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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  October 4, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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of a cafe here in the mission district. the pot club is half a block from the san francisco friends school. in fact, there are several other dispenseries near friends and two other schools. he did confirm the owner of the building received a letter from u.s. attorney last week. it said there is a marijuana dispensery operating in the building within a prohibited distance of a playground in that it mate mai result in imprisonment, fines and for fit you're of assets, abc 7 news learned the same letter has been sent to other pot clubs in northern california. the u.s. attorney declined to be interviewed and a spokesman told us they're targeting dispenseries operating within a thousand feet of schools. dave blair lives in the neighborhood. >> it's a legitimate rule and
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makes -- makes common sense. >> this attorney represents pot club owners and their land lords. he believes that the government is waging a quiet campaign against his clients. >> they're not, you know, kicking in doors and taking people to jail but there is a climate making it nearly impossible for medical cannibis collectives to survive. >> jonathan daily is an operator. >> there is another landlord that will do it. and it's unfortunate but we have to continue with when it's california. >> and he says the regional banks stopped doing business with these dispenseries. they can't open bank accounts and irs no longer allows thom write off business expenses. bottom line is that the state allows dispenseries to operate any type of marijuana is
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illegal as far as the federal government is concerned. >> thank you. >> and in san jose a police officer and a former cop under arrest for stealing money from students. they're accused of skimming $120,000 from the latino officer's scholarship fund. and we're live with the story. >> police officers say they didn't want to believe it, but the bank records left them no choice but to arrest two of their own, they've taken two men into custody they say were taking money from a 40-year-old charity they ended up bankrupting. police showed us court papers accusing the men of stealing $120,000 over the course of four years in bits and pieces. and the peace officer's association used to give out 10 scholarships per year of up to $5,000 each.
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the chapter didn't give out any scholarships and it turns out the two men closed down the physical office, disconnected the phone line and run the bank accounts into the ground. investigators say they've been making large cash withdrawals and writing checks to themselves instead of scholarship recipients. national latino peace officers association started an investigation then asked police for help. >> it's difficult to have to arrest another officer. but... it's one of the things that this makes me angry when any officer violates public trust. >> we recorded it and it's hard. you know? there are people that you know for many years through the organization, it's devastating to the local members and community. and to us. >> police say the officers were booked into jail this morning on charges of felony grand theft.
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and one was arrested this morning when reporting for duty n san jose, abc 7 news. >> thank you. and well as you can tell, the weather turned into a new direction. there is a solid storm coming in tonight. spencer christian is tracking it. sounds like it's going to be swift and strong. >> it s you're right there. is a look at live doppler 7 hd. there is a blanket of moisture and there are reports only of light rainfall so far. and it looks impressive here, so from just about the golden gate north through marin and up to santa rosa and points north towards heelsburg now there is rain developing and coming together. there is a look at bigger picture, you can see the bulk of the rainfall is well north, still, up into the crescent city area and headed our way. it's just hours from arriving in the bay area, there is a different look at it. there is where we're going see
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strong winds and possibly thunderstorms. >> thank you. >> crews throughout the bay area have been preparing for the rain. in san jose, spent the day preparing for rain and it could cause flooding. they checked pump stations to make sure everything is working worry. much of the scene where public works were out in force today getting ready and filled pot holes and cleared storm sewers to minimize the chance of street flooding. >> one result from yesterday's storm, there is a 75 foot oak tree branch crunch aid hole in the roof of a guest cottage in a kenwood bed and breakfast. the man told us the water from storm weighed down the leaves on tree and snapped the branch. >> and a tree fell through this roof. that tree just came crashing down without warning and she says it missed her just by a
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whisker. and crews put up a tarp over the hole to keep rain out. >> bart has a boondoggel tonight. according to california watch, bart built a $2 million disabled access ramp at it's station, only one problem, it's inconvenient for the disabled. we have the story from lafayette. darrell hall helps disabled people learn independence on transit. and this is the ramp was depleted in a and it does not connect their wheelchairs with southern parking lot. there are no curve cuttouts and no heavy kept parking spots in the southern lot. >> i think they need
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accessibility we'd want to include paratransit parking in this lot as well as wheelchair accessible parking which we don't v there are not k curve cuts into the parking lot. >> we've heard from people and we're going to complete a cuttout within six months. it's not a compliance issue just listening to customers and responding. >> bart spokesman says the upper parking lot takes care of compliance with cuttouts and handicapped parking, a total of 27 spaces so combined 1528 spaces at the lafayette lot. >> bart is in compliance, we have more parking spaces than are required. >> a disability rights attorney says he has to study the station more closely to confirmed compliance. for now, bart's work goes unchallenge. >> and oakland city officials are facing criticism for costs
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of renovations to the fox theater. according to a report the city portion of the cost quadrupled to $52 million. the audit blames staffers for failing to provide akit kthibility as the cost grew. >> there was a full feesibility said we're going to at the end of the day we're going to have a full renovation with this amount of money well. have these identified funding sourg r sources. >> the city's portion costs skyrocketed 172%. some say the invest smt paying off. >> the audit does conclude it was a fantastic project that the investment made did yield the desired results and in fact, atracked a lot of outside money. >> oakland city staff responded and saying the audit ignores facts provided during the process. >> a professor got quite a phone call this morning.
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he found out he's the latest winner of the nobel prize for physics. and as wayne freedman reports he's down to earth. if you study hard, and contemplate space and time, maybe you, too will get a reception like the one dr. saul pearlman received this morning. what is a good question for a nobel prize winner in physics? >> did you get a perfect score on your s.a.t.? >> no. no. it wasn't perfect. >> yet, it's impression o of -- imperfection of physical models but measuring super novas he proved the universe is not only expanding but accelerating due to a unexplained force known as tark matter. >> it's simplest picture at home, then universe expands forever, that will be it.
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your only universe, however, we don't know what the explanation for why it's expanding. it -- bets could be off. >> he is approachable. his colleagues expressed pleasure for him winning this prize. >> he encourages everyone to do more. and among those in the audience today, his daughters and his wife who also has a phd. >> if you can change one thing about your husband what would it be? >> i would give him power bend time so i have more time with him. >> maybe that will happen by minutes anyway. at lawrence berkeley lab, they get better parking spaces. so forget about prize money. >> now, it's all been worth while. >> wayne freedman abc 7 news.
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>> and parking is quite a bonus. >> still ahead tonight developing story from seattle. amanda knox is back home tonight for the first time since her arrest for a murder she did not commit. >> a bay shore salmon heist. 40,000 fingerlings released into the bay by vandals. what is not clear is why. >> it's not steve jobs or iphone 5. there is a smart phone listening and responds when you talk to it. >> so many want to get one there is a five-month wait. what that is, ahead on 7 on your side.e.e.e.e.e.e.e.e.e.e.e.
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authorities trying to figure out why someone would commit a crime against a local hashry that releases young salmon into the wild. operators say someone broke into their installation and cut the nets two of holding pens releasing 40,000 salmon into the bay. the fish being raised by students at casa grande high school not headed to stores or restaurants. the director cannot figure out why someone would do this. >> they were proud of the project to have someone do this is a spoiler. kids goring to be hard broken. >> while they're not in danger because of the release it does ruin the ceremony students planned. >> apple introduced a new iphone today but not the oner everyone is expecting. no iphone 5, instead a souped-up version of the 4. we have a look at what this
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will offer. david? >> the answer might be more exciting if they'd call it iphone 5. however, apple has to work hard to convince customers that the iphone 4 s has changes in size. >> the next generation iphone was supposed to have a larger screen and a new design. instead, iphone 4 s is the same on the outside. >> people hoping for iphone 5. for something more revolutionary and this feels more evolutionary. >> and what is instayedside is probably going to make more sense because it's fast skbrer packed with new features. graphics will be seven times faster. and a built in camera and new lens yielding high resolution photos and video. but the eye and ear opener is a new voice recognition feature. answering verbal questions by searching the web.
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>> what is the correct time in moscow? >> the time in moscow, russian is 11:58 p.m. it can trance scribe dictated e mails. >> it's probably the sechls qeeest thing we saw because it changes the way we interact. up until now, it's been just touch, now, it inludz voice. >> there will be a new operating system. apple announced it will launch an i cloud service on october 12th allowing users to store media on apple servers that can be accessed on demand. new ceo tim cook believes this integration with the new iphone 4 s keeps apple head of the pack. >> apple has enormous momentum. >> it will test whether function over form will keep customers coming. >> there is technology improved and so... on the
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outside looks the same. inside it's different. >> apple says that a third wireless carrier will carry iphone 4 s, sprint, sprint joining at and t and verizon. older models will get price cuts. and in palo alto abc 7 news. >> and david, thank you. the new san francisco ordinance requiring cell phone companies to disclose radiation levels is on hold for the time being. the wireless industry obtained a court injunction blocking right to know. the industry contends it protects them from having to spread false messages that they don't agree with. and this year it says cell phone radiation possibly posted a cancer risk but admitted there is no hard evidence of that. and now to find out how much
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radiation your cell phone emits go to abc 7 and look under see it on tv its not going to stay calm long. >> this is crew. this is a powerful storm coming our way just hours away. and there is northward across the golden gate, you can see clouds in the atmosphere up north and there is lots of moisture in clouds, some hitting the ground now. there are reports of light rain in the north bay. there is live doppler 7 looks impressive. parts of marin and napa counties getting light rain. and this there is heavier rain on the way. these are the highlights, heavy rain, wind, thunder and there is a winter storm warning in affect and showers possibly continue into thursday morning. this is a bout of wet weather coming our way. there is a different view of the storm.
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approaching cold front and it's riding a very powerful jet stream flowing at 180 miles per hour fueling a storm and making for a fast-moving storm. we'll start at 7:00 tonight, by midnight, we'll see pretty heavy, stormy weather developing up into the north bay and beginning to sweep through during overnight hours by 5:00 in the morning official beginning of the rush hour, the front passes through the bay area but will the trailed by scattered showers. and there is lots of sunshine but by mid day, more organized showers beginning to sweep through and there is some trailing showers that could continue into thursday morning. by 11:00 tomorrow night, we'll have rainfall totals up to two inches in the north bay mountains up to an inch and a half. and up to an inch in the east bay z just under an inch in the south bay. peninsula could see up to an inch of rain z there is winter
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storm warning in affect from 11:00 tonight to 11:00 tomorrow night. up to a four to eight inches at lake level. and snow level around down to 5,000 feet. and back in the bay area tonight looking for low temperatures into the marrow range. mid-50s and rain approaches. and there are highs tomorrow mainly low to mid-60s and there is upper 60s and here is the accu-weather forecast. after storms sort of taper off by thursday morning, partial clearing late in the day thursday, then warming up quickly under sunny skies friday throughout the weekend. by sunday we'll see highs back into low 80s, upper 70s around the bay. upper 60s on the coast. this mid week storm followed by almost summer like warmth. >> yes. >> once getting past this here. >> yes.
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>> and coming up later tonight a tree falls in the forest its blocking a popular mountain cx@x
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a bay area congress woman calling occupy wall street movement america's arab spring. democrat jackie speier says protestors are angry and demanding justice.
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she thinks people are outraged no one from wall street has gone to jail. >> when enron occurred and when savings and loan occurred lots of people went to jail. and more than a thousand were actually tried. nothing happened so far. i think people are deeply disturbed. we have to remember that we're in this mess today because wall street got greedy. >> the protests began three weeks ago and spread to dozens of cities including san francisco this, is amateur video received from you reports. of the encampment outside of the federal reserve. >> the transportation security administration is apologizing to a san francisco-bound breast cancer survivor for a pat down she called humiliating. she went through a full body scanner in kennedy airport and it detected metal tissue expanders implanted after her mastectomy. a tsa agent refused to let her
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get out her medical card which has information. the tsa says that card would not have spared her the pat down but it would have been done privately. >> and a santa clara schoolteacher has one of the best supplied classrooms in the country. she received a thousand dollars worth of supplies today from office max. the 4th grade teacher selected for her work in the classroom and leading several after school programs. she's one of the thousand teachers honored like this, today. >> good for her. >> still head tonight at 6:30 amanda knox's arriveal just a short time ago in seattle. she's been holding a news conference on her murder acquittal. >> the crash of a helicopter in new york's east river and the draw matic rescue attempt saving four passengers. >> and the governor of new jersey makes an announcement disappointing a lot of republicans from coast to coast. c
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american amanda knox is back on u.s. soil tonight after spending four years in an italian prison. knox and her family landed in her home town of seattle an hour ago. she was freed yesterday after an italian appeals court through tlu out her conviction. an overwhelmed and emotional knox faced everyone who helped her win her freedom. >> it's hard for me to say thank you to everyone who believed in me who defended me and supported my family. i just want my family is the most important thing to me now. i just want to go and be with them. >> prosecutors insist knox was
6:30 pm
among three people who killed the 21-year-old meredith kercher. they plan to appeal. if they're successful it could set the stage for an extradition battle. >> one person died when a helicopter plunged into new york's east river seconds after take off. passengers clung to life rings in the bottom of the chopper until rescuers reached them near 34th street. two of the five people on board remain in critical condition. witnesses say it sputtered after take off and only climbed maybe 25 feet into the air before crashing. it's splashed down a few hundred feet off shore, investigators have not yet figured out what went wrong. >> new jersey governor chris christie ended weeks of speculation today and revealed he'll not seek the republican nomination for president. christie's announcement after several influential republicans including nancy reagan urged him to run. conservatives admired him for
6:31 pm
cutting taxes and taking a hard line against employee unions but he says there is still more to do in new jersey. >> i'm proud of the state and people. i know there is still much more we need to do together to insure the future we want for our children so. this is not the time to leave unfinished business for me. >> his decision to stay out of the race comes as polls show mitt romney recapturing the top spot. >> and with only days left for governor brown to sign or veto a stack of bills passed by the legislature last month he took action on controversial ones today. nannette miranda reports that the governor indicated one thing that dictated almost all of the decisions. >> it looked like governor brown is doing all he can to keep the state budget signed in june balanced. in his latest action, the democrat vetoed a bill would
6:32 pm
have allowed state subsidized child care providers today unionize. critics says wage woz go up and the governor agreeing, fearing a burden to taxpayers, unions are upset. >> 80,000 child care providers needed this bill to improve lives and lives of the families served. >> the governor vetoed a bill that would have made more families in california eligible for welfare, removing car ownership when determining eligibility. the law says if you own a vehicle valued at more than $4650, you cannot receive aid. governor brown says since we don't know what next year's financial outlook is, the state shouldn't make changes expanding the program. advocates say welfare recipients need better cars to be able to go to work once finding a job. >> we think this is a policy that actually is undermining peoples attentions to move out of poverty that is why we're
6:33 pm
supporters of it. >> the governor also acted to make sure that the taxes that are due to the state get collected. he signed a bill allowing the state to suspend peoples' professional licenses and driver's licenses if they're on the franchise tax board and board of eek saigs top 500 tax cheats list. could mean $127 million to state coffers over five year autos if your license gets revoked it will show whether or not your license is active or suspended. it could be neg five someone sees you're not active anymore. >> the governor signed a bill closing a loophole that allows business deductions in connection with insurance fraud. the assembly man says that should bring in half a billion dollars per year. >> and the family of a murder victim spoke out in favor today of one of the bills signed into law that will make it harder for california governors to commute pris
6:34 pm
terms. the law comes from the murder of luis santos three years ago in san diego, one suspect in the case happened to be the son of fabbin nunez, governor schwartzeneggar shortened the sentence before leaving office in january. >> a note to future governors if have you to do something in secrecy it's likely going to end up with a bad decision. >> this now requires local prosecutors to give 10 days written notice. >> tonight's money matters, there is a remarkable mood swing on wall street. the dow down this morning but things turned around and the dow finished up 153, a 400 point swing. and after the markets closed, moody's down graded italy's bond rating and fed chair told congress today that the
6:35 pm
recovery is close to faltering and said the fed is ready to take action and urged lawmakers not to cut spending anymore while the economy is weak. ford signed a four-year contract today and promises to create 5700 new jobs and invest $5 million and bay every worker a $6,000 signing bonus. the tribune company owners of the chicago tribune and "los angeles times" given permission by a bankruptcy judge today to pay bonuses to management staff, up to $42 million if they hit their targets. >> and just ahead here tonight another sign of the times. >> michael finney helps a woman caught up in a backlog of cancelled cosmetics procedures. hi honey, what are you doing?
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the down economy having an impact on things you least expected. >> we keep getting these examples. a hayward woman request aid refund for laser treatment she no longer wanted she was told to expect money back this a month. little did she know, it would take five times that. darlene smith found out about the treatments browsing the internet. >> popped up. >> the idea of having treatments on her skin appealed to her.
6:39 pm
>> they have little laser treatment and this firms up the skin under the neck. >> she prepaid two treatments and wrote a check to american laser for $2250. and the next day changed her mind. >> i just didn't feel comfortable with it. >> she was told she'd be getting a refund shortly. >> and shortly just kept going on and onful i kept calling on and on. and all she had to show was two bottles of lotion. >> this is an exfoliating cleanser and a daily firming lotion this, is supposed to firm up the skin. >> frustrated she called 7 on your side and we we contacted american laser. >> this is frustrating i'm used to handling my own affairs usually i can get immediate results. >> the company told us that the tough economic times has caused a glut of people
6:40 pm
requesting refunds. she was caught up in the delay of waiting in lichbl the company says it's backed up 12-13 weeks processing refunds. >> i'd like to express my gratitude to channel 7 on your side. they expedited this for me once they got insolved my check was in the mail. >> and if there is a consumer issue, i can help you with it. >> that is great, thank autos electrical doctors using break threw techniques to repair broken bone autos and a candid interview with martin sheen and his son, not charlie, what inspired their new film about ll
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here you can see a giant sequoia coming down. one two of that have fallen in southern sierra. two trees toppled side by side in the sequoia national forest. not clear why they fell suddenly but the trail has been closed until further notice. and this video captured by a
6:44 pm
german tourist who happened to be there at the time. somewhere in central sierra there is a fir tree going to become the official christmas tree at the u.s. capitol. the location is a secret. but we do know that it's in the stanislaus national forest and will be cut down next month. from there, taken on a 4500 mile tour of the country before the lighting ceremony in washington on december 6th. >> now l is new hope fofr people who suffered damage to their bones from breaks or infections. surgeons have figured out a way to regrow new sections. >> the other thing is the scar. >> scars aren't pretty but this attorney is grateful to have a healthy leg. during an earl ier surgery to correct a knee, his bone became infected with a dangerous bacteria mrsa. >> so very concerned that i
6:45 pm
might lose my leg and life. >> after several follow up treatments the bone was still refusing to heal. rick was referred to a doctor with orthopedic trauma institute. >> so we needed to take this piece and hold it out and clean it up. >> in other words remove a section of bone. and replaced it can w.a bacteria killing bone cement refined in just the last few years. >> and inside of the bone cement we put a very high dose of antibiotic that's is a very, very high conser sen traigs in that area. >> after killing bacteria and removing keement, the leg was left with a gap. by specialing hardware often guided by computer he says surgeons are now able to close gaps as wide as 12 inches. >> the body is an amazing thing and can create a
6:46 pm
membrane that will have proteins and stem cells you need in order to create new bone. >> in cases like this patient, doctors will sever sections of bone slowly pulling them together with hardware, replacement bone grows and creates a bone bridge in the middle. >> idea is to give up the person a functional leg to walk on. the leg that is the same as the other leg. >> in this case, it was simpler. a small section of bone trancered into the gap. >> so here, it's -- you can't tell there are issues there. >> it's been a long process, but rick believes a full recovery is still within reach. >> my goal is to get back, play hand ball, to be able to carry clubs on a golf course. >> because of the bone's ability to regenerate, doctors say long sections will heal,
6:47 pm
functioning normally as bones replaced. >> wow. >> and moving on opening in theaters friday it's a movie "the way" starring martin sheen written and directed by his son. tonight don sanchez talks about a film that is very personal. martin sheen as a california doctor on a famous trail in northwest spain, 500 miles, he walks after his son died there. >> this is everything i had when he found him. >> he walked it a few years ago with his grandson, taylor met a woman there, married her and now lives in spain. it's the inspiration for the film. >> i knew something about losing a son on the cam yeeno not as -- not a tragic way but i felt a loss because i lost access to him. >> this is a about an inner journey.
6:48 pm
>> i love this guy. >> and this wears off quick. >> you have to walk by yourself but cannot do the pilgrimage without community. >> people discovering their way in a sense. something about themselves. this is shot in 40 days, they'd been traveling on a tour bus to promote the film z as an aside i had to ask about the other son, charlie sheen and his behavior this year. >> he's fine now. >> he's got a show. his own new show. he's got a comedy central roast and reconciled with ex-wifes and doing better than us. >> back to the way, i'm not reviewing the film but if i did, i'd give it in excess of three quarters of a bucket its a heart felt film. you've done a wonderful job. >> i just went over and said thanks. this is the last movie i do, i couldn't ask for more.
6:49 pm
>> two talented men. >> yes. there is a last check on approaching storm. >> yes. >> it's rapidly approaching. there you can see a wide expanse of moisture now from the north to the east bay. earlier there was light rain in the north bay counties of marin and napa shifted over eastward now towards antioch. and light rain. there is a serious edition of heavy rain. and bodega bay, we don't have heavy rainfall but it's on its way. there is some stormy weather with heavy down pours and strong, gusting winds. that continues during overnight hours and front sweeps through quickly. and this will be out of here and there could be trailing light scattered showers that is about it. high temperatures tomorrow will be only into 60s and a cooler than average day. here is the accu-weather forecast.
6:50 pm
stormy weather overnight, lingering showers into morning hours and into afternoon possibly. by thursday, clearing out and we'll have nice, sunny mild weather from friday into next week. >> and thank you, spencer. >> and stanford drops in the polls. >> what? larry
6:51 pm
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here is a look at top seven stories on our web site now. you can stay connected at abc 7 >> join me tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 13. coming up, distracted driving crack down. police arrested a man using his lap top, writing down answers to a radio quiz, and drinking coffee at the same time. >> spencer? >> and then, next at 11:00 a community looks for answers tonight after a 6-year-old girl was struck and killed in a crosswalk, their plan to improve safety there coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and there is -- i know someone is disappointed by development autos yes. frustrating for stanford. >> we'll get to your rage in just a moment. we'll start with this -- this
6:54 pm
rage has to wait. after struggling there is a meeting of minds with the head coach that went well. and they won the series opener. the rangers in position to close them out today. look at this swing. there is one man wrecking crew deep to left. watch. the camera man is going down. and this is harder than it looks, people. and there is opposite field. his second solo homer of the game. and there it goes again. the 7th hitter with three homers in the game. rangers beat the rays to take a series win, actually. three games to one. >> you know, first couple games, you know their pitching
6:55 pm
was really g i couldn't get enough of the couple games. and i felt more comfortable the more i played. >> yanks and tigers in game four. it's win or go home tonight for yankees. i believe someone is lost. where is there a tree when i need one? there is phillies scoreless until ben francisco with a three-run shot in the 7th. and there is allen greg, inning ending double play. there is four for four, not five for five. there is huge test for cal football team this weekend visiting the special espn thursday night game. wear bears able to keep the ducks running wild. there is some well timed
6:56 pm
muscle cramps. the game coming up at night on the road. and there is everybody going to be watching this. >> it's going to be a big game. it's going to be loud. >> it's going to be loud. >> right. and so i mean you've got to communicate well. >> stanford 12 in a row, beat ucla badly on saturday. there is stanford dropped this week down a notch to 7, amazing. and cardinal hosts colorado saturday. coach says he does not pay attention to the polls. >> we don't talk about rankings. i didn't know until someone told me a few minutes ago. we concentrate on how we play. our style of football and the fact we do what it takes to
6:57 pm
win games. we don't go for rankings. >> saying the only poll that matters is one at the end of the season. >> it's true. good point. >> long way to go. >> yes. right. that is true as well. thank you. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> and you can join the conversation about apple's new iphone on our facebook page. >> we'd love to hear from you >> we'd love to hear from you
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