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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 6, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i'm terry mcsweeney live in san jose. the search continues this morning for the man who opened fire yesterday. he shot 10 people, killing three. lateness the search coming up. -- >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield in san francisco with -- where the tribute for steve jobs are pouring in. what happens next at apple? good morning, a couple of items for your weather. cooler this morning. tracking showers on doppler. we'll talk about how much cooler it is going to be tomorrow before the warming trend this weekend. happy thursday. live look at the san mateo bridge all quiet and nice. chains required over donner summit details in a little bit. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze.
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>> i'm eric thomas. police agencies throughout the bay area are on the lookout for a man accused in a deadly shooting rampage in cupertino yesterday. we are learning frightening new details about the attack that killed three and wounded seven more. terry mcsweeney is live at the sheriff's department in san jose. terry, the suspect was heavily armed. >> reporter: he was heavily armed and he left some weapons behind. they still consider him heavily armed, very concerned about the safety of the people in the cupertino, sunny veil, anywhere in santa clara county. i was talking to a deputy, the search continues, they are following leads. so far, no sign of shareef allman. take a look at the location where he was last seen. this is homestead and tantau, that is where he tried to carjack a woman's car. she refused and he shot her. she has nonlife-threatening injuries. all day search in that area
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ended this evening. nothing turned up. this began at the lehigh southwest cement plan on stevens creek boulevard in cupertino 4:30 yesterday morning. when the 47-year-old allman a plant employee arrived for a meeting. he left, returned, said something about you can mess with me opened fired with an assault rifle and handgun shot nine, killing three. yesterday morning he shot the woman in a parking lot then disappeared. >> we know the area that weulú3e believe it is. we've had many teams working many hours in clearing the neighbor -- neighborhoods. please lock your doors and be aware. we believe the suspect is armed and certainly dangerous. >> reporter: allman's car was recovered at a gas station. also recovered two assault rifles, shotgun and handgun. the sheriff's officials had
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video of allman walking away from the car with a rifle.fvkw he's described as a black man about 6 feet, 215 pounds. the search right now is involving agencies from all over santa clara county as well as fbi agents. as of right now there is no sign of shareef allman. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. people who know shareef allman are surprised by what has happened. residents at the apartment complex where he lived say they never saw his violent sigh. he lived in a ground floor unit with his teenaged daughter. neighbors consider allman a model single parent and caring person. nobody saw warning signs that he was upset or troubled. they say he's a relidge swrus man and hopefully he will find a minute for guidance and sur aren't did -- surrender to
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police. districts return to normal schedules today many operated in lock down kpwhroed as police searched for shareef allman. parents are advised to check the website for updates. while the tech world mourns the loss of steve jobs this morning, analysts are trying to figure out what is next for the cupertino company. there are worries apple could become just another computer company. >> reporter: he's being compared to da vinci, edison. remembered online and at his stores. check out this memorial at the san francisco store. they wrote "we will miss you." we see flowers and candles on the ground. even some apples. apple's board of directors
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said steve's brilliance, passion and were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve our lives that will be the challenge for apple executives now to carry that torch and find a way to continue that me men item that the company has. -- that momentum that the company has. >> he his last few years making sure things are ready to go. most of us are glad to have had the tune to spend time with the company with -- had the opportunity to pen time with the company while he was there. >> they still have the best design team and on and on. >> reporter: the cupertino headquarters in mourning. new ceo tim cook put out an e-mail telling employees there will be a memorial service and they set up a web address for tributes. as everyone wonders what will
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happen to apple how one thing the company promised in a statement, his spirit will forever be the foundation of apple. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. apple fans health an impromptu memorial in san francisco for jobs last night. dozens gathered for an iphone vigil it was promoted online. tweets calling attendees to turn up your brightness and remember together. right now on twitter worldwide are sad, thank you steve, and think different. >> he's been a personal hero an icon of mine for 15 years. i had an original mac. learned how to use computers from that invention. i have been an avid follower. >> analysts say jobs will be considered an industrial giant on the scale of edison and henry ford. >> jobs sat on the board of
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disney corporation the parent company of abc 7. disney's ceo says with his passing the world has lost a rare original. steve influenced two separate centuries and forever changed what we believe is possible. we invite you to share your thoughts on steve jobs on our facebook page. go to news. it appears tension between police and protesters may be growing in san francisco's financial district. >> a group of about 100 spent all night outside the san francisco federal reserve bank. they were planning to camp there. before midnight san francisco police stepped in and told them to break down their tents or be arrested. this morning one person was taken into custody on charges after assaulting an officer. the rest did pack up for a time but now setting up tends again. the group says the protest is
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meant to show on to corporate greed. a fight erupted in the senate over pipeline safety legislation introduced in response to last year's deadly explosion in san bruno. the bill passed out of committee with bipartisan support, senator rand paul has blocked a vote by the full . he doesn't believe the bill is strong enough. he called for it to include national transportation safety recommendations made in response to the blast which killed eight and destroyed 38 homes. senators boxer and feinstein have sent a letter to paul asking him to stop blocking the bill saying it would help revent more communities from you ever something the fate of san bruno. traffic over i-80 over the sierra because of snow. here's what it looked like yesterday. just two weeks into the fall and the sierra is blanketed with snow. oners say they welcome the early snowfall. drivers -- owners say they welcome the early snowfall,
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drivers might not so much. we start with what is going on here at home. manchester, you can see we still have that thunderstorm going with lightning bolts, six or seven over last couple of hours. sliding to the southeast, 25 to 30 miles per hour, a twin out over the ocean that could wrap in towards san francisco. sea ranch has it comes right down, fish ranch road, you are in line to hear some thunder and see some lightning. the entire system starting to move off to the east. here's the high pressure going to move in tomorrow that's what will bring our clearing trend overnight temporarily cooler conditions in the morning. temperatures in the 50s about everywhere. spotty 40s in the north bay valleys. by the afternoon showers well below average low to mid 50s
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in most areas. scattered showers and thunderstorms with small hail still possible during the afternoon. here's your accuweather 7-day forecast, warming trend 4° tomorrow, another four saturday, sunday and by then, that's 12° about 16 total is what we will see warming through this system. happy thursday everyone. santa cruz mountains on 17 out of lanes accident before glenwood northbound direction of 17 a car went into the embankment there. you might find slowing if you are traveling 17 this morning to m 101 northbound, kehoe avenue, left lane blocked no significant slowing past the scene it is early enough. we have live shot of 50 at meyers no chain requirements on 50 at this hour. we have chain requirements over the donner summit on 80,
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both directions night yak to truckee. -- light, no problems into san francisco. 511 -- 5:11. tributes to steve jobs going up at bay area apple stores. college seniors may have less reason to resent the job search. would you pay $60 to see a movie? the plan by a cable company to offer movies that are stilllllll
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memorials popping up in front of apple stores around the world in honor of steve jobs. at the downtown san francisco apple store people held up pictures of jobs on their ipads and taped notes to the store window yesterday many said thank you steve, candles and red apples left outside. others stopped by the garage where jobs and steve wozniacki began building their computers decades ago. >> the editor of mac world says jobs had many talents one may have been underrated, his ability to sell. >> because he had such great charisma and the public face of the product roll-outs. he became a star and somebody that people knew. he could have had his other skills and probably had been just as successful without those great presentation skills. but he was a great presenter, fantastic salesman a
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one-on-one thing which is how people felt like he was talking to them and explaining why this was the product you wanted to buy. >> he says other tech companies took a page out of jobs' book and began presenting their products on stages. college students have been worrying there won't be jobs when they graduate are getting positive news. hiring of grads is expected to go up by 13% this year compared to last. new survey shows salaries for graduates rose by 6% this year they pull in about $51,000 per year on average. biggest increases are in computer science and petroleum engineering. the rest received lower raises, averaging less than 2%. move over netflix, comcast and universal pictures have a new way to boost sagging dvd sales. the companies merged and starting next month comcast customers can download movies still playing in theaters to
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their digital cable box, $60 to rent one movie and you can only keep it for 48 hours. india showing off what it claims is the world's most inexpensive tablet. $the 35 tablet is apriled at revolutionizing -- is aimed at revolutionizing -- [ unintelligible ] 5:16, >> good morning. rain getting out of here slowly. >> slowly today then you can wash the car. chilly the next couple of
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nights because of this changing of the air mass. we still have one more round of scattered showers and thunderstorms. looks quiet as we look down from the tower on san francisco towards berkeley and oakland and we can see live doppler is picking up a shower or two over daly city, hayward on the san mateo bridge a littlebit. moss beach, half moon bay. strongest storm still the one sliding towards sea ranch, radar returns, lightning strikes out of that storm system. here's new records for yesterday, daily rainfall totals, lowest element half an inch at move fit feel, 3/4 oakland, nearly an inch at sfo, salinas. some of those totals were decades old, those records.
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let's look at what is going on now. 40s we talked about yesterday, livermore, los gatos, north bay valley. monseray bay 40s here. low to mid 50s around salinas and monterey. highlight today last round of showers and storms clear and cooler, patchy fog tomorrow's commute warm sunshine for the weekend today low to mid 60s in most neighborhoods from 60 at clear lake could hit 67 in antioch for the warm spot. monseray bay inland scattered showers and thunderstorm for you also in the low to mid 60s even inland. tonight a wealth of 40s. easier to say who won't be in the 40s, antioch, richmond, oakland, san mateo and san francisco low 50s. first system went through, second system here's the third.
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final act, this will bring more showers and a little hail with it during the afternoon. showers rolling through the bay area during the latter parts of the morning through lunch into the evening hours they go away tomorrow morning fog, chilly tomorrow afternoon sunshine and the warming trend begins. let's take a look at it, 4 tkhez warmer tomorrow, saturday, sunday, we'll jump up, anywhere from 6 to 12 maybe 15° in our inland neighborhoods. temperatures fairly steady with a lot of sun early next week. >> we hop over to san mateo, stall northbound 101 at kehoe blocking the left lane no significant delays past the scene. drive times this morning to marin county, a breeze from novato 37 towards central
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san rafael. pleasanton interchange 68 not bad out of antioch. 280 san jose light drive headed northbound as you drive towards cupertino. quick look at the san mateo bridge, possible showers it looks like traffic is flowing smoothly, both directions. 5:20. he's lefted and relaxed and healthy. but can he still dominate? tiger woods is in the bay area. why he believes he's ready to climb back to the top. the unexpected benefits some shipping companies are getting from global warming. [ man ] before allegra-d, congestion from allergies shut me down.
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>> we come become. scientists may be on the verge of a breakthrough helping paralyzed people walk. a duke university doctor is working on a full body prosthetic suit that will take ors from the brain and make the legs move, -- they cleared a key hurd that allows the brain to feel the sensation of touch without going through the body's complex nerve system. they hope to have a suit ready in time for a young quadriplegic man to use it to walk to me field and kickoff the 2014 world cup soccer series. shipping companies taking advantage of the melting ice in the arctic. nasa the levels are reached the second lowest point in recorded history. it released this animation showing how the ice melted during the summer and opened ocean water, opening up shipping passages through the northwest passage and northern
5:24 am
sea. one danish company is saving 1/3 of is usual costs by taking shorter routes to china through the arctic. they say they can save millions as well as an roid emissions -- tiger woods tees off in the opening round in southern santa clara county. tiger was once the dominant player of his generation he has gone from number one to a guy struggling to find his stroke in the midst of a personal crisis. when he visited the day area in '09 he was on the sidelines with his wife and kids what followed was divorce and turmoil he missed the cut at the pga championship in august but is now ready to put more than a month of intense park to the at the time. >> -- to the test.
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>> my comfort is coming back. to hit shots and play 36 holes a day that is something i hadn't done, because i hadn't had the time. >> tigerties off at 12:10 tomorrow. it will be an -- 7:40 a.m. start. what happens to apple now? next, a trib -- tributes continue, some are wondering what is next for the company steve jobs may legendary. we'll have a live report. >> reporter: i'm live in san jose search continues for the man who opened fire at a cupertino cement plant yesterday, killing three. more on the search. we'll look at a possible mo -- motive coming up. clash between police and demonstrators overnight as a pretess against economic inequality spreads -- protest against economic inequality spreads. check out the high temperatures, warmth from the
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me 80s around new orleans, los angeles which is up to fargo. 75 in phoenix today. 59 in seattle, 61 in boston. all major airports running on time. any time you travel use that flight tracker at it is at the bottom.
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i'm terry mcsweeney live in san jose. ground search will resume in a few hours for the man who opened fire yesterday killing three and wounding six. more on that. we'll also talk motive in a live report. >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco. mourning for steve jobs is giving way to questions what is next for apple? good morning, small chill in the air clouds have broken temporarily. showers on doppler even cooler
5:29 am
weather tomorrow that warming trend is still in that weekend forecast. good morning. what can you expect? so far, so good, live shot of the bay bridge looking good so far. more drive times. 5:29. thank you for joining us, i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. this morning authorities have shifted focus from a sunnyvale neighborhood near an hp campus. terry mcsweeney is live in san jose where the suspect lives now. >> reporter: the search has been going on overnight not intensely on the ground. the ground search was called off at dark last night this they are using a helicopter with thermal imaging. despite that and yesterday's all day search no sign of the suspect. look at where he was last
5:30 am
seen. this is sunnyvale at homestead and tantau where he tried to carjack a woman's car, she refused and he shot her. she has nonlife-threatening injuries. all day search in the area turned up nothing and the ground search called off at dark last night. this began at the lehigh cement plant 4:30 yesterday morning in cupertino when the 47-year-old shareef allman a plant employee arrived for a meeting, went out, came back with an assault rifle and handgun he shot nine people, three are dead. 7:00 yesterday morning he shot that woman i mentioned at a hewlett-packard company parking lot and disappear. allman was upset and he said at much, at that meeting that he had been transfered to the night shift. someone for the plant says he been showing up late, repeatedly and he had more accidents than anyone else had in 20 years. he was not a star employee.
5:31 am
he was very upset about that. the friends of allman say they had no idea this was coming. >> sharif has too much to live for, for him to snap like this is out of character for him to act like this. >> reporter: his car was recovered at a gas station. also recovered two assault rifles, shotgun and handgun. sheriff's officials video of allman walking from that car with a rifle. he's described as a black man, 6 feet, 215 pounds. ground search call off at dark resuming at first daybreak. also, they've been looking overnight, using thermal imaging, so far this person has slipped away. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. students in schools surrounding the quarry shooting will return to classes this morning. cupertino union, santa clara unified and fremont districts
5:32 am
will return to normal schedules. many of the schools in those districts oned in lock down mode. -- parents are advised to check with websites for updates. our other top story of the morning, silicon valley and the world are mourning the loss of a visionary leader who could keep an eye on the big picture while sweating the details. steve jobs died yesterday of cancer, analysts are wondering which path apple will take without him. amy hollyfield is live at an apple store in san francisco. >> reporter: it is impossible to live up to legacy or forget him. the windows of his store in downtown san francisco are filling up with tributes. people are writing messages on post-it notes this one says, i sad. he leaves a huge company that employees 46,600 people worldwide and it must keep going. the new ceo cook will need to
5:33 am
lead employees through a brief griefing process and then show he's up to the challenge. the current products have great momentum, experts say he has to keep that going and be willing to spend on developing new ones. >> it is hard to keep reinventing things. jobs was the main reason apple was able to do it. >> reporter: of course, now executives will be dealing with and all the tributes the headquarters in cupertino is in mourning. flags at half-staff and memorial building. there will be a memorial service for employees. the ceo is promising to get details on that as soon as possible. the company has released a statement saying apple lost a visionary and creative leader and his spirit will forever be the foundation of apple. amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
5:34 am
>> apple's other co-founder steve wozniacki says he's in shock over jobs' death. wozniacki share -- shared stories he remembers, including the time he was arrested. >> he exceeded more than anyone's dreams could be. i hope there's a way that he's looking down on apple and hoping that watching to make sure it goes in the right direction from here on. that was the center of his life. >> as far as arrest story he remembers one time that steve got a ticket and it was in or again for going too slow in the pass lane but he wind passing. he certainly passed a lot of people in terms of his business acumen. the two started in 1976. president obama released a statement, he said steve was among the glitz -- money the greatest of american innovators.
5:35 am
facebook founder mark zuckerberg saying, steve thank you for being a mentor and friend. thanks for showing that what you build can change the world. i will miss you. the death of steve jobs has generated many comments on our facebook page. if you would like to express your thoughts go to news. in east oakland police investigating a deadly shooting that ended with a car crashing into a home 10:30 last night. the victim was shot in a car and crashed the car into a home a few blocks away. police have not made any arrests. the body of a missing san jose mother has been found. a roadworker came across the body of the 29-year-old yesterday afternoon in a wooded area of northeast san jose. this was the scene from sky 7,
5:36 am
she had been missing since sunday. her disappearance had been call suspicious. investigators are working with the coroner to determine how she died. homicide has not been ruled out. long, coal night for hundreds of protesters in san -- long, cold night for hundreds of protesters in san francisco. they were planning to camp out before police told them to break down tents or be arrested. one person was taken into custody on s of an assaulting an -- on charges of assaulting an officer. the rest packed up, but are setting up again. the protests began as a way to show solidarity with the occupy wall street protests in new york city. >> it will make people much more willing to come out, once they see our solidarity and see how strongly we fill feel that we will stan in the rain as easily as we -- we will stand in the rain as easily as
5:37 am
we will flay tends in the rain. -- some plan to do the same today. if you are driving downtown watch out there could be some impact there. >> indeed. there has been weather impact from rain systems from the bay area. what are we in store for now? >> more scattered showers today. good morning. still up around sea ranch, following that one thunderstorm from manchester down into sea ranch. if you hear thunder this morning, maybe see lightning, a little bonus for you the rest of us are dealing with garden variety showers. most of those are around the peninsula, small one to the southeast of livermore now probably dusting the grapes there with a little wet weather. winds less than 10 miles per hour, not as windy as yesterday. breaks in the clouds, so it is cooler in some areas like
5:38 am
los gatos and mountain view, 8 to 9° cooler there only 1 in san francisco. lower base camp today, temperatures in the 40s and 50s, scattered showers through 8:00. by noon showers continue to roll from northwest to southeast, lightning, brief heavy rain, even small hail. mid to upper 50s by noon. 4:00, more scattered showers will -- start to taper after 4:00, low to mid 60s then. 7-day forecast, 6° warmer tomorrow, another six saturday, sunday, 18° warmer inland than today. hello everyone. back to san mateo good news earlier stall at kehoe has been cleared. no problems as you head northbound 101. public transit this morning looking good. issues with muni around mass cone any center only because
5:39 am
-- mosconey center only because of the convention. 9 san bruno, so far everybody else is running on time this morning. 92 the san mateo bridge a bit of a delay headed westbound not bad highway 4 not bad from the carquinez bridge into the maze. our time is 5:39. >> if you use bart parking lots, you may have money coming to you. the glitch that is costing bart more than $200,000. the vigilant eyes in the sky that oakland police are adding to their crime fighting adding to their crime fighting arsenal and even though you do what you can to take care of it, sometimes you want to give your immune system some support. try new airborne chewable tablets. each serving contains 14 vitamins, minerals and herbs... including zinc, echinacea, ginger, and a blast of vitamin c.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. bart customers who are overcharged in the airport and long term parking program will get a refinance. the program allows customers to park longer -- than 24 hours at a rate of $5 per day. customers with reservations beginning or ending saturday, sunday or holiday not supposed to be charged. some customers complained they were charged. bart says there was a problem with the billing software. 16,000 will get a tote of $2020 back. passengers will not see another fare increase for the
5:43 am
next couple of years. cal train says it is on solid ground. the agency just increased fares by 25 cents on july 1st. today they will discuss the budget outlook for the next two fiscal years. i -- it has secured 33 1/2 million dollars from its partners, 32% increase from this year's contribution. police and city leaders say more cameras are coming to the fruitvale district. 40 cameras installed on international boulevard, 80 more are expected to be mounted outside businesses on fruitvale avenue and foothill boulevard. the installation started after the fatal shooting of a popular restaurant owner, six months ago. police insist robbery numbers in the neighborhood are down. they say the cameras are pat of the reason. >> it does gather evidence, information for me to do putter investigations and share that information with our investigators.
5:44 am
>> don't feel fearful to come to our community. >> the oakland tribune reports the city is spending $35,000 to purchase the cameras. police won't say where they are mounted to avoid tipping off criminals. 5:44. what is in store for apple knew steve jobs is gone? that and the lasting impact of the tech visionary in our bloomberg business report. >> >> stars of fleet week arrive in the bay area. when you can watch and hear the blue angels perform today. >> the surprising phone call that paints a disturbing picture of michael jackson in the weeks before his death. [ mom ] hey guys.
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welcome back. the weather mainly north of 80 turns into higher elevation snow all sliding to the southeast. looks like most of the state again will be unwet weather at some point in time. you can see south of 80 this afternoon definitely wet with snow around tahoe and yosemite. winter storm warning over but snow will continue for the better part of today a lot lighter. 70s around l.a. and palm springs clouds, 66 in san diego. sounds like winter is here. 5:48.
5:48 am
in year's nobel prize in literature was awardedded this morning to a swedish -- poet recognized for his works on the mysteries of the hugh plan behind acclaimed as one of the -- of the human mind. his work clues themes from his many travels. he suffered a stroke in '90 but continued to wrote. his works have been translated into more than 50 languages. free vaccinations are giving at uc berkeley following a mumps outbreak. seven cases confirm , 13 tested. students again getting ill last week. the vaccination clinic is between noon and 6 p.m. at the university's tang center. -- fleet week's main attraction is back in town.
5:49 am
the blue angels will begin practicing this afternoon for this weekend's big shows. the flying team flew in from san diego yesterday. expect to hear them and see them around 3 p.m. today and tomorrow. the six-member squadron will perform this weekend. any chance you will catch another ride with them? >> oh no, those days are gone. but it was fun while it happen. >> still have the bag? >> no. that would be -- no. >> what is the weather going to be for the show? >> increasingly better. today they may have to fly low tomorrow into the weekend they should be able to fly unlimited. very nice for everybody out there if you stay out too long this weekend, even though it is october, you can still get sun burn keep that in mine as the warmer weather comes back -- that in mind as the warmer weather comes back. beautiful picture of the golden gate bridge, we see it we have clouds and showers
5:50 am
sliding around san francisco into the south now right over sfo, san mateo bridge towards hayward rain. same with oakland and towards alameda, wet weather there. look what is up north. that's where the main system is. that's why we are seeing earlier lightning strikes. looks like it has calmed a little as it moves through sea ranch. that is the next weather maker. it will not produce rains like this again, scattered showers in the forecast with small hail. half inch move fit bay, 3/4 oakland and santa rose -- -- santa rosa. new daily record rainfalls for yesterday. temperatures right now upper 40s santa rosa, napa, los gatos, low to mid 50s for the rest of us.
5:51 am
today we'll have one last round of showers and storms. clear and cooler tonight even cooler than this morning with more fog. then that warm sun for a dry weekend. let's talk about today's temperatures. just about everybody in the low to mid 60s we will see more sun than yesterday not as many showers and thunderstorms. around the monseray bay the same low to mid 60s, scattered showers and thunderstorms and sun during the afternoon hours. is not in the 40s tonight antioch, richmond, oakland, san mateo, low 50s everybody else mid to upper 40s tomorrow morning. three stages to this system we've been through two, each gets weaker this is the weakest of the system moving through and bringing showers today. 7:00, you can see the north bay getting a little more active so is the east bay. by 5:00, 6:00, gone, see you
5:52 am
later. not coming back any time soon. he we will modify the air mass starting tomorrow afternoon, hardly a out there so the sunshine will jump our temperatures up about 6° tomorrow, another six saturday and sunday, even at the coast, could hit 70 next week with sun, 80s around the bay and inland. quite a run of warm weather next week. you knew it was going to happen. here's sue. let -- looked good so does the traffic. wall kwrut creek may find a bit of slow traffic towards the 24 junction, right now not too bad. san mateo pwhreupbl, slight chance of showers, not a bad drive. if you head westbound towards foster city or the eastbound direction everything moving at limit toll plaza clear no metering lights. these are the cash-paying commuters, minor delay there.
5:53 am
this morning if you are leaving the house 24 towards the tunnel not bad, 580 still good drive towards 680. is where you can get all your updates. 5:53. >> this morning of course investors are waiting to see how wall street will be reacting to the death of steve jobs. >> here's jane king. good morning. hard to believe apple's board once fired steve jobs. hard to believe the mastermind behind mac, iphone, ipads and. -- >> i had light a candle, something. >> reporter: from his first tv appearance to his last days he started apple in his parents garage in 1976 captured the attention of fans and frenamies including google's
5:54 am
eric schmidt. >> apple has been written off allegedly near bankruptcy when steve came in, imagine fighting against those odds as an executive, as a leader, as a person. look at what he achieved in that he period? >> investors keeping an eye on apple after the death of steve jobs. analysts predicting sales will soar through a record 100 billions this fiscal year. the future of apple beyond that may depend on the success of icloud and continuing growth in china and popularity of smartphones powered by google. apple shares closed higher yesterday ahead of the announcement of the death of this american visionary. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report sad end for a sea lion found wandering along highway 101 in burdenling gail. -- burlingame.
5:55 am
workers had to euthanize her yesterday. they say brain damage caused by gunshot wound was too severe. broadway hadn't eaten and was disoriented. this is the six sea lion treated for gunshot wounds at the mammal center this year. toxicology experts expected to take the stand this morning in the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor. they are expected to testify about the prescription drugs that prosecutors say led to the pop star's death. jurors heard a recording of a call jackson made to conrad murray with slurred speech, weak voice and heavily sedated jackson compares the dispair of his childhood to those of sick and depressed children. >> that phone call was made six weeks before jackson die. prosecutors showed the jury
5:56 am
e-mails between murray and his staff, cluing one involving a patient named omar arnold, that's an alias allegedly used by jackson to get several medications including valium, skin bleaching cream and robitussin. gabrielle giffords expected to attend a retirement ceremony for her husband today. captain mark kelly is leaving the military. vice president biden will preside over today's ceremony. give forces continues to undergo rehabilitation in houston for a gunshot wound during a shooting in january. kelly and her husband was the commander of the last mission in may of the space shuttle endeavour. just ahead, tensions escalate as a protest continues outside the federal reserve. >> coming up, new or police gave protesters overnight. >> reporter: impossible to live up to the legacy of steve jobs. yet, apple executives have to
5:57 am
figure you out how to keep the company going. i'm live in san francisco with the mourning of steve jobs and the challenges coming up for apple.
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i'm terry mcsweeney live in san jose. more than 24 hours after a


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