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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  September 19, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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once we learned of the details, it really, everybody had a hard time trying to reconcile why somebody would do something like that. >> police won't reveal what led them to cast still low but credit public support.
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-- >> reporter: police say this continues to be an act of investigation annika see yo will be arraigned wednesday where he will face additional charges, including kidnapping, robbery, aggravated assault and murder. nick smith, abc 7 news. 10th person died overnight from injuries suffered in the nation's deadliest air racing crash . one shows a piece of the tail missing. there's more. >> there is no pilot's head in that cockpit. it tells me he was likely unconscious slumped over the controls. >> investigators are looking at the mechanical modifications the pilot made to make the plane go faster.
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investigators say the pilot added a forward facing camera to the plane. memory cards were found in the wreckage. authorities don't know yet if they were recording during the crash. 49ers plan to build a new stadium next to the amusement park in santa clara received a boost today. investment firm has reached an agreement to buy great america integrate the park with the team's stadium plans. the two sides have been working to the. jma will take over park operations this year and plans to retain all employees. two events today in the case of a missing nursing student in the east bay. the coroner will begin testing skeletal remains to see if they belong to michelle le who disappeared from a hospital in may the woman accused of killing her is due in court today. amy is live with more on the story. >> reporter: her hearing just
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wrapped up. it was very quick. a matter of minutes. she was assigned an attorney. everything else was postponed until next week like her possibly entering a plea. she and her attorney have a lot to talk about. the case possibly took a dramatic turnover the weekend. volunteers who were out searching for michelle le found human remains this was in a rural part of alameda county where police identified as picking up a signal from le's phone. investigators have not figured pout if the bones are those of michelle le. legal analysts say, this could delay the case a bit. >> there is going to be the identification issue. there's the cause of death issue. both sides are going to want to evaluate that this is a big potentially delay. because the prosecution is going to have their experts evaluate the body. then the defense is as well to see if there's any trauma to the body. any entry wounds into the ribs,
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to try to establish what happened to michelle. this is a big forensic piece of evidence. >> reporter: esteban made a quick appearance today. this video is from a previous appearance. today she was asked if she was okay with delaying her lee for another week? she said she was. -- she and her new attorney will meet to talk about the case. she accused of killing michelle le. the possible motive jealousy over a will have interest. le disappeared in may. she and esteban knew each other from high school. le's cousin is here. all the way through she has been public talking her cousin and wanting to find her. today, for the first time she told us she couldn't talk that the district attorney has advised her not to. amy holyfield, abc 7 news. san francisco police will hold a community meeting to address the police shooting of two bystanders in north beach.
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it happened early saturday morning. police say officers tried to arrest a suspected drug dealer. he ran away and pulled out a gun. police say an officer fired once, and wounded two people near by. they are both expected to survive. officers did arrest the suspect. the community meeting will be held at gene parker elementary 6:30 tonight. >> in south san francisco, police are looking for two us a expects in a shooting that left a 14-year-old boy dead and another 14-year-old injure. the teenagers were shot in front of the home on railroad avenue 9:00 last night. police are not sure what led up to the shooting. but are trying to determine if the incident was gang-related. another bart pretess planned for the evening commute in san francisco. the 8th demonstration since the july 3rd, shooting of a homeless man. two dozen protesters demonstrated outside the civic
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center last monday. service was not disrupted. the group anonymous says protesters may ride some trains this time. the bart board has added its support if approved it would give the agency the authority to issue a restraining order against protesters were multiple violations if those protesters return they could be's ared -- they could be arrested and charred with miss me. everyone must pay their fair share. president obama's message as he proposes a plan to shrink the nation's debt. suspected to spark another showdown with republicans. cancer breakthrough. the new life that may change how doctors find and treat a leading killer in women.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a flight from seattle made a safe landing after a bomb threat made through a message delivered to another airport. authorities have searched the alaska airlines flight and passengers. wayne freedman joins us live with what they found. >> reporter: what we tone know may be more revealing than what we dough. -- what we do. the flight was anything but ordinary due to what officials describe as a credible bomb threat. we begin with cell phone video from inside the plane. two suspects being led away.
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>> please leave everything onboard. cell phones turned off. >> reporter: as far as passengers knew that announcement was the first sign of trouble. alaska 342 arrived in oakland. it did not go to a get instead a remote portion of the airport. they arrested two men in hooded sweatshirts, identities unknown. the crew told the passengers to leave everything onboard. they were bused off the plane, rescreened. all baggage underwent further inspection. after assure they were allowed in the terminal to get their bags. the threat originated with a letter found across the bay at a bookstore at oakland international airport. authorities did not find a bomb or trace of a bomb. when passengers did pick up their bags later, they were relieved, also unsettled. here's one description of the two suspects. >> they looked like they from
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india or iraq, pakistan. >> reporter: do you think they were traveling to the? >> they looked like they were. they were in the same section. >> they had black hair, hooded sweatshirts, casually dressed. that's pretty much it. you wouldn't have noticed them. >> the information was credible. very specific. the fbi, alameda county sheriffs, tsa and our oakland airport security team responded. >> reporter: to clarify, that letter was fun in terminal 1, at san francisco -- was found at terminal 1 at san francisco airport across the bay that's all we know. the sheriff's office took the suspects away in handcuffs. we are waiting for more clarification about what made them suspicious to authorities or whether they've been charged. the pangs have scattered the. the -- the passengers have scattered. the plane has returned to service.
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the flight crew was visibly upset and relieved, as this incident ended this is still developing. still waiting for more word. all passengers are safe. no bomb found on the plane just suspicious circumstances. live from oakland international, wayne freedman, abc 7. president obama today formally unveiled his plane to cut the u.s. deficit by to trillion. the president's 10 year plan calls for raising taxes on everyone making more than $250,000. and cutting entitlement programs like medicare and medicaid. also establish a minimum tax on those making a million dollars or more a year. the white house calls it the buffet rule. >> the president: warren buffet's secretary shouldn't pay a higher tax rate than buffet. it is wrong in the united states of america a teacher, nurse, construction should pay higher tax rates than somebody pulling in 50
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million dollars. >> mr. obama vowed to veto any debt reduction bill that cuts spending but does not raise taxes. saying a balanced approach is needed to repair america's debt problem. mitch mcconnell blasted the plan saying veto threats, tax hikes and phantom savings and punting is not a recipe for economic or job growth or meaningful deficit reduction. >> the pentagon says the military is ready for the official lifting of the legal ban on gays serving openly. the bank will officially end at one minute after midnight. at that time, revised defense department regulations will take effect to reflect the new law allowing gays to serve openly. defense secretary panetta is expected to discuss the change tomorrow at a news conference. new study that focuses on whooping cough cases bolsters the idea that students need to have regular vaccinations.
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the study shows whooping cough shots fade in effectiveness after three years. last friday, several bay area schools held free clinics to insure every student meets the new mandate requiring whooping cough vaccines for 7 to 12th graders. the rule is in response to last year's spike in cases. now a medical advancement that may alter how doctors taken and treat cancer in women. doctors can look at ovarian cancer tumors. jim avila has more. >> reporter: it isjc2p a the dak breakthrough that could change the fight against cancer. doctors call it flourescent images. researchers at purdue university invented this technique that turns ovarian cancer cells into easy to find bright sparkling points of light. >> by seeing this tumor tissue light up, a lot of disease that would have been missed can be identified. >> allowing surgeons to sycuan 30 times smaller than
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previously possible -- to see cancer stems 30 times smaller than previously possible. >> we envision being able to use the strategy for 40% of human cancers. our anticipation is that it will extend life span. >> similar in the dark surgery is being used at the cleveland clinic. pink and blue light dye, illuminating bladder cancer. >> the contrast that one sees with our dyes is much more stark than it with anything else to day. >> the mayo clinic is starting to schedule this type of surgery next month. >> that was jim avila reporting. >> mike is talking how hot it is getting. >> temperatures now 10° warmer than they were yesterday. beautiful pictures some of the cool water you may find relief from the heat. and poor air quality. >> talking heat, one of
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hollywood's hottest actors coming to the bay area. where you can catch a glimpse of brad pitt today iririririririr
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you can see
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you guys are talking the same old nonsense. we got to think differently. >> oakland rolls out the red carpet for the world premiere of the movie "moneyball" based on the a's 2002 season and how the general manager took a team with no big stars and low budget and created a winner. dean is played by brad pitt who is expected to attend tonight's event. people lined up last summer for a chance to be cast as extras in the film. i think crowds of people will be at the paramount hoping to catch a glimpse of brad. we hear angelina jolie possibly as well. >> if you had to get somebody to play you brad is a good choice. >> or george clooney, one of the two. >> the forecast looks nice for those folk there is. warm weather, that time of the year. clear sky and high pressure over the bay area.
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san francisco in the background. how about another beautiful pick , can you see the conservativeer to of flowers there. also the -- conservatory of flowers. also the tennis courts. clouds along the coast. looks like it is going to be one of those days where temperatures remain in the 50s to near 100 inland huge temperature spreads. here's the reason. hardly a wind. our fastest wind is only eight miles per hour out of the northeast of fairfield if we had a sea breeze it would be coming out of the southwest. cooling breezes going to stay out at the coast. 64 in half moon bay. 70s through the bay shore, south bay and north bay. 892 napa. -- low to mid 70s from monterey and santa cruz. we'll have hot and hazy conditions today watch out for the air quality in the east
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bay valleys. good news, clear and comfortable tonight clouds remain at the coast. temperatures by this weekend in the afternoon will start to take a dip to the cooler side. today we are going back up san francisco one degree warmer, oakland four. san jose six. sunset about 7:11 this evening. high pressure to our east, to our west. huge area of warm weather behind this warm front that is what is taking over our neighborhoods for the next several days, except for at the coast where going to remain relatively cool. today in the east bay valley, 92 double in the cool spot everybody else mid 90s. i wouldn't be surprised if you have a car thermometer it says 100 a couple times. 82 in richmond the cool spot on the shore. upper 80s to low 90s south bay. saratoga and san jose nine tip.
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-- san jose 90. upper 80s at the coast, 72 sunset, mid 80s downtown. one last stop, monterey bay, 74. low to mid 80s, santa cruz, more sun, warmth inland mid 90s. central valley mid to upper 90s. sunny 77 tahoe. sunny big sur 83. l.a. 84. relaxing cool temperatures tonight tomorrow morning going to feel like 50s and low 60s. die air warms nicely tuesday, wednesday, thursday, a slight dip in temperatures. the biggest drop at the coast. astronomical autumn starts friday. coolest on the weekend close if not warmer than average. breaking news, federal judge has just decided to unseal the video recordings of last year's landmark trial on
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the constitutionality of california's same-sex marriage ban. the judge's decision came down this morning. it is reported the argument of those opposed to the ban saying there was no reason to recordings secret. supporters of california's same-sex marriage ban fought hard to keep the tapes from being released. the rule delayed to september 30th to give supporters time to appeal. >> we'll be f f1ñ,ñfú
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today, the garden of the future. it mixes metal and greenery in one of the word's most sophisticated cities. >> how much of a good night sleep is key to make children better learners?
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these stories at 4:00 and 5:00. >> thanks for join us. >> keep track of the latest breaking news at twitter. you can talk about it at >> have a fab news day, we'll see you tomorrow morning.
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