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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  September 25, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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probably be getting some detalls here in a few minutes. there's a shooting that did occur here. police arrived to hear some of those gunshots, and we understand there was an exchange of gun fire because there's one person who was shot by police. we'll have further details as they become available. >> alan: now back to the president. air force one arrived in the bay area just a few minutes ago. president obama is on a fundraising tour across the west. it began in seattle, and tonight he'll be attend something pricey gatherings in silicon valley. tomas roman is at moffet field in mountain view. >> reporter: as you can see behind me, there's air force one. president obama arrived about 20 minutes ago from fundraisers in seattle. now, he is running about 45 minutes late. he came out of air force one at about 20 minutes ago, and
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greeted 50 people who were gathered here to say hello to him. now, they were extremely excited to see him. laughing and shouting. he shook hands. he slapped five with a little young girl. he also signed some autographs, and then he headed out in one of his limousines, in his presidential him seep, -- limousine to fundraisers in mountain view. president obama is here to draw from the well of financial valley money -- silicon valley mow for -- money for his re-election campaign. he has two fundraising stops, the first is a reception at 6:00 p.m. at the home of john thompson in woodside. 300 people will pay $2,500 to meet the president. then on to the home of facebook ceo. a $35,000 plate dipper is expected to bring in
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$2.5 million from 70 guests. now, started off earlier today in seattle, where he attend two events. there he raised approximately -- we're looking at the house of sheryl sandberg. $35,000 plate -- let's see -- fundraiser there will race $2.5 million. started off in seattle earlier. he raised $2 million there. his entire west coast trip is expected to raise $8 million. after the two fundraisers, tomorrow he will be at a social networking event, and talk about his jobs bill, how it will raise money and create jobs in the u.s. he will answer questions from people who are looking for work. and again, that's tomorrow at linkton. so we'll be giving you more information on his fundraising trip here later on at 11:00. reporting live, abc-7 news.
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>> alan: seven west coast fundraisers in all. two this morning in seattle, and two in the bay area. then he travels to la jolla, then los angeles for more fundraiser; also, a possible meeting with rock superstar lady gaga who wants to discuss the seriousness of bullying, the white house is not confirming that meeting. tonight members of a nurses union are blaming hospital management for the death of a patient who received a deadly dose of medicine from a replacement nurse. the death of the 66-year-old oakland resident happened at alta bates hospital yesterday morning. the hospital is using replacement nurses after locking out the union following a one-day strike. >> one more example that they put their profits before their patients. because if they cared about their patients, we wouldn't be standing here in the rain. we would be inside there, where we belong.
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>> alan: a hospital spokesperson admitted the patient's death was probably the result of medical error, but said all replacement nurses are experienced and qualified. locked out nurses won't be back on the job until tuesday. >> a gas leak scare in pittsburg today. people were evacuated from their homes. police went door-to-door asking residents to leave, but pg&e says the gas release was part of a scheduled pipe maintenance plan, and pittsburg residents were notified yesterday, but police and firefighters say they were expecting the release earlier in the day. >> those two uc berkeley graduates released from an iranian prison are now back in the u.s. josh fattal and jane bauer spoke about their ordeal today at a new york city hotel. >> reporter: josh fattal and shane bauer are finally home. they arrived in new york sunday
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morning. for the first time the two men talked about their imprisonment. >> sarah, josh and i have experienced a taste of the iranian regime's brutality. we have been held in almost total isolation from the world and everything we love. >> fattal and bauer's or deal began in 2009 when they were detained after mistakenly crossing the iran-iraq border. all three were accused of illegal entry into iran and espionage. shourd was released for medical ropes a year agoing leaving fattal and bauer in iran. >> when sayre would was released, our -- >> they were led to meet a surprise visitor. >> the first thing he said, he said, let's go home. >> the gulf state was
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instrumental in securing their freedom on $1 million bail. the men expressed their gratitude but had strong words for their can'tors. >> we applaud the iranian authorities for milliony making -- finally making the right decision regarding or case, but we want to be clear. they do not deserve undo credit for ending what they had no right and no justification to start in the first place. >> abc news, new york. >> alan: an alaska airlines fright from maui to oak lean made an emergency landing after striking a bird during takeoff. after a canadian goose got into the engines, the pilot declared on emergency and returned to oakland international. there were no injuries. >> two deadly hit-and-run accidents, what happened and who police are looking for tonight. plus, new details about the fatal shooting inside a sparks, nevada, casino.
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>> and thousands hit the streets to find a cure for cancer. >> jeff: a little rain this morning but just a few sprinkles here and there. coming up, take a look at my seven-day forecast. wait to see how hot at it going to get. we'll look at live doppler 7 in hd as well. the forecast isssssssssssssssss. iñ
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: a second wheelchair-bound man has been
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killed by a hit-and-run driver within the past 48 hours. santa clara police say a 67-year-old man died at the intersection of homestead and pomeroy this morning. he was dragged 300 feet and was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. police are still putting together a description of the suspect's vehicle but believe it has substantial front end damage. on friday night, another wheelchair-bound man, 52-year-old david cox, was also killed by a hit-and-run driver. police believe the suspect was driving an older model black lexus. there was another hit-and-run crash that killed a 37-year-old man today. the accident happened on highway 101 at about 5:30 this morning. officers say it appears a red honda civic was hit from behind by a afford pickup. the civic was hit by a minivan. witnesses say the driver of the pickup left the scene. the hit-and-run vehicled described as a 1960s or 70s full size ford pickup truck and should have front end damage.
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>> police are keeping a strong presence following the killing of the president of the san jose chapter of the hell's angels. 51-year-old jeffrey pettigrew was shot inside a casino friday night by a member of the vegas motorcycle gang. pettigrew was a city employee and well known by law enforcement. police say they're concerned that the killing could result in an all-out war between the two motorcycle gangs. the shootings happened during annual street vibrations biker festival attended by thousands of bikers from across the country. thousands hit the pavement in san francisco for the annual race for the cure. and a drizzly day but a warmup is ahead. jeff martinez in for leigh glaser, coming up. >> coming up in sports, 49ers bungle against the bengals but still win, and a wild one at the
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coliseum as the raiders try
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>> alan: we told you on friday about the fire storm generated by unc berkly students who were planning a bake sale. there's a meeting on campus to discuss the issue.
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college republicans want to hold the sale on tuesday. the price that you pay for a cookie or brownie depends on your gender and the collar -- color of your skin. students are protesting legislation that would allow uc to consider ethnic origin during the admissions process. >> thousandses of breast cancer survivors and another of others touched by the dewere joined in the race for the cure. here's nick smith. >> what's a race without a bit of a preshow warmup. many of the early morning participants took part in a stretch and shake to tunes before taking their place at the starting line. >> five, four, three, two, one. >> today was the 21st susan g. komen race for the cure, which is a family affair. for others it's a group project, but for everyone with whom i
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spoke, the fight to eradicate cancer is their singular mission. >> everybody that is involved in our team has been touched by cancer. >> lisa is currently undergrowing treatment for breast can sir and the top fundraiser for today's race, pulling in thousands of dollars without any corporate sponsorship. she says the thought of turning inward was never an option. >> it was more important for me to take on the fight. it was more important for me to make sure that nobody else walks in this road. >> since 1983 the race has grown from one local race to a global event with more than 120 races worldwide. judy picket was the winner in the survivors category. >> i was 33 when i was diagnosed and didn't have a good prognosis, but i'm here 15 years later, still running with a broken arm. >> my message is to be in it to end it. get to the battle before it
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comes to our door. >> and you can bet lisa will be there to give out even more hugs. >> alan: the california highway principal -- chap california highway patrol is rapping up a busy day. on highway 12 in santa rosa, driver took a curve too fast and rolled over his red suv. nobody was injured but one officer says it was an all too common example of what happens of the first rain. >> we're working several accidents, many rollovers because people are taking curves fast, so we -- please be careful on the curves, slow down, and be safe out there. >> alan: even though it didn't reason a lot, it was enough for oil to come up from the road surface. almost all of the roads are dry but the chp is warning drivers to use caution. and jeff mart is in for leigh glaser.
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>> jeff: a few raindrops, just enough to get the windshield dirty. a few hundreds of on inch. hope you're having a great sunday. notice the cloud breaking up there after definitely a cloudy day. and again we had a few light scatters showers, a few sprinkles here and there, throughout the morning hours, live doppler 7 in hd, quiet around our area. toward the east, heading up toward the mountains, maybe a few sprinkles going on there as well. we're looking at a pretty good evening if you have plans to go out tonight. temperatures in the 70s most areas and for the race at the embark dare roar, temperatures in the 60s and drizzle and mist. weather highlights look like this. clearing out this evening. looks like a beautiful monday, sunshine returning, and then we warm things up. by tuesday and wednesday, inland locations could be seeing 90 degrees like last week,
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because a ridge of high pressure will build in. so dry and warmer this week, and looks hot by the middle part of the week. satellite in motion shows the area of low pressure that brought us the clouds, quickly pushing out towards the east, and high pressure will build in, and a fairly mild evening. temperatures in the mid-50s most areas. may still be a few clouds along the coast overnight and the early morning hours, but that should give way to sunshine most areas by the afternoon. your monday forecast. looks like this. 70s most areas, close to 80 in campbell. san jose, 78 for you. even along the coast, the marine layer is going to back off. the temperatures on tuesday and wednesday could be in the lower 70s at the beach. so, that will be nice. how about downtown? tomorrow, close to 70 degrees. south san francisco, 70 for you. 8 sores -- 80s across the north bay. a few hundredetts of an inch
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reported today. so this storm system real request didn't do much. and tomorrow looks beautiful. lots of sunshine, temperatures in the 70s. how about toward the east. enjoy the summer like cooler weather. by tuesday and wednesday, lower 90s. great day for the sahlen nice -- salinas air show. 70 for santa cruz, so beautiful beach weather there, and we warm things up tuesday and wednesday, 90s inland, lower 80s in the bay, and then cool back down by friday into next weekend. going to watch this closely. maybe a storm system heading our way next weekend. stale few days off. looks like a beautiful week overall. enjoy. >> alan: rick is in for shu tonight, and the raiders were looking good. >> rick: the silver and black left the jets black and blue. hugh jackman says he wants to
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build a bully, so the raiders got a big test against the jets. before a sold-out coliseum, new york coach rex ryan tried to make himself first but the raiders score first. mcfadden, 171 yards rushing. new york tied the contest and then took the lead when ladanian tomlinson scores on a pass from sanchez. it was 17-# before oakland got another big play from mcfadden, makes a move and is gone 70 yards for a touchdown. the field goal made it 17-17 at the half. a trick play put the raiders on top. a double reverse to moore. the rookie dives in for the touchdown. after the jetsled the kickoff, michael bush walk in for the score. the raiders with the 34-24 win of the jets. >> coach jackman talked about bullying able and they were
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supposed to be a bully team. we came here and did our mart and we want to be a bully. >> last week we didn't more in buffalo, and we dug today. talk about priming a pump. we're going to pump this thing out, and we got to it. and our guys are believing. we're not where we want to be yet but i promise you this, this team is getting there. >> rick: the niners won't get any style points for their performance today in cincinnati but an ugly win is always better than a loss. jim harbaugh's team had trouble moving the football. san francisco had 92 yards of offense at the half. didn't cross the 50 until the third quarter. alex smith gets nailed by nate clements. bengals rookie qb, andy dalton, not looking much better, brooks nearly takes his head off. cincinnati led at the half #-0. third quarter, smith to crabtree but the official say he stepped out-of-bounds before making the catch. replay seemed to show otherwise.
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the 49ers settled for a field goal in the fourth, gore coughs up the ball. the bengals turn the fumble into a field goal and the lead. san francisco answered with the only touchdown drive of the day, going 72 yards in ten plays. hunter took it in. 10-6 san francisco. david akers added a field goal but the game wasn't sealed until reggie smith picks off the pass with under 2:00 to play. dalton was intercepted twice, and san francisco improves to 2-1 with the 13-8 victory. >> giants wrapped 'their series with arizona. they don't care the playoffs. this kid got a baseball. tim lincecum got roughed up. allowed eight hits. his record falls to 13-14. bruce bochy got tossed arguing a
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call. the d-backs sweep the giants. >> the a's put a dent in the angels wild card hopes. gonzalez hit into what should be a game-ending double play. but the throw is air mailed, and oakland wins it. the ain't reallies are 2-1/2 back with three games to play. >> the tour championship went to a playoff between bill haas and hunter mahan on the second extra hole. haas stays alive with this great shot. he would go on to win in the third extra hole by taking the tour championship and the fedex cup bonus he receives more than $11 million. >> not a bat paycheck. >> alan: i think bruise bochy figured, i'm going out in a blaze of glory. kick me out. thanks, rick. another sports story opened in theaters, "moneyball." we have this weekend's winners when we return.
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>> alan: the lion king is back on top. it's at number one with $22 million. just ahead of moneyball. the drama about the oak leabdz a's. it opened at number two with $20 million. dolphin tail was number three, followed by abduction and killer elite, and moneyball is a movie, you have to understand baseball to enjoy it? >> that's what i heard. i took my wife and she is not a baseball fan at all and she liked the movie. >> are you sure -- that's it for abc-7 news.
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>> right now brad takes us out o >> it's very impressive. a desperate housewives >> we keepe soiree. >> anna really well here. >> i still don'tt. know my husband's number, he >> alex trebek leaves a ly.


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