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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  September 20, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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defending the actions of an officer who opened fire at an armed suspect and hit two bystanders instead. >> san bruno takes a big step today toward recovering from the pipeline disaster. workers will begin filling in the crater left by last september massive explosion. >> good morning. a live look from volmer peak. you can see the clear air that awaits you this morning. high pressure still in control. which is going to stagnate our air. making it hot and unhealthy in some areas. i'll show you where. >> good morning. sue hall. abc7 traffic center. light look at the bay bridge. it's light. we have roadwork to fill you in on in a few minutes. >> all right. good morning, everyone. 4:31 on tuesday morning. we thank you so much for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. developing news. the family of michelle le is in mourning after learning definitively that the human remains found over the weekend in an east bay canyon are those of the missing nursing student. abc7's amy hollyfield is live at the hayward police department with the latest in the murder case.
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amy? >> reporter: well, now investigators have to figure out how she died. it will be a challenge. the body was badly decomposed. michelle le disappeared on may 27. she has been missing for almost four months. her family organized eight searchs for her throughout rural part of alameda county and a volunteer on one of the searches on saturday found the remains in the sunol canyon. police said that le's cell phone and the phone of his suspected killer traveled on a similar path in that area. finding the body definitely helped prosecutors' case. it would be stronger if they figure out how she died. >> part of what they'll do is detailed analysis of the corpse and the body to see if there is a head trauma, skull fracture to explain how did the death occur. >> reporter: giselle esteban was in court yesterday. she is charged in the murder.
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she was assigned an torn at a brief court appearance and scheduled to enter a plea next week. le's family released a written statement saying we ask for privacy and respect in the difficult time. was we are grieving and preparing a memorial service for her, a proper goodboy. they thanked the community for all the support they received and they asked for more support and continued prayers as they begin the journey to ensure justice for michelle. live in hayward, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. 4:33 now. the lawyer for two u.c. berkeley graduates being held in iran is back in court today. he wants a second judge's signature on bail deal that could free the men after two years in prison. shane bauer and josh fattal were convicted on spying charges. it was a week ago that president mahmoud ahmadinejad announced the men could be released in a matter of days as a
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humanitarian gesture. iran's courts considered a deal to lift their eight-year prison sentences and release them on $500,000 bail each. the second judge whose signature was required was on vacation until today. san francisco police department chief defended actions of an officers who hit two bystanders in north beach firing at a suspect. he told community at a meeting they followed guidelines when one fired at an armed suspect on broad and kearney. the shot hit a suspect and hit oakland man in ankle and another woman in the thigh. the chief says the shot forced the 20-year-old suspect to surrender and drop his semi-automatic weapon that was loaded with two dozen rounds. police say he was aiming it at them. >> obviously, the department could not feel worse in the fact that two bystanders were harmed. can you imagine if this assault weapon behind me had been allowed to be
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discharged versus the officers firing a single shot. >> the injured bystanders are recovering at home. the city of san bruno is taking another step forward today in the healing process from last year's fatal gas pipeline explosion and fire. the city will hold a ceremony to mark the closure of that huge crater created by last september's pipeline blast. the explosion and fire killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. pg&e crews will take over the job of filling in the hole beginning this afternoon. the process is expected to take three weeks. two major investors in the company solyndra are called to testify before congress. they received half a billion in federal stimulus loans and tax break from california. president obama endorsed the green energy company. now the f.b.i. is investigating it. top executives of two private venture capital firms argenaut and medrone capital will be asked to
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explain why they thought solyndra was a good investment. the bay citizen says obscure board gave solyndra a tax break to help compete globally. >> this morning, firefighters keeping watch for flare-up. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon. flames began shooting up trees in the park. abc7 were on the scene before the fire crews and helped guide them to the blaze. >> we are approaching the anniversary of the oakland hills fire storm. we encourage the community to remain vigilant. if you see smoke report it or call 911. >> the park and campground were closed briefly but reopened. the fire burned three acres of brush before it was knocked down. no word how it started. >> 4:36. today is a second straight
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spare the air day. officials with the air quality management district say more high temperatures and stagnant air will allow the air pollutants to build up. they are asking everyone to drive less, take public transit where possible and limit home energy use. it helps reduce creation of ground level ozone which could be harmful. tomorrow is expected to be a spare the air day. plan ahead and carpool if you can. >> see the shorts and sun dresses. bringing them out again today. >> indeed. almost fall. three spare the air days in a row. >> first time this season we had back-to-back spare the air. it goes with the weather pattern that develop this time of year to bring us the warmest temperatures of the year. >> all right. take a look at where the spare the air is. it's for all of us technically. but the poor eest air quality in east bay valley. there are more 60s on the map. we have low to mid-60s until you get along the coast.
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san francisco to north bay valley where we have the upper 50s. we start higher and we'll have as much sunshine as yesterday. temperatures close to yesterday. near 80 in rich monday and san francisco. mid-to-upper 80s, oakland, san mateo, fremont. everybody else in the low to mid-90s. 70 around half moon bay. monterey bay, 72 here. we have low to mid-80s for santa cruz, watsonville, salinas and mid-to-upper 90s morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. take a look at your accuweather seven-day forecast -- more heat on the way. at least through friday inland. fall starts and it gets cooler. that doesn't happen often. saturday and sunday and monday, temperatures back to near average if not below. good morning, sue. how are we starting? >> sofa so good. light traffic around the bay area. tuesday, spare the air day. we're encouraging the mass transif it you can. all mass transit is on time. southbound 680 a shot you are looking at now.
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toward 24 junks moving well. no problems. be aware of roadwork. stone valley, crow canyon, on and off ramp alternating. roadwork in novato north and southbound north 237. 80 berkeley as you funnel in to the carte carte maze, you find yourself in company. so far, so good. >> funneling is good so far. >> so far, recreation posted online is the closest people got to the landmark proposition 8 trial. >> federal judge's ruling could change that. next, gay marriage, the constitution, and the videos. >> after a minute after midnight, don't ask, don't tell is history. i'm scott goldberg in washington. that story is coming up. 3q ughhh.
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good morning. tuesday morning. live look, beautiful look of san francisco overnight from the sutro cam. you can see the bay bridge in the background. so far, so good on the roads. at least those roads this morning. sue hall is checking things around the bay area. she'll let you know where and if things are going wron wrong. the bart citizen review board wants to know why an investigation of san francisco police in the shooting death of transient charles hill by bart police officers is taking so long. san francisco police haven't said much about the investigation. now bart's police chief kenton rainy has a directive from the citizens review board to sit down with san francisco investigators to find out what they know. >> they have been very cooperative. we have a great working relationship. i felt for transparency sake
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it would be good to have someone else look at this investigation. >> we disagree that the san francisco mrifsh is holding the investigation. we think it should have been held in the department but that was the choice made, made in terms of transparency. we understand that. having said th that --[ inaudible ] >> the shooting of the 45-year-old man sparked a series of protests. surveillance video shows the officer confronting hill on the bart platform at civic center, offcamera. they hope to get update on the case by the next meeting. sponsors of prop 8 have until the 27th to unseal video of last year's same-sex trial. they say the group will appeal to the ninth circuit court of appeals. yesterday's ruling by the federal district judge james ware to release the video was immediately stayed to allow time for an appeal. the motion to unfile it were those who challenged the
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state. for the first time in 18 years, gays in the military can be up front about his or her sexual orientation without being kicked out of the service. "don't ask, don't tell" ended at midnight. gay advocacy groups are planning celebration nationwide and there are two planned events in san francisco later today. abc's scott goldberg is in washington. >> for first time in 18 years in the united states military it's okay and it's okay to tell. for this sergeant, it's okay to re-enlist. >> just because i've been burnt by the policy, it doesn't mean it's been taken out of who i am. i'm still a patriot. a soldier at heart. >> he was discharged for being gay in 2006. one of the army's few arabic speakers. while "don't ask, don't tell" was in place, more than 13,000 service members lost their jobs because they violated the ban on gays and lesbians in uniform. >> we are not a nation that
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says "don't ask, don't tell." we are a nation that says out of many, we are one. >> president obama repealed it last december. but deliberately slow roll-out meant the policy couldn't be lifted officially until nine months later. >> we are in the middle of war. the whole "don't ask, don't tell" policy is the least, the lowest priority in my mind right now. >> today, the magazine out serve is publishing a photo essay. more than 100 active duty gay and lesbian troops, members of the military who served in silence until now. when "don't ask, don't tell" became law, only 44% of americans were in favor of gays and lesbians serving openly. in the recent abc news poll that number grew to 77%. attitudes have changed over time. scott goldberg, abc news, washington. it's 4:45 now. coming up, warning for parents after a man tries to grab a girl on peninsula. >> also, pg&e makes a plea for more pressure in its
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and how can you talk to me about fiber you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. ber one. all right. welcome back. coming up on 4:48. look at the mild temperatures around from the 60s in great falls, to 68 in denver. it is starting to warm a little bit. along the eastern seaboard. we have 70s and 80s. 82 in portland. 75 in seattle. we have flight arrival delays in chicago's midway. and flight departures out of philly. check our flight tracker, it's at the bottom. kristen? >> all right, mike. thanks a lot. 4:48. four people have died in an outbreak of listeria. traced to contaminated cantaloupe from colorado. two additional deaths in new
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mexico are in the process of being confirmed. the contaminated fruit from jenson farms in colorado was delivered in 17 states. california is not on the list, as you can see here, the illness has shown up here as well. the centers for disease control and prevention said so far 35 people have gotten sick in ten states. more cases are expected to surface because the incubation period for listeria can be up to a month. dramatic link between diabetes and alzheimer's has been found and the most comprehensive study so far on the two diseases. 1,000 diabetes patients in japan were tracked for 15 years and the conclusion, seniors with diabetes are twice as likely as the rest of the population to develop symptoms of dementia. in the u.s., more than 100 million americans are diabetic or prediabetic. presearchers are trying to understand if reducing sugar by taking insulin could help with the symptom of alzheimer's. a new device developed
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in the bay area is designed to help people get more rest analyzing their sleep patterns. it's called the lark. the brain child of a palo alto entrepreneur. abc7's carolyn johnson says it also offers advice to help you get the most out of your precious sleep cycle. >> come here. where are you going? >> reporter: between caring for his young children and running his own business. gym owner often feels more than a little sleep deprived. >> i don't sleep well, i can make it through the next day. but the day after, that might be the downward slide. >> reporter: he has begun wearing a device that promises to help him get the most out of the hours he does spend sleeping. >> it shows, you know, the level of sleep. >> reporter: the device known as "the lark" is worn on the wrist. as the user sleeps, sensors record the tiniest increment of motion. >> lark is a sleep sensor that tracks activity, which is using typeny different
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type of motion. using a lot of algorithms to translate that to sleep patterns. >> inventor and ceo julia hue says the sleep patterns can be displayed on smart phone or computer screen. >> most people have no idea how they sleep. it's really amazing. the first day they turn off the alarm, they get to see how they sleep. you get to see how quickly you fell asleep, how many times you woke up during the night. how efficient your sleep is. >> the company offers companion software developed by bay area sleep coach that uses the information from the lark to generate sleep assessment for users including advice to improve the sleep. tim says the lark helped him to better focus on how much sleep he needs. >> something over six is, you know, feeling pretty good. and gets a good rating from the device. >> carolyn tells us the lark currently works via an app for the iphone and ipad.
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version for the android phone is expected soon. the cost of the basic system is $100. >> yeah. six hours sleep would be good. wouldn't it? >> nice. >> i sleep better when we open the windows. cools down for us. you? >> no. i kept the window shut and kept the air on. you had to where we are. look at what is going on. sometimes you don't want to know how little sleep you get. it's harder to sleep when it's warm outside. thankfully, the temperatures have been falling in the 50s and 60s. they will continue to do that if you can, yeah, keep the air conditioner off. coming up 4:52. looking down from volmer peak back to san francisco. you can see how clear it is now. look at the temperatures. it's warmer this morning. a lot of low to mid-60s except for along the coast. san francisco and north bay valley. mid-to-upper 60s. cooler weather around monterey and inland. everybody in the mid-to-upper 50s there. the highlights going to be warm to etch shot today. that poor air quality is developing again.
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now, fall starts friday morning. guess what coincides with it? cooler temperatures during the afternoon. this weekend. you can bring the coffee in. c'mon. go ahead. thanks, ladies. bringing in the coffee in. 89 degrees today. same temperature in fremont, san jose. maybe they thought they'd distract me. no. 95 in concord. one degree cooler. santa rosa, two. san francisco, five degrees cooler than yesterday. talking about sleep, coffee. go hand in hand there. triple area of high pressure. that is dominating the weather over top of us. also in the eastern pacific. look where it is pushing the jetstream, almost up to the arctic circle. a strong ridge hangs around all week. we'll remain warm, especially away from the bodies of water through friday. low to mid-90s. that is where we have in the east bay valleys today. as you head in to the east bay shore, we have 80 in richmond. 85 in oakland. to near 90 in fremont and castro valley. low to mid-90s in the south bay today.
4:53 am
with san jose at 93 degrees. on the peninsula, wide range here from 90 at palo alto. to 86 at san mateo. 84 in millbrae. low to mid-70s along the coast this afternoon. low 80s around downtown and south san francisco. head to the north bay, 82 in saucelito. quickly jump to 90 at san rafael. low to mid-90s through the north bay valley. near 100 in ukiah. down around the monterey bay. low 70s for carmel. monterey and pacific grove. low to mid-80s in santa cruz, salinas. mid-to-upper 90s, morgan hill, gilroy, and hollister. mid-to-upper 90s through the central valley. 79 and sunshine heading to tahoe. 80 at sunshine and big sur. 76 in l.a. 104 in phoenix. bring it home tonight, 50s and 60s dominate again with any clouds remaining nearly at the coast. accuweather seven-day forecast -- you can see the temperatures, they fluctuate here and there. still, warmer than average through friday. saturday looks seasonal.
4:54 am
sunday and monday could be cooler than average. no rain in the forecast. have a great day. sue? >> good morning. we have a live shot of the golden gate bridge. they are trying to reconfigure your lanes for the morning commute as they move the pylons around. so far, so good. southbound coming out of the waldo tunnel. no fog on the bridge. clear morning. smooth sailing foster city to hayward. both directions. no problems. this is westbound direction. the toll plaza is light. metering lights remains off. you're in a little company. not too bad. it is a spare the air day. you might consider taking the public transit if you can. so far, everything is running on schedule. letter is the place to go for latest, including drive-time. kristen, eric? >> thanks a lot. tonight, san rafael officials will begin discussing details of a new deal to bring minor league baseball to marin county. last night, city council approved a plan to allow a team with a north american
4:55 am
league to use the field at albert park. some neighbors fear too much noise and traffic caused the developer centerfield partner to downsize the project. the developer now wants to add 100 extra seats to grandstand, provide free parking, operate temporary concession stands and stop music at 9:00 p.m. stel regulator -- state regulators are deciding whether to allow pg&e to increase pipeline levels to normal level on distribution line. pg&e testified at yesterday state public utilities hearing. that the testing of a line from the arizona border to milpitas is complete. and raising the pressure would be safe. this is the first time the utility has gone through the public process since last september's deadly san bruno explosion and fire. after that blast, the state ord ordered pg&e to lower pressure until the safety testing could be completed. while pg&e did not perform one of the tests, commissioners believe the tests that were done are probably adequate.
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>> it appears there was miscommunication between pg&e, the commission staff and pg&e's contractor. you wouldn't request the cpuc raise the pressure to normal levels unless you were extremely confident it was safe to do so. >> decision is expected in two weeks. commissioners will also decide if it's necessary to hold hearings for about a dozen more lines where pressure was reduced. 4:56 now. the companies responsible for one of the bay area worst oil spill finally agreed to settle up. next on abc7 news at 5:00 -- the deal that will pay back the government for the massive cost of the clean-up. hayward police make an announcement that brings to an end a nearly 4-month-old mystery. but they haven't answered all the questions. i'm amy hollyfield. that story coming up. >> the search for the cause of a fire that has gutted a piece of san jose history. iririr
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good morning. i'm amy hollyfield live in hayward where a family's hope turned to grief. michelle le's relatives took four months looking for her and now they're planning a memorial service. i'm terry mcsweeney live in the newsroom. today is the day two imprisoned americans were to be released from iran but this morning there is a new problem keeping fattal and shane bauer behind bars. that is coming up. a live look from sutro tower. it's clear, right now, but the air could get unhealthy and be warmer than average the next several days. sue hall, abc7 traffic center, following the tuesday commute.


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