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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  September 27, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney. the city council meeting for the first time since one member asked for an investigation into another member for assault. that allegedly happened during a council meeting. we'll show you the alleged assault coming up. >> good morning. check out the lack of clouds as we look out on to the bay. it is going to be another warm to hot one. we are not through, warmer weather on the way before the weekend drizzle and cooler conditions. >> good morning, bay bridge toll plaza light. we check your tuesday morning hot spots in a pew minutes. it is tuesday at 5:00 -- thank you for joining us i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. >> america's most controversial bake sale set to begin in morning at 10 a.m., five hours from now on the uc berkeley campus. the college republicans plan a posted menu with variable prices based on race, sex and
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ethnicity. amy hollyfield is live to explain. if they wanted attention they got it. >> reporter: they did. they've gotten attention from press from overseas. the bake sale is on, despite what you have heard. they have not cancelled it. even though it is very controversial. the berkeley college republicans will hold their bake sale today. they are going to charge people different prices, based on their race and gender. they are trying to prove a point. they've caused a lot of outrage. the student senators voted sunday an emergency meeting to condemn discriminatory behavior on campus, even done in satire. some are so upset they've threatened violence. >> we didn't expect personal threats to be paid or implicit and explicit threats paid to the organizers of the event to burning down the take, throwing our baked goods at us and other physical threats.
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>> reporter: here's the list of the prices you will see. white men will pay the most. native americans will pay the least. women will get a 25 cent discount. the republicans say they are doing this to protest a bill that would allow public universities in california to consider race in student admissions. they say they meant to get people upset. they wanted to draw attention to this in such a way. but many on campus do not agree with their tactics. the bake sale is scheduled to start at 10:00 this morning. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. the paying sale has people talking on our -- the bake sale has people talking on our facebook page. >> i think there could be a better way if get their point across. seems ridiculous. >> keep in mind liberals have no sense of humor until it is politically correct or decked against conservatives. you can -- or directed against
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conservatives. expect fireworks tonight at the sausalito city council meeting. one member promises to comment on a battery charge leveled against him by a fellow councilmember. the charge now being investigated by the marin county d.a.. terry, what happened? >> reporter: we should know by tonight's meeting if the district attorney is going to be filing assault charges against councilmember mike kelly for what he did at the september 13th, meeting to fellow councilmember carolyn ford. what did he do? we have it on tape. take a look at the pictures on the far right. you see councilwoman ford and next to her kelly. she reaches across him with her hand and say shush. he then gives her a rap on the hand. police say their job is to investigate all complaints. >> we interview all parties and forward the report to the district attorney's office. and the decision to prosecutor
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not lies with the district attorney. >> i think it is ridiculous. men are out there losing their lives they are in there slapping one another. >> reporter: councilmember kelly says he will make his first public statement tonight. he had nothing to say to us yesterday. ford says there has been a build-up to this with the mayor, herb weiner not exercising enough control over a couple of members who she thinks get out of control too often. she says she waited a week for an apology and never got it. tonight we will get some kind of statement from councilmember kellably what happened two weeks ago. at that time, -- we should know if the d.a. is filing charges. councilwoman ford did ask for a change of seat. she will be moving away from kelly for tonight's meeting. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 5:05 now.
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>> new information about the death of a patient at an oakland hospital during a nursing lock out. the oakland tribune reports that 66-year-old cancer patient judith ming may have been given a liquid nutrient in an i.v. instead of through a feeding tube. medication error made by a replacement nurse. her longtime nurse was locked out. alta baits claims the union is exploiting the patient's death. san mateo police say officers were forced to shoot two dogs killing one. the boxer-like dogs were threatening a child and a smaller dog last night. police found adults standing between the animals and the children. officers say the dogs were behaving in a very threatening manner. after attempting use a taser the officers opened fire. one dog died. the second is being treated.
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>> we have a bit of a neighborhood watch e-mail list. people in this neighborhood take care of each other. word went out on the e-mail list and was able to read about it. and very sad to hear that one had to be put down. but glad they got it under control. >> the park is a popular spot for walking dogs. this morning a marin county superior court judge will approve a county ban on plastic bags at grocery stores. several environmental groups will be celebrating the legal victory. the coalition challenged the ruling claiming the county needed to conduct a long think environmental review before it passes passed the ordinance last year. the judge ruled in favor of the county. president obama continues a fundraising trip. he appeared before a raucous crowd last night at the house of blues in los angeles. he spoke about his proposals to create more jobs in the nation. i was a theme he echoed
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earlier in the day during -- it was a theme he echoed earlier in the day during a town hall meeting in mountain view of the president is trying to build momentum for his nearly 450 billion dollar jobs plan. he took a few questions from the audience. >> would you please raise my taxes? [ laughing ] >> the president: we are talking about going back to the rates that existed in the 90s when as i recall silicon valley was doing pretty good. >> the president's job plan would be paid for with higher taxes which republicans oppose. a few miles from mountain view, a trio of republican congressional leaders took questions at facebook. they said the event was a chance for them to get their ideas you. facebook users posted questions on the site's forum page from immigration reform to health concerns. the main focus was the economy. >> i have three young children. i'm concerned about the future for their generation, if they are going to end up paying
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more and more of the debt we are accumulating. >> our government, both parties, have been making promises to people it can keep. about 100 trillion worth if you add up the latest count. what we propose is let's take cull these problems now. it is -- tackle these problems now. >> republicans state event was scheduled several weeks before the white house announced the president's bay area stop. we are not really into the second week of fall summer is back in a big way. >> summer doesn't it know it is not supposed to be around, mike? >> it is supposed to be around that's why we make the distinction between astronomical fall and meet logical fall, meteorological fall being august, september, october in the bay area. 62 in concord, everybody else in the 50s. under a clear sky this morning. sunshine dominates all areas
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even out to the coast. 72 at half moon bay. -- the low to mid 80's for fremont, palo alto south bay. low 90s in the east bay valleys. 90s around gilroy. 80s around santa cruz low to me 70s around monterey, carmel, pacific grove to 78 in salinas. more sun for tomorrow. the heat peaks tomorrow then a slow tapering of temperatures. we'll lose three to five degrees everyday through sunday. sunday about 10 to 20° cooler and we could have drizzle saturday and sunday morning. following your tuesday morning commute this morning. we do is a little slow traffic. this is 80 westbound as you can see headed into the maze. there's some roadwork around powell street and that off-ramp closed for a few more
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minutes. they are all on time this morning, no issues with bart or any of that. toll plaza is light this morning. metering lights off, no problems westbound into san francisco. golden gate bridge noing fog southbound heading into san francisco, they've reconfigured those lanes so you can get through with no problems. southbound direction a little traffic northbound because of roadwork earlier that will be picked up shortly san jose 280 towards cupertino out of san jose northbound you are smooth sailing, wide open. it is just about 5:11. >> facebook begins flexing more political power. the money it is about to spend backing candidates, next. new images from the san bruno pipeline explosion. ntsb issues its final report. the surprising new studies that may have more men
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. . on capitol hill the senate is on track to pass a stopgap spending measure. the measure drops a pro for one billion dollars in disaster aid that caused republicans to fill bust are the -- filibuster the legislation. house expected to the revised
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revision later this week. fema informed lawmakers it may have enough aid money to make it through friday the last day of the budget year. final report by federal investigators into the san bruno pipeline disaster places blame squarely on the shoulders of penal paopblg. the -- of pg&e. the final report shows new amateur video of the explosion moments after the rupture. eight people were killed, more than 30 homes were destroyed. the 140 page report says pg&e either overlooked or ignored substandard pipes in 1956. and the utility should have discovered faulty wells through pressure testing. blamed on decades of laxed enforcement by state and federal regulators. >> they need to take a hard stan when people violate the trust, the penalty -- needs to
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be high. when we have an accident like san bruno it is too late. >> president released this recorded statement yesterday saying his company will continue to look at the report and embrace the corrective actions it calls for. facebook looking to flex political muscle in washington. it is forming a political action committee to fun until freeway i contributions -- to funnel employee contributions. a way to make their voices her in the political process. corporations cannot contribute directly to candidates but can form political action committees funded by voluntary worker contributions. guys want to live a long life? maybe you should become a dad. researchers say men who don't have children may be at higher risk for cardiovascular disease. they looked at 138,000 men and found those who didn't have children had a 17% greater risk of death from heart
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disease, come parred with men who had kids. one factor -- having children may cause men to have healthier behaviors. >> got that one out of the way. >> yep. running around after the kids, playing soccer when you would otherwise be sitting there watching tv. >> we still are vulnerable to being hit by buses. but the cardiovascular part is great. i feel terrific now. >> you will too later when you are out jogging, walking or enjoying a nice refreshing light lunch during the warmth of the mid-afternoon into the evening. going to be a great summer-like day. coming up on 5:17. looking down on san francisco to the east bay no clouds, not even at the coast this morning: 50 napa the cool spot 60 mountain view everybody else 50s around the monterey bay
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inland temperatures start 52 in gilroy and warm up to 57 in salinas. as far as our highlights, let's start with today, sunny and warmer from the coast all the way to our inland valley. even when warmer than average clear and cool tonight free air conditioning cooler fall-like weekend again with morning drizzle sunday. that's all it looks like now. today's temperatures three degrees warmer than average in redwood city, oakland, san francisco livermore the biggest jump 9° warmer than average. sunrise 7:02. sunset at 6:59. clouds -- [ laughing ] >> there aren't any that's why it is going to be so sunny and warm. jump to noon, no clouds. 70s to 80s and 90s. temperatures in specific cities in the south bay mid to upper 80s.
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70s upper mill dre, san mateo, low 80s for everybody else -- mid to upper 70s downtown, south san francisco and sausalito. north bay beaches inland mid to upper 80s even 90s around cloverdale. east bay shore, richmond, berkeley, oakland, san leandro, mid to upper 70s. upper 80s to low 90s east bay valleys with danville, concord, pittsburg, brentwood around 90. low 70s with sun monterey carmel and pack grove. two games left in the season. at&t park tonight taking on the rockies. 70 dropping down to 64 that 7:15 first pitch could be a little breezy not a strong breeze like the drizzle and
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clouds. 60 tonight concord 61 antioch. everybody else in the 50s. lack of clouds tonight. tomorrow warmest day. then the clouds khroel return during the morning hours -- slowly return during the morning hours. chance of drizzle saturday and sunday. 10 to 20° cooler today and tomorrow. light out there this morning. hello, good morning. smooth sailing on all public transit. checked in with all of our agencies, everything is on time, great alternate. in san jose 85 not bad towards highway 17. 92, 101 up the hill towards 280, five minute drive. san rafael toward smooth, headed towards central
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san rafael. tpwhault creek roadwork various lane closures, alternating no slow traffic, a little bunching towards the 24 junction. that is a live look at your toll plaza. light into san francisco. this morning metering lights remain off. >> it is 5:20. >> the trial of the doctor charged with michael jackson's death opens with a worldwide audience and a bit of star power. closed! nancy grace denies a wardrobe malfunction in the latest round of "dancing with the stars." >> fortune in silver about to be rescued. what may be the biggest haul ever from a shipwreck.
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welcome back. this morning attorneys will begin opening statements in the trial of michael jackson's personal doctor, con murray. he faces involuntary manslaughter charges. prosecutors claim murray improperly -- improperly gave jackson a powerful drug called propofol at the pop star's home and then failed to monitor him properly. the drug is usually given to patients only in the hospital. the defense says jackson drank a dose of the drug while murray was out of the room. we wouldn't have seen it on the west coast, last
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night's "dancing with the stars" show had studio buzzing after nancy grace had a wardrobe malfunction. people at home never saw it here because it was edited out for the west coast. grace says she looked down and didn't see anything pop out or rise to the level of a wardrobe malfunction in any case the 51-year-old did see her performance improve, at least in the scoring department with the judges giving her 21 out of 30 points. she herself joked i wonder fit was bus of the wardrobe malfunction. >> some questions will never be answered. 5:25 now. the stuff of legend. discovery of a treasure ship packed with pressure metal. this time it is true. world war ii british cargo ship carrying seven million ounces of silver when a german u-boat sank it in 1945.
5:25 am
it has been found off the coast of ireland. the largest haul of pressure metal ever found at sea. the submarine will retrieve the boat estimated 200 million dollars. images from the sub reveal a brass compass pedestal it was on is way back to britain from india. a florida-based salvage company will get 80%, 20% will go to the british department -- to the british government. >> there are a segment of laws who can get what. good news for giants' fan and beating victim brian stow, more remarkable progress. the family outing that he called magical. >> something as as a bake sale inciting outrage and theres of violence. i'll have the story about this bake sale scheduled for today,
5:26 am
coming up. >> next, east bay school district prepares for a huge turnout as the community gets a chance to sound off on a plan to close more than a dozen schools. >> high temperatures across the country from the low 80s new york, washington, down to atlanta, near 90, miami, new orleans down to near 100. phoenix mid to upper 60s. we have flight delays, arrival delays into o'hare, philadelphia and departure delays out of newark, sorry speaking too fast. your flight track at the bottom.ébébéb ñ ñ ñ
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i'm amy hollyfield. a bake sale that has made headlines overseas is scheduled for this morning.
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organizers have not changed their controversial pricing structure. >> published report says two witnesses claim a man shot and killed by an oakland police officer had his hands up when he was shot. >> good morning, here's a live look, no clouds, the sun has all day to warm us up no breeze off the ocean hot temperatures the next two days, drizzle and cool this weekend. good morning, live shot of the east shore freeways, good looking commute this morning. details in a few minutes. the concorde city council today set to consider a ban on smoking in a 17 block area around the heart of downtown. good tuesday morning, 5:30 a.m., thanks for joining us, i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. at uc berkeley republican group moving ahead with a controversial bake sale
5:30 am
charges different prices based on race to make a point. amy hollyfield is live on campus. there's been a lot of back and forth, what is the latest? >> reporter: organizers are not budging. they are not cancelling their bake sale. they say they've received threats. some have been violent. they say the bake sale is on. they will be charging people different prices based on race and gender. they are doing that on purpose, in the hopes of creating outrage. the college republicans say they are trying to prove a point about race that many on campus are outraged over their tactic. >> way they made the statement, the words they used. the fact they mocked the struggles of people's color on this campus is very disgusting to me. >> it is stirring emotions that's what we want. we don't want people to think we are making fun of racial issues that's not the message
5:31 am
of the paying sale. >> reporter: here's a list of the prices. white men will pay the most. native americans will pay the least. women get a 25 cent discount. the republicans are doing this to protest a bill that would allow public universities in california to consider race in student admissions. they say they meant to get people upset. but, people on campus are very upset. some have threatened violence. the bake sale is scheduled to start at 10:00 this morning. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. the bake sale has triggered a conversation on our facebook wall. >> this action is just ignorance, racism only grows out of more racism. >> hey liberals can you take the truth? at least these republicans are not violently commandeering bart or some university hall. >> you too can join the conversation at
5:32 am
abc7 news. >> 5:32. >> there's word that two witnesses say a man shot and kill by an oakland police officer had his hands up. the shooing happened late sunday afternoon near 10th and cherry streets. according to the bay citizen the mother after 11-year-old boy says her son watched from a bedroom window. the boy says the man threw an object over the fence left his hands raised. police say the on was a gun. a neighbor across the street says he saw the suspect throw a bag of drugs over the fence, not a gun and put his hands up before he was shot by the officer behind him. oakland police and the d.a.'s office are investigating. bart's police department expected to face tough questioning when san francisco assembly opens today. demonstrators have been holding frequent protests calling for the disbanding of bart police since officers shot and kill a man in july in
5:33 am
san francisco. today's hearing will be held by the committee on public safety. they will try to ensure police are properly trained and following procedures. family and friends of nursing student michelle le will hold a candlelight vigil, four months since the night she disappeared. family members say it will be at the university where le was enrolled. they want to thank the community and volunteers who found her body. she disappeared from the kaiser permanente medical center may 27th. her body was found in a remote canyon 10 days ago. her former friend giselle esteban is being held without bail for her murder >> marin county district attorney is expected to decide whether to file criminal charges against a sausalito city councilman for a hand hitting incident. watch as councilwoman carolyn ford on the right puts her hand out towards councilman kelly next to her.
5:34 am
he slaps her or hits her hand, telling her to keep it on her side. she said she waited for an apology but didn't get one so she filed the complain with the police. kelly says he will make a statement at tonight's meeting. the city of concord set to consider a tough ban on smoking. people could be charged with a misdemeanor. the ban would encompass a 17 block area around the heart of downtown. it would force customers at many bars and restaurants in the area to walk several s if they want to smoke. the current restriction -- prohibits smoking within 20 feet of a business. for some that is not enough. >> if i can smell you smoking, i don't see -- i don't care 40 feet away doesn't count. >> taking 10 minutes out of my break to make me walk a couple blocks to have a cigarette. >> if they write tickets for customers that may chase off business. >> some businesses could apply for an exemption.
5:35 am
but it might require the construction of a ventilated smoking area. oakland school officials are announcing a venue change for tonight's board meeting they will discuss recollection days to close 13 schools. the meeting will begin at 5 p.m. in the auditorium of oakland high. the superintendent smith says plans to close five elementary schools and eliminate eight others by merging them with existing ones will save the district up to two million dollars a year. oakland has 101 schools, serving 38,000 students with many seeing declining enrollment. five schools slated foreclosure have a total of 882 students. >> family of brian stow the giants fan beaten after a game is now sitting on the side of his bed and responding to questions, even managing to smile. his family says they got permission from the staff at the hospital to take him outside for the first time in almost six months. stow described it as magical.
5:36 am
stow suffered a severe head injury during attack outside dodger stadium after a game in march. 5:36. if you like you are going to love this week. >> no clouds, right mike? >> you will be able to see the sunrise and sunset from anywhere. the marine layer just about again. will continue to be compressed thanks to -- most winds calm to less than six miles per hour. it is warmer than it was yesterday morning which was warmer than the morning before that. you can see what the air mass is modifying during the overnight and into the afternoon hours thanks to sunshine. we start in the 50s and 60s this morning as we head towards noon look at the 70s already developing in most neighborhoods away from oakland, san francisco and half moon bay in the 60s even have some 80s show up around fair feel, santa rosa, antioch,
5:37 am
livermore and morgan hill for lunchtime by 4:00 sun everywhere mid 70s around san francisco and oakland to near 80 the rest of bay shore 4:00 temperatures in the east bay valleys near 90°. here's your accuweather 7 day forecast, warmer tomorrow, warmest day in the forecast, temperatures will slowly cool all the way to 10 to 20° cooler by sunday. look at that drizzle possible saturday and sun day that cold front. good morning sue. >> good morning mike. hello everyone. accident just cleared out had you are -- if you are headed towards pleasantton, on the shoulder. you will find slowing out of tracy westbound 580. 85 a bit slow towards 17. drive from 580 not bad, less than 25 minutes.
5:38 am
accident at porto la -- out of lanes. five minute drive, let's take a live look at walnut creek southbound 680 nice drive. metering lights remain off. it is very lightheaded so far into san francisco this morning. 5:38. >> big water cooler talk this important. the kiss that got a hollywood actress booted from an airline fright. >> no matter your financial questions you will have a place to turn for answers. the phone-a-thon designed to help you over some of your biggest financial hurdles. ♪
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okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i?
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[ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios. want whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours? >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. . southwest airlines has kicked people off its flights for being overweight, wearing pants too low. now a woman for keugs another woman. actress leisha hayley who starred in the series the l word was escorted off a flight yesterday after kissing her girl . she treated i've been discriminated against by southwest. flight attendants said it was a family airline and kissing was not . southwest says she was approached after passengers complained her behavior with her girlfriend was excessive. southwest is the official airline of the gay and lesbian
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alliance against defamation. major financial help being offered for free today and tomorrow to residents of san francisco, san mateo, napa and marin counties. all you have to do is dial 211. michael finney has the details. >> reporter: the city and county of san francisco has partnered with local experts to offer a financial advice phone-a-thon. dial 211 and you will receive tree advice on credit, debt -- free advice on credit, debt, more beginnings, savings and insrefrting. >> this is mother guy to give back. >> reporter: consumer credit counseling services of san francisco with a financial planners association are among those offering help. >> we have financial planners we have members from the government community to talk about benefits. we have the regular 211 peep at unitedway in the bay area who are skilled in services that are available to the
5:43 am
public. through a consortium, we think we have everybody covered. >> reporter: what is the catch? this hotline is for san francisco, san mateo, napa and marin county residents, all others will be referred to their local 211 operators who will offer referrals, but not immediate on the phone help. to get on the phone-a-thon dial 211 teen 4 and 8 p.m.. >> once again the 211 counselors will be available for residents of san francisco, san mateo, napa and marin counties. fast food chains are hoping to tip the scale in their favor with tree bees. we have the bloomberg business report coming up. cover-up at a north bay mall. the racy bill fors -- billboards that have now been blocked from view. >> speculation continues over whether new jersey governor will join the presidential
5:44 am
ray. i'll have more on that coming up. new video takes you inside the -- inside the washington monument during last month's east coast earthquake. [ female announcer ] these are the grands! biscuits you love with dinner.
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it is quiet this morning. let's move on and talk about what is going to happen this afternoon if you are traveling
5:47 am
around the state. we have low 90s in the central valley. upper 70s with sun from tahoe big sur. me 70s around san diego. 99 warm spot in palm springs. 64 in your rica. rain looks like it will stay to the north. -- san rafael mall making changes after several complaints about the store next door. managers said they had no idea when this playground was being planned a years ago victoria's secret was negotiating to lease the store next door. when billboards showed up parents responded by posting a complain page on facebook. >> i don't feel like children should have to look at that when playing. >> i had 100 people commenting. >> i like they are making an effort towards solving the problem it >> just in the past week the mall installed decorative trees as a temporary divider.
5:48 am
some parents say it doesn't go far enough. >> it doesn't seem to hart what the new jersey governor says, speculation running rampant that christie will join the republican presidential race. he's holding three fundraisers in california, including one at the atherton home of meg whitman tomorrow. he will be speaking today at the reagan library. john hendron has more. >> reporter: republicans -- >> republicans are so excited. i've not seen anything like this in my time. >> reporter: christie's schedule makes him look more like a candidate than governor. st. louis, california and louisiana. former governor of new jersey said he is now seriously considering running. christie's spokesman insists nothing has chained. after texas governor perry's dumb -- stumbled in recent days that may be for good
5:49 am
reason. >> if we've learned anything this week it is hard to jump into a race for president this late in the game. >> reporter: christie could make his plans clear at a talk at the reagan library today as president obama heads to colorado to talk jobs. john huntsman might not make the roster at a cnn debate in las vegas next month. he's been polling between 1 and 2%. debate rules require an average of 2%. john hendron[r[], abc7 news washington. 5:49. with the dust still clearing from president obama's visit, a leading republican presidential candidate will make a swing through the bay area. texas governor rick perry will visit october 4th for a fundraiser. $500 gets you in the door. a chat and picture will cost about $2500. 100 to 150 people are expected to attend. >> a geomagnetic storm is
5:50 am
raging the results can be spectacular for us. large solar flares over the weekend spewed charged particles towards earth. they can cause the northern lights to appear brighter and closer to the equator so more people see them. you have to get away from the city lights. one downside, the storms can interfere with satellites that allow us to use cell phones and gps devices. >> figure enough flares can damage the satellites. i read a physics book once, a long time ago. >> i think a lot more than once and not a long time ago. if it is tonight or tomorrow night, all bets are of because the khuds will be back. maybe you can see it right now at 5:51 looking down on the golden gate bridge, beautiful. we'll talk to sue about traffic in a minute. port of oakland looking nice. look at how calm that water is thanks to the area of high pressure keeping our weather calm today.
5:51 am
temperatures just updated 60 holding on in mountain view and anti-okay everybody else in the 50s. low 50s -- antioch, everybody else in the 50s. not much fog. monterey bay fairly clear, low to mid 50s inland monterey the exception 57°. first highlight stars with this afternoon, sunny and warmer -- starts with this afternoon sunny and warmer all the way to the coast. clear and cool tonight. cool weekend looks like it is getting wetter. right now, it is just drizzle in the morning hours. 24 hour temperature change everybody still climbing, san francisco three, oakland and santa rosa five. concord 9° warmer than yesterday afternoon. sun s at 6:59. trio of -- high pressure that is dom naying our weather deflecting all the cool --
5:52 am
dominating our weather deflecting all the cool weather now. for now let's talk about temperatures above average, upper 80s to low 90s in the east bay valleys. mid to upper 70s richmond, berkeley, observing land, low to mid 80s for everybody else fremont 83 south bay mid to upper 80s 85 san jose the warm spot, up the peninsula start in the low 80s san mateo and millbrae upper 70s. low to mid 70s along the coast. downtown sausalito mid to upper 70s. upper 80s to low 90s through the north bay valleys. 72 monterey, 10° warmer santa cruz. 10° warmer than that in gilroy. heading to at&t park another delightful evening slight breeze, dropping down to 64. we won last night why don't we
5:53 am
sweep the rockies tone the season. 60 in concord. 60 san jose everybody else in the 50s. lack of clouds once again. tomorrow the warmest about two to four degrees warmer than today. another warm day thursday, closer to average friday cold front and cooler for the weekend and possibility of drizzle saturday and sunday. have a great day here's sue. good morning. accident headed towards pleasanton on westbound 580 out of lanes slow out of central valley. 101 through marin county not bad drive southbound towards central san rafael. 580 from 205 towards the dublin interchange, 30ñd minute drive, moderate for this time of morning. high 4 from antioch through pittsburg and concord less than 15 minutes. 80 east shore freeway into the maze, pretty crowded but moving into the maze no problem, no stalls or
5:54 am
accidents. here's what you will find when you reach the toll plaza, light, couple of cash paying commuters. everybody else is flowing smoothly, metering lights remain off. is m bridge at the limit west one -- san mateo bridge is at the limit, no problems in that direction. for the latest drive times and incidents before you leave the house. 5:54. toes uping the stakes for this year -- doritos is up be the stakes for the super bowl ad. >> how would you like to win a job and a million dollars? that is what doritos is offering the winner of the 2012 crash the super bowl ad contest. you make the winning ad and you get a job making another ad for the company. you get the million dollars too. u.s.a. today say they are trying to attract young snack erstwhile holding on to old
5:55 am
customers and stand out for the 2012 game. dominoes launching gormet pizzas, eight bucks a piece on the introductory offer. pizza hut re-introducing is $10 any pizza offer and taco bell offering 99 cent chicken flat bread sandwiches. burger king giving away tree ice cream if you order the value meal. amazon will start shipping during the second week of november. at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. 5:50 five. >> new video showing the harrowing moments at the nation's capital during last months's east coast quake. this video is from cameras inside the washington monument this is an idea of how powerful that 5.8 shaker was. tourists can be seen running as debris falls from the ceiling. the monument is still closed.
5:56 am
these are live pictures of i. worker are expected to repel down the monument to inspect several crabs they think are allowing water -- cracks they think are allowing water inside the monument. three shark sightings on the central coast first two saturday and sunday 100 yards off pismo and shell beaches. authorities say it could be the same shark. yesterday another shark was seen eating a seal, 30 miles north of pismo. the beaches are open, signs are posted. vicious dogfight in a park full of kids ends with police pulling their guns, just ahead. deadly mistake. new specifics about a fatal medical error by a replacement nurse. >> we all go to a bake sale, should we pay different prices for the same cupcake? that's what would happen at a bake sale at uc berkeley today,
5:57 am
the story coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield. controversial cupcakes will be going on sale in a few hours. it is the bake sale that has made headlines around the world. the story coming up. >> also, san mateo police shoot two dogs after reports


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