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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  October 3, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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kurcer's mother said she was counting on the italian justice system to do its job. >> to get some justice for her. >> the court ordered review caused serious doubts over main dna evidence linking them to the crime. inside of the courtroom there were tears of joy when the verdict was read out, but outside, there was some boos and some cheers. abc news, italy. >> and certainly a mixed reaction. she'll join us in our 4:30 half hour with the latest on amanda knox's journey home. >> rainy season started early here in the bay area. a live look at san francisco bay. it's overcast and misty now. you can barely see the golden gate bridge here. that is the marina in the for ground. take a look at the camera on top, it looks like december up there. and the rain has people
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breaking out umbrellas. parents are picking up their kids, they didn't seem to mind too. you can see rainfall was light but steady. that didn't stop this person from employing super sized umbrellas. spencer christian has live doppler 7. looks like everyone is getting wet. >> it's wet across the bay area now. good day for a large, heavy duty umbrella. there is a line of light rainfall and showers, we've seen from a few one hundredths of an inch of rain to two-tens today. there is a image appearing to show more rainfall. we're picking up much evaporate brg hitting the ground. there are wet spots and light to moderate rainfall in parts of the east bay now z there is through parts of the south bay and santa cruz, steady
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rainfall is occurring at the moment. you can see there is a break behind this system now. there is a look at what is still to come tomorrow and the next day. >> and there is rain rushing the grape harvest in wine country. wayne? >> grape growers and farmers tell us there is always something. and they're worried if they have nothing to worry about, worrying about the fact things goring too well. they do have something to worry about. growers expect showers in october. that explains harvesting and most of the chardonnay is in. pinot is done. and cabernet is hanging and beautiful but not quite ripe. growers need another three weeks and hoping for this to be a quick, light rain fofled by warm sun and back to seasonal weather well. spoke
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with a couple growers today. let's begin with matt ashby who manages grapes for mondavi. >> what is the difference between earlier in the month and later? >> earlier in the month most grapes are not ripe yet. it could impact the amount of grapes in that a lot of rain, grapes are going to start to rot. if there is a half inch ux they're going to be fine. >> how does two, three days of rain manifest in taste? >> two to three days of rain will not manifest itself in taste. if we can we continue to move into cooling trend, the fruit will not ripen to the level that will result in lower alcohols for a given vintage. and this is too early to tell what it will mean. >> and this is the same story in sonoma county today. one owe is telling us same
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stuff we've heard here. i asked matt ashby if worried about the rain why not keep picking? you said you can't pick wet grapes, if you pick wet grapes, you can get water in vats and dilute vintage. who wants diluted wine? we'll have more at 6:00. reporting live, wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> makes sense, thank you, wayne. a construction accident caused a large scale evacuation in downtown benicia today. it began around noon. a crew ruptured a four-inch gas line, that leak forced evacuation of city hall. the police station, library and a senior center. dozens of residents were also evacuated. and pg&e capped a leak by 2:30 and lefted -- lifted evacuation orders. >> there is students evacuated this morning after several
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teachers reported a strong gas odor. the fire department and crews searched the campus for a source but determined the gas odor didn't come from the school. there students had to wait until allowed back inside. >> san francisco police are trying to reassure neighbors in the inner richmond district after officers shot and killed a man who had been attacking his relatives around 7:30 this morning. and we're live at the scene. >> police have not yet identified victims and suspects but say they knew each other, likely members of the same family. it was about 7:30 this morning. police arrived here to find what they described as an elderly asian male bleeding on the sidewalk in front with nonlife threatening stab wounds. after getting help for him, they found an older asian woman on the first landing. she had been stabbed multiple times, police say the two
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officers were charged by the suspect, two knives, poised over his head, one officer fired a bean bag but that didn't stop the suspect. the other officer fired a gun. the next door neighbor was still in bed when she heard a scream. >> this is kind of like argh, a gutteral scream. i was thinking is that a dog or a person? then, i heard the slamming against the front door, sounded like that, it was a gunshot, outside. i came out. >> and there was a person in a poofl blood. >> she the were advanced by the suspect with two knifes and used impact weapons shooting bean bag type rounds to try to stop him. that was ineffective. >> and we were forced to use deadly force. >> police say the suspect was
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prou proe announced dead at 9:30. the woman victim shortly after that. tomorrow night here in the richmond district neighborhood, the chief will hold a community meeting. time and location yet to be decided but he will hold a meeting as he now does any time there has been a shooting in any given neighborhood. live in richmond district, abc 7 news. >> heather, thank you. >> grief counselors comforting shocked high school students today. a school mate died in a shoot this weechblgtd students held a moment of silence this morning for a 16-year-old lanisha northington. she and two others were shot and killed early on sunday. the victims have left a tattoo party posted on facebook when the shooting started. community leaders are at their wit's end.
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>> 23-year-old josh alfred was killed in the shooting as was a 19-year-old whose suv everyone was riding n police are asking for public's help. >> an e mail shows a prominent bay area democrat warned the white house to reconsider having the president visit now bankrupt solydra. steve wesley worned -- warned officials the company may not survive. and a visit to the company could prove embarrassing by the president. other officials also expressed concern about the financial problems, today, the president told abc's george stephanopoulos he doesn't refwret investing in clean technology. >> what we always understood is that not every business is going to succeed in clean energy but if we want to compete with china, pouring hundreds of billions of dollars into this space and
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compete with other countries that are subsidizing industries of the future, we've got to make sure our guys at least have a shot. >> a top official in the energy department told the white house not to worry saying warnings about silicon valley start ups were not unusual. house democrats say they released e mails to show there was a debate and no political favoritism was involve as many republicans claimed. that interview kicked off a new partnership between abc news anda hoo. part of the deal, a about. c anchors and reporters will consider reports for yahoo news, yahoo news is the most-visited news web site in the world. >> more still to come at 4:00, how the way men have chances of developing diabetes. >> a chemical plant goes up in flames in texas sending fire floating down a river. >> 7 on your side's michael finney is taking questions
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through his facebook and twitter pages. we have links on abc 7 >> it's slow, pavement is wet out there. and you're going to take a while to get across the bay bridge this afternoon. the news at 4:00 continues
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a chemical plant fire in texas is slowly dying down at this hour. nearby schools and neighborhoods were evacuated. the fire broke out just after 8:30 our time. and here is what it looked like shortly after. thick, black smoke billowing
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into the air. a plant makes custom chemicals for cleaning. right now, the fire is more than 90% contained. no injuries have been reported and it is about 30 miles south of dallas. >> checking healthy living news, a new study out of scotland suggests men are more prone than women to type two diabetes, women need to accumulate more fat than men to develop diabetes because men develop at lower body mass index than women. men tend to store fat in liver and waist, women have more fat stored on hips and thighs. if you visit denmark be prepared to pay more for a burger. there is a new fat tax, about $2.90 per kilogram, foods then taxed on their proportion of saturated fats about 15 cents more per burger.
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the new tax introduced on saturday. >> and turns out a little makeup can go a long way in terming how -- determining how women are perceived. a study had 149 men and women look at womens face was no makeup, then light to moderate. as applied to a face, women judged more attractive, likeable and confident. but women with too much makeup were deemed less trust worthy. >> social media and dollars and what is next for the advertising world? emily chang joins us live to talk about trends in the industry. emily? >> i'm live at the 8th annual conference in nork city, the largest ad conference in the world. and the world's biggest brands are deciding whether to spend their money. facebook is introducing new ads traveling farther based on
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whether you, or your friends like it. google debutting more search ads and a new and old media companies are teeming up in hopes of reaching a broader online audience. whit comes to distributing ad dollars we found u.s. isn't getting a big piece of the pie, landing only 3% of the ad dollars. and there is china expected to take 10%. one of the top questions is whether kchs are going to spend billions of dollars advertising on social media sites. a study says people remember ads more when they see them on social media. sprint nextel tries to step up competition against verizon and at and t. this has committed to buying 30 million iphones at $20 billion according to "wall street journal", saying sprint
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will likely lose money on that deal. shares of sprint plunged offer on the news. the journal says to win right to carry this device sprint had to agree to pay for phones whether inclined to buy or not z we're going to be at an event tomorrow at apple headquarters just what will apple be unveiling? we're short of bringing you latest on that z broader market, there is a big hit today. s and p tumbled to one-year low trading below 1100. and back there, where you guys are on home turf, ora cell introduced two computer systems, there is one for organizing information on the web. and those are the two principle competitors and bloomberg editor able to talk to oracle co-president about
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why he told us he thinks oracle is a great company. >> we have ability to do two things, help customers save money, and innovate. that makes us, i think very attractive. >> he told us he wants oracle to be a one stop shop for enter price technology and it's focused on organic growth right now. live from new york i'm emily chang for boomberg west. dan? >> thank you. >> yes. >> and here west it's rainy just about everywhere you look. >> there is earlier arriveal. why shouldn't an unusual summer be followed by unusual autumn? right. getting up to that start. there is a live view from our sutro camera. over the city, yes, you can see lots of clouds and a gray day. and it's wet in most aeks.
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there is a line of light showers to and throughout the central part of the viewing area now. showers diminish and we'll see partial clearing and a stronger storm tuesday night into wednesday morning. there is a frontal system that is weakening. showers tapering off during evening hours, then looking at stronger system arriving tomorrow night into wednesday. that is a a ferocious start. start agent 7:00 tomorrow evening, rain pushes into the northern most part of the viewing area and there is rainfall pushing into the north bay by 10:00 then overnight night there is pretty stormy weather, heavy down pours and thunder accompanying rainfall. there is a heavy and pushing
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through quickly. by 5:00 wednesday morning, we'll see a break in action. and then, later in the day wednesday, there is another batch of showers, activity could produce lingering showers there, is a spell of wet weather coming our way. there is a winter storm warning from 5:00 wednesday morning to 11:00 wednesday night there. is a foot of snow likely. there is chain controls likely. by 7:00 two and a half inches and one to two inches of rain in the north bay. half inch to an inch and a half in the east bay. half an inch to an inch in the south bay. and there is low temperatures into low to mid-50s and wet weather will be easing up a
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bit apreching morning, then, tomorrow, highs into 60s around the bay and north bay. low 70s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. we do expect unsettled weather wednesday. and it will clear out and warm up towards the end of the week, sunny, mild, high temperatures around 80 degrees. and there is a something for all tastes. >> quite a turn around. >> yes. >> thank you. >> and seth roguean had a big weekend in the bay area. >> and there is more on that with chris bailish. >> hey, there. hugh jackman back with his latest action flick, real steel but lip locking made his kid a little uncomfortable.
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>> i forgot to explain that experience. so... there is a same command like, oh, no. and and she looks and goes wow, dad you're in trouble. >> 50-50 came in forth place but seth scored a number one place at altar. the couple wed in sonoma, california. julianne hough shared with us her excitement about her new film "foot loose". >> i'm excited and this is amazing so. i can't wait for everybody to see it. >> you can catch it in theaters october 14th. that is all from hollywood. back to you. >> up next, nervous neighbors watch. a hot air balloon gets close
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to homes in the north bay. >> then ahead at 4:30. >> i was never told if i walked on the roadway i would be arrested. >> a police crack down makes occupy wall street demonstrators more committed to continuing a sit in. >> and there is some precious parking spaces to drive motorists out of cars.
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nobel prize in medicine
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announced today. the news took a turn. it was learned one of three scientists died just three days ago. the 68-year-old died on september 30th of pancreatic cancer. he was awarded for discoveries about cells. and also honored were french scientist jewels hoffman. the nobel committee was unable to reach winners before the announcement and were unaware of the death. it does not allow posthumous awards but said at ward would stand. >> and there is some jarring video sent to this hot air balloon page, you can see it skirts roof tops of neighborhood homes then comes close to some high voltage power lines seen there on the left. there is people saying it landed yesterday and the next
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time you see breaking news you can e mail breaking news and video and you can upload content through our web site. >> and ahead we'll take you live to new york where occupy wall street demonstration is growing today. >> live italy. american college student amanda knox has been freed from prison. after serving four years for murder she says she didn't commit. >> and live in sacramento, issue pits cash-strapped california against those against low income medical care. >> and today is wet, dreary weather. it may be winding down soon but there is more on the way. i'll have details in the accu-weather forecast.
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northern california is getting soaked this afternoon, it's not letting up for a while. >> there is a live picture from lake tahoe. you can see it's gray and dreary there as well. difference is snow is in the central sierra expected wednesday. >> and you can see here there is a slight drizzle, folks walking along the embarcadero or pier 39 found a good rain slicker can come in handy.
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you can see an umbrella or two in the crowd. >> and spencer christian is tracking rain for us. >> there is a line of light rain and showers reaching from up in the northeast down to southwest and i'm going to put this into motion. there is a click here and i'll be on the way. here we go. there is a close in on steadiest rainfall reaching in parts of the east bay. and doppler 7 hd is picking up moisture in the air. we do have wet spots and there is rainfall totals from the system ranged from a few hundredths of an inch up to two tenths of an inch. there is more still to come, a bigger storm and that is in the accu-weather forecast.
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>> and more demonstrations on wall street today by a group growing in size and impact. the movement has spurred demonstrations throughout the united states, including san francisco and berkeley. and there is. >> a major transit union announced it's going to support protestors. and they spread far beyond wall street. >> the group is mad as hell, taking a list of grievances into the last week. the protestors added police brutality to the agenda. 700 were arrested this weekend. many accused police of luring them into a trap, guiding
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protestors away from walkway and tont road. police released this video suggesting protestors ignored warnings. >> i was never told if walking on the roadway, i'd be arrested. >> the protest began with students camping out in a park, then, celebrities joined the cause and there is now signs popping up as far as los angeles. >> there are set up to punish the poor and reward the rich. a democratic congressman calling for higher taxes on carp raigss and the rich. >> what starts here is a movement to provide the support for that kind of change. >> and this might be hard to say what they're hoping to accomplish but there is no shortage of anger and frustration motivating them and there are demonstrations
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into next year. live in new york abc 7 news. >> and scott, thank you very much. and the u.s. supreme court heard arguments today over california's medical program. the state has cut reimbursements to doctors and that led to lawsuits by hospitals and patient rights groups. and we're live with the story. nannette? >> well, many states are keeping an eye on our case. because they, too. want to make cuts to the federal medicaid program which is administered as medical. seven and a half million rely on medical for health insurance and say a doctor and california reimburse that's doctor for treating them. three years ago, doctor skbrorz patients sued the state for cutting those rates by as much as 10% in some cases and a move meant to save money during the crisis. and there are doctors say they can't stay open with rates so
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low. the case has gone to us us supreme court. today, california argued they don't have the right to sue because medi kaid law doesn't name them as phone shall party that's could bring lawsuits, patients say they should be able to sue because cuts would create a wider gap between qauflt health care with those with insurance. >> if wrur not getting reimburse forward a job you're doing properly, you're not going to want to do it. >> there is what terms whether state is complying with the laws. >> and there is a cut has been on hold. the justices have to weigh a couple things they don't want to open up programs to lawsuits pu need to be fair about benefits. the u.s. supreme court is likely to take several months to rule at stake is over $1
4:35 pm
billion in savings. and obama administration is siding with california. >> thank you, nannette z michael jackson's doctor never mentioned hospital personnel he'd given the singer a powerful anesthetic, propofol. dr. conrad murray is accused of ministering the fatal dose. today the physician testified that when she asked murray if jackson had medical problems, cardiac history or blood clots or drug yugs, murray replied no. his lawyers claim michael jackson gave himself the fatal dose. >> we want to go back now to release of american amanda knox, knox now free after serving four years in the death of her roommate. >> a court threw out knox's murder conviction after a reexamination of the evidence. and there is serious doubts
4:36 pm
about dna evidence. >> good evening. yes. it's the moment and the day both had been waiting for. they've now been acquitted for not committing the crime norkt killing meredith kercher. there was an outburst of joy and tears. outside of the court there were mixed emotions. there were tears as well as boos. some people saying what a disgrace. no according to italian lawmakers knox could be home as early as tuesday. back to you. >> and amanda knox verdict has a lot of people talking on our facebook page. you can join the conversation.
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>> still ahead, two trees toppled. how it affected visitors to the national park. >> and checking traffic at golden gate bridge. it's a bit wet but look, it's moving pretty well. more news is in just a moment.
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the oldest bottle nosed dolphin at vallejo's six flags discovery kingdom has died. trainers say he had slowed down down some, lost most of her teeth but was still agile and friendly. dolphins have a life span of between 17-25 years so public and trainers got to enjoy her quite a long time. >> the trail of 100 giants at sek coy why yal forest is closed after two giant redwoods fell. the trees fell side by side over the weekend. the forest service is studying why the trees fell and how old they are. they sometimes grow to 240 feet and have die yat ya meters of 18 feet. rangers say there are plenty of redwoods still standing. >> google is giving green for
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green still ahead, the big prize for ideas on how to make air travel more earth friendly. >> those dogs are as much an issue as children. >> people taking san francisco politics to the dogs. join us back again at 4:00.
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there is a live look now. i believe this is san francisco, it's quite dreary pretty much everywhere in the bay area, rain showers following throughout. >> it's soupy out there. >> yes. >> spencer is back now accuweather update. >> it's a good description, that is what it s here is our live doppler 7 showing a line of light rainfall and showers reaching from northeastern part of the viewing area down to central part z out to sea through santa cruz mountains. there is a steady rain and there is a lot of moisture and i'm repeating this. this is evaporating. you can see there is steady rainfall throughout the central part of the viewing area, then out to sea. and here is a look at our rainfall totals, so far, from today's dissis tim, nearly a
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quarter inch and there is 14/100ths in redwood city. just under a tenth inch in san francisco and oakland. trace amounts in hayward and there is only a hundredths of an inch. there is partly cloudy conditions and a little bit of sunshine. a drier day and high temperatures into low to mid 6 ows, and north bay, through central part of the viewing area around the bay and into santa cruz mountains. ind ln -- inland, low 70s and a high of 71 down south in san jose. a little bit farther south near monterey bay, highs tomorrow into mid to upper 60s right around the bay from monterey to watsonville. there is highs into low 70s, after the break in the active weather there is more active weather coming in tuesday night. there is the satellite radar
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composite image there. is a vigorous storm developing out to sea going to bring us heavier rain overnight into wednesday z we can see down pours and possibly thunder that may last into thursday morning. so there is a active mid week of weather. >> san francisco politics is going to the dogs. >> dog lovers are organizing to promote interests of their pet. take a walk in one of the parks and it won't take you long to notice there are more dogs here than children. now, dog lovers have formed a political action committee to promote the interests of their four-footed friends w estimated 100,000 dog owners in the city dog being pacts could have an impact. >> dogs are as much of an issue as children. there are a lot of parent
4:47 pm
teacher associations we're just like them. but only for dogs. >> no different from people. industries have lobbyists and political action committees. >> and there are many interests that are aligned against the rights and privileges of pet owners so to counter that, we have to be organized. >> voter block not going unnoticed in the political circle autos nothing is unusual in terms of political activist here in san francisco. and there are a lot of dog owners and issues are serious. >> the big proposal is to clogs down parkland here, where dogs are loued to run off leash z environmentalists say dogs threaten native plants and animals and others are concern about the risk of dog tacks but owners say properly-trained dogs should allowed to run free. >> there are some dogs that need to be on a leash, it's
4:48 pm
more about the handler, people on the other side of the leash that needs a leash. >> and one more note, bruce is the real name of the dog pact's president. >> that works out conveniently. >> the dogs have to be able to run free. someplace! give them someplace to run. right? >> there you go. >> as a dog owner. >> coming up next a landscape of disaster. the aftermath of the devastating series of storms in south africa. >> the big topic of the discussion is bank fees. the question, should you switch banks? >> later at 5:00 disturbing details led up to a sea lion found off highway 101 on the peninsula.
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taking a look at traffic right now, this is the san francisco skyway. there is a wet pavement and you can see it's slow in both directions whether heading to bay bridge or south towards peninsula. >> and right now, michael finney is here answering questions. and these are a big topic lately. >> that is all we're talking about. >> and we're getting a lot of comments as well from those angry about the new fees from their banks. cool whip tweeted vote with your pocketbook, switch banks. they say it's too much of a has yechl you know what? i put a time clock to that. to see if it is that much of a hassle. to sign up for the new bank to cancel your current wampk, to deal with problems you're going to have doing in between ask setting up bill pay you're
4:53 pm
talking less than two hours. now, if you save $100 a year which depending on bank you're switching from and to, you can do, you're talking 50s adds an hour furks make less, it's worth your time. and this question tweeted to me, here is -- can a sit down restaurant charge you for tap water? i've been told they're not allowed to charge for water by law but it came from back in the gold rush days. we couldn't find the law. then we called up our legal analyst, dean johnson. he couldn't find the law. he says it's simply not there and it's legal for them to charge you for a glass of water, why is it legal? they're serving it to you.
4:54 pm
they're washing the glass. they get paid for it. and however, things keep going as they are, you may want to ask. do you charge for water? that will be next thing. okay. now, damion me mailed this question. is it legal for 7-11 to charge saelts tax on a newspaper? we have more bad news. yes. not only question but they're supposed to. and newspapers are taxable. the reason you think they're not is because when you put 50 cents in the news rack, you don't pay tax. you walk into any store they're going to charge you that tax. and it's going to cost you 54 cents or 55 scents so there you go. >> thank you. >> and a series of storms leveled hundreds of homes and left hundreds of people injured over the weekend. >> the town that was most
4:55 pm
affected, 42 people were injured and 122 homes droied. four deaths have been reported including a 9-year-old boy who was crushed. >> the two day cease fire is over now with rebels launching a full scale offensive on the town of sert. >> that is muammar gaddafi's hometown, designed to give residents a chance to leave. the city is without electricity or running water, and there is whereabouts are still unknown in israel u.s. secretary of state pinetta is making a brief visit to try to jump start middle east peace negotiations telling israeli leaders they must find ways to communicate with other nations to ensure stability. >> i want to emphasize that there is a need and an opportunity for bold action on
4:56 pm
both sides to move towards a negotiated two state solution. >> israeli leaders admitted there is a response dwroiblt try to ease tensions. >> and a team from pennsylvania is the winner of nasa's first evergreen flight challenge. >> team usa took home the prize for its all-electric aircraft. the winning plane managed to travel 200 planes and used a gallon of fuel per gang. nasa hopes this develops for the challenge that will inspire more innovations. >> an electric motor has many fewer moving parts than a conventional gasoline and there is a potential to be more reliable and will be
4:57 pm
simpler and nasa teamed with google in the competition neld santa rosa. >> thanks for joining us for the news at 4:00. >> you can keep track on twitter and abc 7 news bay area and you can talk about it on slash abc 7 news. >> the news at 5:00 continue and tourists and locals around the bay unprepared. >> warnings president received about the now-bankrupt solydra plant. and san francisco rents out precious parking places to drive certain motorists out of their cars. >> good evening, i'm cheryl jennings, dan ashley as the day off. first rain is here, our abc 7 cameras found most visitors to pier 39 did not have their
4:58 pm
umbrellas handy so you can see they put it over their head. and there was a slight breeze in the air. and this is a live look from our camera where conditions there look blustery. sandhya? >> we're looking at a wet evening commute. let's get to it. you'll see it's raining now. i want to take you around the bay area here. zooming in here, down towards south bay, out towards kushing road there is moderate rainfall. let's pan around the bay area there is light to moderate. it's on the heavier side. not all of this is reaching
4:59 pm
the ground. you can see it's getting lighter towards north bay. and this is where we're looking at rainfall continuing throughout evening hours, rain moving in and up towards northeast. and there is a stronger, wetter storm headed here to the bay area, and i'll be back with a look at the storm. >> and that early wet weather has napa valley vitners worried. that is why workers rushed to get grapes off the vine before the rain started. rainfall is an important part of the grape-growing process but growers say too much, too soon can damage a crop. >> there is a rain storm could impact the amount of grapes we're going to harvest in that a lot of rain grapes goring to start to rot. if there is a half inch of rain or less they're going to be fine. >>


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