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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  September 16, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning. we're looking live at downtown san francisco. a few clouds out there but i expect a lot of sunshine as first fall cold front is coming through. >> i'm sue hall in the traffic center following your friday morning commute. activity in san francisco, more on that in just a few minutes. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> i'm u i'm eric thomas. we begin with developing news, a 31-year-old suspect is hospitalized after being shot by a san jose police. right now detectives are investigating what led up to the gunfire. terry mcsweeney is live in san jose with more on the story. >> reporter: down here at south san jose we have a shooting, officer involved. this is the scene. it's not just police department but chp is involved because the task force auto theft task
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force. they spotted the vehicle, tried to pull it over. at some point one of the officers, they are not sure if it was a san jose officer or a chp officer who actually pulled the trigger that shot the suspect. the suspect in the hospital with non life-threatening injuries and to try to get more details and fill in the blanks. we're joined by officer jose garcia of the san jose police department. the question, what was it these people did that warranted an officer to shoot at them. >> we are still looking what led up to the shooting. i could say two of the officers, one is a san jose officer, 2nd officer is from the california highway patrol. they both discharged their firearms but we don't know if each one struck the 31-year-old. we are still looking what led up to the officers discharging their fire arms. >> reporter: second man in the
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car, what can you tell us? >> he a 40-year-old. we believe he a parole. he is currently at the police department being questioned. >> reporter: you've been out here for four and a half hours. where does the investigation go from here? >> we have a homicide investigation and we have the district attorney's investigators here who are siflg with the session. at this point the investigators will collect their evidence. we will reopen the roadway. once that is completed we will return to the office and complete the interviews of not only the suspects but all the officers involved. >> reporter: thank you very much. one person shot, wounded, non life-threatening injuries and one person in custody. we'll have more for you in half an hour. terry mcsweeney, "abc 7 news." this morning's police shooting comes a day after santa clara county prosecutors dropped
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charges against a san jose police officer who shot and killed a man with a knife in january. d.a.'s office claims the officer's actions were legally congested. investigators say a 51-year-old a knife in each hand when she charged the officers. secretary of state hillary clinton will speak in the bay area to single most financial gathering of women, the goal to increase women's economic power around the world. >> reporter: there is a lot of excitement about her advice it this morning. having secretary of state hillary clinton here will put an explanation mark on the historic event. she was in the presidio yesterday. she is with defense secretary leon panetta. today she will be given the address at the summit.
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she is one of the speakers. the goal of the event is to foster women's participation in the economic events. it's part of a bigger event. it's apec is meeting for the 23rd annual conference. it's considered the largest gathering in california, more than 65 years. 3,000 people from 21 countries are here. female executives here in the bay area say they are thrilled and not surprised that san francisco is the city where women are breaking ground and holding this event. they say if you look around the room a at most economic gatherings you see mostly men but not today in this city the she will speak at 9:00 this morning. if you can't make it, go to our website at right at
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9:00. we will provide a link to a live stream of her speech. live in the newsroom, amy hollyfield, th. secretary of state clinton says she is optimistic about the release of two u.c. berkeley graduates being held in iran. she high hopes they will be released soon despite several delays. >> i'm going to count on the iranian government fulfilling the announcement that was made by the leadership of the country and hope that it can be expedited and we can see their release very soon. oman and iraq are involved in the negotiations and include one million dollar bail for freedom plan. iran's judiciary says they are reviewing indicates. two men have been sqiald for more than two years. they were convicted on spying charges. new information about a san jose man rather earlier this week for having a huge stack of guns and explosives. now, the man's next-door
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neighbor she warned police several months ago he was a danger to the community. on tuesday they set off eight explosive devices they found in the home of 63-year-old mark sedlock. they discovered 45 firearms and explosive devices. his neighbor says she is angry and frustrated because she warned police about him five months ago. >> so they didn't listen to me. it took someone else to bring it to the light to obtain the proper search warrants and to discover everything they've discovered the other day. >> sedlock is being held at santa clara county jail without bail. he is facing 147 weapons charges but the district attorney has not filed charges yet. oakland police are searching for two thieves who tripped a 3-year-old of her jewelry. the attack happened yesterday morning in the 4700 block of bancroft avenue. they say two men grabbed a gold
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chain from the child's mother. they took the girl and got the gold rings off of her fingers. one suspect is about 11 and the other is about 20. family and friends of missing nursing student michelle le has organized another search party for this weekend. the body has not been found and the family is holding hope they will find her. hayward police have arrested giselle esteban in connection what they believe is le's murder. they think esteban killed le blamed her for breaking her relationship up with her boyfriend. police say they have dna evidence and surveillance video showing esteban in the parking garage before and after le disappeared. this morning new e-mails are revealing the concern within the obama administration about the
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possible political impact a solyndra default is having. official from the office of management and buy warned that a possible default by the freey fremont solar panel maker would coincide with the 2012 campaign season. officials were concerned about the their financial health even as they publicly declared the company in good shape. solyndra received more than half a billion dollars in federal loans under the 2009 stimulus plan. it declared bankruptcy last month and laid off 1100 workers. at least three reports by federal watchdogs over the past two years indicated the company was in trouble early on. last week the f.b.i. raided the headquarters as part of an investigation into the department of energy and the loan program. how did you like that sudden blast of fall yesterday? >> it sure was. just like fall. how long is that going to be with us is the big question this morning. >> how about another day.
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how about this evening when you step out, once the sun goes down you are going to wish i had a coat. first cold front and secondary push right behind it moving in this afternoon, expected to be very sunny as the air mass gets mixed up by the winds. temperatures when you step outside right now, 50 in novato to antioch at about 59 degrees. as we head into the afternoon hours, just like yesterday, 10-15 degrees cooler than average. 80 in antioch, low to mid-80s around cloverdale and clearlake and ui qei yeah. low to mid-70s in the north bay valleys. low 50s around san francisco and half moon bay. mid to upper 50s richmond, oakland and san mateo. monterey bay, few clouds lingering around monterey, 64. low to mid-70s with sunshine inland. here is your seven-day forecast, warming trend starts tomorrow. by the time we get to next week,
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temperatures are warmer than average away from the coast. we do have an accident to report to you in san francisco. it is southbound 101 just past 9th street and civic center. because it's so early, no delays but police are on the scene and the accident is blocking the left lane. live look at 80, berkeley as you head through berkeley. i'm noticing some activity up here with blipping go lights on to the left side of roadway near university. be aware of that. metering lights remain off. time is 4:41. >> pat robertson has made controversial comments over the years but his advice to a woman with a husband suffering from alzheimer's disease is infuriating the christian faithful. that is next. >> and nasa makes a discovery
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strangely similar to
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joo good morning, on this friday. live look outside on the embarcadero here in san francisco. looking good. we've got a fewer clouds out there this morning, still a very cool day for this time of year. we'll check in mike for the weekend as well and talk about a sue another problem going on right now in traffic. in the news, evangelist pat robertson most recent remarks, he says divorce was justified if a spouse was suffering from alzheimer's. some christians say it violate the sanctity of marriage. he made the comments on christian broadcast network program responding to a caller that a friend had dated other women while his wife seriously ill with alzheimer's. >> i know it sounds cruel, if he should divorce her and start all
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over again. to make sure she has custodial care. it's like a walking death. >> doctors who treat alzheimer's patients says he is wrong. people with the disease are not gone. feelings are the ability to connect on some level is the last to go. >> nasa has released new facts, the existence of a world with a double sunrise and sunset. they found a planet orbiting two stars. >> it was science fiction the existence of planet orbiting two suns. now, we may wonder if he had an inside tip. >> how did george lucas know about this before nasa? >> i don't think he did. >> and nasa had oscar winning john knowles in the house.
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a real planet orbiting two suns. >> the indication of what is possible, something entirely new. >> one that literally opens a universe of possibilities for finding earth like planets according to the team. >> half the stars in the sky you look at are binary doubles the potential. >> they have been looking at 156,000 stars in a gay si with more than a billion of them. they have found hundreds of planets by changing of brightness of those stars when planets pass between them and earth. we know this new planet kepler 16-about is a gas giant orbiting two suns, one smaller and one larger. life as we know it could not exist there but what a view it must have. >> you have not just the sun going across the sky but you have it moving with another star. >> nasa may need to hand out
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more star war clips soon. i think scientists believe the temperature there is about hundred below zero. >> its gas giant like jupiter in our system which wouldn't sustain life. 4:46, from mortgage to credit card debts getting answers is a simple phone call away. and the u.s. postal service consider cuts to slash a few deficits. it may affect a lot of people. >> and bay area transportation leaders are eyeing a new gas tax and you have
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look at the temperatures across the country. everybody feeling the fall. there are some areas that were in the 90s a couple days that
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are now in the 60s. we have 50s around seattle and portland. good news if you are travel by air, all major airports running on time. any time this weekend if you are traveling go to and check out flight tracker. it's at the bottom. snail mail could end up being slower. u.s. postal service wants to make sweeping changes including one that would end overnight delivery of first class mail. here is lilian kim with the story. >> u.s. postal service goes through 157 billion pieces of mail a year. in five years, mail volume has dropped 43 billion pieces. >> we're seeing less and less mail. we also are seeing idle equipment standing by with no mail to run through it with employees with less work to do. >> the recession, and postal service wants to shut down up to
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250 facilities across the country and to save $3 billion a year. in northern california, facilities in eureka, petaluma, burlingame, stockton and modesto is being considered. such closures would not affect service at the post office. first class mail would take two to three days, instead of one to three. customers seem to be understanding did i. >> i don't use the post office that much. for regular or first class mail, it doesn't affect me that much. >> but the postal service is against the proposal. they want to eliminate 35,000 workers. any change needs congressional approval and they hope lawmakers will go along. >> we're not going out of business or going away. we are doing this so we can stay in business. >> postal service has 574,000 career employees. it's the nation's second largest
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civilian employer after walmart. bay area residents are going to be asked if they would support a regional gas task. transportation commission has a poll to measure voter support for the idea. depending on the results a gas tax of up to 10 cents a gallon could be placed on the november 2012 ballot. the money would be used to improve streets, pay for new projects. results of study -- >> read our lips. >> and what about the cooldown. >> good morning. welcome to friday. it's fairly clear around the bay area this morning as we change as first fall air mass and keeping the sky clear in most areas. few clouds out there. they will fill in the next
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couple of hours so we'll keep an eye on sfo but right now it's running on time. talk about the temperatures. sea in santa rosa and 50 in novato. almost 7:00 this morning, temperatures everywhere else in the 50s this morning. go gown to monterey bay, temperatures warmer because of the plan blanket effect. mid to upper 50s. sunshine today and a cooling breeze behind this cold front that is going to bring us the sunshine that is xiong to be a battle between the strong sun and cool air mass. cool air mass wins today. partly cloudy and chilly tonight. more widespread who's in inland valleys and warming trend starts tomorrow afternoon all the way through tuesday. for today, looks like fremont could be 2-3 degrees warmer. oakland about 1 and san jose about 3 degrees cooler than yesterday. here is the setup while you were sleeping, cold front moving
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across the bay area. another one coming in behind it but think that is going to head more to the north. so this cold front, while it brings in cooler air, it also stirs up the atmosphere and brings a lot of sunshine and temperatures in the mid to upper 70s in most inland areas. 80 in antioch and brentwood. east bayshore, mid to upper 60s. castro valley and fremont, low 70s for you. low to mid-70s for most of the south bay. could hit the upper 70s and los gatos. mid to upper 50s, millbrae and san mateo. kind of breezy along the coast. more sunshine than yesterday but still kind of hanging around 60 degrees. low to mid-50s downtown san francisco with low to mid-70s in north bay valleys. upper 50s at your beaches. around the monterey bay, few clouds around monterey and carmel. mid to upper 50s elsewhere. low to mid-70s inland and if you are traveling around the state,
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all is quiet. storms is gone. tahoe 59 with sunshine, low to mid 80s in the central valley. 95 the warm spot in palm springs. a fireworks game as we take on the tigers. we stopped their winning streak last night. first pitch it will be chilly, 60 dropping down to 55 degrees. let's focus in on the warmth as we look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast, by the time we get to tuesday, everybody 10-12 degrees warmer. >> here is sue with an update. >> we still have an accident san francisco, it's blocking the left lane as you head southbound on 101 past the sick center. really no significant slowing past the scene and road sensors are not picking up anything at all but left lane blocked. southbound 680, drive to pleasant hill to walnut creek, we do have construction at bollinger canyon road but so far traffic is flowing nicely as we
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head into the 24 junction. 24 south to the caldecott, nice, as well. taillights are headed in the westbound direction. there is the high-rise and everything is at the limit so far so good. go to is the website for the latest information including drive times. click on bay area traffic. fremont police are asking for your help in identifying two armed robbery suspects. they have released sketches of the men they are searching for the robbery happened tuesday at the round table pizza in the warm springs neighborhood. sunnyvale police want the question the pair in connection with two armed robberies. they believed to be driving a champagne colored vehicle similar to a pontiac grand am. >> if you are having problems with your finances, help will be a phone call away next week. 27th and 28th, that is not next
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week but the week after next week. the city of san francisco will offer advice on mortgages, debt and savings. financial planners will answer calls directly from anyone phoning in. to take advantage of the help, dial 211 between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. and you will connected with the professional. the bay area school district celebrates a big milestone. next, how financially back on its feet. i'm terry mcsweeney live in san jose where a man has been shot by law enforcement but one question we need an answer to, which law enforcement department this officer belonged to. >> and convicted fe lovin stockpiling weapons and explosives. neighbors warned police for months. what it finally took to get action. ttttttttttttt
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i'm terry mcsweeney live in south san jose where auto theft suspect has been shot by police. i'll have the latest on him and the investigation. >> i'm amy hollyfield. secretary of state hillary clinton says she knows the vital ingredient to economic growth.


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