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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  September 21, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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where do they go now? i'm terry mcsweeney live in the newsroom. the story on the way. >> i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco, where a 5-year-old girl is in the hospital and what happened to her is causing outrage in the bayview community. >> check out this picture from downtown san francisco. hot day in store. not all of us will feel the heat. tell you where the cooling begins today. >> good morning. sue hall following your wednesday morning commute. a couple of incidents we're following now. one in the fremont area. you can see thick fog in the golden gate bridge. more on the way. >> a lot going on this wednesday morning. we will keep you informed. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. let's begin with breaking news, after two years in an iranian prison and many heart-breaking delays, americans josh fattal and shane bauer are expected to be freed any moment now. abc7's terry mcsweeney is following the minute-by-minute development out of iran. terry? >> reporter: we have been watching the wires and checking the satellite.
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waiting for word that the two former u.c. berkeley students have been released from the prison. that word has not come in yet. bauer and fattal are expected to be handed over to swiss diplomat who represent american interest because u.s. has no diplomatic relations with iran. the iranian attorney for the two men says he was finally able to get a signature from a second judge in the case. that was the last obstacle standing in the way of their freedom. something required by the iranian courts. this release is not going to come without a price. bail, as iranians are calling it, half a million dollars each. it's not clear who is paying that money. last week, iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad announced the two would be freed within days but the iran judiciary saying he didn't have the authority. in interview with abc news, ahmadinejad denied the courts were standing in his way. >> translator: we said we will release them, we will
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release them. as a humanitarian gesture. >> reporter: it is believed that fattal and bauer when they are released from prison will follow the same path back to the united states. fellow hiker and former prisoner sarah shourd followed after her release last september. that would be as we mentioned custody release from prison and then on a private plane owned by the country's ruler. that plane has been waiting for a week in iran to bring the two out of iran. fattal, bauer and shourd were arrested wile hiking near the iran/iraq border in 2009 and charged with spying. they say the border was not marked. it was a mistake. but we're waiting for word they have left the prison. swiss diplomats arrived to take them away and they have not left yet. we'll keep you posted and break in as soon as we find out if they obtained their freedom. live in the newsroom, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> thank you. 4:33 now. 5-year-old san francisco girl is hospitalized this morning with gunshot wounds.
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she was apparently caught in the crossfire of a shoot-out in the bay view district. abc7's amy hollyfield is live in san francisco general with the latest on the search for the shooters. amy? >> reporter: she's here in the hospital in stable condition, eric. she was shot in the knee. it happened yesterday at 4:30 in the afternoon, in the bayview district. her father heard gunshots while they were walking home from school. then his 5-year-old daughter fell to the ground and he realized she had been shot. police believe two men were shooting at each other and one of their bullets hit the girl. the shooting created outrage in the bayview. >> there is an unacceptable tolerance for violence. it's not okay to open fire anywhere. and i'm really hopeful this particular case will resonate with moms and dads and people in the bayview community to drive home the message it's not okay to open up fire.
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>> at least four shots were fired. police have not made any arrest. they're reviewing surveillance video from a nearby store to see if they can get a good look at the shooters. they are asking for witnesses to please come forward. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> all right, amy. thank you very much. the man accused of a weekend crime spree in san jose is expected to make his first court appearance today. 33-year-old paul castillo is charged with murder, attempted murder, carjacking and kidnapping. san jose police detectives searched a marijuana dispensary in connection with the crime. yesterday, investigators believe two people connected to the treehouse marijuana collective aided castillo after he killed 60-year-old cin cindy nguyen on friday. the proposed shutdown of schools in the east bay district has some parents upset. right now, there are more than 100 schools in oakland
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but budget constraints will force closure of 30 of them in the next three years. abc7's alan wang has the list of the first eight schools on the list. >> kaiser elementary school is a model school with some of the highest api scores for african-american students. it's also a haven for students who have gay or lesbian parents. >> we knew that the community at kaiser was one that our family would fit in to. and our daughter would thrive in. >> kaiser is not tolerated, it's accepted. >> it's on the list for closure, including santa fe, marshall, berkhalter, lasier. >> we made a community at kaiser. i drove over from market street every morning. >> 90% of kizer students travel to the school in the hills because their parents gave up on the schools in their own communities. that's why kaiser could be shut down. the district wants schools
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attended by neighborhood kids. the api test scores will not be part of the criteria. >> because we use api, then all the schools in the homeland would close. >> strong attendance and api test scores bring in more funding. school board member noelle gallo says excluding them from the material could cause exodus from funding. >> i need the average daily attendance, and i also need api students. >> the school board will decide how many of the schools will be closed on october 26. in oakland, alan wang, abc7 news. southern california woman with a tragic past and her dog are being credited with finding remains of michelle le. carrie magonical and her dog amber. amber is named for carrie's 14-year-old daughter stabbed
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to death a few years ago. she said the dog led her to the remains. >> amber found her and it was a relief and it's sad. >> mcgonigle says she believes that a higher power led amber to le's remains. she formed her own group to find missing persons after her daughter's remains went undiscovered for years after she disappeared. senators are looking into whether the mountain view based company is abusing its dominance to stiffen competition. companies like expedia and trip advisor say google is pushing their search engine results lower in the rankings while favoring its own. schmidt is expected to tell the senators the anti-trust investigation is the result of sour grapes by google competitors. two top executives at solyndra plan to take the fifth and refuse to testify when they appear at a
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congressional hearing on friday. chief executive brian harrison and the financial officer sent letters to the office energy and commerce committee invoking their right to remain silent. the two men cited ongoing criminal investigation by the f.b.i., which raided the solyndra plant in fremont after they declared bankruptcy and defaulted on $528 million government stimulus loan. the house committee is investigating whether political influence from the obama administration helped solyndra get that loan. all right. 4:38 on wednesday morning. we have two consecutive spare the air days. what about today? >> today, is it another spare the air? i know you're ready to spare your air conditioner. >> it's the same area that could have the potential for poor air quality. good morning. if you live in east bay valley, you can see the orange there. that is where the poor air quality is. all of us are under the spare the air umbrella. whatever you can do to keep pollution down this afternoon is greatly appreciated. talk about the winds. they're non-existent this
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morning. we have sfo west at nine. fairfield, southwest at 7. everybody else pretty much calm to a breath in novato. 3-mile-per-hour wind out of the northwest. say you notice when you step outside this morning, it's refreshing. not as warm as it was yesterday, from one to five degrees cooler. that puts us in the 50s and 60s by 8:00. you'll see much change in the temperature over the next couple of hours. as we head to the lunch hour, notice the clouds along the coast. the coast is cooler today. significantly while the rest of us close to yesterday. mid-to-upper 60s, half moon bay. san francisco. 70s around the bay shore and 80s inland for the lunchtime temperatures. 90s inland, 80 around the bay. 70 in half moon bay. 76 at san francisco at 4:00 this afternoon. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- still going to be warm to hot away from the coast today, tomorrow and friday. and then everybody will be cooler over the weekend. good morning, sue. >> good morning, mike. good morning, everyone. we have a stall.
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first thing out of the shoot. it's northbound 880 befored 9 #. a big rig. it is blocking the right lane. no significant slowing there. it is early this morning. westbound 580. we have an earlier big rig that was leaking oil. that is now cleared out of the roadway at first and livermore. again no, significant slowing past the scene there. a live shot of 80. we have construction work. you can see some of the bright lights, flashing lights narrowing down to two lanes through berkeley and on to the maze. kristen, eric? >> thank you. 4:40 now. >> having your car towed is always a big hassle. a san francisco supervisor has a plan that could give illegal parkers a fighting chance. wait until you hear what he wants to do. >> truly a heart of gold. good samaritan steps in to replace a walker stolen from the home of a child with special needs. 3q you disgust me.
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it is now apparently official. two americans held in iran for the past two years are free. that report coming to us from the official iranian television, the official press reports say that josh fattal and shane bauer are free now. handed over to swiss diplomats. in tehran. expected to be taken by plane to ohman and back to the united states. we're getting word at long last, two years in prison. a week of stop-and-go negotiating. the two men who have been held for spying in iran for the past two years are now free. in the custody of swiss diplomats. soon, we believe, to be on their way back to the united states. shane bauer, josh fattal, free men this morning after
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two years in prison. more in 20 minutes. >> it's been confusing with president ahmadinejad saying one thing, judiciary saying something else. and the judge being on vacation during part of this time. >> he got back earlier today. they're 11-1/2 hours later. and he got back today. they got the signature and got the men out of the evan prison. they are slowly making your way to the u.s. >> couple of happy guys and happy families. we'll come back for more in a few minutes. >> other news now, if you ever left your car for a couple of moments in san francisco, then come back to find it towed there could be an app for that. board of supervisors president david chiu wants the city to come up with automated system to alert drivers via e-mail or text that the vehicle is about to be towed. users would sign up and specify boundaries covered. 160 cars are towed every day
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in san francisco. toeing fees and fines to -- towing fees to retrieve vehicle could top $450. a reminder good people step forward when they are needed. we reported the story of a 2-year-old girl who has a walker to get around that was stolen. but she is back on the move thanks to generous donors. laura anthony has more from alameda. >> three weeks after thief stole expensive walker from a special needs child, san jose father brought her a new one. >> look at that. a nice walker! yea. you remember that? >> the 2-year-old was born with a rare disorder to make movement difficult. she had been -- it had been
4:46 am
stolen from her home. >> it makes it that much harder. it's heartbreaking. >> after seeing a news report about the missing walker they decided to buy her a new one. >> we could see engineering and specialized equipment attached to it. we decided to contact the manufacturer to see what the value is and if we could work something out. >> one. two. >> i feel great. very happy. relieved. >> it makes us feel wonderful, to see the heart and human kind come through. >> say thank you! >> how are you feeling? >> good. how about you? >> in alameda, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> coming up, president obama will return to the bay area for another online town hal meeting. but this time, he will have
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competition. >> the palestinian bid for statehood enters critical day at the united nations. i'm scott goldberg. that is coming up. >> cramped rooms no place to cook and a long walk to school. how does that sound? the san jose state university students forced ♪ okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios. want whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ]
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♪ prove it. enough's enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding, guaranteed. d-con. get out. welcome back. check out the high temperatures across the country. we're so much warmer than average. fall is breaking out. fargo, minneapolis, low to mid-50s. low to mid-70s around chicago and st. louis. mid-to-upper 70s along the eastern seaboard. 82 in atlanta. 82 heading to portland. if you are heading to seattle, 78. good news, all major airports running on time this morning. flight tracker, anytime you travel by air. at the bottom. kristen? >> they're reporting a u.s. official is now saying that the two u.s. hikers held in iranian prison, josh fattal and shane bauer have
4:50 am
been released. we're following the story. terry mcsweeney is monitoring the develop in the the newsroom and we'll have latest on all morning. president obama may compete for face time next week when he visits the bay area. he is held to hold a virtual town hall meeting at lincoln headquarters in mountain view on monday. the topic is jobs and the economy. the president will take the questions from the linkedin users. but he won't be the only candidate pushing the agenda online. house majority leader eric cantor and paul ryan will participate in a live discussion on facebook as well. it's part of the republican effort to have more of an online presence this election season. look for a potential showdown at the united nations today over the palestinian statehood. president obama addresses the general assembly in a few hours but he finds himself at the heart of the middle east conflict. palestinian upped the ante and the u.s. is caught in the middle. scott goldburg has more.
4:51 am
>> the issue, the united nations hasn't been able to solve for decades is landing this week at the doorstep. >> palestinian president mahmoud abbas comes to new york ready to ask the national security council to recognize palestine as independent state. something that israel opposes and the united states threatened to veto, at the risk of doing damage to the image at the arab world. >> at the end of the day, peace has to be made between the parties. it can't be opposed from the outside. >> obama administration is hoping for a way around the showdown. and resumption of the peace talks as palestinians seeing as failing one time too many. >> we need to see something practical and genuine put on the table. to tell the palestinian people there is hope to establish independent sovereign state. >> away from the u.n. is an
4:52 am
issue republican candidate seized to use words like "naive and "arrogant" as obama's approach. >> this administration encouraged palestinians to shun direct talks. >> today, president obama is getting involved directly. he has one-on-one meeting with prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president abbas and trying to convince everyone involved it's better to shake hands than have a hand forced by u.n. decree. scott goldberg, abc news. the story of the bay area, if you live on the coast, you love the weather, the heat wave. if you're inland, oh, boy. might want to cool down, right? >> we like it, too. get to stay in the pool longer. >> right. >> that is why a lot of us live there. warm. >> break out the gas mask again today. >> poor air quality. whatever your cup of tea is, find it around the bay area
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this afternoon. good morning. a sign that things are changing. see the fog down on usf. we look down there from sutro. the coast is cooler than the last couple of days with more fog. talk about the temperatures. 48 in novato. we have 50s for santa rosa. napa. san francisco. redwood city. fremont, half moon bay and los gatos. low to mid-60s around monterey and inland. we have mid-to-upper 50s except for monterey at 52. here are the highlights. still a spare the air day for all of us. it's hot inland. at least through friday. the 24-hour temperature change, not as hot as yesterday in many areas, still well above average. fremont, 91 today. oakland, 85. concord and san jose two degrees cooler. santa rosa, three. san francisco, six degrees
4:54 am
cooler than yesterday. the sun sets at 7:07. the same players on the map. the thermal low bringing us the warmest weather. high pushing storms north for now. a huge trough in the gulf of alaska. that is the weekend weather event. it will bring us cooler temperatures, especially cared to the mid-to-upper 90s in the east bay valleys today. castro valley and fremont neared 90. we have 82 in richmond. otherwise mid-to-upper 80s throughout the east bay shore. with oakland at 85. low to mid-90s in south bay. mid-80s around millbrae and san mateo. 68 in half moon bay. 72 in pacifica. 70 in the sunset. you can see it cooler there with more clouds. near 80 downtown south san francisco, saucelito. low to mid-90s through the north bay valley. upper 60s with your beaches. clouds around the monterey bay. monterey at 68. 74 at santa cruz. sunshine and low to mid-90s
4:55 am
inland. upper 90 to near 100. triple digit in sacramento. central valley, toasty. tahoe is 80. 78 in l.a. with morning clouds. bring it back home, lost last night, 7-2 to rangers. it's clear, calm and beautiful tonight. 7:05 is first pitch. the heat is hanging around inland through friday. it will hang around the bay through tomorrow. everybody is ten degrees cooler. you have an update? >> i do. cleared from the lanes. no significant slowing there. the accident, a new one. southbound 680, crow canyon blocking two lanes. lanes two and three. it hit the center divide. we'll follow that for you. 80 through berkeley, earlier construction picked up westbound. that is good news if you are traveling. there is a live shot of berkeley. a little slowing there as you head in toward the maze. there you have it. light at the toll plaza.
4:56 am for the latest. >> all right, sue. thanks a lot. drastic move to deal with an on-campus housing crunch at san jose state is not well received. students is protesting the university decision to place them in a hotel three miles from campus. officials say they had no choice, because of an unexpected surge of incoming freshmen and university new policy requiring out-of-town freshmen to live on campus. >> they should have been able to plan better. i'm not sure what happened. >> 90 students are housed at the hotel. student groups are calling on the university to change the policy so something like this doesn't happen again. >> 4:57 now. we continue to follow breaking news out of iran where the u.c. berkeley graduates jailed for spy charge for two years are free this morning.
4:57 am
we have the latest on their release coming up in a live
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it's 5:00. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. the breaking news is out of iran. iranian judges signed the papers, the prison doors are now open. u.c. berkeley grads shane bauer and josh fattal are reportedly free after two years behind bars. our terry mcsweeney has been following this from the newsroom all morning long. who are you hearing now? >> word came in minutes ago. american diplomatic sources as well as iran's official press confirming that


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