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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 4, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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apple fans will finally get answers to all of their burning questions. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in east palo alto. the girl struck and killed will be buried today her family wants answers from the mayor, city council and the police chief. i'll tell you about it in a live report. good morning. clouds hanging over san francisco this morning. still dropping a little bit of light rain. heavier rain on the way. thunderstorms, even flooding potential for tonight's storm. >> so far, so good for your commute. a little foggy. we seemed to have skirt the major storm. live look at toll plaza, more for your commute coming up. just announced in stockholm nobel prize for physics goes to a berkeley researcher. >> good morning it is 5:01 thanks for joining us. roads, a little wet, a little
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slick. >> that's kristen sze, i'm eric thomas. you her sue say the rain skirted around us. that skirt is coming back longer than the skier we had this morning. >> i like. good morning. it is over shooting most of the moisture, santa rosa only reportingization saying they are receiving light rain. -- reporting saying they are receiving light rain. a lot of mist and drizzle going to keep your commute on the damp sigh. bulk moved south bringing rain to southern california. i think we have a brief period of dry weather from 9:00 until 6:00 this evening when the nexus tom comes in which will bring the stronger storms, -- possibility of flooding. first the news with. the apple of everyone's eye in just a few hours. the cupertino company set to unveil the new iphone.
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the location is a departure so is the man making announcement. amy hollyfield is live with a preview. >> reporter: they've decided to do it here in cupertino, no word on why. apple is very secretive. i can show you thanks to apple graphics you can see october 4th, 10:00 this morning. we'll find out how many, if any, rumors about the new iphone are true. it has been 16 months since the last iphone came out so there's been plenty of time for speculation and the tech world's imagination to run wild. some hope to see a bigger screen. some predicting a thinner phone, better camera. we don't know what it is going to be call. -- to be called. apple has kept all of those details unwraps. one leak came out yesterday. the "wall street journal" is reporting the new iphone will
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be available on the sprint network. spring's deal clouds a promise sprint will buy -- buy at least 30.5 million phones over the next four years. it won't hit stores today. experts predict we'll see it in the stores in the next week or two. one prediction we can make is going to be its popularity. new study is predicted that 41% of all smartphone users will be buying this new iphone. we'll get a good look today at 10:00 right here in cupertino. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. a trade group representing cell phone companies is expected to file a lawsuit in federal court today challenging the san francisco law requiring retailers to display information on potential radiation danger. board of supervisors passed the law in july. supporters believe there's evidence linking cell phone
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use to brain damage. the cell phone association says scientific data does justify this and there's a negative perception of a product that already complies with federal standards. the nobel prize in physics just announced. one of the winners is here. 52-year-old saul perlmutter is a physics professor at uc berkeley. he will share the 1.5 million dollar prize with fellow american rice and u.s.-australian citizen brian schmidt. their study found the expansion of universe is accelerating, meaning the universe is destin today expand forever. the discovery lead to speculation there's still an unknown type of energy that is pushing the universe apart. 6-year-old girl will be laid to rest today a week after she was struck and kill by a car in an east palo alto
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crosswalk. her death has triggered angry response who want the driver charged and a safer intersection. terry mcsweeney is live with more. >> reporter: the east palo alto city council is expected to get an earful tonight from friends and family of the 6-year-old girl killed last week across the street from where i am you can see the memorial is still there. lots of toys and candles. same intersection where 6-year-old really torres was kill and another child injured badly six months ago a place known as one of the most dangerous intersections at the city. look at last night's funeral for the girl prayers and tears and anger we are told. some of these people want the driver of the car flee leisha white parker, they want her arrested. she -- she has paid a fine for driving while using a cell phone and two other minor
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infractions. the mayor says the decision to prosecute will be at the d.a.'s discretion. one man whose daughter was struck in this intersection 8 years ago says the family of the girl who died last week is ready to take matters in their own hands. >> they are really angry. they went on a radio station to get lawyers to do something. >> reporter: some of the anger spilled over last friday outside east palo alto police department. the mayor and police chief trying to answer questions to calm the crowd. some would not be calmed. a study a year ago showed gloria way and bay road to be one of the most dangerous intersections in the city. an 8-year-old boy was seriously injured six months ago. there have been numerous accidents over the years. last week, one of the -- some people noticed todayed there is suddenly a crossing guard at this intersection -- something many feel should
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have been here before. other want flashing lights to get drivers to slow down. the 6-year-old will be buried today. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> 5:07. in oakland, city councilmember will make his push for the expansion of the city's converse a beginning injunctions and curfews. in response to the august shooting death of 3-year-old carlos nava. a councilman says the legislation has been denied before but he's calling again for an injunction. he says the mayor and council have a responsibility to give oakland police more resources otherwise all lawmakers are doing is just talking. for the first time in more than four years amanda knox is waking up outside of prison walls in italy. she on a plane now on her way home this morning to seattle. the 24-year-old arrived at the airport in rome in a her --
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she left last night after her conviction was shown out. the prosecutor is appealing the court's decision to set her free. for knock the question is will italian prosecutors ask for a retrial? >> i don't think anybody would let her go back for another trial in italy. >> knox's family celebrates her long awaited homecoming. meredith kercher's family says they feel like they are back to square one in getting justice for their daughter. more details about that disoriented sea lion who startled drivers and shutdown traffic this past weekend. staff an3[jmr the mammal centers dubbed the 150 pound female broadway bound,. áó near the broadway off-ramp. veterinarians say she
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suffering from a gunshot wound to the jaw and possibly from seizures that may have played a role in her wandering into traffic.hw yesterday's rain not a welcome sight in the wine country. workers at the money dove very vineyard husband selled to -- at the moneysonek dovey vineyar- they didn't like the rain he yesterday they are not k7[ >> we said that the cell phone industry said scientific data does support the link, actually they do not support it. just want to clarify. >> not going to be sunny at the start of the day. cloudy still, still moisture lingering for the morning commute we are in between systems as you can see the next one and more powerful one bearing down on northerné26n5
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california a matter of time about 12 hours before it comes into our neighborhoods. wreaks havoc with heavier rain and breezier conditions. justsey dampness outside, mid to upper 50s to 61 in mountain view. the afternoon hours, 3:00 mostly cloudy mid to upper 60s most areas. san jose, morgan hill around 71 radar returns 3:00 still to the north of us around ukiah, 5:00 or 6:00, the rain stars to move into the north bay and spreads south with a vengeance throwing lightning, thunder, heavy rain briefly causing potential, minor, once that passes showers wednesday into?2 thursday. sunshine warm and dry weather all the way through the weekend. good morning sue. >> good morning mike. hello everyone. so far your commute is a little foggygn.-ñ, not÷ too bad.
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some slick roads remain, a good drive, 80 berkeley, live shot so far towards the maze no problems. golden gate bridge you will be able to see the slick roads, as you head southbound a few headlights coming into san francisco, no problems, just little bit of moisture on the roads. public transit, everybody is running on time, ace train on schedule out of the central valley. muni rerouting because of the big oracle openworld in san francisco lines around mosconey rerouted and closed streets in that area. 5:11 now. worries about the financial shape of one of america's largest air carriers. you can see which one right there. that is coming up in our report on america's money. irs ruling takes most of the profit from oakland's medical marijuana sales. why san francisco's new program is generating
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. . good morning. u.s. markets opening at lowest levels for the year. worries that greece may default. also concern about u.s. ing. one stock leading the dow down amr the parent of american airlines. shares yesterday lost a third of the value on fears it may
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go . the airline dismisses that as rumors and speculation. bank of america another troubled company website up and down for several days the bank says too much traffic not related to last week's announcement of a $5 fee for debit card usage. >> the largest medical marijuana dispense on the west coast has last a battle with the irs. clubs cannot deduct the cost for things like payroll and rent as other businesses do because the federal government considers them to be involved in the trafficking of controlled substances as a result harborside owes millions in back taxes and the chief financial officer says the ruling could force harbor cy to close. parking in san francisco -- got more challenging in one neighborhood. jonathan bloom shows the surprising reason.
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>> [ inaudible ] >> reporter: it is the first shared card to live in what was a public parking spot. local non-profit city car share is paying $150 a month to make this space a to you away zone reserved for this -- blue prius. >> there are times when you need a car. speaking of someone who has no car and is mary and has kids, it is doable in san -- doable because car sharing fills that gap. >> reporter: shared cars are part of a six month pilot program typically parked in big private garages there are none in russian hill so neighborhood groups asked for this >> they are willing to offer up their own spaces they've been competing for every night to be able to use car sharing as a philosophy. >> reporter: when transportation planners
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announced they would be taking away a free car space some neighbors were not pleased. now one has changed his mind, even though this means one less spot for him to park his own car. >> i usually park there for quite sometime. for certain trips i take the zip car. >> reporter: because you don't want to lose your space? >> pretty much. >> reporter: now he may switch from zip car. >> car share outside my house is amazing. >> reporter: jimmy worries he could have to park farther away on jobs. you think this could make a difference? >> it could, yeah. it is that tight. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. [ talking over each other ] let's check in with mike with yesterday's rain a record somewhere. >> yeah, ukiah.
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you have been reading my tweets. more than an inch. pretty impressive storm that did lose a little steam as it rolled through our neighborhoods, healthy first season rainfall out there. some of the moisture leftover so you have drizzle even mist and a little fog to content with this morning. the bulk of the system, on the embarcadero no rain falling now in downtown san francisco. we have 61 mountain view mid to upper 50s for everybody else. monterey bay upper 50s, clouds and the same lingering moisture in your neighborhoods. today pretty quiet, mostly cloudy even a peek of sun or two briefly dry because the next system comes in this evening and blasts us during overnight hours with heavier rain, faster breezes. looks like the possibility of minor flooding, dry, sunny,
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warmer, very quiet friday, saturday, sunday and monday. today well below average mid to upper 60s in most neighborhoods low to mid 70s east bay valleys and south bay montgomery bay mostly cloudy maybe more sun -- mid to upper 60s around the bay and salinas low to me 70s inland. tonight -- to mid 70s inland. 24 hours from now dealing with the same as we are this morning damp air mass behind the cold front 50s to in cloverdale. while you were sleeping system swept into south bay opening the door for the next system riding on a 165 mile per hour jet stream, a lot of energy that's why i think the next system will be stronger with the thunderstorms and gusty winds with it. 7:00 this morning, most of the drizzle will be in the higher elevation by 9:00, 10:00 gone.
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noon pockets of sun. 6:00 you can see the rain moving through ukiah leading edge of the rain north bay, heaviest through the bay from me night to 4:00. in you hear thunder, it wind a dream, it did happen. tomorrow by lunch scattered showers will continue through the early evening. thursday morning a few showers lingering. thursday afternoon it is all gone. check out the rainfall totals. green is at least an inch east bay hills, marin county, santa cruz mountains more than an inch. let's look at that accuweather 7-day temperatures remain cool through thursday warming trend starts friday. by the weekend 10 to 15° warmer than today. hello everyone happy tuesday. san jose, a few people not bad northbound look at 280 around highway 17 as you drive
5:21 am
towards cupertino, in a little bit of company. mcarthur maze heading towards 880 or 580 or 80 looking good into the bay bridge toll plaza and points beyond. no metering lights at this hour. you can see a few cars heading into the incline section upper deck smooth sailing no issues out of treasure island. drive times out of antioch not bad. 580 still good commute towards the pass up and over into livermore. 80 there's your drive from the carquinez bridge into the maze less than 20 minutes. for the latest. our time is just about 5:22. >> governor perry brings the gop presidential race to the north bay. j >> why this homecoming queen is getting more attention from her foot than her crown. i'm rob nelson.
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clinically proven unisom helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep so you wake rested. unisom. fall asleep faster. sleep longer. good morning. tuesday morning, traffic on the san mateo bridge is just buzzing along. there was rain yesterday and there will be more rain today. heavier rain. at least later on today. mike will tell you more. the biggie tomorrow we'll hear buy. gop presidential candidate perry will pay a visit to the north bay today for a fundraiser. the event is being held at the elite jordan vineyard and winery guests are being
5:25 am
charged $500 per person. they expect 100 to 150 to attend. not your typical homecoming queen. one hour after winning the crown in michigan, the 18-year-old stunned football fans by kicking a 31 yard game winning field goal she was in her uniform not a dress. she is the first girl to play varsity football in that school's history. >> wow! >> yeah, good. >> girls feeling proud about that. >> next, the monday night football controversy that had nothing to do with what happened on the field. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in east palo alto where the community is still outraged about the killing of a girl at this intersection last week. they want to know why there has been no arrest. why wasn't something done to make it safer? why the problem here could be coming to a school near you. the guessing game is about
5:26 am
to end. apple is hours from unveiling a new iphone. the big changes expected not only for the phone but also for the way it is unveiled. coolest conditions in the northwest seattle and portland low to mid 60s, boston, new york, washington low to upper 60s. 70s and 80s for the rest of country. 92 phoenix. right now all major airports are running on time. i expect delays to develop at sfo. when they let us know we'll let you know or check out our flight tracker on at the bottom. [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life? i think it can. one of the challenges for kayla being gluten-free
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good morning i'm h live in cupertino with a big -- i'm amy hollyfield live in cupertino with a big announcement 16 months in the making.
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concern over the death of a child is expected to draw a crowd to a discussion about safety at an east palo alto intersection. >> here's a live look at the embarcadero this morning where rain stopped falling, still drizzle during the morning commute but that big, bad storm is coming tonight. i'll tell you how heavy the rain will be the wind and if there will be flooding. a little wet out there, live shot of the golden gate bridge, excessive speed and slick roads don't equal up too well. just freed an italian prison american exchange student amanda knox is on the first leg of her long trip home this morning. it is just about 5:30 on this tuesday morning. i'm eric thomas, thanks for joining us. and i'm kristen sze, rain may still befalling this morning. >> sue mentioned excessive speed and red roads don't mix.
5:30 am
more -- and wet roads don't mix, we'll tell you more about that coming up is apple will unveil the new device today that could give apple the lion's share of the smartphone market. >> reporter: apple fans had to wait 16 months for this new version a live time in the world of apple. today they get to see the new phone. it won't be unveiled by steve jobs. he stepped down as ceo in august because he's been suffering from cancer. so, his replacement, tim cook will be making his first iphone launch as ceo. he will be doing it out of the cupertino headquarters this morning. apple has kept all detail unwraps. we don't know what it is going to be call. phone 5 or 4s. the "wall street journal" did break one detail yesterday, it is reporting that sprint will
5:31 am
be available on iphone. spring betting the company on iphone. it agreed to buy 30.5 million new phones regardless of whether customers purchase them. quite a commitment from that company. but could be a good gamble. new survey predicting that 41% of smartphone users lobbying this new iphone. today a -- users will be buying this new iphone. predictions from whether the screen will be bigger, faster, better camera, all kinds of ideas. it will be unveiled here at 10:00 this morning. live in coup toon know, amy hollyfield, -- in cupertino, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. a frustrated community poised to pack an east palo alto council meeting tonight over the dangers at one intersection where a 6-year-old girl was hit and kill by a car. terry mcsweeney is live with
5:32 am
the story. >> reporter: the east palo alto city council meeting tonight should be emotional if the past is any indication. they want answers, they want to know why nothing was done to make it safer despite an injury to a child six months ago and a warning a year ago. last night's memorial for 6-year-old sioreli torres. she was walking to school with her mom and sisters when a car driven by felicia white-parker a teacher at a different school struck and kill her. the teacher has been interviewed by police and released. police will interview her again next week. the mayor and mourner talked about the emotion last night. >> we are honoring sioreli and helping the family to grieve. >> very sad. >> reporter: it was not calm. i was very excitable, very
5:33 am
angry last friday night outside east palo alto police department. tonight why weren't there crossing guards in this intersection. an 8-year-old was struck here six months ago seriously injured. a report issued a year ago highlighted this as one of the most dangerous intersections in the city. contra costa sc8:p)e cutting back on crossing guards and san jose facing a serious budget deficit is considering getting rid of all crossing guards there. are schools in the bay area where parents take care of the crossing guard duties, a hand health stop sign and fluorescent vest. the 6-year-old girl last week is going to be buried today. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. san francisco police are investigating a deadly pedestrian accident last night shortly after 7:00.
5:34 am
the man was crossing america when he was hit boy a vehicle the victim was rushed to the hospital where he died. police are holding a community meeting tonight in san francisco's richmond district recreation center to discuss a fatal police shooting of an armed man they say stabbed his mother to death and wounded his father. yesterday morning 78-year-old nina woo died from stab wounds her 78-year-old husband is recovering. officers arrived at the home where they found the couple. they shot 44-year-old peter woo after he advanced towards them with a knife in each hand. >> they used extended impact weapon bean bag round to try to stop him that was ineffective and were forced to use deadly force. >> the two officers remain on routine administrative leave while the investigation continues into what appears to be a case of family violence. this morning san leandro
5:35 am
police looking for a person of interest in a triple mur. they've released a sketch. light complexed black male, eight -- 18 to 21, diamond embedded in four of his gold teeth. police want to talk to him about the shooting deaths of 16-year-old, 23-year-old and a 19-year-old. all three were shot to death outside this building early sunday morning following a party. three others were also wounded. advocates for the handicapped are criticizing bart's new ramp at lafayette station. bart two million dollars on a ramp leading to the station but did not include a curb cut-out for a way for wheelchairs to get to the ramp. south parking lot has 117 stalls for vehicles not a single space has been set aside for the disabled. federal guidelines require one
5:36 am
handicap for every 25 spaceses. may still see a -- few wet roads the big rain has yet to arrive. >> right. another round later, how much later mike? >> probably 6:00 in the north bay the rest of us midnight to 4:00 tomorrow morning heavy, noisey with the possibility of thunder. don't be surprised if you think you hear it in your dreams. pretty quiet, a few organized areas of drizzle this morning. by far, the organized heavier rain down in south florida now. we are getting a break briefly today 160 mile per hour jet stream driving this next system into our neighborhoods tonight through tomorrow into thursday for that matter. right now breezy at sfo and oakland tell to have 14 miles per hour everybody else less than 10 miles per hour this morning, the winds aren't a real concern:
5:37 am
cloud cover drizzle through the 8:00 hour, 50s by the time we get to noon clouds break a little 60s in all of our neighborhoods except for san francisco at 59. 4:00 clouds increasing, 60s in most areas we may touch 70s in east bay valleys and south bay. 6:00 we start to see some of that rain break out in the north bay and slide south during the overnight showers. scattered showers linger through at least thursday drier friday and warmer with sunshine all the way through the weekend and spilling into next week. hello everyone. live shot san mateo bridge moving well drivers cooperating towards foster city in the westbound direction that would be the ted lights headed that way. issue in woodside, if you -- it is closed due to a
5:38 am
jackknife big rig between upper lake and orchard hill. they are working to clear that out of there. other drive times this morning, 92 san mateo bridge less than 15 minutes. 880 and 101 good drive on the peninsula. 5:38. stay away. the issue that has school districts keeping hundreds of students out of class today. why espn pulled hank williams' opening song from last night's monday night football game. and why you may not hear it again any time soon. >> oh yeahxñxñxñxñxñxñxñxñxñxñxx
5:39 am
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not that anyone has to know. fiber beyo recognition. fibeone. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning tuesday 5:41. can you see the roads still look slick? you can tell from the headlines what that is doing. going to get rain tonight still. tomorrow overnight could be a doozy mike will talk about that and check out rain totals. we pay for the beauty of the bay area more and more each year. the center for community economic development says the cost of living has soared 18% since the recession starred in 2008. wages remain flat, more people lost their jobs costs have risen for everything. the group wants california to overhaul how it measures
5:42 am
residents economic well-being and not just look at pretaxed income. most students have met the deadline for whooping cough vaccinations. a spike in case is prompted middle and high school students to receive the butter shot. 1500 who did not turn in documents have been told to stay home until they do have them. in oakland 1300 have not submitted their paperwork. in the san mateo foster city district, 22 students were told to stay home bus they did not have proof of vaccination. that famous monday night football theme son was absence for reason -- theme song was absence for reason last night. last night espn yanked the hank williams, jr. song after
5:43 am
a comment the singer may on fox tv during an interview williams compared john boehner playing golf with president obama to hitler playing golf with prime minister netanyahu. espn says it finds the remarks insensitive. williams issued a statement saying some of us have strong opinions and are off misunderstood all my rowdy friends has been the theme since 1991. will we hear it again? we will see. zombies move up on the halloween costume list. bloomberg business report coming up. the trial begins for the nigerian man arrested for the christmas 2009 bombing attempt. why a heavily arm -- why heavy armed navy patrol [ man ] did we get anything good?
5:44 am
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welcome back. you can see scattered storms are around southern california now. a few scattered snow showers around tahoe from the 60s in most areas low to mid 70s around the central valley to 83 in palm springs. tahoe tomorrow winter storm warning from 5:00 in the morning until 11:00 in the evening up to a foot of snow
5:47 am
above several thousand feet which means several over passes may need chains. 5:47 now. in detroit, jury selection set to begin in the trial of the accused underwear bomber 24-year-old umar farouk abdulmutallab is charged with trying to blow up a northwest airlines jet in flight with a bomb hidden in his underwear. that bomb did not explode. prosecutors have a confession. they say witnesses as well as a video of abdulmutallab explaining his suicide mission for al-qaeda. he's acting as his own attorney. fleet week kicks off thursday with a long line-up of battleships, aircraft carriers and cruisers in the bay there's added security. the u.s. navy launched three heavily armed patrol boats. they will provide security for the uss carl vinson while in port. >> these are the same crafts that the mobile security
5:48 am
squadrons use around the world. coming to support the active duty in supporting fleet week. >> fleet week runs five days with parade of ships saturday and famous air show this weekend with the blue angels. should be fun. hopefully, the weather will have cleared by then. >> hopefully, yeah. they have a different show if there's cloud cover. if there's rain and a lot of bad weather they have to cancel. >> i think this will be one of the best weekends we've had in a while. already a lot of rain out there from our first storm of the season. the second within could be a knock-out punch for a few especially in the north bay where we may see . any storm drains, gutters, whatever, need to be cleaned today. 5:49. low clouds hanging around, moist morning, mist, drizzle even slick streets still.
5:49 am
as far as the weather, let's look at the 24 hour rainfall totals, lowest amount 10th of an inch livermore, fairfield, quarter in oakland to a third in mill valley almost a third in san jose. higher elevations receive the most, more than an inch of rain. santa rosa about half an inch in one of the higher amounts in the low elevations. right now 61 mountain view just updated temperatures still in the mid to upper 50s he have everywhere else. let's talk about what is going to happen, it is going to be an interesting 24 to 48 hours. today, mostly cloudy and briefly dry may see a few peeks of sun before the stronger storm comes in tonight heavier rain and breezy conditions thunder possible while we are sleeping. friday, saturday, sunday, monday, right for fleet week
5:50 am
and weekend. around the monterey bay mid to upper 60s. let's talk about tonight, look at how quickly the storm blows through, lingering showers like this morning, tomorrow morning, temperatures in the 50s. while you were sleeping one system pulled out the other knocking on our backdoor, 165 mile per hour jet stream rolling through the northern pacific and driving the storm towards us because it has so much wind, breezy tomorrow, heavier rain and it will provide the lift needed for thunderstorms. 7:00 this morning, everything drying by noon, few pockets of sun developing, clouds increase during the afternoon, rain moving into the north bay towards the end of the rush hour heaviest rain midnight to 4:00, tomorrow morning lingering light showers. showers developing again by
5:51 am
noon hanging around during the evening commute, another break before more showers thursday morning then by thursday afternoon, the system is finally finished. let's talk about rainfall totals, the green is at least an inch. santa rosemount continues, marin county east bay hills north bay mountains, -- everyone else in the blue half an inch to an inch of rain. temperatures remain cooler than average today, tomorrow, thursday, slightly warmer increasing sunshine friday 10 to 15° warmer in most areas away from the coast sunday into monday. hello everyone. just looking at a caltrans sign that says reduce speeds slick roads, good advice. no major stalls as you head westbound 80 towards the maze, we don't have problems. no delays at the toll plaza, light there, metering lights off. those are the cash-paying folks a little bunched up.
5:52 am
walnut creek southbound 680, a few brake lights towards north main towards highway 24. beyond that to danville and points beyond southbound 680 at the limit. first report of accident westbound 580 at north livermore no significant slowing we'll be following that. here's your drive times highway 4, 580 and 680. for the latest. you know vampires are so out. you know what is in now? >> what? >> you know. >> zombies. zombies are always in. coming to live on this year's halloween costume list, zombies. >> here's jane king. good morning, let's talk iphone that's what apple's media event today is promising. it will let you use voice commands to make appointments on your calendar, send text
5:53 am
messages and e-mail and search the web and may include a better camera and stronger processor. toys "r" us says it will offer layaway on nearly playthings in many stores starting october 15th. also an interest-free bill me later option for web purchases. american airlines set to resume negotiations with pilots to reach agreement in bargaining that began in 2006. americans parent plunged after higher than normal pilot retirements. anti-wall street protests continue outside the new york stock exchange. another down down inside. europe's crisis pushing the s&p to a one year low. national retail federation says thanks to the recent popularity of zombie books,
5:54 am
shows and games, more than 2 1/2 million plan to dress as zombies, pushing the costume from number 22 to number 9 on kids list, number 7 to 4 for adults. i'm jane king. san francisco general has gained national certification. the first in the country to earn that recognition after high profile treatment of giant's fan brian stow who suffered a traumatic brain injury after being badly beaten in march. the new case was awarded base on -- based on medical skills, image technology and research. crucial link between exercise and lower risk of breast and colon cancer. a study of 4,000 showed staying physically fit with lower cancer risk. now they believe they know why. increased movement seems to out
5:55 am
anti-inflammatory signals in the body making it hard for tumors to grow. a third celebrity of the season will face elimination tonight on "dancing with the stars." ♪ ♪ ♪ >> last night ricki lake's romantic rumba scored triple nine's for first place, philips tied, and jj martinez. i was there this weekend kristi yamaguchi said watch jr. nancy grace is in 9th place followed by chaz bono who remains in last blaze after scoring triple six's. 2-year-old cat short but stands tall in the record book. measures six inches from floor to shoulder and featured in the new guinness book as the
5:56 am
shortest living cat. a chun. kin cat has little -- a month kin cat has little legs, fizz girl lives in san diego. >> doesn't affect the nine lives thing, right? >> apparently not. the cal berkeley researcher waking up a nobel prize win they are morning. the irs recall ruling that can bankrupt one of the biggest medical marijuana clubs. >> reporter: you have been waiting 16 months. today you see it, but you can have it yet. i'm amy hollyfield live in cupertino, i'll explain, coming up. h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@h@ [ male announcer ] sizzler's steak fest!
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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc all for just $10.99. i'm. m. tonight city council meeting could be raucous and emotional because of the death of a 6-year-old girl. the questions angry community members have to do with safety and justice. the story in a live report. plus uc berkeley researcher finding out he's now a nobel prize winner. >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield live in cupertino. apple is changing it up. rolling out new iphone today in a different location with a different man at the helm.


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