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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  September 30, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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intensive outreach with the family. >> the health directer for oakland unified schools, any student who has not receive aid vaccine or presented a waiver will be turned away monday morning. >> we plan to comply with state law so students who have not been vaccinated cannot attend class autos this senior got his shots but knows plenty of kids who have not. >> i feel like they need to get their shots. it's important. they don't want to you get sick. it's something they should do. >> and as of today according to the district only about 50 students submitted waivers. the district will lose $29 per student not in class. schools will be running shot clinics to get students back in class, clinics running through next week. in oakland abc 7 news. >> and there are compliance
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figures or other large school districts, san jose yun by fied says only 1100 still need to get the vaccine. mount diablo unified says fewer than 100 students need the vaccine. san francisco unified reports a 90% compliance rate. >> another victory tonight for america's war on terrorism. and the head of the al qaeda in the ararin peninsula kill today in yemen. the american-born cleric considered the most-dangerous man in the world by u.s. intelligence officials claiming he was in direct contact with the fort hood shooter before 2009 massacre, and he personally advised the so called under wear bomber who tried to blow up a u.s. headliner flying to detroit. he had internet savvy to attract recruits. >> the death is a major blow to al qaeda's most active operational affiliates. he was the leader of external
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operations for al qaeda in the ararin peninsula. that role he took the lead in planning and directing efforts to murder innocent americans. >> the strike was the biggest u.s. success in have a good nighting al yaed leadership since killing osama bin laden in may. the death may be controversial. he was an american citizen who had not been charged with crimes. >> expects charged with last year's shooting death of a german tourist will not face the death penalty. the district attorney made that announcement official today and announced suspect, five men and a 17-year-old boy who was being tried as an adult were indicted by a grand jury on tuesday. >> this would not be a case, they had on the best case scenario that the death penalty would be appropriate in my mind. we do not voice that we can get a death penalty conviction
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in the city of san francisco. >> the 60-year-old from germany was killed in august, last year after she became caught in a cross fire of a shootout between rival gang members. a seventh suspect is still on the loose. san francisco neighborhood sick and tired of the gunfire are staging a take back the streets rally right now. prompted by most-recent shooting of a little girl caught in the cross fire of angry men. we are in the bay view district where it happened. that 5-year-old shot in the leg, how is she doing? >> well, we talked to the father who did not want to go on tv and the supervisor representing the district. she is doing better and out of the hospital. she's back in school. and she's wearing a cast around her leg thoichblt and this is unclear if she can comprehend what happened. prior to that, the mayor and
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police chief paid a visit to the neighborhood, specifically torino mashlgt. police tell abc 7 news there have been 70 calls to that market since march of this year. residents in the past have complained that an abundance of liquor stores have been a breeding ground for growing problems here in the bay view. the police chief and mayor paid a visit to one store along third street. now back to the rally designed to stop the violence after that shooting. spectators gathered to here from community members and leaders and people preaching the parents should take more dronl and have more discipline. and the supervisor spoke and said neighbors need to take response yinlt yinlt for everything in the neighborhood. and also, we heard people say that they needed more help from city hall.
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>> there is almost 40 store fronts here in the community. you know? and we've got to engage in how can we open store fronts for business? we can be sound for ourselves. >> and as mentioned earlier the wounded girl and her father were here at the rally, however, they were shielded from cameras during this event. and there is a mention that the girl is back in school z has a cast around her leg. organizers say they're planning to hold another rally a week from tomorrow on october 8th. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. a new report shedding light on how things went wrong where when a suicidal man waded into the guy drown himself this year. you may recall workers stood
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by and watched it happen. nick smith is live now from crown beach with more on this story. >> this report lays out a time line of events, and recommends changes. >> this is a tragedy. >> alameda is surrounded by water, many long time residents are still upset over the way the drowning of a suicidal man played out on their beach. >> just stand there to watch a man die? unconscionable. >> residents say they don't believe the memorial day drowning had to happen z they're not surprise bid the findings in a report released tow. it details missteps, rescuers watched as a 52-year-old drowned. the review faults the city of
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alameda for not having a walter rescue crew and knights police and firefighters for failure to immediately call for a shallow water rescue boat. and officials say their water rescue program had been discontinued. accord together report 31 minutes passed from arriveal of the first officer on the scene until zach died of hypothermia. just one of several major issues identified in the report. >> do you feel it was fair? >> i do. i think it was thorough. >> the police chief mike nunan not surprised by finding autos we've made a lot of changes before mek men daigss came out. >> he says its his job to relay fears of the community and measures were put into place to avoid a possible repeat of inaction by first responders. >> and by mid next month, every officer and jailer will
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have received crisis intervention training. >> the report will be presented to the city council on october 11th. if you like to sigh see brit then, you can go to our web site. nick smith, abc 7 news. >> and san francisco police used gps technology to track down a suspect in japan town last night. a fom woman walking home from work when she was shocked in the neck. the suspect stole her belongs and included a smart phone. officers located the suspect and the suspect has been charged with possessing stolen property. and in san ma dayy firefighters evacuated rooms in hills saeldale high school when a school administrator notice aid pen like object with a liquid if it. the hazmat teams were called.
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the liquid was spray skpefrd one smelled pepper spray and that is a thing causing evacuation. no classrooms were affected. students say he found it and there are no injuries reported. >> if you're facing a loss of your home, the state attorney general made a decision to that could affect you. withdrawn from a 50-state foreclosure probe into some of the biggest banks in the nation accused of misconduct and there is a source claims harris withdrew because california homeowners were not being offered enough relief. the proceedings last month increased 55% over july. >> and one of the bay area most prestigious institutions is going on a hiring sfree. everything from scientists to administrative support and
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accountants. some positions on the contract basis. many full time permanent jobs. and recruiters will be looking for top candidates in a job fair next week. abc 7 and job journal sponsoring a hire event on monday, october 3 at hilton garden inn in emeryville. you can find information on our web site. and just look under see it on tv. >> and there is warren buffet clarified his stand on the jobs plan. in an interview said it wasn't his idea to have rich pay more taxes. he wants ultrarich to pay more and apply to about 50,000 people in the nation. >> healthiest place to work in the bay area. >> and also a new school building project collide was a down economy leaving families in a dilemma. >> and lettuce recall hits home, it could impact your
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favorite restaurants. stay with us. the news
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. cdc now attributes a third death to cantaloupe, listeria outbreak, jenson farms in colorado recalled it's cantaloupe september 14th after melons were linked to this outbreak. cdc says it expects deaths to rise because symptoms can take several weeks to develop. so far, 84 people in 19 states have gotten sick. >> and bags of chopped romaine lettuce linked to a possible contamination. may have been sold in california initially as reported the recall involved 90 cartons shipped to oregon food service distributors. today the state department of public health said it's working with the farms to
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verify the distribution of the produce in question. and health officials say most of the lettuce was sold to california institutions such as restaurants ask cafeterias and only a small amount went to retail and other states. >> and a private school in the east bay is in a race to keep its doors open. it's asking parents to come up with a shocking amount of money as soon as possible. and we have that deadline facing the school in el cerrito. >> wind rush school needs $1 million by october deadline. and otherwise, they'll have to close by the end of next month. and when you think of how long the nation's economic recovery has taken, it's no surprise that some private schools are having a hard time staying afloat. this state of the art building supposed to house a growing population of students at wind rush school in el cerrito. recession and economic crisis have gravely affected enroll
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oomt since borrowing money, the economy and recession have just been really difficult for the school. and this was a school that didn't have an endowment at that time and still doesn't. >> the school is having problems paying down a bond used to build a new middle school and make improvements. when plans to expand the school were made before the recession, the board estimated would it have close to 300 students. today, there are only 165. the school relies on money from tuition which is $20,000 a year per student. >> and there are a number of the families moved, moved into public school districts that they deemed would be best for their children, or moved across the country. >> according to the school, those who moved out baste area were following the jobs. under financial pressure, the school was not able to offer financial aid scholarships to many of them.
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the school was not successful at negotiating terms of the loan. >> we found out today that they no longer intended to work with us and wanted to foreclose on our property. >> i'm heart broken. my kids love it here. it's such a happy and warm place. and ip heart broken. >> wind rush isn't the only private school to feel the impact. the national independence school association in washington, d.c. represents 1400 private schools in the united states a cording to a report, during the recessions since 1969, private school enrollment and giving remained steady, so far, parents raised 300,000s ndz just hours ago the school received a pledge
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from a donor. this person will give 250,000s fdz the school community is able to match that amount. >> that is a tough amount of money to raise in a hurry, thank you very much. a big honor for san francisco international airport. the san francisco business times named sfo healthiest place to work in the bay area. the times singled out the airport for its commit tomt a healthy work force and received praise for shape up challenge and there is a program promoting physical activity among employee autos just love looking outside. >> speaking of getting outside this is wonderful weather to be outdoors. >> it's wonderful but cooler today. and there is 15 degrees cooler in places like fairfield, temperatures 60s and 70s, there is a narrow range. chance of sprinkles saturday partly cloudy, mild weekend. rain developing next week.
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so there is clouds holding temperatures up, we're going to see a mild night. low 60s inland and peninsula, south bay and along the coast upper 50s and there could be sprinkles by morning. sheer what brings phone shall for sprinkles. that may produce sprinkles first thing in the morning. will be overcast across the bay area so just keep that in mind. there is a storm bringing us possibility of rain. take a look at our computer animation. just clouds and drizzle and then, rain line starts to move in about 10 or 11:00 in the morning. it's unclear as to whether goitsing to make it down into the east bay and south bay.
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rain chance as cross the bay area best possibility in the north bay. by wednesday, all areas will get wet. highs tomorrow partly cloudy skies into afternoon. very similar to today. upper 60s along the koift line there. is a beautiful day and low 70s there. showers may continue into afternoon for clover dale z low 70s for those locations. 76 in concord, livermore, antioch. 70 degrees in oakland. 73 in palo alto and there is san jose with 74 degrees. around monterey bay going to be a mild afternoon. there is 72 in santa cruz, 77 inland. sheert accu-weather forecast. there is sprinkles possible in the morning and it's a partly cloudy and mild weekend. mid to upper 60s coast side. mid to upper 70s inland. rain begins to develop monday, tuesday, best possibility in the north bay. by wednesday, wet, windy here, could see some high elevations snow in the sierra nevada. thursday, friday.
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dry. a lot going on this weechblgtd we have aids march san francisco in marina green, saturday. and there is blue grass festival over the weekend no. problems there. raiders taking patriots on on sunday. it's going to be beautiful weather. >> and coming up don't sweat it. >> and before getting to that there is a study warning america about silver tsunami. aging baby boomers, one in five americans will be 65 or older, how old is too old to drive? what about when a baby boomer need home care? >> many people want to avoid institutional saigs. they try to hire home care workers. there is no oversight capability. you don't have to be licensed. most agencies aren't licensed. >> i hope you'll join me fr a program on dealing with aging. controversies and resources at
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10:00 a.m. right here sunday. >> that look goods. >> sometimes you get so excited you get ahead of yourself. >> what are you say something. >> don't sweat it yes. coming up next, finney's friday free stuff, including a promise to help you remove perspiration stains from clothe autos and why the smart way to look for a job may be in the palm of your hand. we'll be right back here.
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hope you're hungry there is good food to give away. >> and let's start with, since we're talking about food, it's friday. carl's junior they have a $6 burger, they come and go. it's now back. $6 steak burger.
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11.50s oodz and how do we get this? >> i'll show you here and you can log ton abc 7 and there are two additional items for those go to michael fin ease consumer blog. >> do you want to share? but wait there is more. >> thank you ru going to tell us?. >> some food and there is some colon. it's a citrusy scent and smells good. >> okay. thank you. >> and there is more ahead including a south bay school looking for something. >> yet another use for duct tape. back in a moment. [ female announcer ] at jcpenney uncover mystery savings this friday & saturday.
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fees from california ports that could be improving trade and creating jobs, then after 6:30 device discovered by a mother helping her child with autism learn and communicate like never before this is coming up on the news at 6:00. >> a group of students spent the day duct taping their principal to a wall. >> won't have you loved to do that? they won a contest brought in nearly $2,000 for book ootz size? they got to tape up the principal this afternoon. >> and there is world news next. >> we're coming for you upstairs. >> all right. this is "world news." tonight, death blow. the u.s. takes down the man they call the most dangerous man in the world. is this a crippling blow for al qaeda? was a new attack on u.s. soil in the works?


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