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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  September 9, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i'm terry mcsweeney live at
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stanford medical center where 20,000 patients had information posted online. when it got there, how come no one seemed to care. we'll have a live report. >> i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco, one bart station was shot down and another was vandalized. >> good morning. live look from our roof cam. see a few clouds, drizzle for the morning commute. one last hot day before the summer storms roll in this weekend. possible thunderstorms and possible fire threat, too. >> good morning, i'm sue hall. we've got a live shot of the maze and bay bridge, friday light so far and friday morning commute. we've got details coming up. it is 5:01. we thank you for waking up early. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. >> stanford hospital is admitting to major private
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breach. names of thousands of patients were posted online and posted for the world to see for nearly one year. live at stanford hospital with a lot more. >> 28,000 emergency room patients had some pretty private information posted online. it was up there for a year. a lot of questions including it was up there for so long and nobody seemed to notice. i'm not knocking stanford here. the patients didn't notice. nobody reported it. why was it up there for so long? take a look at the pictures. somehow a spreadsheet with detailed information about patients, building contractor to a website completely unrelated to student of fortune. that site helped students with their homework for a fee. no connection whatsoever. kind of strange. a spokesperson says it first appeared in september of last
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year and it was discovered last month and immediately removed from the website but there were no reports of it. no complaints about it. it was up there a long time and no one said anything. so what was on that? they had some account numbers, some billing, charging emergency room patients from march '1st to august 31 of 2009. good news is the information did not include credit card numbers or social security numbers but it is scary. one possible explanation, it was up on that website in answer to a question how you take information and make a bar graph out of it. so possibly people were looking at it these were made up names and made up conditions when in fact they were real. stanford is doing everything it can so it never happens again and they want to find out how it got there in the first place.
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the nation is high alert this morning with word of a new terror plotted aimed at americans. we have learned that at least three individuals entered last month intending to launch a car bomb attack in washington, d.c. or new york. they are increasing police presence for the tenth anniversary of the terror attacks. the threat is specific and credible but not confirmed. people should be vigilant but not change their daily routines. so far the terror alert level that is not change but department of homeland security is considering raising it. >> bart is wrestling with continuing security problems. commuters will notice significant damage the result of vandals that struck right after the latest protest over a bart shooting and cellphone shutdown. amy hollyfield is live at the glen park station. that is not where the protest was. >> no.
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some vandals attacked this station at about 10:00 last night check this out. some of the clipper card readers are out of service and few of them you cannot go through or on the other side you can't exit. there are a couple that working this station is able to function this morning. if you have a clipper cashed you can use it but you can't use all of the gates this morning. there is some graffiti here also to greet commuters. someone spray-painted the name of charles hill the man bart police shot and killed july 3rd. witnesses vandals smashed the clipper card readers were hammers. another problem for bart last night, they are dealing with a protest at powell station. police closed down the station for two hours and protestors blocked the ear gates. police moved in and made arrests and even detained a newspaper reporter and journalism students
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from san francisco stated. >> some members of the media have legitimate identification but did not have it and processed into the arrest tin bin. there are approximately 26 to 30 that have been placed under arrest. they will be transported to san francisco. >> protestors were hoping to force police to open the emergency stream gates to let riders get by for free but their plan didn't work. police just shut down the station. the protestors attempt to help ride wers a free fare did not gain them much goodwill. commuters say they were very frustrated by the protestors. they are sick of these protests, but there is going to be another one. it is scheduled for monday at 5:00 p.m. at civic center station in downtown san francisco. the lights are back on today in arizona and just lights are back on in san diego, all 1.4
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million customers san diego gas is and electric are back on now. this was after a massive power outage cut electricity to millions of people. power officials are cautioning not to expect business as usual. california national guard is on emergency alert. that is partially because it's unclear what caused the outage. an employee at a power station in southwest arizona could have been the source when removing some equipment. up to six million people were without power leaving people without air-conditioning. >> it's kind of like arm me get done. the power is out. you can't see when you are driving. there are no street lights. >> the power outage is affecting flights here in the bay area. to check on your flight straws go to and click on flight tracker. >> one year anniversary of the
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deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. it killed 8 people. none of homes have been rebuilt. construction has begun on seven replacements. last week national transportation safety board substandard welds and it will any of failures led to the blast. california public utilities was also admonished cpuc for their oversight of the system. >> families and neighborhoods that were killed will hold a memorial service tonight at skyline college in san bruno. we'll have coverage here on abc7 and stream it live in its entirety at from 6:00 to 6:30 p.m. >> they have been working to closing some of the districts 101 schools. district has now released a list of ten schools identified for possible closure consideration. oakland tribune reports the list of elementary schools, kaiser
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lake view, revere and marshal and maxwell park and sante fe and sobrante. claremont and chris middle schools were on the list but it was unlikely that any middle schools would be recommended for closure. >> if you dressing your kids for school this morning, it's going to be a little warmer again. definitely going to be warmer today. we're talking about temperatures that will be -- let's show you right now. they'll be anywhere from a couple degrees to even 11 degrees warmer than yesterday. good morning to you. 2 degrees in hayward to 2 in san francisco, oakland 3, concord, 4. san jose 5 and santa rosa, 11 degrees warmer than yesterday. 12 hours, 40 minutes of sunshine. as far as what we're dealing with, temperatures inland in the north bay and east bay will hit
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the 90s. south bay will stay in the 80s. around the bay itself, have mid to upper 70s and out at the coast, quiet in the 50s. sunshine we'll have it by noon. pockets develop around the coast. let's focus tomorrow and sunday. storms will be close to our neighborhoods, close enough that you will want to keep an eye out dry thunderstorms will produce lightning and lightning this time of the year can also produce some fires. that passes on monday. monday will be our coolest days in the forecast. >> happy friday. take a look at mass transit, problem free, nice way to go as they are winding down your workweek. let's take a look at drive times. we've got problem free i think now if you are headed towards the golden gate bridge. southbound 101. less than 15 minutes from central san rafael. 24 in if you are driving toward the caldecott tunnel, less than 15 minute drive and coming from the peninsula, 92, 101 to 280
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nice five-minute drive. take a look at 80-berkeley westbound toward the macarthur maze, no problems. we have a little bit of stall on shoulder there but no slowing. people looking for work in california may soon have one less thing to worry about. >> one-half the legislature down one to go. governor brown's plan to keep jobs in the state clears a big hurdle. >> carol bartz fires back. she let's loose on her old colleagues. >> and back to the future. newest takes some inspiration.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. california judicial council is considering a request by the san francisco superior court for two and a half million in funding. it would prevent civil court rooms from closing and reduce the number of layoffs from 177 to 75. court is facing a $6 million budgeted deficit for the current fiscal year after state funding throughout the california court system was cut by $350 million. >> would the governor and state assembly struck a new corporate tax deal designed to keep jobs
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in california. it would require companies to base their corporate tax calculations only on what they have in california. it will raise one with billion a area. it includes tax breaks for california based firms and individual taxpayers. 25 other states use similar policies. >> this very important, coming together of dispirit individuals and different views to do something for california. >> by closing a corporate loophole that benefits out of state corporations we are providing real and permanent tax relief to californians. >> the governor admitted he needs to persuade enough senators to vote for the package. >> employers may not be able to hold bad credit against job applicants. they have passed a bill preventing employers from using consumer credit reports when considering applicants. only exception for jobs
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involving the handling valuable information or items. they say credit reports are not always accurate. this will make it tougher to hire qualified people. assembly has to take a final vote. >> they have brought a 5% stake in yahoo. third point describes carol bartz performance as disai business mal and taking so long to fire her. yahoo chairman started reading a lawyer's prepared statement to dismiss her on tuesday. she realized it is a script and roy, why can't you tell me yourself. we won't say it on tv. bart says she plans on keeping her feet on the board despite asking her to leave. that may be difficult because she called the board a bunch of
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dufesses. >> walmart is bringing back layaway items. it end the layaway problem five years ago. the pay as go you plan will continue through 16th. low income shoppers are being squeezed by low unemployment and sears and target have been offering layaway forces years. >> back to the future for nike. sneaker company says it's going to make a shoe based on the pair made if a famous back to the future ii and wore by michael j. fox character. >> they aren't quite power laces but they do light up. they are making a limited edition 1600 pairs to be auctioned online.
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go back to people, mcfly. >> it's also for a great cause and ski boots. >> i miss the high caps. >> and let's take a look at show you what is going on. let's go. we got stuff to talk about. let's go. >> 5:18 this morning, here is what we're looking back from downtown san francisco. we are looking at clouds and we do have clouds and a little bit of drizzle for you in the morning commute. if you are around the peninsula and along the coast. let's move on to the temperatures and see most in the 50s. mountain view and antioch in the 50s. monterey bay inland, clouds and even more so and more likely you
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are going to see drizzle and low to mid-50s. sunshine this afternoon with pockets developing along the coast. heights will be warmer than yesterday. more clouds, cooler weather this weekend and those clouds will bring us isolated storms that could bring in higher fire danger if you get caught under one of those fire storms and lightning that spark the fires. 10 degrees warmer in livermore, 5 degrees warmer in napa and one degree cooler in oakland and 3 in redwood city. san francisco, 7 degrees cooler than average. here is a look at the cloud cover. pretty extensive around the bay and into the north bay valleys through 9:00. it's out of south bay and east bay valleys, come 10:00. by 12:00 the finger of fog moving through the golden gate bridge over to the east bay but even that starts to dry. quite a spread from 60s to even 100s well into the north bay.
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>> not quite that warm in the south bay but temperatures in the 80s. around the peninsula, 72 in millbrae and everybody else in mid to upper 70s. 64 in half moon bay, probably the warmest spot along the coast as we have upper 50s for pacifica and daly city. mid-50s downtown san francisco. 71? sausalito but upper 80s to low 90s in to 102 on n ukiah. mid to upper 70s and low 70s around richmond and berkeley. then we have the low to mid 90s through the east bay valleys until antioch and brentwood. upper 90s there. 93 in gilroy and down to 65 in monterey. giants in town taking on the dodgers. so it will be cool with a light breeze 63 to about 58 degrees. tonight pretty mild. in the 50s, some clouds along the coast and a little bit of drizzle. high fire danger will be in the sierra.
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that will be likely concentration of storms will be. we have a slight chance. big story is the cooler weather for the weekend that will spill into monday and slight warming trend with more sunshine early next week. >> good morning everyone. happy friday. we've got pretty light traffic heading southbound on 680. this is a live shot in walnut creek. heads up for a little bit of road work, 680 between el chos ta. smooth sailing, no metering lights and no problems headed westbound on the upper deck to treasure island and on into san francisco. drive times, 80 westbound, towards highway 37, less than ten minutes. 280 to 101, five minutes and dumbarton bridge approach is looking good. go to our website for latest drive times and all the up to date information.
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>> thank you so much, sue. >> your tweets are about to come with something extra. twitter's money making plan that is not making a lot of users happy. >> and unwanted incentives that airlines are [ man ] before allegra-d, congestion from allergies shut me down.
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>> dan: if you are on twitter expect to see more ads in the next few months. the adz will show up even if you from a company that you are not following. they want to make more money from the hundred million active users. some users are already complaining about the ad insertions. >> some flights on major airlines will cost you more now. a new wave of fare hikes begins
5:25 am
when u.s. airways increased round trip fares ten dollars on many recounts. other airlines followed with their own increases. it goes for last minute bookings. this the sixth time we've seen fare hikes this year. the average domestic flight runs about $247. that is 10% higher than last year. >> you remember oprah, came to the bay area to shat chat with her friends. she sat down with facebook chief operating officer for a one hour live chat fest. employees asked some the questions, including her intentions for new television network. >> i don't think the world needs another television channel but what the world needs is a different way of looking itself, inspiration and stimulation and a little joy. we need to be able to look at
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the best. >> oprah took part in a lightning round of q&a where she reveals her favorite thing, she prefers tequila to wine. she answer add hole gamut to wine. next, why you'll night a few more police officers around bart stations this weekend. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live at the stanford medical center, that must have been some kind of surprise for those students going on line looking for help with their homework. there was personal information about 20,000 stanford hospital patients. what we learned from all this. story is coming up in a live report. >> and new developments in the massive power outage from san diego to arizona that forced the cancellation of dozens of bay area flights. what to get ready if you are flying south. >> if you her egged to the rockies, feels like the fall, 68
5:27 am
in boston and still summer heat. 10 in the phoenix. 93 in portland. good news if you are traveling. philadelphia is having flight arrival delays but because of the power outages in southern california, there may be delays and cancellations. check out flight tracker at at the bottom. ♪ it's the way you bring out the sun ♪ sunnyd! ♪ it's the way you make it all fun ♪ know who makes the day sunny? my mom and sunny d! i love the taste. mom loves the vitamin c. and now it has 40% fewer calories than most regular soda brands. sunnyd! ♪ make today a sunny day! collect sunny d labels to get free books for your kids' classroom. go to
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>> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in stanford hospital where hens of thousands of patients had pretty personal information posted online. what has people concerned just how long it was sitting there for everyone to see. also this morning, new york and washington are on heightened alert from a credible but unconfirmed terror alert. they are trying to look for
5:30 am
three people that may have been planning a car bombing. >> and we're learning that 1.4 million consumers sitting in the dark in san diego from a power outage. >> we are looking live from downtown san francisco, clouds and drizzle for the morning commute. big story this weekend. i'll update on the threat have thunderstorms and the fire that it brings with it. >> i'm sue hall in the traffic center. live shot of 80 freeway. headed westbound into the macarthur maze. so far friday light. >> i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. >> top of the news, stanford hospital is investigating an embarrassing security breach that went unnoticed for months. it involves tens of thousands of patient records that were somehow posted on an unlike low website. terry mcsweeney is live at stanford hospital to put this altogether for us. >> 20,000 emergency room
5:31 am
patients had some pretty personal information posted online. how it got there and why it was there for so long are two questions still being investigated today. take a look at some pictures, file footage we have of stanford hospital, "new york times" is reporting that patient information is went last year and only found last month and immediately removed. patients that were treated from march to august of 2009. it was found on a website of student of fortune which helps students were their homework and was used as an example of how to take spreadsheet information, how to fake it and convert to a bar graph. -- how to take it and convert it to a bar graph. it didn't include credit cards and social security numbers. a spokesman is saying that stanford is doing everything it can with the goal of having 100% patient information privacy.
5:32 am
he says they are continuing to strive for that. they are trying to figure out how it got online and nobody said anything. they suspended the contract with the billing vendor responsible. employees have been cleared of any wrongdoing. an investigation into the department of health and human services is expected. terry mcsweeney, "abc 7 news." federal officials are taking an unconfirmed al-qaeda threat to attack new york or washington, d.c. to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. we have learned that three individuals entered the u.s. last month intended to launch a car bomb attack in new york or washington, d.c. president obama has ordered a counterterrorism community to redouble their efforts. so far the alert level has not changed but homeland security is considering raising it. coming up in 15 minutes we'll
5:33 am
take you live to washington, d.c. for the very latest. >> there is no specific threats that bart's passengers is likely see other things, but they will see more heightened security. it's in operation for rail safe. heads of the nation's largest mass transit systems are using an abundance of caution head of the 9/11 anniversary. the goal is to coordinate deployment among local law enforcement agencies during an emergency. >> bart police are investigating an attack by vandals at glen park station in san francisco. a group of about 10-20 vandals damaged turnstiles and put graffiti in the station last night. they swung hammers and destroyed the clipper card readers at the station's entrance. if you are going to be riding, beware of that. some of the devices are still not working this morning. someone scrolled the name of charles hill, the man that was
5:34 am
shot to death by bart police in july. >> powell street station is reopened after the protest last evening. they arrested more than two dozen protestors on the platform. a group was trying to force bart to allow passengers to ride for free. they wanted to make it so congested but they would have no choice but open the emergency gates. >> this morning, the lights are back on for 1.4 million customers in san diego and all of arizona but millions are still in the dark in parts of california and mexico following a massive power outage. it could take until tomorrow to get the lights completely back on for all 6 million customers who lost power last night. national guard is on emergency alert in california in case looters try to capitalize on the outage. they are second out thousands of
5:35 am
workers to make sure the 9/11 system work for in the affected areas. they believe an employee at a power substation in southwest arizona likely caused the outage. >> it's affecting flights here. arrivals and departures were peppered with cancellations last night. almost all southwest flights to san diego were cancelled. they will evaluate the situation this morning and determine if more cancellations are necessary. united, you night express and virgin has temporarily stopped flights to san diego. to check on flight status go to and click on flight tracker on our home page. >> it was one year ago today that disaster struck the city of san bruno with the nation's deadly gas explosion in a decade at exactly 6:11 p.m., a pg&e exploded and spread flames around the neighborhood. the blast and fire killed 8
5:36 am
people and injured dozens of others and destroyed 38 homes. it took pg&e an hour and a half before it could furnish off the gas. federal safety officials said the utility's litany of failures includes substandard welds that led to the explosion. families and neighbors of the people killed in the explosion and fire will hold a memorial service at skyline college in san bruno tonight. we'll have coverage here and also stream it live in its entirety at from 6:00 to 6:30 p.m. >> now we're going to get a little hotter. >> we are. an increase the fire danger, as well. >> over the weekend, absolutely. some thunderstorms will be possible around our neighborhoods, very isolated more likely stay in the high country, in the sierra. it's pretty quiet. overall high pressure dominating our weather but underneath it we
5:37 am
have a sea breeze this morning. that is why we have clouds around the bay area and some drizzle. winds are less than ten miles an hour no most neighborhoods. you can see what the cloud deck is doing. creating warm conditions where fog is forge around santa rosa, three-quarter mile visibility. inland, livermore and fairfield because it's clear, temperature is about 4 degrees cooler. clouds around the bay and temperatures in the 50s and 60 around antioch and fairfield. noon hours, lunchtime temperatures, upper 50s to low 60s along the coast into san francisco. 55 in oakland and san rafael and 80s as you head inland and by 4:00, we have high clouds and sunshine, 90s dominate the east bay valleys. 80s in the south bay. near 90 in the north bay. 70s throughout the bayshore. mid 60s into san francisco. >> here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast, slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm saturday and sunday
5:38 am
our fire danger could go up a little bit because it could be dry thunderstorms. big story cooler weather 10-15 degrees cooler by monday. happy friday everybody. it's pretty light out there. live shot. san mateo bridge, no problems, taillights headed in the westbound direction toward foster city. san rafael you got a brand-new road surface and no problems, that makes for smooth sailing, taillights are in southbound direction past the civic center. through terra linda and through san rafael. no problems bay bridge toll plaza. look at popular commute drive times. so far pretty good all the way around this morning. the f.b.i. takes aim at the bankrupt solyndra plant in fremont. what is in those boxes that agents carted away? >> and president obama lays out a plan to create new jobs in america.
5:39 am
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new splenda® essentials™ no calorie sweetener with b vitamins, the first and only one to help support a healthy metabolism. three smart new ways to sweeten. same great taste. new splenda® essentials™. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. h. >> good morning, the f.b.i. is saying bh the raid of headquarters of solyndra. f.b.i. searched their records and carried away a truck full of boxes. it comes a week after they declared bankruptcy. they scrutinizing a $535 million
5:42 am
federal loan to the company and there is word that two investors may try to buy the company. >> and a job fair will be held in newark today for the 1100 solyndra workers laid off by the bankrupt company. it will take place at aloni college campus. it will include career counseling and educational resources and stress counseling. >> president obama is getting out of washington to rally public support for newly unveiled jobs initiative. he plans to visit richmond virginia where he'll cast it bipartisan plan that will get americans back to work quickly. >> president obama painted a stark choice, more jobs or more joblessness. >> the question is whether in fiaghd of an ongoing national crisis, we can stop the political circus and actually do something to help the economy. >> if republicans block his new jobs plan he may use it to
5:43 am
campaign against them. >> you should pass it and i intend to take that message to every corner of the country. >> he said the package is a bipartisan blend using the word republican 11 times. >> every proposal i have laid out is the kind that has been supported by democrats and republicans in the past. >> the plan could give tax credits up to $5600 for businesses that hire unemployed veterans. it would extend the current payroll tax for workers saving $12500 for the average working family earning $50,000 a year. >> the next election is 14 months away. the people who sent us here, the people who hired us to work for them, they don't have the luxury of waiting 14 months. >> he also seeks more stimulus spending, hundred billion dollars on it on infrastructure and unemployment aid.
5:44 am
>> first stimulus didn't do it. this isn't a jobs plan, its reelection plan. >> other republicans give it a mixed reception. one said it's more debt and more washington waste. john boehner said it mertsd consideration. thousands of job cuts in the banking industry may be headed our way. bloom berg business report coming up. >> live in the washington for the latest on the terror threat on the nation's capital and new york on alert. >> and next defect that has permanently injured some users. >> racoons go on the attack in sacramento. they are wondering what is going on. gi
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welcome back. 5:47 on a friday. live doppler is pretty quiet across the state. it will be active in sierra with the dry thunderstorms. outside of that, near hundred around fresno, 108 in palm springs, 84 in l.a. heading to the sierras, chance of thunderstorms about every day. tahoe mid to upper 70s. heading down to southern california, it's going to be rather quiet. temperatures cooling in los angeles in the upper 70s and even some upper 50s in
5:48 am
san diego. the nation is on high alert this morning with word of a new al-qaeda not attack new york or washington just two days before the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. they say the threat is credible but unconfirmed. now live from washington with the very latest. scott? >> u.s. officials have been bracing for this kind of plot ever since they discovered documents mention ago possible september 11th anniversary attack in osama bin laden's hideout. they are sorting through information the c.i.a. came across in the last two days. >> in the hearts of new york city where police were already on alert. think know are adding extra hours on their shifts. in the capital they are taking extra precautions tied to a terror threat. >> there is a accurate there is specific, but unconfirmed threat information. >> u.s. officials say they
5:49 am
discovered the plot by ayman al-zawahri that you a vowed to' avenge the death of osama bin laden. there as one american citizen that arrived by plane in august. their apparent target, the same two cities that they attacked two years ago. >> if you see something suspicious, don't wait. >> the plot could involve a car or truck bomb similar to the failed attack on times square last year. or al-qaeda may be considering using small arms, home made explosives or even poison that would help them stay relevant. >> probably al-qaeda is down to few hundred peoples but it doesn't take many people to do this kind of attack. >> officials say the threat is credible, they say it's not cause for panic. >> we do live in a world where we must take the threats seriously and we certainly will. >> in new york city, and here in
5:50 am
washington, we will see more police, more vehicle stops and more searches. in new york we also saw mayor bloomberg ride the subway to work this morning. he says he felt just as safe as he did yesterday. >> before you go, what has the white house said publicly or privately about the threat? >> president obama was briefed on this yesterday morning, he hasn't said anything publicly. privately he has told people to redouble their efforts, to find clues in the next few days, vice president biden this morning and he said again, in is a credible threat but he said there is no smoking gun. >> reporting live from washington. thanks very much. >> we'll find out if there is a smoking gn. let's take a look weather forecast. >> clouds and drizzle this morning and flight arrival delays into sfo. clouds are hanging pretty low. as we look from downtown san
5:51 am
francisco under the bay bridge back towards oakland. let's take about the temperatures. most of us in the 50s right now. 50 in mountain view, 62 in antioch and low visibility around santa rosa. low clouds, fog and drizzle around the monterey bay an inland. three things i want you know, it will be sunny and afternoon temperatures warmer but that quickly changes tomorrow, more clouds, some of the clouds to billow up with lightning that could heighten our fire danger for saturday and sunday. two degrees warmer in hayward and san francisco. san jose, 5. biggest jump, santa rosa, 11 degrees warmer than yesterday at 92. 92 in dublin. everybody else in the east bay valleys, mid to upper 90s. castro valley, fremont 80. 70s for the rest of the east bayshore, oakland around 74 degrees. low to mid-80s in the south bay. 85 in saratoga. mid upper 80s in most of
5:52 am
peninsula. 58 in pacifica and only 59 in daly city and coast will be qaet quite cool. 71 in vallejo even 102 in ukiah, bodega bay, stinson beach, 40 degrees cooler. more sunshine around santa cruz, salinas, low to mid-80s. low to mid 90s around morgan hill and gilroy. heading out to the at&t park, dodgers are in town, cool with a light breeze, 63 dropping down to 58 degrees. away keep dropping n to the 50s about everywhere but thickest clouds will be around the coast but inland areas will be fairly clear. here is the setup for the weekend, couple small areas of low pressure under cutting the overall pattern of high
5:53 am
pressure. because these weak lows are developing with the counterclockwise flow they are bringing moisture from the south pushing it up against the mountains. the mountains naturally lift it and you can see the thunderstorms developing along the sierra and even high elevations south of monterey bay. they'll gradually work their way to the north. they have a lot of lightning and that lightning could create a high fire danger especially along the sierra and up to the northern sections of our state and some of that could touch even our east bay hills and north bay mountains. something to keep an eye on this weekend. big pattern overall this weekend is cooler weather. we're about 4 to 10 degrees on sunday. roads are pretty light traffic. i want to show you a pretty shot. this is a live look at vollmer camera, highway 24 snake go its way toward lafayette and orinda. no problems there.
5:54 am
680 southbound, this as you head out of concord and pleasant hill toward highway 24, moving at the limit. a little bunching up at the 24 junction. pretty light at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights remain on off. take a look at some of the popular drive times, for your commute into san francisco, wherever you are headed. pretty easy drive. looks like a little slow. 92 in san mateo. is the website for the latest in drive times and all the up to date incidents. bay area traffic left side of your screen. thanks a lot. >> it's 5:54. >> walmart is bringing go back the holiday layaway program. >> good morning. big job cuts, may be coming to bank of america's. dozens of executives are scheduled to meet at charlotte to go over a cost cutting plan.
5:55 am
likely total of 29,000 employees 10% of the work force on top of the other cuts it's already making. but the cuts may go way deeper and eventually total up to 40,000 workers. bank of america stock down 40% this year as it struggles with lawsuits and mortgage debt problems. toys and electronics is coming back to walmart, layaway plan. you can purchase them on layaway but a non-refundable $5 fee and 10% down. if you don't pay the total by a certain time, there will be a ten dollar fee. >> there is a rumor about a device used for home exercise, it can snap and potentially cause blindness. target stores is recalling 477,000 of these resistance cords after two users suffered permanent vision loss.
5:56 am
rubber tension is using for building strength but the door anchor can be released unexpectedly. three users report being hit in the eye. they were sold from july 2009 to august of this year. if you have one, stop using it. we have more information at >> racoons are going on the attack in sacramento and no one seems to know why. animal control says it has responded to three separate attacks in ten days. on tuesday, two attacked a woman and her dogs. city officials say the woman was walking the dogs. she suffered a few minor bites and scratches. one of the dogs was badly bitten. they cornered the racoons in a tree and shot and killed them. officials are not sure what is going on. >> very bizarre. we always have wildlife in our cities but not wildlife pro tivl
5:57 am
attacking people. >> one theory is that roo countries are evolving are becoming more territorial. another is they could have rabies. they are testing the raccoons just in case. just ahead, the power outage that affected more than five million customers butsome good news this morning. >> and smart phones, can it help you. >> do you want it to? >> your next phone may be able to. >> hey bart riders, probably aware there was a protest last night but did you know there was vandalism at a bart station. some riders are having to work around it this morning. i'm amy hollyfield. i'll have all the details for you up next. abababababababababab
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