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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  September 22, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco, where facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is going to be announcing big changes to the social network site today. one that have already been announced this week are leaving some people red in the face. i'll explain in a live report. >> a gas leak near san francisco union square is under investigation after a work crew hits an unmarked pg&e line. both sides are pointing fingers at each other. >> good morning. hard to see it here, but there is fog in the bay. change is on the way. i'll show you how much the temperatures will drop and how clean the air will be this afternoon. >> sue hall, abc7 traffic center, you can see the fog here. very thick on the golden gate bridge. we have a fog advisory, too. limited visibility. we'll get you around that this morning. >> it's a thursday morning. 4:31 a.m. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. the top story. almost 23,000 nurses in northern and central california are preparing to walk off the jobs at 34 hospitals this morning. the massive one-day strike
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is set to begin at 7:00 a.m. two-and-a-half hours from now. 5,000 sutter hospital nurses and 800 at children hospital oakland. management has been cutting support staff and overloading their ability to care for patients. part of an ongoing contract dispute. they say hospital wants to take away their paid sick days. >> we don't have the ability to stay home and be paid when we are sick, it's encouraging us to come to work sick and expose the fragile population in a way that is not good for anyone. >> at the hospital for kids we struggled financially. we had double-digit losses in a four-year period. >> you heard from the hospital side as well. 17,000 kaiser permanente nurses will support of optical and mental health workers also holding a one-day strike over benefit cuts. all the hospitals hired substitute nurses to fill in during the lockout. >> two americans released from iranian prison are
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spending the first day of freedom in seclusion with their families today. josh fattal and shane bauer arrived in oman under $1 million bail deal and were embraced by relatives. also on hand was sarah shourd who was freed last year. the three u.c. berkeley grads were detained in july of 2009 hiking along the iran/iraq border. >> we are so happy we are free and so relieved we are free. our deepest gratitude goes toward his majesty, sultan for obtaining our release. >> two years in prison is too long. we sincerely hope for the freedom of other political prison e prisoners. >> shourd and bauer got engaged in prison. bauer and fattal are expected to stay in oman before they fly back to the u.s. >> more changes coming to facebook and the 750 million users. many already sounding off over a new look and
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interface unveiled this week. the big announcement comes at the facebook developer conference in san francisco today. terry mcsweeney joins us live with the scoop. terry? >> yeah, changes already in the books so to speak. more changes coming today. not all of them popular to the world's largest online social network site. look at the pictures from yesterday. this is how we looked yesterday. we have changes still to come. focus on the music. big announcement from the ceo mark zuckerberg today. the site is partnering with rhapsody to allow users to share music from different services on the site. am list says it will allow -- analysts says it allows them to have a joint user experience. the day before yesterday, it revved up with a new look to the news feed. this is larger pictures. rolled out to everybody over the next week or so. status updates from the closest friends. gone are the separate for top news and recent. new ticker shows the friends' activity on the
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site after they occur. there is a subscribe button to customize contend on your news feed. not everyone liking changes. they are letting the dissatisfaction be known, where else? on facebook and on twitter. some say the site is trying to do too much, some say they liked it the way it was. they liked it simple. what do you think? go to or send us a tweet at twitter. @abc7newsbayarea. we might use it in the next half hour report. think about, that you'll be on the new media and the so-called old media at the same time. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> we think of ourselves as the well established media, terry. thank you. >> well said. well said. exactly. >> all right. see you in a bit. >> a judge is expected to make a ruling on lawsuit and how it could proceed.
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it involve 300 plaintiffs suing pg&e for blast in san bruno a year ago that killed eight people and destroyed 30 homes. judge is expected to decide the trial structure. the plaintiffs want a trial to divide claims in categories, physical injury and property damage. try a few of them and apply rulings to all. pg&e would rather have one liability trial than hold private mediation to settle claims with each plaintiff. >> gas leak near san francisco union square is under investigation. yesterday, the crews working for the public utility commission hit an unmarked pg&e line. abc7's leslie brinkley reports. >> reporter: at 2:00 wednesday, witnesses say you could see gas, hear gas and smell gas when a contractor saw through the pavement underlying concrete at mason and post street and ruptured a ten-inch gas main. >> we saw it coming out.
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>> workers and guests at the hotel and j.w. marriott were sheltered in place. office building and academy of art were evacuated. traffic was stopped as they capped off the leak. that's when the finger-pointing started. >> the gas line was buried at 15 inches. the reason it wasn't down to 24 inches was it was protected with a steel plate. it had to go up and over city facilities in this case. if there is no markings there, the work is not supposed to be done. >> pg&e says they haven't marked the location of the gas line, because the contractor jay flores construction working for sfpuc wasn't supposed to excavate until thursday. so no digging should have occurred here today according to pg&e? >> exactly. what is preliminary what the investigation shows. >> there is conflicting information over who is responsible.
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>> contractor says they weren't following the lines. >> no injuries and an investigation is underway. in san francisco near union square, leslie brinkley, abc7 news. 4:37. new survey shows overwhelming majority of californians are pessimistic about the economy. half are worried a family member would lose their job. poll by the non-partisan public policy institute of california found record 67% thought jobs and the economy were the most important issue facing the state. 89% think the state is in a recession. the poll shows 40% of californians believe president obama's effort so far have failed to get more people working. still, 48% of likely voters say they trusted him on economic matters more than the republicans in congress. >> the maverick search contest heading back to the creator. tonight, the san mateo county harbor district is
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expected to approve a permit for the big wave contest held near half moon bay. it will be run by jeff clark, the man who started it in 1999, along with his wife and several other surfing community leaders. in 2009, clark's former partner gained control of the contest. it would allow it between september and march if it materialized. >> that's a big factor. will the waves cooperate? surfers will come. >> right. they didn't have it last year. >> right. >> don't know about waves but the past few days it's pleasant to be at the beach if you like it sunny and warm. >> we didn't get the record four spare the air days, did we, mike? >> no. we don't have a spare the air. changing of the guard. good morning. cold front is getting closer and closer. it's really moving slowly but it will have an effect today by bringing the sea breeze deeper in the neighborhood in the afternoon hour. dropping temperature and keeping the air clean. pushing the pollution in the central valley. you can see the up-tick in
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the winds. 14 miles per hour out of fairfield out of the west. everybody else is calm. what this does is put this around the bay and the coast in the 50s and 60s. east bay valley has less cloud cover in the morning hours. by noon, clouds are back to the coast. temperatures in the 70s around san francisco, oakland, san rafael. we have 80s everywhere else. to even 90s around antioch and livermore. the coast is cloudy, upper 60s to mid-70s from half moon bay to san francisco. 80s around the bay shore and the south bay. you can see the low to mid-90s. that is the warmest weather in the east bay valley. cooling continues to move inland tomorrow. big job of temperatures with the cold front saturday and sunday. a slight warming trend monday, tuesday, wednesday. it's dry all seven days. good morning, sue.
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>> good morning, mike. yes, we have a thick fog advisory. golden gate bridge and the fog is on the deck. thick and through the waldo tunnel. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge. don't have a fog advisory here. whisp of fog. no delays heading westbound to foster city. bay bridge toll plaza, we have a fog advisory here. two little headlights coming through the screen. >> sue, thank you very much. 4:40. >> still ahead, illegal delivery. the high-grade marijuana sent from northern california to the home of two professional football players in kentucky. >> the failing satellite that is hurdling toward earth. scientists calculate the odds it might hit a person. 3q lysol knows that missed school days are missed opportunities.
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good morning. thursday, 4:43. take a live look. from the east bay looking west. you can see a little bit of fog there sitting over, actually, around the bay. we have fog advisories. and that does signal cooling temperatures. some of you are still going to sizzle. we'll get mike to talk about that coming up. two n.f.l. players are under investigation after more than two pounds of pot was shipped from northern california to one of their homes in kentucky. this story comes to us from california watch. anthony collins and jerome simpson for the cincinnati bengals are being questioned by police. california narcotics officers tracked the package from eureka to sacramento and then to simpson's home in kentucky. the package contained 2-1/2 pounds of marijuana. agents found another 6 pounds inside the house and say the home appears to be a potential distribution network.
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>> the package was delivered there. they gave concept to search. they found that packm and other paraphernalia. a six-ton satellite is falling toward earth but don't worry, it is expected to crash in the pacific ocean somewhere. this is as specific as they're getting for now. it has been in orbit for 20 years. this is a view of the tumbling satellite as it heads back to earth. they say the satellite will re-enter the atmosphere tomorrow afternoon give or take 14 hours. they put the odd that the debris will hit a person at 1 in 3200. >> it's not great odds. if you think of something down to earth, chance of getting in a car wreck today is 1 in 16. this isn't much to worry
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about. >> the falling debris could be scattered over an area 500 miles long. that is 1 in 3200 to hit any person at all. >> right. 4:45. dead mosquitoes are raising new concern about west nile virus in the east bay. next, what you need to know to protect yourself. >> more dead birds have been found. the new, gentler treatment for your skin. how this takes care of sun damage without painful side effects. >> new pressure by governor brown to sign a controversial bill to ban popular asian cultural dish.3q you disgust me. prove it. enough's enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding, guaranteed. d-con. get out. -here you go, lulu. -hey?! you had an imaginary friend once, too. she's full.
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♪ yeah, i was just thinking ♪ i hope this will never end sweet & salty nut bars... they're made from whole roasted nuts and dipped in creamy peanut butter, making your craving for a sweet & salty bar irresistible by nature valley. lysol no mess automatic toilet bowl cleaner cleans your toilet and freshens your bathroom with every flush. so it's always at its freshest. . welcome back. if you are leaving us today, it looks like fall in many areas. 61 in chicago. 71 in st. louis. check out dallas, 79 degrees. far cry from the 100s. those are still around phoenix. warm around portland at 80. take a look at all of our major airports and running
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on time this morning. except for charlotte with flight arrival delays. flight tracker, it's at the bottom. kristen? >> all right, mike. thanks a lot. 4:48. contra costa vector control officials are asking people to take precautions against west nile virus. ten more birds have been found dead and tested positive. bringing this year's total to 25. the latest turned up in concord, pleasant hill, brentwood, walnut creek and lafayette. it's carried by mosquitoes. officials are urging folks to wear mosquito repellent, drain standing water, report neglected pools and call a state hotline. this number will be on the website later this morning. state health officials say there has been 28 cases of measles so far this year. of the cases reported, 16 of them are from people who recently traveled abroad before getting the highly contagious disease. there have been outbreaks in europe and southeast asia.
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most of the people with measles were not vaccinated or did not know if they had been vaccinated against the disease. new laser treatment is promising to reverse skin damage done by the sun. it's a gentler approach that comes with less downtime compared to some of the earlier treatment. abc7's carolyn johnson shows us. >> so any questions before we get started? >> no, i'm fine with it. >> mike says the skin bears the battle scar of active youth. >> i wind surfed and canoed, did swimming. >> he will erase damage with newly approved laser marketed under the name clear and brilliant. >> it's good for what i call skin resurfacing. taking out the sun damage, blotchiness, uneven skin tone. >> dermatologists says the system is gentler on the skin than earlier lasers, with a recovery time of under 24 hours. >> gentle lasers, you have
4:50 am
three or four days of hiding out. aggressive lasers up to a week. >> the before and after photos provided by the company show the laser's lightening effect on sun damage. the doctor says it's effective on the minority skin types which can be vulnerable to blotchiness and uneven colors to more powerful lasers. the tradeoff is multiple session. mike has undergone five treatments. the reddishness left behind is mild enough that most patients can return to work the same day. michael says he is looking forward to seeing his sun damage finally fade. >> was visible, it could be seen and time to get it removed. >> most people need several sessions and the total cost
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is $1,500 and $2,500. >> time for a check of the weather forecast. >> wear sun screen. >> still do it even cloudy at the coast, especially this time this year. you may have a fog to tefrnt you to not wear it. the cool free air conditioning is coming back to part of the neighborhood today. not all of us. not yet. ferry building, top of the bay bridge to give you an idea of how thick low clouds and fog are at times when you step outside. look at the temperatures. running in the 60s, antioch, san jose. everybody else in 50s. thicker fog around santa rosa. visibility is a mile to half a mile at times. we have low to mid-50s and cloudy conditions around monterey bay and inland. talk about the highlights. sunny this afternoon, with the cooler air we felt at the coast in san francisco. moving inland today. mostly cloudy and seasonal tonight. look for drizzle along the coast. more clouds and cooler
4:52 am
conditions this weekend. for today, everybody trending lower. san francisco, 3. concord, fremont, santa rosa, 4. oakland and san jose five degrees cooler than yesterday. let's show you what is going on. that massive storm system in the gulf of alaska is now starting to push the players a little bit. just enough that the sea breeze is undercutting this ridge of high pressure. that is why we're cooler today and more coming with the cold front tapping in the arctic air in weaker hours. low the mid-90s in the east bay valley. est toy but not as warm as the 100 in livermore. low to upper 70s, and everybody else in low to mid-80s along the east bay shore. mid-to-upper 80s in south bay. could crack 90 in saratoga and los gatos. mid-to-upper 70s. low 80s for the rest of the peninsula.
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downtown, south san francisco and saucelito in low to mid-70s. especially the low to mid-9 -- even in low to mid-90s in clear lake, cloverdale. 88 at hollister. low 70s with sunshine. day game with the rangers today. it's going to warm to 78. that's where you need sun screen. near 100 in chico, sacramento. fresno. sunny and 82 in tahoe. 106 in palm springs. warmer today in l.a. 81 degrees. bring it back home tonight. 50s for all of us. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- biggest drop in temperatures you will notice when you are outside is saturday and sunday. the temperatures are close to average if not warmer by
4:54 am
the time we get to the end of the forecast. have a great day. sue, look at the fog. >> we have fog. limited visibility. right now we have a live shot of east shore treeway, as you head toward berkeley. westbound on 80. buchanan street, onramp is closed until right around 5:00. they're hoping. walnut creek, southbound 680. moving at the limit. this is toward the north main and to 24. you will find roadwork between sycamore and red gear. various lanes and the on and off ramp there. drive-times for you, along the key routes. not bad through marin county. 80, that drive we saw from, to the maze i should say and highway 4 out of antioch at a pretty good pace. for the latest. kristen? >> sue, thanks. the owner of virgin airlines is urging governor brown to sign a bill to ban shark fins in california. he says the harvesting of sharks for the fin is
4:55 am
decimating the shark population. i would make it ill -- it would make it illegal to buy or sell fins which is a key ingredient in a traditional chinese soup. governor brown won't say if he is leaning one way or the other. >> he believes the sharks are in danger and he sees it as a problem. >> you will see, when i -- i am biding my thoughts. >> california has the largest market for shark fins outside of asia. the chancellor at u.c. davis unveiled plans to increase campus undergraduate population by 20%. chancellor linda catiz says it's direct response to dramatic drop in state funding. it would boost the school undergraduate population from 5,000 to 29,000 students in five years. as many as half of the additional students would come from out of state. non-californians pay higher tuition. the increase would make u.c. davis the second largest cal campus behind ucla.
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>> u.c. santa cruz gets a mention in this story, too. u.s. news and world report recently named colleges with the most expensive room and board. howard university in washington, d.c. topped the list. three bay area colleges are in the top ten. number two is u.c. berkeley. room and board is over $15,000. u.c. santa cruz is number six on the list. magazine says students there pay $14,700. and number nine, dominican college in san rafael. it's room and board are close to $14,500. the magazine says the average room and board fee across all schools in the u.s. top $9,000. 4:57. they tied protecting the city -- they died protecting the city they love. next, the moving tribute today for two san francisco firefighters killed in the line of duty. >> if you plan to visit or do business at a hospital today, brace yourself. you are probably going to encounter hundreds of
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unhappy nurses. i'm amy hollyfield. i'll tell you where the strike will be going on coming up. >> vallejo police release video of a violent encounter. look at that. why they are asking for witnesses to come forward right away.
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good morning. i'm amy hollyfield. live in oakland where some hospitals will be offering only basic care today. elective surgeries have been canceled, as they prepare for a massive nurses strike. >> i'm


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