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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  September 13, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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coming up, what iranian lawyer must happen before the hikers that are detained there can be released. >> i'm amy hollyfield live in discovery bay. police are looking for four teenage boys who escaped from a juvenile detention center overnight. >> good morning. 59 at sfo and fog is beginning to make its move across the bay. >> i'm sue hall traffic center. this is a live shot through berkeley, no problems here. full tuesday morning commute in
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just a few minutes. >> it's 5:00 a.m. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. >> developing news, word this morning that u.c. berkeley graduates in prison for more than two years may be this close to freedom. nick smith is live in the newsroom with the latest information. >> reporter: iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad told an american news outlet that the two americans that had been given eight-year prison sentences will be released in two days on humanitarian grounds. the iranian lawyer representing them said the bail amount of $500,000 had been set for each of the jailed americans and that after payment both would be released. bowe and fattal insist they were hiking when they inadvertently strayed over the border. two men were with third american
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that was released on the same bail amount in september of last year. trial for the two americans took place behind closed doors and no evidence against them has been made public. under iranian law, their sentence could carry the death penalty. people who live close to a youth detention center are being told to stay in their homes with windows and doors locked. while they do that sheriff's deputies are looking for four inmates who escaped from the byron's boy's home. >> four teenagers are on the run and one of them, police say has a cut on his hand. people out here are being told to stay inside their homes, lock their doors just to be safe. the boys escaped from byron boy's ranch a detention center
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out here. residents were told to stay inside. the boys range in age from 14 to 15 years old. there are two hispanic boys and two african-american boys. one is big one, he is 3,000 pounds, he stands six feet tall and three inches. so he should be pretty easy to spot. the sergeant working overnight one of the boys did call his mom. he told her he had cut his hand. he told her he was in brentwood but not specifically where he was. that is all she knows. they tried to trace the call but they couldn't do it. dogs tried to track them but they lost the scent. officers spent the night chasing tips but they got a lot of suspicious calls throughout the night. for example, someone saw a man on the roof of the safeway. police checked it out but it turned out to be electrician working on the roof. they had calls like that overnight. they have exhausted all of them and checked them all out and
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they have not turned up a signal sign of boys. obviously there is not a shelter in place because they have to get to school but everybody is warned and be looking for these four boys. hospitals are on alert to look for any boy with a cut hand. the county has shifted as many officers, shifted them east to have them on patrol to look for the boys and make sure the residents here are safe. some of the most important women in government and business from the u.s. in 20 pacific rim countries are gathering today. governor brown will give the welcoming address this morning at. if francis hotel. 3,000 are expected to attend the four day conference. hillary clinton will deliver the
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keynote. it will be how to increase women's participation and provide groundwork at siash yeah pacific cooperation meeting in honolulu this november. a group of anti-bart protestors say they will continue to march at stations in downtown san francisco every monday until bart disbands its police force and makes policy changes. a group of about two dozen protestors marched during last night's commute. it was the fifth straight week of protests. police say no arrests and no service was disrupted. they are preflgt the agency's decision to disrupt cellphone service in august after a fatal shooting by bart police in july. >> supervisors will hold a workshop to build a new maximum security jail. the proposal is to add a men's and women's jail to house up to
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832 inmates in redwood city at a cost of about $150 million. the existing jail is already overcrowding in a jail built for 700. when they transfer nonviolent felons, san mateo county expects to take in 400 more prisoners. >> san francisco police are warning cab drivers to beware after a robbery in the western addition. the latest happened yesterday morning a at o'farrell. a cabbie picked up a passenger and they drew a gun. they are analyzing surveillance video from the cab. >> sonoma county could today adopt some of the strongest smoking restrictions in the county. board of supervisors will vote on lighting up in condos in parks campgrounds and beaches
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and other outdoor areas. smokers will need to stay at least 25 feet away from public areas. this ban would be on par with limits already set in several other cities. >> starting this morning pedestrians can still walk on the golden gate bridge but they won't be able to cross the span completely. seismic work will force the partial closure of the east sidewalk through january. you can still walk from san francisco to just past the north tower but not all the way to vista point. pedestrians can walk a short distance from marin on to the span before they have to turn back. bicyclists can still cross the bridge on the western sidewalk. did you like yesterday's weather? >> it was nice. >> can we order an encore? >> we are looking pretty much the same start to the day but the clouds will be around the bay.
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onset of clouds and fog a little later today. the reason is we're looking at less of an onshore push. that is going to change in the days ahead. 56 in oakland. 61 in san jose. so the coastal clouds this morning making their way across the bay. that will allow for partly to mostly cloudy but at times, 7:00 or 8:00 then we'll see the clouds peel back for a sunny afternoon. cooler weather on tap. here we are right now, not much in the way of fog but as we head towards the next hour or so, a little finger wants to slide across the bay and with it we'll see the cooler marine air. southern california, mountains into nevada, very active weather to our south. all due to this area of low pressure but this is heading out. as it does we are going to look at our next weathermaker from the north and west of us. that will be providing the cooler air will resume tomorrow. 77 in fremont. 64 at the coast. 67 partly cloudy in the city. enjoy today, cooler days on the
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way. good morning. live shot in walnut creek, 680 as you are heading toward the 24 junction, heading in the southbound direction, a little bit of bunching as you enter the intersection. be prepared for road work in farther south. both lanes should be picked up very quickly. toll plaza is very light. metering lights remain off. few cars headed into san francisco. take a look at bart and public transit so far so good. train number one good out of stockton and key drive routes out of marin. sue, thank you very much. a san jose school has a major problem with minis. dress code that has taken the cheer out of a group of cheerleaders. >> what has one napa valley wine
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maker toasting. >> call it facebook with fences. a local service can tip you off when children's messages cross the line. >> and they are cleaning out attic and you could get a piece of space history just by asking.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. it's 5:12. cheerleaders at a san jose school are not rallying behind a
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new crackdown on their mini skirt. the principal at piedmont high school says the skirts are way too short. you can see for yourself and the girls need to wear sweats with them but they are okay to wear at games. the school district requires skirts or shorts be mid thigh. the rule is not new but the enforcement is. the cheerleaders say it's dorky and feels like sweats under skirts. now a san bruno company is monitoring kids online and reporting back to parents on dangerous activities. it's called social shield. lyanne melendez explains how it works and how it helps parents. >> i'm worried about the predators. her not being able to take something she says and regrets. >> its san bruno internet company that monitors your kids
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and their friends' behavior on social, two. >> right now we work with facebook, twitter. >> once a week they get a friendly report. it highlights that anything put your child at risk. >> something we can tell the parents, drugs or violence or suicide we can alert the parents. we are fairly sophisticated. we can tell the word shoot someone and something else. say your child had this picture on his or her site. it's tagged with words like so wasted. that will appear in the summary report. >> once hung over, one says hammered. we flag and present to the parents. >> more critical alerts to send out immediately. they check important cyberbullying and it's one of their friends has posted something inappropriate. if social shield is somebody is
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following your kids, it will alert you and help understand the teenage lingo. >> they will use acronyms and parents may not know what it means. we flag what we think is worthy ri some but we explain it to the parents. >> parents need to know chair child's e-mail address and password. the cost is $10 a month and hundred dollars a year. >> they say the service is for parents only, not just anybody else's online activities. last march two cofounders were first invited to the white house anti-bullying summit. annual grape harvest in napa valley is expected to begin in about three weeks. grape growers are looking at a good crop this year. bits been a relatively mild year there has been no big spikes in the weather. the late rains interrupted the
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blooming process and smaller crop this year but it doesn't compromise the quality. >> when you have a slow warming, a graduate warm, the flavors and sugars develop at the same time so when you are ready to harvest everything is ready. >> it's been a cool year. they will have an easier time to get the grapes perfectly right. the wine industry has been hit hard by the economic downturn but officials say it appears to be on the upswing with wine sales going up again and good crop could only help spur interest. >> if the city that you live in didn't get a souvenir space shuttle. it could still it. they have 350 astronaut meals and 300 thermal tiles. they will be able to schools on a first come, first served basis. schools will have to pay shipping and handling for a tile
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and also for a meal. that food is not for consumption. it is for display. >> oh. you know the kids are going to fight over it. so cool to eat astronaut food! >> you don't know where it's been. >> hey. >> couple nice days, fog has moved in the past hour. cooler conditions this morning but another pleasant afternoon before the real cool weather. we are looking at cloudy skies in parts of san francisco, so no weather delays yet but still thunderstorms in southern california, an area of low pressure still holds on to much of california's inclement weather. but we are enjoying 60s, hayward and mountain view but the fog has pushed in and half mile visibility up in santa rosa. so foggy up there, 58 in the city. 56 in oakland.
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so close coastal clouds and late onset allowing for the skies to become cloudy this morning the next few hours. then we'll look for them to become brighter as the fog peels back and the cooler weather pattern starting tomorrow but not as dramatic we'll see until probably thursday, friday. here is a look what is going on in southern california. speaking of dramatic, gusty winds, hail, thunderstorms, los angeles, san diego, vegas. if you are traveling to the south, keep that in mind. perhaps weather delays. this area of low pressure, one that brought us the muggy conditions, cloud cover over the weekend, it is heading out today and tomorrow. next weathermaker, to the north and west of us. this has been the pattern all summer long. those areas of low pressure that continue to drop out of north and allow for that cool push of marine air. yes, it's going to happen again. after that, it looks like we're going to warm up and perhaps
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that offshore flow will take hold. next weathermaker, cool air mass is headed our way. 93 in fresno. not as hot as it's been here. stray storms in los angeles. 81 in saratoga. sunny skies and another pleasant day to mountain view. not going to see full clearing in the city, 67. cloudy skies around golden gate park. 81 petaluma. near east bay, 69 in berkeley, 70 in oakland. out over the hills, mid to upper 80s but today the warmest day you'll see in the next few days, 84 dublin. monterey bay, getting cloudy and warmer numbers well east in gilroy. today warmest day we'll see out of next several, so the cooldown begins tomorrow and then we'll see the numbers bottom out on friday but warming up by the end of the weekend.
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>> so far so good. live shot of the san mateo bridge, taillights are headed in the westbound direction towards foster city and incline here as they are moving well, no problems. take a look westbound 24 through towards the caldecott tunnel, everything is moving at the limit westbound 24. we have an issue that is cropping up westbound 580, an accident cleared to the shoulder before north flynn. road sensors are not picking up any slowing but westbound through the parkway, an accident there and we'll follow that one four. take a look at key drive times this morning on the areas we've just mentioned. so far everything is moving pretty well. is the website for the latest incidents and current drive times. just click on bay area traffic. a chemical commonly used in products could be a health hazard for women fighting breast
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cancer. unexpected danger. >> and also a san francisco landmark gets a shiny new addition, a renovation in golden gate park.
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feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. good morning, 5:23 on the morning news. a live picture from our emeryville camera -- is that what this is? of traffic on 80 showing you things are moving well right now. we're taking traffic for you checking weather for you and all
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that for you coming up. >> more news. san francisco researchers are warning that chemicals commonly used in many consumer products can interfere with the effectiveness of drugs used to fight breast cancer. first chemical is bisonol-a is often found in baby bottles and second is found in other products. researchers at pacific medical center treated cells with the two chemicals and then exposed them to tomaxafin a drug used to battle breast cancer. they showed the cells continued to grow. some growing kittens may hold a clue against aids in felines and people. they have modified genes by adding a monkey gene known to block siv, similar to hiv in
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humans. scientists added jellyfish genes and that is why these kittens grow green. they are immune to the feline aids virus. it will help them under more about gene therapy in humans. >> a man that paid $35 million to have lunch for warren buffett he has been hired at berkshire hathaway. he will join the company next year. he successfully bid twice to have lunch with buffet. you get a job by paying $5 million for an interview. so if he gets his money back in terms of salary. >> the old windmill in golden gate park has a new addition this morning. 106-year-old windmill has the dome back. the copper dome sent have spent
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the last ten years in netherlands being restored. it was hoisted back into place yesterday. >> we measured and numbered every single piece and we dismantled it. we did trial on the parts to determine which ones could not be reused because they were so deteriorated. >> the campaign to save the park's windmills managed to raise the monies. murphy windmill and sister dutch windmill once transferred a million gallons of water a day to the city. >> we have developing news in iran as the country's president makes a stunning announcement about when the imprisoned hikers will be free. >> police spechbtd the night chasing down leads in an effort to find four teenage boys that escaped from a juvenile detention center. latest on the investigation up
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next. >> and where to put the pot? the bay area's biggest city could get some new drastic rules about medical marijuana clubs. >> and good tuesday morning. locally, san francisco, no delays but the fog has moved in and moved in across the bay. we have thunderstorms and across much of the nation, it's quiet. a couple of cold fronts bringing in midwest bringing more cooler weather. check out our website at and has all the and has all the information at also at sfx: bed crashes to floor kids seem to get bigger overnight. good morning... whoa! whoa! and when they do, they're ready for goodnites. the nightime underwear specially designed for kids 4 and up. good griewell, it's not going to that thing or clean itself.
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in the news this tuesday morning, iran's president tells an american tv network that the
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two u.c. graduates convicted on spy charges will be free in two days. >> i'm aim i am where people locked their doors and cars overnight as word spread that four teenage boys had escaped from a local detention center. >> dianne feinstein's campaign funds may be wiped out treasurer that was arrested to federal fraud charges. >> we do see more visibility farther north but cooler air is headed our way. >> good morning, i'm sue hall. traffic center central. live shot of the macarthur maze. it's moving well. we do have a couple of issues on central valley on 580 that we're following for you. >> good morning. it's 5:30. thanks for joining us. >> i'm eric thomas. >> developing news, this morning iranian president m aasia onshore hikers arrested and
5:31 am
convicted on spying charges there could be free in a couple of days. he made the announcement on nationally televised morning show saying the release of them would be a humanitarian gesture. developments came after the defense attorney said an iranian court set a bail of half a million each for the two men. they were arrested in july 2009 along the border. a third american was released last year on bail. three u.c. graduates have denied the charges and say they mistakenly crossed into iran. >> back here, people living near a youth detention center in contra costa county are being urged to stay inside after four escaped from the facility. they say one is dangerous. amy hollyfield is live in byron with the warning. >> reporter: there are no signs of the boys. the dogs even lost their scent.
5:32 am
only strong lead police have one of the boys did call his mother. four teenagers escaped from the byron boy's ranch about 8:30. they are 14 and 15 years old. police haven't said how they got out and the ranch has no comment. one boy is being called dangerous. police are looking for two hispanic and two african-american boys, one description does stand out. 15-year-old boy is 300 pounds and 6'3". police got the word out last night that residents in discovery bay and byron areas should stay home and lock their doors that worried some and didn't seem to reach others. >> the phone ran around 11:00 last night when i was sleeping and i just turned over. that is the end of the story. i was little scared. >> it takes a lot of stuff for granted. i locked the car and felt like i needed to lock things up a
5:33 am
little bit, pay a little more attention. a little scared. >> one boy did call his mom. he said he had cut his hand and he was in brentwood. police tried to trace the call but they couldn't. police did put the word out to local hospitals. they shifted officers to the east to help protect residents and help search for the boys. they took a lot of lead overnight. for example they got a call a man was on the roof of the safeaway and it turned out to be a repairman do doing electrical work. they got calls all night. they followed them all up and still no sign of the boys. live in discovery bay. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." senator dianne feinstein he says her campaign might have been wiped out by a democratic campaign treasurer who faces federal fraud charges.
5:34 am
feinstein says the person imagined the finances of many of her campaigns since 1990. durkee is accused of taking thousands of dollars from the campaigns of several elected officials in southern california. feinstein's campaign had $5 million in the bank but her office is determining how much is missing. durkee was arrested and released on bail last friday. >> san jose city council takes up the issue of medical marijuana today. they will pick up where they left off in april. they will consider how many collectives there should be in the city and where they should be located. last april they proposed to allow ten collectives and more more than a maximum of two collectives should be located in ayon district. a group of anti-bart protestors will continue to march on stations every monday until they disband the police
5:35 am
force and make policy changes. >> for the fifth straight monday about two dozen protestors marched yesterday between civic center and powell street bart stations during evening rush hour. they entered the civic center station but they were blocked getting past fare gates. they are protesting the july 3rd shooting death of charles hill on the civic center platform by bart police officers. >> they have not made a firm statement, they will not do that. they are working on their policy. in my opinion, a policy could have been hammered out by now. >> so far the costs have been $300,000. that doesn't include last thursday's protest. >> while they didn't disrupt bart service this time around they did slow down traffic on market street and marched on city hall where again police blocked the entrance. it was noisy but peaceful. >> encouraging news out vallejo.
5:36 am
violent crime has been cut. tonight the city's police chief is set to present pretty impressive crime figures. vallejo has seen the lowest crime rates in 15 years. city leaders are crediting the hard work of police officers. they maintain a six minute response time to emergency calls and answer about 90,000911 calls each year. they have been targeting including dealers and prostitutes and johns. firefighters have gained ground on a string of lightning caused wildfires in central california. fires in kern county forced the evacuation mandatory evacuation of several hundred homes and closure of one school district yesterday. they dropped fire retardant to slow the fire's advance. no homes have been damaged or destroy.
5:37 am
it has burned a total of 95 square miles. crews doubled the containment of one of the fires from 30% to 60%. >> hopefully the lightning danger is fading away. but we'll take the sunshine. >> we have a little bit of everything. we have thunderstorms in southern california. the fog is pushing back across the bay. so we started out clear. now we've got fog. visibility is down to half a mile and less up to north in santa rosa. so the fog is pushing its way into oakland, peninsula will be quite foggy. 58 in redwood city. 60 in mountain view. 61 in san jose. here is where we start this morning. fog was off the coast. we saw a bit of that, it's pushing into the east bay, castro valley, hayward. it will peel back by around 10:00 or 11:00, you are still
5:38 am
cloudy in the city. san mateo looking at cloudy skies and see a late burnoff but then we're looking at next weather system to bring much cooler air our way as soon as tomorrow. today if you are headed south, thunderstorms continue to rumble in southern california and then tomorrow the jacket is needed, it will be chilly right through friday, but then we're talking an offshore flow with no fog that will happen by the end of the weekend. we got a report shortfall on the incline section of the bay bridge. here is a live shot. westbound blocking the right lane. i don't really see a lot of slow traffic there. it's early enough, folks are getting by and bridge crews are getting the stalls out quickly. couple of issues westbound 580 past parkway, an accident on the shoulder and a car over the embankment. they may be blocking right lane. earlier accident approaching
5:39 am
north flynn, minor slowing past the scene there. berkeley man goes for a swim in the bay. what happened next is almost like a scene out of jaws. clouds encountered with a marine critter next. >> the ticket to freedom for thousands of womomomomomomomomop
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>> closed captioning brought to
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you by mancini sleepworld california moms serving time in prison for non-serious crimes may soon be released under a you know to help overcrowding. los angeles times reports female prisoners who have children will be able to be eligible to serve the rest of their sentences at home. they would wear ankle bracelets and report to parole officers. they must have less than two years left on their sentence to qualify. california is under a federal court order to reduce the prison population by roughly 46,000 inmates. >> a swimmer from berkeley is recovering are from a serious leg bite after he was attacked in san francisco by bay a harbor seal. i thought it was a sea lion or a smeab a small shark.
5:43 am
>> but when he came face to face with it, john says it was clearly a harbor seal attacking him during a open water swim in san francisco bay. >> i had my hands on it. i punched it. it was kind of melee. and then it took off. >> but not before biting this gaping wound above his left ankle. it punctured four holes in his leg. >> it was really clamped on at that point. i was wondering, i was thinking briefly about whether it was going to try take me under. >> reporter: richmond says he was actually relieved to know it was a harbor seal. >> sea lions are much more frightening than seals. they are huge. they are like 400 pounds. they look like bears. >> i would be very surprised if a harbor seal went after
5:44 am
somebody. >> ken has been open water swimmer at the boating club at aquatic park since 1980 and he warning at marine mammal center and he says harbor seals are usually gentle and curious. >> it happens every few years somebody gets bit. >> they hope it doesn't bother the swimmers that will be competing in the invitational. >> cutbacks in holiday spending may leave retailers with less to celebrate. >> a one time symbol of the power at sea wants a new berth in the bay area and they are getting a big financial boost. >> and the skyline is becoming a high-rise hazard for birds. now a plan to make the city's buildings more bird safe. >> republican candidates come out at man polls say is ccccccccc
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good morning, waking up to a few airport delays, 59-minute delays at sfo. real weather, showers and thunderstorms, southern california into the mountains. so if you are headed to the sierra nevada or southern california, risk of showers and thunderstorms throughout the day. back home, pretty nice, 60s at
5:48 am
our coast. 67 in downtown. it's 5:47. >> republicans who want to become the next president spent more time attacking one another than the obama administration in a tea party debate last night in florida. perry took the brunt of the attack. texas governor came under attack for previous statements he made on social security and the hpv vaccine for middle school girls. >> former massachusetts governor mitt romney. >> like prize fighters, they took the stage in front of the tea party supporters. candidate took the most punches, the new front-runner, rick perry. >> ponzi is a term but for social security called. >> it should can criminal, that is in your book. >> the main opponent former
5:49 am
massachusetts governor who said he doesn't deserve credit for creating jobs. >> perry also took a hit from iowa straw poll winner michele bachmann on a decision perry called a mistake requiring young girls in texas to get a vaccination against cervical cancer. >> to have innocent little 12-year-old girls be forced to have a government injection through an executive order is just flat out wrong. >> former utah governor jon huntsman trite tried get in the game and jabbed romney who wrote a book called no a apologies. >> i don't know if it was written by kurt cobain or not. >> but the reference to the nivana song didn't hit its mark. >> in the fight there are many more rounds to come. the next gop debate is just nine days away and there are five more debates scheduled before the end of the year. 4
5:50 am
a foundation from texas is awarding a $100,000 grant to the u.s.s. hornet museum to help the aircraft carrier move possibly to san francisco. the hornet is currently docked at the alameda naval air station. it served in the pacific during world war ii and later served as a recovery ship for apollo missions. moving to san francisco might bring more visitors to the hornet but officials admit it will be difficult to find a pier large enough to house the 893-foot long vessel. >> they are pushing an idea some are called birdbrained. it's a measure to require developers to build bird friendly structures. birds are 'smashing in windows because they can't see the glass panes. proposal would require the bottom 60 feet of any new building to have design elements that prevent or minimize bird
5:51 am
collisions. one city official says the plan is absurd and he has never seen a casualty. >> you would think if it was serious problem you would see a few of them on the ground once in a while. >> the federal build has screens to cover it's glass facade. a new exploratorium has made last minute changes to protect birds. city's architects are concerned that it may be too give expensive but the full board of supervisors is expected to take a vote next week. it's getting a lot of talk on twitter. only in san francisco kind of thing. >> we do a lot of that in the bay area. lisa is in for mike this morning. >> we had subtle changes this morning, more dramatic changes as we head toward the end of the workweek. yes, even more. we're talking some real heat coming our way, but not for several days. right now we are looking at
5:52 am
clouds that are beginning to move into san francisco, delays of over 50 minutes at sfo. clouds have moved into santa rosa. we're talking fog and low visibility here. also it's beginning to march across the stratus into oakland, fremont and hayward, getting gray out there. the light of the fool moon still with the folks in concord, livermore and napa, 60 in concord, 60 in hayward and mountain view. coastal low clouds and fog marching across the bay and then we'll see them pull back and look for sunny skies today. temperatures fairly similar to yesterday although we're not going to have much of that heat and humidity. if you noticed how muggy it's been, more of an onshore push and weak weather system that will provide cooler weather in the days ahead. right now we are looking at the fog as it tries so slide across the bay this morning. by 9:00, it begins to retreat
5:53 am
and we will see more sunshine but not clear like it did yesterday. san francisco, wait for the sunshine, partly cloudy to do it but overall we're talking more 80s, a pleasant afternoon. inland east bay but the changes will be at the coast, in the city and across the bay with that fog. so low pressure getting out of our weather picture for today, but it's this next system, upper-level low to the north and west really brigt is than thursday, the marine layer an shore push is being felt. 75 in sunnyvale. 75 in menlo park, 63 in pacifica. san francisco more clouds, 67 for you and in the north bay, notice the cloudy start and then the afternoon sun, 85 in sonoma. near east bay, mid-70s in castro valley. not a whole lot of change inland a than had down by the monterey bay, we're talking about more fog. take a look what happens.
5:54 am
cooling off the next several days and then warming up big time into the latter part of the weekend. good morning everyone. san rafael, southbound 101, taillights headed up to the civic center. no problems. it's a little crowded on golden gate bridge but moving well. incline earlier stall, right lane is clear, moving right along upper deck into san francisco. no delays at the to toll plaza. metering lights remain off. earlier, 580 in the central valley, an accident at mountain health parkway, that has been cleared out. drive times, highway 4 beginning to slow, 580, and 101 through marin. for all the latest incidents and drive times, click on bay area traffic lower left-hand side of your computer screen. >> if you are cutting back to holiday spending this year, you are definitely not alone.
5:55 am
here is jane king with this morning's business report. >> if you are looking for a job, don't get your hopes up, manpower survey employers plan to slow the pace of hiring and more companies expect layoffs. they say 27% of shoppers plan to spend less this year than last. survey says more than half of americans don't feel any better about their finances than they did a year ago. norgt says the federal government is expanding a ban on the sale of ground beef containing e. coli bacteria and it could cause prices to go up. and they are facing a new lawsuit demanding bigger championships. they say 290 stockbroker claims tables and chairs that would fit larger people. after complaining the man did get a coupon for a hamburger
5:56 am
that wasn't charging extra for the cheese. a vote tonight by the mount diablo school board could turn a high school into a charter school. the changes could mean a longer school year with new curriculum and possibly school uniforms but the immediate reason is to ease the financial burden. charter schools answer directly to the state. 80% of clayton's teachers have approved the change. 50 green jobs will be opening up in solano county. koda is going to open up a new plant in benicia. >> it's so consistent with the environmental ethics and more consistent with the bay area's environmental ethics and clearly more consistent with benicia's ethics ix. the sedan travels 150 miles per
5:57 am
charge and cost about $35,000 after state and federal credits. it's set for delivery in california by the ends of the year. >> it's 5:56. paying more and more and more. new proposal the price of going to a u.s. school would go up every year by as much as 16%. four teenagers escaped from a juvenile justice center out in east contra costa county last night. you'll hear from residents that are locking doors and cars coming up.
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