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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  October 3, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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coming -- becoming more oppressive now, just under half an inch in santa rosa. a tenth of an inch in both san francisco and oakland. and there is rain in virtually all parts of the bay area, and there is more on the way and there is a stronger owe storm you want to be careful driving out there. early rain is not a welcome site for grape growers in the north bay. wayne freedman joins us to explain why. wayne? >> there is hid valley portion. we're here among chardonnay vines. if you think wine just grows off vine that's is not the case, rains come this early in the season, there is a lot of worry. >> in april, showers bring may flowers, ones in october bring blisters to wine country and lots of them when it calls in the season. >> this is fitting. >> that would be an
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understatement from matt ashby, dealing with 1500 acres of worry and and there is a a man whose fortunes can change with almosts. >> we'll get rain later in the october. >> and at least they had warnings and it's not just harvest had not begun. chardonnay and grapes are already in. and these ripening beauties remain a matter of concern. they're cabernet. because of the cool spring, still a good three weeks from being ready to pick. they belong to vine hill vineyards. today, managing partner bruce phillips can only sit back, doing less glamorous work, trusting the grapes will see them through. >> this is if the fruit is not ripe you just can't pick it and expect to make fine wine. >> concern is that too much rain and water might lead to
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mold and ruin grapes. the word might is key. probably not is likely. fine wines have drama. not only in taste, but this year arks apparently also in the role. >> why can't you pick one in spring? >> it might lose a lot of flavor. the water is going to be in the wine. we don't want that. >> you don't want that. growers here tell us they can handle half an inch of rain. with that amount of rain and if you want to surize this in, a few years they're going to be a big wine tasting and guys going to say i think i taste rain on october 3 in, 2011. reporting live in yap valu value -- napa valley. >> grape growers in livermore
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not giving too much thought to the passing storm system. the manager says there is a huge difference between his valley and north bay wine country whit comes to dealing with rain. >> we've got half of the rainfall annually that the north coast people get. and this is as well as our valley runs east to west. there is a drying system with winds coming out of the bay. >> and this rests on receiving as wayne said no more than half an inch of rain through wednesday. he admits weather is already a risk with any farming. >> a gas leak in benicia forced the police department to relocate today when a crew replacing a water rain hit a four-inch line, forcing evacuation of dozens of nearly homes as well as benicia city hall, library and senior center. the police and fire departments were affected. >> we have had to relocate our
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dispatch center. so we have a plan in place and were able to open our eoc and have our dispatch work out of there to dispatch the call. >> pg&e lifted that he vac order a few hours later, city hall and other buildings reopened afterwards. a gruesome scene in the richmond district. police responded to what appeared to be a case of family violence, a man stabbed, both of his elderly parents and killing one of them. police shot and killed the son. a sticker seals a door of 636. police arrived to find a elderly asian male with stab wounds to hands and arms. they got help for him and continued up stairs and found another victim, an asian woman, with multiple stab wounds, then, police say the suspect charged the two officers, one
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officer tried a nonlethal weapon, another using a gun. >> they were advanced by who knifes held above the head. they shoot a bean bag type round that was not effective. they were forced to use deadly force. >> police do not carry taisers. they're nonlethal nalt tiff is a bean bag should feel like a bunch from a professional boxer, next door neighbor thinks she heard the suspect's scream just before the bean bag and gunshots. >> it was kind of like argh! like the gutteral scream. i was thinking is that a dog? or a person? i heard slamming against the door, it sounded like that. i came out. >> the woman victim and suspects taken to san francisco general hospital. >> the affect was -- suspect
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was pronounce dead around 9:30, and then, female victim pronounced daedz daed as well. >> this man lives next door. a translator said he told us his brother is the male victim. he couldn't tell us anything about what happened. police say the two officers involved in this shooting are on administrative leave while this investigation continues. >> we have just learned names of those involved. nina wu was 78, her son was peter wu. there is a meeting tomorrow night to talk about how their officers handled this situation. >> and tonight san leandro police released a sketch of a man they're calling a person of interest in a triple murder, he's described as a light complexion black male with a thin mustache, bleached tips on shoulder length dread locks and a diamond embedded in four of his gold teechblgt police want to talk to him about the
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shooting death of three people. all three were shot to death outside of a building sunday morning following a party. >> a lot of fellow tai. -- tape. suv still there. bodies still on the ground covered in yellow. this wasn't a good scene. >> three people wounded in this tack and two of those remain hospitalized. >> u.s. skorlt is taking up a case over medical care for the poor. the state cut the money it provides to medicare patients. those patients are claiming they don't have equal access to health care now. the case pits california against low income patients demanding guaranteed care. at issue, can the state cut the rate it paid doctors under medicaid? administered in california as medical program?
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dr. gilbert simon says no. the reimbursement rates are so low, that he can barely stay open. and up to 10% cut would be devastating. >> we have to cut back and there are 12 clinics here. we have to eliminate clinics in most difficulty and reduce staffing. >> the state of california argue that's low encome patients don't have the right to sue because statute creating medicaid doesn't list them it doesn't say anything about whether or not these people suing are will youed to come into court and sue. >> california department of health care services notes medicaid law fails to dictate a minimum dollar amount patients must receive in benefits. it only spelz out that the funding needs to be, quote, sufficient. a test the state believes it's met. >> there is targeted reductions we believe will provide meaningful service autos but for seven and a half
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patients like patricia, cutting payments could mean more doctors refusing to see them. creating a wider gap between qauflt health care for those with private insurance, and those on public. >> and this is not equal. united states is about being equal to one another. >> the rule kog take several months. the cut has been on hold since 2008. at stake is over $1 kbrinl in savings. the obama administration is siding with california on this one. in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> and the justices today declined to hear a case out of santa cruz where a man was ejected from a city council meeting after giving a nazi salute. the man claims he made the gesture nine years ago in support of a woman not allowed to speak. this action allows him to proceed with a lawsuit against the city claimsing it was zrumtive. >> the high court refused to step in between a spat between
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a customer who wanted software. the company tried to resell it but auto desk blocked the sale saying the man didn't own the software and it was licensed to him. the justices turned away the customers' appeal. >> still, coming up tonight nalt tiff energy in the oil field. chef ron puts the power of the sun to work. >> and later tonight why a prominent executive felt compelled to warn president obama to steer clear of solydra. >> and a san francisco car sharing service has been granted rights to some coveted parking spaces. >> a woman applies for a passport that never arrives. how an important document can just disappear.cucucucucucucucuu
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. chevron launched what it's calling the largest use of solar power in the oil fields began using at one of the country's oldest drilling sites in the san joaquin valley. tonight we have the story. >> as an energy source of the future. but here in coalinga it's being used for a traditional source. these giants mirrors helping to pump oil out of the ground. >> this works by reflecting the sun energy from this field of mirrors up to a receiver on the top of the 330 foot tower. >> there is a boiler pull of water that turns to hissing steam, shoots down pipes into the surrounding oil wells on the ground. we have a oil field more than
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100 years old and made up of and the steam makes that flow. >> ate lous us to produce more domestic oil here in california that otherwise we'd never get out of the ground. >> use using steam isn't a new process. in many old fields the steam is generated in boilers fueled by natural gas but that is not always available. >> there are parts of the world where there is no natural gas infrastructure. ability to use sun makes sense. >> with nearly 8,000 mirrors on 100 acres this is the largest solar steam facility in the world. and looked like the town turned out for a tour and this fifth grader had a question. >> is it true if a bird hits that it would catch on fire?
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>> yes. would it catch on fire. >> that is mazing. >> one thing this suggests is that big oil companies are looking to the sun to save on energy costs. abc 7 news. >> and unemployment remains high in california but there are some signs of change. some companies are hiring again and there are hundreds of jobs available at abc 7's job journal hire event. don sanchez reports from emeryville. >> 400 jobs from 11 companies and these companies are eager to hire. that is good news for these people. at abc 7 job journal event. >> this is hard planning a full time job. most of the positions are full time. it is great. so, it's one of the already one of the best ones i've got. >> and company representatives say they like these events, too. >> 30% of classes came from these. so absolutely out of success, they're doing well. >> one of this is academy of
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art university. they're not looking for students but filling 50 staff position autos i never thought of working here. you know? as a career for academy of art university. it's exciting to get resumes in and get a good diversity of the candidates. >> lawrence berkeley labs need 190 support staff. >> there are some talented people z my goal is just finding some of the talented people. >> it has been a tough market. >> how difficult has it been? >> it's been difficult. competitions like my dad's age. >> this recent grad has been out of work nearly two years. >> i have been relying on family. and have been ignoring calls from credit tore autos there are good people looking for work. no reflection on them. it's just been a tough market. >> recruiters are inundated with applications so getting a critique of the resume and making changes is making sure you pop out in the field.
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>> if you want to put them on the same line, great. >> it's like an elevator pitch. this is what i do. this is why you want to hire me this, is how to add value. >> unemployment is 10.5% in oakland area, maybe this just put a dent in that. >> and there is a job fair scheduled for november 8th. >> it's still well wet out there. so unusual. >> and umbrella merchant would have been a good job to have today. if it's unusual to get wet weather this early. and it happens and today was one of the occasions. >> yes. >> rain is with ugs. but there is a live view now. there is weather over lake tahoe. there is a view from our heavenly camera looking at dark clouds over lake tahoe. about 54 degrees there, right now. it's cloudy, as you can see, winds about 22 miles per hour. and about 24-48 hours we'll
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see precipitation there. but at the moment it's here. in the bay area, taking a look at live doppler 7 you can see showers, light to moderate. reaching from northeast to southwest. or moving from south twoft northeast throughout the bay area now. wet day and there is a wet evening. we're going to see rainfall tapering off soon. we'll see partial clearing tomorrow. then air, stronger storm coming in overnight tuesday night into wednesday dumping more rain on us. here is the satellite radar showing cold front bringing current rainfall, weakening passing over the bay area now and there is rain tapering off. that image you can see a stronger storm coming in tomorrow night into wednesday. and that is going to provide quite a bit more rainfall. we'll start at 7:00 tomorrow evening. rain will be developing in the north bay by 10:00 tomorrow night. and there is more rain and more wide spread rain and some
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heavier rain developing into the northern most part of the viewing area, overnight stormy condition was heavy down pours and there is perhaps thunder. and front moving through quickly by 5:00 wednesday morning. we'll start to get a bit of a break. by wednesday afternoon, there is a continueation, then a break wednesday night, looks like more activity up there lurking and this may move in or linger until thursday morning. sierra, there snow. there is a winter storm warning from 11:00 tomorrow night, and this is to thursday at 1:00 in the afternoon. there is a three to six inches of snow and chain controls are likely. there is snow expected there. there is projections up to two and a half inches, one to two
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inches in the north bay. there is half an inch to an inch and a half east way. three quarters in the peninsula. up to two inches into santa cruz mountains and there is wet weather. low temperatures tonight into mid-50s so relatively mild and cooler into the north bay. tomorrow, partly cloudy skies. there are breaks of sunshine. there are highs mainly into 60s most of the bay area, and here is the accu-weather forecast. there is this active, wet stormy weather lasting into thursday, actually. showers lingering into thursday morning, then partial clearing thursday. take a look at end of the week. sunny, warm over the week. well, mild. and there is highs into low 80s. there is rain never happened then. >> still coming up, million dollar winner of the green flight challenge. >> all-electric plane saving
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largest medical marijuana dispensery on the west coast lost a battle. the irs ruled they cannot deduct cost of things such as payroll and rent as other businesses do, because the federal government considers them to be involved in trafficking of controlled substances so they owe millions in back taxes and sfo says the irs ruling could
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force them to close. >> and a protest movement against corporate greed spread from new york to bay area. and protestors set up a small tent city in front of the federal reserve building. the group calls itself occupy san francisco, modeling after the group that began protesting three weeks ago on wall street blaming the ultrarich and corporations for nation's financial problems. >> just sprang up organicly because of the sentiment in the minds of the people now. that is that we have to do something. the time is running out. we need to stand up to join together now. >> and there is a group says it gathers every night to figure out a way to change the way wall street operates and plan on continuing indefinitely. >> seems to be grumbling about a car share program making a debut in san francisco. not like there is vehicles on private lots. this is putting vehicles on the street in public parking
6:25 pm
spaces. and however, the mayor says it's going on in san francisco in spite of sacrifice autos they're willing to offer up in a positive way, their own spaces they've been competing for every night to be able to use car sharing as a philosophy. >> first city car share spot enter up at pacific and tailor. and it's part of a six-month pilot program. >> new at 6:30 tonight an abc news exclusive. president defends the government loan guarantee to a bankrupt fremont solar company. >> and free at last. a young woman rehe'sed from jail after doing time for a murder she did not commit. >> and a mother issues a plea for an end to the violence taking a toll on their family. uúuúuúuúuúqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq
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a prominent supporter of the president tried to warn the white house to stop the president for visiting the solydra manufacturing plant. david louie has the story. >> senior white house advisors received several e mails worrying solydra might fail. one came just before president obama visited the newly completed solar tube plant financed mostly by a $535 million federally backed loan. steve wesley, california co-chair of the president's 2008 campaign, wanted to postpone the visit. his e mail said, quote, the president should be careful about unrealistic forecast that's could haunt him if solydra hits a wall, files for bankruptcy. they filed last month, costing 1100 workers jobs. president obama defended the loan in an interview with
6:30 pm
george stephanopoulos. >> hind sight is always 20-20. it went through the regular review process. >> a venture capitolist tried to wave a warning flag. brad jones a founding partner at red point ventures warned lawrence summers that quote, i can't imagine it's a good way for the government to use taxpayer money. and bruce cane expects heads to roll over this. >> if you make a huge mistake or misjudgment costs billions of dollars and embarrassment to the president that you will be held accountable for that. to not fire anyone would be a mistake. a political mistake. >> cane says energy secretary is a likely target. the department of energy reviewed and monitored the loan. but the e mail trail maying only the beginning. >> we may find that fund raising or political influence played a role so we don't know
6:31 pm
the extent of people that had their jobs on the line. >> there insight in the way top donors have given insight into the way decisions are evaluated for potential political fallout. >> and american foreign exchange studentent amanda knox is a free woman after a court overturned her murder conviction. knox served four years in the brutal death of her roommate. the jury threw out the jents after a review cast doubts on evidence that prosecutors said link herd and her former boyfriend to the murder. >> the verdict was read today and outside of the court house smrks hundreds of observers shouted "shame, shame". her family expressed their thanks. >> she suffered four years for a crime she did not commit. we're thankful to the courts for having the courage to look for the truth and overturn
6:32 pm
this conviction. >> prosecutors could still appeal today's acquittal but there is no law preventing knox from returning home to seattle. she's expected to fly out of italy tomorrow. >> and we've had a lot of comments on the knox verdict on our facebook page. this write jerz quote, finally justice for you, amanda. sorry you lost four years. and kenya writes, yes, everyone knew she didn't do it. gina says, so, so happy, cried for joy. now they can focus on finding the real murderer. you can join the conversation. >> and there the murder rate in oakland continues to sore and often, witnesses refuse to come forward to help solve the crime. a group of grieving mothers lost their children to gun violence, killers have never been caught. >> i found out about my son's death by watching news but only saw it that one night.
6:33 pm
never again. >> these mothers all lost their sons to gun violence in oakland. the cases have not been solved. they met with me at abc 7 studios to talk about need for witnesses to come forward. >> when this happens a lot of people know about it. you don't have anyone willing to come forward. so... >> they're afraid. >> because they're afraid. >> her 31-year-old son and his girlfriend shot and killed while sitting in a car. he worked in a halfway hougs and johnson's 24-year-old son was gunned down at a party this year. he was the father of a little girl. lorraine taylor lost two sons at the same time 11 years ago. twins were gunned down trying to get a stalled car started. one worked at ups and attended merit college. another, a barber. their murdered prompted her to
6:34 pm
send her son to school out of state. >> we have got to do something with these young kids. >> these mothers are begging witnesses to come forward about the murders. >> you can just write a letter and address it to the police department. don't put a return address and mail it there is a tip line to report anonymously. and or e mail the oakland police department. and support is free thanks to lorraine tailor forming a group called a thousand mothers to prevent violence. >> most of us after going through ptsd and aggravated pain can't work. >> i joined lorraine on a mother's day march with other grieving mothers. she told me about ways her group helps other autos we go
6:35 pm
to court with our families. we meet with find out what is going on with the case. >> she's moved out of a dark depression into a bright energetic support system for mothers like alfredda. >> people aren't always comfortable with you talking about your loss. if they haven't experienced it. and so the support group is perfect for that. >> in spite of the loss these mothers are reaching out to gang members. the son asks daughters of other parents. >> if you need to be a part of a gang, join us. work with mothers. come work with a thousand mothers to prevent violence. >> we'll give you something to do. we can love on you and be your friend. >> they mean that. the chief plans to meet with the group every month and a police investigator tries to meet with them once a month as well. for a link just go to abc 7 and look under see it on tv. >> and powerful group of
6:36 pm
women. >> and still coming up a bay area woman whose passport was possibly stolen in the mail. >> just wondering who has possession of the passport. and michael finney reveals a loophole putting all of us at risk. sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams.
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more from the u.s. supreme
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court deciding not to hear a number of significant cases including whether police need a search warrant to search your facebook messages. they don't. and whether an ohio judge should allowed to display 10 commandments in the courtroom. he can't z whether kfc should have to pay taxes in. >> i wra wa where they don't own restaurants. they do. >> and money matters another sharp drop in stock prices. new concerns and the banks that are financing it sent the do you tumbling today. nasdaq lost 79. s and p fell to a new low for the year. and stock in the parent company of american airlines lost a tird of its value today. american is the only major airline to lose money this year. and analysts believe it could be headed for bankruptcy. most auto makers report gd september sales, but toyota down almost 18% because
6:40 pm
they've been unable to restock dealerships from march earthquake. abc news inked a deal with yahoo. the stories will be featured at >> and a team from pennsylvania is the winner of nasa's first evergreen flight challenge. and explains managed to fly 200 miles in less than two hours using little more than a gallon of fuel per passenger. anasa hopes it will inspire more inoation autos electric motor has many fewer moving parts than a conventional engine. so in addition to higher efficiency, we think there is a pe ten shall to be more reliable by vir yu of being simpler. >> and nasa teamed up with google for the competition taking place last week.
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>> in this era of identity theft imagine having your new passport disappear in the mail and 7 on your side stepped in, coming up next. >> arriveal of the teams .s it's almost timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hey!
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every year, millions of passports are sent through the mail. the government doesn't require to find when they arrive. >> that left a nightmare for one woman. and michael finney has been looking into what happened. >> and this woman, the very first thing she did was to apply for her u.s. pats port but now, it's nowhere to be found and at a time when travel security is such a big concern. she asked us to find out how something like this could happen. waits an exciting moment for her. in a group ceremony, the orthodox from india took her oath. >> some people from different nations.
6:45 pm
>> right afterwards, applying for a u.s. passport so she can fly to india for a conference. >> within two weeks, you should get your passport. >> she did receive her farlized certificate in the mail but not the passport. she waited three more weeks, then, she began to worry. >> i looked up the tracking number online. it said your item was delivered at 11:15 a.m. june 17th. >> sh says it was delivered in june. it also says a waiver of signature was exercised on delivery. but she says that is impossible. >> so i'm not sure who waived at the time of delivery because ways not home. >> she called postal service repeating the report. the package was delivered and signature, waived yet, it wasn't here, she and her roommate began to worry a thief might use her lost passport to travel under her name. >> just wondering who is in possession of my passport.
6:46 pm
it's like identity theft. >> from a safety standpoint, what does that mean? >> i was sitting and watching the news and i saw michael fin yes on the news. >> we contacted the state department. and this agency citing privacy skpruls said lost pass ports are cancelled ask z.cannot be used for internation travel and said generally the office of passport services says z not require signatures for the delivery of pass ports and millions of pass ports are delivered every year without incident. she says the government should make sure they get into the right hands. >> this is a document that needs to be in a secure fashion. >> she says where is it? she shows us her mail slot in this door leading to the garage requiring an electronic
6:47 pm
pass code to enter, no one has tried to break in. now, she says she's living with worry. >> the excitement died down. >> the government did send her a duplicate in time for the trip to inda. after our inquiry, postal service is still investigating her lost passport. >> thank you for doing that. i appreciate it. >> the postal service says you should immediately mile a crime report with the postal inspector's ochls now to make that easy i've posted information at abc 7 and this is on that 7 on your side page. >> spencer christian is standing by. >> it's raining and tapering off. take a look here, you can see parts of the north bay beginning to dry out a little bit right now. we still have a line of light to moderate rainfall across
6:48 pm
the bay area. so on we go to this tomorrow. we'll get partly cloudy skies and a little bit of sunshine tomorrow, dry and we'll see high temperatures into 60s and low 70s inland z similar readings could be found down near monterey bay. 60s near the bay. low 70s inland. next we have a bigger storm that is developing out to sea at the moment. coming in tomorrow night and overnight tonight wednesday we'll get quite a bit of rainfall. there is a stormy system. here is the accu-weather forecast. there are showers lingering into partial clearing in the afternoon. and it stoorts warm up sunday and monday z merely 80 degrees around the bay. and we're going to have to contend with rainfall. >> just a little bit. >> thank autos fleet week kicking off thursday with a long line up of battleships and cruisers anchored in the bay. there is added security. the u.s. navy launched three
6:49 pm
patrol boats and are here to protect ships sailing into the bay. they'll provide security for uss carl vincent. >> these crafts are the same that the mobile security squadrons use around the world. and there is detachments from around the world coming to support the activity in supporting fleet week. >> and there are run was a parade of ships saturday and fleet week air she sunday. >> and reason dan ashley is not here with us tonight is because he's hosting his charity golf tournament. it's friends of camp fund-raiser held this year in alamo. every year, dan raises enough money to send 500 zeefshing children on an all expenses paid trip to south lake tahoe. >> one of the great things is to make sure all of the kids going up to camp are anonymous on terms whof is on scholarships.
6:50 pm
counselors don't know who is there on scholarship. they're just kids having fun. >> and camp concord is a traditional summer camp if you'd like to help go to abc 7 and click on see it on tv. >> very good fun. >> and coming up next, two of the best catches you'll see and they both happened in this
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join me tonight at 9:00 coming up then, cancer and exercise. could working up a sweat shut down kabser cells lying dormant in our bodies? and are you ready for football? tonight at 11:00 why the man who wrote the famous theme song for monday night football is no hot water with espn. it's coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and larry inteel way but mike shumann is here. >> and we'll start off with 49ers, jim harbaugh figuring out what he can do with materials he's been given. and they're starting to understand his offense and defense, and there is a al
6:54 pm
yechl smith in the corner, frank gore and kendall hunter provided a great one, two punch. and there gore punched it in for game-winning touchdown. now, this team is coming together, evident here when justin smith ran down jeremy mackland in the game. >> like the guy in the movies no matter what you do to him, blow him up, you can't kill him. he just keeps coming back. you prefer to be the guy in the movies that is resilient z he finds a way to kill you. you know? that is where we'd rather go. >> and maybe the greatest analogy i've heard. raiders have been explosive on offense and struggled on defense, and they showed up yesterday in the loss to the patriots and there is a first
6:55 pm
drive on the game led to a score, then, before the half jason campbell thoughs this pick z raiders now down at the half. and there steven ridly plays dodge ball with raiders defense. that is hard to overcome but today, hooub jackson remains confident. >> i call in the coaching staff. we're not backing down from what the expectation is. it's not going change. we're going to win afc west. we're going to do everything we can to get in that playoffs and go challenge for a super bowl. i'm not backing down from that. >> texas rangers closer to get back to the world series today. ron watson looking to go up in the series against the rays. bottom four, desmond jengs gets into the corner. gone, solo shot, first two of on the day. and there is a a two run shot,
6:56 pm
part of a 4-1 inning. and the if you've missed their win over ucla this weekend, you miss twoftd greatest catches i've seen in a while. first from quarterback andrew luck and off the reverse pass, check it out. there is only one just six. and there is another one handed beauty out of the air. and they both from friends witness afterwards. >> i try to put my hands up there and catch the ball. i'm sure it's anchor played on the next ball. >> and the greatest onehanded catch seen lately for the upside down layout grab.
6:57 pm
check this out, there is a face up back to the ground. hits hard and are you kidding me? and that will be our catch of the day. >> that is sure enough. >> and i've made one handed catches but most of them are with a fishing pole. >> yes. >> thank you. >> and thanks for joining us i'm cheryl jennings. >> we'll see you back here at 9:00 and 11:00. ask me how i've never slept better. why not talk to one of the six million people who've switched to the most highly recommended bed in america. it's not a sealy, a simmons or a serta. ask me about my tempur-pedic, do you know there's a tempur-pedic for everybody? tempur-pedic beds now come in soft, firm and everything in between. ask me how i can finally sleep all night. to learn more or to find an authorized retailer near you visit tempur-pedic, the most highly recommended bed in america.
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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are a mother and cook from dover, new hampshire... a college physics teacher from somerville, massachusetts... our returning champion, a high school college prep counselor from san francisco, california... whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek! thank you. thank you, johnny. hi, everyone. welcome to the show. yeah, you heard right. $82,000 for just 2 games. can he keep it going? that's the big question.


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