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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  October 5, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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the suspect in a neighborhood where his brown car was found abandoned. >> there are certain houses and yards that we're paying closer attention, people are giving us information. we'll send team there's to try to locate him. >> not far from almond's car was found, investigators located a rifle. >> i knew he had a gun. i didn't know he had a collection of gun autos michelle says he's a friend of his. >> he has too much to live for. for him to snap is out of character as long as i've known him for him to act like this. >> neighborhood search began after a woman was shot during an attempted car jacking in the parking lot of an hp building. witses say the suspect matching the description ran into the neighborhood. >> i heard three gunshots.
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then, my -- then, we started to hear siren autos at one point, police searched a play structure in a neighborhood park and surrounded a bathroom where it appeared the suspect might have been. those who live nearby were told to shelter in place. >> unsettling not knowing what's happening. so we called on neighbors to make sure they're okay. >> and this is a live picture here, and you can see two police officers armed and have been here all day. cars come out of the neighborhood. they'll stop cars and talk to drivers and in cases they've been looking inside of the trunks to make sure cars are clear, again, residents who were here were allowed to stay and told to shelter in place. those coming home, we
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understand, will be allowed in if they show proper identification. in addition to the gun we showed you recovered from the dumpster, we've seen police evidence teams pull several bags what appears to be evidence, from some bushes just down the road here from where i'm standing. there is apparently a surveillance video from one business located down by the dumpster that shows the suspect getting out of the car, and walking away what appears to be a large rifle. we're not sure yet whether that is recovered from underneath the dumpster, and again, still a very active situation here. in sunnyvale, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. and let's take a look for the scene above what is going on. police comb the area. >> sky 7 we're told is in this neighborhood where laura is, you can see the s.w.a.t. vehicle here this, is in sunnyvale. police are continuing their search for shareef allman.
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>> wayne freedman is back at the quarry where the rampage began this morning. >> wayne, what are people there saying about it? >> reporter: they're saying that he seemed like an ordinary guy and most of the time, nonviolent, then, all of a sudden became a little bit different yesterday. this of course is crime scene one, maybe 100 yards from the quarry behind us. that is an ongoing police investigation, we're told bodies of the victims are still inside. there was supposed to be a press conference here, here is a microphone stand. no sheriff deputies talking now. we do expect them in the future. the scene, as it's now nothing compared with the wait was this morning. this is what it looked like when employees came out of the quarry, not a lot were talking but there was a lot of emotion, they met with family members and were elated they were relieved and still kurned for their friend. and since then, as we know, this intense manhunt, earlier this morning they carried a
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man out of the carry, officers stopped him with guns drawn. >> they handcuffed me and had me on the cold concrete about five minutes and let me up and took handcuffs off. >> and that is just one example of how intense it is out here, police do continue this manhunt. as for shareef allman police say he's a good guy, but one man inside yesterday told reporters he didn't seem right when he came to work. that employee did not show his face. >> yesterday, won't look at us as we went by or were anywhere in his vicinity. got to wondering what is going on with him. at lunchtime it was kind of the talk of the lunch. what is wrong with him? and then, today this, happened. >> reporter: that is the question at this time. the map hunt continues.
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there was no press conference here but rick sung from sheriff's department did speak to us off the cuff just moments ago, confirmed they're using blood hounds in that search for the suspect. we asked where they got the scent and inside of the suspect's car. reporting live from cupper tino, wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> this day long search caused a lot of confusion and concern at schools in the area. >> don sanchez is live at homestead high school. he has that part of the story. >> it's been a chaotic day. people didn't know what to do. the school district issued a warning telling parents keep students and children at home. and the word went out rather late. a lot of people were already showing up at schools, dropping students off and homestead high school is just typical. about only 25% of the student body showed up here. and have usual 2300 students.
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this afternoon, they were releasing students to parents and would not let them leave on their own. like other schools in the district, the place was in a lock down mode all day. >> we took kids inside and didn't let them go to brunch and lunch but we just kept people indoors. >> students sate was kind of a strange day here, they didn't get a lot done. one parent picking up her daughter used to work with a suspect at that quarry. she knew him. >> he was a down to earth person, really nice. sweet. help anyone. and he done all kinds of jobs in acting and wrote books. he was a helpful person. >> she says she and her daughter are going to have to talk about what happened. they've discussed it somewhat. she's concerned, she says praying for the victims'
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families. the school district made no plans for tomorrow as far as continuing this situation. that, obviously depends on the manhunt and the accept for the suspect. >> and this sheriff's department has two phone numbers for people affected by this tragedy. the first number for people concerned about loved one who's may work at the quarry or were there in the area when this was happening. >> and there is another number for witnesses. if you know anything about where the suspect is, or if you saw anything today this, is the number for you to call. and there is both numbers are on our web site. >> you can tell by a number of interviews we've presented so far, people who know shareef allman are stunned. >> they say the 45-year-old has been a loving and single
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parent. >> it is not him. that, i know for a fact. something happened between a job and whatever else personal is going on in his life to cause him to snap, or have a breakdown. >> he and allman have been friends 15 years. >> and pretty much everybody who knew allman describe him as a happy man with different interests. he produced a public access tv show, this is video of him interviewing reverend jj and there is video of him talking about domestic violence. >> say i can do something as an individual to make a difference. that is by empowering my daughter and teaching about loving herself, she'll never put anyone before herself other than god. >> david louie is live at
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allman's apartment building now with more, david? >> police both under cover and uniformed have been here at the apartments all day just in case he tries to come back home. and he lives here with his teen-aged daughter and granddaughter according to neighbors. those same neighbors describe him as a very nice man, dresses well and never bothers men. and they consider him a peacemaker, someone bringing people together. someone embracing nonviolence, besides working at the quarry, he was also an auj skbror a tv producer. and was one of 130 producers for a community access cable channel in san jose. you're looking at a u tube clip of an interview he did with reverend jj. the program runs every friday evening. >> he loves to do his program here, part of that meant he
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would try to get interview was folks that spoke about nonviolence such as jj, etc.. so it's more surprising that this occurred. and we just hope he decides to peacefully turn himself in. >> he's a kind person. he must have just lost it or something. you know? >> is this upsetting to you some. >> yes. i've got heart trouble. >> and neighbors say he's a religious man, they're hoping he'll seek guidance of a minister and perhaps turn himself in. police have been in contact with the family, in hopes they'll be in contact with him. they put a spike next to the his daughter's car to prevent him from escaping however, the police spiked the wrong car, and much to the surprise to the owners of that car.
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>> we're staying on top of the breaking news with live updates here on abc 7 as well as on our web site. and we're sending out updates on twitter, you can follow us at abc 7 news, bay area. >> now, on to other news, rain returned. >> yes. looking toward marin now from our live camera. you can see thick clouds and gray skies. it's not raining everywhere. it's heavy in spots. >> there is spencer christian talking the storm. >> here is how things look now. storm early october is winding down and don't put away umbrellas yet. there is widely scattered showers and thundershowers as well, over into fairfield there is a cell moving through fairfield and this is in a collection of cells hereinland near brentwood and tracy, pushing eastward towards stockton now. and some weather becoming more active and getting more
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organized. over the sierra, the snow storm was, was, tapering off now. more scattered showers coming our way and more on that later. >> and coming up, hundreds of people bring occupy wall street demonstrations to san francisco. >> and battle of the bay area ceos. heavy weights, sales taking on larry ellison. emily chang will join us for that. >> michael finney taking your consumer questions through facebook and twitter pages. we have links for you on abc 7 [ female announcer ] from the moment we arrive...
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>> hups in sap fran marched from federal reserve throughout the tender loin, then to union square this afternoon. it's part of a growing nationwide movement protesting greed and a shaky economy. the rally catching on, union members joined protestors in nork this afternoon for a march on the real wall street this, is the 19th day of the protest. and there are demonstrators want to get their message across. >> i'm going to talk about a lot of thing goesing on in this country. and i just want to have my voice heard. >> i know we're not going to change the system overnight. but for our move tomt spread to different cities? it's already a success. we can easily clean up and go home, it's a success. >> huge turn out there and another mars are scheduled in baltimore, north carolina, and seattle. >> and there is microsoft
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wants to change the future of the traditional tv and two tech giants getting feisty with each other. that and more let's go emily chang from bloomberg west. high, emily. >> and there is today starting off with a silicon valley smack down, sales forces locking horns over the future of the cloud. rivalry has been simmering for years but today came to a boil. here is what happened. bennyov scheduled to give a key note address but says he was bumped to a less desirable time slot tomorrow. oracle says it was a schedule change but he staged a press conference in his own retaliation tweeting see the band key note at 10:30 at st. regis. the cloud must go on. the cancellation for him was a sign of a bigger problem he sees for ellison. he says he doesn't think
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ellison is quote, in touch. he poked fun in the past of oracle by flaunting a logo saying beware of the false cloud. the relationship dates back years and now escalating to cloud technology. and taking a look at market today, stocks up for the second day, sending s and p to its biggest two day gain in a month. bloomberg index up more than 2.5% led by shares of yahoo. take a look. stock rose more than 10% after reports surfaced microsoft may bid for the company. but people tell bloomberg that at this point, senior executives are not involved in takeover discussions but microsoft does plan to review financial information that could be circulated as soon as this week. and finally another big news of the day surrounds its x box. the company teamed up with
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verizon and comcast to offer tv service to x box live use users, aiming to lure more families and casual gamers to the x box making it an entertainment center while challenging tv serieses from apple. and google. it will offer content from 40 companies and will be available this holiday season. and in san francisco, i'm emily chang. >> thank you. >> and you can see gray skies along embarcadero. it's raining in spots. >> this is rainy now but hours from now, things will improve. >> yes. we have widely scattered showers and this could occur but there are areas that are dry and there are breaks of sun coming through. >> and this is he's lucky to
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have a glass. and there is a live view from our sutro camera looking northwest, you can see clouds in the sky and there is a things quiet around san francisco. we do have active weather becoming more active now into santa cruz. let me give you a nice view here, you can see some thunderstorms moving through the parts of highway 35 up along skyline bhfd and there is rainfall moat toetals in line with yesterday, basically over an inch and quarter in st. helena. santa rosa over an inch of rain. 1.7 inches in kent field over half an inch in san francisco. and two inch so it's been wet last 24 hours and things tapering off a bit. thundershowers and thunderstorms possible tonight and there is some lingering
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showers, satellite image shows a passage of the main front that brought us stormy weather. there is a trailing system bringing us a threat of scattered showers, and behind that yet another area of weather that could produce showers, in the morning we can expect things starting to clear out. by 7:00 in the morning, things breaking up a bit overnight bism early in the morning, about 7:00 we can see more showers getting organized and sort of taper off remainder of the day looks like a clearing trend is coming our way. there is lit snow expected maybe a couple inches of slushy snow as well as 5,000 feet. chain controls possible. lows here in the bay area tonight upper 40s in parts of
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the north bay. low to mid-50s for the remainder of the north bay. high temperatures tomorrow mainly into 60s and going to be cool tomorrow, here is the accu-weather forecast. there is clearing and mainly sunny skies throughout the weekend and into next week. and there is a nice warming trend taking us back into 80s by next week. >> that is not whether glass is half full or empty this, is not the drink i'd ordered. >> i'll call your server. >> and still ahead, the complaint become the most-common reason people take extended sick leave. >> will she or won't she? sara palin makes a decision on running for president. >> then at 5:00 a gunman's former girlfriend tells abc 7 about their stormy past. how she thought he'd turned his life around.
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this afternoon, it worries about your job caused long term sick leave, you're not alone. a study reveals job loss worries made stress the common cause of long-term sick leave meaning stress is causing more long absences than repetitive stress injuries and other medical conditions including cancer, workers blamed heavier work loads and management style for increasing stress. >> and there are researchers believe they've found a link between certain comments on social media sites and problems drinking.
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researchers found students reverencing intoxication were four times more likely to have drinking problems than those who didn't. researchers suggest someone should reach out to a college student if several comments about drinking are noticed. >> still to come, latest on the cupertino shooting rampage. what we know about the suspected shooter shareef allman. >> history of work place violence in the u.s.. what we know about people who commit these crimes. >> and from our east bail bai hills camera there is a break in the clouds but don't put away umbrellas yet. more showers may be on the way. i'll have the forecast coming up.
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latest now on our top story. a manhunt fins -- continues for shareef allman. he's want forward a shooting rampage that killed three people and injured seven others. >> sky 7 hd is live above the neighborhood where s.w.a.t. teams have gn bn going door to door searching for allman. he's accused of opening fire at his co-workers during a morning meeting. >> let's take a look at the areas involved. officers remain at the cement plant as well as a hp parking lot where he's accused of trying to car jack a woman, then shooting her in the leg. >> s.w.a.t. teams searching in the cupper tino area border
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bid wolf, homestead, quail road. and police just changed their policy on letting people back into that neighborhood. and if you live on a street they've searched already, they will let you in. but not if you live on a street they have not yet searched. >> our media partner reports that allman may be angry over being moved to night shift at the quarry, he's worked there 15 years. his friends say allman, up to this point had not been a violent man. >> overall a good guy. really has a good relationship with people. and i'm just shocked and surprised something like this took a turn in his life. >> that is a nearby schools cancelled classes and students were held inside classrooms until parents picked them up. >> santa clara county sheriff has two phone numbers for people affect fwhid tragedy. the first number you can see here is people concerned about loved one who's may work at the quarry or in the area when
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this has happening this morning. and there is another number for witnesses. if you know anything about where the suspect is, or if you saw anything, that is the number for you to call. by all accounts, the 47-year-old was a productive, active and positive community member he worked at the cement plant but also as a producer and host for a community affairs program on san jose's create tv. here he is interviewing jj. a neighborhood offered us this insight. >> i don't know if it's job related. he's been having problems with his job for years. that is the only thing i can think of. >> have you ever met his daughter? >> yes. yeah. >> he's raising a daughter
4:31 pm
himself? >> yes. she's a good girl. she's working and stuff. i don't understand. >> allman has a minor criminal record for a forgery conviction in early 90s and convicted of driving with a suspended license. >> this is not the first work place shooting here in the bay area. >> and deadliest was in a south bay tech company. we're in the newsroom with that story. leanne? >> there is a number first according to the u.s. bureau of labor nearly a quarter of the shooting occurred because a person was fired or laid off well. looked at two past bay area work place shootings today. and in both cases the gunmen had been fired or returne returned -- and returned in rage. the deadliest shooting involving a disgruntelled employee occurred at esl
4:32 pm
incorporated in 1988. the shooter richard farley obsessed with a female colleague and had been laid off. farley entered esl armed and killed seven co-workers and wounded four others. he's on death row at san quentin. bill lee helped rescue some co-workers and wrote about it in his book. >> when the gunfires occurred, ways confused because part of it sound familiar. i grew up on the streets and was involved with gangs and shootings. when this occurred it, again was familiar to me. but i didn't want to believe it's happening. >> in november there was another shooting. a product test engineer for a chip making company killed three company executives. he, too, had been laid off. and arrested the following day. he in prison. gary is a labor turn studying
4:33 pm
work place violence and says shootings don't occur because the person suddenly snapped. >> there is enough studies that there is a sometimes, very slowly that might last years smrks times, fast, three, four weeks of pressure. >> here is what u.s. bureau of labor statistics has to say. 86% of the deaths were in the pro vit sector, 43% of homicides involved current employees. 24% of shooters had been fired or laid off. u.s. postal service had a series of shootings in the 80s but managed to turn things around. >> they adopted preventive systems, policies, processes. >> and those measures ak dopted in other companies. this is not not talked about
4:34 pm
5-20 years ago but it is today. and there is more of the interview at 6:00 and that terrible afternoon in 1988. >> and there is live updates here on abc 7 and on our web site. >> we're also sending out updates on twitter, you can follow us on abc 7 news, bay area. >> there is a bay area soldier laid to rest today in daily city. a group of veterans held up u.s. flags in front of our lady of perpetual health to receive the body of the army sarnl yenlt. his flag-draped coffin carry nootd church by military personnel. he emigrated to the united states at age 9. he was killed two months ago while clearing roadside bombs in afghanistan. he served two tours of duty in iraq. >> abc news learned sara palin will not run for president.
4:35 pm
the former republican vice presidential candidate made this announcement today in a letter to her supporters and says her devotion to god and her family come before her political aspirations and says she can be more effective campaigning for conservative candidates. she says she made the decision after prayer and consideration. >> turning to weather now, rain is back in the bay area this afternoon. and there is soupy skies from our live camera. we're looking toward richardson bay. you'd normally see san francisco in the background but not today. just too thick. check out rain in vallejo. this is hours ago. this video e mailed to you report at and our live view up in the sierra, this is heavenly ski resort. they're no doubt enjoying it. first dusting of snow and this
4:36 pm
is only october 5th. >> spencer christian tracking the storm. >> there are widely scattered showers and thunder around the bay area. there is active weather occurring down into santa cruz mountains. you can see there is out towards page mill road and area of some down pours there. there is snowfall picking up here and it's on the increase. there are chain requirements on highway 88. get ready for more snow. there is a look at complete accu-weather forecast coming up later. >> thank you. there is breaking news now. >> and there is apple reporting steve jobs passed away. he had been suffering from pancreatic cancer, word from apple he's passed away. >> once again, steve jobs passing away perhaps just minutes ago.
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and other news now. fighting crime in the east bay. how police, lawmakers and merchants are coming together in oakland. >> michael finney taking your questions on twitter and facebook he'll answer them live later, we have links on abc 7 ask me how i've never slept better. why not talk to one of the six million people who've switched to the most highly recommended bed in america. it's not a sealy, a simmons or a serta. ask me about my tempur-pedic, do you know there's a tempur-pedic for everybody? tempur-pedic beds now come in soft, firm and everything in between. ask me how i can finally sleep all night. to learn more or to find an authorized retailer near you visit tempur-pedic, the most highly recommended bed in america.
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oak reasoned police and merchants coming together in the fight against crime and using technology to do it.
4:40 pm
>> and we have a look at the plan, nick? >> good afternoon. the plan is three fold. adding more officers to the streets, to also to have more community meetings, and the third is using technology as another crime-fighting tool. take a look at this video from a feet meeting earlier today. mer chants gathered to discuss safety outside shops and the role they expect city leaders to play. they say it must extend beyond the reach of lenses installed shortly after the death of a popular restaurant owner, more than six months after he was gunned down in a botched robbery, right in the doorway of his restaurant he and his wife owned more than two decades his killers have yet to be identified. the investigation remains open and city leaders say they understand frustration in the community and what appears to be an increase in violence
4:41 pm
crime but insist community meetings and cameras take a difference. and i spoke to business owners about the meeting. >> it does gather evidence and information for me to do investigations and i do share that information also with our investigator autos don't fill vehicle that's come to our community. >> she says you cannot fear coming to the community z oakland police say they're planning to add as many as a dozen cameras to areas, hot spots near fruit veil and foot hill. most cameras have been placed along international boulevard. police were quick to point out that since the installation of the cameras their robbery numbers have gone down. they mentioned a previously discussed grant will place 25 more officers on the streets. and there is another community meeting scheduled for the 15th of october. >> and apple is reporting that
4:42 pm
steve jobs has died. >> the man who changed technology as we know it passing away again, apple released that information we'll have the latest coming up next.
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let's check on weather. >> sheer spencer christian its unsettled. here is a time lapse view,
4:45 pm
this afternoon, looking west, you can see there is heavy storm clouds, dark storm clouds moving eastward. rain drops collecting there. interesting shot. here is another interesting photo sent to us by maria r this, is a rainbow nearwoodside high this afternoon. and so there is interesting skies around the bay area, there is scattered showers and thundershowers as well. there is a cell just moving to the east bay. we have one crossing the bay now over the san mateo bridge there. is a storm cell between santa cruz and gilroy part of a line of active storms moving through this part of the bay area through santa cruz mountains. and there is a look at tomorrow's weather. there are showers but we expect partial clearing later in the day. high temperatures in a narrow range and there is a similar condition down near monterey bay. there are chance of showers
4:46 pm
earlier in the day and maybe partly sunny skies. there is a technical malfunction there but high turts generally low to mid-60s. >> thank you. >> well... coming up next, we uúuúuúuúuúqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq
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michael finney is answering questions posted to his facebook page. >> liability on dog and dog attacks can be murky it s that is where the first question comes in. the question is how do i get an insurance company to cover expenses on a claim where my going was a victim of a dog attack? well, i'm assuming you're talking about the other guy's homeowners policy. the vast majority of the policies do cover these attacks. because they cover other guys dog and your dog, considered property to another company
4:50 pm
attacked and hurt. they should cover charges. however, that said, some insurance companies do not cover dogs or certain breeds of dogs so you should get confront the owner of the attacking dog if they won't go go to their insurance company what you're looking at is a s.heading into small claims court and there, believe me, you'd win. a second question coming from paul. he asked this on facebook. are there rules preventing stores from selling food items a certain time past their expiration or best if use bid date? no. there are no laws or rules and as a matter of fact, most items considered perfectly safe after those dates. however, right now, on the governor's desk is a bill changing that in the state of california at least on certain products, it would say store koz no longer cell sel baby food, or baby formula or over the counter drugs if they were
4:51 pm
past that date. and there is no word on if the governor plans to sign that. we'll know in just days. and then, our third question. i received a debit card from edd, replacing my unemployment check. the card is from b of a. i was wondering who will be paying the $5 charge for the debit card? is edd going to pick up this charge? or is bank of america going to waive the fee? that is a great question. and as a matter of fact, i'm being asked that a great deal. here is the good news, there will be no fee and this is a contract cut between bank of america and state of california. you'll get your card and not have to pay any money to use that card. and that is a deal, if they change that, we'll be all over them. don't worry about that. you do not have to pay that fee. >> okay. >> thank you, michael. >> again, we've been mentioning apple reporting that its co-founder and former
4:52 pm
ceo steve jobs has died. >> his vision trance formed computing and put technology into the hands of consumers. here is david louie. >> steve jobs widely credited adds genius behind apple's rise, the company that took computer out of the name with success in making ipods and selling down loadable music and tv shows to consumers but mac computer and easy on screen icons put apple on the map. jobs was a front pman, the person who could sell the visions like no one else. >> we have the ultimate version, we're throwing everything night. it's $129. >> jobs presided over a fast-growing global enterprise, earning more money overseas than in the u.s.. if stores redefine customer experience.
4:53 pm
and it started in a garage with another steve, an hp engineer in 1976. >> this is a time when we had no money. neither one of us had a savings account. neither one of us owned a car. >> they created apple 2, first low cost personal computer, nine years later jobs was fired in a management shake up. he moved on to create next a computer company and acquired a flejling animation studio named pixar, hater sold to walt disney. apple was losing money, trimming staff and seeking new leadership. >> we're going to move to find a world class ceo to lead this company. >> that ceo turned out to be jobs. jobs reengineered apple and faced additional challenges. he had a cancerous tumor removed from 2004 and a liver transplant in 2009. and he went on an open ended
4:54 pm
medical leave at the start of 2011. jobs turned his brush with death into a message for stanford's 2005 graduates. >> no one wants to die. even people who want to go to heaven don't want to die to get there. and yet... death is the destination we all share. your time is limited. have the courage to follow your heart. >> his thinner appearance worried investors. the company would not discuss his health. jobs interrupted medical leave to launch ipad 2 he received a standing ovation. the public face of apple has died. and his legacy will be part of history forever. >> thank you very much for coming today to our special presentation. we'll see you soon. >> david louie, abc 7 news. >> we'll have more on the legacy of steve jobs coming up
4:55 pm
later this evening. >> a man who changed the world. moving on, disturbing sound in court today at the trial of michael jackson's daughter, conrad murray. >> a call from jackson to murray was retrieved. jackson's voice is slurred talking about his final tour. >> prosecutors also introduced into evidence e mails between murray and staff. one involved a patient named omar arnold, a pseudoname supposedly used by jackson. and earlier a representative was asked about an order place bid one of murray's staff. >> she wanted it shipped to a residential address. >> did you agree to ship a product to the address? >> no. i did not. >> orders were shipped to murray's las vegas office. murray has been charged with
4:56 pm
involuntary manslaughter in jackson's death. >> presiding judge in amanda knox's appeal says he believes she may be responsible for the death of her former roommate. a jury cleared the student and her former italian boyfriend in charges in the 2007 murder. the judge says the jury acqui acquitted the two base based on evidence. she rushed home to seattle yesterday. >> and congress woman gabrielle giffords is expected to attend a ceremony for her husband tomorrow. >> she'll travel to houston, she continues to undergo rehabilitation for a gunshot wound suffered during a shooting in january. kelly was the commander of the last mission in may, the space shuttle endeavor. >> and that familiar sound is back. blue angel arrived in their
4:57 pm
diamond formation at san francisco international airport. in advance of the weekend's fleet week. >> the squadron will be practicing tomorrow and friday around 3:00 so you can expect to hear plenty of rumbling. >> the team will then perform stunts saturday and sunday during the fleet week air show. >> and thanks for joining us for abc news at 4:00 i'm carolyn johnson. >> you can keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter and you can talk about it on 7 news. >> news at 5:00 continues with dan ashley and cheryl jenning autos there is no letting up on the day long drag net for a man accused of going on a deadly work place rampage. >> pleas surrender, there are officers out there. we need you now. >> and the gunman's former girlfriend tells abc 7 news about their stormy past but she thought he had turned his
4:58 pm
life around. >> all right. for those of you missed it we broke the news on abc 7 news at 4:00 apple founder steve jobs has died. >> apple computer made that announcement just a short time ago. he had been battling cancer since 2004. >> in august resigned as the head of the company founded in 1976. he helped revolutionize the personal computer introducing the mac in 1984. >> he's behind their ground break prog ducts part of our every day live, ipod, iphone, and the ipad. apple investors have been worrying about this day for years because jobs has been a force at apple, many consider irreplaceable. >> more on steve jobs, his life and legacy on our web site and on news at 6:00 we'll move to our other top story. the search continues for a gunman who preached nonviolence. >> a dozen agencies are hunting for him now, he's
4:59 pm
accused of killing three co-workers and wounding six others in a shooting rampage in cupertino. police say he tried to car jack a woman at the nearby hewlett-packard campus and shot her, we have coverage from the neighborhood under siege and let's begin now on the search for that gunman. >> this is now in its 11th hour here in this neighborhood right on the border of couper teen skbro sunnyvale. we can show you police cars that have been here for a better part of the day. the whold day. residents have been allowed back in as long as their house isn't in a active search area. a woman was shot during an attempted hijacking. and some guns have been recovered police do believe the suspect shareef allman is still in the area, and armed. >> shareef has too much to live for


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