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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  October 5, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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kindness for those who share our feeling was steve. we asked you respect our privacy during our time of grief. and tim cook apple's ceo who took over after jobs stepped down in august said no words can adequately express our sadness at steve's death or our gratitude for the opportunity to work with hism. we'll honor his memory by dining -- continuing to do the work he rove love sod much. he learned he was battling pancreatic cancer in 2009, receiving a liver transplant, taking medical leave in jab, stepping down as ceo in august. in his trademark black turtle neck and jeans he was widely considered the visionary of apple who changed the world with the iphone and ipad, turning apple into the largest
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retailer of music with i tunes. now, experts are questioning his fate without jobs's guidance, steve jobs technology giant helping trance form the world is dead at age 56. back to you. >> and the death of steve jobs is causing people to gather now at apple stores across the bay area. and we're live with reaction. carolyn? >> there is a lot of apple fans came as soon as they heard the news them said they wanted to be with other who's feel like they do about steve jobs. >> as an artist almost everything i've made that is important to me was made on a mac. you know? iphone or something. it's just kind of interesting because one thing you hear about steve is just how much he had fingers in every detail. >> i'm very, very sad for what
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happened. he's an inspiration to the world. you know? because he makes apple a successful company and inspires everyone. >> not going to be anyone else like him, leadership is in a good place. i trust that but it's not going to be the same. >> it's an mazing legacy. he's been a force of nature, it's no longer, you know, do you have a portable mutsic device, is i want an ipad or an ipod, that is the music device of choice. and it's just a maizing design in his products. and i think they're going to be timeless. and it's just, they're amazing products. it's just a really sad day today. >> and so news spreads fans are coming from all over. you can see them taking picture was their iphones they're writing comments on their ipads.
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they're celebrating the live and legacy of steve jobs. live in san francisco, outside of the apple store on market street, abc 7 news. >> okay. thank you. and it is impossible to overstate the impact steve jobs had on the information age in which we now live. microsoft's bill gates saying quote the world rarely sees someone who has profound impact steve has had, affects of which will be felt for many generations still to come. abc 7's david louie reports tonight on the life and legacy of steve jobs. >> reporter: steve jobs widely credited as a genius behind apple's rise as a consumer electronic companies taking computer out of its name with success in making ipods and ipads and selling music, movies and tv shows to consumers. but the mac computer and an easy to navigate icons putting apple on the map. jobs was a front man.
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the person could sell apple products and visions like no one else. >> we have the ultimate version we're throwing everything into it. it's $129. >> reporter: jobs presided over a fast-growing global enterprise. if apple retail stores redefine customer experience, offering genius bars for one on one help. it started in a garage with another steve in 1976. >> this is a time when we had no money. neither one of us had a savings account. neither one of us own aid car. >> reporter: they created apple 2, first low-cost personal computer with color graphics and nine years later jobs fired in a management shake up. he moved on to create next, a computer and software company and also acquired a flejling animation studio named pixar, later sold to the walt disney company. and apple losing money,
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trimming staff and seeking new leadership. >> we're going to aggressively also move to find a world class ceo that will lead this company. >> reporter: that ceo turned out to be jobs. jobs reengineered apple and faced additional challenges. he had a cancerous tumor removed in 2004. he had a liver transplant in 2009. and he went on an open ended medical leave at the start of 2011. jobs turned his brush with death into a message for stanford's 2005 graduates. >> no one wants to die. even people who want to go to hefen don't want to die to get there. and yet... death is a destination we share. your time is limited. have the courage to follow your heart and interview yigs. >> his thinner appearance worried investors. he asked for privacy. the company would not discuss his health. when jobs interrupted medical leave to launch ipad two, he received a standing ovation.
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the public face of apple and its creative force behind the scenes has died. but his legacy will be part of the silicon valley history forever. >> thank you very much to coming today to our special presentation. we'll see you all soon. >> david louie abc 7 news. >> jobs took a third leave of absence as ceo in january and resigned six weeks later because of his health. >> and as you can imagine dozens of comments have been posted on our facebook page since reporting the death on abc 7 news at 4. >> john writes rest in peace mix kond yol yenss to family, friends and apple. >> and my prayers to his family, he and his work have been an inspiration to me. i've been known as mr. gadget to everyone around me partly because of his influence. >> we'd like to hear from you. you can join the conversation. >> and we'll have more
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reaction from a gathering of technology leaders on treasure island tonight. >> our other top story tonight, breaking news there. is a gunman on the loose tonight from a shooting rampage that left three people dead and seven others wounded. >> here is the suspect. a 47-year-old shareef allman, a single father and a producer for community television in san jose. >> he's an employee at a cement plant. the rampage began at 4:30 this morning. not long after that in the hewlett-packard cupertino campus a woman was wounded in a car jacking attempt. >> we begin with the latest on this search. laura? >> this manhunt is in its 12th hour now. his car was actually located just down the street from where i'm standing today. several guns have also been recovered. but so far, despite a massive effort, police have yet to locate the suspect himself.
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using a grip system, block by block, they search for the suspect a neighborhood where his brown car and a long rifle were found earlier in the day. >> there are certain houses and yards that were we're paying closer attention. people are calling and giving us information. we'll send team there's to try to locate them. >> not far from where the car was found investigators located a rifle under a dumpster. >> i knew he had a gun. i didn't know a collection of guns. >> and sh. areef has too much to live for. for him to snap like this? it's out of character for him. and as long as i've known him for him to act like this. >> the suspect did shoot the victim several times in the arm. >> and there is a neighborhood search after a woman was shot in the parking lot of an hp building. witnesses say the suspect matching the description man
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into the neighborhood. >> then, my i thought maybe a trance former is bust. that was not the case at all. >> and one point, police searched a play structure in a neighborhood park surrounding a bathroom. it appeared the suspect might have been. they searched a school evacuated earlier in the day. those who lived near the manhunt were told to shelter in place. >> so i was on lock down, couldn't go to work. so... just waiting for them to get caught. and i don't want to be home alone tonight. >> a pokes -- spokesperson says they're prepared to go well into the night. they've not located the suspect but he was in this area certainly his car and
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this appears there was evidence from bushes in this area there, is no word yet on when the search will end in terms of until they find the suspect n sunnyvale abc 7 news. >> and there is those who know him are having a hard time believing he's responsible. he's raised his now-teen-aged daughter as a single dad in san jose. >> and there is residents saying they never saw warning signs, describing him as a good dad. a man always paid rent on time.. >> and deputies cord beyond off his apartment with yellow crime tape. a spike strip placed on the car in case he turned up. it turned out to be the wrong
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car, friends and neighbors were puzzled. >> i don't know if it's job related. i know he's been having problems for years. i don't know what this is about. that is the only thing i can think of. >> have you ever met his daughter? >> yes. yes he has been raising her and she's a good girl. she's working. and so i don't understand. >> this friend describes him as a quiet man known for good deeds and fashionable dress. >> i'm sorry for family that's lost loved ones. and something is very, very wrong or sup setting him to have to make him snab. >> he has a passion for spreading the message through tv programs. it produced for a cable channel. and he was an unpaid volunteer for create tv. >> and the shows people are in tune and attached to those shows. because it's about the heart and compassion. >> neighbors at the apartment
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said was filled with photos and news makers he's interviewed. >> he loves to do his program here. and that meant he would try to get interview was folks that smoke about nonviolence. so it's more surprising that this surred. and you know we just hope that he decides to peacefully turn himself in. >> and that call to sur yernd has been echo bid a neighbor and resident here, describing hip as a religious man. they hope he'll seek counseling from a minister and turn himself in. >> david, thank you. as soon as word got out, panicked family race there'd to find out about loved ones, some relieved and others got terrible news. abc 7's wayne freedman is live tonight with that part of the courage. -- coverage. >> we're 200 yards way from the quarry.
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this has been the scene police put up road blocks this morning and this morning it was quite a scene, imagine hearing about the shooting knowing a loved one was inside and not knowing their fate this, shot -- video was shot earlier today, workers greeted relieved friends and family. there were relief and tears of joy but not a lot of comments. one man did not want to show his face described the suspect as acting strangely yesterday. >> yesterday, won't look at us as we went by or in his visit ti. got to wondering what was going on. waits enough at lunchtime it was talk of the lunch what. is wrong with him? why isn't he -- then, today this happened. >> and as to what he my mite have said before shooting start fd detectives know they aren't telling reporters. you're looking at sky 7.
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we're told some victims are still inside at this hour and detectives continue their investigation, we're weight identification pending notification of families. and protocol just doesn't allow that. police hope they'll have information for us later tonight. as to why this manhunt has gone on so long, a little while ago during a press briefing we pose that had question to a spokesman rick sung. >> are you surprised it's taken this long to find him? >> well, not really as you know, you never know how things turn out. and... i know that our deputies and officers are doing everything we can to track him down. >> and when he says everything, he means everything. they brought out blood hounds. you might ask where they're getting a scent. detective dz get the car and that is where the blood hounds
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acquired this accident. >> and the sheriff's department opened up two hot lines, victims and family members can call this number. and witnesses can call detectives and there are those numbers on our web site. >> we'll continue to bring you breaking developments both on the air and on twitter, you can follow us there on abc 7 news way area. >> you're going to hear from a local man surviving a work place shooting and an expert says they're preventable. >> also ahead i team's dan noyes digs into his background. >> and the writings of shareef allman. the suspect in the quarry shootings. >> cyber criminals now using phones to gain control of your computer, i'm michael finney. ahead, i'll show you how they do it. >> calendar may say october.
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and i'm nannette miranda. i'll show you the blast of winter coming two weeks into the fall
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. to wernl, a couple inches of rain in parts of the bay area, and snow in the sierra. we are live along interstate 80 tonight. >> there is more than a foot of snow expected to fall by morning and don't get too excited. it's supposed to be warm and sunny here this weekend. >> this is code, like dead of
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winter. >> it is. >> calendar may say october. but scenery suggests december. the sierra got blanketed with snow nearly two weeks into the season. it's not exactly the colors they expected. >> a lot of yellows. yeah a lot of beautiful greens and now, whites. >> and that is whatn't what drivers expected. lots of spinouts, at one point, caltrans shut down interstate 80. chp believes a lot of people were caught off guard. >> this seem that had way this morning. there were people not prepared for you know the weather conditions. >> this could with a sign of things to come. heavenly mountain says an early storm came as the season went on to break records. a chef and restaurant owner hope that's that translates to good fwhis season. >> that is great for the area.
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people make plans for winter. they have snow this, is where they're going to come. >> and forecasters warn it does not guarantee a wet winter, snowfall expected to be normal this season. tourists just twhant week back to normal. >> and this has been beautiful. >> the chef said most storms arrived on a friday, preventing people from coming up. he hopes weather gods bring storms on mondays or tuesdays. >> and thank you and it's early to see her standing in snow. >> it s we've got more rain in our way, i guess, and there is where we do have scattered showers. so it's not over yet. might be a good idea to keep umbrella with you. and there is this sunset. though. there is our live view from
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our east bay camera looking at a beautiful sky, western sky. now there is a look at live doppler 7. you can see conditions are quiet over most of the area. there is pockets of active weather now. and there is one in the east bay, area of rainfall pushing into higher terrain. there is active weather with impressive cells down into watsonville area. and down near salinas and gilroy. over into the sierra there is snowfall and picking up near lake ta show there. is a winter storm warning until 11:00 tonight. rainfall totals for 24 hours here quite impressive. nearly an inch and a quarter just under an nimpblg santa rosa. nearly two inches? n.kentfield. over seven tenths in oakland z so there is all parts of the bay area received a drenching
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from the storm. tomorrow evening, sunny skies and warmer conditions for weekend. and let's take a look at slight radar composite image. there goes big storm. trailing here bringing us a current bought of thundershowers, another area behind that. and could produce a chance of showers overnight tonight into tomorrow. and there is probably pretty quiet. notice how things sort of settle down and there are showers just in time for the start of rush hour, throughout morning hours and tomorrow, there there is still a chance of pockets of precipitation. and then, tapering off tomorrow evening. and then, finally a nice stretch of dry, mild weather. into the sierra. a winter storm warning in affect until 11:00 tonight and three to six inches of snow possible. two inches of slushy snow likely as well as 5,000 feet and chain controls are possible.
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back into the bay area, looking for low temperatures into low 50s and could see upper 40s into the north bay and it will be cooler, and tomorrow's highs will be only into low to mid-60s, much cooler than average at this time of the year, here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a chance of showers and a nice warming trend. sunny, mild conditions throughout the weekend. by mid week, we'll see highs into 80s again. upper 70s around the bay. and there is some summer like weather coming back. >> we'll be ready. >> yes. >> thanks. >> and there is more coming up on the passing of steve job autos some of the titans of technology on his death, just ahead. toothpaste is the wrong thing to use on a denture, it could be very abrasive. if the surface gets abraded, it's just the environment that bacteria likes to nestle into and they can cause the odor.
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your denture needs to be cleaned gently on a daily basis. i like to recommend polident, it kills the bacteria without causing any abrasion. when my patients follow my instructions, their dentures feel clean and fresh. they look forward to putting them in their mouth and smiling.
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steve jobs death left the world without a true visionary. people are react together loss. nick smith is live on tre you're island for us. nick? >> you know final preps being put into place for a private event happening here z it's an extension of oracle open world 2011. earlier, larry ellison was on stage, described as an extraordinary week filled with learning, hands on demo and exhibits with a tag line engineers for innovation, which is fitting because most at today's he venlt had just heard news of the passing of apple co-founder steve jobs. and this man some described as a modern day thomas edison or
6:27 pm
henry ford, steve jobs changed the way people think about technology. >> breaking news. you saw that my colleagues were looked at each other strange. >> it's sad. but he knew and he got the right people around him before he had to step down. >> and many today were upset and they all say that most productive chapter in his career occurred near the end of his life with an unbroken string of successful products and changed the world of the personal computer, jobs turned apple into world's most valuable company with market value of $350 million. we're live in treasure island, abc 7 news. >> coming up next at 6:30 abc 7 news i team digs into the background of the suspect in
6:28 pm
today's cement plant shootings. he's also written about paint. >> and a local man survived a work place shooting and an expert says they're presentable, coming up next. c j
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latest on our top story ai. dozen agencies searching for a man wanted in a deadly shooting spree in the south bay. a 45-year-old is accused of killing three co-workers and wounding several other people. police say he opened fire this morning in a plant where he worked for 15 years, investigators say he tried to car jack a woman and shot her as well. most of the day, s.w.a.t. teams search forward him house by house in a border. some streets were closed and students sent home. now, the search is until
6:32 pm
underway. >> the people who knew him before today's shooting rampage are just stun bid what happened and searching memories for any hints he gave about what he was capable of. dan noyes has been digging into his background today and he's here with what he's been able to find out. >> the mother of an 18-year-old daughter tells me she went to jail for domestic violence in the early 90s and claims she was fighting back against the abuse that he was dishing out. and since then, she says she thought he had turned his life around. >> i dealt with him who have been in domestic violence situations. >> he talked about the domestic violence on a san jose access channel last year, promoting a book on the topic. >> it's a number one book in six prisons in the united states. >> i'm interested and i know that your day job is that you work as a miner. >> yes. >> it's interesting s there a connection between what you do for a day job and becoming a television producer?
6:33 pm
>> nothing at all. totally different. i'm a miner. i drive heavy equipment and have been for 13 years now. >> he was quite busy during his hours away from the quarry, interviewing celebrities and political figures including jesse jackson. >> what do you say about today? >> it's gone on the physical sense, he's with use he appears in will smith's film shot in the bay area that, is him in the background playing a prisoner. he appears in an abc 7 news archives last year rode the freedom train from san jose to san francisco celebrating martin luther king junior day. >> there is unity. the train shows different nationalities coming together for one cause. >> over all a good guy. you know? and has a good relationship with people.
6:34 pm
>> several people who knew him before the shootings couldn't figure out how their friend turned into a killer. james worked with allman in sunny veil, they were both bouncers. it was side work from allman. >> something happened between the job and whatever waelsz going on to cause him to snap or have a breakdown. >> this afternoon, several community leaders expressed shock about shareef allman. a man they knew has a friend. >> we're hoping and praying he was just turning himself n his children needs him. we hope yeel just do the right thing and end this horrible nightmare. >> in 2002, he started a nonprofit called helping hands, changing hearts. but according to the tax forms, the group raised no money over the years and has a nonprofit status revoked for failing to
6:35 pm
keep up on paper work. he had a minor criminal record, and was convicted of misdemeanor forgery in 92 and spent a brief time in jail. >> and that is a lot of questions. >> yes. >> thanks very much. >> and this is not the first work place shooting in the bay area. deadliest happened more than 20 years ago. a man who was there that day and helped rescue co-workers spoke with leanne melendez. >> february, 1988. a former employee entered a firm and opened fire, today, bill lee told me about hearing gunshots and how it changed many lives. >> bill lee still remember that's day. a former colleague entered esl ink corporated a defense firm, and began shooting. >> people were actually yelling that there was a gunman in the building. and shortly after that, we heard first shots. >> the shooter, richard farley
6:36 pm
obsessed with a female colleague and had been laid off. farley entered esl armed and killed seven co-workers and wounded four owe others. he's on death row. lee helped rescue some of his co-workers and wrote about it in a book. >> i believed that in many ways, sharing this experience was able to provide guidance and support to other people who are going through crisis and dealing with personal demon autos in november there was another shooting at side port a chip-making company in santa clairea. a test engineer killed three company executives and he, too, had been laid off. gary is a labor attorney studying work place violence and says shootings like these don't occur because a person snapped. >> we now have enough studies
6:37 pm
that there is a sometimes the vif slowly and might last years and sometimes, it's very fast. tree, four week autos here is what u.s. bureau of labor statistics has to say about these days cases. 86% of the deaths were in the private sector. 43% of homicides involved current employees. and 24% of shooters had been fired or laid off. the first occurred in 1986 when an employee about to be fired killed 14 people at a post office in oklahoma. he ended up killing himself. and today, the post office in many companies in the united states have introduced measures and trains people on how to prevent the violence. >> thank you. >> and we have any breaking developments both on the air and on twitter. >> you can follow us there on abc 7 news bay area. >> and coming up here, a troubling new tactic by computer hacker autos from 7
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on your side, the phone call that rattled bay area woman like nothing before. starting my progresso soup for lunch plan, huh. nope,
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old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. after speculation, sara palin announced she will not run for president. making the decision public today. she says her devotion to god and family come before her political aspirations. saying she can be more
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effective campaigning for other candidates. her popularity drops though she remains a darling of hard core conservative autos stock prices continue an oppressive upturn. the dow jones added another 131 points today. gains triggered by a report in the financial times about a new effort to support european banks. stock in yahoo shot up after a report microsoft may make a new offer, you'll recall rejecting a microsoft bid of $33 a share, stock now selling less than $16. and costco today said it's profits are up 11% thanks to improving sales and increasing memberships. the company says the annual fee will go up next year by $5 to $10. >> a soldier killed in afghanistan received a here ease funeral this afternoon. a group held u.s. flags and in front of our lady of per spet twal health. military personnel into the
6:42 pm
search today. the he emigrated to the united states at age 9. the sargeant killed two months ago clearing roadside bombs in afghanistan. he had served two tours of duty in iraq. we'll be back.
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we've heard about skiber criminals finding ways to hack into massive computer system autos tonight a warning about a trick hackers using to get into your computer. >> and these guys never sleep. and i have now received four complaints about the same scam circulating throughout the bay area. a caller claiming to be from a tech support service turns out to be a hacker. and one woman i spoke with unknowingly let the hacker into your computer and it scared her plenty. the 73-year-old fern johnson had her share of adventures as a tour guide in far away lands, wheer a dog team in alaska but
6:46 pm
nothing scared her like a call to her home. >> i'm calling to inform you your computer is loaded with virus and will crash. >> the man on the phone warned her computer would release all personal information to the world wide web. >> the shock value, i didn't think. >> fern went to this web site and clicked a button. instantly another curseor appeared and began to dronl her computer. >> he pulled up the programs and i didn't do that. he pulled up menu autos it began whizing around the screen clicking programs and web sites and the caller probed for more information he asked me where i banked and where my visa ard was. i told him the name of the bank. >> soon, yellow warning signs began popping up.
6:47 pm
the caller said it was evidence of the viruses. >> i said what can i do about it? he got into the bottom line that yes, they could fix it. and this would cost, i believe $249. >> the caller kept appreciating. it was the man on the phone. >> i want you out of my computer, let go. i was upset by the time i hung up. and i was crying. >> after that, she scrubbed her computer of phone shall malware, changed pass words and contacted 7 on your side. >> they're trying to do anything they can to get on your system. so they're going to try to trick you and scare you. >> we spoke with internet security expert. he says hackers now are using old fashioned phone calls to get control of computer autos if they're on your computer it's game over. they can do anything they want. they can install malware to
6:48 pm
add to you a remote control network. your computer might be used to store stolen software. >> microsoft tells us calls are from scammers not microsoft and put out a warning to public saying microsoft does not customers asking for money. >> as a senior we're vulnerable and trusting and i don't want this to happen to anyone eels thank you. >> experts tell us scam yarz are posing as representatives from a variety of companies not just microsoft. so if you get a call, don't cooperate. call directly instead. >> she was smart. >> she did. >> thank autos let's go back and update the forecast in this weird rain storm. >> yes. and we'll start with a time lapse view from our high definition east bay cram this afternoon looking at passing storm clouds moving east.
6:49 pm
isolated storms around the bay area. and maria r found a rainbow near woodside high school. and there is a live doppler 7 showing quiet conditions over the bay area. there are active storms around the hol lifter area. and there is little movement. tomorrow there is a chance of showers and sunshine. high temperatures on the cool side. and there is things going to warm up. here is the accu-weather forecast. and by wednesday, we'll have warm in all upper case letters. >> it's something to look forward. >> and that wasn't thunder heard near sfo this morning. >> rumbling found blue angel arriving in the area.
6:50 pm
and after zooming by in their famous diamond formation, landing for a rest before practice runs tomorrow and friday over san francisco and the bay that. will happen around 3:00 p.m. and the hornets will perform saturday and sunday. >> weather should be okay. >> when we come back, tiger woods returns to the bay area. >> and that is next. 1ñ. . . . .a
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tonight apple founder steve jobs has died. the company announced the dental saying quote the world is better because of steve, jobs was 56 years old. and the search continues right now for shareef allman accused of killing three work workers. police believe allman may have shot a woman in an attempted car jacking as well. we'll have updates on both stories tonight at 9:00 and at 11:00 right here on abc 507 stay with us for that. now, on to sports z tiger woods back. >> yes. how is he looking? he looks gchl we'll see how he does and tiger back in the south bay this week.
6:54 pm
and tiger arrives a different man from the last visit to the bay area a aupel years ago. back then number one ranked player in the world, today he's 51. we saw him in november, 2009, woods was with his then wife and their kids. we know what happened since then. and tiger made multiple swing changes on the course. gone is long time caddy and friend stevey williams, what woods does have is his hnl back. he hopes better results will follow. >> it was just getting my ball count and getting reps in. that is where my comfort is coming back being able to hit shots. that is something i hadn't done because i -- just hadn't had the time. >> and i mentioned tiger's last visit in november, 2009 he was inducted into stanford athletic hall of fame watching
6:55 pm
cardinals lose to cal. stanford alum asked today what he thinks of stanford football this year. >> i'm excited to see how this season is going to turn out. this is to have luck stay another year which was huge for us because we're dialed in. and this will be a season to take it all the way. >> hope i can get tickets. >> i think tiger will be able to somehow get tickets to stanford's game saturday somehow, some way, 49ers are 3 and 1, in first place in nfc west hosting tampa bay sunday. and niners know if they can handle teams that like to blitz, big plays are possible that. is what happened when alex smith and joshua morgan in philly. saying if you want to blitz me, bring it. >> i think the team sees the capability we have when teams
6:56 pm
do pressure us. we get people isolated and end zones and there are chances for plays. the fact we've done it now past few weeks and beat pressure. no question. excited for what is still to come. >> and raiders play houston this week. with phillies all star rotation people assumed you can just pencil them into world series. st. louis cardinals have different ideas. and he's back. the little squirrel, mr. squirrel has a twitter account, by the way. he has good speed. excellent hops. phillies jumped out to a lead. and there is hunter pence driving it. and there is a flying hawaiian flying backwards. and skip shumatcher scores a 2-1 game. mr. freeze, four rbies.
6:57 pm
and all right. thanks larry. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> and we'll be posting any breaking developments in the cement plant shooting on twitter on abc 7 news bay area. >> check us out there. >> we appreciate your time. thanks for watching. >> have a good night, everyone.
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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants-- a medical student from freeport, new york... a staffer for a political organization, originally from mount vernon, ohio... and our returning champion-- a college physics teacher from somerville, massachusetts... whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. welcome, ladies and gentlemen. at the end of yesterday's program, i used a terrible pun with our champion joon. i said, "joon, you're bustin' out all over."


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