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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  September 30, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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new numbers show an increase in the number of sexual assaults at the bay area's most prestigious university. >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco. the ucsf police department feeling proud. one of its officers captured a very wanted man last night. >> good morning, kind of breezy that breeze bringing cooler weather into the weekend chance of drizzle tonight better chance of rain next week i'll have the up details. good morning sue hall this friday. live look at the mcarthur maze first reports of a stall. we'll look at that and the rest of your commute in a few minutes. 6:00, thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm eric thomas. news that has agencies in two states breezing easier. the prime suspect -- states breathing easier. the prime suspect in the murder of a hells angels
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member is in custody. amy hollyfield is live at the scene after the res. >> reporter: -- the police chief says he's very proud one of his officers captured this man because the officer didn't like what he saw here on folsom street. he saw a man sitting in a car in a dark area acting suspicious. the officer ran his name and realizedded this guy is wanted for mur. it was 53-year-old ernesto gonzalez -- expected of killing the president of the san jose chapter of hells angels. suspected killer is a member of the vagos motorcycle gang. members have been upset about what happened. police have been worried about possible retaliation. today -- they've been encouraging gonzalez to turn
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himself in before angry hells angels members found him. now he's been arrested. he's in jail in san francisco waiting for police in nevada get here. they are on their way. they are anxious to speak with him. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. we are following developing news out of yemen. u.s. officials condition firming an american born al-qaeda cleric dead killed in a u.s. airstrike. terry mcsweeney is in our newsroom. some are saying this death may be more significant than the death of bin laden? >> reporter: yeah. this man's terrorism resume is stunning. yes it does include 9/11. u.s. counterterrorism official says al-awlaki was killed during a combined drone and jet attack in yemen. he was call the bin laden of the internet. islamic lecturer who preached hatred for americans using a blog and youtube videos, born
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in new mexico, educated here. held dual citizenship and told foreigners they did -- told followers they did not knee permission to kill americans, just kill them. tied to the gunman in the fort hood shooting in 2009 where 13 were kill. connected to the underwear bomber. >> awlaki is a terrorist. >> probably the most significant risk to the u.s. homeland. >> taking him out of picture is a major achievement in terms of american security. >> reporter: u.s. officials say al-awlaki connected to young people many drawn to al-qaeda training camps by his message to do battle with the united states. two months ago leon panetta say the u.s. was within reach of defeating a can and capturing or killing 20 specific al-qaeda leaders could turn the tie.
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that number is down by one this morning. -- this morning, five men and a 17-year-old boy are scheduled to be arraigned in the fatal shooting death of a german tourist in san francisco last year. tuesday a criminal grand jury indicted the suspects after hearing two months of testimony in the case. investigators a 50-year-old woman was walking with her news last august he she was fatally struck by bullets during a shootout between rival gang members. prosecutors say the 17-year-old will be tried as adult. there's been a sharp increase in the number of sexual assaults at stanford. our media partner report s a total of 21 attacks, up from 12 in 2009. campus public safety officials say statistics does not mean more sexual assaults are taking place. they say more people are
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coming forward because of a campus wide push to address the importance of reporting " crimes. >> gentleman new review sharply criticizes the city of alameda -- in the memorial day drowning of an -- of an apparent suicidal man. the report says alameda should have had a water rescue crew. it recommends better coordination teen police and fire departments when responding to offshore emergencies. the city council is scheduled to consider the recommendations at a special meeting october 11th. officials say a battery inside a junked car may be to blame for a massive fire at a steel recycling plan in oakland. the fire started yesterday afternoon on embarcadero west. you can see the heavy equipment operator lifted steel out of the way so firefighters could get to the source. nobody was hurt. there were concerns about whether the smoke could be
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toxic. air quality officials are testing the air they don't believe there's any long term health threat. 6:06. time to look at the forecast for today and the weekend. is it going to be cooler? >> it is going to be changing big time, mike? >> yeah. still changing. biggest drop yesterday some areas 22° cooler than the day before. good morning. here's the trough of low pressure moving towards us reinforcing the sea breeze, keeping the cool air coming and bringing that chance of drizzle tonight. latest temperatures 59 concord antioch 57 in -- everybody in the low to mid 60s thanks to several layers of clouds this morning. those layers of clouds will filter the sun and keep us cooler than average with the breeze coming in off the ocean, brisk day again. low to mid 60s around half moon bay san francisco to richmond 69 oakland low to mid 70s the rest of the bay shore mid to upper 70s in the south bay upper 70s to near 80 in
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the east bay valleys monterey bay sun today and temperatures in the mid to upper 60s around what thesville. seven day forecast, drizzle -- tonight through tomorrow, temperatures the same saturday and sunday, more sunshine sunday chance of rain monday, tuesday best chance of by spread measurable rain and coolest day, wednesday. first reports of a small -- of a stall in the mcarthur maze. i don't see it slowing anything specifically on your live shot. here's the 580 direction eastbound stall apparently blocking a lane. again, no major delays. toll plaza no metering lights so far. minor delays for cash-paying drivers as they head into san francisco upper deck no problems. big convention at moss connie center over the next week howard between 3rd and 4th
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remain closed. expect -- delays affecting the muni lines around mosconey. no other transit problems now. >> a lot going on. now 6:08. can you make san francisco's night lifesaver by cracking down on parking lots? that's what city officials want to do. their explanation is ahead. a judge who says the fine issue for a pg&e gas explosion is too low. helping hands. the incredible rescue of a child and it is caught on tape. 1ñ1ñ1ñ1ñ1ñ1ñ1ñ1ñ1ñ1ñ1ñ1ñ1ñi
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good morning. 6:12 now on this day. live picture of the bay bridge from the embarcadero in san francisco. you can see traffic moving fine on the span. not many clouds out there. we certainly have cooler temperatures even drizzle this weekend leading to rain. what is going on? we'll talk to mike coming up. right now in san francisco, the bore of supervisors is considering a measure -- that would require parking lots near nightclubs to add safety measures. the legislation would require parking lots and garages within 1,000 feet of a nightclub to have staff onsite until 3 a.m.. also install enhanced lighting. board of supervisors president
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says much of the violence in the city associated with nightclubs has occurred outside, after hours. the board will consider the measure tuesday. administrative law judge has rejected a 26 million dollar fine against paoeg he says it is too lean yen. the case stems from a gas clique on christmas eve 2008. within person died, two suffered serious burns -- the gas happened after a leak from a distribution line that pg&e repaired earlier. a judge says the fine the utility agreed to with regulators should be raised to 38 million dollars. if up health it would be the largest regulatory penalty ever against a state utility. >> 6:14 now. moments ago, christiene asked the marvin gaye question, "what's going on?" >> you have to sin the answer.
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>> we are not going there. -- you have to sing the answer. >> we are not going there. >> we could be dancing, maybe. let's look outside, we'll show what is going on. i know about fred astaire, not really. let's look at what is going on. we are looking down from the tower you don't see the low clouds as much, mainly along the coast. beautiful sunrise and sunset today. take a picture of it and send it to me at or u >> we just updated these and cooler in some areas. mainly around concord, antioch where we have 50s now. everybody else still in the 60s you can see around san francisco, 60 to 64 at oakland, sissy santa rosa. low 60s -- gilroy about 58°.
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let's talk about our highlights, more clouds, cooler breeze won't be as dramatic as yesterday but will continue today, cloudy, drizzle and chances of rain early next week when you will need the umbrella. today 2° in livermore, san jose 4, san francisco napa 8 to 9° drop compared today yes. sun right 7:04 sets at 6:55. multiple layers of clouds that's why they hang around throughout the morning commute into the lunch hour the lowest clouds hang out around the north bay beaches everybody else partly cloudy to partly sunny conditions 50s to most areas. san jose 76 low to mid 60s peninsula san mateo 72. low to mid 60s along the coast
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mid to upper 60s downtown near 60 along the north bay beaches thickest clouds here low to mid 70s in your valleys low to me 70s in most areas along the east bay shore except for oakland, berkeley and richmond mid to upper 60s for you 80s antioch and brentwood monterey bay mid to upper 60s accuweather 7-day cooler weather, we have it each and everyday seems to be cooler. chance of rain monday, tuesday, best chance of rain wednesday. happy friday everyone! still getting reports there's a stall blocking a lane in the mcarthur maze as you head 80 westbound in this direction as see by the live shot no significant slowing if traveling southbound 101 and your commute out of novato through san rafael traffic moving well taillights
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heading the civic center, no problems. walnut creek southbound 680 a little slowing towards walnut creek no other delays traffic seems to be flowing smoothly. reports of a new accident before the expressway going to slow drivers northbound two left lanes blocked heard towards santa rosa out of petaluma points north slow traffic maybe rubberneckers on the southbound side 101. tends to be a lot of construction in this area we'll follow that. for the latest. just about 6:18. a sacramento teen is rejoice this morning after learning his dog missing for two years is coming home. the 16-year-old cody says cooper vanished from the family home in 2009 when a gardner left the gate open. the teenager got the dog as a
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present in his grand dad before he passed away. cody was he can stat stick when he learned cooper turned -- was he can stat when he learned cooper turned up away last week in florida. >> i'm just happy that everything happened the what i -- the way it did. even though he's all the way out there but i think that's the only way we would have found him. >> two florida girls found cooper and took him to a vet clinic where staff discovered a microchip under his skin. the chip company traced cooper back to cody. he's being put on a flight back home monday. is it good business or is is big brother watching? federal reserve bank wants to start tracking a website. how a group of determined rescuers managed to free a buy trapped under a car.
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welcome back. bank of america is bracing for a backlash after announcing a new monthly fee. the bank says starting in january it will charge customers a $5 monthly fee for using their debit cards to make purchases. the if he will not be charged for customers who use the card only at bofa, atm's.
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chase and wells fargo are testing a similar $3 fee in several states. guess who's interested in knowing what others are saying about them on twitter? federal reserve bank of new york seeking bids to help monitor what is being said about it on facebook and twitter. a spokesman says it wants the public to better stan the role it plays. s say it wants to monitor public discussions and shutdown any dissent. new way to track what people 10 to feel like when they wake up in the morning. we wake up if in a good mood and happiest on weekends. researchers at consider nell used a computer program to search 500 million tweets for -- wheres reflecting positive
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feelings and negative feels. they found people wake up in a good mood but it goes downhill from there. not surprisingly their outlook improves as the weekend nears. the study is in the journal of science. >> be happier tomorrow. terrifying moments for parents and kids outside a florida school when a child became pinned under a car. the boy's grandfather was pulling away from the drop-off when another vehicle pulled up, didn't see the boy and somehow he ended up underneath. police and others helped lift the car enough for the boy's far to pull him out. the boy was rushed to the hospital and is expected to recover. you may remember earlier this month when a motorcyclist in utah was pulled from under a burning car he tried avoid a car coming out of a parking lot and go pinned under the vehicle which caught fire from gas leaking out of the downed motorcycle. a group of by starrers lifted the 4,000 pound car while another -- man dragged him
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from the wreckage. 6:20 five. we are learning more about the east palo alto intech sun where a 6-year-old girl -- intersection where a 6-year-old girl was hit and kill. >> napa home -- lucky moments after shots ring out during one of the biggest manhunts northern california has seen. >> reporter: a devastating al-qaeda. victory for the u.s.. the man known as the bin laden of the internet is kill by u.s. forces. the story of this american who encouraged the killing of americans, coming up. flight arrival delays 53 minutes into sfo. every other major airport running on time. fright tracker
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good morning. 6:29. stock futures pointing lower after a new report shows consumers slightly more last month but earned less for the first time in nearly two years. suggesting americans tap savings to cope with gas prices in a weaker economy. live to the new york stock exchange in 15 minutes. the latest on developing
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news this morning the most dangerous terrorist in the world, at least thought by some, is dead. senior u.s. officials confirming the killing of terrorist anwar al-awlaki to be more significant than the death of bin laden. terry mcsweeney joins us with more. >> reporter: al-awlaki killed this morning in northern yemen. officials confirming a us air raid took him out. the al-qaeda-linked cleric was call the bin laden of the internet. he reached worldwide with a blog, facebook page, youtube videos. born in new mexico holding dual citizenship encouraged attacks on the u.s.. he was persuasive, close to three of 9/11 hijackers. he communicatedded with with the gunman in the fort hood shooting in 2009 where 13 were kill. also connected to the attempt to bring down a jetliner over
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detroit christmas day 2009 here's al-awlaki from a 2001 "washington post" profile. >> never unestimate the power of fear, especially, when the enemy hears allahu akbar. >> he could talk in an american vernacular with arguments they understood. >> reporter: president obama with the approval of the national security council approved the targeted killing of al-awlaki last year. making him the first u.s. citizen ever placed on the cia target list. the government of yemen announced al-awlaki had been kill last year only saying that wind right this time u.s. officials are confirming they got him -- terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. tuesday the east palo alto city council will take up questions raised about the safety of an intersection where a 6-year-old girl was killed in a crosswalk at bay road and gloria way wednesday morning. the young girl was walking to
6:32 am
school with her mother when a driver hit her. another child was hurt april 5th, in that same intersection. a report released last year called that intersection one of the most dangerous in the city. parents and residents want to see changes. some suggest installing pedestrian warning lights. >> i think the flashes will help a lot. they definitely should have the flashes, because you see the flashes and you know it is time to stop. police are investigation i going why the teacher driving the car that hit the girl did not see her in the crosswalk. right now, authorities are trying to determine if a murder suspect at the center of one of the largest manhunts in northern california history was wounded in a shootout with sheriff's deputies. the shooting happen yesterday. investigators say the deputies were on patrol when they spotted the 35-year-old. he fired, they returned fire. no officers were hit, but he got away. he's suspected in two murders,
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including last month's shooting death of a ft. bragg city councilman. investigators releasedded this picture tan by a camera last week -- they say it shows him vandalizing a vacation cabin while holding a high powered rifled. rally planned in san francisco's bay view district residents outraged over the recent shooting of a little girl. 10 days ago the 5 year poll was walking home from school with her dad. they were caught in the crossfire between two gunmen shooting at each other. the girl was shot in the knee. it happened around 4:30. police have opinion reviewing surveillance videoer in the intersection to try and identify the two shooters of today's -- today's rally set to take place near the shooting scene at 3:00. hours from now the two men accused of severely beating brian stow will return to a los angeles court. they have a hearing on charges of mayhem for the brutal
6:34 am
beating on opening day. one of the suspects has been charged with attacking two other san francisco fans that day. six months later stow continues to recover at a san francisco hospital. last friday he hit a major milestone going outside for the first time in six months. an experience he described as magical. his family says he continue improve but still a long way from full recovery. this morning fires continue to douse water on a napa county mansion burning more than 12 hours. the flames raced quickly through the home yesterday afternoon. -- yesterday evening. this is the scene. construction workers left an hour before this fire started. they had been working on an addition to the house. flames igniting half acre of brush and trees around the home. par of the home has collapsed. -- part of the home has collapsed the house belongs to a winemaker. the cause is under investigation.
6:35 am
pg&e warning neighbors in oakland and on the peninsula about pipeline testing that begins this morning, excuse me a half hour pg&e started testing -- venting natural gas in oakland. the venting is in preparation for pressure testing on a section of the pipeline. at 9 a.m. the same will be happening near edge wood road and i-280 on the san carlos redwood city border. pg&e is conning the test in response to last -- conducting the test in response to last september's pipeline explosion. mike has more on the forecast. >> thumbs up, thumbs down. temperatures going down again today. good morning here's the culprit this area of low pressure the trough that it sits in, all that moving towards us bringing us the cooler air off the ocean going to be another brisk day that
6:36 am
low will bring drizzle tonight. winds coming from the southwest sfo 13 half moon bay out of the south pushing through the bay to the we have funneling into the delta community fairfield 17 busting -- gusting up to 35. temperatures running a little warmer than average along the peninsula, coast up into the north bay. east bay and south bay cooler due to the multi-layers of clouds we have. partly sunny at 8:00 temperatures still in the 50s and 60s. as you head towards noon, the low clouds that we have around now will head become to the coast still mid and upper level clouds in the 60s and 70s by 4:00 low clouds along the north bay beaches everybody else partly cloudy. temperatures still holding in the 60s and 70s. it is going to be cooler than average today. tomorrow even cooler, same on sunday, more sun then.
6:37 am
a chance of rain monday, tuesday the best chance the most widespread rain wednesday. good morning sue. >> good morning mike. good morning everyone. happy friday. live shot coming up of walnut creek southbound 680 drive towards 24, brake lights beginning around north main a little slowing towards the 24 intersection. no major stalls or accidents. san jose 280 northbound are towards cupertino seems to be a nice drive everything moving at the limit. toll plaza had to turn the metering lights on. traffic backed to the west grand overcrosses. hardly strictly blue in the area road closures in effect most of the weekend around golden get park. oracle open world at moss connie, expect delays and -- mosconey expect delays.
6:38 am
howard between third and 4th 3rd and 4th will be closed. new information about what the fbi may have been looking for when it raided solyndra this month. >> live report from the new york stock exchange. here's a live look at the big board. dow down 137 points now. plus, punished for a blessing. update on the northern california class that had greys cut over a sneeze. why the -- had grades cut over a sneeze. why the teach her a good reason to be upset. key testimony expected today in the trial of michael jackson's doctor that could make or break the prosecution's involuntary manslaughter case. >> reporter: police were worried their manhunt for a suspected killer might envy lengthly. they were pleasantly surprised with how it ended up last with how it ended up last night that story coming up.
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welcome back. check out your california forecast. clouds around big sur and 73 same in eureka drizzle 63. mid 80s around sacramento and chico, 93 fresno, 103 palm springs. sierra cooling trend a chance of showers around yosemite saturday temperatures from 10 to 20° cooler by the time you get to sunday down in southern
6:43 am
california chance of storm saturday and in san diego saturday temperatures holding steady 80 l.a., low 70s around san diego. in los angeles, paramedics who responded to michael jackson's mansion the day he died are expected to testify today at the trial of jackson's doctor. jackson's bodyguard alberto alvarez was on the stand yesterday. he says the doctor ordered him to call 911 the day jackson die. and murray asked him to get rid of drug vaies in the singer's bedroom before paramedics arrived. -- >> he reached over and grabbed a handful of vials then he reached out to me and say put these in a bag. >> them, alvarez says, the doctor pointed to the. have bag and asked it too be put away. inside thatting about bass a bottle dipping a -- milky white liquid that looks like propofol. prosecutors argue murray gave jackson a fatal dose of the
6:44 am
powerful sedative. mur very charged with involuntary -- murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter. random sample of romaine low 'tis tested positive for list tear the recall involves true leaf farms shipped to an oregon distributor and may have only been sold in oregon, washington and idaho covers product with use by date of september 29th. bag and box code: b 2546464388. another recent listeria outbreak traced to colorado cantlope has sickened 72 and caused third teen death across several states -- 13 deaths across several states. >> >> more clouds for solar panel maker solyndra. >> jane king is live at the new york stock exchange with more. >> reporter: i'll give you
6:45 am
time to grab a pen if you want to jot down that website. it is problem after problem for solyndra. a source telling bloomberg solyndra being investigated by the fbi for possible accounting fraud, including misrepresentations and financial statements submitted to the energy department. all this likely to heighten republican criticism of the obama administration for its approval of nearly half a billion dollar grand to build that factory in fremont. hewlett-packard may be close to a hand shake to sell you anies to amazon. amazon in serious negotiations with hp. other possible buyers are still out there. if a.m. does get palm it will allow amazon to use the palm system. an analyst said facebook would be a better fit. this morning lower out of the gate. we are down to 75 points. signs of weakness in the
6:46 am
economy, u.s., germany and china. global slow down. here's how we are trading so far. here's within for the guys. ever out with your buddies wishing you had a girlfriend to brag about? a new website might help you. fake it has out 13,000 fake girlfriend calls so far. >> maybe i should copy my text to my wife while i'm at it. >> don't do that. you don't want any more trouble. >> thanks jane, good looking out there, see you later. >> 6:47 now. a space probe helping to rewrite what the science books say about mercury. the messenger spacecraft is in orbit around the closest planet to the sun. among its findings mercury's
6:47 am
magnetic field is lopsided contains more sulphur than thought and strange hollow across its surface. results in today's issue of journal science. you know there was a problem with the soaring music chinese tv played to a company -- coverage of the company's latest space launch. while viewers watched the space station module blast off a famous patriotic song played along. that song was america the beautiful. it wasn't clear why that song was picked. or if the producers were even aware of its origin. so far there is no comment from china's state tv. >> i'm guessing they weren't aware. lost in translation, subtitles. >> the muss psych is so stirring and soaring, we'll use it. >> it is. the weather may stir you today. >> we have clouds all over the
6:48 am
place in the atmosphere from low to mid clouds to upper clouds, system draws near that will keep the cooling trend going today and keep it brisk outside through the weekend. bring us a chance of drizzle possibly today, tomorrow, better chance with another system lined up in the pacific for next week. what cooling trend, look at how dramatic. one of biggest drops from wednesday to thursday, look at san san francisco from 88 to 67. santa rosa from 97 to 75. another three to nine tkhraoes of cooling today. right now when -- when you step out most of news the 60s. 59 concord and antioch. monterey bay inland upper 50s to low 60s. let's talk about what is going to happen into the weekend. today more clouds and cool breeze once again. cloudy tonight, drizzle possible best chance of rain early to middle parts of next
6:49 am
week. three degrees cooler fremont, oakland, san francisco, san jose, santa rosa, concord 7° cooler than yesterday. you can see the cool air making its presence known deeper inland. notice the green that's the moisture, driving towards us. the bulk of this will head north we'll get sideswiped by it. that's why i think will get drizzle. take most of the 80s out this is the only two we can find antioch and brentwood out of ukiah. low to mid 70s most of the east bay shore oakland, berkeley, richmond mid to upper 60s. cupertino 75 low to mid 70s today peninsula 75 menlo park sun along the coast low to mid 60s mid to upper 60s downtown south san francisco sausalito low to mid 70s north bay valleys low clouds around the
6:50 am
beaches keeping you around 60 more sun around the monce ray -- bay. most of us will not deal with the low clouds, a lot of mid and upper level clouds look at the drizzle tonight widespread and cooler in the 50s. high pressure dominating keeping the storm track to the north. look at this, about six areas of low pressure that's the series of storms coming in that will bring a chance of rain monday, tuesday better chance into wednesday that will be the coolest day in the forecast. check out this beautiful picture ofmont ab low captured last weekend -- that need with the low clouds. if you have anything beautiful like that, please it to us even video. >> good morning. happy friday, live look san rafael headed southbound
6:51 am
101 tail latest past the civic center a little bunching -- top of the hill as you head into central san rafael. san mateo bridge as you travel westbound towards foster city no significant delays there. highrise section moving at the limit as well. bay bridge metering lights on. back now into or towards the west grand overcrossing. fast tracker smoothly sailing through the toll plaza. drive times at this hour around the bay 101 through marin county. 10 minutes towards 580. 580 out of the central valley a little slow towards the dublin pleasanton interchange a little over 30 minutes. it is now 6:50 two the vacaville school district defending a high school teacher who disciplined his class after students sneezed during a health class at will c. wood high.
6:52 am
students say the teacher, stephen cuckovich deducted 25 points from everyone's grade for saying bless you when someone sneezed. investigators say students were intentionally sneezing and responding in repetitive fashion. >> bless you, bless you, bless you. the person sneezes like okay, thank, thank you, your welcome a chain thing. >> the district did reach out to parents saying grade points should not be deducted for saying bless new class. japan easing advisories around the fukushima nuclear plant. the government is telling people it is safe to return home seven months later. >> meantime, an act by a good samaritan in a most unlikely place. someone left a bag containing what amounts to $131,000 in
6:53 am
u.s. dollars. signed note says the money should help earthquake and tsunami victims. the town will keep the money for three months and give it to red cross if no one claims it. a late night arrest in san francisco has now ended a nationwide manhunt for the man accused of shooting a san jose hells angels leader in nevada. >> reporter: police officers have been worried this would envy lonely. quite the opposite happen. a police officer saw the man sitting in his car last night, walked up to him, figured out who he was and may the arrest. i was 53-year-old ernesto -- it was 53-year-old ernesto gonzalez. jeffrey pettigrew was shot in the back four times, video shows gonzalez walking up to him, shooting, putting the gun
6:54 am
in his waist ban and walking out. the suspect is a member of the having guess motorcycle gang. the victim a member of hells angels. his chapper in has been -- has been in mourning all week. an officer thought he looked suspicious sitting in his car by himself at 8:30 at night in the dark. he within up to talk to him, asked him his name and anything -- he went up to talk to him, asked him his name and figured out he was wanted. he's now in jail here in san francisco waiting to possibly be extradited back to nevada. terry mcsweeney joins us from our newsroom. >> reporter: u.s. officials say they have kill the man known as bin laden of the internet. anwar al-awlaki killed by an airstrike in kpwhrepl men. reached an audience with blog, facebook and youtube videos born in new mexico.
6:55 am
he knew how to connect with westerners. three of the 9/11 hijackers attended his services at a san diego mosque. he communicatedded with the gunman in the fort hood shooting in 2009 -- where 13 were kill. also connected to the so-called underwear bomber who planned to bring down a jetliner by detonating explosives sewn into his underwear. he was the first u.s. citizen to be on the cia target list. another american samir khan was also killed in the same airstrike that took out al-awlaki. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. finally check on weather and traffic. multiple layers of clouds, cool breeze off the ocean means cooler weather again. good morning. step outside, mild, upper 50s to low 60s, oakland 64 and 63
6:56 am
in novato. temperatures cooler than yesterday not as dramatic as we saw yesterday. low to mid 60s along the coast into san francisco mid to upper 60s richmond and oakland low to mid 70s bay shore and south bay near 80 east bay valleys that might be the last time we see 80s in your forecast best chance of rain next week. new accident just reported towards hayward southbound 880 blocking lane number two. little bit of minor slowing past the scene through hayward. muni delays around mosconey center because of oracle open world remaining through next week be forewarned. walnut creek toward the 24 junction a few brake lights but not too bad. we like it that way. >> yes, we do. sue thank you. thank you for joining us for the abc7 news morning news. >> become with a local update
6:57 am
at 7:24. keep track of the news on twitter and
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good morning, america. breaking news, the world's most dangerous terrorist is dead. anwar al awlaki, killed in an air strike this morning. >> the american-born terror


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