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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  September 12, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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and refused to raise fines for texting or calling on a cell phone while driving and also veet yid bill to make it easier for farm workers to unionize. republicans are worry btd bills and are hopeful brown won't rubber stamp them. >> my hope is that he is more thoughtful than that. we've seen some evidence of that. i think he's got to be careful taking the middle of the road. >> the governor said california has too many laws on the books. >> i can make those bills better, we'll have an opportunity to do that. >> in addition to labor measures he has until october 9th to act on hundreds of bills on the desk. his veto rate first time he was governor from 1975 to 1983 was less than 5%. >> and nannette, thank you very much. >> here we go again, protesters gearing up for
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another demonstration against bart tonight. >> it's expected to begin in san francisco very soon. bart protesters plan to target three stations tonight. civic center, powell and embarcadero station. >> sky 7 is live right now. you can see a strong police presence. they prepare for whatever the bart protesters intend to throw at them tonight. >> and abc 7 is below on the platt form there and what are you seeing. >> there is a lot of commuters gathered on the platform. now, it seems to be going just fine. there are heavier than usual media presence here and what we've seen is a lot of employees wearing yellow vests down here to direct crowds. and this should become unusually crowded. we did see police officers on the ticketing level and on the ground level above the station but only actually seen one guy
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with a protest sign here this time on the civic center platform. he had a sign that said i love lyndon. a chief spokesman for bart during this round of protest was regard to free speech. so now, it's a waiting game. we're finding out there may be protesters gathered at powell street. so this is a guessing game as we try to figure out where protesters gathered and what the plan s we do know, however, as a result after the rests that happened on the free area on thursday, they plan to respect the free versus paid boundary and said they do plan to protest here on the platform, which one is now what we're waiting to find out. >> thank you very much. we'll be there to cover it.
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and he's station platform we're on stand by for more. and we're moving on. and gisele esteban has a court date to enter a plea. and for esteban's expected court appearance. he is the father of her child. and esteban, seen here in court last week says her former high school friend michelle le is responsible for her break up. le has not been seen since may. >> the district attorney has recommended us not to speak with our -- tuck about this case in the media. so we're just focused on finding michelle. >> and this weekend will be the age search conduct bid le's family. esteban's court appearance was cancelled because she does not have an attorney. >> two suspected gang members pleaded not guilty to murder
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charges in the death of a 3-year-old boy in oakland. prult prosecutors claim these two men killed carlos nafa when they shot at rival gang members on international boulevard. he was shot during a shopping trip with his mother. >> and it's now up to congress to decide the fate of the president's new jobs plan. the president made a push for that legislation at a rose garden event today flanked by firefighters, police officers, teachers, construction workers and others and said would benefit from the $447 billion package. he says it's urgent for congress to act immediately. >> this is a bill putting people back to work across the country. this is a bill that will help our economy. in a moment of national crisis. and this is a bill that congress needs to pass. >> the president will hit the road to try to sell the plan. next week explaining how he
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plans to pay for this. >> and early indications that are he will ask congress to raise taxes on the wealthy and businesses which won't be received well by lawmakers. >> and this won't help in job creation. bank of america says it will cut 30,000 jobs in an effort to save $5 billion per year. the nation's largest bank says it expects most of the cuts to come through attrition. and eliminating unfilled positions. this follows a revamp of the top team last week when two executives left the bank. 6,000 positions were eliminated this year. bank of america stock lost nearly 50% this year. mostly due to poorly-written mortgages when it bought countrywide financial in 2008. >> and 50 green jobs will be opening up in solano company. there is a process of opening a plant by the end of the year. >> it's so consistent with
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california's environmental ethics, more with bay area environmental ethics and clearly more consistent with benicia's environmental ethics. >> the sedan travels 150 miles per charge. five seats, no problem. and will cost about 35 grand after state credits. it's set for delivery in california by the end of the year. >> and carol barts resigned from yahoo board of directors and blasted for firing her at the company's ceo last week. last thursday declaring she intended to keep her seat on the board. she called fellow directors quote, doofus. and some believe other management heads should go as well. >> wall street was able to shake off jitters about europe's economy, posting a solid gain today. and dow jones gained 69 points. and investors were not pleased
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germany may stop helping greece. the gain pushed dow jones above the 11,000 mark. >> and the default race on college loans risen substantially since the start of the recession. the latest figures out today by department of education show that national rate rose to 8.8% and that is fosh bowerer who's default bid september last year n 2008 waits 7%. >> and federal aviation administration says an aircraft repair company failed to properly repair and inspect 44 southwest planes. the agency is proposing a $1.1 million fine against technical services inc. faa says the company failed to inspect the plane for fatigue cracks and incorrectly installed fasteners helping hold the aircraft skin in
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place nchl april a hole opened in the roof of the southwest boeing 737. the faa says that was not improperly respared. >> a lot more to get to at 5:00. coming up a fast food restaurant accused of violating civil rights. >> and a cartoon may be too fast for a precool schoo school -- preschooler's brain. >> cool weather coming to the bay area. >> and san francisco considers architectural designs could make it a safe haven city for birds. the news continues in one minute. grime from
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out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a 25-year-old man is in the hospital after being hit by a police car. investigators say an office was investigating a report of a pedestrian lying in the street this morning. the officer was shining his
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spotlight and the pedestrian walked in front of the car. the officer swerved. and the police say the pedestrian appeared to be intoxicated. >> and prosecutors will not file charges at this time for an incident put a football player into a coma for several weeks. witnesses say he collapsed during a game on treasure island away where the ball. this happened in june. police arrested an opposing player searching his home for evidence last week, highways now been released. mcgovern continues to recover in a facility. the district attorney's office will continue to investigate this case. >> and a group of california college students rallied today in support of part ii of the state's dream act. this year, government signed a bill giving illegal immigrant
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students access to scholarships, today, students delivered boxes of postcard as loug students in the country illegally to apply for public aid. >> we have an opportunity to have brown sign legislation not only critical to a few in the university but to all students in the university. it's evidence by the fact we have over 11,000 post cards here. >> critics argue the funds should be reserve forward citizens and legal residents and say the bill gives students here illegally false hope because they cannot be legally im'em ployed in this state. >> a popular cartoon character on tv, sponge bob is getting put through the ringer by a team of child psychologists saying short exposure can affect a child's thinking skills. abc 7 reports on a study out today in the journal pediatrics.
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carey never allowed her 5-year-old son or 3-year-old son to watch the cartoon sponge bob square pants. >> they don't have time to process the image into the memory. goitsing so fast. kids aren't able to focus for long amounts of time. >> now, there is research to back up instincts. the fast paced animation has a scene change every 11 seconds. and in a study indicates a immediate negative impact on a brain function. researchers say they assigned 60,4-year-old to watch sponge bob or draw. after just nine minutes they say the sponge bob audience scored lower on tasks involving memory. connie has been teaching preschoolers for 35 years and says results of the toddlers try frog ses frantic images come as no surprise. >> i know they do that because this keeps kids' interest but there is other quality fram
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was a slower space pais oom aren't willing to payway in but say advice has been consistent for years. >> no tv under age two years for children and to limit screen time to less than one hour per day. including tv, video games or video time. >> nickelodeon says the study used questionable methods and this mom is holding firm that there are better choices for young minds. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> march the dimes urging the governor to sunshine law making screening babies for a deadly disease. california tests for fatal bubble boy disease, but pilot program to do so would end in
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february. health experts point out early detection and treatment of fatal bubble boy improves chances of surviving it child tested 17 days old can have a transplachblt he's happy and a healthy 4-year-old. >> this calls for making the test permanent like 29 other screenings for treatable diseases. >> and it's official. san francisco city hall has gone to the birds. some say. and there is what critics are saying after approving new building codes designed to keep birds safe. and in san francisco, glass buildings are confusing for birds because they blend into the sky. >> collisions do occur in san francisco. and so i think this is a good
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time for us to try to reduce impacts. >> bird proving may include putting stickers to signal it's not open sky them have to be turned down at night. >> well, case of the copper capper is completed tonight. this is to the delight of preservationists. the site was golden gate park. 64 ton dome place add top the 106-year-old murphy windmill. it had been in the netherlands for 10 years. and this culminates an 18 year effort to safety golden gate park windmills, another windmill once pumped 1.5 million gallons every day. >> and world's largest mammals putting on a show in southern california. 10 blue whales have been finding their way to redondo
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beach. you can see wow. spouting water there. they may look small but they grow up to 100 feet long. the giants have been brushing up against boats and breeching in the waters and jumping out of the water. the krill in los angeles is keeping nem a good mood. >> and sky 7 hd is live over civic center bart station. and the group anonymous has been trying to organize yet another protest. you can see there are only half a dozen protesters shown up. and there is a live picture, you can see no disruption, has not been the face most mondays when there have been delays because of protesters. and there is no problems and trains are running on time for
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the month we'll keep updating you on this situation. and there is all well in the community looking good aut outside its been a beautiful day. and there is some cooler weather to talk about in just a moment. you're going to notice in just days, temperatures take a nosedive. live picture now from high definition east bay hills camera. there is clouds there, nothing to worry about there. there is another live picture from heavenly camera. you can see dark skies there. thunderstorms have been rumbling throughout lake tahoe area and there is continuing to see possibility of thunderstorms. and there is a way it looks in bay area, temperatures 60s and 70s. and inland areas are seeing warmer weather with low to
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mid-80s, here are the highlights. low clouds coast and bay tonight. there is a cooler pattern this week. you'll notice towards the end of the week. this afternoon, we've seen clearing skies here and near the beaches, sunshine for everyone. to the east into sierra nevada thunderstorms have been developing here and there is a thousand lightning strikes and some thunderstorms have been so slow moving that they've dumped quite a bit of rain. you can see there is susanville area there, is a flash flood watch until 11:00 tonight there is some heavy rainfall. here is what is causing it. low pressure spinning here continuing to drop moisture and another area of low pressure to the south responsible for our lightning
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friday night. now it's going to happen is that tomorrow, the next day, not so big of a change. but heading into wednesdays and fridays, we're looking at cooler weather coming up with this system dropping down from the gulf. so do expect temperatures to come down a few degrees wednesday. and there is a low clouds near the coast and inland, tomorrow afternoon highs running similar to today. 79 san jose. and there is a nice day in mountain view. and there is low to mid-60s here near the coast. low clouds lingering into into afternoon. there is a change for tomorrow. and there is north bay, mid-80s santa rosa and napa. east bay, 70 degree day in
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oakland, sunshine into afternoon and fremont, 77 degrees, inland, temperatures going hover so coming up a degree or two in some spots. 86 conk skpord danville. and here is the accu-weather forecast. tomorrow low 6 ows to upper 0s. and much cooler weather for thursday and friday and warmest locations on friday upper 70s and upper 50s in beaches. and warmer days into weekend and next week z notice the drop heading into the end of the week. so if you like a cool forecast, you're going to like the end of the week. >> thank you. >> and still head, the lawsuit a fast food hamburger joint face because a customer can't slide into his seat. >> then, at 6:00 what your
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teenagers are saying on facebook. a service can tip you off when their messages and posts begin to cross the line. we'll be right back. ?ç?ñ
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you can see
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the government plans to expand e coli testing in meat, currently only testing for a common strain but there will be testing for seven strains in march. the cdc says sez this accounts for 110,000 illnesses every year and has been opposed to more testing saying it's expense outweighs benefits that can come from food safety campaign autos and white castle burger chain sk sued by
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a new york customer upset he cannot fit in booths, reporting he believes the restaurant is violating civil rights of overweight people and told a man it would make booths larger but a spokesman says there is no timetable. so he is now suing for bigger chairs and unspecified damages. the chain operates in the mid west and best known for square shaped burgers. arizona's prison system charging visitors a $25 fee. and under a state law, some adult who's want to visit must pay a one time background check fee. and with within going towards maintaining 10 prisons. a reform group sued in arizona saying that that fee was arbitrary and unconstitutional. the lawsuit seeks to have it declare aid tax and refunded for visitors who pay it and coming up, how much, just how
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much does facebook mean to you? >> you may be surprised to learn where it ranks compared to a modern day convenience you think you cannot live without. ososososos
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new allegations of scientific misconduct against national parks s.s accusations it's trying to make a north bay oyster farmer look bad. and building a new exploratorium along san francisco water front. plus... and after 6:30 a guitar allowing to play any song just following those flashing lights. and still


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