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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  October 7, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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interest industry says the message is clear. >> they're trying to scare them off. >> this is nothing more than cannibis terrorism to scare everyone. >> one man who is not scared is co-founder of one of the largest in the nation. >> we decided when opening doors five years ago it was worth the risk to serve seriously ill patients. we're going to continue to do that. we're a nonprofit community service organization. we're not a drug trafficking organization. >> here in the bay area, the u.s. attorney says she has stided to first target december pens riz near schools and marks. and and there are warnings letter autos a san jose police officer and a suspect was hospitalized after a scuffle
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over the officer's gun, this morning just after 10:30 on lee avenue after the officer responded to a call about a suspicious activity. police say the officer was attacked by one of the men and the two fought during the fight and another officer fired him and was taken into custody. no one was shot. >> you're about to hear a shocking first person account of what happened during that shooting rampage at the quarry in cupertino early wednesday morning. we're live with the story of one survivor. david? >> and quite a story it is. mike believes he was shot and left for dead because shareef allman was angry at him. a few days earlier allman was told by teamsters they'd no longer defend them against charges of unsafe driving. >> it was quick.
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it wasn't just a bullet. it was bam, bam. he got the ak, it goes faster than a handgun. >> he says they watched him shoot co-worker was a handgun. >> and he started from the end of the table just started to shoot down. i was the last one on the table so i was watching everything he was doing. i don't know when i got show. i had to be facing him. the bullet came in and out of the back. i had to face him. once he ran out of the gun -- the gun ran out of bullets he reached over around the corner and ak-47 was there, already. >> and he says allman appeared to pick targets passing over one man and shooting others. he fell to the ground and played dead a move that saved his life because he looked under the table to check he
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was dead. >> he walked over to the end of the table and i closed my eyes and stop breathing and kept praying, please. i just saw him walk over. next thing i heard him running out. >> all employees attended a private company meeting this morning at cupertino town hall. grief counseling will be available to everyone. employees declined to speak to us. mike says survival is nothing less than the beginning of a second life. the bullet that went through his upper arm went through, did not hit any bones. he's encouraging his fellow workers to accept the company's offer of grief counseling. david louie abc 7 news. >> and that is a remarkable story. thank you. >> police have arrested a man they say is involved in a robbery and shooting that
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closed 580 for hours. new surveillance video shows what happened outside of a hardware store yesterday. you can see employees rushing to help. the victim was shot in the leg after she refused to give up a purse to the mugger. the gunman drove off and crashed and took off on foot. westbound 580 closed two hours and police searched for the robber. the victim is recovering at a hospital. >> and a small private funeral for apple co-founder steve jobs is being held today. no further details have been released. jobs passed away wednesday. he was 56 years old. seven years ago he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that responds well to treatment. he underwent a liver transplant in 2009. tim cook says the company is planning a celebration of his extraordinary life for apple employees that will take place, soon. >> and wall street profitest in san francisco is expanding despite efforts to contain it.
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several people came to join the protestors who have been camping for a week now. a majority of the new protestors are older and from middle class saying they've been feeling hopeless and are now ready to take some action. >> this as a teacher i get no respect. as a citizen, i don't feel i have a voice. i'm hoping that that will change. >> the police department hauled away comments and installed barriers to limit access to the building. the group occupy san francisco vows to continue its protests indefinitely. >> and no movement in the nation's unemployment rate, remaining at 9.1%. federal numbers show the economy added 137,000 private sector jobs but jobs in public sector dropped. the net gain of 103,000 is better than expected. >> and after three years of
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false hopes and broken promises americans continue to be left asking the question where are the jobs? >> employment is still too weak. and... obvious to everyone, virtually we need to take action to improve that situation. >> the white house says today's report is more proof that congress needs to pass the jobs bill. administration officials say some estimate the plan would create two million jobs. and there is also no movement in polls for the president. the latest poll shows his approval rating at 41%. that matches low point recorded a month earlier. gallup says it's too early to say how that rating might affect president obama's reelection chances. the first president bush's rating stood at 68% in september, 1991 but he lost to bill clinton a year later. it's generally believed a president needs a 48% to 50%
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approval rating tb reelected. >> governor brown has until sunday to sign or veto a sack of bills, on his desk. today, he signed two into law. the first is a batch of five pipeline safety bills that are in response to last year's deadly explosion. pg&e will now be required to install automatic shuttoff valves throughout the pipeline system. regulators will determine appropriate time line for pg&e to install those valves. starting in 2013 it will be illegal to sell or use shark fin in food. today, the governor signed a bill into law banning the possession, sale, and distribution of imported shark fins in this state. it's been controversial. and some lawmakers including san francisco state senator has argued it unfairly attacks chinese culture where the soup is considered a delicacy. >> and time now for first check of the weekend forecast. >> yes. fleet week is here. and there are blue angels
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buzzing around. >> right, into the weekend of fleet week, including of course the blue angels thick things are looking nice. skies will be mainly clear. we may see patches of fog developing and mainly clear skies and cool. bright skies in the morning except for patches of clouds. and by afternoon, i'll be looking at sunny and warmer conditions now. highs ranging from mid-60s at the coast. and it just keeps getting warmer and warmer, i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up later. dan and carolyn? >> thanks spencer. there is more still to come this afternoon, coming up next a health screening men are now being told to skip. >> and groupon has a cost-cutting plan that may not do the trick. we'll be live from bloomberg
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west. >> michael finney is taking your questions through his facebook and twitter pages. we have rink -- links for you. >> it's friday. it may be sunny but highways are jammed hitting the weekend. this is 101 skyway. it's busy and fleet week activities bringing people to and from the city. the news at 4:00 continues.
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checking healthy living news a government panel advising men to skip a prostate screening test. the u.s. preventative services task force says the tests just aren't needed. most men over 50 have had one
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of the tests. the assumption is that finding cancer early is a good thing. the psa tests can detect tumor that's are too slow and slow growing to be deadly leading to unnecessary treatment often with harsh side affects. the finding is from the panel creating a panel saying women in their 40s did not need annual mammograms for breast cancer. >> more parents are taking their children to the hospital with concussions. the cdc says all 250,000 kids went to the emergency room with concussions or brain injuries, most boys between 10-19 with football injuries. that is more than 150,000 treated back in 2002. researchers believe numbers are up because parents and coaches are better educated about concussions and more cautious. >> there is more thefdz afternoon of how important sit for teenagers to get a lot of sleep. it's recommended teens get nine hours every night. and some experts are
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recommending delaying school start times so teens can sleep later. the study out of brown university finds starting school 30 minutes later greatly improves alertness. >> starting school later actually got kids to bed earlier. we think because by virtue of them being better rested they were able to be more efficient and get work done. >> experts say about 80% of high school students are sleep deprived. >> and from medical news to financial health, groupon is in trouble again. the company tries to go public. for that story and more let's go to emily chang with today's after the bell report. >> the third time was not a charm for groupon. the company filed for the fourth time with securities and exchange commission today trying to convince regulators that business is still a good, long term bet. in latest filing says it plans
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to spend less on marketing. the company's hefty budget has been controversial along with its unusual accounting practices but bloomberg contributor told us that these cuts are not enough to solve groupon's problems. groupon hopes to ipo at a $25 billion valuation but that may have plummeted to $3 billion. the ipo road show has been delayed and reporting groupon may in the go public until next year. stocks just couldn't hold up. major indexes were down slightly. and a surprisingly positive jobs report out wasn't enough to erase concerns about europe's dealt crisis. your index also down sligtsly. shares of apple and ebay and shares of there is 20% and
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there is a network upgrade and new devices like iphone. the company needs to score big because it's been unprofitable. and they've been investor concerns today he said he expects the iphone to be one most profitible devices. >> we know apple security officials met with police in palo alto to notify them jobs was close to death. they did so because they thought fans and media might flock to his house on a public street. instead they set up shrines like this, tim cook says employees will be able to celebrate at a later date. in san francisco, i'm emily chang with bloomberg west. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> we can see gorgeous skies behind emily there.
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perfect fleet week weather. >> there are close to late and it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. and whenever that neighborhood happens to be. >> it will continue throughout the weekend and there is great, friendly skies for blue angels. there is a live view and there is not a hint of clouds there. sunny skies around the bay area. just a stunningly beautiful afternoon and how about this satellite image? a high resolution satellite image showing snow pack over sierra. looks like mid winter as a result of the early snow storm z there is over a foot of snow from the storm that is why this looks winter like. rest of the state looks more normal, clear skies and no rainfall in sight for the bay area, on we go. current readings under sunny skies, low 70s inland north bay and south bay inland locations and around the bay. temperatures into the 60s and these are the highlights.
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it will be clear and pleasantly cool overnight. sunny weekend for blue angels. and we have a warm pattern for next week. and there is mainly low 50s elsewhere. on we go to satellite image showing a huge ridge of high pressure building and jet stream lifting north this, ridge going to dominate our weather several days so there is a string of sunny days coming our way. temperatures climbing upward. and there is clouds and patches of low clouds. hovering near the coastline. tomorrow afternoon, and we'll have sunny skies mainly from the bay to inland locations. high temperatures ranging from mid-60s at the coast to upper 60s to low 70s around the bay. low 70s inland tomorrow. and there is a sunny, highs 76 in most locations in the south bay. peninsula, highs ranging from low to mid-70s, highs of 72 in
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san mateo. 74 palo alto. mid-60s on the coast. and there is north bay, mid to upper 70s, highs into low to mid-70s, and inland east bay will be highs mid to upper 70s near monterey bay, highs upper 60s to low 70s near the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is continuing to warm and highs into mid-80s around 80-82 along the bay and around the bay and along the coast. low 70s, then, friday, clouds and there is a maybe rain drops for now, we'll enjoy. >> thanks. >> and arnold schwartzeneggar recorrecting -- reconnecting with his austrian roots. >> this story is in austria.
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arnold schwartzeneggar is a real cloud please yes, telling young people if staying hungry for success, anything is possible. back here in the states, singer john legend urging kids to be great at math and science, he's the face of a contest awarding classroom was a ton of technology. and marley matlynn is getting the word out about disabilities. >> as long as we can be loud and clear and say we want to make things happen for ourselves i think this will happen. >> she says she's inspired by the actor that's joined her. this weekend get ready for action. >> you can feel a tip of the hat to hockey and the champ uk check out george clooney and ryan gosling in the iz of march. get more movie news on
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>> and coming up, the cricket what. they're willing to do for their true love. >> why cell phone sniffing dogs could be getting more work in california. >> then at 5:00 the way one company is cracking down ominous limb worker who's pray on the job. >> taking a look at traffic right now, a little bit heavy heading northbound but moving nicely. stay with us. the news at 4:00 continue right after this.
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there are wonderful pictures to share with you. a pod of blue whales off san san diego. cold currents from north and warmer waters from south created an environment rich in nutrients. good news for whale watchers whales are expected to hang around until the end of the month and if you're a single woman looking for a mate you might want your potential partner to resemble a cricket. a study finds mail crickets will risk their lives to protect their female mates from predators and more than 200,000 hours of wild cricket footage was analyzed for that
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study. >> now, we know. >> one small step from man kind, no one has run a mile on the moon yet. that is the goal this runner is trying to run. and we're training the generation of folks not the astronauts, jonathan is at the for front of leading this new industry. >> and grabbing pressure, everything. very to reprogram everything i thought i knew about running. >> he says he hopes to blast off by 2016. >> and coming up next at 4:30, ringing in big changes at taco bell. an order from a judge in oakland. >> and we weren't expecting that. >> the troops on the front
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lines marking a somber milestone. >> and there is a look at an important bay area water project. >> and there is skies like this on friday you have to feel good about the weekend. i'll have the forecast coming up.
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good afternoon, once again, we got a look at a project projecting the entire future of the bay area and make sure there is plenty of drinking water. >> enough to protect delta fishries as well. and abc 7 is there with a look at how it's going. laura? >> this is going well, about halfway down at this point. let's show what they're doing now. they're raising this dam. this is the existing dam raising by 34 feet. and that means water customers likely won't have to worry about supply in a dry year. >> and heavy equipment moves thousands of tons of earth and rock, expansion is beginning to take shape. >> we're raising the dam by 34 feet, enabling us to increase
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maximum levels of the dam going from 100,000 acres to 160,000. >> this added capacity will help take pressure off the fragile eco system, requiring less water to be pumped. and the project providing long term stability for the water district's 500,000 customers. a policy of sorts during drought year. and this is being done under budget. >> this contractor wanted to do it more aggressive and he's done an approach where he's working six 10-hour days and has gone to two 10-hour shifts every day. >> the project will include renovation and expansion of the marinea.. >> and this is to provide
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opportunities and we'll be modifying the trail system along the water shed. >> and there is some workers here this, is a nearly 24 hour project. and the economy put out to bid and contractors are offering services at low prices. it's providing a lot of badly-needed jobs and 100 local workers are out here on this project. >> and this is a huge help to people living in the water district. but how about the rest of the bay area? >> potentially can provide storage the way the terrain is out here, they can span this facility nearly double capacity they're shooting for now w that happens they'd find partners to partner with them. that district could store
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their water here as well. >> and talko bell may have to remodel restaurants after a judge ruled the company has not done enough to accommodate people with disibilities. this out of a lawsuit originated in a taco bell in san pablo. the judge ruled this company has not done enough at the rest of the its establishments in california for people who use wheelchairs. and there are barriers one were complaint. >> the tables didn't have places where people in chairs could sit. the doors did not meet requirements. >> a spokesperson did not want to comment in this case. the judge's order is on hold while the court considers a request to limit this injunction. >> a new state law may mean more work for cell phone
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sniffing dogs. legislation intended to crack down on the use of cell phone business inmates to prevent inmates from organizing crime and intimidating witnesses. and this is the first cell phone sniffing dog. >> he picked it up right away. and he was finding phones in radios and stuck in peanut butter jars. >> since january, the dogs have retrieved 1200 illegal cell phones, prisoners face fines and a loss of early release credits. >> the united states is marking a somber milestone. 10 years ago today the country went to war in afghanistan. this is now the longest-running conflict. the men and women serving there lost comrades and friends. and they where asked about service and duty.
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>> for 10 years american men and women have been fighting and dying in afghanistan. 1,686, dead. 14,000 -- 14,342 wounded. in 10 years 2.3 million men and women have come a long way. >> 10 years ago i was a freshman in high school. >> 10 years ago i was working two jobs and. >> i was in vermont folding paper. >> these are members in louisiana. they spent the last 10 months doing one thing. the roadside bombs. the bombs or ieds kill more u.s. troops an any other weapon. >> what surprised me is the amount of ieds. i've seen a lot. >> how many? >> well over 100.
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>> they've transformed how the army fights and taken a heavy toll. >> probably what surprised me is the number of guys we've lost. and we weren't expecting that. >> including their former team leader killed on july 4th. >> the recent poll found one third think the wars weren't worth it. but for these men, the memory of those who won't come home keeps them going. >> you've got to make sure it gets done. >> this is the longest war in american history. it is still a long way from over. >> and san francisco annual tribute to our own armed forces is underway. we'll take you live for fleet week. >> and glenn close is bringing us a movie that is bringing
4:35 pm
her a lot of oscar buzz. >> michael finney is taking your questions and will answer them live here just a little bit later. >> outside once again, there is a live look at the golden gate bridge on this friday afternoon, you can see traffic heading into marin z it's a little bit sticky. we'll be back. >> and i've been talking about friendly skies here, looks like friendly sky as cross 48 states and there are no reports of delays at major airports. the weather is quiet and there are no major snow storms. and i'll give you a look what is coming up [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash? no exclusions! with jcp cash, get 10, 15 or 20 dollars off on the spot storewide! unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get up to $2off with no exclusions! we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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no exclusions! with jcp cash, get 10, 15 or 20 dollars off on the spot storewide! unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get up to $2off with no exclusions! we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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a florida ceo says justin beeber's new hair cut cost him $100,000 that is how much a toy company had to spend updating its doll after justin trimmed his shaggy style this year. the first round of production for the fall, to 11 line was well underway when suddenly, what? this hair cut happened. the toy maker had to shell out $100,000. the ceo says he holds no grudges and says it's a big money-maker whatever hair style it has. >> the 34th annual mill valley film festival is underway. today, actress glenn close sk honored.
4:39 pm
the latest film is a project close is passionate about. something she says wasn't always the case. >> we do something and are reminded of what a journey it's been. some of the women that i've played, it's kind of amazing to me. if a career, you know in the beginning you just take what you can get. >> and the the mill valley film festival continues through october 16th. >> the death of steve jobs called a run on one item of clothing in particular. >> and there is michael jac jackson's doctor in his own words. @x@x
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look at this. san francisco, golden gate bridge, you can see the city in the foreground. there is a gorgeous day, here. and there is no doubt you've heard fleet week about about to kick off. >> yes. now, abc 7 is live at the marina green with the story. it's exciting to have them in town. >> unbelievable. a lot of friends are going to
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be here, a million people are expected this weekend to watch activities with boats and blue angels and other aircraft as well. you can see kids are waiting they'll have something to do here there are reserved seats to watch it. you might be easier to get around in the air. they're fast and challenging. this is the 2011 verse of the blue angels. a warm up for shows on ska and sunday. and we watch on the ground, we get one perspective. but check out what it's like in the cockpit. this is video from the navy. look what the pilot has to do. there is no video game like
4:44 pm
this. for a contrast, the navy band and branches of the service have a play set up here, too. fleet week is celebrating 30 years in san francisco. there are 10,000 men and women in uniform in, town. there is emphasis on how they respond in times of disaster. that part of the set up and why they're here, saturday morning brings us a parade of ships and they will be open sunday and monday morning at 8:00 a.m. and this air show, saturday and sunday. so be prepared. and get ready for this. >> and this is the position we'll be in. and looking up, there is one
4:45 pm
other item, there is italian hairtidge -- heritage parade z warnings from golden gate national recreation area, streets going to be blocked or closed and traffic will be a nightmare. try to take public transportation. take a bus. and just be prepared. a million close friends. >> thank you and if you're come together city this weekend visit abc 7 first. we have a link to a schedule right there on our web site under see it on tv. >> and still to come police say they've never seen anything like this. bizarre attacks they're investigating. >> and better than harvard. a california university ranked number one in the world and it's not stanford. >> and so you buy a new shirt wash it once and it fall as
4:46 pm
part. i'll answer your questions, after this. >> and parents take note. there is a new boost in the age requirement for booster seats.
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let's take you back outside. skyway. you can see we hit the thick of the commute it's slow out there tonight. and fleet week making friday traffic a bit more slow going. >> michael finney is here answering question autos one viewer has a question about scattering a relative's ash autos this is interesting. roxy g asks it's our last wish to spread our mother's ashes in the ocean or in the bay. are we allowed to drop ashes in the ocean or the bay? the answer is yes.
4:50 pm
here is the deal. you have to be 500 yards off shore. then, it's legal. in the bay remember it has to be on both sides of the shore there. if you want to take remains and spread them on land if it's your land, legal. it's up to you. if you want to use someone else's land you must receive permission, then it's fine there, too. our second question, ken wants to know are department stores responsible for clothing items that unravel after one wash? it depends, here is the deal. this is okay. we've got a way for you. in the state of california, a store is allowed to have any return policy they want as long as they tell you before you spend your money f they don't tell you anything it's assumed to be seven days. if you take it back they must take it back if it's wrecked like that. if they won't, then have you a second place to go that is the warrant act, everything in
4:51 pm
america is covered by this act. it says if you have an item bought it must perform as you'd expect. a chair have you to be able to sit. if you bought clothe skpigt falls part needly -- immediately that isn't right. so they'd have to replace it. i will say that i'm not having a big problem with this. so it could be your washing machine. you might want to check yours out before giving everybody else grief. robin says are merchants, some merchants selling colored contacts over the counter. is that legal? if by over the counter you mean without a prescription it is not legal. even if it's not for sight just for color, you must have a prescription. it can come from an optician, or an optometrist but you must have a prescription, if someone is selling over the
4:52 pm
counter let me know about it. >> so they're just colored with no corrective value? >> exactly. even if it's cosmetic, not allowed to could it. >> and there is another check on the forecast now. >> in a word, perfect. >> yes. >> there gou. we need more. >> exactly. >> and outside there is a time lapse view looking out over the golden gate. this afternoon we just hay a thin layer of lazy low clouds and this is a beautiful afternoon. just for fun take a look at rainfall totals compared to average. san francisco, 359%. and there is 346% in oakland. 423% in sacramento. you get the idea. there is one rain storm early.
4:53 pm
and if we don't get rain, we'll be he below average, sunny skies mainly mid to upper 70s inland. upper 60s to low 70s around the bay. and inland, 77 gilroy. state wide tomorrow there is a sunny, lovely day from top to bottom. a high of 63 in eureka. and there is 79 in los angeles sunday, milder in tahoe z 70 degrees and 85 palm springs, warming up in los angeles 79 fresno. great weekend is coming up. fleet week and blue angels flying under friendly skies. no rain in sight and will be getting warmer throughout the weekend and i will be giving you a look at the seven day as head at 5:00.
4:54 pm
lots of weather for you. >> and this is now four days since a 10-month-old missouri girl disappeared from her crib, police now say the parents have stopped cooperating. police have not given up on the search. today they went back and combed through a landfill. according to the girl's mother and father, they've used tough police tactics on the parents. >> they said look at your baby. and do what is right for her. i kept saying i don't know. i don't know. >> we were in interrogation for a really long time. i just, i couldn't take it anymore. >> the girl's mother said police told her she'd failed a polygraph test. both parents insist they had nothing to do with the disappearance. >> and jurors in the trial of michael jackson's doctor heard the fizz shin describe his relationship with the singer in detail today.
4:55 pm
prosecutors began playing his interview with police connects two days after jackson's death in june, 2009. its the first time we've heard it during that two-hour interview explaining how he first met jackson. >> he said jackson wanted to speak to me and he mentioned that he'd sed he's going to be doing a concert tour in england and wanted me to be part of the trip. to be there for the concert. >> he's pleaded not guilty ask denied wrong doing for the death. >> and a group of amish religious castoffs. these attacks apparent lay rose over spiritual differences. in one attack several men packed a buggy, rode to a home
4:56 pm
then cut beards and hair of several men and women. >> that is bizarre for us. we never had anything like this happen here before. >> and no avests about been made. >> a california university has been named the best in the world. beating out harvard. the british magazine gives it california institute of technology in passa deana. caltech matched harvard into second place. the editor says quality differences between top universities are small, but caltech win because of money devoted to research. uc berkeley is ranked 10th. >> sales of steve jobs signature black mock turtle neck spiked in the days since his death. the minnesota retailer st. croix sells it at $175 saying it sold out in 11 of the stores. the blk turtle neck with blue
4:57 pm
jeans became his uniform, something he constantly wore at product unveilings. jobs reportedly hadn't been seen publicly in any other outfit for more than a decade. >> and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00 you can keep track of the breaking news and you can talk bit on abc 7 news. >> a new crack down on pot clubs accused of operating for pure greed. >> i just kept praying. >> a man explains how he survived with bullets flying. >> and police looking for a dummy who stole a card board cut out of one of their own.
4:58 pm
>> good evening, we're going to begin a story of how one man survived a cup tear tino shooting rampage. >> he's telling his story for the first time following a terrifying incident in a cement plant in which a co-worker killed three people. >> what you're about to hear is chilling. mike believes that shareef allman targeted people he thought were his enemies. just days earlier teamsters union says woe no longer be defended on charges and complaints of unsafe driving. >> it was quick. it was bam, bam, and they just froze as allman shot them one at a time from one end of the table to another. and he was shooting ahandgun. >> he started from the end of the table and just started to shoot down.
4:59 pm
and i was watching everything he was doing. and i don't know when i got shot he was shot through upper right arm putting his wounded arm over his dead and played dead and believe that's saved his life because he looked under the table to check if was dead. >> this i closed my eyes and started praying. and i just saw him walk away. i closed my eyes i heard him ringing out. >> he was then able to call for help telling 911 whachd. he-said allman yelled an obscene phrase at each one, all members of the quarry attended a privat


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