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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  October 3, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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for help in finding the killers who opened fire on a party in weekend. fatality on the bart tracks shuts down service last night. we'll update the situation this morning. >> welcome to monday. we talked about it last week, rain on the way, twice this early week. we'll talk about when it will hit your neighborhood. >> good morning sue hall. live shot at 80, east shore freeway headed to the maze looks good. major convention downtown san francisco that could have streets gridlocked. an american convicted of murder in italy. amanda knox makes her plea to an italian jury. her future is in their hands. all that developing right now. >> j 4:30 one. the first monday in october which can mean rain here. thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze.
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san leandro police trying to find a gunman who killed three and injured three outside a tattoo party advertised on facebook. amy hollyfield is live outside the police station. some of these victims are teenagers? >> reporter: right, 16 and 19-year-old two of the three kill. it was a horrible scene, police say. they are begging for help in finding the killers. they are asking for anyone to please come forward. i was a huge event. hundreds were at this warehouse. it was a tattoo party. it cost $10 to 20 to get in. police say organizers should have had a permit. they are looking into who threw this party. investigators are thinking about the families of the victims and the pain they are in, as they hunt for the killers. the father of one of the victims begging for witnesses to please come for with >> i'm devastated. i'm looking at my car with
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bullet holes in my windshield where i . so i know my daughter suffered a horrible death. -- >> reporter: there were killed two females, 16-year-old and 19-year-old and 23-year-old man. three others hurt. at least two gunmen are to . they don't know if they were at the party or showed up at the end. hundreds were there. police are hoping that someone saw something and will give them a call. they will come forward and give them the tip they need. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. it is 4:32 now. crucial day for american college student amanda knox and her family after a final appeal. a jury is expected to decide whether she can go free or remain in prison for life for allegedly killing her roommate. lou holtz reports outside the courtroom -- lama hasan reports outside the courtroom.
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>> i have not what they say i am. >> reporter: he prepared for months, an opportunity to make a statement before the core. as expected she proclaimed her innocence and asked not to be punished for a crime she did not commit. >> i'm . >> reporter: knox and her then boyfriend were convicted in 2009 of murdering her british roommate meredith kercher. her body was found lying in a pool of blood in the house she sharedded with amanda. the case is in the -- in the hands after appeals court. a judge ordered an independent review of the dna evidence. experts found collection of kercher's bra clasp was sloppy and could have been contaminated. and the knife, the alleged murder weapon contained too small an dna sample to be retestified and should never
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had been introduced as evidence. italy's system is different from the american system. >> there is no sequestering of jurors in italy, at all. they are as vulnerable as any member of the public. to a lot of the hyperbole. >> reporter: perhaps the strongest influence on the jurors, the judges. the new judge is said to be respected and experienced. the stories on the front pages of all the local newspapers here the day of justice reads one. the fate of amanda knox now lies in the hands of the jury. she could be acquitted and freed or her sentence upheld or increased. all eyes will be on that courtroom today. lama hasan, abc news, italy. bart running normally after officials were forced to temporarily shut off service when a man was hit and kill by a train. it happened shortly before
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11:30 last night. the operator reported the accident. bart immediately shut off electricity to the third rail and contacted the coroner's office. passengers on the train were evacuated. witnesses reported seeing a person jump from the platform on to the tracks as the train was approaching. 880 open after a man was found dead along the freeway last night. highway patrol had closed all eastbound lanes at san pablo after a 911 caller reported seeing the man in the lanes. all the lanes were reopened shortly after me night. no word on the circumstances surrounding the man's death. that vote that police arrested a man they -- novato police arrested a man. a woman ed her daughter had been touched inappropriately by her neighbor.
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detectives found two other victims before they arrested the man. in what is believed to be a bay area first, oakland police say they have video of a fatal police shooting filmed by the officers. it comes from a city-issued camera. police won't say what the footage shows except it recorded the fatal shooting of a suspect in the 9900 of cherry street september 25th. officers say they fired after a suspect threatened them with a gun. two witnesses said the man appeared to be shot while his hands were in the air. the officers have not been allowed to view the tape. something the police union says is unfair. no word if the tape will be made public. palo alto city council will decide today to reverse a long standing ban on pot clubs or let the voters decide. >> reporter: the city of palo alto prohibits the operation of any medical marijuana dis reese like
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these. -- dispensaries like these. >> i guess it could be a problem, because there is going to be more people trying to buy we'd and smoke on the -- to buy weed and smoke on the treats. >> if you let real doctors write real prescriptions at real drug stores we wouldn't have any of these problems. the government messed it up in one direction and people have messed it up in the other. >> reporter: alexander suggests one, pat dis s have cropped up all over -- pot dis s have cropped up all over the bay area. there are enough signatures to place it on the ballot. >> i wouldn't support the initiative. >> reporter: the councilman says city council will
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consider whether to adopt a measure or let voters decide. >> i think it would degrade the quality of life in palo alto. people would be able to smoke marijuana on street anywhere they would be able to smoke cigarettes and that would be an inappropriate model for our children. >> it is a win-win the city needs more revenue. >> reporter: thomas moore with the hoover institution highs wife with the cato institute. they say the dis s could generate millions. some of your neighbors have pain that only marijuana can alleviate. why not do something nice for your neighbors. >> reporter: moore and other supporters will try to convince the city council to adopt their initiative and avoid putting it on the ballot at the cost of $92 million
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dollars. former vice president al gore said to appear at a fundraiser tonight. he announced his enforcement last month she worked as a policy adviser for gore. she served for seven years as superviser in district two which clues the marina at pacific heights. the location of the fundraiser is only being revealed to those who respond for -- new power base appears to be dog owners. there are more dogs in the city than children. 150,000 dogs, 108,000 children. dog owners have formed a political action committee. they plan to endorse whichever mayoral candidate gets behind their need for a place in the golden gate national recreation area where dogs can run free. >> it is nobel prize week. three scientists are being honored for diskoers on the
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immune -- for discover s on the immune system. the committee in stockholm says their work has opened up new avenues against infections, cancer and inflammatory disease. we have nobel announcements coming this week culminating in the peace prize friday. >> time to check the weather. i hear there's rain? >> rain in the forecast. not only today but again wednesday the storm wednesday probably stronger. here's the storm from over the weekend that brought us the beautiful cloud form nations and -- formations and cooler conditions. this will steer towards us as the afternoon wears on. right now mainly cloudy,
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temperature in the 50s. 51 redwood city to 59 in san francisco. by the afternoon, temperatures cooler than yesterday. you could see the rain taking over the north bay, then along the coast and slowly pushing east during the afternoon and evening hours. this will be an after lunch/ evening commute rain event. me to upper 60s, east bay and south bay the rain will come in later. a few peeks of sun this morning. mid to upper 60s around the bay low to mid 70s for the rest of us. we get a break tomorrow. tomorrow night into wednesday is our stronger storm it will have heavier rain, faster winds, once it passes sun and warming trend for the weekend. here's sue. >> so far, so good. good morning. we go to san leandro cleared
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out of lanes 80 northbound at the davis street off-ramp significant slowing you may come upon that accident. oracle open world opened last night with keynote speaker, mosconey center jammed delays all around street closures how war between 3rd and 4th muni routes around the area will be affected. here's a quick look at the toll plaza, very light as you head into the city. 4:42. >> economic jitters rebounding around the globe. we'll tell you about world markets overnight. manhunt for a wanted killer end today this weekend. leaving people feeling safer
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can't high definition shot in our roof camera of the ferry building, bay bridge in the
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background. this is the abc7 news news. despite what you see here, no sign of moisture, it is going to rain later on probably after noon. mike is going to check the forecast. >> another weak opening on wall street later this morning following last friday's 244 point loss. overseas markets taking a beating after greece admitted it won't meet its targets. nikkei index in tokyo fell at the close. hang seng plummeted more than 4%. european markets trieding lower, dow futures in negative -- territory. law enforcement officials and residents are expressing relief after one of the largest manhunts educated sad day. a s.w.a.t. team shot and kill
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35-year-old aaron bassler in the woods after a month long search. he was wanted for killing former ft. bragg player and land trust employee during separate incidents in august. authorities found him after staking out a cabin he robbed for food and drink like the cabin he was seen breaking into this photo >> it relief it has ended. there was such stress in the community. 35 days of not knowing. >> residents were notified in a reverse 911 record area is safe and secure. police released a picture of the man accused of killing the leader of the san jose hells angels. ernesto gonzalez was arrested. police say he is the man who shot and kill jeffrey pettigrew 10 days ago in a nevada casino.
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pettigrew was president of the san jose hells angels. it is 4:47. >> why san mateo.nn residents ae likely to see another hike in their garbage collection bills after they went up last april. >> j presidential politics. president obama stirs up his gop rivals with comments made during a washington dinner speech. >> there are conflicting reports about the impact of last hey, your high speed internet here, at home...
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we'll have the wettest weather. flight tracker 4:50 now. >> a top yemeni official says al-qaeda's chief bomb maker was not killed in the drone strike that killed an american born al-qaeda leader last week. u.s. officials were speculating that he might have died in the strike that killeds al-awlaki. -- linked to an the underwear bomber many republicans shopping for a presidential candidate capable of defeating president obama next year think new jersey governor christie. will he run? john hendron has the latest on the issues dogging gop candidates and president obama has jumped into that fray. >> reporter: if christie is joining the presidential roster he's still not talking.
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>> if he wants to come and play we would be glad to have him. >> reporter: those close to the governor say he will decide within days.?> one potential opponent went on attack. >> it shows a lack of sensitivity for a long time of not taking that word off of that rock and renaming the place. >> reporter: perry had rock pained over years ago. cain say he and other gop candidates probably should have spoken up when some in the audience booed a gay soldier during a republican debate. >> yes, that would have been appropriate >> reporter: that was the point president obama made over the weekend. >> the president: you to be commander in chief you can start by standing up for the men and women who wear the uniform of the united states, even when not politically screen. >> reporter: the president got support from a surprising source. >> we should honor every man and woman serving in the
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military and in no way treat them with anything but the highest regard. >> reporter: if perry becomes nominee, cain says he will not support him. he says they are too far apart ideologically. this morning a wildfire in rural san diego county has green to 2,000 acres forcing the closure of state route 78 burning at the edge of the desert state park. no homes or buildings in immediate danger. 4:52. boy are we in for a big change, rain! >> let's look outside. checking the radar all the rain well to our north. it is an anticipation game. nothing to worry about as you head out. good morning. 4:53. clouds thicker may feel
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humidity in the air. i don't expect any moisture for the morning commute. pretty mild most of news the 50s. low 50s around redwood city, nap pavement mid to upper 50s ever we have else except for loss guy toes. -- for los gatos. here are our highlights. increasing clouds, cooler and rain during the afternoon and evening. tomorrow, between systems, partly sunny, dry and cool. stronger system comes in wednesday. heavier rain and faster winds. that's when we could be dealing with more potential problems. today in the south bay mostly cloudy until you get to the evening rush upper 60s to 70 around saratoga, san jose and 71 in los gatos. peninsula could see rain this afternoon, mostly cloudy, mid to upper 60s into the south
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bay. breezy and wet along the coast with low to mid 60s. rain in san francisco, downtown san francisco mid to upper 60s first place to see the rain the north bay and the area to see the heaviest amounts up to half an inch maybe a little more, some of the higher elevations low to mid 60s in most of your neighborhoods. east bay shore rain will move in during the afternoon into the evening commute mid to upper 60s to 70 in fremont. evening commute maybe after the sunsets to get rain in the east bay valleys upper 60s to low 70s around monterey bay after sunset to get your rain mostly cloudy today, breezy me 60s around the bay, 68 salinas low to mid 70s inland. around the state, wet weather to the north chico, eureka for sure, low to mid 60s there,
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tahoe dry until the evening. 84 fresno sunny 95 in palm springs. back home, lingering scattered shower or two possible temperatures in the 50s. here we are 5:00, clouds, rain to the north as we head towards noon rain starring to work into the north bay by 6 -- most of us seeing rain, stronger along the coast and bay evening moves through east bay and south bay tomorrow morning a few showers. east and south bay may get a 10th of an inch, inch to half -- a break tomorrow then heavier rain wednesday. slight chance it will linger into thursday. friday, saturday, sunday, sun with a warming trend. have a great day. no rain for your commute, good news for this monday morning. live look at incline section of the bay bridge headed westbound stall before
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treasure island no lane given to us. no delays as you reach the toll plaza, metering lights off, light heading into san francisco. public transit bart on time after overnight delays. however, muni will be affected around mosconey center due to the oracle open world convention: for the rest. the san mateo city council will consider another garbage rate increase tonight. rates went up 23% last april when the city switched contractors. the mercury news reports another 10% hike could be needed, because people are recycling more and tossing out less garbage.
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the average customer would pay $1.60 more each month. 4:57. next, the plight of a sea lion that try to roll down a bay area freeway this weekend. >> reporter: murder victim's father is asking for help. i'm amy hollyfield live in san leandro. you will hear from him, after the break. >> health care reform tops agenda for u.s. supreme court in a new session that begins today. find out what other [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life? i think it can. one of the challenges for kayla being gluten-free is actually finding choices the whole family will love.
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