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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  October 1, 2011 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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getting out of prison and many are coming to a jail near you. >> most partly cloudy skies but a few snow showers the north bay. >> amtrak police are resuming why a truck tlamd sloo a train in contra costa county. tomas ramon shows us the scene. >> amtrak train 718 was on its way to bakersfield when it hit a semi truck carrying corn. it happened near discovery bay. they say they felt the train shlter. this doctor has happened pregnant woman when she started screaming. >> everybody got so scared. and she had a pregnant baby-sitting beside me.
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it's sad. i tried to control her. >> everybody was wondering what was going on. nobody heard anything for about 10-15 minutes when they announced it. >> i was falling asleep. and i was freaked out a little bit or a lot, actually. >> all of a sudden there was jolt. we heard a loud noise. when we looked outside the train all you could see is dirt and sparks and things of that nature going by. >> i was looking out the window and is a could see a truck parked and there was a lot of debris. >> the fire chief says 35 people were injured. >> the people were injured from minor to moderate injuries were transported to local hospitals. >> a driver and passenger the
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truck hit were uninjured. >> on tuesday the palo alto city council will look at the safety of an intersection where a six-year-old girl was killed last night. on wednesday the six-year-old was walking on crosswalk on a way to school when she was hit and killed by a driver. >> the mayor told the crowd the investigation into the accident continues. he added it's more important to have more police in the area rather than install traffic lights where the girl was killed. >> they are getting new attention from top city leaders. john alston reports that they hit the streets of the bay view and what they see is a big part of the problem. >> they paid a visit to the
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bayview district and they stopped at a store where officers have been called many times before. the market on third avenue. they tell "abc 7 news," officers have answered 70 all since march. he has tried to control the problem of drinking alcohol and loitering. >> what are some of the things that happen? >> you know, i mean the only thing i told you is the shooting. >> he turned to the mayor and police chief for help. >> they are helping, you know. >> some blame much of violence on the abundance of liquor stores in the area. >> the problem they would do their job. >> police say they have foot and bike patrols and regularly hand out citations for open container
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violations. the visit by the mayor and police chief occurred right before a rally the spot where a 5-year-old girl was shot in the knee while walking home from school. >> someone saw the shooting but the little girl got hit with a bullet. >> they asked city hall but bay view residents to do more. >> it's about helping ourselves. >> the men accused of killing a german tourist in san francisco will not face the death penalty. 50-year-old was hit by a stray bullet during a gang shooting in the theater driakt year ago. initially the suspects was released because there was not enough evidence but they handed down indictments and six were in court to answer charges. >> to get the conviction in the city of san francisco, but this
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case -- >> five of the six are facing first-degree murder charges. they have pleaded not gilt guilty. they are still looking for the seventh suspect. >> today is the day county jails have been looking for the arrival of other inmates. starting today, tens of thousands will arrive at county jails in hopes to meet a federal court order. the long term impact is uncertain on county jails since there is enough state funding to pay for first nine months of that program. >> the new belmont fire department debuts today at city hall. the city will have two stages to house 15 firefighters and two
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engines and a ladder truck. they are pleased to reestablish their own department after 32 years of sharing with san carlos san car loss and redwood city decided to deem up in a similar move. >> a community center called the hub opened last night in san jose. they will provide legal and medical support for current and foster youth and education assistance. >> here in santa clara county we wanted to make sure this is hub of resources, we named it that because we want it to be the corps or epicenter of everything that is going on in the county. >> they can use the help. more than 55,000 of them age out of the system at age 18. a lettuce recall into possible listeria contamination just god bigger.
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checking out a field in watsonville and a process facility. originally it involved 90 cartons but almost 2500 cartons are under suspicion. no connection with the deadly outbreak linked to cantaloupe from colorado, that has killed 17 people. pg&e has announced it will repair a plastic pipe that exploded in cupertino last month. sky 7 was over homestead road where a condo burst into blames. they will replace 12,000 feet of the feelt peirp beginning next month. they say the same type of pipe ruptured in on roseville earlier in the week. the fire burned for hours before pg&e capped the line. >> coming up next, the strike that took down the man some called the most dangerous man in the world and the white house is forced to defend the actions. plus the phenomenon that is
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creating this blue
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there is a new terror bulletin that warns that lashing is may looking to retaliate that killed a top leader by a drone
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strike. the strike may have also killed al-qaeda's top bomb makers. u.s. intelligence have been watching anwar al-awlaki in yemen for months waiting for him to make a mistake. when he climbed into a pickup truck on friday morning, the attack was launched. drones launched hell fire missiles and took out the man u.s. officials say it was the most dangerous man on the planet. >> we have just seen a major blow to zblaq this country is much safer as a result of the loss of him. >> they believe al-qaeda in yemen is likely to have a violent response to the cleric's killing. bulletin warns the group could attempt to retaliate against the homeland for his death. under him, they launched the attempted bombing of a passenger plane in detroit by the so-called underwear bomb other
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christmas day in 2009. ten months later they treimd tried a printer bomb plot. even before osama bin laden was killed, some were warning that anwar al-awlaki was a most dangerous. >> he is an extremely dangerous man. >> they expect that the top bomb maker was killed in the strike. in the burning wreckage was another american. he edited an online magazine called inspire that specifically targeted an american audience. due to the popularity online we're concerned about the is the a extremists may react violently. >> now officials feel that he will be seen as a martyr and some unknown rad catholic will attack in revenge.
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-- and. in michael jackson's trial, conrad murray said he gave him one drug. murray told them the singer had been working long hours and was dehydrated but the paramedics saw something much more serious. >> thinks skin was very cool to the touch. >> his eyes were open. they were dry and pupils were dilated. >> when i hooked up the ekg machine, it was flat lined. >> the paramedics testified that murray called 911 as soon as his patient became distressed but more than 20 minutes before the paramedics arrived. >> surf is up and the water is blue. take a look at surfer riding
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wave that glows at night. it is called a red tide because there is algane the water. by night, different story. billions of microscopic cells call the color react. remember the big thing of the movies tech any color? >> right. >> and numbers are mile in the 50s and as we head outside, kind of cloudy between clouds, most of the clouds favoring the north bay and some sprinkles favoring the north bay today. we'll talk about that rain for the entire bay area. it's coming up next. >> also next raiders getting ready for the show down with the patriots. find out what quarterback jason campbell expects to show that sellout crowd.
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and these are the ones you'll love as dinner. grandsmini pizzas. grands! biscuit dough... plus 3 ingredients make an easy dinner everyone loves. grands! mini pizzas... from pillsbury. ♪ in the rhythm of my weekday flow ♪ ♪ something new -- ooo! ♪ just what i want ♪ prepared for me and ready to go ♪ ♪ taste...mmmm a brand new morning ♪ [ female announcer ] new pillsbury egg scrambles. ♪ a brand new morning >> dan: you are at a live picture down from santa cruz, overcast skies you can see that. and the garbage can -- was eight seagull that got in and some of the garbage scattered about but only that one. it will be a great day at the beach. that is the green report from santa cruz joining me is lisa argen with the weather.
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>> it will be 72 down there and clouds. that will be the oscar for most of the areas around the bay except for the north bay. clouds around this morning. sutro cam from golden gate bridge, numbers are mild in the 60s. we're talking about a few showers hitting north bay. rooftop camera, cloudy conditions and delays of a 34 minutes. 65 in oakland with partly sunny skies, concord and hayward and livermoring, weak weather system to push on through the north bay today. we've got a stronger one on monday and most significant system coming our way on wednesday. sprinkles in the north bay, partly cloudy over the weekend and we'll look for the rain just after it looks like the morning commute. here is the first system, it is washing out, nothing to speak of but as it rotates through by the afternoon, maybe a few showers
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being set off in the north bay. keeping in mind if you are head out for a bike ride, you may notice the increasing clouds, the next system bringing light rain our way, pretty much for everyone by monday. this storm system really primes the atmosphere for what's to come. dry tuesday and the next most significant system we have seen since last season heads our way on wednesday with over an inch of rain perhaps in san francisco. inch and a half in general up to three inches in mountains of the north bay and we're talking about snow by thursday. that is above 7,000 feet but gusty winds. let's fast forward to morning commute on monday. this forecast model heodz the rain off of machined seen oh county but look what happens. monday afternoon and you'll notice some pretty good rain here from the east bay down to the south bay by the evening
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commute. and lighter shades around it showing scattered showers through monday night. here comes the break tuesday morning, just the scattered shower activity but by wednesday gut ser cleaned out. the rain gear is ready, if you don't need it monday, you will definitely need it on wednesday. talking a chance of showers and thunderstorms in southern california. here is the main feature. as the weak one and provide the clouds for the north bay. 70 in the north bay, 73 in fremont, mid-70s, nice afternoon from the east bay to the south bay, 68 in san francisco, here is look ahead, chance of sprinkles in the north bay and partly cloudy overall. monday, light rain and we're talking mild temperatures tuesday, heavier rain on
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wednesday. this is a real did we sent system to wednesday. drying out partly cloudy. >> decent but still unusual. >> definitely unusual. >> in sports, in college football, stanford hosts ucla and san jose goes to colorado state hoping to break a losing streak. a young baseball fan injured this summer will throw the first pitch. ryan white of philadelphia was struck by a hit-and-run driver in august after leaving at&t park. he came to the town watching the giants. he suffered broken bones but she is on the mend and will be throwing out the first pitch today. last night the american league got the playoffs started. here is larry beil with the details. >> good morning. when you have catastrophic collapse something is going to
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get blamed, in boston, terry francona who is out. he led the sox to two world series titles but boston had the biggest september collapse in baseball history each was upset about the attitude and arrogance that he perceived in the ghrub could you say. he said after an eight year run the decision to leave was his. >> i think it's time for a new voice here. i was frustrated with some of my inbills to get some things done here. after talking to ownership at length, multiple times i think it's the right thing to do. >> opening up the playoffs and cooper stone tossed out the first pitch. >> a lot of emotions in arlington. now, the rays brought a wave of
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momentum to get into the playoff. they are still riding that wave. johnny damon goes deep and kelly shopik. that catch by the fan but shopik a light-headed catcher with two homers. matt moore, wins seven scoreless two hits, six strike out, rays roll in game one, 9-0. >> the to be part of this, it's something i never dreamed was going to happen this year. >> in the bronx, pride the vallejo taking the yanks in game one. >> delman young, gone, 1-0 tigers. i-rod a grounder to first. that ties the score as jeter comes in.
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then it started pouring. they will resume the w with the score tied 1-1. >> raiders be getting set to host the afc with the patriots visiting. can they put up enough points? two of the best offenses squaring off. both teams averaging more than 30 points per game. jason campbell should expect the score board to lighted up. >> the offenses and like to score points. >> get the ball in the right hands. >> tom brady go out and chase the ball around. >> campbell has only 3 td passes so far but he has impressed the coach bill belichick.
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>> jason played well in pre-season. getting the ball to the play makers. >> when you manage the game well and make good decisions and scored a lot of points in the winning game, that is how you measure the quarterback. >> n.f.l. has upheld a five game suspension for at this rel pryor. remember when he was ohio state he was suspended for rules infractions. roger guidel he would not allow a player to escape consequences of bad behavior. >> they go to the back up quarterback, down 24-20. then on the final drive they go 96 yards to seconds for a touchdown by marcus matthews. byu escapes and the cougars win
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it 27-24. unbelievable. see if we get that finish this afternoon when wisconsin takes on nebraska. it's becoming red against big red. we'll see you after that with another edition of lexus after the game. >> the buffet rule, why warren buffett is taking issue for the tax for rich proposal. and protecting students before they are locked out of school. [ mom ] hey guys. guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. sunday morning ideas made easy. in 15 minutes, [ female announcer ] you call that bread? you can serve some warmth with your bread. and some flavor with your bread. and some layers with your bread. if you're serving bread honey, then serve it. grands! dinner ideas made easy.
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president obama is challenging congressional republicans to justify of their opposition to his $447 billion jobs bill. in his weekly address the president wants him to say exactly what they don't like about the plan. >> are they against putting people back to the job. are they immense hiring construction workers? are they against giving tax cuts to every worker in america? >> republicans are using their weekly address to pitch for legislation to reduce government red tape in business. neither is likely to pass the divided legislature. president obama thought he may have an ally in warren butch
8:30 am
et that admitted to paying only $6,000 in federal taxes a lower rate than his secretary. buffet has said the rich should pay his fair share but he clarified that. here is wayne freedman. >> one community we did not take at random. >> swab lives down the street. >> woodside where the average how long hold exceed $200,000 a year. it's about remaking america's tax. >> you are it's to have the ultra rich that are paying very low tax rates. >> here we go again. it began with the president high earners paying more. >> is no this is not an issue we somehow try to punish those that done well. >> he had thought buffet was an ally until he made a clarification. >> top 400 taxpayers averaged
8:31 am
$227 million of income and they pay 21% rate on average, some pay 35% but some pay 15% or less. >> among those that did, we heard one theme over and over. >> i'm a fan of proportional tax paying, earnings and income. >> i'm in favor of a flat zblax what about those that make $250,000 a year qualifying as rich. >> $250,000 buy in woodside? >> i don't think anything, in terms of a house, nothing. >> in short, it's all relative. >> ten seconds later they -- >> it might be here, maybe not. >> from woodside, wayne freedman
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"abc 7 news." >> congress has given the postal service an extension until november 18 to come up with a plan to stay within the $15 billion debt limit. postmaster runs that they warn they will run out of cash by next summer. e-mail and other forms of communication on the internet have reduced snail mail revenues. postmaster wants to cut 220,000 jobs over the next four years and close 3700 post offices, five northern california processing plants would also be on the chopping block. >> a zleachb looming for bay area students who still have not gnts a whooping cough vaccine. in oakland 1300 students were not vaccinated by yesterday. they won't be allowed in school until monday until they get those shots, laura anthony has more.
8:33 am
>> we will notify parents. >> nurses and oakland schools worked hard to get the state mandated whooping vaccine. that means giving last minute shots. >> there you go. nice job. >> 1300 of the students still need to get a vaccine or present a waiver exempting them from it. it's granted for religious or medical reasons only. >> there you go. good job. >> skyline senior came in for the clinic only have a his girlfriend heard an announcement about the vaccine over the p.a. system. >> my girlfriend dragged me over here. >> he is 18 and he could give his own consent but for younger students, some homes have not
8:34 am
signed or done the paperwork for the students. >> we have continued out reach to those families. >> any student who is not either received the vaccine or presented a valid waiver will be turned away monday morning. >> we obviously plan to comply with state law so the students who have not been vaccination made cannot attend classes. >> this senior got his shot but there are plenty that have not. >> as of today, according to the district, only about 50 students have submitted those waivers. district will lose $29 per student who is not in class starting next week. they will be running shot dlions get the students back in class, the clinics will run all the way through next week. in oakland, laura anthony, "abc 7 news." take a look at some vaccine
8:35 am
compliance figures, san jose unified, only 11 students out of 32,000 need to get the vaccine. mount eye diablot 30 students san jose reports a 90% compliance rate. >> this weather is bizarre. >> it's not a unusual. the storm coming in. >> it makes it irritating. >> we can agree on that. >> you change the calendar and the sun is setting earlier and clouds feeling like fall and you may need the umbrella in some spots. >> also ahead, children with autism are improving their language skills and, yes, there is an app even for that. hey! you want that? you want a warm, super-delicious strawberry toaster strudel
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that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios. want whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours? that is a live picture of lake tahoe from heavenly mountain resort. a little blurry but you get the idea, blue, gorgeous blue waters. in the 50s right now on a way to high of about 71 grandson, partly cloudy skies, the rain coming to the lake and snow to the higher elevations. you know how i know that? we're going ask lisa argen.
8:39 am
>> you are doing good. >> i'll take a shot at weather. >> we're going to see plintd of changes starting with today. we have sunshine in the south bay this shot shows the clouds hanging over san francisco. we will look for a chance of light shower activity today, but our main weathermaker not until wednesday. a weaker one on monday. we'll sort it all out for you in the next couple of minutes. 65 in oakland, 61 in san jose with plenty of sun. 64 in livermore, with some clouds last night we are starting out pretty mild this morning. we do have some mid-80s on the way. a mild weekend with some sunshine here and there. but the chance of sprinkles pretty much confined to the north bay this afternoon. although, we could see more clouds an the bay today and then partly cloudy tomorrow. rain developing i think after the morning commute on monday. so here is the first little wave. we won't call it a cold frochbtd
8:40 am
it's going push through the bay area this afternoon. with it, some cloud cover, maybe few sprinkles but overall we will see a pretty nice day with some sunshine and temperatures responding in the mid-70s. it's the next system on monday is that should get everybody wet by late morning. this will start out in the north bay, sweep through by the evening commute. then last system. wettest system, strongest will bring anywhere from an inch to an inch and a half in the entire bay area with upwards of 2 to 3 inches in parts of north bay. terry mention the rain, gusty winds and we're talking higher elevation, snow above 7,000 feet on thursday. so things could change between now and then. we've got several model runs in a day so make sure to check back with us. it's on the way. so you definitely cannot prepare in the days ahead.
8:41 am
fast forward to monday, we will get through the monday morning commute. by the afternoon it will get soggy, especially in the east bay. south bay, should be continuing to push out here by 7:00, tuesday looks dry and partly cloudy. we have a pretty nice day today with sunshine in the southern sierra with upper 60s there. cloud cover, thunderstorms and indicate warm down in southern california, 99 there. 80 in los angeles, back home, 60s and 70s. not a bad afternoon. maybe showers to the north today 70 in santa rosa. 76 concord with partly cloudy skies, palo alto, 73 and here is a look ahead. next seven days, partly to mostly cloudy today, chance of light showers. by tomorrow we'll see about the same weather conditions with mid and upper 57's. monday, everybody should see a
8:42 am
few raindrops. heavy rer rain on wednesday and back to some pretty nice weather come thursday and friday. >> three inches way up north, that is potential for some flooding. >> it could cause some problems out there. some of the storm drains may get clogged up on. >> thanks a lot. one bay area mother has discovered a new way to help her child that has autism to learn and communicate like never before. lyanne melendez, using an eye pad is making a difference to many children. >> i popped the red balloon. >> nice job. >> the eye pad is a uses to improve their language skills. >> it's an educational tool in the klas classroom to adds to what you are doing. you are listening to language
8:43 am
all you do. >> they have been testing, an app made by a company in albany. >> ready to do the last one. >> nina is engaged. something that doesn't come naturally to kids on the autism spectrum. anna johnson is with the company and cede she says the auditory and visual cues help the children retain new words. >> the modeling that language is very important. >> here is another game. >> that back and forth action helps their fine motor skills. ipad allows them to of people to anywhere in the classroom and encourages independent play. they if still remember the phone call she says changed her son's life. >> out of the blue, i got a phone call that i won an ipad.
8:44 am
i said that sounds great. >> leo was use an i-pod with little success. >> he had problems with fine motor skills. >> reporter: but the bigger screen on the ipad changed. >> everything i wrote a word, i think it was goat and i started writing, and he said goat. >> leo attends the autism center in san jose. they use several learning schools klug the more traditional ones but he often loses his focus. leo has better results in working with a touch screen and sits with it a long time. >> he blogged about the results. >> this is something my son can do.
8:45 am
>> reporter: and when steve jobs announced the launch of the ipad 2, leo was one of the kids featured in the video behind him. today the number of apps designed for those with autism and those were learning issues continues to grow. it kots costs 49.99. parents helping parents has a list of the favorite apps for children about learning disabilities. shannon has compiled her own list on her blog. >> parents helping parents, debby has studied hundreds of them. >> they will be become part of our out sit. >> and they will be first in line to try them out. lyanne melendez, "abc 7 news." >> there is a conference on autism today at santa clara university. to find out about that are on the app that she messaged there,
8:46 am
go to and click on see it on tv. >> don't go away. "7 on your side" is next. >> a family books a vacation and winds up paying twice.
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eating right, whole grain. whole grain? whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't... multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 lightly sweetened calories per serving... more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios. zbloofld welcome back to a live picture of the conservatory of flowers golden gate park. you see some of the homes in the
8:49 am
richmond district there. from the looks of things, if you want to play tennis, golden gate park may be the place, too. >> more travelers are using the convenience of internet to book trips online but for one family there was a double charged for a vacation. here is 7 on your side michael finney with the steer. >> they have fond hamas of the family vacation in palm springs. >> we laid out and relaxed and got out on the tram. had a nice time. >> booking was simple. she went online and reserved a room at the ace hotel and paid the 598 room charges all at once. >> it was convenient. i decided to book i didn't have to call anyone, i did it over the internet. >> however, things weren't quite as simple. two months after charged her for the room, ace hotel charged her credit card
8:50 am
for the same room. >> i thought this is simple, they made a mistake. i'll call the hotel since it was ace hotel that charged me and i did. they said, no, we never got paid from >> they would not refund the money saying they never received money from but they told joanna it was ace hotel's mistake. >> they would be issuing a credit. >> she disputed the extra room charge but ace hotel had every right to charge her for the room. what about getting the money back from the bank said she missed the 60-day deadline to dispute that charge. >> i was really upset about that because now i've paid both charges. >> she said she kept calling the hotel, the bank and but could not get a refund. >> i said okay. this is it.
8:51 am
i'm really angry now. now i'm going to call channel 7. >> we contacted asking why joanna was charged twice. company said there was rare miscommunication between the hotel and that resulted in the hotel not being paid. muxup started when they cancelled one day of the reservation and rebooked the room. after it was all sorted out, did reverse the charges on her account and provided a $100 travel vouch other top of it. >> that's what first time i actually contacted channel 7 on your side. >> when you stay at hotel, you must provide a credit card to fay for any unpaid services. so make sure the hotel receives that money before you check in and even when you check out. remember, credit card companies aren't legally required to
8:52 am
disputed charges that are more than 60 days old. coming up next, big party this weekend in golden gate park. we're going to give you a taste of the bluegrass festival. ♪
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here we go. with the winning numbers from
8:55 am
last night es mega millions drawing. mega number was 29. not one winner, folks, two winners. two-somebody mixed all six numbers. one of them purchased in l.a. it's worth $56.5 million. tuesday's jackpot is back to $3 million. >> free concert at golden gate park. hardly strikingly bluegrass is in the 11th year and it just gets more hardly strikingly every year. don sanchez explains. ♪ >> it's solid rock and roll from chris isaac that lives two blocks from the park. down-home, it's called hardly strictly bluegrass. he started the event so he could
8:56 am
play banjo with the best. >> just to make a bit of woodstock and gives hundreds of thousands of people pleasure for a few days. >> it's such a special event, musicians wanted on play here. >> we're not thinking about anything else except for music. >> groups on six stages requires advantage. >> it involves a little bit of timing and then you do it. >> i look for it a while and i see what you really want to see the most, robert plant. >> you are not supposed to smoke but eighth flashback to another time. >> its throw back to the 60s. >> you can learn something here. when dan akroyd was in college
8:57 am
he got the inspiration for the blues brothers. >> they saw he and wearing shades and a black suit. that is where he got the idea. >> that was chris going into the crowd. that is part of it. there were 90 bands at the free concert. we have so much more, it's three-day event. they say he is working on next year's number 12. here is your hardly strictly weather forecast. >> we can see some pretty nice conditions in golden gate park. in the 60s. chance of showers mainly in the north bay. light sprinkles throughout the morning hours and then 60s and 70s. partly cloudy had. should hold for tomorrow. then get ready for more rain, quarter of an inch on monday, half an inch on wednesday. thank you lisa and thank you for joining us.
8:58 am
next newscast at 4:00. keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter and and talk about it on facebook. have a great day.
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>> "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> just like my life is devoted to the animal world,


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