessed for the first time including awed why of plate attend ants, hijackers and air traffic controllers. many of them are disturbing. >> no. 3 in the back the cockpit not answering. somebody is in business class and there is mace we can't breathe. i don't know. i
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think we are getting hijacked. >> nobody move. everything is okay. l try to make any move then yourself and airplane just stay quiet. >> another one hit the buildin building. wu. hit it har. >> whole building just kim apart. >> one tape will not be made public. financial moments in the cockpit of united flight 93 as passengers fought to retake the plane. family members objected to the its reless. >> 7 news will carry special coverage of the nation xhem rtion of 9/11 all weekend beginning friday wayne will report life from new york city lillian kim from shanksville, pennsylvania. on sunday we begin our leif coverage of the september 11 ceremony with special 3 hour addition of good morning america at 5 followed by abc 7 morning news from 8 until 10. power is slowly returning to few of the 6 million from us stated sweltering utility customers in south west and
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mexico. but others may have to wait until tomorrow night to get their electricity back. california national guard is on emergency alert writ now because of the massive outage. stretches from arizona through lower southern california and in parts of baja. employee at power sub station in south west arizona likely caused the outage when rae moving some equipment. that outage hit right at rush hour. the pictures from mission viejo orange county tell the story. 2 reactor from the san onofre power plant went off line as they are supposed to during a power interruption. situation tonight is improving. >> we have 37 different specific circuit that can equity to our customers that reenergize fully or portionall portionally. we have over 900 of those all together so we have a way to good but we are starting to see a bit of progress rate now. >>reporter: employee taking off monitoring equipment in a sub stationary yuma, arizona is said to have caused the outage. no word on why it spread beyond yuma. california emergency management agency is
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making sure all 911 lines are still working properly. power out annual also affecting flights here in the bay area. arrival and departure screens at san francisco international were peppered with cancellations. almost all south west flights, san diego cancelled, united, united express and virgin american airlines also temporarily stopped flights to san diego. also all outgoing flights from san diego lindbergh field have been grounded. check your flit status go to our web sit and click on flight tracker on the front page. >> another bart protest in san francisco. this one shutting down the powell street station at the height of the commute. police arrested more than 2 dozen protestors on the platform. sergio is life at the powell street station for us tonight. sergio. >> l this time around demonstrators did not go parading through the street and instead focus their demonstration at one of the bart system busiest station and since they did not leave birth
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property, it was bart police who moved in and made arrests. the aim of this demonstration to force bart into granting free raid on the system. >> we are blocking the fare gate so they can grant the free fare or, that's all there is to it. >>reporter: ultimate gel is to disband bart police n.practice this sixth demonstration became a procession of people shouting very loudly. >> protect and serve us. if bart police make me nervous. >>reporter: dozen of news crew and look lieu follow along and squeeze through the democrat have itors an police it became visibly frustrating. >> just not representative i think of how most san francisco and how most bay area resident feel and it really it needs to stop. >> live in walnut creek and concord respect till and makes you less inclined to come into san francisco if you can't get home. >>reporter: after 20 minutes powell street station that increasingly became crowded and
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unwieldy bart police began circling if riot gear. order given to shut down the station. and then the warning of arrest was issued. >> you have 3 minutes to comply. the station is closed. if you don't disburse you will be arrested. >>reporter: everyone caught in this sushing el of police was detained included in that circle student journalist from san francisco state who were covering this for a class. >> next thing i knew with you were surrounded. him if as they were taking people out 1 by 1 they came up to me and screws arrested me. >>reporter: 6 members of the working media were also detained. >> some members of the media had legitimate identification chose not to leave that circle and were processed into the argue bin. about approximately 26 to 30 that have been placed under arrest. they will be transported to 850 bryant, san francisco. >>reporter: him if now this demonstration was unusual obviously because those journalist were also detained but also because of the way police handled it. first they
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circled the group and then closed down the station manufactured most of us in the media outside of the station and made their arrest out of our view. now for those of you keeping track, there is another demonstration that is planned according to the group anonymous on their site they have posted they are planning another demonstration this coming monday at civic center station. all righting life at powell station, l abc 7 news. >> all right thank you sergio. >> group of 10 to 20 vandal damage turn still and spray painted graffiti at the park station. some destroyed the clipper card at the entrance and charles hill was scrawled on the fwrund. he's the man shot to death by part police in july after throwing a knife at police. no arrest have been made. in washington president obama delivered his highly anticipated jobs speech tonight. it includes tax cut that republicans traditionally embrace. that's no grn tee that g.o.p. will support it.
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january has more on the 4 50 billion dollar plan to boost the economy. >>reporter: before rare joint session of congress president obama lid out his plan to get americans back to work. >> ultimately our recovery will be driven not by washington but by our businesses and our workers p.but we can help. we can make a difference. >>reporter: president is offering americans job plan with 400 billion dollars in tax cut and new spending that add trtion officials say is fully fundd with cuts elsewher elsewhere. it co-opt from republican leders an cutting tax for company that hire workers. >> it will provide a jolt to an economy that is stalled. give company confidence if they invest and higher there will be customers for their product and services. >>reporter: with newly named american job act heading to the hill any difficulty now the president is pressuring republic conditions to act on it. >> there should be nothing controversy pal this piece of
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legislation. everything in here is the kind of proposal supported by both democrats and republicans. >>reporter: he's also asking for more spending. 100 billion dollars of it on infrastructure and unemployment assistance. republicans gave that a thumb down before the president even proposed it. >> first stimulus didn't do it. why with another one. this isn't a jobs plan. it's a reelection plan. >>reporter: sitting in the first lady box was afl-cio director, house speaker boehner also made a statement with his list, laundry list of business leaders say being strangled by washington regulation. that included the head of gibson guitar raided twice by federal agents. this is washington. >> high tech firm in san francisco launch add new campaign tonight hoping to match unemployed workers with some of the jobs president obama touted. employee at branch out watched his speech as a group. 1-year-old company has developed a face box application that matches job seek investigators employers through social networking.
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tonight it unveiled a new feature called america works which allows employers to post job option for free. >> real need to get people back to work. so i was impressed with his sense of urgency to get the 14 million americans become to work and trying to reach both sides of the aisle. >> returning vet run are unemployment writ of 20 percent more than double that of all americans. >> they believe many of the skills they learned in the military could be very marketable to construction companies and other firms working to rebuild america infrastructure. >> many of your discussing the president speech on abc 7 facebook page. we need to get it done. more no bickering and fit. liz says starting on the campaign trail a little early aren't we. rich have made it so they are not doing their share paying taxes. our unemployed want jobs. get it done washington. >> if you would like to gin the conversation good to face bac
11:14 pm slash abc 7 news. fbi takes aim at the cylinder plant in free mont week after the company filed for bankruptcy. >> and victims of the san bruno pipeline explosion team up to help prosecute text others. >> then later tonight. on "nightline". >> him if coming up next on "nightline". urgent search for 3 individuals link to specific credible terror threat. all this just as president obama pitches a sweeping jobs bill. half trillion i don't know dollars to put americans back to work'f'f[lmmí í í í í í í !
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>> closed captioning brought to >> fbi searched the company one week after the company declared bankruptcy. fbi agents spent the day sifting through cylinder record and carrying away a truck full of boxes. raid comes amid scrutiny of company that just received a 5 35 million dollar federal loan last year. there's word 2 investors may try to buy the company and possibly move the operation out of the country. something that is not allowed under the terms of that loan. california public utility commission denied a request from pg&e today to increase pressure in some of the gas transmission lines. after last year pipeline explosion in san bruno the p uc ordered the utility to lower the pressure. pg&e request today called for restoring pressure to levels where they were before the tragedy. number of parties said wait
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a minute. this is pretty high profile. people are concerned. we ought to have an open public process. >>reporter: public hearings on increasing pressure will begin september 19. utility wants full pressure restored before its demand for gas reaches its peak during the winter. >> and on the eve of the one year anniversary of that fatal pipeline explosion some victim family are banding together for pipeline safety. last year blast killed 8 people destroyed 38 homes and caused millions of dollars in damage. >> new national non-profit the gas pipe safety foundation seeks to raise awareness of pipeline safety through public campaigns. this week bill was introduced in the legislature to make utility officials meet with first responders so they will know discuss where the pipe lines are. ceremony mark the one year anniversary of the san brown 0disaster stomach at sky line college. coverage here on abc 7 and streaming it live in the entirety for you at abc 7 new from 6 to 6:30.
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right now let's get a check on our forecast. sandy is here with that. >> today temperature may have noticed fell good 5 to fen degrees. sure it was warm but if the kuwait as warm as yesterday. 90 degrees in than could cord. 95 antioch. livermore up to 91 degrees. north bay we saw low 80's around santa rosa, napa, hot spots ukiah 100 down to the south bay and san jose was comfortable 78, 71 in oakland. low 60's writ interthe coast where the fog hung on for most of the day. here's time lapse from the high definition east bay hills camera. not only the fog around but some mid high level clouds moving in. gave us some beautiful color there as the sun was setting at 7:29. we'll be seeing more of the mid high level clouds this weekend. could be seeing buildup leading to thunderstorms.i'll talk about that in a moment. temperatures writ now 50's, 60's, antioch at 72 degrees, marin layer has deepen. about 1300 feet deep now and that has allowed some
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of the low clouds to push up into the north bay already. santa rosa cloudy at this hour. warmer tomorrow. mainly inland. cooler pattern as we head that the weekend. with the slit chance of thunderstorms. you will see here washington is going to bring the possibility of thunderstorms. it's a weak low that is develop but this will provide the lift. low will drop moisture from the sub tropical region and that moisture combined with some daytime heating will destabilize the atmosphere. so washington happens we see the possibility of dry lightning beginning in the central valley in the extending up to to our area saturday morning first around the monterey bay and possibly into the bay area as we head that the weekend so watch out for the thunderstorm possibility. it's a 20 percent chance here in the bay year. for this sierra nevada foot hills and pl sacramento valley there's definitely fir weather concern. for weather watch for these years. red flag warning for parts of northern
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california. if you get the northerly wind gusty wind drying out the atmosphere some more, you add to that lightning strike with very little rainfall. possibility of some wildfires here as we head that the weekend. over nature tonight look for temperatures in the 50's except antioch at 60 degrees and low clouds filling in once again so tomorrow morning waking up to some gray sky in parts of the bay i can't remember. 83 in the south bay tomorrow afternoon. ia in santa clara. on the about instant la upper 70's redd with city, palo alto, 58 agrees in pacifica. 63 for new downtown san francisco. so coming up a little bit. low 90's though santa rosa. calistoga. in the east bay look for mild day 74 in oaklan oakland. 81 agrees in free mont. inland 80's getting hot 97 antioch. 96 in livermore and for the monterey bay 72 degrees in santa cruz. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. hot one inland tomorrow. cooling over the weekend. slight chance of thunderstorms. extra clouds around and
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cooling continues right on in to monday. >> thunderstorms. really. >> thunderstorms. summertime thing is that i guess it is thanks. >> stay with us. we'll be thanks. >> stay with us. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] humble gitnnin a?ñre true gi?$nnings.ñ they are the purest way to gauge success. maybe the only way to gauge success. but the most powerful thing about humble beginnings is that they are... ♪ ...humbling. show where you're going without forgetting where you're from. ♪ now lease the all-new 2011 chrysler 300 for $339 a month for well-qualified lessees. .
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>> canadian manufacturing is requiring san jose base technology incorporating to the business journal. they specialize in electronic manufacturing services. s mtv builds radio frequency measurement system and p c board. >> the company purchased a 47,000 square fat building on the boulevard this san jose for 4.3 million. now lab plans to spend one and a half million on improvement. >> restaurant become in morgan hill. 9 new or relocated restaurants opened in the central business there in the past year. restaurants now up one-fourth of 120 downtown businesses. more on these headlines in tomorrow print edition of the silicon valley business journal.
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right now larry is here with sports. what an exciting start to the nfl. >> nice way to kick off the season especially after the lock out. rodgers and packers lit it up in the season opener. former cal star he has a new weapon now. and this guy is a former cal star he has a new weapon now. and this guy is a blur. sports is next.
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[ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. is are. >> if we. superbowl champion packers and saints kick off the season with the game that makes you forget about the lock out. remind you why people love the nfl. went did you know to the financial play. lambeaux fiel field. house of vince built. packers don't have enough weapon they took cobb in the draft second round peck out of kentucky. rodgers. tlau for 3 12 yards and 3 touch downs. fly into theen zone. packers up 21-7 after just one quarter. every fantasy football owner in the country wondering who has cobb financially? can i pick him up. kick off return he almost goes down. spins out of the tackle. keeps his balance. goes 108 yards which ties the record for
11:30 pm
longest kick off return in history. back comes drew. here to graham who mocks rodgers with a championship salute of his own. saints down 8 with over 2 minutes left. driving back that packer territory the. 3 seconds left. breeze incomplete. game over. no. pass interference. call is terrible. one last shot. rookie ingram stuffed at the 1 and packers hang on and they win a wild opener 42-34. >> good start for us. many about i have to ask myself what would have happened if we had off season workouts? could we have started any faster? scored important points tonigh tonight? >>reporter: scary. colts quarterback manning could miss the entire surgery. he had surgery on nerve in his neck today and started 227 straight gyms for indy and now out indefinitely. serena williams seated 28 at u.s. open. may be
11:31 pm
most dangerous 28 seat in history. taking on anna. serena digs out a couple returns here and anna is out. ace for a win. next up top seed caroline in the semi. roger federer versus joe. he was on the rope early mountain match. federer scrambling all over the place on this point. total control and he gets there but hits in the net. federer winner in straight set. will ferrell in the crowd watch the match. fan of the mcenroe brother john and patrick broadcasting. here's ron burgundy assessment of the. >> i love the macintosh brothers. jason and paul. >> they are in the actually brothers. they are adopted sprtly and yet they look
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exactly aliketh uncany. >> macintosh brothers is that you could hear them laughing in the background there. >> yes is that nightline is up next. for all of us here, thanks for joining us everyone. next. for all of us here, thanks for joining us everyone. we sea you tomorrow so...what do you think? i'm not crazy about these light fixtures. kitchen's too small. what's next? 607 franklin st. ♪ sea bass... ♪ ooohhh! ♪ i like it. yeah, i love the kitchen. [ male announcer ] the epa-estimated 42 mpg highway chevy cruze eco. perfect for finding your way home.
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