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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 7, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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died violently yesterday. he wrote a book on domestic violence that -- was once accused of committing. that coming up in a live report. >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield -- life look at -- live look at the some of the fog forming. once burned we'll have a lot of sunshine. you won't believe how warm the temperatures are going to get. good morning. light traffic lights today. i'm sue hall. light here at the bay bridge toll plaza accident in napa more on that in a few minutes. more on the story amy was talking that private school in the east bay trying to stay an lafave with the deadline today. thank you for joining us i'm kristen sze. >> deadline for donations to keep that school alive. i'm eric thomas thanks for joining us.
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>> out of central illinois major train derailment and fire has forced evacuation of 800 residents. these are live pictures interest the scene. tank cars full of ethanol exploded creating a witch's brew of fire and hazardous smoke many more cars derailed at 2:00 this morning central time. authorities say the wreckage extents for a quarter mile near a housing division. this town is 115 miles west of chicago in northern illinois. no estimate on when this fire will be put out. new details painting a more violent picture of the cupertino gunman who killed three co-workers in a shooting rampage. new video showing him toting weapons in a residential neighbor hood before authorities shot him dead. terry mcsweeney is in the neighborhood where the threatened yesterday. >> reporter: there were many many layers to shareef allman. some peaceful some violent.
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the last violent image we have of him comes from these surveillance cameras at this arco half a mile or so from where he was shot and killed by deputies yesterday morning. sharif with a -- shareef with a rifle after according to police he shot nine people at the lehigh cement plant in cupertino killing three then shot a woman during an attempted carjacking in sunnyvale. a search ended 7:20 yesterday morning. deputies saying he shouted something about suicide when he was spotted by deputies. >> our deputies attempted to make contact with the suspect. the suspect was armed with a handgun. all three deputies present at the scene fired shots and the subject was pronounced dead at the scene. >> reporter: court documents from 20 years ago show he was once accused of domestic
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violence. according to his wife she said my husband has a violent temper cannot stand anyone to disagree with him he interprets it as a challenge and reactions with physical marriage many he assaulted me grabbed me by my hair she was once knocked out by him when he used a lamp to hit her in the head. according to him, she was just jealous of his new love. she did get physical custody of their son after that dispute that was 20 years ago. since then allman wrote a book about domestic violence even though he had been accused of it. he talked peace but died in a hail of bullets definitely a complicated man. terry mcsweeney abc7 news. today a private east bay school hopes to finish raising enough money to stay open until june. the school ran into financial
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problems and needed $800,000 to survive. amy hollyfield is live in el cerrito. >> reporter: they have to get donations by today. today to be the last day. parents are not only carrying the burden of the $20,000 a year tuition now the pressure of having to save this school. it became a victim of the economy the principal says they bank on having 300 kids a year. they only have 165. many families have moved on. they've moved across the country to find jobs or pulled their kids out of this expensive school and put them in public school. now the school kaine pay down its 13 million dollar -- school can't pay down its 13 million dollar bond. they gave parents two weeks to come up with one million dollars. >> the economy recession has blood pressure really
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difficult for this school -- has been really difficult for this school that didn't have an endowment and still doesn't. >> my kids love it here they thrive here it is happy warm wonderful place i'm heartbroken at the thought it won't be here. >> reporter: parents have raised all but $10,000. they've got until 5:00 tonight to come up with the rest of the money, if not the doors will close. emotional, buy day here. here's the kicker even even if they keep it open for this school year no guarantee it would remain open next year. amy hollyfield abc7 news. new state study shows three out of four high school graduates enrolled in higher education but a gap persists among minority groups. san mateo high during the 2008-2009 year mirrors the statewide averages 75% went
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on to attend american colleges universities or community colleges. san mateo county like the state had lower percentages among minority groups for african-americans 66% enrolled in college. latinos 60%. the department of education says the figures show an ongoing need to work toward closing that achievement gap. san francisco supervisors are closing to letting young people ride muni for free. a measure would eliminate muni fares for people under 18. that measure would cost nearly six million dollars a year in lost fares. the bill's sponsor says letting young people ride free makes public transit more accessible and san francisco more liveable. >> california regulators have given pg&e the get to restore full pressure to natural gas pipelines despite saying the
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utility did not comply with requirements. utilities commission says pg&e ran less rigorous tests than what was mandated. pg&e says it had no choice due to the structure of that pipe. the commission wants pg&e to give advance notice in the future if it is going with a less rigorous test. regulators required the testing after last year's san bruno slow . uc berkeley -- worried about an outbreak of mumps. yesterday there was a line to get booster shots. there's a two week incubation. symptoms include swollen glands along the jaw line. warning letters went out encouraging students, staff and pham cully to get booster shots. >> -- i asked my parents and they recommended i get an
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additional shot. >> clinic will offer more free mumps vaccinations next friday from noon to 6. flu and whooping cough vaccinations will also be available. light rail drivers in california will no longer be able to use their cell phones while operating a vehicle. this video is part of the reason why. california public utilities commissioners adopted a new rule yesterday which permanently prohibits drivers from talking or texting behind the wheel. emergency hands-free measure was issued after this crash involving two muni colliding in which 16 were hurt. 5:08. we had just what make was -- what mike was warning about. >> mike? >> definitely in the past. we are looking forward to a lot of sun and a lot warmer
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weather tranquil fall weather we are known for. one more cold front going to slide east of us that could push a few high clouds into our afternoon sky. otherwise sunny once the fog rolls away. most of that along the coast into san francisco now. i bet our valleys are going to feel a little bit especially temperatures in the 40s easy to saturate the air after a recent rain. 60s around richmond san francisco and half moon bay mid to upper 60s everybody else low to mid 70s. monterey bay total sun everybody else around the bay and inland low to mid 70s. today is just the beginning warming trend through sunday slight pull-back monday and tuesday. warmer surge for wednesday and thursday. good morning sue. >> good morning. napa accident eastbound 37
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the least traveled direction just past highway 29 sonoma boulevard accident still blocking right lane crews trying to pull that out of lanes no significant delays past the scene. drive times this early morning. san mateo bridge eastbound less than 15 minutes. east shore freeway highway 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze less than 20 minutes. moderate out of the central valley from tracy to livermore and pleasanton less than 20 minutes. toll plaza still light and no metering lights. now 5:10. volkswagen recalls tens of thousands of its vehicles. the defect that could cause a fire. lawsuit accusing facebook of violating u.s. wiretap laws and aiming to give you some money. former landlord accuses the freak of trashing his san francisco apartment. apple university the project steve jobs has left
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behind to ensure future apple executives will think like he did.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. facebook fighting new lawsuit over user privacy. an attorney says the site violated wiretap laws with a tracking cookie that records
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your web browsing history after you log off. the attorney wants class action status for the 150 million facebook users in the u.s. asking for $100 per day for each user or $10,000 per violation. facebook won't comment. >> oracle will pay a record fine to the government after being accused of fraud. the company has agreed to pay 200 million dollars for failing to pass along discounts it was giving to commercial customers. the issue came to light after an employee employ -- blue a whistle. -- blew a whistle. insurance fund which provides worker's comp insurance planning to lay-off 1800 employees next year the first lay-off since the depression. it is a semiprivate company but workers are state employees. it has offices in
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san francisco but not ready to say which ones will be affected. volkswagen recalling 170,000 cars because of a fuel injection defect that could cause leaks and fires. the 2009 to 12 jettas and some audi models. all the cars are equipped with two liter diesel engine. so far no reports of fires crashes or injuries. for more information go to our website news that .com click on see it on tv. a -- lawsuit says tim lincecum trashed his apartment in the mission district stealing and destroying $200,000 worth of household items. the complain says he failed to pay his rent on time and illegally returned after the
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lease expired. lincecum's attorney says i'm not going to dignify it with a response. turn out steve jobs planned for the day when he would be gone by establishing apple university run by this man. jobs recruited the dean of yale in 2008. according to the "los angeles times" he and his teams research apple's key decisions and the people who make them and use them as case studies for courses that groom the next generation of leaders. jobs took his inspiration from hewlett and packard. one former apple executive said the idea was to take what is uniquely apple and impart that dna to futurer leaders. the challenge was evident this week when new ceo tim cook took the stage for the new apple 4s. many say cook did not get the adulation typical for an apple roll-out under the helm of
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steve jobs. >> it is that jobs' dna that you can't replicate. it will be interesting to see how that works out for them. >> indeed. 5:17. the rain over with just in time. >> yep finished in the rear view mirror gone. a lot of snow in the sierra. in about an hour i'll post beautiful pictures of the fall foliage with a backdrop of snow even video of the first run in bear valley that will be interesting to see, they received 16 to 20 inches of snow. our first winter storm is over. looking from downtown san francisco to the port of oakland, clear here but fog developing. watch out for changeable conditions this morning. doppler, there you go look at how quiet it is all the rain and snow gone. temperaturesf this morning. 40s hanging around everywhere except antioch san francisco and half moon bay low to mid
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50s there. for the highlights dry sunny warmer>ñ not only today, but the entire forecast. warmer afternoons next week. we'll follow the warm sun today with a clear and cool night and patchy fog possible probably tonight and tomorrow night then the ground will start drying and won't have as much moisture to release to create that fog the mornings of next week. everybody going up san francisco, 4 oakland 6 santa rosa 8 fremont 9 11 for concord and san jose. a few high clouds especially farther east and north as a cold front will pass to our north and east. low to mid 70s in the east bay valleys. upper 60s around richmond and berkeley low 70s the rest of the east bay shore. south bay low to mid 70s cupertino and san jose 73°.
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low 70s on the peninsula. low to mid 60s with a lot of sun at our beaches today mid upper 60s downtown sausalito beaches in the low 60s valley ms. the north bay low to mid 70s. -- mid to upper 60s for monterey carmel salinas. tonight the 40s are back mainly inland valleys around the bay shore low to mid 50s. what is happening outside, low pressure sliding away from us taking all the adverse weather with it. small cold front to the north doesn't have radar return, so it is dry a few high clouds. big area of high pressure rolls in and dominates for the next seven days. look at this we warm up to sunday, a small front will pass north just a little bit of a wind shift will pull our temperatures back monday
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stronger surge of warmer weather low 70s at the beaches next week. low to mid 80s for the rest of us. have a great weekend. here's sue. napa eastbound 27 at 29 cleared no significant delays. muni rerouted around mosconey center in san francisco because of the convention. that wraps today and ferries oakland, alameda ferry san francisco harbor and san francisco ferry building tell rather relocation to gate b tomorrow through -- temporary relocation to gate b tomorrow through -- fire reported francis drake boulevard closed. quick look at the golden gate bridge traveling southbound very light this morning, no problems getting into san francisco from marin county. 5:21. there is such a thing as
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too hot. the chili contest that sent two people to the hospital. tiger woods and his long day in the south bay why he could be a few shot from missing the cut.
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good morning. we made it to friday this is the bay both sides what do you see?
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yep clear skies! the sun macks a strong return rain out of here for fleet week just in time. temperatures will climb, we'll talk to mike about that. >> tiger woods still has a lot to do when he tees up at 7:four think this morning. -- 740 this morning. for round two he's six shots behind the pack and will have to play a good round to stay in the tournament. yesterday he started out fine with a nice approach shot on the opening hole to set up a birdie. the rest of the day was a struggle with several missed putts. tiger ended up two over par for the day. >> very pleased that the shots -- at the shots i was hitting nothing out of round on the greens. whatever momentum i could have gotten from by hitting good shots, i missed putts.
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>> rookie with the birdie here on 184 under par 67 and part of a four-way tie for the lead. talk about hot stuff. a curry house in ed den borough scotland after its chili competition landed two in the hospital. people started sweating collapsing and vomiting. the next 10 pulled out of the event. the woman who finished second was taken for treatment twice. she said she never endured such pain before. the owner promises to tone down future events. probably good idea. but i would like the recipe and know what they put in that. >> really >> sure, why not. >> somebody you want to punish >> serve it up for an office party. new details and new video of a man police say killed three and wounded seven at a cupertino quarry. >> it is only october.
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today could be to the last day of school in el cerrito unless parents at a private school can cough up some money. i'll have the story coming up. your tenants are trouble. the federal government's new takoradi in the california crackdown on -- new crackdown in on medical marijuana. we are in the 60s and 70s on either coast great fall salt lake city. flight departure delays otherwise all major airports running on time.
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i'm terry mcsweeney in sunnyvale. people are asking what was the life of shareef allman all
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about? the man who police say shot 10 tuesday, killing three. the man who was shot to death by deputies yesterday. we'll look at a live of contradictions in a live report. >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield in el cerrito. parents are being asked to save a break school or the doors will close at 5:00 this afternoon. good morning. patchy fog clear and cool start this morning. warmer afternoons are on the way. nice light traffic now on the golden gate bridge. major problem in marin county thoroughfare shutdown due to a fire. details in a few minutes. friday we made it to the end of the week thanks for joining us at 5:29. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. we are finding out more about the san jose man linked to a shooting rampage. his ex-wife says he assaulted
5:30 am
her several times even knocking her unconscious. he was killed by police yesterday. terry mcsweeney is live in the sunnyvale neighborhood where he was found. >> reporter: it was a life of contradictions for shareef allman. all the violence you are talking about by a man who preached peace. wrote a book on domestic violence. was accused of committing it. all we can do is look back. one of the things is some surveillance video from those cameras. arco station on homestead. look at that video this is shareef allman with a rifle. this is tuesday morning after according to police he shot nine people at the lehigh cement plant in cupertino killing three. then shot a woman during an attempted carjacking in sunnyvale. all day search for him ended at 7:20 yesterday morning when deputies spotted him and shot him and killed him.
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a friend says last weekend allman showed him a new purchase ak-47 assault rifle what you doing with that? he was like man these [ bleep ] on my job keep messing with me. >> reporter: there was that heads-up 20 years ago he was in divorce court. his wife said he flew into a rain while looking for a gun. he started accusing me. did not take his gun but he would not believe me. he said i will break everything in the house if you don't give me my gun. he claims she was jealous because he phone a new girlfriend. he later wrote a book on domestic violence claim it was number one at several weapons prisons on an access tv he advocated piece the end of his life he died in hail of gunfire from deputies half a mile from where he was last spotted. terry mcsweeney abc7 news. more on a developing story
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we've been following in central illinois. major train derailment and fire forced evacuation of all 800 residents. at least six tank cars caught fire. witnesses reported explosions. officials say the cars were carrying ethanol. no reports of injuries. fires plan to let it burn itself out. the wreckage extent force a quarter mile near a housing subdivision 115 miles west of chicago. today is deadline for an east bay private school racing to raise funds to prevent a closure. a sign of the financial struggle many schools are space -- are facing. >> reporter: private schools have been hit hard this will be closing 5:00 this afternoon unless the parents can cough up one million dollars. they already paid $20,000 a
5:33 am
year in tuition. now they've been to raise another million dollars. it has become victim of the economy. the school depends on having 300 kids right now it only has 165. families have moved out across the country for jobs or put their kids in public school. that happened as the school needed to pay for a 13 million dollar bond use to build a new middle school. private schools are struggling across the state since the economic downtown 445 private school have closed. another is close to doing so this el cerrito. parents are fighting hard they've only got $10,000 to go. it has -- they've made a lot of progress considering they were just told they needed to come up with a million dollars. they have until the end of the day today to come up with $10,000. it going to be a busy day here. even if they do it that only
5:34 am
guarantees they keep the school open until the end of the school year but it doesn't guarantee anything for next year. amy hollyfield abc7 news. 5:34. today federal prosecutors in sacramento will announce details of crackdown of california pot dispensaries. this week property owners got letters giving them 45 days to shutdown dispensaries or face criminal prosecution. california's voter approved medical marijuana law which directly conflicts with federal drug laws the problem. letters explain the property could be subject to seizure and forfeiture to the u.s. government. extra penalties could be added if the drug is being sold within 1,000 feet of schools parks and playgrounds >> oakland police style looking for the -- still looking for a gunman who shot a woman yesterday when she refused to give him her purse. he drove away and crashed on i
5:35 am
abandoned the car and -- on i abandoned the car and off, the victim was shot in the legs and is recovering at a hospital this morning. uc berkeley health officials worried about an outbreak of mumps. 1,000 lined up yesterday to get free booster shots even though just seven cases confirmed there's a two week incubation so more cases are expected. symptoms include swollen gland along the jawline plus flu-like symptoms. letters went out encouraging butters shots. the campus health clinic will offer more free nations next friday. it turns out the death of steve jurors was discussed in a meeting between -- steve jobs was discussed in a
5:36 am
meeting between police. police were told there was a possibility jobs' death could come this week. wednesday 40 showed up at his modest home. they paid tribute by leaving nowers with or symbolic apples. >> i never -- thought his death would affect me this way. really profound somebody special, bigger than life. >> he has millions of close friends who never met him but are close friends because of what his inventions did to their lives. the man writing steve jobs' authorize biography told the "wall street journal" that jobs new weeks ago that his wife was coming to an end. that book is coming out later this -- that his life was coming to an end. that book is coming out later this month. unemployment rate unchanged for september at 9.1% third straight month with no change. employers added 103,000 jobs
5:37 am
in september about 40,000 more than expected. 5:-- 5:37. >> the rain is in the rear view mirror, mike? >> temperatures 10 to 20° warmer by next week. even about 5 to 15° warmer this weekend. things are going to rapidly to the warmer brighter side starting today. here's small cold front north could push high includes into our -- high clouds into hour sky rather calm this morning winds barely three to five miles per hour all the moisture on the ground patchy fog tonight and the next couple of nights. oakland 12° cooler than questioned. napa 6 redwood city 5. everybody seeing the cooler nights of the longer fall nights. temperatures in the 40s just about everywhere at 8:00
5:38 am
except for oakland and san francisco low to mid 50s. by noon total sun everybody jumping into the low to mid 60s upper 60s around that rosa nanny okay. 4:00 mix of high clouds and sun, 60s -- everywhere. climbing temperatures through sunday one or two steps backwards monday three four more steps toward warmest weather wednesday thursday next week. sir francis drake closed at this hour due to a structure fire between -- that will be closed for the time being we'll check back with them premajor artery in the area getting you out to the freeway. drive times this morning highway 4 out of antioch 101
5:39 am
through marin county not a bad drive. into the maze 580 not bad. toll plaza looking good metering lights remain off. for the latest information. 5:39. still ahead bart's new plan if give weekend partiers a way to get around. >> sights and sounds of fleet week. we have what you need to know to plan your weekend with the
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. bart officials are taking another look at a way to extend late night service friday nights. they will be out at stations after midnight to get passenger input. one new plan would allow trains to leave end of the line stations at 12:30 instead of midnight that would mean some lines would start 20 minutes later saturday mornings to allow maintenance. trains normally start at 6 a.m.. earlier plan stalled after a study showed it would have a negative impact on low income riders who had to get to work early saturday. fleet week underway in the bay area. you will hear the roar of the blue angels again today as they continue to practice for this weekend's big show. don sanchez has a look at all the activities.
5:43 am
>> reporter: the blue angels with their precision maneuvers centerpiece fleet week. cheers, applause and the inevitable noise. the best place to see them is anywhere along the water friend from the ferry building north to the fisherman's wharf. there are reserved seats in some of those locations. watch from hills or rooftops. if you have a boat they will climb over you. saturday is the parade of ships starting at 11 a.m.. the uss carl vinson used to be an alma . earlier this year the body of bin laden was put into the sea from the deck. ships along the embarcadero will have free tours starting at 8 a.m., sunday and . this weekend traffic will be a nightmare. -- you might want to think about where you are going and plan strategies. >> you could meet and greet
5:44 am
the navy blue angels pilots if san fan tonight they will be available on pier 39 beginning 7:15. [ unintelligible ] >> 5:44. sprint verizon at&t and apple begin taking orders for the new iphone 4s today. >> vice president biden's surprise ago saysment of the 2012 presidential elect. -- surprising assessment of the 2012 presidential election. >> why the government says we should do away with a health
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dry on doppler a lot of sun around the state today temperatures warming 51 tahoe. 60 in yosemite eureka 62 9 san diego. sunny 81 palm springs. 5:47. this year's nobel peace prize was awarded to three women for their struggle for women's rights and safe. two are in liberia johnson sirleaf is the nation's 72-year-old president and
5:48 am
leymah gbowee is a activist. they organized and knowized women across ethnic and religious lines. the third recipient is tawakkul karman of yemen she was honored for taking a leading roll in the -- role in the struggle for peace and democracy in her country. >> vice president biden is saying the slow economy could jeopardize president obama's reelection in an interview he said that gop is strong enough to bate the president in 2012 primarily because many americans don't believe the country is moving in the right direction. the vice president also says voters realize how deep the recession was on how much worse things would be and that may be enough to send the president back to the white house. east bay family survived after lightning zapped the pick-up truck they were in yesterday afternoon. in pleasant hill. a lightning bolt struck the
5:49 am
vehicle transformer leaving the wiring in both fried. >> the car is dead. >> what did you feel? >> [ inaudible ] >> heard a big bang. >> no one in the pick up was hurt. the strike left all traffic lights an the intersection lit up. >> scary situation. >> each for others in the intersection. >> oh yeah >> thank goodness nobody was hurt. >> no more lightning. going to feel like a return to summer soon, right? >> absolutely especially early next week 70s and 80s from the coast inland. good thing they were in the car when that lightning struck and not outside. outside right now 5:50. we do have a little fog forming as we look down from emeryville this morning back towards san francisco. temperatures the big story damp this morning cool that's creating the fog. still in the 50s at antioch san francisco and half moon
5:50 am
bay everybody else mid to upper 40s monterey bay inland. mid to upper 40s for everybody else. our highlights dry sunny warmer temperatures starting this afternoon. clear and cool tonight watch out for fog tonight the next couple of nights until the ground stars to dry. warmer afternoon -- starts to dry. warmer afternoon until next weeks. four degrees warmer in san francisco oakland six eight degrees of warming compared to yesterday in santa rosa. concord and san jose 11° warmer than average. east bay valleys temperature in the low to mid 70s today concord and fairfield with antioch 74. east bay shore upper 60s to low 70's, oakland san leandro hercules around 70°. south bay sun low to mid 70s 74 saratoga campbell and los gatos. peninsula mainly low 70s
5:51 am
san mateo 75 millbrae at 70. low to mid 60s with our sun at the coast today -- downtown south sausalito mid to upper 60s. low 60s in the north bay. 10 to 15° warmer in the valleys. tonight, patchy fog 40s not as widespread along the coast into our deeper valleys around the -- while were you sleep the low bye-bye taking adverse weather with it. here's one cold front that will pass to the north and east that why we'll have a few high clouds from time to time otherwise high pressure behind it and it will dominate our weather. a little extra time to show you how warm how sunny it is going to be and how that
5:52 am
warmth is going to reach everywhere. through the weekend we warm 2 to 10°. then pull back a little monday. next week low to mid 80s around the bay inland with low to mid 70s at the coast have a great weekend. marin county good morning structure fire that has main artery there sir francis drake boulevard closed a fire and they still have that stretch of that main thoroughfare shutdown. public transit, notes here muni delays rerouted around mosconey. if you take oakland alameda or harbor bay ferry temporarily relocating to gate b through the weekend back to gate e tuesday of next week. 280 southbound very light this morning as you head northbound past 17 into cupertino. toll plaza metering lights off at the bay bridge these are
5:53 am
cash paying folks a little delay there. for the latest. 5:53. >> investors are weighing the latest unemployment report as wall street gets ready for the opening bell in half an hour. >> here's jane king with the business report. september employment report better than expected 103,000 jobs added in the u.s. economy last month twice as many as what wall street expected. unemployment rate held steady at 9.1%. verizon work there's were on strike went back to work they were added in those numbers. we saw gains in health care and construction government employment continued to trend lawyer. today europe again moody's cutting its credit wait rating on 12 u.k. financial institutions. triple digit gains.
5:54 am
sprint verizon at&t apple all taking preorders to -- for the new iphone. sales may get a boost from jobs' death like michael jackson's albums and song sales surged after the king of pop pass add wail. today president obama holding a -- strategy session with senate democrats to win support for his jobs plan. he says he's comfortable with a tax on people who make at least a million dollars to pay for the plan. bank of america says looks like it is operating normally. the process of switching to a new system combined with end of the month payroll deposits and bill payments caused a widespread outage and complaints because of that new $5 a month debit card fee.
5:55 am
i'm jane king. in the trial of michael jackson's doctor prosecutors plan to play a recorded police interview with dr. murray today. the interview where spells out what happened when the pop star died. yesterday defense attorneys accused the coroner's lead stress for of making mistakes in preparing the official report. dr. murray's fingerprint was on a bottle of propofol when the singer died. >> was there enough propofol that, that is what ended up causing the death and was it dr. murray who administered it? >> sources with inside knowledge of the trial tells abc news jackson's finger principles were nowhere to be found no his bodyguard's prints on any i.v. bag that could punch a hole in that murray asked a bodyguard to do
5:56 am
away with evidence. a report released today by the u.s. preventive services task force says prostate screenings only sometimes signal the presence of cancer . the report says elevated levels of a protein the screenings test for are accused by enlarge -- benign or infection. the report says aggressive treatment base on the tests unnecessarily expose men to death incontinence and impotence. patient advocates say the screenings do save lives. just ahead the vote that could mean free rides on muni for thousands of students. latest on a massive train tire that forced an entire town toe -- train fire that forced an entire town to evacuate. >> reporter: this morning we are learning more about the pan police say shot 10 tuesday
5:57 am
-- the man police say shot 10 tuesday killing three. a conflicted man who preach priest but died violently. the story coming up g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@g@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>> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in sunnyvale. new information and new pictures of the man police say shot 10 tuesday before being killed by deputies yesterday.


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