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tv   ABC 7 News Sunday  ABC  October 2, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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defensive marriage act. >> good morning. scattered clouds and low 60s across the bay area. plenty of sunshine and 07s inland but rain arrives tomorrow. >> thank you, lisa. good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. >> san leandro are investigating a shooting at alvarado street and alaiding avenue around 1:30 this morning that left three dead. it was the scene of party that had been advertised on facebook according to a police spokesman. the report of shots fired came in as the pear was letting out. investigators have now set up a special anonymous tip loin that people can call to provide any information about what happened. the number is 510-577-3278. you do not have to identify
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yourself. a massive policeman hunt has ended in mendocino county and law enforcement officials and local residents are expressing relief. aaron bassler was armed and dangerous and wanted for the killing of two local officials in august. yesterday they tracked him down in the mendocino county redwoods 6 miles east of fort bragg. he was shot to death by members of a s.w.a.t. team. we have details and reaction from fort bragg. >> reporter: 35-year-old aaron bassler is dead. mendocino county sheriff, thomas allman, is visibly relieved. >> this ends a 36-day really and truly terrorizing situation for mendocino county. over 40 law enforcement agencies have assisted us at all levels. >> the 40 agencies have combed the woods for a month searching for bassler. on august 27th he shot and killed 69-year-old miller, a former mayor, according to an
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eyewitness. he is suspected to have killed matthew coleman on august 11th, a land trust manager. the three-man sacramento s.w.a.t. team staked out a cabin he recently robbed for food and drink, much like the last cabin he was seen breaking into on the security camera photo. >> the s.w.a.t. team, the officer got the other two people to look. they identified that's who it was. they identified him and shot him. he was held to the ground. they approached him. death was very obvious and instantaneous. >> news that he was killed spread quickly throughout the town. fort bragg residents rereceived a reverse 9/11 call. that gave them some relief after 35 days of anxiety about having a killer on the lose. jeff wright supplied this recording. >> the mendocino captain would like to advise you that your neighborhood has been secured. >> white says residents can finally come out of hiding.
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>> it is a relief that it's ended at this point because there was such stress in the community. thirty five days not knowing if you could go outside at night. >> abc7 news. >> contra costa county sheriff's investigators are looking into the shooting death of a man inside a bay point home. a woman who lives there said she shot the man after he intruded and made threats to her and her pregnant daughter. it happened around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. sheriff's deputies believe the man knew both women but they aren't releasing details or names until their investigation is complete. no arrests have been made. san francisco police are investigating a shooting in the bay view district last night. it occurred about four blocks from where the mayor and police chief met with residents friday about neighborhood violence. residents say the problem is fueled by people drinking and loitering near liquor stores. last night around 10:00 police were called about shots being fired on thomas avenue near jennings street. they found a man wounded in the upper body. he was rushed to a hospital.
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president obama said he would like to see the nation's defensive marriage act repealed just as the military rescind its don't ask, don't tell policy. we have local reaction to the president's remarks. he made them last night at the annual human rights campaign dinner in washington, d.c. >> president barack obama was greeted by a lively crowd of 4200. -- 3200. he said he supports senator feinstein he's bill to repeal the act. >> i want to see it passed. but until that day comes we are no longer defending, don't. i believe it's time for it to end once and for all and to join don't ask don't tell in the history books. >> they watched the president's speech online. they are among the 18,000 same-sex couples who were legally married in california before proposition a passed.
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>> we are legally married in the state of california, yet we are denied over 1,000 rights under federal law. >> they are also with marriage equality usa. >> it's absolutely great the president has said that law should be repealed, but we want him to take the leadership to make that promise a reality. >> reporter: they were hoping to hear the president has changed his support for civil unions to full support of same-sex marriage recognition. bill may is with catholics for the common good. he disagrees with the president's stance on changing same-sex marriage. >> when he ran for president he said he was committed to promoting marriage between a man and a woman, it's the only institution that unites them with each other and any children born from the union. he should stay with that. he's changing his position. >> obama also took presidential candidates for the task for staying silent at a recent
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debate when an audience member booed a gay serviceman. >> you want to be a commander in chief, you can start by standing up for the men and women who wear the uniform of the united states, even when it's not politically convenient. >> during that republican debate former senator rick santorum responded to a question by that gay serviceman. santorum has since then said he did not hear the audience booing and that's why he didn't say anything at the time. in the news room, abc7 news. >> president obama's administration is defending the solar energy loan guarantee program. yesterday energy secretary said the stimulus loan program that expired friday will help develop several large power farms in california and nevada. he did not mention the $538 million home to fremont-based solyndra which declared bankruptcy and laid off 1100 workers. on friday the justice department decided to take control of solyndra.
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the fbi has launched a criminal investigation into the company. bay area carmaker tessla unveiled its first fully-sized -- fully-electric schedule dan in fremont. people had a chance to test drive it and compare notes while the vehicle is still in development. a rare opportunity before it goes on sale next year. >> they want us to get off oil and i don't mind being an exemplar of the sort of trade-off that you make in terms of range. we are used to being able to go and refuel. we are not used to going and recharging. >> tessla also opened up its factory floor for the first time. the company took over an old facility in fremont after toyota shut down production in 2010. >> up next, the state's new
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realignment program with prisons and how it will affect where convicts go. also the rescue of a sea lion that crossed across eight lanes
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this weekend a court order takes effect that's designed to reduce prison overcrowding. abc7's nick smith reports on the new prison realignment. >> reporter: governor jerry brown said county leaders are ready for realignment. >> it's bold, it's difficult and it will continuously change as we learn from experience. but we can't sit still and let the courts release 30,000 serious prisoners. we have to do something. and this is the most viable plan that i've been able to put together. >> reporter: sergeant jb nelson of the alameda county sheriff's office said they are ready for realignment but hopes funding for services doesn't become anish out. >> we have money up front but it's the ongoing costs that are yet to be determined. >> the funding for realignment is guaranteed in this year's budget but local law enforcement
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says they must get funding approved. but it's more about housing prisoners. it's also about providing services, like healthcare, treatment programs and probation. >> this is probably the most dramatic change in criminal justice in california. >> reporter: i spoke with phillip, a contra costa county probation officer by phone. he noted even though realignment doesn't change the option for sentencing or the amount of time they may get in custody, it does change who will do the supervision. >> this isn't a new population. these are folks that were coming out of prison anyway. what is different is the county is the responsible agency. >> every year 110,000 people enter our prisons and every year 110,000 go out. it's a completely broken system that was mindlessly expanded without understanding the consequences that we're now dealing with. >> most bay area counties plan to invest fairly heavy in
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alternative treatment programs. according to the adult probation department, the average age of a transfer parolee is 39 and the crimes are nonserious, nonviolent and nonsexual offenses. in the newsroom, nick smith, abc7 news. >> this morning a sea lion is struggling after crossing 8 lanes of highway in burlingame. he ended up in a ditch near the offer ramp. chp officers closed the ramp for a couple hours so rescue workers could capture it. the mammal was sent to the ma'am ma'am center for medical care. it's likely it strayed on the highway from a nearby lagoon. they are testing the sea lion to make sure it's healthy and to figure out why it became disoriented like that. kind of a mystery there.
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oh, the weather, i don't know how mysterious that is. well, it is. >> yeah, it's a little unusual to get such a hefty rainfall maker coming our way. but within 30 hours we are wet with a weak weather system, then a little break and then a more significant rain comes in. that will happen about tuesday night. i'll put it all together for you, including other nice afternoon today for the rest of your weekend. that's next. >> you solved that mystery, lisa. and andrew luck leads his team both throwing the ball and catching it. mike shumann has the highlights of stanford's victory over ucla coming up in this morning's sports.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> the first week in october and we are expecting rain. >> yeah. the first system not significant at all, but the second one will surpass what we should get, surprise, surprise, the entire month of october. >> the first one will help us get ready. >> exactly. clean the pavement and gets to you clean out the drains. it will impact your commute, too. as we head outside you notice the clouds and lower clouds here at the golden gate bridge. a little bit of fog. not much, though. we are talking more in the way
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of scattered clouds this morning. also sunshine on the way for the early morning. after 7:00 when the sun comes up, 55 no thought toe. the numbers looking a little cooler is and feeling cooler, yes, as much as 10 degrees cooler in napa, 53 this morning. 59 hayward. so with those clouds scattering out we are allowed to drop a few more degrees. so we will see more sunshine, partly cloudy, 60s and 07s on tap today. nice afternoon before our first wet weathermaker comes on in tomorrow afternoon. not a significant one. it has been held up. this one slowed down. the one in the middle of the week sped up so we are looking at some changes from when we talked yesterday. these systems will do that so good thinning you are watching day-to-day if you want to know what's going on. here is the system we are talking about that is cueing up offshore. area of low pressure from the gulf of alaska sweeping in from
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north to south on wednesday. one before that tomorrow priming the atmosphere but it will allow for a dry monday morning commute. you see 9:00 monday morning the clouds still allowing for the rain to be held up to the north and west. we're cloudy but we are looking at the rain by the afternoon. we will say 1:00 in the north bay. then by the evening commute we see scattered showers, and this will move through quickly. so we aren't looking at a lot of rain with this, but nonetheless, the timing isn't great. we get a break on tuesday. in fact, some sunshine on tuesday. partly cloudy, but by tuesday night the bulk of the next system comes on through. 10:00 tuesday night it looks like by wednesday morning most of this pushes on through. we will look for monterey to stay wet by wednesday. but we are talking over an inch of rain with the second system in the north bay. but for the first system, you know, we aren't talking much at all. in fact, we are talking trace amounts, a couple hundreds and a tenth or quarter inch on the peninsula, including
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san francisco. up to three quarters inch in the north bay, that includes sonoma county and marin county. >> and no more thunderstorms for the sierra nevada but showers along the north coast. nice day, 74 sunyvale. 75 san jose. mostly sunny skies with upper 60s half moon bay. partly cloudy in san francisco at 67 and in the north bay with some clouds holding down the temperatures in the morning. we will be in the upper 60s by afternoon in petaluma. and 73 union city. inland east bay, 75 pittsburgh as well as pleasanton and walnut creek. by the monterey bay we are talking sunny, 67 monterey. 77 morgan hills. so with that little rainmaker coming monday messing up the evening commute, some sun on tuesday. the bulk of the rain tuesday night into wednesday. then we are back to mild and warmer conditions. messes everything up. you don't expect all that in early october. >> not at all. not at all.
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thank you, lisa. coming up after our newscast at 7:00 is good morning america. we are joined live from new york to tell us what is coming up. good morning. >> good morning to you, carolyn. in less than 24 hours amanda knox could learn her fate. it's a verdict that is sure to resonate across three country: will she be sent free from the prison or will she be sentenced to life for the murder of her british roommate. and traveling back and forth from the plus to italy fight fourth his daughter's freedom. we have coverage this morning from italy. and president obama comes out swinging with some. his toughest words yet, calling out his republican rivals for not standing up for gay troops when one was booed at a recent debate. we are live this morning at the white house. and what's the catch iest song ever, the one you just can't get
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out of your head? scientists say they have cracked the science of the sing along. yes, carolyn, there's a science to it. we will tell you all about it. it does not require long spikey 80s hair but i keep telling dan, there's a song i always sing before the show every morning, the final countdown by the band europe. i wouldn't say i like the song but i sing it all the time and now i understand why. >> you can't get it out of your head? >> is there a song you can't get out of your head? >> not that i can think of off the top of my head. a lot of time it's gospel songs. >> gospel songs. >> i was raised that way. >> there's an art to it. when you watch the show, see if any of the clues there comply with what you find in your goes tell music. >> are you going to sing as you have done in weeks past? >> you really want me to? >> not really. ♪ don't stop >> see you at 7:00. have a good morning. all right.
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we will check out sports. no need to keep that to ourselves this morning the 49ers are in philly. they are looking for a second straight road win while the raiders are hosting another afc east heavy weight, the new new england patriots month morning. last night stanford tried to remain undefeated playing ucla down on the farm. did they do it? sheer is sch good morning. while stanford continues to steam roll through the competition. last night down on the farm andrew luck and company manhandled ucla. the bruins ran into a black wall in the first of the fourth and goal. brehaut, nowhere to go. u great goal line stance by the cardinals. and andrew luck takes over on his own one-yard line. no problem. marchs right down the field. how about this, andrew with a one-handed grab from drew terrell, off the reverse. are you kidding me? look at this kid. is this guy an athlete or what? andrew loving it. he loves this more. another one-handed coach, cobey.
6:24 am
18-yard, 99-yard drive. 7-0, cardinals. they led 17-7 at the half. waste no time in the third. luck. used both hands this time. 61 yards. 24-7, stanford. the bruins hung around. incredible play by joseph fauria. fauria, 6'8" taking it in on fourth and two. the bruins couldn't keep up with the stanford offense. andrew luck with his third td pass of the game to owusu on the rollout. andrew, 23 of 27, 227 yards. stanford now 4-0 with 45-19 victory. >> i think we came out and executed well. if it's a quality defense over there, but i think our guys were real anxious. and willie bloomquist growing to test ryan braun's arm. bad idea. toast. he failed to score. he would score in the fourth on a sac fly. that was more than enough support. 9 ks in 8 innings. prince fielder in the seventh. see ya.
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two-run shot to right and the brew roll. game one, 4-1, the final. to philly where the fans are always nuts. cardinals in town for game one. they were silence the top of the first. lance berkman crushes this one off roy halladay. three-run bomb. just like that, 3-0, cardinals. phillies get on the board in the fourth. victorino goes the other way. utley scores. 3-1. then in the sixth, the big blow. ryan howard tees off on kyle lohse. three run jack, phillies on top and they go on it win the game. 11-6, the final. american league, yankees and tigers, rough night for home plate ump tony randazzo, taking it on the chin, but he would stay in the game. robinson cano going the other way. misses being a home run by an inch. hits the top of the wall. rbi double makes it 2-0, yanks. no home run there, but in the sixth cano leaves no doubt. the grand slam and yankees roll
6:26 am
in game one, 9-3, the final. the rangers and rays in arlington. and ron washington was down 3-0 in the fourth with the rangers. the rangers battle back. off james shields. mike napoli rips one to left. two runs score. five-run frame makes it 5-3, texas. they make it 7-3, but you can't count out the rays. evan longoria, how huge has he been. three-run shot in the seventh. the rangers, insurance in the eighth. moreland gets all of it. rangers win it 8-6. rangers and florida tied a game a piece. raiders hosting the patriots. niners in philadelphia. all that for you tonight at five. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> up next at 6:30. washington's broken promise. millions in fees from california ports that could be improving trade and creating jobs. and a million dollars pledge to help out some east bay schools. find out how you can help every time you fill up your car with gas.
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-dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are the great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a perhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ >> welcome back, everyone. a bipartisan effort is underway to wrestle millions of dollars from the federal government and into the hands of the state's ports. those ports are in dire need of maintenance and upgrades, but are being denied access to a trust fund set up for that very thing. here's abc7s heather.
6:30 am
>> when it comes to funding the state's ports, california legislators are presenting a united front to congress. democratic statesen nor mark from concord and central valley republican jean fuller co-sponsored a resolution was co-sponsored calling on congress to release money from the harbor maintenance trust fund which now totals nearly $6 billion. >> you have republicans and democrats and it's tribal up there. you have no idea how tribal it is in sacramento. actually did a joint resolution saying we get it, we need to do something about this. >> the trust fund collects user fees from port customers. california's many ports contributed about $400 million a year, or 40% of the fund's annual revenues but receives only about 4%. the lieutenant-governor said the feds don't want to give the states control of the account. >> why they do it is the fuzzy math that drives everyone crazy in this state and across the nation. they use it because it offsets some federal obligations and makes the deficit look smaller.
6:31 am
>> today representatives from ports all across the state joined newsome at the port to make their case. shipping channels need to be maintained at certain depth so ships can come and go fully leaded. deferred maintenance means many channels need work. releasing the funds would create jobs and keep the ports competitive. >> payer's don't mind paying it and shippers don't mind paying it if they get something in return for the dollar. putting all the money in a bank and sitting on it is not spending it. the state says one up-front release of $200 million would help the ports get back on track. >> we don't need all the money collected in california but we could use 30 or 40%, maybe as much as 50% up front and as we get the channels dredged and maintained we probably don't need as much the year after that. >> he say the world economic forum ranks the u.s. 18th in port infrastructure. without the necessary funding that ranking could soon be lower. abc7 news. >> just as san mateo residents get used to paying 23% more for
6:32 am
garbage collection the city council will consider another increase when it meets tomorrow night. garbage rates went up last april when the city switched contractors from allied waste to recology. our media partner, the mercury news report, says another 10% increase is likely, partly because people are recycling more and tossing out less garbage. but recology's overall collection costs remains the same so the city needs to raise rates to cover lost revenue. if approved, the average customer with a 32-gallon can would pay $1.62 more each month. and tomorrow the palo alto council will vote to reverse a long-standing ban on pot clubs or to put it to the voters. there could be a ballot measure that would permit up to three medical marijuana dispensaries in the city. the city clerk's office said the
6:33 am
council has the choice of adopting the proposal or introducing a competing ballot measure. supporters of medical marijuana say they will try to convince the council to adopt their proposal and save $92,000 in election costs. with california strapped for cash, public schools are struggling with gutted budgets. and where the state can't help, one major corporation is stepping up. abc7s education reporter, lyanne melendez, on the commitment to kids that chevron is making. >> it's mathematics. >> this second grade class got a few school supplies that will enhance their math skills. they also received a rug to avoid sitting on the hard floor while reading. these were all supplies ms. schiff asked for that chevron then delivered. the richmond based company wants to donate more supplies to teachers inial immediate ball
6:34 am
and contra costa counties through the fuel your school promotion. >> everyone can participate by going to a local chevron and texico station and for every 8 gallons or more they fill up at participating stations, they will donate a dollar to local schools. >> chevron will donate up to $1 million. all teachers had to go on line to >> teachers submit proposals of what they need in classroom and the post goes live and people like you and me and chevron come onboard and support those projects. >> with the drastic state budget cuts, many teachers are in need of basic supplies and additional materials. >> pencils, papers, erasers, those kind of things. while we are still able to provide them, they aren't able to provide them at the same level they once were. >> this month if doners choose, chevron will mostly fund projects having to do with
6:35 am
science, engineering, technology and math. every school district in the counties will benefit from the promotion. >> so we can pick up oakland, san ramon, alameda, richmond. >> and the public can track how much money is raised in their city by going to last year they raised $850,000. in oakland, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> change is coming to the weather forecast. lisa is here to tell us all about it. >> the usual spring to summer to fall. follow suit, and an early rain coming our way. here's a look at emeryville. you are looking at berkeley with the cloudy skies. a little fog with the sun on the way today. a couple days rain next week. i'll explain next. >> also ahead, overcoming your phobias. how virtual reality can help you overcome many. your biggest and very real
6:36 am
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>> overcoming your phobias is a daunting challenge for people, but you can now overcome your very real fears with virtual reality. here's abc7 business and technology reporter, david louie. >> reporter: for 45 years kathy milton har poured a fear of heights after falling out of a tree when she was a child. she just lived with that fear until she recently lost a job. >> the first question out of the interviewer's mouth is how are
6:39 am
you with heights? of course, i didn't answer directly or quickly, so he naturally figured out that i did fear heights. >> she turned to a special clinic at kaiser permanente in fremont that uses virtual reality to help patients overcome their phobias. with the help of a clinical psychologist, linda, uses headgear that feeds her visual images to simulate situations that trigger her fears. >> virtual reality is more vivid than imagination, but more controllable than real life. >> this monitor displays what linda is seeing through her goggles. she's riding in a glass elevator, watching the floors go by. then she will exit to an open walkway. >> look at that. how are you doing? 0 to 100, what's your fear level? >> on the fear scale 100 is the highest level. dr. mcmann said a typical patient starts at 84 and over a number of sessions will drop to about 24. kathy is at 0 to 2.
6:40 am
>> we need to find a way to face your phobia, face what terrifies you in a way that is manageable and controlled so you are not overwhelmed and so you can lose your fear. that's where virtual reality comes in. >> imagine a person with phobia standing here and unable to get from one point to another simply because of their fear of height. the real moment of truth for kathy came at a bart station platform. >> i went to the edge and it was about a 50-foot drop off the side. i just sat there. i wasn't fearful. >> virtual reality with guidance from dr. mcmann has changed kathy's life. now she has a checklist of things she wants to do, things she once feared. >> number one is to ride a ferris wheel. second one is climb ladders. >> in fremont, david louie, abc7
6:41 am
news. >> let's put lisa on the hotspot. how do you explain this weird weather this year? >> not only is it weird but we are talking perhaps winter weather advisories in the sierra nevada for midweek. >> you mean snow? >> yeah, i mean snow. we are talking maybe some locations could see up to a foot in the higher elevations. i know, it's weird. i know. first weather system not going to bother us too much but that is coming as soon as tomorrow. lots to talk about. as we head outside, scattered clouds. numbers are much, much cooler. we have some holes in the clouds. we are down to the low 50s in some spots. napa this morning a good ten degrees cooler. 58 fairfield. 58 in redwood city. 69 mountain view and half moon bay. this morning we are talking just scattered clouds. a little bit of fog in napa along the coast burks we will see partly cloudy skies, lots of sunshine. mild conditions today. it should be a beautiful afternoon, mid-and upper 70s
6:42 am
and then rain developing tomorrow. after the morning commute we are talking midday to the evening hours. this system, it looks impressive, doesn't it? most of the energy is heading to the north. the reason why, we've got a huge ridge of high pressure blocking it. as it does, the energy will continue to shift to the north. so this is going to really pull apart and not bring us much in the way of rain tomorrow, but it's the one behind it that will bring some significant precipitation for early october. this first one, though, about 9:00 in the morning it's still well to the north and west of us. as we go through the moon hour, it looks like sonoma and marin county begin to get wet by about 1:00. but it's not until the afternoon when we see some rain in the east bay. then by the evening commute we are talking slick roadways and probably some problems come monday night. with san francisco, san mateo and also perhaps parts of the south bay, the santa cruz mountains seeing showers. tuesday we are look at sunshine and a nice break. by tuesday night the bulk of the activity. the next more significant system
6:43 am
will bring the heavier rain, it looks like after midnight. this is what moves into the sierra nevada, bringing perhaps some significant snow above lake level. , the ground is still quite warm. we aren't going to see probably snow at lake level, but still we are looking at the possibility of some very gusty winds. that's likely. as it moves into the mountains, kind after winter-like system. it moves out of the bay by wednesday, but monterey will still see some showers or we will call it plane old rain by wednesday afternoon. today plenty of sun. some light showers around crescent city. 79 chico, sacramento 64 and big sur and we are talking mild, sunny today. 76 campbell, 74 sunyvale. a nice afternoon in the south bay. what you would expect for october. 72 in san mateo. 67 downtown. in the north bay a little cool with some of the clouds holding on in parts of sonoma. 68 #* 68 pet looma. and near east bay, 70 for you in
6:44 am
oakland. 27 hayward and over the hills we are talk mid-70s. along the creek in danville, down by the monterey bay, sunny, mild, 67. 74 hollister. and the look ahead. so nice day today. some light rain afternoon and early evening. a break on tuesday. the bulk of the next tuesday coming in tuesday night. it will be over by wednesday morning. that will give us all our rain, which is normal for october by wednesday. then we are dry and sunny thursday, friday and saturday. >> it keeps you busy. >> yeah, it does. >> all right. the veterans administration wants all vets to know about the services they offer, but right now there's a special push for attracting the fastest part of the military and the v.a.. that's women. abc7s eric thomas reports.
6:45 am
>> reporter: army medic denise barry is getting checked out at the veterans administration center in palo alto. she's driven up from her home in santa cruz and said the care is both first-rate and ultraconvenient. >> and they are also great at putting the visits all next to each other, especially since i'm not from here so i can just come here, knock them all out back-to-back. >> denise, who has done a 400 day tour in iraq is one of the 16% of women veterans who now make use of v.a. facilities. that's up from 10% just a few years ago. the growth is partially due to the growing number of women in uniform. but also, because the v.a. is working at changing its image to females. >> they felt that v.a. facilities they felt were not friendly toward women veterans. >> and for good reason. in the past many didn't have separate changing room for women vets and lacked doctors who could do breast or pelvic exams but that's changing. since 2008 the v. a. has trained more than 1,000 doctors to care for women. >> which could be primary care, it on ob-gyn, breast care, gynecology care in the private
6:46 am
and safety of the women's health center. >> some women's health centers offer alternative care like acupuncture for women vets, 60% -- 50% returning from iraq and afghanistan with muscular-skeletal problems. >> which could be back pain, neck pain, hip, joint pain, and this relates to the fact that they are wearing heavy equipment. >> they may cater to military people here, but it doesn't have that rigid military feel. >> it feels very civilian here. i come here and i feel like i'm just another civilian going to a doctor's visit. >> currently the v.a. is phoning female veterans and make sure they know their eligibility for v.a. benefits. they hope to eventually reach every living v.a. vet. abc7 news. don't go away. 7 on your side is next. >> people get dinged all the time for paying their bills late. i'm michael finney.
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ahead on 7 on your side, find out what happens when the customer receives his bill late.
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at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at late charge for a bill that didn't arrive until long after the due date? that's the question an alameda man was asking when the late charge he owed ballooned by tenfold. here's michael finney with the story. james shows us the towel he purchased from macy's while on business in hawaii. he bought it on sale for six dollars and charged it to a new macy's card charge he open that day. the bill was supposed to arrive in a few weeks. >> it didn't get there and i didn't receive it. >> it turns out the bill had been misaddressed. macy's sent it to house number
6:50 am
1311, but he lives at 1131. the $6.21 comment charge for the towel was added on top of an $8.21 late fee. he says macy's promised him the problem would be taken care of, but each month the late fee would increase. >> the six dollars problem turned into a few months later a $74 fee. and very, very difficult to deal with the situation. >> compounding his worries, what this incident would do to his credit report. we advised him to monitor his credit report at for free. norman garcia is with consumer's union. >> that's really the only online portal to the truly free credit report. >> she said any other so-called free offers to monitor your credit will require you to purchase something. you can can get one free credit report each year from each of the three credit reporting agencies through
6:51 am
you can also contest any errors. >> you can dispute directly to the credit reporting agency, the company, or the furnisher of the information. >> once you do that the company would have 30 days to complete an investigation. the credit bureau, 45 days. as for james, we contacted macy's and it removed all late charges from his bill. macy's told us our customer service team has reached out to mr. carroll to discuss his account and actions have been taken on his behalf. he was pleased the way it all turned out. >> they have taken care of a very frustrating situation, and hopefully myself and macy's will learn to play nice with one another. >> when disputing your credit report, make sure you do it in writing and send it by mail, return receipt requested. we have a link to more information on how you can dispute errors in your credit report. just go to i'm michael finney, 7 on your side.
6:52 am
>> up next, the magical acts of houdini go on exhibit in the bay area, including the stunts he performed in san francisco. ededd [ mom ] hey guys.
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numbers. wednesday night's jackpot is estimated at $8 million. >> the most legendary performer of the early 20th century is the subject of a new exhibit in san francisco. the life and legacy of escape artist harry houdini is being celebrated at the contemporary jewish museum. here's abc7 arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez with more. ♪ he captured people's imaginations. harry houdini, the ultimate magician and escape artist. >> people are forever on the edge of their seat when they think people are in peril and are not going to make it. that transends time. >> there is still a notoriety today. the escape from the water torture cell, the metamorphosis trunk. he getting out of handcuffs. evers from budapest and became america's biggest star. >> and people think about him as
6:56 am
so living and vibrant but he died in the 20s. >> before television thousands of people would watch him. this huge mural is from providence, rhode island. always a show man and promoter, he would do his tricks on newspaper buildings so he would get press coverage. he was in san francisco hanging from the hearst building in 1933. before that he escaped from a locked box in the park during an exhibition in 1913. he didn't stop with theatre performances. he went to hollywood and became a silent film star. years later hollywood made a film about him starring tony curtis. later in life he went on a crusade to debunk people who claimed to have supernatural abilities. >> houdini died on halloween, 1936 and for years his wife conducted a seance hoping he would return. he died in 1926. she finally quit and said ten years is long enough to wait for any man. >> the exhibit includes works by artists inspired by houdini. >> many artists made the analogy between making art and making magic.
6:57 am
>> don't expect to learn how houdini did his trick here. that is still magic. the show will be up until next january. don sanchez, abc7 news. >> and here is lisa with a final look at the accuweather forecast. >> then of the weekend looking good. a lot of sunshine. but we do have fog out there and sun already where the sun is coming up. later today 75 sunny in san jose. 67 partly cloudy strand. we will look for increasing clouds tonight. the rain moves in tomorrow by midday. scattered light showers. not everyone will see it. a break on tuesday with more sun and more rain, heavy rain tuesday night into wednesday. we are talking mild, typical weather thursday, friday, saturday. a little unusual. >> yeah, i'll say. thank you, lisa. that will do it for us. thank you for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. our next newscast starts at 9:00 this morning. you can keep track ever the
6:58 am
latest break news on twitter at abc7 news bay area and you can talk about it at news. see you later.
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good morning, america. good morning, america. this morning -- judgment day. we are just 24 hours away now from a verdict that will reverberate across three countries. will the ame


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