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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 3, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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from schools this morning because they failed to meet a line to get a new whooping cough vaccination. >> reporter: i'm live in san leandro. police are asking for with it in a triple homicide to come for. they the only ones asking for help. -- >> after an american woman's plea for freedom an italian jury is now deciding whether to overturn the murder conviction of amanda knox. it is dry now. we have rain on the way, not only today but again tomorrow night into wednesday. a couple of strong storms headed our way. >> i'm sue hall following your monday morning commute. live shot at the bay bridge toll plaza, not bad. accident fairfield westbound more on that in a few minutes. the first monday in october, thanks for joining us, i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. san leandro police pleading
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for the public to help find a gunman who kill three and injure three outside a party this weekend. amy some of the victims are teenagers? >> reporter: they are. the father of one is asking for help. he is devastated that his daughter is gone and she suffered such a horrible death. his daughter 19-year-old was one of three kill. a 16-year-old girl and 23-year-old man also died. they were shot just as a huge warehouse tattoo party was wrapping up saturday. ended early sunday morning. police have not may any arrests. they say they need witnesses to come forward. victims of the relatives are also hoping for justice. >> appealing to everyone that was there. if you saw anything, please call the san leandro police and help us solve this crime. that's my only child.
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>> reporter: the party was advertised online. it cost $10 to $20 to get in. from 150 to 400 people were there. police would like to talk to the organizers. officers say they should have had a per me. three die, three hurt and -- had a permit. three died, three hurt and taken to the hospital. there were so many people there they are hoping someone saw something and will come forward and talk to the police. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:02 now in italy this morning american exchange student amanda knox is waiting as a jury decides whether to uphold her conviction. the 24-year-old offered jurors a tearful plea to overturn her conviction. moments later, they began deliberating. knox and her ex-boyfriend were convicted of murdering british student meredith kercher in
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2009. knox was sentenced to 26 years her ex-boyfriend, 25. >> i don't want my future to be taken for something i didn't do. because i'm innocent. >> earlier this year a judge ordered an independent review of the dna evidence that lead to her conviction after tests showed it happened to be flawed. a verdict is expected later today. hundreds of students could be turned away from school in the west contra costa district today if they can prove they've had a whooping cough shot. today is the deadline to prove they've gotten the booster shot. at last count the district believed 60 to 80% had been vaccinated. tutbacks take effect today for the pacifica police department, -- the elimination of six jobs as they outsource dispatching duties to the
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san francisco police department. starting today police headquarters will only be open to the public weekdays from 8:30 to 5 p.m. except wednesday when it will stay open until 7:30 in the evening. major announcement this morning. half an hour ago, abc news announced it will join forces with yahoo news that will deliver content to more than 100 million u.s. users each month. blending abc news global news organization and line-up of anchors and reporters with yahoo's audience. starting off george stephanopoulos will be interviewing president obama today webcast live on and abc beginning at 11:30 a.m. our time with questions from people who want to participate. >> while abc is making it easier to get the latest news we are trying make it easier to get a job. 400 positions available today
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during a tree job chair co-sponsored by abc 7, jobs in accounting, technology, insurance, management sales and more. the job fair runs from noon to 4 today, the employers include: noon to 4:00 that's when mike say we might see rain. >> but which areas mike? >> looks like north bay and probably along the coast into the peninsula and a few parts of the east bay. around the bay and north bay. south bay and east bay will be dry from that timeframe from 12 to noon. radar showing rain trying to move into. the air near the ground is too dry. a few sprinkles possible. the measurable rain will move in at noon. here's what is going on now, still in the 50s.
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cloud cover, here we are at 3:00. usually when we set our sky cast here, 3:00 is about the time we get the warmest temperatures in the afternoon, that's what we are looking at the highs. north bahrain, peninsula, rain. -- the north bay, rain, peninsula, rain. heading down to monterey bay, won't get rain until after sunset, 7:00 on, mostly cloudy mid to upper 60s. 7-day forecast, once that passes heavy rain tuesday night into wednesday morning. long dering showers thursday. it is fleet week this weekend, it is -- it is going to be gorgeous. good morning. accident traveling westbound fairfield westbound 80 at waterman. left lane blocked in the median area crews on the scene trying to get that out of the
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way before the commute gets underway in full force. westbound 80 at waterman, drive times, 580 a krepb. -- a crunch out of the central valley antioch towards concord 25 months. -- 25 minutes. -- golden gate bridge full four lanes southbound out of waldo tunnel across the span, no problems. no fog either. >> 6:07. different worry on wall street. the protests that lead to more than several hundred arrests yesterday. >> is it is a parents' prerogative or issue of safety? >>, why did he do it? the adventures of a wayward sea lion and the unusual location where this
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. what is being call the occupy wall street protest is growing this morning following hundreds of arrests. new york city police provided this video showing protesters on the brooklyn bridge saturday. police arrested more than 700 for disorderly con. organizers of the occupy wall street protest -- claim officers led them into the
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traffic lanes. the protests going on for weeks has gained steam as founds of new protesters joined the ranks -- over the weekend. using the demonstration to voice opposition from global warming to corporate greed. organizers which include the hacker group anonymous, say they were inspired by the so-called arab spring protests in egypt and syria. >> why governor brown has signed a bill that will prevent local governments from banning male circumcision. backers of the ban have collected more than 7700 signatures to put it on the november ballot. >> manslaughter trial against michael jackson's personal physician begins its second week prosecutors set to resume questioning an emergency room doctor who told the court last week she authorized paramedics to pronounce jackson dead in the bedroom of his home.
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dr. murray had wanted reus is station efforts to continue at the hospital. authorities content the pop star's doctor gave jackson a lethal dose of propofol and other sedatives in 2009. new study finds infants may face higher risk of developing learning disabilities when they start school if exposed to anesthesia during the first two years of life. researchers at mayo clinic examined examine the records of 5,000 children born between 1976 and 1982. 350 were given and too shah once before age two. 37% who received it more than once developed learning disabilities. compared to 24% who only had and too shah once. a lot of pedestrians -- raising concerns that children are not getting the vaccinations they knee. new survey finds 1 in 10 parents delay vaccinations and
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reject some all together. current standards calls for vaccinations for polio to chicken pox many parents say they fear medical side effects. the study appears in the journal of pediatrics. california faces that problem. >> without a lot of proof to back up the side effects argument, people still believe. >> 6:14. if there was a journal mike nicco would it talk about rain. >> first system appetizer the second is the full course. it is going to be the one with stronger wind, stronger storms and heavier rain tuesday night into wednesday. good money day morning. storms we talked about last week are knocking on our door. cloud cover from sutro tower cloudy now, not hearing of any rain reaching the ground a sprinkle or two is possible as
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we moisten the atmosphere. 50 in los gatos, 51 redwood city, 52 napa. around the monterey bay and inland from 52 in santa cruz to 58 in salinas. increasing clouds, cooler today. rain mainly this afternoon. partly sunny tomorrow, dry and cool during the daylight hours. tomorrow night into wednesday that's when that stronger storm rolls in. highs today, upper 60s to near 70 in the east bay valley. east bay shore mid to upper 60s to 70 in fremont south bay upper 60s to near 70. mainly mid to upper 60s to the peninsula. mid 60s downtown to upper 60s south san francisco. low to mid 60s through the north bay valleys. south monterey bay mid to
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upper 60s nine last low to mid 70s. -- for tonight, scattered showers, mainly cloudy temperatures in the 50s. let's talk about what is going on. here we go. we are watching the storms, the rain i should say start to move into the north bay during the morning hours. it is going to take the better part of the morning to moisten the atmosphere. by noon measurable rainfalling in the north bay. 4:00 heading to the east bay valleys. by 6:00 to 7:00 in the east bay valleys into the south bay all over the bay by 4:00. overnight definitely tapers as the system rolls through and falls apart. we'll fast forward to tuesday night at 5:00, mainly cloudy, next system rolls in, oranges, reds, locally heavy rain. today, tomorrow, a chance to clear the gutters, clear the drains. if you don't, there's going
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tobacco flooding problems with the next -- going to be flooding problems with the next system wednesday. rainfall fairly light quarter to half inch today. greens towards wednesday. that's over an inch to two inches of rain. accuweather 7-day, lingering showers through thursday. look at all that sun and warm weather friday, saturday, sunday. going to be dry now. sue how is the commute? >> so far, so good. a stall just reported southbound 880 at stevenson blocking left lane, mostly yellow as the crews are clearing that out of the way. current drive time, 580 out of the central valley highway 4 slug tphaoeurb concord. east shore freeway into the maze about 20 minutes. fairfield earlier accident at waterman has been cleared. live shot at berkeley 880,
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albany through ely, emeryville told blaze that, meter lights have just been turned on. you will still find the fast track and commuter lanes the best way to go. for the latest traffic for current drive times and the latest around the bay area. 6:18. a sea lion recovering after jaywalking across eight lines of highway 101 in burlingame early saturday morning when traffic was light. police say the sea lion ended up in a ditch near the broadway off-ramp. chp closed the ramp for two hours. the 160 pound sea lion was sent to for medical care. it is likely it strayed on to the highway from a nearby lagoon. the mammal center testing the sea lion to make sure it is healthy and figure out why it
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became disoriented. do you walk into a restaurant intenting to order a salad but end up with a burger? a new study shows half of americans say they would like restaurants to offer healthy options but only a quarter of us order those food. even though ihop orders yogurt and fruit bowls the top seller is eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns and pancakes. only 11% of parents or apple slices instead of fries in happy meals. even though they want the apple slices to be available. >> when you walk into the restaurant do you smell the salad? have i know. new survey showing how inconsequential the post office or one service seems to have become. new program offering helicopter rideseseseseseseseses
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in calling a professional. i respect you for trying. ♪call 1-800-steemer. anticipation is building with the iphone 5 expected out tuesday reports put price at $199. we don't know a a lot about the new phone. it is expected to be thinner and lighter and include an 8 mega pixel camera and access to 4-g network. >> surprising news about kindle's new fire tablet, the device costs almost $210 to
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manufacturer. there's speculation that amazon took the loss to spark big initial sales. >> google maps has introduced a new feature the 3-d preview feature provide as aerial view along the entire route let's you sight see from the comfort of your home. >> the oracle openworld convention is underway in san francisco. the event opened last night at the mosconey center. thousands listened to the keynote speech by the ceo. the four-day convention will feet -- will feature demonstrations and exhibits. apple is scheduled to debut iphone 5 at its cupertino headquarters. probably you e-mails everyday chances are they rarely send you a personal letter. the average american household gets a personal letter once every seven weeks in 1987 it
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was one letter every two weeks. postal officials say people have turned to the internet for much of their communication and the also of income is part of the reason the postal service is in financial trouble. the californian who has just won this year's nobel prize in medicine. >> and critical vote coming today that will determine whether voters will be asked to lift a long-standing ban of marijuana in one city. >> reporter: san leandro police and relatives are pleading for help in the search for the kill opened fire on a party over the weekend. the story coming up. >> sfo you are in a class by yourself. the only major airport reporting delays. reporting delays. check out our flight
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opening bell ringing right now. it is a monday it appears wall street is heading for a lower lower opening after big losses in asia and europe overnight largely blamed on word that greece is once again close to defaulting on a debt. latest on trading live from the new york stock exchange in
6:30 am
15 minutes. let's see how gloomy it is here. first monday of october. are you ready for a change in the weather? >> ready or not, here it comes. let's talk to mike. >> here's a look at live doppler, the rain we talked about last week on the radar already. moving through the north bay about noon until then sprinkles, moving through the heart of the bay 4:00. east bay and south bay, probably around 6:00, 7:00. impressive-looking system to our north that will slide down towards us during the afternoon and evening. going to leave us a 10th to quarter inch around the bay, maybe quarter to half inch up in the north bay. there's another stronger system that in a minute. 6:31. san leandro police are desperate for lees in a weekend shooting that killed three and -- for leads in a weekend shooting that killed three and wounded three
6:31 am
others. they were leaving a tattoo party. investigators are asking for your help. amy hollyfield is live with more. >> reporter: police say it was a horrible scene. they are hoping someone will come forward and help them solve this crime. it was a huge event there were hundreds of people there. advertised online. it cost $10 to $20 to get in. it attracted hundreds of young people. police say the organizers should have had a permit. they are looking into>dbú o÷ organized such an event. investigators say they are thinking about the families of the victims and the pain they are in, as they hunt for the killers. the father of one of the victims told is he's begging for witnesses to come forward. >> i'm devastated. i'm looking at the car. i'm looking at my car. with bullet holes in my windshield where i . so i know my daughter suffered a horrible death. >> reporter: his daughter was
6:32 am
19-years-old, a 16-year-old and 23 year were also kill, three others were hurt. police say two gunmen are to blame. they don't know if they were attendees of the party or showed up at the tail lend. they do think someone had -- tail end. they do think someone had to have seen something there were hundreds of people there. they hope someone will come for and help them solve this crime, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. in what is believed to be a bay area first, oakland police say they have video of a fatal police shooting filmed by the officers involved. a city-issued camera worn as part of the officers' uniform. officers said they fired after suspect threatened them way gun. two witnesses say the man appeared to be shot while his hands were in the air.
6:33 am
the officers have not been allowed to review the recording. something the police union says is unfair. no word on whether the video will be made public. >> novato police arrested a man they believe molested three girls between the ages of 7 and 9. one of the mothers call police complaining her daughter had been touched inappropriately by a neighbor. detectives found two other victims before they arrested the 32-year-old man. in mendocino county law enforcement officials and residents expressing relief after one of largest manhunts in northern california ended saturday. a s.w.a.t. team shot and kill 35-year-old are bassler in the woods after a month long search from personal for 40 -- from 40 agencies. he was wanted for killing a councilman and mayor in suggest. they found bassler after staking out a cabin he robbed
6:34 am
like the cabin he was seen breaking into this photo. >> it is a relieve there was such stress in the community. 35 days of not knowing if you could go out at night. >> residents were notified in a reverse 911 recording that the area is now safe and secure. the palo alto city council will decide to either reverse a long standing ban on pot clubs or let the voters decide. >> reporter: the city of palo alto prohibits the operation of any medical marijuana dis s like these. opening dispensaries would provide access to pot and cause a stampede for prescriptions according to 17-year-old colton. >> there will be more people trying to buy weed and smoke on the streets and make up reason why is they have a lem. >> reporter: dave alexander thinks the issue is too messed up to fix.
6:35 am
>> if you let real doctors write real prescriptions at real drug stores we wouldn't have any of these problems. but the government messed it up in one direction and now people have messed it up in the other. i think there are too many. >> reporter: alexander suggests just one. pot dispensaries have popped up all over the area. an initiative has gathered enough signatures to place it on the ballot in 2012. >> i don't think we should have three pot dispensaries in palo alto. >> reporter: the councilman says they will consider whether to the measure, or let voters decide. >> it would degrade the quality of life in palo alto. i think people would be able to smoke marijuana on the street anywhere they would be able to smoke cigarettes. i think that would be inappropriate model for our children. >> if i say it is a win-win, the city of palo alto needs more revenue. >> reporter: thomas moore with the hoover institution, his
6:36 am
wife with the cato institute. they helped sponsor the initiative which includes a 4% tax on dispensaries which they say could generate millions not to mention providing relieve for those who need the weed. >> some of your neighbors have pain that only marijuana can alleviate. why not do something nice to your neighbors? >> reporter: thomas moore and other supporters of the initiative will try to convince the city council to their initiative and avoid putting it on the ballot next year. >> sad news this morning, regarding one of the three scientist as awarded the nobel medicine prize hours ago. one of the winners nayian born ralph steinman died of pancreatic -- cancer last friday. he was one of three winners sharing a 1 1/2 million dollar prize with an american and french scientist. the mitty says it didn't know
6:37 am
he had die. it normally -- doesn't award posthumously. the committee says their work has opened up new avenues. he was a professor of immunology. the nobel committee hearts goes out to the family. >> 6:37 right now. a check on our forecast. the rain will star in north bay, the question is what time? -- >> what time do we need to get the umbrellas handy? >> it is october, just like that the weather is changing. check out our satellite and radar, impressive system working towards the bay area. because this is moving the showers more north to south, it is going to take a while to move across. right now increase in clouds and the winds that are still very light, less than 10 miles per hour. cooler when you step out this morning by 1 to 6°.
6:38 am
that puts us in the -- that puts all of news the 50s. sprinkles possible in the north bay through 8:00. you will receive the measurable rain by noon. everybody else will see an increase in clouds. along the coast increase in the measurable rain. low to mid 60s by noon. may have a few upper 60s in the east bay valleys. 4:00 rain starting fill in the bay. south bay and east bay valleys dry until the evening from 5 to 7 when the rain will move into your neighborhoods this is just the beginning. look at the forecast, break for most of tomorrow, a very strong system moves in tomorrow night into wednesday. heavy possibly thunderstorms, gusty winds, flooding if you don't clear out your drains. those showers will linger into thursday. friday, saturday, sunday, incredible amount of sun, quieter and warmer. accident to report
6:39 am
southbound 101 leaving petaluma by washington, two lanes blocked. i believe's just a two-lane road i heard crews were on the clearing stage hopefully they will get that out of there as quickly as possible. 580 continues to be a grind out of central valley. same with highway 4 westbound towards concord, 238, 580 to 880, shows yellow, only a i've minute drive. san rafael accident southbound 1 01, traffic beginning to bunch southbound out of novato towards central san rafael. 80 westbound richmond through berkeley you are in a lot of company there, moving but very sluggish, as you head moo the maze and toll plaza this morning, metering lights on that aways you back to the caltrans parking lot. 6:40. >> new partnership has
6:40 am
abc news screaming. >> yahoo! >> put your heart into i, i liked that. that story straight ahead. >> thank you very much. we go live to the new york stock exchange. the dow right now down about 63 points. to have and to hold until next year? the company considering a big change to the institution of marriage with it is being call the tub buy tax. the country now taxing if i foods
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[ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours? welcome back. check out our first storm system of october. rain rolling in. that is going to stay mainly north of 80 for the better part of afternoon then roll across the bay afternoon during the afternoon into evening. 84 fresno, 74 yosemite, 95 palm springs. 77 los angeles. first winter storm watch of the season for tahoe tomorrow through wednesday above 7,000 feet you may need chains we could get up to 10 inches of snow. 6:45. same-sex marriage and the president's health care overhaul are two issues the u.s. supreme court could consider, new term beginsed if
6:45 am
for the high court. atlanta struck down the main provision that require people to buy health insurance if they didn't already have it. last week the obama administration went to the u.s. supreme court asking justices to decide whether that so-called individual mandate is legal. >> health care bill says if you are a living, breathing human being in the u.s., you can be regulated to the extent that you can be required to buy health insurance. the 11th circuit said that's going too far. if there is limit on federal power this is it. >> the health care law would federal subsidies to help lower and middle income people buy private insurance. the court will hear arguments by spring. a decision could come next june in the thick of the presidential campaign. in missouri, businessman herman cain has been named winner of a straw poll conned at the national federation of republican women convention. the win came saturday.
6:46 am
sunday he admitted that he should have spoken out at a recent republican debate where the audience booed a question by a gay soldier in the straw poll, rain far-out distanced his opponents with 49% of the vote. perry 14%. romney was third with 13%. cain also won a florida poll last week. former vice president gore said to appear at a fundraiser tonight for san francisco mayoral hopeful. he announced his endorsement last month. she worked for gore as a police policy adviser before she made her first run for office. she served for seven years as a city supervisor in district 2, before she was termed out last year. san francisco's newest political power base appears to be dog owners there are more dogs in the city than children, 150,000 compared with 108,000 children.
6:47 am
dog lovers have just formed a political action committee. they plan to endorse whichever candidate gets behind their need for a place in the national recreation area where dogs can run free. investors eyeing the new partnership between yahoo and our par anyone network abc news that we've been -- our parent network abc news that we've been telling you about this morning. >> good morning jane. >> we'll see what investors think about this deal with abc becoming the content provider for yahoo news this is a huge deal for yahoo and great opportunity for abc. yahoo says the deal will immediately make it more attractive to advertisers. let's check on the shares this morning. they could use a . friday's slows, yahoo shares down 20% on the year they are up a bit this morning. private equity groups are interested in buying yahoo.
6:48 am
could this story not over yet. europe's debt problem weighing on stocks this morning. down across the board, bloomberg silicon valley index trading lower. starbucks unveiling new jobs program. asking customers for help. starting november 1st, starbucks will collect donations of $5 or more from customers to stimulate u.s. job growth. it works to provide loans to small businesses and community groups. donations will go toward loans for firms and organizations that can add jobs or stem losses. pet lovers are saying what bad economy? they are still heading to costume shops to indulge in items that adds fun to their world this year the retail federation says 15% of
6:49 am
halloween revelers will dress up pets, much more than last year. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. i was at pet smart yesterday and saw a plethora of costumes you would not believe. >> a plethora of raindrops could be with us this afternoon. >> falling on your head today, tomorrow, wednesday, possibly thursday. we talked about it last week it is almost here. at least for a beautiful sunrise as clouds are on the increase this morning. we have more than two hours of delays, flight arrival delays coming into sfo. let's talk about temperatures. everybody in the 50s now except for napa and los gatos upper 40s, monterey bay and inland low to me 50s increasing clouds. -- low to mid 50s increasing
6:50 am
clouds. stronger storm comes tuesday night into wednesday a lot to talk about. first temperatures this is what it is going to look like at 3:00, when it is warmest. rain shield by seconding the bay -- bisecting the bay area. south bay in the 70s monterey bay dry air mid to upper 60s, a few sprinkles around the bay inland a few peeks of sun and low to mid 70s. let's show you what is going on tonight. scattered showers lingering, dry, low to mid 50s. here we are with our system, coming into the north bay during the morning hours, you are receiving rain by noon. pressing up against the rest of the coast by noon into 4:00, 5:00, will start moving across the bay. by 6:00, 7:00 in the east bay and south bay valleys. overnight system kind of fall apart, lingering showers aging
6:51 am
around tomorrow. by the afternoon mostly -- cloudy. whooper of a system tomorrow night, 3:00 in the morning, showers, thunderstorms possible. oranges and reds is heavy rain there could be flooding tomorrow because the drains are clogged and your gutters may be clogged too. might be a good time to get those cleaned before that heavy rain moves in. by wednesday afternoon, scattered showers hanging around on the back side of that system. rainfall amounts first system, light, 10th to quarter of an inch. look at the green an inch to three inches across almost our entire neighborhoods that is with that system wednesday. temperatures remain in the 60s and 70s everywhere those three days even into sunday with lingering showers. friday, saturday, sunday, sun and warm, calm weather for the
6:52 am
weekend. pretty awesome picture kind of looks like a tornado because of the way the clouds are going off into the horizon. this comes from brian messina. this looks impressive, but it wasn't. those are just clouds in the sky. they are -- this was saturday night. thanks brian. cool stuff there if you have any weather video or photos, we would love to see them. upload them at hello, back to pet marks one of the hot spots southbound 101 accident blocking two lanes still in the clearing process, slow traffic leaving pet lima southbound towards novato. -- drive times now, 580 is a grind towards dublin and pleasanton out of antioch towards concord half an hour,
6:53 am
101 south drive from santa rosa into novato under 40 minutes. stalled 680 northbound pleasanton at 580 just cleared. walnut creek before north main first reports of an accident southbound 680 slow traffic towards highway 24 and points beyond. is the website for the latest drive times. 6:53 now. if you think the bay area is tough on junk food, wait until you hear this. new so-called fat tax charged on certain foods in denmark. the country introduced the tax to curb unhealthy eating habits. tax on hamburgers 15 cents, butter 40 cents. other european countries have imposed higher taxes on sugar. in denmark officials believe their country is the first to
6:54 am
tax so-called fatty foods. some call it a sign of the times others call it temporary marriage. mexico considering a proposed ordinance that will allow engaged couples to decide how long they want to tie the knot for, years, months or days. right now the vows say until death do us part. this ordinance is designed to reduce costly and painful divorces. get child custody out of the way and take care of property agreements before hand. the catholic church is calling the idea appalling. >> 6:54. recapping our top story: san leandro police are asking for the public's help in tracking down two gunmen who shot and kill three and injured three more. >> amy hollyfield is live at the police department with the latest. >> reporter: the father of one of the victims tells us he's devastated at the loss of his daughter and the fact she suffered such a horrible death. his daughter 19-year-old was
6:55 am
one of three who were kill. 16-year-old girl and 23-year-old man also die. they were shot as a huge warehouse tattoo party was wrapping up early sunday about 1:20 in the morning. police have not made any arrests. they say they need witnesses to come for. the victims' -- to come forward. the victims' families are also hoping for justice. there were anywhere from 150 to 400 people there. police would like to talk to the organizers of the event. they say they should have had a permit. a total of three people died, three hurt and taken to the hop. police believe two gunmen were to blame. they are hoping someone will come forward and bring any evidence forward they have to help them catch the killers. live in san leandro, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. other top stories this morning: in italy an american student convicted of muring her roommate is waiting for a jury
6:56 am
-- of murdering her roommate is waiting for a jury. amanda knox's verdict is expected later today. there it is showing up on live doppler, right now it is moistening the lower levels of the atmosphere. by noon rain in the north bay. the rest of us will get it during the afternoon into the evening commute in is just the appetizer. check out what comes in tuesday night into wednesday, strong system, used to be a hurricane. petaluma, southbound 101 still an accident past washington street, two lanes blocked, so traffic around the bay area heading into san francisco. don't forget oracle openworld around mosconey, a lot of
6:57 am
traffic around there. >> thank you for joining us. >> keep track of the latest breaking news.
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6:59 am
is good morning, america. this morning, judgment day. amanda knox pleads for her freedom in front of a packed courtroom.


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