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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  September 15, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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raided the home after unrelated complaint and found 45 firearms and eight explosive devices so dangerous they had to detonate on site. >> i reported this back in april. nothing is being done. the police come out. they run a search on him. and find out he had registered guns and not on parole. that is the end of it. >> the report does note that he had firearms registered to him. and that both he and the other man named in this report, her stepfather had prior weapons convictions. stephanie told police there is evidence of gun dealing. >> and one approached me saying melvin old owd him for guns. i don't know how felons can get guns so easily. i don't know. >> he is a vietnam veteran and could have obtained guns before the felony conviction.
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but how and why did her report in april go unchecked? only for tuesday's raid to uncover a dangerous cache of weapons, ammunition and explosives which set off safely by police still damaged her home, and broke two windows. >> it's unreal to me now. i cannot believe everything that transpired. just to know i was live sog close and having my children in harm's danger. i mean... harm's way. it's unreal. >> and he sk held in jail without bail and not arraigned or in court today because the district attorney has not formally filed any charges and we'll be following to find out why this wasn't acted upon. >> about 2000 kids in san francisco students haven't received their whooping cough
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shots. a new law in grades 7-12 to have the vaccine by the first day of school. some districts have struggled to get families to comp skpli received 30 day extensions. that extension ran out today in san francisco. students told to go to the doctor or get a free vaccination go to a free vaccination at district office. san jose unified is offering free vac yeenz tomorrow for 250 there who still need them. >> and one of the more conservative candidates for president came to liberal marin county today to raise money. michelle bachmann was in san rafael, a front runner at that time @ one time. she walked to reporters today including mark matthew autos 160 enthusiastic supporters paid $160 each and cheered michelle bachmann. sally introduced michelle bachmann. some of the crowd already knew her stump speech by heart. >> barack obama will be a one-term president.
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bachmann hit the familiar theme, lower taxes, less government regulation. >> as president of the united states i won't rest until we repeel obama care. >> she criticized the jobs bill as more stimulus spending which she called a failure. >> it gave us solyndra. it wasn't that great? we got solyndra. >> outside, they asked about the description of social security as a ponzy scheme. >> in my opinion the federal government needs to keep the promise to people who are currently on the system. >> about his comment building a border fence is not a realistic option. >> i don't agree. i believe it's imperative that we secure the border and need to build a fence. >> and about ordering hpv vaccines for texas high school girls there was an abuse of
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power that the governor of tex admitted. >> it's become a familiar pattern for bachmann responding to pery. her status starting slipped the day she decided to run. and abc 7's political analyst believes social conservatives are choosing perry in part because he's a man. >> when they can have someone who astrong male figure, like governor perry, i think it was pretty clear they're going to abandon michelle bachmann. >> tea party organizer strongly disagrees. >> when you can consider that a large pro portion of leaders are women, i just think that is antiquated. i don't think anybody thinks that way anymore. >> remember, hillary clinton supporters were complaining about sexism derailing her campaign. bachmann says she can win in iowa but only way to climb back into contention is if perry falls.
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dan? >> thank you very much. mark matthews reporting. there is something becoming a campaign issue. ap attained e mails showing the o. repeatedly ignored warnings about a loan program that has now become a political embarrassment. the solar panel plant got one of the loans and today, u.s. treasury department opened another investigation. and they're looking into actions of the federal financing bank, providing a $528 million loan to solyndra closing doors and declared bankruptcy last month. they are under investigation by the fbi, energy department, and a congressional committee and as a result, many of skeptical about the emerging green industry. but another bay area company is getting an endorsement from washington. >> method is a company making environmentally friendly cleaning products.
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and u.s. epa administrate years visit is on the heels of a washington post article headlined green jobs hype peem are seeing those jobs as fast as he might like but they're there. >> and he disputes those seeing treem yont's bankrupt solyndra as a sign of failure for the administration. the host claims it's created fewer than 4,000 new permanent jobs nationwide. >> you can expect to see a continue strong push back from everyone who knows better. >> the professor with the center for labor research and education at uc berkeley. she says green jobs are a positive plus for the economy. >> it can't solve the problem and that is the part i think was hyped up. that green jobs would with like manna from heaven.
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>> according to the professor it's just a part of the green economy and she believes those who say jobs are pipe dreams have the wrong idea of what constitutes green jobs. >> the professor says if a construction project like this doesn't include solar panels it could still have green jobs. the person installing latest air conditioning units or double payne windows, jobs you might not consider green job autos this is about greening the economy. not about pro tusing products we can call green. >> in the case of method both apply. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and some green workers will be getting pink slips, saying it will eliminate 150 manufacturing position by the end of the year. and the cuts occurring in the region catering more and more to the highly educated and
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well financed. >> you're seeing growth. we're going see real job creation in this region. it's more people that are engineers and coders and scientists and entrepreneurs, risk takeors, those jobs that we're creating not the mid line. >> in a statement abbott labs says ill will transfer to third party planners, those jobs goring to be outsko scoresed. >> the man being pushed out of the san francisco giants is talking and being gracious about the change, being replaced as ceo. larry beil is here with what newcome is saying about this. >> just what he showed up and the facts are that 10 months after winning the world series, the ceo is leaving and is not just stepping back into the large group of minority owners. he is selling his piece of the team, he's out and done. he did not agree with the
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characterization he's being forced out just that it's a good time to go. the giants have described this as a retirement but newcoax spoke about other projects going to be working on. it's not like he's heading to a rocking chair. he acknowledged there are differences of opinion. >> there is no prip yaiting event that i'm ware of this, is a time for a transition in a healthy environment. the giants have reclaim that had positive trajectory on and off the field there. is nobody better able or more prepared to step in than larry and nobody more willing and prepared to step aside than me. >> and you saw larry there, he's a lng time member of the team and moves up to ceo. he says there is no reason to expect they'll be trimmed and fans may not notice anything different on the field other than absence of a certain bow
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tie behind batting cage. and we'll talk about how this impact's a's. >> still head tonight at 6:00 a new scandal at san francisco police lab. secret memo that could complicate a cold case murder trial z more. >> and a abandoned mine becomes a national clean up priority. only on 7 a look at toxic legacy that it left behind. >> relief could be in the works for struggling homeowners nationwide. a major settlement could be coming your way. >> and later, science fiction becomes science fact. a new planet right out of abpx
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. there are still lingering traffic delays on interstate 580 after this got wedges between a big rig on the bart tracks. investigators say he did not see the mazda while changing lanes. and the two vehicles swerved into the divider two. other cars were hit. and three of the drivers went to the hospital and their injuries only minor, thank goodness. this accident has been cleared and service back to normal now. >> this next story sounds like something out of a tv crime drama with future of a church deacon at stake. and there is a secret memo, dna evidence and a credibility
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at the analyst. and we're live tochl plain this. >> in this case is the dna expert who gained notoriety in the oj trial. this case is based soley on dna evidence. the public defender wants the judge to release a memo, they hope will destroy the prosecution's case. >> i think there is under guying issues that may be significant. >> the deputy public defender is talking about the testing unit. and about a memo noting dna expert wrote last year criticizing it. and harmon wrote it he was hired as a consultant to the his report was critical for her handling of evidence in a murder trial. >> there was acquittal in the
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homicide case. er credibility became a big part of the trial. and she had in that trial made mistakes in her report no. one had caught until she was on the stand and testifying. >> harmon wrote after the defendants were acquitted but never released publicly. the memo has become a central issue in the cold-case murder trial of james mayfield arrested two years ago at the bay view church where he was a deacon. he's charged with murder of jenny reed found raped and stabbed in 1976. >> the only evidence linking the defendant to the crime is dna. and the analyst who did part of the testing in this case is the whoun was being critiqued. >> the lab also came under fire last year when the public defender received an anonymous letter revealing some samples had been switched. and that the lab kept a mix up
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quiet almost two years. >> what we're seeing is repeated pattern of hiding until something significant happens. >> and the d.a.does not make memo public and is now giving it to the judge saying he should decide if there is rel convenience in this case. the captain says they followed procedures in the case. both declined camera interview autos vic, thank you. >> uc students and parents have a new reason to worry about the cost of education in the uc system there. is talk about raising the tuition to $220,000 per year. abc 7 is on the proposal and the reaction to it. >> cuts and tuition increases have helped balance uc budget. and now, a proposed plan bringing in a steady income to so campuses over four years. and here is how it will work f
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sacramento would agree to an increase for the ucs tuition would still go up by 8%. and if there was no state funding increase, then, students would face a 16% hike. in other words a total of $22,000 by the year 2015. and the vice president of business operations says they need stable revenue streams. >> all of the funding decisions involve the university making long term commitments. the university cannot make such commitment was out stable funding. >> students didn't like what they heard. >> it's going to affect all of us. as students, and study body and generations still to come. >> he says hikes are needed. >> there are things we can do. we can freeze the size of the faculty and increase class size, we can lessen the time to graduation, these are not healthy for the university of california. >> and it was clear most regents are not on board. >> this is not going to work.
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i appreciate the need to do multi year strategy. this needs to be rejected for my humble perspective. >> there is no vote today. this may not make it into the november budget vote. the vice president said it was unlikely. now, they're looking for alternatives. >> we mount a public campaign? have psas on the air? what should we do? >> one regent said waits time to find other sources of funding. >> tell me why you don't go to chevron. why you don't go to an apple and cisco to a google. all of these companies are sitting with billions of dollars with money they don't know what to do with. >> and they hope to come back in november with more ideas. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and regents did approve pay raises and the system chief investment officer will get a
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$750,000 bonus, about twice her salary. he should note that she is not paid with taxpayer funds or student fees. >> and there spencer warned us. >> it's a bit of an onshore flow bringing cool marine air. a pleasant day, but just cooler than average at this time of the year. here is a live view from our camera looking down into the bay. and there is just a little bit of coastal clouds into pushing through the golden gate now. and there is more as evening goes on. and they disappear altogether. there is a look at readings, 76 degrees over in antioch. 71 fairfield. 71 santa rosa. and 59 san francisco. 60 in oakland. highlights areas of low clouds tonight pushing across the bay. and cool pattern hold through frif. and warming begins this weekend. satellite shows close up this afternoon just a little bit of
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coastal clouds hanging around there. sunny skies coast to inland. taking a look at highs today. 84 in antioch, and virtually all other inland locations highs only into 70s, 66 the high in oakland. and 59 in half moon bay. satellite composite shows frontal system bringing in a cool air mass behind it. it's going to reinforce cooling and that is why we expect cooler than average weather throughout tomorrow. and temperatures begin to bounce back and saturday and sunday. and lows will be mainly into mid 50s and it will be cooler on the north bay and lows 49 in clover dale, 51 in napa. and on we go to tt forecast an nation starting at 5:00 in the morning. there are low clouds and pushing locally inland pulling away from the coast to get swept away. by mid day as cooling onshore flow continue was arriveal of the air mass. highs tomorrow into 60s inland
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locations and there is south bay, highs tomorrow into low to mid-70s, 76 in campbell. we'll see 71 in redwood city z 59 in pacifica. and downtown san francisco, there is a high of 62 tomorrow. 59 into sunset district. north bay, a wide range of highs from 64 sausalito to 74 in novato to 76 santa rosa. 82 lofr dale. highs into mid to upper 60s to low 70s, inland east bay, mid to upper 70s, maybe 8 owe in antioch z near monterey bay, and low to mid-70s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. warming coming our way saturday and then, we start to warm up on sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday with highs back up to around 90 degrees around the bay we'll see upper 70s to around 80. this weekend, railroad society
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is holding a open house both days, saturday, sunday. if you can get tired of the weather, go indoors. >> all right. >> thank you. >> and coming up here, new plans to step up our military presence in the south pacific. >> what it means for balance of world power, we'll be right back.
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tonight money matters deal to support the european banking industry.
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the dow gained 186 points and markets in europe sore whtd deal worked out. europe banks will get them through their debt crisis. >> a stockholder lawsuit accuses hewlett-packard of misleading investors for months. the stock fell 20%. the company announced would it stop making the touch pad. and net flix says it will attract 4% fewer subviber business separating its streaming service that raises prices for customer autos u.s. is making plans to increase military presence in australia. this announcement today by secretary of state clinton and key fence secretary leon pinetta. >> my goal is to make clear the united states will maintain a strong presence in that part of the world and
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that we'll fulfill our commitments to australia and all allies in that part of the world. >> and china was not mentioned as a threat, the move as china is claiming dominion over vast areas that the u.s. considers international waters. >> and still ahead, prosecutors putting pressure on banks to ease the foreclosure crisis. >> too big to dale doesn't mean too big to do the right thing. >> a legal settlement and what it might mean to you. >> abandoned mercury mine left a toxic legacy now destine forward a major clean up a work wut out without havingggggt
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a community group issued a
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startling report on what the foreclosure price krisis is doing to property values estimating by next year, california real estate will be devalued by $650 billion. san francisco properties worth $6.9 billion less, home values in oakland, hardest hit in the state will drop $12 billion. alliance of californians for community empowerment says when i home goes into foreclosure, value drops 22%. >> so when you have foreclosures people are band oning properties and losing their homes. it brings down property values in that area but helps bring down the representation of the city. >> the report says the typical foreclosure costs governments nearly $20,000 per home. >> settlement costs underway with largest companies and they could wrap up early as this month mo. 7 on your side's michael finney is here to explain what it could mean for homeowner
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autos people don't know about the talks. these stem from an investigation launch bid nation's attorneys general. mortgage servicers are accused of committing foreclosure documents signed by those who hadn't confirmed the paper work. the practice known as robo sign and a settlement could provide much-needed relief. shirley burnel lived in this home four decades and has been fighting foreclosure three years. >> we've been doing the same paper work for years. it's over and over and over. and over. so... i don't know what the yish is. >> donna has been in this home for 15 years. and the numerous books and games belonging to her 6-year-old child are a pleasant distraction. >> it's escape from the anxiety we have. >> they're two homeowners who could be helped by the settlement the california attorney general is part of a team trying to negotiate an
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out of court settlement. >> i'm confident because everybody is aware of the situation. and the pressure is on. >> and in that trying to do that, boy like to see some people prosecuted. >> this document dated march 3 obtained by l.a. times revealed some potential terms of a settlement. key among them is principle reduction. and basically banks being asked to reduce the amount homeowners owe to bring it closer to value of the home. and that is something banks have long resisted. norma garcia is. >> it's too big to do the right thing that. is what ought to happen here, we need to more of that. >> john eller has been following negotiations closely and says one hold up to any settlement could be banks that they be protected from any future litigation.
6:33 pm
>> and the and the associations declined to comment for this story. and it's been widely reported that the banks have offered a settlement of $20 billion. >> that is not enough for california. >> we'll see what it looks like whit comes to fruition. >> if not reached it could be looking at years of litigation and more investigations. the services involved in talk s are bank of america, wells fargo, citi group and allied financial. we'll keep track of this. >> thank you. >> sure. >> epa today listed a former mercury mine south of the bay area as a super fund site making the new mine eligible for federal clean up money. there are two million tons of toxic waste scatter add cross the area, tonight a look at this historic mine.
6:34 pm
>> this is left of the town that was one of the most-productive mercury mines in the country. at its height, 2000 people called it home. today only a handful remain because of the toxic legacy that was left behind. >> it was a pioneer in mining and credited with revolutionizing ore processing. the mine opened in the 1950s to -- 1850s to supply gold miners with mercury. >> it was used for many different purposes from thermometers to switch autos when closing in 1971 it left behind 30 miles of underground tunnel that's now leak water loaded with mercury. >> this is a site wasn't regulated well in any way, shape or form. it's now a super fund site. >> the epa started looking into the levels in 1990s and called for status last year.
6:35 pm
>> there are sites around the country that means it's the most toxic of the toxic si.s we're committed to making sure it's cleaned up. >> the cost is expected to take decades to complete. work expected to begin in the fall. >> wheer going to try to do is to minimize some of the damage of the mines, orange water that is creeping around everywhere. >> this plan is to carve two channels to divert rain runnoff. then, work beginning on a pipeline that will funnel the mine's water into a pond. >> and we'll settle out before it discharges into the creek. >> water from the creek feeds into the san joaquin river and this is prolonged exposure can damage the nervous system in
6:36 pm
people and has been found at elevated levels in fish. >> there are several endangered species in the area. >> the status means they will investigate the phone shall impact. >> the water source is the stream that is contaminated with mercury. >> and bur yof land management owns the land surrounding the area. on that land, half a dozen other mine autos they're expected to this and we wanted to coordinate efforts to save costs. >> and it's listed as a california historic landmark. and must be considered as part of the clean up process. >> and when we come back, how you can get a workout. >> without getting out of your chair. stay with us. [ male announcer ] at green giant we know nature
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steam-cleaning enthusiasts. it's good for the cuomzeroq get to know their own carpet. and spending the day moving furniture and lugging around a hot water extraction unit can be a rush! i know. that's why i'm carpet for life. but look, if things get out of hand, and the place starts smelling like wet gym sock, there's no shame
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in calling a professional. i respect you for trying. ♪call 1-800-steemer. there is a new option for busy worker that's never seem to make it to the gym. this promises to bring workout right into the office. >> jason walker is a master multi tasker but is throwing something new on to the to do list. >> to be able to just stop just a moment or two and get blood flowing works. you're sitting in it.
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>> it's known as jimmy gym. part office chair, part workout. with a turn, it can turn into an exercise machine. >> this gets you from zero to 63, fast. >> from presses to leg extensions. >> there are six handles and you can do 16 core exercise autos this inventor says he came wupt idea for a desk gym while a student in college. sitting in front of a computer for hours on eend so idea started two dumb bells around the chair then a band and this just started to snow ball. >> the users can adjust tension. >> you can get roughly into 90 to 100 points. there is a band and thinner ones so you can dial it up all the way. >> and for professionals it offers something valuable. convenience. >> if i had to get up to do a
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quick set of push ups or sit ups i'm just not going get away from the scene. >> they looks like they're in good shape. the cost is just under $600. and says most are sold on his jimmy gym web site. >> i don't know if i can do news and crunches at the same time. >> nasa announces a discovery george lucas imagined years ago. and sarah jessica's new movie. the question
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the exist yens of a world with a double set. there is a planet orbiting two stars. the exist yens of a planet orbiting two suns, gornl lucas created such a place as luke sky walker's home, now we may
6:45 pm
wonder if there was a tip. >> how did he know about this before nasa? >> i don't think he did. >> and he had john knoll in the house today. >> and there is a first confirmation. and a bianary planet. >> one that opens a universe of possibilities for finding earth like planets. >> there is doubling the number. >> the telescope has been looking only a small portion of the sky. and there is hundreds of planets and changes where planets pass between them and earth. we know this new planet is about 200 light years away.
6:46 pm
and one smaller, one larger live would not exist there. >> there is the gun sun going across the sky. they eclipse. >> if we do find life, it may well be on a moon, instead of a planet. so far, kkeppler has not found any. if it does, that will be bigger news. >> if i'm a betting man there will be more moon autos is there more moons? >> sure. more places for phone shall live. >> and wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> and so fascinating. >> so cool. >> yes. >> and there is just two star restaurants? >> oh, okay. all right. >> and there is tomorrow's weather going to be a lovely
6:47 pm
day. and cool day every day. 83 degrees will be the high. 86 fresno. and 77 in yosemite. 68 tahoe. 75 in los angeles. here in the bay area, another lovely day. cooler than average, high temperatures into 70s inland. and there is 62 in san francisco. and there is highs into mid-60s, here is the accu-weather forecast. we'll have cooler than average and warm up rather sharply sunday, by monday, tuesday, highs around 90 degrees and 80s around the bay. mid to upper 60s on the coast. >> spencer, thank you. >> among the films opening tomorrow is the comedy with a touch of drama called "i don't know how she does it" starring sarah jessica parker. and here is the review on the aisle.
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>> i love my work. sometimes, i wish i didn't love it so much. >> you're allowed to miss your children. >> i need someone down there tonight. >> and that is a problem, she's trying hard to get head. but has kids and a husband and never gets sleep. can you feel the crisis mode building? >> you must be completely exhausted. >> not completely. >> they did that writing better in scott pilgrim. and the big opportunity comes. >> our nork office sparked to a proposal he'd like authored. >> oh, god. >> she's headed out of town to share time. and there is a bowler go. figure. you know where this is leading. she has vicious people in the office out to get her and other catty mothers on the personal side. this is a woman carrying
6:49 pm
burdens and what to do? yes. here is an ah-ha moment. >> this me without you and emily is nothing. >> this is a lightly little piece of fluff seems more like a made for tv movie on an obscure tv channel somewhere. and it seems so dated like something out of a doris day movie then an extra sweet ending. i thought i had to have blood sugar tested. i don't know why they made it. i can only give it a quarter bucket. and we'll see you on the aisle. >> so he didn't like it? >> i guess not. >> coming up next changing of the guard on giant's front office. >> why it appeared to be
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6:52 pm
historic cargo ship is getting a face lift. it was towed to san francisco today and built 67 years ago
6:53 pm
in richmond z should be back in the east bay by mid october and will be the center piece of the military museum. >> and join me tonight at 9:00 and coming up, a bay area coffee drinker, why she's suing for $5 million, then at 11:00 down sizing of the postal service and impact of closing hundreds of facilities. see you at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and buzz about newcomb and what happened oo. larry beil is back with that. >> and giants manager said he was shocked and had no i'd qchl giants tried to put on happy faces today, heavy on pr spin. and he found fellow owners wanted to go another way. >> only 10 months to go, on
6:54 pm
top of the world as champions and now, two parties heading into opposite direction autos sit time to come in and go out. and so i will be divesting he and his successor spent 45 minutes today presenting this changing of the guard as a mutual agreement but information suggests otherwise. and the disagreements for a year run. the five of us, the largest investors and is the case in any partnership or family business, if you will, there are differences of opinion and there are discussions with a range of issues and many questions remain on operations and today, insisting things will remain the same. and the stats on the a's potential move to san jose which the giants oppose. >> no change on that position.
6:55 pm
and this is a a decision. >> i have. >> that was the message. business as usual when it appears to be anything but. >> this is a time for a transition in a healthy environment. there is nobody that are able or more prepared to step in than larry. nobody more willing to step aside than me. >> on the field tonight giants on a winning streak in colorado. we have lift off with 20th of the year, and next inning cody ross is a tailor made double play. thomas field can field but can't throw into a right field there. and there is a score right now the giants are leading. and there is cal football team takes on tinny presbyterian.
6:56 pm
and do you know the nickname? there is a win that will make the head coach all-time winningest coast. and the student body is less than 1200. the quarterback never heard of the vaulted blue hoes. >> never heard of them growing up. >> this is another opponent this week. about what happens between the lines and about preparation. >> so there is first round justin rose is on there with a 63. and there is a shot of the day from the bunker on two. and there is a three under 68.
6:57 pm
>> nice. >> press bit tain taryn blue hoes. >> the vaulted blue hoes. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> and thanks for joining us tonight. >> see you tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. [ man ] did we get anything good? sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. fiber makes me sad. oh common. i dare you to taste one hint of ber in fiber one. oh, i'd be able to tell.
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