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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  September 21, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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left evan prison for the first time in two years. they are free. bauer and fattal were handed over to swiss diplomats that represent american interest because the u.s. has no diplomatic relations with iran. the iranian attorney for the two men says he was finally able to obtain a signature from a second judge in the case. that was a last obstacle standing in the way of their freedom. something required by the iranian court. that happen today. while iran president called it a humanitarian gesture, it is costing half a million each for their release and it's not clear who paid the money. although it's believed to have come out of oman. or maybe just using oman as a way of getting money to iran. in any case, fattal and bauer are expected to follow the same path back to the united states. former hiker and former prisoner sarah shourd followed after her release last december. that would be transported by diplomats from the prison. that is going on right now. then to oman to a private
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plane owned by the country's ruler. the plane has been in iran for a week waiting as the stop-and-go diplomacy went on. they were arrested hiking near the iran/iraq border charged with spying. they say it was mistake. they got eight-year prison sentence. but shane bauer, josh fattal free again this morning, released minutes ago. live in the newsroom, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> all the happening right now, of course nobody has seen the two men yet. the minute we do we'll let you know. san francisco police are looking for the gunman that fired a stray bullet that hit a 5-year-old girl on her way home from school prompting outrage in the troubled bayview district. amy hollyfield is live at san francisco general hospital. how is the little girl? >> she is recovering okay. in stable condition. they think she does not have life threatening injuries but police are looking for the men who fired yesterday
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afternoon. she was walking home from school. it was 4:30 at third and palou in the bayview. she was with her father. who says he heard the gunfire but it wasn't until his daughter fell to the ground that he realized she had been hit. >> i came out and look at the street. i seen everybody running, the girl on the ground. i seen her father pick her up. he was distraught and upset. >> she is stabilize, doing well. spirits are up. she was shot in the knee. she convinced her mother she is out of school for the rest of the week. >> supervisor malia represents the bayview is calling this unacceptable and is hoping it will generate outrage. and a call to bring end to the violence in the bayview. police have not made arrests at this point. they are asking for witnesses to come forward. live in san francisco, amy
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hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. san jose man accused of making explosives is expected in court to face more charges. prosecutors have not revealed what charges were filed against the 63-year-old man who is a convicted felon, arrested last week for stockpiling weapons and explosive devices in the japan townhome. police dedicated them in a raid of the residence september 13 and confiscated dozens of guns he is said to possess illegally. he is charged with pen felony counts related to the incident. a woman's body was discovered last night in bathroom of angie's bakery and restaurant near san pablo and mcbride avenue. business owner told police he left the employee with a few customers in the afternoon to run errands and came back he found the business locked up and empty.
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two hours later he found the body. they're notifying the victim's family. they haven't released her name yet. 5:04. newly released report shows the oakland police are often too quick to dra guns especially when confronting african-american suspects. "san francisco chronicle" reports the monitor looked at random sampling from the police reports from the first three months of this year. they found 80 incidents in which officers drew their guns. two resulted in fatal shooting. analysis found that officers acted appropriately in the majority of the cases. analysts were troubled by 28% of instances in which police did not have to draw their guns. three-forties involve -- [ inaudible ] san francisco passed legislation to prevent the death of birds from crushing in to building windows or facade. the ordinance would regulate
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new construction or replace certain facade and building features. option include adding exterior screen. or ultraviolet pattern visible to birds. it will return for a time vote next week. it could have been a dicey situation in south san jose ended safely. sky7 over the scene of a gas leak metcalf road last night. they say it came from compressed gas on pg&e trailer. utility is doing construction in the area. nearby buildings were evacuated due to a precaution. hazardous materials team declared all clear at 9:00. >> alum rock park in east san jose is expected to reopen for restricted use. it was closed due to fire danger. today's restricted use means no barbecues or open flames are allowed.
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today is another spare the air day in the bay area. you may want to follow that advice anyway. third one in a row which is unusual. especially this year. >> well, two -- we hadn't had two in a row up until yesterday. now we have three. right? >> exactly. we may make it four tomorrow. if we keep the weather pattern locked in which we will do in the east bay valleys. that is where the spare the air is covering. this is where the highest pollution will develop. it comes from other part of the bay. look at the overall pattern. huge system north. that will slide down to take over this weekend. we still have high pressure and offshore winds and temperatures 9 degrees warmer than average. nice in novato, 48 degrees. we have 50s and 60s. free air conditioning this morning. by the afternoon hours, look
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at the clouds along the coast. 68 degrees in half moon bay. everybody else is in the 90s with the mid-to-upper 90s possible in east bay valley. we have mid-to-upper 90s around morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. mid-70s around santa cruz, watsonville and salinas. a look at accuweather seven-day forecast -- cooling at the coast again today. that will slowly move inland thursday and really to friday. all the way inland saturday and sunday. then we're 15 degrees cooler. sue has an accident update. >> san ramon, southbound 680 lanes two and three blocked with an accident at crow canyon road. a car hit the center divide. this is a spare the air day. check in with bart, muni, caltrain, ace.
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everybody running on time. no delays. great alternative if you can. 680, pleasanton to walnut creek. farther north and the accident at crow canyon. the traffic is a little bit heavy heading toward 24. the toll plaza is light. metering lights are off. a couple of cars heading there in the screen toward san francisco. no problems on the incline or the upper deck. smooth sailing in to san francisco so far, so good. kristen, eric? >> sue, thank you. 5:08. >> on star's car tracking system can be a big help in an emergency but you might not like what happens if you cancel the service. on star new privacy policy up next. >> plus, the popular online gaming site now called a global ponzi scheme. >> i do a captain bay con impression. >> the year best tv commercials include a pair of bay area winners.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. topping america's money. analysts say housing prices will stay depressed for years. they have fallen by a third since the peak in 2005. equity is now just under 39%. it was once almost 60%. the federal reserve is considering steps to change interest rate but they are
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warning saying it could harm a weak economy. airlines are fighting back against president obama plan to raise fees on air travel. the airlines trade group says it's unfair to make carriers and the passengers pay more for overall anti-terrorism security. and disney, which owns abc now also owns the rights to build theme park attractions based on the movie "avatar." the first "avatar" land will be opened in orlando in five years. that's america's money. 5:12 now. navigation service onstar is letting the customers know it will continue to track speed and location of vehicles even after they cancel their service. they began the new privacy policy and began notifying them of the tracking. privacy advocates don't like it. but onstar say customers can opt-out of the continued tracking. maintaining that connection makes it easier to reenroll
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in service. u.s. justice department is calling a popular internet poker company global ponzi scheme that cheated its own players to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. they initially sued as part of a crackdown. they are seeking to recover $3 billion. world of advertising is all a buzz because experts chosen the best commercials. arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez has the top picks, including some created in san francisco. ♪ ♪ >> the volkswagen ad, one of the best in show chosen by the association of independent commercial producers. >> a great, charming wonderful spot and great
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piece of production, great piece of writing. >> the other co-winner was nike. >> reportedly the most expensive commercial ever made at $30 million. ♪ >> celebrate the world cup with athletes from around the world. international group of industry members use their expertise to choose winners in 24 categories. >> san francisco agency did well. agency 215 won for this halo ad. and logitech got a humor award. yes, that is kevin bacon. >> this is the motor city. this is what we do. >> chrysler's bowles sot with eminem -- -- super bowl add with eminem. >> if you run something of two minutes of length in that venue was a gutsy move. >> does your man look like me? no. >> and the new look to an old product. the way commercials are conceived and marketed
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changed because of social media. >> omg. >> not even a broadcast message but the afterlife through youtube and online messaging. the viral potential of ads is so great that the investment is that much more important. not a one-way conversation anymore. the viewer converses back. this is a worldwide tour to show off the industry best. in san francisco, don sanchez, abc7 news. lots of good ones! but you know, i have to say my favorite is the one with darth vadar and yoda doing the gts voice commercials in a recording studio. it was hilarious. if darth vadar tells you to turn left, you turn left. >> or he'll turn it using the force. >> make him drive the car. >> yeah. all right. mike, taking a look at the weather forecast.
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darth vadar would be making loud breathing noises today. >> black is not great to way on a sunny hot day either. or layers like he wears, too. good point. we beat that to death. good. move on. looking down in san francisco and off in the distance, east bay hills. it's clear this morning. the temperatures are mild. 60 in oakland, fairfield, antioch and san jose. we have temperatures in the low to mid-50s as you head inland. the cooling will take place at the coast. rest of rus hot and under the spare the air. third consecutive day of that. clouds at the coast. rest of us have mild lows. hot inland through friday. for today, warmer average. 9 degrees in san francisco. double digits for everybody else. oakland, redwood city, napa,
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livermore. the sun comes up at 6:57. it will set at 7:0 #. a look at the clouds hanging around the coast. some of them will try to spill through golden gate and bay this morning. by noon, back to the coast. the rest of us have 80s and 90s. start in the south bay, all 90s. 90 in sunnyvale. 95 in los gatos. on the peninsula, go from the 90-degree temperature in menlo park to palo alto to 84 at millbrae. 68 at half moon bay. you can see the low 80s downtown at south san francisco and saucelito. upper 60s with more clouds at north bay beaches. inland has sunshine and low to mid-90s. 82 at richmond. 90 in castro valley and fremont. we have 87 at san leandro. mid-to-upper 90s throughout the east bay valley with 96
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at concord and danville. same at gilroy. 68 as you head toward monterey. look toward the coliseum tonight. 7:505 first pitch. clear and calm. 71 dropping to 64 degrees. ability to a new 60s but not as many as this morning. you can see the air mass modifying in the overnight hours. check out the warm temperatures through friday away from the coast. 10 to 15 degrees cooler by sunday. close to average monday and tuesday of next week. have a great day. tu has an update. >> i have an update. 80 berkeley live here. slow traffic heading in to the maze. no significant problem to tell you about. no stalls or accidents. take a live look at southbound 101 to san rafael. traffic is bunching up to the central san rafael exit. the waldo is clear.
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there is thick fog. there you go. have barely any visibility as you come across the span. that is thick and comes up fast out of the waldo tunnel. for the latest drive times as well. >> next, the latest honor for legend carlos santana. >> alex tribek is still on the mend. his thoughts after being injured in a robbery here. ec
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good wednesday morning. 5:22. take a live shot of san jose, 280/17. of the interchange. traffic looks to be fine. in all directions there. very cool right now. but temperatures will rise in that vicinity in the south bay. you might see 90 degrees. we check in with mike to see where the hot temperature on the third spare the air in a row. >> the golden gate national recreation area is beginning to work on its preliminary general management plan for the next 20 years. it will be asking for your comments. the mar rin independent journal say they're looking to spend $150 million on improvements and adding 380 employees over the next two decades. they include developing the entrance and parking lot of muir woods, updating restrooms, showers and picnic areas at stinson
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beach and improving the tennessee valley hiking area. with upgrades to trail head site, picnic area and parking spots. >> "jeopardy" host alex trebek still calls san francisco beautiful even after he recovers from injury at he help robbery. he interrupted the attempted robbery at the hotel room in july. he tore his achilles tendon chasing after the alleged thief. terbek is undergoing therapy and says he will be back in the bay area soon. >> the legal part has to be dealt with. the trial date has not been set. it will be a month or so i guess and i'll go to san francisco and enjoy a visit to the beautiful city. >> we welcome him back. the suspect was arrested and has two previous conviction.
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carlos santana's name will inspire future generation of grade schoolers. the los angeles unified school board voted to name elementary school in honor of the bay area legend. the carlos santana arts academy will be named. >> the results in. ron artest, now known of metta world peace has been booted off "dancing with the stars". he got 14 out of 30, the lowest score on monday's premier. >> i don't feel bad i know i would have had more time, i would have done better.
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i'll come back in the finale and entertain and dance my butt off. >> the outgoing laker forward bears his chest in a gold vest and shaved the hebrew word for "world peace" in the side of his head. they called the athlete version of the cha-cha "atrocious." i guess they didn't really give peace or metta world peace a chance. >> no, but we may see him on the rebound. next at 5:30 -- the day their families waited for, for more than two years has come. two u.c. berkeley graduates imprisoned in iran are reportedly free. >> the word from diplomatic source and iran official press but the question now is where are they exactly? i'm terry mcsweeney live in the newsroom and we have the latest coming up. >> look at the high temperatures if you leave us. 50s in minneapolis and
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fargo. warm in new orleans, miami. 82 in portland. we have flight departure delays out of charlotte and flight arrival delays in philadelphia. check out the flight tracker at the bottom. i've got nothing against these do-it-yourself
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steam-cleaning enthusiasts. it's good for the cuomzeroq get to know their own carpet. and spending the day moving furniture and lugging around a hot water extraction unit can be a rush! i know. that's why i'm carpet for life. but look, if things get out of hand, and the place starts smelling like wet gym sock, there's no shame in calling a professional. i respect you for trying. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. two u.c. berkeley graduates convicted of spying and imprisoned in iran for over two years are in the process of being freed. the process began an hour ago. >> terry mcsweeney is following the late-breaking developments from our newsroom. terry they reportedly is
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been freed. where are they right now? >> they may be free and still inside the prison wall somehow. diplomatic sources and the iran official press say josh fattal and shane bauer have been freed from prison. photographers right outside evan prison say they have not seen the men leave yet. bauer and fattal will be hended over to swiss diplomats because the u.s. has no diplomatic relations with iran. swiss embassy vehicle is waiting to take the men away. iranian attorney for the two men says he was able to obtain a signature from a second judge in the case. that was the last obstacle standing in the way of their freedom. why iran president calls it a humanitarian gesture, it's actually costing half a million dollars each for their release. not clear who is paying the money. they're expected to follow the same path back to the u.s. fellow hiker and former prisoner sarah shourd followed after her release.
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that would be transported by swiss diplomats from the prison and then oweman on a private plane owned by the country's ruler which has been waiting in iran for a week to take the men out. it's been back and forth and stop and go as far as when will they be released exactly? fattal, bourd bourd and shourd -- fattal, bauer and shourd was arrested charged with spying. last month they were sentenced to eight years in prison. all three hikers say it was a mistake. in any case, fattal and bauer free this morning according to two sources including iran official press. the photographers outside the prison have not seen them leave. for half an hour. live in the newsroom, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> the latest word we're getting is the swiss ambassador is still standing outside the prison. we'll watch it and update release of the u.s. hikers in iran on the air and online. follow us on twitter. twitter handle -- @abc7newsbayarea or join the conversation and join your
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thoughts on facebook at other news at 5:31. san francisco police are looking for two gunmen who opened fire and i juried a 5 -- injured a 5-year-old girl in bayview district. now police are reviewing the tapes in hopes of identifying the two shooters. they say the girl was walking home from school with her father when at least four rounds were fired. the father and daughter were caught in the cross fire yesterday as the afternoon rush hour began. >> there were many people around. if you saw anything or you heard anything or you have heard rumors or seen anything on youtube contract the police department. please contact the bay view police department investigative team. >> witnesses believe abundance of liquor stores and drugs in the area contributes to violence there. sources told abc7 news a
5:32 am
shoot-out began when a water balloon got out of hand and 22-year-old man opened fire on another man who was also armed and returned fire. >> the man accused of a weekend crime spree in san jose is expected to make a court appearance today. paul castillo is charged with murder, attempted murder, carjacking and kidnapping. they searched a marijuana dispensary in connection with the crime. two people connected to the treehouse marijuana collective in san jose aided castillo after he killed 60-year-old cindy nguyen a vietnamese radio host on friday. he was caught in west sacramento sunday night and helped in the escape from bay area. budget restraints may close dozens of schools in oakland, corn concerned parented show up -- concerned parents showed up at a board meeting after they are proposing closure of 30 elementary schools. the plan is shut tem down in the next three years. even school like kaiser
5:33 am
elementary school which has a diverse student population and high test scores could be closed. >> if we used api, all the schools in the homeland would close. most of the schools in the hills would stay open. >> kaiser is on a list of schools -- >> the school board is expected to decide which schools will be closed at the next meeting on october 26. >> southern california woman with a tragic past and her dog are credited with finding remains of missing nursing student michelle le. carrie mcgonigle and her dog amber were among searchers last saturday morning in the hills near pleasanton. amber is named for mcgonigle's 14-year-old daughter who was stabbed to death two years ago. in the search, mcgonigle says amber raced off, came back and led her to the remains. >> the same thing i had when amber was found. it's a relief. it's sad. >> mcgonigle says she believes the higher power led amber to lee's remains.
5:34 am
mcgonigle formed her own group to search for missing persons after her daughter's remains went undiscovered for a year after she disappeared. 5:34 is the time. google chairman eric schmidt faces tough questioning this morning when he testifies. they are looking in the mountain based company is abusing the dominance to stiffen competition. they say google is pushing their search results lower in the rankings while favoring its own. schmidt expected to say it's result of saur grapes by google competitors top executives at solyndra are scheduled to take the fifth and refuse to testify when they testify in front of congress friday. they sent letters to the house energy and commerce committee invoking the right to remain silent. the two men cite ongoing criminal investigation by the f.b.i. that raided
5:35 am
solyndra plant in fremont after the company declared bankruptcy and defaulted on $528 million government stimulus loan. the house committee is investigating whether the political influence from the obama administration helped solyndra get the loan. 5:35. we hope you like spare the air days. we're stuck in them. groundhog day. >> is it three or four days? >> at least three. we have today and i think we have the same conditions. necessitate. coffee? necessitate another one tomorrow. i'm okay. spare the air day. good reason to play on the couch. take a snap. don't make pollution. all of us are under the spare the air so we can help keep it clean. calm conditions. mountain view, half moon
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bay. fairfield with a wind of 3 to 6 miles per hour. what you notice when you step outside, cooler than yesterday. by 1 to 5 degrees. clouds along the coast. fog rolling through the golden gate and that's short-lived. by noon, clouds are back to the coast. 80s to near 90s for the rest of us in the lunchtime. inland we have 90s again by 4:00. 80s around the bay shore. 68 at half moon bay. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- you can see heat there. we could have another spare the air day tomorrow. then the winds of change will blow in. we have real clean air over the weekend. and in to next week. >> good morning. we have update and we head to san ramon. earlier accident, southbound 680 cleared out of lanes. that is good news. the traffic is slowing by
5:37 am
the -- flowing by the area without delays. look at the early morning drive-time this morning from tracy over the altamont pass to livermore. less than 25 minutes to dublin interchange. highway 4 is light from antioch to pittsburgh and concord, less than 20 minutes. 101 southbound through marin county from novato the central san rafael. mere eight minutes to get there. the golden gate bridge, fog on the span but not too bad. flowing well westbound to foster city. no significant delays. check in on the live toll plaza shot. traffic is flowing well to san francisco. >> thank youment 5:38. i'm sure we experienced this, right? >> ey. >> having your car towed is always a hassle. there is a plan to give illegal parkers a fighting chance. we tell you what he wants to do. heart of gold.
5:38 am
good samaritan steps in to replace walker stolen from the home of a child with special needs.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. 5:41. if you've ever left your car for a few minute in san francisco and came back to find it towed, there may soon be an app for that. board of supervisors
5:41 am
president says he wants the city to come up with an automated system that will alert drivers via e-mail or text. that their vehicle is about to be towed. users would sign up for tow alert and specify boundaries. up to 160 cars are towed every day in san francisco. towing fees and fines to retrieve your vehicle could top $450. generous pair of donors made a little girl in alameda happy. three weeks ago somebody stole an expensive walker in front of 2-year-old cambria hurst home. she can't move well because of a genetic disorder and her dad said the walker made her feel independent. after seeing news reports, one on abc7, a pair of brothers decided to act. >> we could see a lot of engineering and specialized equipment attached to it. we decided the manufacturer and see if we could see what the value is and see if we could work something else. >> dave and his brother joel own bart enterprises in san
5:42 am
jose. they say the cost of the $3,000 walker was worth it after seeing cambria smile. that store generated a lot of conversation on our facebook page. debra august wrote, "it's nice to know that there are good people out there who helped this poor little girl." dee garcia says, "this is beautiful, but so sad that someone would even take something like that." you can join the conversation at >> wrote what a lot of people were thinking. >> disney teaming up director of "avatar." bloomberg business report is coming up. president obama will return to the bay area for another online town hall meeting but this time he will have competition. >> the palestinian bid for statehood enters a critical day of the united nations. i'm scott goldberg. that is coming up. >> cramped room no, place to cook and a long walk to school.
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yes, they have a swimming pool. but some students forced to live in a hotel say they've had enough. clcl lose those lines, for up to a year! juvéderm® xc, is the gel filler your doctor uses to instantly smooth out lines right here.
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temporary side effects include redness, pain, firmness, swelling, bumps, or risk of infection. ask your doctor about juvéderm® xc.
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all right. check out live doppler7 h.d. quiet this morning. let's move on and talk about what is going to happen around the rest of the state. as we head in the afternoon hours. we see hot in the central
5:46 am
valley with temperatures near 100 in sacramento, chico and fresno. 106 in palm springs. the warm spot. morning clouds give way to afternoon sunshine. san diego, 71. l.a., 78. 68 and clouds in big sir. eureka sunny and 63. don't forget tahoe, sunshine and 80. >> it's 5:46. even though the military "don't ask, don't tell" policy is now history, the legal battle over it continues. the justice department lawyers filed a motion to vacate a lower court ruling that the ban violated the civil rights of gay service members. hours after the ban ended yesterday u.s. soldier based in germany called his father in alabama to tell him he is gay. randy phillips taped it and posted it on youtube. >> you love me, serious? >> yes. >> you'll always love me, as long as i'm --
5:47 am
dad, i'm gay. >> i still love you. okay? >> yeah. >> i always will. no matter what. all right? >> yes, sir. >> you're my son. i'm very proud of you. >> the video has gone viral on the internet i'm seeing it on twitter a lot. he told his dad and everyone he serves with, knows he is gay and has not been a problem. >> president obama may compete for face time when he visits the bay area next week. he is set to hold a virtual town hall meeting at linkedin headquarters in mountain view on monday. topics: job and the economy. he will take question from the linkedin users but he won't be the only candidate pushing a political agenda online. house majority leader eric cantor and budget committee chairman paul ryan will take part in a live discussion on facebook monday as well. the event is part of a republican effort to have more online presence this
5:48 am
election season. look for showdown at the united nations for palestinian statehood. president obama addresses them in an hour but the palestinians upped the ante with israel and u.s. is caught in the middle. scott goldberg has more. >> reporter: the issue the united nations hasn't been able to solve for decades is landing this week at the doorstep. mahmoud abbas comes to new york ready to ask the u.n. security council to recognize palestine as independent state. something israel opposes and the united states is threatened to veto. >> at the end of the day peace has to be made between the parties that it can't be opposed from the outside and can't be accomplished through actions of the united nations. >> the obama administration is scrambling around the scene. and resumption of the peace
5:49 am
talks that palestinians see as failed one time too many. >> we need to see something practical and genuine to put on the table and the palestinian people there is hope to finally establish the independent to sovereign state. >> away from tup republican candidates seized using "naive" and "arrogant" to describe president obama's approach to paint him as anti-israel. >> this administration encouraged the palestinians to shun direct talks. >> today, president obama is getting involved directly. he has one-on-one meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president abbas. trying to convince everyone involved better to shake hands than to have a hand forced by u.n. decree. scott goldberg, abc news. in japan there are calls for the evacuation of million people as a powerful tycoon bears down on the
5:50 am
nation. it's approaching a nuclear plant crippled by the typhoon last month. there were reports of five people killed or missing after being swept away by rivers swollen with rain. people have been warned that their homes may be flooded or buried by mudslides. people 150 miles west of tokyo waded through water in streets. rescue workers had to use both to evacuate residents. i did say typhoon, right? >> no. >> what did i say? >> tycoon. that's what you want bearing down as opposed to typhoon. >> exactly. >> nice of you to think of that. >> they need something good. >> it happens to everybody, all of us. necessitate, i said that earlier. >> fog on the golden gate bridge does it mean cooler for some of us? >> the coast, mainly. if you do to japan, the airport was closed in tokyo for a while. check that out if you are flying that way.
5:51 am
look outside. good observation. you can see the fog. a finger pushing across san francisco. a sign the sea breeze is back along the immediate coast. that is where we have cooling today. rest of us farlt away from the water is baking again and with opponent of poor air. talk about the temperatures. fairfield, oakland, antioch, livermore, mountain view, san jose. good morning. you are the warmest, low to mid-60s. everyone else in 50s. monterey bay and inland temperatures in low to mid-50s also. our first highlight. cooler at the coast. spare the air continues for poor air quality in east bay valley. clouds at the coast tonight. rest of rus mild for overnight hours. that is the saving grace from the heat wave it's been nice at night. hot temperatures around inland through friday. 24-hour temperature change.
5:52 am
santa rosa is the same. san francisco sees the biggest drop six degrees cool than yesterday. thermal low, the rising warm air here on top of with us the high pressure around us. steering the jetstream and storms away from us. a big massive storm in the gulf of alaska that will push through this to bring us cooler air this weekend. we have the mid-to-upper 90s in east bay valley. 90 at castro valley. 91 in fremont. sunnyvale is 90. los gatos, 95. low to mid-90s throughout the south bay. mid-to-upper 80s, millbrae and san mateo. the upper 60s and 70s along the coast. low to mid-90s. 100 in ukiah. monterey bay region 68 and clouds there. 74 at santa cruz.
5:53 am
heading to the a's game. delightful evening. 7:05 first pitch. clear and calm. we will keep dropping to 58 in oakland. most of us in the 50s. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- notice the clouds to keep coast cooler. the rest of us will drop a couple of degrees tomorrow and then friday. before we know it's sunday and we're all 10 to 15 degrees cooler. no rain in the forecast. northbound 238 toward 880 a big rig accident. big rig colliding with aerca. emergency crew on scene. the right lane is blocked. northbound 238 before 880. we have a stall blocking center lane. no significant slowing. there is the #38 drive.
5:54 am
low as you head to the 880 junction. concord, highway 4. 580 just over 25 minutes. toll plaza is light. we have heavy fog on the golden gate bridge. for incident and drive times. thank you. 5:54. >> this could be interesting. disney which owns abc7 and film director james cameron are teaming up for an "avatar" theme park itrack. >> jane king has the bloomberg business report. >> good morning. watch for more bad news on housing market. august home sales probably rose but not enough to make up for big drop in july. the struggling housing market and weak consumer confidence among things that the fed is probably looking at. fed policy makers will issue a staten't later today at end of two-day meeting and
5:55 am
they're looking at the europe debt problem to consider what it can do to juice economy. they sent a letter to ben bernanke to ask him to avoid monetary easing and "wall street journal" says the letter argues new fed intervention could encourage overleveraged consumers to borrow more. disney is announcing a deal to build attraction based on the film "avatar" starting with one of animal kingdom in florida. construction is scheduled to begin by 2013 and will take five years. disney will get worldwide theme park rights from "avatar" and the 20th century fox. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. drastic move to deal with an on-campus housing crunch at san jose state is not being well received. group of students are protesting the university decision to place them in a hotel three miles from campus. officials say they have no choice because of unexpected surge of incoming freshmen and the university new
5:56 am
policy requiring out-of-town freshmen to live on campus. >> they should have been able to plan better. i don't know what happened. something got messed up. >> student groups are calling on the university to change policy so it doesn't happen again. san francisco board of supervisors is considering a plan to let children ride muni free of charge. various community groups support the legislation by supervisor david campos. i would let the kids up to age of 17 use the system without paying 75 youth fare. it would cost muni $13 million a year. >> we have identify pod tenial sources of funding. we have identified enough resources that there would be enough money to fund for this. >> cost of monthly youth
5:57 am
pass for muni doubled in the past two years. we continue to follow breaking news out of iran where the u.s. hikers shane bauer and josh fattal jailed on spying charge for two years have been released or are in the process of being released. we have the latest in a live report. >> 5-year-old san francisco girl is in the hospital. violence caused her to end up here. all she was doing was walking to school. i'm amy hollyfield with the story coming up. ?ç?ç
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