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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  September 12, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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. >> bitten in the bay. up next. swimmer story about a painful encounter with a harbor seal. >> on the spot tough talk tonight at the first tea party sponsored debate. 7 news tonight at the first tea party sponsored debate. 7 news begins in 60 seconds
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>> good evening. >> a shark is one thing but tonight a bay area man is talking about a seal attack. >> he's app open water swimmer prosecute berkeley with a chunk taken out of him on the bay. word of caution. we show united states wound in just a minute. allen is here with the story. you don't hear about harbor sale on the attack like this.
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>> when open water swimmer venture in the 55 degree san francisco bay it's not uncommon to encounter brush and nip from some very large sea creature but it is rare for harbor seal to attack a swimmer. we warn you that we are about to show you a pretty nasty wound. >> thought it was a satisfactorily on or maybe a small shark. not like a great white by. when he came face-to-face with it, john richmond says it was clearly a harbor seal attacking him during a 10 k open water swim this saturday in san francisco bay. >> i have my hand on it and punched it. and was kind of a melee and then it took off. >>reporter: but not before biting this gaping wound above his left ankle. punctured 4 hole in the other leg. >> it was really clamped on at that upon the. i actually was wondering, i was thinking very briefly about whether it was going to try and, you know,
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take me under. >>reporter: richmond says he was actually relieved to necessity it was a harbor seal because he's haden count we are sea lion. >> they are much more frightening than seal because they are huge. they are like 400 pounds. they look like bears. >> i would be very surprised if harbor seal went after somebody. >>reporter: he has been open water swimmer at the dolphins swimming and boating club at aquat ick park since 1980. he also works at the marine mamma mammal0 and says the seals are usually gentle and curious >> >> it happens. it happens every few years somebody does get bit. usually by a sea lion.what motivated the harbor seal is unknown but organizers hope it doesn't harass the 700 swimmers compete nling this weekend invitational. marine biologist say even serious attack by sea lion are rare and richmond agrees and says he's
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back in the cold water as soon as his wound heals up. >> allen reporting thank you. >> republican candidate faced off in florida tonight. this time in a debate sponsored by the tea party. candidate united on programs to cut spending but went after each other on other topic including social security. brad reports from tampa. >> 8 republicans courting the nomination and tea party support came out swinging. romney tried to back perry in the corner for calling social security a ponzi scheme. but texas governor fought back. >> it has been called a ponzi scheme by many people long before me. >> governor term ponzi scheme is what scared seniors. social security is an essential program. >> you said if people did it in the private sector it would be called criminal. that's in your book. >> yes what i said was -- [applause]. >>reporter: before the debate romney won endorsement of former minnesota governor tim and in g.o.p. polls romney is still behind perry who won endorsement of louisiana
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governor and founder of the tea party caucus bachmann tries to regain momentum she lost since winning iowa central poll. >> i'm committed to repealing obama care. >>reporter: candidate agreed on the need to get government spending under control. and economy back on track. >> what we need to do is cut the department of education, department of energy, and all these department and get rid of them the. >> people are tired of spending money we don't have on program west don't want. >> you have got to draw the line in the sand somewhere and say no more out of control spending. >>reporter: this is abc news. >> now the next g.o.p. debate held on september 22nd in orlando, florida. google and fox news are among the sponsor sponsors. just hours before tonight debate a new national cnn poll shows texas governor perry maining lead in the race with 30 percent support. 18 percent favor former massachusetts governor romney and sarah palin who has not indicated whether she will run and in the part of tonight's
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debate just behind romney at 15 percent. >> candidate criticize the president jobs plan during tonight's debate and he is now hitting the road to drum up support for it. the president will stop in ohio tomorrow then head to north carolina on wednesday. mr. obama sent the bill to congress today. economist project the plan would create nearly 1.9 million jobs through payroll tax cut and government spending. they the president said it was paid for the bill relies on 4 67 billion dollars raise in part through limit on tax deduction for the wealthy. higher taxes on hedge fund manager as well asening subsidy for oil gas company. >> bottom license when it comes to strengthening the economy and balancing our book we have to decide what our reports are. we keep tax loop hole for oil company or put teacher back to work? >>reporter: house speaker boehner promise to review the bail carefully but other house republicans called the tax increase it contains non-starters. >> if police arrested a
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sophomore at this college today in connection with the rape of another student over the wean. detectives say 18-year-old nicholas about assault add woman inside a dorm room in the early hours sunday morning. his arrest came after the victim identified him and she was campaigned at the hospital. spokesman for st. mary's says the campus is safe and quote we are really sad that this incident occurred. san francisco police plan to keep closer watch on one particular intersection after another cab driver was robbed there. that's at least the eighth robbery in the last two months at that location. latest one happened around 2 this morning ato fairly in the western addition. cabie told police he picked up a passenger who asked to be driven to geary boulevard near the scene of the robbery. investigators do not know if the robbery are connected but they do plan to analyze surveillance video from the cab. >> lawsuit by giants fan stowe is asking for 50 million dollars for his medical care. that's the expected cost listed
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in court documents filed as part of a lawsuit fence the dodgers. stowe suffered a serious brain injury when attacked march 31 after the dodgers home opener against the giants. 2 men have pleaded not guilty in the case. brian remains in coma tonight in san francisco general hospital. his family says he is responding new to simple commands. investigators in oakland now say 2 people found dead inside a burning apartment yesterday may have been killed in a drug dispute. bodies of man an woman were found early yesterday morning. late today police said autopsy show both victims died of multiple stab wounds. one witness saw someone running from the building with a gasoline can. oakland homicide total new stands at yes. almost a third higher compared to this time last year. well either solution in search of a problem or responsible approach to the environment. issue here is birds. buildings. window. studies show that millions of birds on migration die each year slaming in office wbltion transparent window because they
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can't see the glass payne pro-postal at san francisco city hall says any new or renovated building should be lowered 60 feet. one city official says he's never even seen a casual. >> you would think if it's a sires problem would you see a few on the ground once in awhile. >> san francisco federal building has screens to cover its glass facade and new building here has made last minute changes to would protect words but bird friendly structures are prohibitively expensive. >> coming up next. tonight 3 hour bart protest. march for fifth straight monday. mounting cost for local police. >> new competition for tesla. electric car maker planning to open an simply plant in the bay area. >> plus why no one will be allowed to walk from one end of the golden gate bridge to the other. at least for now. then later tonight on "nightline". >> pl coming up next on "nightline". bad news for
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sponge bob square pant in a child psychology study. could one of history most popular cartoons actually be bad for your kids? plus intimate never before heard tape of former physician lady jacqueline
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> closed captioning brought to >> bart protestors kept their promise to demonstrate against the transit agency policy every monday when demand met. smaller peaceful group protested this time. and as thomas reports, bart service was not disrupted. >> no justice. in peace. >> disbarred the bart police. >>reporter: 25 protestors from the group no justice no bart and anonymous march along market street near civic center beginning at 5 this evening. they led san francisco police around the plaza then descended that the civic center bart station. hear they chanted and taunted bart police but didn't good through the turn style. they march from here to the powell street station and back and forth several times. these protest have caused many bart commuters to adjust their monday schedules. this man owns an jaering firm.
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>> we allow our people to good a little earlier today. employees. probably half hour earlier. to avoid this congestion. >>reporter: but there was no congestion below ground today. san francisco police raced ahead of the group all evening. to keep them from obstructing xhawt traffic on market street. at one point the group raced toward city hall. there police blocked off the entrance by body. support he of anonymous says bart has still not fully addressed whether they will shut down cell service on another protest. >> they have not made a firm statement they will if the did this. they are working on the policy. in my opinion policy could have hammered out by now. >>reporter: he add bart police shooting of hill a homeless man is also fueling these protests. bart says all these protests are taking their toll. >> so far the cost have been 300,000 dollars. that doesn't include last thursday protest. >>reporter: protestors did not disrupt bart service today but did cause a lot of traffic jam
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along market and mission stree street. no arrest may tonight. protestors vow to do this every monday. in san francisc francisco, abc 7 news. nearly half of the women in california prisons could be released under a new plan to ease severe overcrowding. los angeles times report says as soon as next we can prison officials will begin releasing female prisoners who have children to serve the rest of the sentence at home. they must be serving time for non-serious non-sexual crimes and have less than two years left of the sentence. the mother would wear ankle bracelet and report to parole officers. nearly 4000 female inmates could be rae leased under the program. california is under a federal court order to reduce its prison population by roughly 46,000 inmates. bank of america says it will cut 30,000 jobs over the next few years if an effort to save 5 billion dollars a year nation largest bank expects most of the cuts to kilometer through attrition and eliminating unfilled positions. now these cuts follow a revamp
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of the top mappingment team last we can when 2 senior executives left the bank. 6000 position were his already eliminated earlier this year. bank of america stock lost nearly 50% this year mostly due to poorly written mortgages it acquired when it bought country wide financial in 2008. 50 green jobs soon open newspaper solana kochbility all electric car maker is in the process of opening a new assembly plant in benecia by the end of the year. >> it is so consistent with california environmental ethic even more consistent with the bay area environmental ethic and clearly more consist went be naesh environmental ethic. >> the sedan traveled one 50 miles charge. seats 5 and cost 35,000 dollars after state and federal credit. sedan set for delivery in california by the end of the year. >> foundation from texas announce today that it has awarded 100,000 dollar matching grant to the uss hornet museum to help the vintage aircraft
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carrier possibly manufacture to san francisco. hornet currently docked at the old alameda air station. serve entered the pacific during world war ii and later recovery ship for the apollo 11 and 12 space mission. manufacturing it here might bring more visitors to the hornet but mate not be a pier available for the 8 93 foot long vessel. >> starting tomorrow pedestrians can still walk on the golden gate bridge but in the able to good all the way across. seismic retrofitting work will force partial closure through january. still walk from san francisco to past the bridge north tower but in the all the way to vista point on the marin side. pedestrians can also walk short distance from marin on to the span before having to turn back around. bicyclist can cross the bridge on the western sidewalk. if you have plans to try to ks part of the bridge wear long sleeves. >> yes it's cooling down a bit. sandy here with a look at the forecast. >> that's right. especially by thursday and friday. temperatures are really going
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to drop. so you will need the long sleeve shirt. show you a view of the golden gate bridge. this is a photo submitted to you report. see a beautiful view of the gelleden gate bridge there. preside yo in san francisco. nasty lacking day in san francisco. 66 was the official high and the clouds cleared this afternoon making way for sunshine. about to our east they and to our north and sierra nevada and unless northern california we have been seeing thunderstorms all afternoon long. even in the evening things start to die down right now but i show you a time lapse from our heavenly camera 8300 foot elevation just about a couple hours ago. still some thunderstorms developing there and lightning strike. quite vivid there dramatic pictures from the tahoe area and if you are heading to lake tahoe tomorrow, another chance of some scattered showers and thunderstorms again. just be aware of this. temperatures rate now 50's along the coast line. 60's inland. we only have a few patches of low
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clouds that have developed along the coast but we are expecting coastal clouds overnight turning sunny by midday tomorrow and cooler pattern is set to develop later on this week. so here's look at the water vapor imagery. satellite picture showing you what is happening in the atmosphere. one area of low pressure that was responsible for the sierra thunderstorms is pushing off to the east. this low continues to spin off the southern california coast. remember this one gave us our dr. mat ick lightning show last friday night. both of these are going to head on out so tomorrow slight bump up in the temperature particularly inlan inland. after that it's all downhill. area of low pressure cool trough will work its way towards the bay area so we are hbinging at cooler weather wednesday through friday. really trems going to bottom out in the inland locations. in the upper 70's by friday. that's well below average for this time of year. over tonight tonight look for temperatures primarily in the 50's. antioch 60 degrees and clouds will be limited to the coast line. tomorrow afternoon nice sunny day in the south ba
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bay. 78 in santa clara. cupertino. 82 in los gatos. san jose sunshine and 79 degrees. on the planes you look at all 70's except los altos at 80 degrees. 76 redwood city. palo alto right along the coast with a little bit of low clouds lingering low in the afternoon. temperatures will come did you know a few degrees. 63 in pacifica. downtown san francisco 67 degrees. south san francisco 69 and north bay 84 if santa rosa. nice day in napa. 84 there as well. sunshine by afternoon in the east bay. 70 if oakland. 76 castro valley. head inland and it's a mailed to warm day. 86 if concord up to 88 degrees if antioch. the temperatures up just a couple degrees around the monterey bay 66 in monterey. go to the giants game tomorrow they take on the padres partly cloudy. breezy. upper 50's then dropping down to the mid 50's. certainly want to take a light jacket with you. here's the 7 day forecast. cooling trend wednesday through friday. much
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cooler really thursday friday well below average. only 78 in the warmest locations but by the weekend not too worry. warm back newspaper time for all your plans. >> okay. we lick the time tling. thanks. >> remember watson the computer that took on hum an beings on jeopardy recently. >> well, now that computer has a job in health care. we'll >> well, now that computer has a job in health care. we'll explain ee???????????????!
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>> all right people in the byron and discovery bay area warned tonight to keep their eyes open. police say 4 juveniles escaped from the byron boy ranch this evening, one is believed to be dangerous. so if you leif if the area you are urgeed to go inside. lock all window and doors and stay off the phone unless you need to report a life threatening emergency at your location. >> you may remember ibm famous super computer watson that competed and won on jeopardy. now it's going to work in the health care field. super computer used in joint effort between ibm and health care provider well point. watson help doctors diagnosis medical problems and choose among treatment options all within seconds based on patient medical history. pilot program will be rolled out earl next
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year at academic medical center as well. this is washington the son first commercial application. man who paid more than 5 million dollars to have lunch with billionaire warren buffet now working for him. hedge fund manager has been hired as potential successor at burke shir hath away. he will join them early next year after he closes down his fund based in virginia. he successfully bid twice in the auction to have lunch with buffet. only hear can you get a job paying 5 million dollars for an interview. >> very well spent. >> smart move by him there. >> we don't necessity washington his salary is. >> come on. >> larry up next with sports. >> minimum wage thing. about l l. >> raiders open the new season against arch rival on cold rainy night in denver. sebastian l ties long time nfl rainy night in denver. sebastian l ties long time nfl record. what a kick. sports
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>> good. raiders open in denver tonight. sloppy penalty of. but flu to the football and tied nfl record. raider nation dressed for success. lick father like son. first quarter 3ing in denver. here comes darrell. block the punt. raiders take over. in pwrvrng 0territory. jackson first game as team head coach great calls. campbell to reece slipping out of the back field. 7-3 raider raiders. about for regard tying 63 yard field goal. yes. in the light air and he nails it tying gist on and demonstration situation back in 1970 for the record. early third quarter special teams for the pwrvrng os. eric decker weaving his way on the punt return. started at the 10 and
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he is headed to the end zone. untouched 90 yards so 16-10. 3 turn over killed the broncos. kyle on rainy night slib ri ball. huh stop recovers. daryn 47 yards. he killed denverless year. tonight goes for 150 on 22 carries. down at the one. campbell short plunge to the score. raiders hold on 23-20 and end denver streak of 11 straight home opening wins. another monday nighter. patriots in miami. tom brady with franchise monday night football record. 5 17 yards if the air. 99 come rate here to welker. tie the record for longest td pass. new england nice start indeed. 38-24 the final in miami. 16 games left magic of the year ago is not recreated. giants kind of playing out the string hosting the padres but oh, baby. this has got the taking your twin new burn to the a game. hard core. giants with some offens
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offense. carlos beltran high deep and aloha. 18th of the year. 2 run shot. need that had couple weeks ago. ross in the third. this is a moon sho shot. way, way out into the night. no. 13 for ross. 3 nothing giants. 5-3 in the seventh. everybody is hitting homeers. 19th of the year. 3 homers in one game. must be like a giant record. giants win 8-3. a and angel another home run we give it to you. here it comes there it goes. josh 25 of the year. 3 run homer skid off the top of the fence as a's win it 6-3. tennis. u.s. open final. top seed p.m. leading nadal. gets treatment in the back. voila. this is what nadal does to everybody else. and big overhead come up here. good nature. match point. rips the
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forehand winner. he captures the third major of the year. this has been the toyota sports report. >> good tennis thanks. >> a lot of fun. >> all right thanks larry. >> nature line coming up next. >> for all of us here, thanks for joining us sneevrn we appreciate your time as always. hope to see you again here tomorrow. hope to see you again here tomorrow. >> good nature
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