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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  September 14, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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embarrassment for bart showing pr department trying to rig a news conference. and abc 7 is live in the west oakland bart station tonight. >> the e mails sent on the same day that bart cutoff cell phone service on the bart train platform in advance of a planned protest. they show bart went through extreme to sway public money and use taxpayer money to do it. >> this decision to start off or shut off the cell service on the platform. >> that is a media relations people. they made that decision. >> and that not the only unpopular decision bart media relations people made that day. the other one involves this very news conference where bart chief spokesman introduced an ordinary bart rider whose fed up with the protests. >> my name is jeff moore. i'm an average citizen. >> jeff moore, one of the only
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riders invited to speak, he is just the only one who showed up. >> it turns out this day, johnson sent out an e mail asking his staff is to gather, quote a large group of customers together who are loyal riders for the news conference. he told staff, make sure they can get to the news conference location safely and on time. maybe get a van or a special train. and bart staff wound up chartering two suvs. no one rode in them, jeff moore showed up and provided his own transportation, bart had to pay the bill. >> how much did you spend? >> $872. >> this board member believes it was a bad move and tried to sway public money pn after protests got out of hand. in fact, franklin acknowledges staff wrote a script for riders to read from. >> i do not think that is appropriate to pay to transport people z also to, provide a script for them.
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people have -- can express what they want. >> bart should be ashamed. >> organizer cat brooks says if thempeople don't like the demonstrations against bart police, they shouldn't need a free ride. >> where are the people with their passion to built their own move snmt. >> and the one voice missing from this is bart chief spokesman himself. johnson has been on extended family leave and nobody has been able to reach him. but the board member assures us he does still have a job here at bart though he made what many call a mistake. in oakland abc 7 news. >> and a march now through the streets of san francisco is capping off a week-long strike against hyatt hotels. members of local 2 took over streets as they marched from union square to hyatt regency. 700 striking workers will return to work. their contract expired in 2009. the union claims hyatt is prevenlt -- preventing it from
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representing workers in some hotels and counters the union wants a strike clause, a first in san francisco, giving the union power to call a strike at just about any time. >> a major shake up in the works in the san francisco giants front office. our media partner is reporting that giants managing general partner and ceo has been asked to step aside z according to the merc he made financial decision that's alienated key members of the group taking over control three years ago and has been part of the management since 1995 after serving as a top attorney for microsoft. the mercury news says newcomb will be replace bid larry bear who is the president and chief operating officer. >> one person ended up in the hospital after getting burned while another suffered smoke inhalation. a fire broke out in san jose. the flames gutted two units today and spread to the attic area above four others in this building on bear valley lane that.
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is near the creek county park. the fire caused part of the building's roof to collapse. >> we called to vacate within 10 minutes and firefighters had to vacate there because that roof was collapsing. >> roof catching on fire. and this start r started to get wider and bigger. smoke getting blacker. >> paramedics took the victim to valley medical center, another person complained of smoke inhalation. investigators are still on the scene trying to figure out what started this fire. >> and police are calling them a crime family. a father and daughter accused of elder abuse and mortgage fraud. tonight he is in police custody, his 26-year-old daughter, carla is on the run. both accused of targeting spanish speaking victims and stealing more than $2 million. san francisco district attorney says in one instance, carlos posed as a pastor and then stole the home of a 71-year-old woman. >> this pastor-real estate
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agent through transactions, retitled the home. refinanced the home. and basically took over $100,000 away from this woman. >> police discovered the crime when investigating real estate fraud charges against his brother, edwin arks rested three years ago. >> and pg&e and the california public utilities commission are still trying to develop an opt out option for customers who do not want smart meters installed in homes. abc 7 reports today, they took one more step in that difficult process. demonstrators say pg&e wireless radio transmissions are making them sick, and the only opt out option should be a moratorium on smart meter installation and use. a woman calling herself piggy sue says she's among those sensitive to the frequency autos there is go tok a rash
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of meterside really soon. a killing by smart meter if we don't stop this. >> inside of the cpuc, pg&e and other state utilities came to provide details to help a judge and public evaluate different proposals. pg&e's preferred option is installing smart meter and turn off transmitter. >> pg&e does appreciate the need for a customer choice. and opt out. and are proposal is to turn radio off. so when radio is off, there would be no pulse, no transmission. >> the proposal includes charging customers one upfront fee of 270s wind advisories a monthly charge of $14. or a lower fee of $135 with a higher monthly charge of $20. to cover costs of meter yeerds rather than collecting data. >> the idea is charging people extra after they've been charged extra increase is opt
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out program is absurd and illegal like charging disabled people to access a wheelchair ramp and pg&e refused to really provide meaningful information except to keep pushing their proposal, which is too expensive and may not satisfy customer autos other options include a return to analog meters and a wired smart meter. abc 7 news. >> and beauty is in the hold of the beholder. one neighborhood discussing and abc 7 is live for news the lower haigt with the story. >> we saw discussion on a neighborhood blog. some people love these koi. other people think they're graffiti magnets. the city has a different view.
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san francisco lower haigt is a colorful neighborhood. and there is a discussion. is it vandalism? when is art graffiti. these koi fish are a symbol of the debate. >> some people don't want it in front of their house or business. >> neighborhood activists helped create this mural. on the sidewalk below, swims a school of koi. she finds it problematic. >> i have seen where the koi go down and graffiti goes on top of it. so it's that in ways could make worse graffiti and tag oogt artist says it's just the opposite. the elusive jeremy says he's created 3,000 koi on the streets of san francisco. and believes they're beautifying the environment. >> the fact they cover up a lot of graffiti tags and a lot of graffiti vandalism, putting these images on there, this is
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helping and does better for the community. >> san francisco spends about $20 million per year on a graffiti abaitment program. homeowners and businesses have to pay to get rid of it. >> what makes a difference between graffiti and art? >> well, the simple word is permission, if a property owner gives you permission. >> he says he has permission for all of the works. there is debate about that but we know for sure that a haight street store owner commissioned the koi here z there has been a surge in street art movement. a documentary looks at the battle between antigraffiti fighters and artist autos it's an outlet for creative expression there. is a different kind expression. >> i asked the film maker if he thought would it encourage more illegal tagging. >> it should inspire people to question laws that are so strict about street art and
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graffiti in the sthai really wants to eliminate it altogether. >> so you might question and what a lot of people don't understand is whether this is something being scrawled on walls of the home or on the sidewalk out front, the city holds you responsible. if you haven't given permission to the artist. they'll give you 30 days to clean up that blight. if you don't do it, the city will do it and send you the bill. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and still coming up tonight, the solyndra bankruptcy. why it's destined to become a national campaign issue. >> in sacramento, governor brown weighs in on the proposed uc tuition hikes and stack of 600 bills on his desk. he doesn't like either. >> and later tonight a local school of the arts gives a new identity. a salute to an acclaimed san
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francisco artist. >> it sounds like an excuse. but for one family, the dog did eat their papers. their story ask how we helped, head o
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. governor brown is feeling feisty, issuing a warning he plans to veto scores of bills piled up on the desk and taking on heads of the uc system over a plan to raise tuition year after year. and in sacramento, abc 7's nannette miranda. >> it could get more expensive to attend a university of california. uc leaders about to skt board
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to approve more tuition hikes anywhere from 8% to 16% each year since 2016. uc tuition could top $22,000. >> you imagine it's increased like so much, already. since i've been here. >> i work when i don't have the money to pay for it. if it goes up anymore, i don't know what i'll do. >> the government has been aloe indicating money in wrong places and making us pay. >> uc officials say it's necessary because state funding has fallen. and they would like to grow enrollment and pay bills. >> i hope that uc bill take a closer look because they're always savings and cutting back a lot in state government. >> nonfor independent thinking he isn't happy about the 600
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bills on his desk. all sent in the last final days of session last week. the oakland democrat warned his party and supporters his signature isn't guaranteed. >> i'm going to veto a lot of bills over 30 days so i have to say this is going to be a rough ride. >> california public interest group wants to make it harder to private ties public libraries, ban employers from doing credit checks and allow border registration online. >> we don't know what he's going to do. best we can do is work to get the public engaged to weigh in with the governor. and i think the governor weigh that's heavily. >> and it would be a departure from the first tenure as governor, when signing bills before him. >> a housing project for low income seniors in san
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francisco is now complete. the tender loin neighborhood group and it is san francisco's first project using american reinvestment and recovery funds and cost $22 million, $1 million under budget. >> there is a proposal to create affordable housing in the east bay pointing to in law units to deal with expected population growth. and the key will be changing regulations. >> this is a backyard cottage, small, and she sees it as an opportunity to house a population growing by two million in the next 25 year autos our study found we can meet much of the affordable housing need through these units. >> she's a city and regional planning professor at cal and author of the study concluding in laws in five cities make
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sense. >> so these have not made it easy. it turb turns out one in five homeowners can build one of these on their lots. >> this is about regulations in each city. she says is time to overhall them. >> it's harder to get permission. >> and this architect might design new in laws but uncertain if he wants them. >> i think it's a good idea to have in laws just in general. >> the study calls for building them near the bart stations with an emphasis on nalt tiff transportation. bicycles and things like city car share, getting people out of the vehicle so they won't impact parking. >> there are those that disagree to the increasing population, but says there would could be increased construction jobs and increased taxes and spending. >> it's something that can be done without a lot of government resources behind it and that individuals can choose to do for them self
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ease sees it as a solution to future housing problems. there will be debate. >> it's not that we should build them, but that we must. >> and depending where you were today, it was noticeably cooler. >> things are changing a bit. >> sunny, mild inland. and there are clouds over the bay today. there is a live view from our south beach camera. there you can see clouds pushing inland and eastward. we'll have wide spread low clouds. there is a look at readings. there is one warm spot in antioch. 72 in livermore. you can see how temperatures have dropped from 60s up north and there is 67 in san jose. 56 here in san francisco. there are wide spread low
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clouds and probably morning drizzle and cooling continues through friday. and before we see temperatures rebounding a little bit. satellite shows a deeper marine layer along the coastline today. we didn't d.have sunny skies inland. and there is a downward trend with temperatures continuing tomorrow and into friday. satellite radar shows that low that triggered thunderstorm activity beginning to move inland. still, enough instability lingers over the sierra and there are thunderstorms with a a line of thunderstorms to mammoth lakes. now, coming into our direction a pool of cool air dropping down out of the gulf moving into our direction for the last couple days. getting closer and closer, temperatures daytime temperatures getting lower and lower. tonight lows in a range we've
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seen throughout the summer, mid-50s and highs however, will continue to ride that downward slope. highs into south bay only into upper 60s to low 70s, 70 in san jose. and there is up to about 68 in mountain vu. mid-50s on the coast. and there is high in the sunset of 56. north bay, cooler as well. and high, 67. san rafael, 69 petta luma. near east bay, highs into mid to upper 60s, and 68 in fremont. inland east bay, 70s, no 80s, low to mid-70s and there is 60s near the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. cooler pattern with us throughout friday. and there are temperatures rising a bit and warmer weather monday, tuesday, wednesday with highs around 90 degrees. >> and there is a little
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roller coaster ride there. >> one of the polluted water way autos what you can do to help safe the bay. stay with us. úúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúú
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governor brown presented california's highest civilian hon dwror a fire fighter who saved a drowning woman. he received a state's medal of valor in sacramento along with
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13 first responder who's went above and beyond the call of duty. last spring qlored into a rain-swollen walnut creek where he rescued p 4-year-old janet hogan from a car accident. her son and husband died in the crash. he dislocated his shoulder but managed to pull hogan from the swift-moving water on a second try. >> and a popular san jose skate park is facing major cut backs tonight. three year as yog the city spent $5 mill dwroin build the park but as of october 1 will no longer be staffed. supporters tried to come up with funding but unable to raise enough money and time to keem employees on site this, is the largest skate park in the state. until now, one of the few that had been staffed. >> and there is a local environmental group posting a list of the polluted waterways. the group said save the bay says it has toxic levels of
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plastic trash. >> this plastic trash persists for centuries and continues to poison fish and wildlife. and degrade the bay. some cities are taking steps to reduce this trash getting into the bay as a source. that is what we need to see more of. >> and other spots include mission creek and guadalupe river in san jose. save the bay is asking for volunteers and just ahead here tonight, new at 6:30 the solar hearings congress questioned a taxpayer loan to a fremont solar company about to become a campaign issue. >> deal? or no deal? reports on the pending release of two american hikers being held as spy autos and a puppy with expensive taste. stepping in after a dog gobbles up a
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the white house is now pointing fingers at the bush administration for the half billion dollar loan to solyndra, the company now bankrupt and hearings got underway today. mark matthews is here with today's developments for us. mark? >> on capitol hill today, republicans in the house commerce committee pounced on solyndra saying the obama administration rushed a half billion dollar loan to the company, and democrats on the committee push back saying no. the bush administration okayed the loan. >> this kch had the loan guarantee fast tracked shortly after president obama took office. the president visited the flant may, 2010, and back then there, were warning sign that's solyndra was in financial trouble. >> the problem i saw was that
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solar costs for the company were just very high. >> at the time of the visit katie, a reporter wrote about the financial challenges facing solyndra. republicans pressed for answers. >> the documents demonstrate that when deo was revealing the guarantee in 2009 it was well aware of the financial problem autos including an e mail in 2009 saying that this is not ready for prime time. the vice president's chief of staff wrote if you guys think this is a bad idea, i need to unwind the west wing, quick will you about that didn't happen. the loan went through. two years later, the company was in bankruptcy. the fbi raided the company and congress, republicans aren't questioning ties between the president and one of the biggest fund-raisers also a principle invester in solyndra. today, henry waxman tried to
6:31 pm
sink that allegation. >> did anyone grant or restructure the loan guaranteed because of the donations? to the president? >> no, sir. >> no he pointed out that the venture capitol firm madrone was also a big investor in solyndra and invests for the walton family of walmart fame. and explains this is going to be trouble in next year's election. >> i think basic story if you're explaining, you're losing. that is always the case in politics. and right now, democrats are explaining, therefore, they're losing. >> today, the treasury department announced it's opening an investigation and officials both due to testify and republicans and democrats want to know why the company said everything is fine in, july, then, a month later
6:32 pm
declared bankruptcy. >> a lot of questions here. >> and there are conflicted reports on the pending release of two uc berkeley graduates being held as spiz. the lawyer tells axe. c news bail is being paid and they should be freed in the next few days however, iranian judish yairy says the deal is release them is still under review. the government of ohman sent a plane today to pick them up, playing a similar role in the release of sarah shourd a week ago today a year ago today. >> and supreme court justice ginzberg was among a passenger evacuated today from a plane about to take off from dulles international airport when passengers reported seeing smoke and the pilot noticed something wrong. everyone put on another plane, one woman tweeted this picture saying several people got
6:33 pm
slightly injured after sliding down the chutes. justice ginzberg was not among those injured. she is scheduled to appear in hastings law school in san francisco, tomorrow. >> and there is facebook puts off a public sale of stock. the ipo has been widely anticipated next spring but financial times reports founder mark zuckerberg wants to keep his employees focused on product development instead of a stock payout. and southern california home prices have fallen again and sales are up 10%. the dow jones fell 100 points this morning, then gained 300 when the european debt picture brightened a bit z walmart announced a $20 billion initiative to buy products from businesses owned by women in the united states as well
6:34 pm
as overseas you heard the dog ate my home work. in this case, the dog ate $49,000. and yikes, michael finney stepped in. >> it's one expensive pooch. >> he caused a lot of indijegs for the dog and owner. two checks worth $49,000 wound up in the dog and they couldn't get the money back this, is jack. like any normal puppy likes to play, rock, chew he ate every paper in the house he could get his teeth on. >> that is what got him into trouble in march. it started when fred inherited part of her mother's estate. including two accounts at bank of america worth $49,000. >> i got the checks in march. and they vanished. >> she received two checks and left them here on the table with the rest of the mail. >> and unfortunately there is a young puppy that decided to
6:35 pm
taste them. >> her son, dan says he's sure he knows what happened. their scottish terrier was just a puppy, he was finding chud up cables, wires and paper around the house. so when the check went missing, all iz turned to this little guy. >> seriously. he ate the checks. >> i did find scraps of b of a material. >> roberta contacted the bank and was embarrassed to say the checks were in a dog belly. she reported them lost. the bank confirmed no one had cashed them. however, it would not replace the check for 90 days just to make sure. and she knew they were in no shape for cashing but she waited 90 days then, waited longer and still, no checks. >> i talked to eight different people in eight call centers.
6:36 pm
they promised to send me money. and we didn't know what to do. >> she couldn't get the bank to reissue checks. two months later contacted 7 on your side. >> within an hour and a half, an executive of bank of america called me. >> and the bank issued new checks and this time did not bring them home. >> i didn't want jack to have a chance to eat them again. >> bank of america said there was a delay because mother's account maintained in a different state. because roberta calling a toll free number, instead of a manager. it said such a deal jay not normal. >> we can now laugh. >> i was mad at him but what can i do? he's a baby boy. >> and have you had to cut a bank and said a dog ate a
6:37 pm
check? just to avoid future problems, roberta now trained her puppy to chew. >> and a had you identity for san francisco school for the arts. >> officially renamed today for a renownedooooooooñ
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6:39 pm
san francisco had a high school dedicated to the arts
6:40 pm
since 1982. >> today officially renamed ruth osawa school of the arts after a well known bay area sculptor. >> this is now impossible to miss the name displayed near this busy intersection. early on, she pushed for a school in san francisco that would become a recrative force for arts. it became a reality and wasn't until today the school unveiled a new marquis with her name. school board member jill nguyen and a handful of art advocates were influential in making this possible. >> once in a while we're present as history rhyme was justice this, is one of the moments. >> ruth was born in california but when she was 16 her life was turned upside down as she
6:41 pm
and her family were interned along with other japanese americans. those years had a huge impact on her life and work as an artist. and her representation grew, so did her drive for art program autos what she learned is that how exciting it was to work with artists she thought won't that be great if artist s came and worked in public schools? >> actor and writer peter coyote worked on the ceremony. >> art is what shapes us and teaches us how to use the other half of the brain. our culture is ignoring it and under funding it in the same way as under funding their infrastructure. >> she's 85 years old and did not attend today's ceremony, advocates say there is a strong desire to build a new
6:42 pm
school closer to the civic center. it would, of course have the name. >> and tonight a remarkable construction project underway. >> how a group of northern california monks is rebuilding a spanish monestary
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northern california monks are rebuilding a part of sacred history one stone at a time. and one is a bit north of chico, taking on this challenge. >> if you use your imagination the rustic lands surrounding the area are as we said, almost it depends on where you look. and this construction project will add to the illusion. >> this is when finished this will look like a monestary in spain because that is what
6:46 pm
sismt transplanted for another place and time. >> did you pray for this? >> you're emotional. >> and the father echoes sentiments of all 23 monks at abby and an enclave of peace and spirituality on 580 acres. it's a world unto itself for a nearly is,000 year old order. >> you're going to start praying at 3:15 in the morning and pray off and on throughout the day four to five hours, then spend approximately five hours every day in manual labor on the grounds and cooking and doing laundry. >> and it's fun all day long, i mean! >> and now, this project. >> i am here at the age of 17 after high school.
6:47 pm
>> father thomas wanted those stones since 1955 when a tour gate mentioned them in golden gate park. >> i heard and knew what that meant. >> the stones had arrived in san francisco decades earlier, william randolph hearst found at band oned abbey north of madrid and after the depression that never happened. to pay a storage debt, hearst gave the stones to the city, kept them in the park and used some in the japanese tea garden. the city turned what remained of the stones over to deyoung museum but it never knew what to do with them, finally after 40 years of hard effort, in 1994, the museum gave the monestary back to the monk autos it's part of our heritage. it's an heirloom. it belongs to us. >> some monks remain skeptical.
6:48 pm
>> it's just a jig saw puzzle. can't do much with them. >> until they found a mirror cell worker. a stone mason. >> how many stones? >> very no idea how many stones. >> and he went to work based on rough drawings from 19 30s, saving old stones and crafting new ones when necessary, reverse engineering. it's difficult to think that the oldest stones were carved 800 years ago. to if you look at them, they tell stories. that is a mark made by an original stone base on. these marks were meant as an accounting tool. >> speaking of money, the monks estimate this will take two more years and cost several million dollars. quite a task for a man taking vows of poverty. >> where do mompkz get the money? >> okay. well that is it. we are poor.
6:49 pm
and we can't afford to put a project like this up. that is where the public comes in. >> along with faith and prayers and to you now, father thomas's earthly toil. sacred stones, rising above the soil. >> expert is to be a monk. to surrender to god that. is my life's work. >> and this? >> this is a passion part of it. >> wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> wonderful. >> beautiful project. >> and let's update weather forecast. >> and it cool in the bay area and state wide. take a look at projected highs for tomorrow, only 85 in chico. 74 tahoe. some thunderstorms again tomorrow. and this is tapering off a
6:50 pm
little bit. 91 fresno. 77 los angeles. cool down continues inland and there are highs into low to mid-70s. and there is 59 in san francisco. and south, looking for highs near the bay and into 60s, 70s inland. there is a cooling trend starting to warm up saturday. the real warming comes up monday, tuesday, wednesday, highs around 90 degrees and 80s around the bay. >> nice this, is a great period of the year it is. >> this is very nice. >> up next, a surprise shake up in the giants organization. >> soon to be under new man many. larry beil withxñ
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♪call 1-800-steemer. real estate crisis has driven prices to shocking lows but we found a house that is cheapest in northern california. join me for that story. and women are worth more and earning less.
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and some of the world's powerful women and the giants are struggling this year and a shake up today. >> this is not expected. >> this is a shock. and there is managing general partner will not be back next season. first reported by san jose mercury news, giants own heership group reportedly asking newcomb to step aside did not keep properly informed ask may be spending money too freely. he has been with the franchise three seasons. world series run is fantastic chief operating officer is expected to fill his shoes. official news conference forth coming tomorrow, we expect. giants going for a sweep. there is mrs. lincecum getting a foul ball. day belonged to carlos beltran,
6:55 pm
making it 299. and solo stroke to tie the game at one. and lincecum winsless and the panda had a back today. and there is a stop and a gun to throw from one knee. he goes seven, strikes out 6. and thanks mainly to beltran. there it goes again. there is a career number 300, into mccovey cove. there is giants staying six and a half back. and here is bruce bocci. >> he makes this small at times, he didn't hit very well but carried out and next one, he smoked pretty good. >> this does mean it puts him in an elite class. >> and peanuts, anybody? cruising and a's and angels,
6:56 pm
josh willingham left the building going deeper, number 26 on the year. a's up in the third that is all they get. there is a two iron on a line, out in a hurry. and there is a win two, out of three in that arz. -- series. cowboys in a renewal of one of the best rivalries, ever. mike shumann looks back at current players. now most were not alive for catch in 1982. one of the most storied rivalries, there is this catch propelling 49ers on to the first super bowl title. there is a vague memory. >> the probably spent about 15
6:57 pm
seconds thinking about that. >> most of the current 49ers have no memory but it has the feel of a big game. >> i feel like it's a monday night game. and everybody loves dallas cowboys. it's going to be a good one. and this is just the way they're playing a game. >> one 49er had the guts to admit his favorite team. >> now, 49ers is what i believe. >> i remember it well. as i had misfortune of making the first catch in the nfc title game. not the last. in santa clara, abc 7 sports. >> and i was like it's going to be 30 years. >> and that is remarkable. >> and 30 year autos yes. oh, yeah. >> that is this edition of abc
6:58 pm
7 news. >> thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time and will see you tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. ititititititititititit
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this is... here are today's contestants-- from los angeles, california...


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