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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  October 2, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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good evening, everyone. i'm alan wang. developing news, drivers are
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facing delays in the east bay this evening after a man was found did -- dead along eastbound 80 in san pablo. the highway patrol has closed all eastbound lanes at san pablo road. a 911 caller reported seeing the man in the lanes around 9:tort this morning. -- 9:40 this morning. no estimation of when it will re-open. three young people were killed after a party promoted on the internet got out of hand last night. two of the victims have been identified as 19-year-old shanice kiel. >> reporter: roger kiel says his daughter is one of the three young people shot to death following this party. he said she barrowed his green ford explorer to take the friends. >> i am looking at my car with bullet holes in my windshield where i sit. i know my daughter suffered a
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horrible death. >> reporter: her daughter drove six of her friends, two of which were killed in the gunfire, a 16-year-old girl and 20-year-old man. kiel says one of his daughter's friends got into an alter station -- altercation at or after the party and that's what lead to the shooting. >> there were two guys that came over to my car and shot up my car and all of the occupants. >> reporter: police say three other people were injured. this is a party that attracted anywhere from 150 to 400 young people from around the bay area. >> there seems to be a trend where some promoters will advertise on the internet or other social medias for random locations and parties. >> reporter: we found internet posts from people who say they were at this party like this man who posted on his facebook page, "talked to a beautiful girl at her party. she walked to her car and you see her get shot and killed." and this woman who writes on her twitter account, "they say it is always the good kids who
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are at the wrong place at the wrong time. -- time." roger kiel wants anybody who was at the party get justice and closure for his daughter. >> i am appealing to anyone there. if you saw anything call the san leandro police help us solve this crime. that's my only child. >> reporter: police tell us they have interviewed quite a few people at the party last night, but they are still trying to hammer down some key details. first of all, what lead up to the shooting 1234 who were the trigger people or the trigger person and who organized the party? they are hoping anyone with information will call the san leandro tip line. the number is 510-577-3278. in san leandro. in the south bay, an initiative to allow pot clubs in palo alto is building steam and concern. it would allow three dispense res within city limits, but not everyone is on board.
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thomas roman is live in palo alto with more. >> palo alto banned the pot dispense res, but now they are considering whether to adopt an initiative that would allow three pots dispense res in the city or let the voters decide next year. the city of palo alto prohibits the alteration of any dispense res like these. opening the dispense res would provide easy access to pot and cause a stamp pea peed -- stampeed for the prescriptions. >> i guess it could be a problem. there is going to be a lot more people trying to buy weed and try and smoke on the streets and just make up reasons why they have a problem. >> steve alexzander thinks it is too messed up to fix. >> if you would let the real doctors write the real prescriptions at the real drug stores we wouldn't have any of these problems. the government messed it up in one direction, and now people have messed it up in the other.
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i think three is too many. >> alexzander suggests just one. pot dispense res croped up in the bay area. an initiative to open three dispense res has gathered enough signatures to place it on the ballot in 2012. >> i wouldn't support the initiative. i don't think we should have three pot dispensers. >> they will consider whether to adopt the measure, interest -- introduce the competing initiative or let voters decide in 2012 what they want. >> it would degrade the quality of life in palo alto. people would be able to smoke marijuana anywhere on the street. they can smoke cigarettes, and i think that would be an appropriate model for our children. >> it is a win-win. the city needs more revenue. >> they helped sponsor the initiative which includes a 4% tax on dispense res which they say could generate millions. not to mention providing relief for those who need the
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weed. >> some of the members have pain that only marijuana can alleviate. why not do something nice to your neighbors? >> thomas moore and other supporters of the initiative will try to convince the city council to adopt the initiative and put it on the ballot at the cost of some $92,000. abc7 news. >> thank you, thomas. >> police arrested a man they believe molested three girls all between the ages of seven and nine. one of the victim's mothers called police yesterday complaining that her daughter had been touched inappropriately by their neighbor. detectives found two other victims before they arrested 32-year-old sing. a stretch of 15th avenue is open after crews ukes fixed a collapsed sewer main. it happened early this morning opening up a two-foot sinkhole. crews patched up the
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100-year-old main, but it is rescheduled or scheduled to be replaced during the next two weeks as part of a city sewer system upgrade. san francisco fire investigators tonight are trying to figure out how flames broke out at a home. it happened before 5:00 on sanchez street near 22nd street. it took firefighters 15 minutes to contain the flames, but the two-story structure suffered from a lot of damage. and a wildfire in rural san diego county has grown to 2,000 acres tonight forcing the closure of state route 78. it is burning at the edge of the anzo borrego state desert park. so far no homes or buildings are in immediate danger. same-sex marriage and immigration are two issues the u.s. supreme court may consider during the upcoming session. a new term begins storm. john alston is live in the newsroom with a look at one of the biggest issues facing the court. >> some provisions of the
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healthcare law have taken affect. but the court could hear one or more legal challenges including the controversy requirement that everyone must have health coverage. more than 30 million americans don't have health insurance. one is randy martinez who tends bar in redwood city. he would like insurance, but he can't afford it, and he doesn't like the idea of being forced to buy it. >> would it be nice if i had healthcare? sure. but to require me to do so, i think that's too much to ask. >> ever since president obama signed the overhaul of the nation's healthcare system, there have been political and legal challenges. the federal court rulings have all been different. the 11th circuit in atlanta struck down the main provision that required people to buy health insurance if they don't already have it. so last week the obama administration went right to the u.s. supreme court asking justices to uphold the so-called individual mandate. >> it is pretty obvious that
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the obama administration made a strategic decision that they want to have this decision sooner rather than later. >> if the supreme court hears the case as expected, abc7 legal analyst dean johnson says the bigger issue would be a ruling on how much power the federal government can exert over americans. >> the healthcare bill says if you are a living, breathing human being in the united states you can be regulated to the extent you can buy health insurance. they said, look, that is going too far. if there is any limit on federal power, this is it. >> julia from san francisco doesn't have coverage and doesn't want to have to buy it. >> if it is mandatory in that sense. it has to be affordable. affordable in an area like this, it has to be less than $100. >> a month? >> a month. >> the healthcare law would provide subsidees to allow middle income people to buy
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private insurance. they would hear arguments and a dig could come next june right in the thick of the presidential campaign. john alston, abc news. >> thank you, john. governor jerry brown signed a bill that would prevent governments from banning male sir come session. it was a ballot measure proposed in san francisco. the measure collected more than 7700 signatures to put it on the november ballot. the on going protest on wall street will go viral as they unveiled the plans for an on-line protest. >> new york city police provided this video showing protesters on the roadway of the brooklyn bridge. police armed more than 700 for disorderly conduct. but organizers of the occupy wall street protest claimed officers lead them into the traffic lanes. the protesters planned to stay on wall street as long as they
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can rally against what they call corporate greed. an american on edge in italy. coming up, the decision that could change the life of amanda knox. the disiewnt accused of murdering her roommate. and a big weekend for techies. and at 11:30, the high cost of president obama's jobs bill. >> hi, everyone. i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. at this hour the clouds are with us. they are starting to thicken up. live doppler 7hd is showing some rain on the radar. that's along the north coast. and we'll let you know when you can expect rain in your neighborhood.
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to
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supply in just a few hours, american college student amanda knox will learn if she will be freed of murder charges or if she will spend the rest of her life in italian prison. knox and her legal team will finish pleading her innocence. she was accused of killing her roommate, meredith kercher. they will hear knox spet in the courtroom and then decide her fate. >> it is trying to put into words how to plead for your life. that's a pretty tough thing to do. >> an independent review concluded some of the dna evidence in this case may have been tainted which lead to the appeals trial. well, in missouri, businessman herman cane won a presidential straw poll held at the the women's convention. cane appeared and said he
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should have spoke out at a recent public debate where an audience booed a question by a gay soldier. he far out distanced his uh . nents -- opponents with the vote. rick perry was second with 14% and former massachusetts governor mitt romney placed third with 13%. cane won a florida straw poll last week. the oracle open world convention got underway in san francisco. the event was packed with people listening to the keynote speech by oracle ceo larry ellis son. the four-day convention will feature demonstrations and exhibits and possible upgrades for people using oracle software. >> we run all of our financial applications on oracle. and so they provide a way to give us information that we need. >> now, the oracle open world is not the only tech game in town. on tuesday apple is scheduled to day bo the iphone 5 as well as the iphone 4s.
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>> and the new iphone won't be the only hot gadget on holiday wish lists. amazon's kindle fire tab let will no doubt get a lot of attention. it is a smaller competitor to the apple ipad. >> maybe i don't need all of the features of the ipad it is attractive and maybe i don't need it. the asking price 1* $199, half of the apple ipad. the kindle will debut on november 15 the, and it is trying to win the battle for christmas gadget supremacy. and veterans are riding for rehabilitation. they gathered in pacifica to start the seven-day, 450-mile ride. the group will ride down pacific coast highway and arriving in santa monica on saturday. the ride to recovery raises
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funds to support recovery labs and outdoor cycling programs at military and veteran hospitals. leigh is here. >> they are scrambling and getting the rain gear out especially for the morning commute. get ready for a wet commute and really a wet day all the way around. right now you can see from the high definition east bay cam, the clouds are starting to thicken up a little out there. we also have some patchy areas of fog near the coast. 60 antioch and 58 in livermore. 61 in oakland and 58 in san francisco. half moon bay is at 55 degrees. 61 in san jose. in the north bay, napa, thickening clouds and 57 degrees. we will look for the clouds to be on the increase overnight. the rain will spread beginning in the north bay first. and then it will slip down to the south bay by tomorrow afternoon. and that will be storm number one. storm number two, a stronger
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system will move in as we head into late tuesday afternoon. here is a look at our first cold front. you can see it well defined on the map here. you can also get a sense of the moisture that is already starting to bank itself along the north coast. live doppler 7hd is checking out the rain and crescent city to eureka, you can see some embedded stronger cells denoted by the darker green shaving on the map. and all of this is slowly saging toward the south. this is what is going to move into our area tomorrow. we will go with increasing rain throughout day on monday. on tuesday a slight break right here and then by tuesday night the stronger system will start to move in on tuesday night and throughout wednesday morning. this will pack a little wind with it as well. keep that in mind. around 5:00 a.m., just as you get ready to hit the commute, ukiah toward santa rosa will see the front slide there and
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advance the rain by lunchtime. we will look for rain in san francisco, half moon bay and heading down toward the peninsula. by the 5:00 commute time, san jose, will see the wet pavement. a break tuesday morning and throughout the day on tuesday. and then the second wave will move in on tuesday night. how much rainfall? well, this first wave close to an inch is expected in the north bay mountains. other locations will see lesser amounts. so maybe just a trace toward the south bay. and i do want to let you know if you have travel plans through the high country and the sierra and especially tuesday afternoon and tuesday night and wednesday, already winter storm watch in affect there above the 7,000 foot level. we are looking at close to 10 inches of snow, up to two inches near lake level. if are you traveling in that location, don't forget to carry the chains. here is a look at the highs for your monday with the rain on tap. 60s and even temperatures in the east bay near 70 degrees. we will look for the rain to
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move down toward the south bay areas. santa cruz, 64 tomorrow afternoon with rain developing there. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, you will see a little break on tuesday .'s a stronger system on tuesday night and wednesday morning. the wind with that system as well. a slight chance on thursday. and then after that we warm things up and bring on more sunshine. >> we had a great weekend. >> thanks, leigh. it seemed like the raiders were getting all of the hype. and then -- >> it rained on their parade. they let one slip away against the patriots. the 49ers made a statement in philly with a more diverse offense. offense. we'll get physical next in1ñfi
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so...what do you think? i'm not crazy about these light fixtures. kitchen's too small.
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what's next? 607 franklin st. ♪ sea bass... ♪ ooohhh! ♪ i like it. yeah, i love the kitchen. [ male announcer ] the epa-estimated 42 mpg highway chevy cruze eco. perfect for finding your way home. of his tools on the offense. niners looking to win back to back road gains -- road games for the first time. vic a career high 416 passing yards. harbaugh very conservative in the first half and opened up the tool kit in the second.
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a quick slant to morgan. niners down 13. smith is feeling. it four and a half minutes later and he finds his other favorite receiver. 291 yards. the 9ers are down 6 in the third. then frank gore made a statement with a breakout game, 127 yards and this touchdown run. the niners are up 24-23. vic to macklan. watch smith run it down and force the fumble. niners win two straight on the road for the first time since 2006. they are three and one after pulling off a stuner in philly. >> you know, that's the difference between this year and years in the past, you come in at half time and there is reason to say here we go again. a lot of energy and a lot of like in there. >> we need to start off it helped us out.
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>> huge win. the raiders had the patriots right where they want wanted it, but one play changed the ending. after a roughing the passer call, brady finds w le ker with nine catches and pay patriots up 7-3. mcfaden kids four more yards. 10-7 raiders. the raiders at the patriot six. a chance to take a 17-14 half time lead, but he throws a bone head pick and it is 17-10 pats at the half. first drive and ry dley out of the back field. can someone make a tackle? 33 yards. 24-10 before the raider offense got back on the field. the raiders d came unhinged. touchdown 274 puts him at number nine on the all all time list. how about that interception?
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>> you know, it cost us. it cost our team. it is something i don't usually do. unfortunately it happened. >> he was trying to throw it away. >> we will take a brief timeout. the cardinals snuck in the backdoor to get in the play of yos and they are at it again. a complete run
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game two and brew years -- brewers and d-backs may be the team of destiny. the brewer fans burying the d-backs. and he gets all of it, a two-run bomb. the game tied at four in the fifth. to the sixth and brad ziegler throws it away. he gives up four runs without getting an outburst. he wins it 9-4.
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back east and they were sick with philly fever. they go up 4-0 in the second. but that wasn't enough for cliff leigh. he just slides under the tag. and this is going to tie it at four in the second. the run scoring single. they come back to win it 5-4. heading to st. louis. to the bronx and cabrera got the tigers off to a great start. the tigers up 2-0 in the first. he was outstanding. five plus innings of no hit ball. he left with a 4-0 lead. he gets canow to end it and the series heads to detroit tied at a game apiece. and that was your toyota sports report. plays of the day in the second half hour of this newscast. coming up, congress gets back to work. and president obama wants lawmakers to help you get back to work too.
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but the jobs bill may cost more than expected. and why more parents than ever are concerned about vaccinating their children.
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good evening, everyone.
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i'm alan wang. in tonight's headlines, one lane open on eastbound interstate 80 near san pablo road. the body of a man was found along eastbound 80 about two hours ago. a san leandro man is asking anyone who saw what happened to his teenage daughter to call police. the girl and two others were shot to death while leaving a party promote oatd internet. -- promoted on the internet. the palo alto city council is about to make a decision on pot clubs. tomorrow members must decide whether to reverse a long-standing ban on pot clubs, or turn the matter over to the voters. congress gets back to work this week with president obama insisting they take up his $447 billion jobs program. he says it will put teachers, police officers and construction crews back to work. but there is new analysis about how much each of those jobs will cost. david muir reports. >> it was merely three weeks ago where the president announced the jobs act.
11:36 pm
>> it is called the american jobs act. >> it was employment ideas and tbd. >> the comics wasted no time. the president cleared this weekend and he believes congress is. >> it is time for congress to get its act together and pass the jobs bill so i can find it in the law. >> and while the president argues congress isn't doing much, some economists have. they are doing the very simple math. it starts with a price tag nearly $450 billion. and then divides it by the most generous forecast creating two million jobs next year. the cost per job is $200,000, perhaps even more. the economist has been sharing those numbers. >> one and two million jobs over the next two years. that sounds like a lot. until you realize that is 200,000 per job. >> reporter: we took that math to tim geithner. >> one crunched the numbers and said of the $450 billion
11:37 pm
spent, if you break down the numbers that every job created would cost the american taxpayer $200,000. that's a lot of money for a relatively few number of jobs. >> think about thal -- think about the alternative. if people sit and do nothing, the economy will be much weaker. the average american will feel much more pressure. >> even if each job cost $200,0. >> those who are looking for jobs can attend a job fair co-sponsored by abc7 tomorrow. it will include jobs in accounting, technology, insurance, management, sales and more. the free job fair runs from noon until 4:00 tomorrow at the hilton garden inn. money is tight for just about everyone right now. ask any college student or parent, and they will tell you textbooks are eating a hole in their wallet. here is seven on your side michael finney with the movement to make them more
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affordable. >> the shelves are already half empty this school year. they swarm the school to assign the books brought by the professor. and for those books they pay a premium. this biology book cost $187. this economic book is $197. and the anatomy book, $221. >> i don't have anything. >> one parent stopped to sign a petition demanding the publishers and the professors find an alternative solution. >> they keep sending out different additions of essentially the same book. just put out new books and the used textbooks are no longer any good. >> uc berkeley is the latest stop on a 40-campus tour by a coalition called the textbook rebellion. the textbook rebel stroald the
11:39 pm
plaza gathering attention. organizers gathered signatures hoping to change the book industry. >> what we are looking at is new models for publishers. a new one is flat world knowledge. >> they make their books available free on the internet. students can buy black and white self-printed books, e-books and audio books for as little as $29.95. one manager says that model won't work. >> i i wouldn't see that happening. the books aren't free. there is a lot of work that goes into. it. >> but what we have now isn't working. priefss increased over the last four years. this upward trend has been happening for 20 years. >> textbooks have been increasing the rate of inflation. >> and even booksellers say it can't continue.
11:40 pm
>> i do think there is a breaking point and we are getting close to that. >> the association of american publishers tells us it is already aggressively working to provide students with alternative and less expensive course material options. one popular option offered by booksellers is to rent books usually at half the cost. michael finney, 7 on your side. >> inifants may face a i hooker risk of developing learning disabilities -- face a higher risk of developing learning disabilities when given an anesthesia. they examined the records of 5,000 children born between 1976 and 1982. 350 were given anesthesia at least once before age two. 37% of the patients who received it more than once developed learning disabilities compared to 24% who only had anesthesia one time. a lot of pediatricians worry some children and young adults are not getting all of the
11:41 pm
vaccinations needed. a survey finds one in 10 parents delay vaccinations and even reject them altogether. the current standard for call for vaccinating children and young adults from 14 diseases ranging from polio and chickenpox .'s some parents avoid the recommended doses because they fear medical side affects. both studies are in the journal "pediatrics." and 7 live goes live one on one with bradford marcell less. >> and did we have a nice weekend or what? the clouds are thickening up, and rain will be with you tomorrow morning. we'll have a look at the h@h@h@h@
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we have breaking news on the peninsula tonight. bart service has been stopped near the colma station. a person is strapped just outside the station. trains headed toward san francisco from the peninsula have been halted while firecrews try to work free that person. marcelles is the first family of jazz playing with sting, public enemy and the great of the dead and he recent -- grateful dead and he sat down with michael finney to talk about his life in music. >> did they make you play music in your family? >> no, it is a false narrative. it sounds good. we run with it when it is said. no, there was more read ling -- reading than practicing going on in the house.
11:45 pm
i think growing up in a town like new orleans where there are at least 15 off the top of my head, 15 musicians who are the fourth generation of musicians in that town. >> really? >> it was one of those cities where it was cool to be in the band. it was half as cool as being on the football team. >> have you played with just about everyone. have you searched out these people you always respected? >> oh yes. i don't ask to play with them. i want to meet them and tell them what influence they have had on my career and my life. >> the thing that blows me away about your career is you have the duo thing going. for awhile you were doing classical. >> i'm still doing that. >> what is your training to get you all of these faces? >> i was lucky enough to grow up in a city like new orleans where we didn't have -- we just played mu sifnlght we
11:46 pm
didn't have r&b guys. i played in an r&b band and piano in the rock band and claire net in the orchestra and in the march -- marching band. there was nobody saying you couldn't do it. we didn't really think of it in those terms. we just played music and had the opportunity to play and did it. >> is one more enjoyable than the other right now? the duo perhaps? >> they are enjoyable in different ways. you have to approach the music differently so they appeal to different sensibilities and different times. i just had a situation where i was in an island in the caribbean playing in a festival scpirks played with my quartet at 12:00 and i played the whole show with sting. and it was the material from when i played with his band in the 80s. they were both enjoyable. they different in one way. >> what is on your i-pod? >> dude, come on.
11:47 pm
i go to get an i-pod and can you imagine putting 5,000 songs on there? i said no, the songs i listen to are longer than four minutes. i have eight days of music on my i-pod. i listen to most of it. and then i swap out stuff and put new things in. >> what are you listening to right now? >> last night i was listening to monteverde magical, book 8. >> so was i! >> what are the odds of that? >> you can watch 7 live every weekday from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. here on abc7. meteorologist leigh glaser is standing by to tell you about your morning commute. hi, leigh. >> for some locations it will be a wet one. there is an early season cold front stacking up near the coast. we are looking for increasing
11:48 pm
clouds. those north of the golden gate bridge, the rain will begin in your neighborhood first and then all of this will slide south and hit the south bay by tomorrow afternoon. temperature wise with the rain overhead, you are definitely going to notice the temperatures coming down. we will look for the mid to upper 60s across the bay area. a few lingering 70s out toward concord and antioch and 64 degrees with the rain moving into santa cruz. this is a first in a series of systems to move through the secondary one. it is news night throughout the morning. some periods of heavy rain, and then we will leave a chance of a few showers for thursday morning and then sunshine and mild weather will return. >> thank you very much, leigh. we know you stayed up late so you can watch shu's plays of the day. >> that's right. the baseball playoffs with the second half hour, but no
11:49 pm
worries. we have the plays of the day regular, aaron rodgers. a career day keeping them a perfect 4 and 0. stick around for the always entertaining plays of the
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well, every first time head coach has the signature win that puts a stamp on what he is trying to do with that team. today in philadelphia jim harbaugh got his. they are looking to win back
11:52 pm
to back road games. michael vick will make it difficult. he escapes two guys and he is wide open and vic career high 416 passing yards. eagles up 20 at one point. harbaugh very conservative in the first half. opened up the offense in the second. a quick glance to morgan. the 90ers down 13. smith getting warmed up. he loves vernon davis. 291 yards and niners down six in the third. eagles miss two short field goals. 127 yards in this touchdown run. eagle tries to answer. vic to macklin and smith comes from the other side of the field and forces a fumble. he recovers and he wins two times on the road since 2006. they are three and one after pulling off a stun neither philly. >> that's the difference.
11:53 pm
you come in at half time and a lot of reasons to say here we go again. this team has been different this year. uh -- a lot of energy and a lot of life. some of these guys carried a little loose and it hip -- helped us out. >> the black hole was sold out for a second week. after a roughing the passer call, tom brady finds welker, nine catches and patriots up 7-3. raiders counter with mcfaden. not his best day. michael bush capped that off with a one-yard plunge. a chance to take a 17-14 lead before the half and campbell throw itself pick. nobody was in sight and they get a field goal. the pats lead instead 17-10 at the half. out of the back field. can be somebody make a tackle? 33 yards and 24-10 before the offense got back on the field.
11:54 pm
brady a quick slant to branch and touchdown 274 in his career and puts him ahead of joe montana all time. the pats bully the raiders. jason, what was up with the interception? >> it cost us. it cost our time. -- it cost our team. it is something i don't usually do. unfortunately it happened. from that point on it scared the momentum. the brewers' fans already burying the d-backs. the blue better -- the brewers go with the squeeze. brewers win it 9-4 and they are a win away from the nlcs. back east they were sick with philly fever in game two. then the cardinals made them really sifnlght albert pujols with a single and they win it 5-4. the series is tied at one and heading back to st. louis. to the bronx and caw cabrera got the tigers off to a great start. a two-run jack.
11:55 pm
on the hill and outstanding. five plus innings of no hit ball. that series tied at one. ready? time for our plays of the day. starting in chicago. bear hfs panthers and 69 yards for a touchdown. a new nfl record and the bears win. for you tony romo haters he threw two pick six's in a five-minute span. went 56 yards and cowboys blew a lead in detroit. johnson played a big role. triple coverage, 18 in the first four games? lion roups 4 and 0 after a big come back win. that's sick. this former raider picks off orton. his 11th pick six and ties him for second all time. this game belongs to aaron rodgers. six total touchdowns for mr. rogers.
11:56 pm
career high 408 yards. two weeks ago you may have seen this memorable interception. today against the raiders the 325 pounder struck again. he shook off a few tackles, and then we have our hit of the day. he is leveled. do you think you want to be a receive neither the nfl? think again. what a hit. what a win. that is your toyota sports report. what a day in sports. >> well worth the wait. >> do you think the national sports writers will be talking about the 49ers tomorrow? >> i think they are the surprise of the league right now. i think because they didn't have ota's or mini camps, he hadn't put in his offense. he is just figuring out what his players can do. i think you will see them get better every week. i think the niners will be a team to contend in the playoffs. >> that's it, shu. i'm alan wang with leigh and
11:57 pm
shu, thanks for watching. good night.
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