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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 8, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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irwin. investigators track down new leads as far away as california and right in the child's own neighborhood. also this morning, we're going to take you on an exclusive tour inside the family home, including the nursery where lisa's mother says she last saw her. a cult? that's what one of rick perry's supporters called mormonism. a direct shot at perry's top opponent, mitt romney. we'll tell you how both campaigns are handling it and what the ripple effects could be. the interrogation tapes. what michael jackson's doctor told police just two days after the pop star died. conrad murray admitting to giving jackson propofol, the powerful drug that allegedly killed him. will his own words convict him? we've got the audiotapes. inconceivable. >> "the princess bride." it's the movie that defines fairy tale romance. >> as you wish. >> and set the sights of generations of women on nothing
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short of true love. now, 25 years later, we reunite the cast. the never-before-told stories of how the movie was made. >> very cool to see those actors 25 years after the movie came out. by the way, it wasn't a huge hit when it first came out. now, a huge classic. especially with somebody named bianna golodryga. >> it was a huge hit in my book, when it came out. >> you saw it like 30 times? >> love, loved the movie. so jealous you got this assignment. what a great way to wrap up our i love the '80s week. and check this out. this is an amazing piece of video. this is a small plane. the pilot realized, as he was flying over the pacific ocean, he was running out of gas. he crash-landed. and coming up, we're going to show you an incredible rescue. >> think of images of miracle on the hudson when you see something like that.
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also, brace yourself. a california town has a case of prince harry fever. captain harry wales has touched down in america for two months of top gun training. we'll take you to the town that's now hosting royalty. and of course, the young women hoping to land their prince. >> a lot of competition going on there. we're going to start here this morning with the latest on that search for the missing 10-month-old baby in kansas city. her name, lisa irwin. this morning, we're hearing about two, new leads in this baffling and horrifying case. one of the leads, as far away as california. abc's clayton sandell is on the story for us in kansas city this morning. clayton, good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning to you. well, little lisa has been missing from her home since at least early tuesday morning. there is no sign of her yet. but as you mention, there are two, new leads police are following this morning. the question is, will they be enough to bring this missing 10-month-old missing baby girl back home? they came together last night, praying for lisa's safe return.
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and lighting candles. tiny glimmers of hope where it is badly needed. earlier in the day, the fbi and police searched through this landfill for a second time, finding something. agents armed with metal detectors were also back at the home shared by lisa's parents, jeremy irwin and deborah bradley. now, two new leads. the first, a source tells abc news that on friday, a teenage neighbor of lisa's parents was questioned by investigators. forensic experts took a dna sample. and second, a family memeber tells the abc affiliate investigators are looking into reports from the west coast, where a couple was seen with a small child fitting lisa's description. >> there's surveillance tape on the couple with the baby in california. >> reporter: police are not commenting. but the leads could be the first real progress in a case that hasn't seen much since 4:00 a.m. tuesday. that's when jeremy says he came home from working an overnight shift and found his daughter's
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crib empty, a window open, and the family's three cell phones gone. >> just want to have her back home. >> give me our baby back. >> reporter: the couple has faced intense questioning by detectives. lisa's mother told dan harris, she volunteered to take a polygraph test. she did and was told she failed. >> what did they say? >> you killed her. you killed her. you know where she's at. give everybody else closure. you know you did it. and i kept saying, no. that's not possible. no. no, no, no. >> reporter: lisa's parents insist they have nothing to do with their daughter's disappearance and will continue cooperating. and police say they welcome that cooperation. as for the neighbor that police talked to yesterday and took the dna sample from, we're told that that person was at lisa's home on or about the day she disappeared and also new the access code to the family's garage. but police stress they have no suspects.
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dan? >> no suspects. no big leads. and here we are at day five of this case. clayton sandell, thank you for your reporting this morning. for more now, let's go to former fbi special agent and abc news consultant, brad garrett. brad, good morning. do any of these leads sound in any way promising to you? and is it fair to call them substantial leads? >> i don't know if we can call them substantial, dan. i do like the lead about a neighbor. this case, if you believe it's a break-in of some sort, it does fit the profile of someone that knew the family, knew how to move around the house. maybe perhaps knew that the husband was not at home that night. compare that, for example, to this california lead. i can tell you, based on experience of working high-profile abductions, that you get leads from literally all over the world. is that possible? of course, it's possible. is it likely? i don't think so. i think this situation probably is going to stay within the kansas city area, probably. >> now, as you mentioned, you
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worked high-profile abductions before. what do you make of the fact that the police have pursued a strategy in recent days of cultivating a rather contentious relationship with the parents? possibly accusing them of failing to cooperate. is this wise? >> well, i do question it a little bit. however, they obviously know things that you and i do not know. if they believe, in fact, the mother, deborah, actually is involved in this case some way, whether it be she actually willfully killed her child, or it was an accident, that somebody happened that night and she panicked and got rid of lisa. those are two possibilities, of course. but i think the key is, the parents tend to be who you focus on. and i don't know that the police, other than this lead we're hearing about of a neighbor, have any real, viable leads as to what happened to this child. >> very quickly, talk to us about interrogation techniques. why would you accuse the mother, as she tells us, of having killed the baby without
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arresting her? >> well, because you don't have any evidence. one of the things you do in interrogation is try to push people's buttons as much as possible because people who are guilty, particularly in a situation as emotional as a child being killed, either accidentally or otherwise, tend to push people over the edge. i think that's what they were trying to do. obviously, they have some consideration that she was involved in this. >> brad garrett, with the latest on this baffling case. thank you very much. bianna, over to you. >> all right, dan. now, to your voice, your vote. and remarks over religion that are sparking an uproar, at an event featuring gop candidate, rick perry. a prominent pastor created a firestorm by calling mormonism a cult. and governor perry is now under fire for how he responded. david kerley had this story from washington. and, david, with two mormon candidates in the field, it was only a matter of time before religion came up with this. >> reporter: romney tried to
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take care of this four years ago with a speech. it wasn't romney reacting last night. it was the perry campaign that was scrambling to contain the damage. it happened at the conservative value voters gathering in washington. the man who introduced texas governor rick perry, the reverend robert jeffress. shocked many with his comments just moments later. saying christians should vote for perry. because romney, he said, is not a christian. he's a mormon, which the reverend described as a cult. >> we believe that the bible is god's sole revelation of man. and so, by a theological definition, not a sociological definition, a theological definition, they are a cult. >> reporter: the perry campaign at first did not fully refute those comments. saying the governor doesn't judge what is in the heart and souls of others. adding that it was the values voter group which chose the reverend to introduce perry. but within minutes, a different
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story. the governor, quote, does not believe it is a cult, the campaign said. plus, an admission that the campaign did approve the reverend jeffress, a texas baptist preacher, to introduce perry. and then, the candidate was asked late last night. >> do you believe that mormonism is a cult, governor? >> no. >> reporter: the issue of mormonism was raised four years ago, when romney also ran for president. >> good to meet you. >> reporter: he tried to answer the question in a speech back then. >> i do not define my candidacy by my religion. a person should not be elected because of his faith. nor should he be rejected because of his faith. >> reporter: perry has fallen a bit in the polls. so, the reverend was asked last night if the perry campaign asked him to say something about mormonism. the pastor said, no. it was his words alone. dan? >> likely that we're going to hear more about this issue. david kerley, thank you very much. now, we're going to take you inside the interrogation room in the michael jackson case. for the first time, jurors heard the tapes of dr. conrad murray,
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telling police his version of events from the night that jackson died. abc's jim avila is covering this trial for us. >> reporter: it's an informal interview, audiotaped by police, who hear an emotional doctor, saddened over the loss of his one and only patient. >> i mean, i love mr. jackson. he was my friend. >> reporter: dr. conrad murray gives a complete timeline of a restless night in michael jackson's bedroom. after the final rehearsal for his big show. >> once michael arrives, what takes place? >> says, oh, tired and fatigued. and treated like i'm a machine. >> reporter: murray says he gives jackson four, separate injections of sedatives that do not work, before a desperate superstar begs him for an old standby, the milky white propofol, that jackson called milk. >> he said, please, give me some milk so that i can sleep because
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i know that this is all that really works for me. >> reporter: dr. murray tells police he had been trying to wean jackson off the dangerous drug. the singer had depended on for sleep for months. >> daily, with the exception of three days, leading up to his death. i tried to wean him off that medication. >> reporter: after the propofol was injected, dr. murray says jackson finally falls asleep. and murray says he left the room for only two minutes. >> when i came back, immediately, i felt for a pulse. and i was able to get a pulse. the body was warm. so, i started immediately to perform cpr and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. >> reporter: none of it worked. and michael jackson would never regain consciousness. for "good morning america," jim avila, abc news, los angeles. let's bring in defense attorney and former prosecutor, rikki klieman, for more. good to see you, rikki. thanks for coming in. how significant is this evidence that we just heard?
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>> i think it's highly significant for both sides in this case. my bet is that no one ever puts conrad murray on the stand. so, this is the one and only time that the jury gets to hear the voice, the words of conrad murray. on the defense side, it probably actually was a good day because the prosecution has tried to paint him as a philandering older doctor who cared more about all of his girlfriends and didn't really care about his patient except for celebrity. here, he sounds reasonable, cautious, concerned, caring for his patient, step-by-step. but i can give you the other side, too. >> what is the other side? >> well, the other side, from the prosecution's point of view, is it's a banner day because not only do we have conrad murray saying that he administered propofol, as well as all of the other tranquilizers that are in michael jackson's system. but he is fixed in his timeline. and his timeline is directly contradicted by all of those cell phone calls. >> he admits it.
7:13 am
but at the same time, we hear michael jackson asking for propofol. >> begging for it. >> and like a child. but he's not a child. he's an adult. so, does that in any way clear dr. murray, if we hear michael jackson asking for it? begging for it? >> i don't think it clears him. but do i think it helps him. the question ultimately for this jury is was dr. murray's conduct so substandard that was it grossly negligent or reckless? and did that conduct substantially cause the death of michael jackson? michael jackson is begging for it. but is dr. murray the doctor? is he the supplier? who is in charge? >> as you said, this was, in essence, dr. murray's statement we heard. >> it is dr. murray's statement. it is voluntary. his lawyers are present. and the jury will carry this literally into the deliberation room. >> we resume that tuesday morning. rikki, we appreciate your time. thanks so much.
7:14 am
and now, let's turn to ron claiborne for other stories developing this morning. good morning, ron. >> good morning, everyone. one of the largest identity theft rings in u.s. history has been busted. more than 100 people were charged in new york city on friday. they're accused of stealing credit card numbers and buying more than $13 million in gadgets, jewelry and more. the items were often sent overseas and resold. and a dramatic rescue in the pacific ocean near hawaii, after a pilot ditched a small plane after running out of fuel. you see it right there. the pilot called the coast guard for help about 500 miles out. and then, pulled off a perfect landing just 13 miles short of hawaii. climbed out on the wing. a coast guard swimmer pulled him to safety. the plane sank in just a few minutes. and steve jobs was laid to rest on friday. the apple founder's funeral was described as a small, private gathering. meanwhile, sony's movie studio says it's in final talks to buy the rights to his highly-anticipated biography for about $1 million. jobs sat down for dozens of interviews with the writer. the book is due out later this month. and it was a wild night of baseball with two decisive game
7:15 am
fives last night. milwaukee brewers' outfielder, nyjer morgan, smacked the game-winning hit in the tenth inning, to oust the arizona diamondbacks and send them back to phoenix. it was the brewers' first playoff series win since 1982. the st. louis cardinals stunned the phillies behind a complete game gem by cards pitcher, chris carpenter of the phillies. they had the best record in baseball and now, they are out. finally, we're used to reporters hounding people. but one california news producer had the tables turned on her by a turkey. >> oh, my god. okay. go away. go away. go away. oh, my god. >> that's an attack turkey apparently. the producer was investigating two wild turkeys who had been allegedly attacking residents. >> make sure you say allegedly. >> i want to be correct about this. >> those turkeys are lawyered up. >> exactly. some of the residents have been carrying sticks to protect
7:16 am
themselves. i work with those turkeys thanksgiving. >> their day of reckoning. you can hear the terror in her voice. >> horrifying. >> you can hear in the turkey's voice. >> allegedly. let's get to weather now, with scott padgett, from our abc affiliate in miami, wplg. scott, good morning to you. >> good morning, dan. glad to be back. glad to be out of the sunshine state where they have a lot of rain this weekend. take a look at what's going on. high pressure off to the north. but an onshore flow the bringing the possibility of three to six inches of rain through south florida. some dangerous rip currents going on. 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts. beach erosion, all the way up to jacksonville beach. so, it's really going to be a problem today in portions of florida. from there, we turn our attention to the southern plains. a lot of rain also. six inches of rain possibly in west oklahoma.
7:17 am
>> we will have a look at some fall weather in a few minutes. bianna? dan? scott, are you a "simpsons" fan? >> huge "simpsons" fan. >> well, i'm sure you were thrilled this morning because a contract dispute that threatened to end the longest-running primetime comedy in tv history has been settled. >> fox gave the voice actors an ultimatum. take a pay cut or the show is over. but there was a happy ending in springfield. and abc's linsey davis is on the story. ♪ >> reporter: "the simpsons" are staying alive, after a salary standoff in springfield nearly pushed the family of five over the edge.
7:18 am
the longest-running sitcom in u.s. history was on its deathbed, until a last-minute deal between the cast and studio saved the day. >> i love this show. >> reporter: so, "the simpsons," the longest-running sitcoms in u.s. history, is no longer profitable? >> fox hasn't been making money on new episodes on sunday nights, in a few years. >> hey. >> look, everybody. yesterday was a real eye-opener. >> reporter: fox wanted the voice actors to accept a 45% pay cut from the $8 million they've been getting each season. >> ay caramba. >> reporter: the actors initially proposed taking a 30% cut in return for a cut of the billions in revenue from profits and merchandise. that offer was turned down. >> it happens all the time. that's show business for you. >> reporter: but now, according to "the hollywood reporter," the actors are ready to accept another deal, with a pay cut that's not quite as steep as 45%. but still doesn't include a cut of back-end profits. >> once a show is already a hit,
7:19 am
networks and studios are not likely to give out a piece of the show. >> reporter: the voice actors currently make about $400,000 an episode. if foxed had had their way, that would have been whittled down to about $250,000, which amounts to $5.5 million a season, for about 22 weeks' worth of work. ♪ we're in the money >> reporter: but for now, "simpsons" fans can rest assured there will be a 24th year of "the simpsons." and they haven't heard the last -- >> d'oh. >> reporter: -- just yet. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news. >> and my sources tell me there's going to be a 25th season, as well. both sides have agreed to keep the show going for two more years. >> your sources tell you that? >> my sources. i have sources in hollywood. coming up here on "good morning america" on this saturday morning, an abc news exclusive. we're going to look inside the home of the missing baby, lisa irwin. also, some tough questions for her mom who tells us the police have accused her of killing her own daughter. we're going to talk to her. plus, prince harry is here
7:20 am
in the u.s. the world's most eligible bachelor lands on u.s. soil to train to fly. we take you to the small town where he's now stationed. and how some young women, surprise, surprise, are vying to be the next princess. and inconceivable. the stars of one of the most beloved movies of the 1980s, "the princess bride," reuniting. the behind-the-scenes secrets they are only revealing now.
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as you wish. >> have fun storming the castle. >> inconceivable. >> the sheer volume of memorable
7:30 am
lines from "the princess bride," is quite incredible. this movie came out about 25 years ago. and recently, we attended a reunion of the cast out in hollywood. we showed you a little yesterday on "gma." we have much more this morning. behind-the-scenes action. pretty cool. good morning, america. i'm dan harris. >> i'm bianna golodryga. smiling ear-to-ear, when i see clips from that movie. >> you should have gotten this assignment. >> i know. so jealous. it's saturday, october 8th. also this morning, from a princess to a prince. how is that transition? >> very good. very smooth. >> prince harry is in the u.s. for two months of military training. and knowing him, probably a little bit more fun. will one of the world's most eligible bachelors find his princess in california? >> a lot of competition in california this morning. plus, asking people to give back in "your week in three words," one of our favorite segments here. that's coming up in just a little bit. our top story this morning, the search for missing baby, lisa irwin. i sat down with lisa's parents to talk about allegations that they might have had something to
7:31 am
do with their daughter's disappearance. and i also got an exclusive first look inside the family's home. inside the irwin family home, the signs of lisa are everywhere. the pictures. the baskets filled with toys. and, of course, the nursery. incredible to be in this room, which has been the subject of so much discussion in recent days. this is the crib where lisa's mother says she put her to sleep at roughly 10:30 on monday night. that's the last time her mother says she saw the child. looking around the room, so many poignant details. this is her handprint and her footprint. and here in the closet, you see a meticulous row of baby clothing. and right here, a little snoopy costume. inside this house, you can get a much better sense in the way in which lisa's parents describe the moments they discovered she was gone. when lisa's father, jeremy, came
7:32 am
home at 4:00 in the morning, he used the front door, which he noticed was unlocked, which he considered highly unusual. and as he came through the home, he noticed all the lights were on. and come with me through here. this is a room they call the spare living room. he also noticed this window, which faces the front side of the house had been tampered with. lisa's parents now admit to abc news, that the kansas city police department finds their story to be highly suspect. according to lisa's mother, just hours after her daughter was reported missing tuesday morning, the police turned on her. did they accuse you directly? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: what did they say? >> you killed her. you killed her. you know where she's at. give everybody else closure. you know you did it. and i kept saying no. that's not possible, no. no, no, no. >> reporter: she says she volunteered to take a polygraph, which police later told her she failed. did you have anything to do with
7:33 am
lisa's disappearance? >> absolutely not. absolutely not. >> reporter: in a separate room, detectives were also questioning the baby's father. the parents insist they are not angry with police. they understand they're just doing their job. and that they fully plan to continue cooperating. >> so that we can find -- find lisa. i'm sorry. >> and the couple has two older children, i believe 6 and 8, two boys. and they say every time they come home from doing an interview or talking to police, the boys say have they found lisa yet? and they have to tell them no. >> such a bizarre story. they are still living with their parents? >> they are, yeah. we turn, now, to ron claiborne for the other headlines this morning. >> good morning, everyone. in the news, new questions about the predator drones that have helped take out many top al qaeda terrorists. the drones have reportedly been infected by a computer virus
7:34 am
that logs their every move. there are no confirmed incidents of classified information being stolen. and a federal appeals court has ruled that jared loughner, the suspect in the fatal tucson shooting rampage can return to a prison facility. he was undergoing treatment to try to make him mentally fit to stand trial. and the nba is going to cancel the first two weeks of its season. the players and owners could not agree on conditions in a meeting before monday's deadline to cancel some of the games. the season was set to begin november 1st. that will not happen, most likely. paul mccartney and nancy shevell are reportedly getting married tomorrow. the low-key wedding before just 30 guests will be on what would have been beatle bandmate john lennon's birthday. third or fourth wedding? >> third. >> i can't believe that john lennon would be 71. >> yeah. time, now, for the weather. and scott padgett from our miami affiliate, wplg, local 10. scott? >> good morning, ron.
7:35 am
we want to start out in minnesota. take a look at this. just north of minneapolis/st. paul. beautiful fall weather. and look at that fall foliage. the reds and the yellows. and it's right at peek right now. take a look at what's going on. near or peek at portions of minneapolis, also stretching its way into the interior areas of the new england area, dealing with great conditions. if you want to go ahead and look at this weather this week, the fall foliage, portland. golden sunshine, all the way over the great lakes. it will be a beautiful weekend to take in the fall foliage. been brought to you by party city. dan? bianna? >> all right. thank you. coming up on "good morning america," a prince and a princess. prince harry in california for military training. where the locals roll out the red carpet for third in line to
7:36 am
the throne. and inconceivable. the cast of the 1980s classic "princess bride" together for a reunion. find out what you should never say if you happen to meet one of the cast members. and what is this woman celebrating? the answer in "your three words," coming up. i ate breakfast and got heartburn, third day this week. so i took my heartburn pill and some antacids.
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california is experiencing its biggest british invasion since the beatles. first, the royal newlyweds, william and kate, visited this summer. now, prince harry has arrived. the 27-year-old bachelor will be there for two months of military training and maybe some socializing. abc's tanya rivero is taking a look at how one small town is getting ready for royalty. >> reporter: the royal people have landed. captain harry wales touched down this week, somewhat under the radar, to el centro naval facilities. harry is set to fly practice missions on the apache helicopter and test fire missiles and rockets in the california desert, a location meant to simulate afghanistan.
7:40 am
a portion of a 15-month training program that british army pilots undergo to become apache certified. >> this dream is becoming closer and closer. and we would expect him to deploy in afghanistan as a fully-fledged apache pilot, some time as early as april of next year. >> reporter: the prince's arrival to this rural town in southern california's imperial valley hasn't gone unnoticed. >> there's a lot of cinderellas in el centro looking for the opportunity to meet the prince. >> reporter: the female population of el centro is abuzz with high hopes of catching a glimpse of the famous heir and one of the world's most eligible bachelors. >> it's a really big deal for some of the girls out here. even the girls up to 40 or 50, are excited to see a prince. i think a lot of people want to see him. maybe even meet him. >> reporter: el centro's close proximity to the glitz of las vegas and san diego nightlife, has many women excited that the prince, whose penchant for partying has become well-known, will perhaps spend some of his free time offbase, looking for
7:41 am
his future princess. >> i want to meet him. i want to date him. i want to marry him. i want to be a princess. every girl wants to marry prince harry. >> i want to give him a hug and see how he looks in person. >> i would give him a kiss. >> this is the same small military town where the tom cruise movie "top gun" was filmed. so, it's no stranger to heartthrobs. now, prince harry is here and rumored to be completely unattached. his on again/off again relationship with chelsy davy is off. as for the summer romance with a blue-blooded lingerie model. and the excitement is certainly mounting for the single ladies of el centro. >> he's entering the danger zone, right? he has no idea what's coming for him with the california girls. tanya, thank you. coming up on "good morning america," the reunion of the cast of one of the most lovable and quotable movies of all-time. "princess bride," back together again.
7:42 am
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and now, to the story that bianna really should have done. this is about "the princess bride," the cult classic. one of bianna's favorite movies of all-time. has some of the most quotable lines ever. recently "entertainment weekly" brought the cast together for a special reunion issue, which is on newsstands right now. and i had the privilege of talking to some of the stars for our totally awesome '80s week. >> "the princess bride." >> reporter: it is a movie so fantastical. so quotable. >> hello. my name is inigo montoya. you killed my father. prepare to die. >> reporter: so swoonable. >> it's true love.
7:46 am
you think this happens every day? >> reporter: that the thought of anybody not having vivid and fond memories of "the princess bride." >> hold it. what is this? >> reporter: is, well -- >> totally inconceivable. inconceivable. inconceivable. >> reporter: so, people walk up to you unsolicited and say, please say inconceivable? >> they do that. but each person think it's an idea of his own. >> reporter: i met up with the stars in l.a. where they were gathering for a reunion for "entertainment weekly." yesterday, we showed you how those famous lines. >> have fun storming the castle. >> reporter: still follow them to this day. >> as you wish. >> i think when i die, it will say on my gravestone, as you wish. >> a nice mlt, a mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich, when the mutton is nice and lean. >> i had a guy whisper to me the other day.
7:47 am
he said, lean. >> reporter: that line, as it turns out, was ad-libbed. and that was just a fraction of the craziness on set. >> what? >> reporter: much of which never made the film. >> i've seen worse. >> reporter: the director, rob reiner, would leave the room when you were doing your lines because he was laughing so hard. >> yes. >> reporter: what a high compliment to you. >> he's a big, sweaty laugher. and he has a very -- when he goes, he goes big. it's like pavarotti. and they started to get dirtier. i wish we could find it. >> i think we were all hospitalized from laughing. >> reporter: and imagine this sight, all of the creatures and characters from this movie, sitting down to lunch together. >> it would be cary, six-fingered guy, a giant. sometimes one of the rodents of unusual size would pop in because they were doing some sort of test. so, now, a little person would be with us. and we'd sit down at a big table and have lunch. and that's the magic of being in a classic movie like this. >> reporter: the movie rested mainly on the shoulders of two
7:48 am
unknowns. cary elwes, as the dashing westley, and robin wright, as his princess bride. >> now, was that so terrible? >> reporter: for wright, it was her very first film. you were toward the end of 500 women who auditioned for this? >> yes. i think rob was just exhausted at that point. he was like, just hire her. he read everybody. i was the last girl, i think, to read. >> hello in there. >> reporter: and while billy crystal was the biggest name in the movie -- >> that's wonderful. >> reporter: he was, by know means, its largest star. that was andre the giant, the 520-pound wrestler. for a guy that big and intimidating, he comes off in the movie as -- >> sweetest man. >> that's his true nature. >> that was his nature. >> reporter: his castmates now reveal that andre's body was so worn down from his years in the
7:49 am
ring, he could barely lift anything. there's a scene when you're jumping on his back. >> that was done through smoke and mirrors. we had a platform. when i was hanging on his shoulders, i was on a ladder on a plank of wood. you couldn't put strain on him. even when robin -- >> he couldn't hold me. i was 100 pounds. >> reporter: when you jumped into his arms? >> i was on cables. >> reporter: andre died in 1993. but he will be remembered with the rest of the cast as part of something special. >> that is too much. >> reporter: a movie that has endured for 25 years. [ cheers ] >> reporter: after its release. >> it's a classic beauty fairy tale. incredibly funny. touching. simple. >> and sweet. >> honest and sweet. >> that was an adventure. now, was that so terrible? >> reporter: great movie. great cast. great assignment. >> that's your favorite movie now. >> one of my favorites now. coming up on "gma," take a ride with "your week in three words." we're back in a second.
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we're going to say good-bye now. leaving you with one of our favorite parts of the week. the music this week comes from charlotte sometimes. the song is "ooh love." and the pictures are yours. have a great weekend.
7:54 am
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good morning, let's start out with a check on the forecast. >> good morning. we do have coastal clouds but they won't last long, in fact we're going to see a warmer day today. it's cool in the north bay, 45 in napa. 56 in half moon bay, four miles of visibility. a little foggy in parts of our valleys. 49 in hayward. 60s and 70s and we'll have the clouds hang on to san mateo coast around half moon bay. the temperatures will remain around normal for the next several days. got a big ridge of high pressure
7:57 am
in the pacific protecting us but we do have a weak system by monday that will duck that ridge and allow a few clouds to move in. behind the system the ridge rebuilds even stronger. we're looking at offshore flow and warmest weather coming in wednesday and thursday. we will be looking for a very nice weekend for the blue angels plenty of sunshine. 70s in and around san francisco, overnight lows in the 50s. then we'll look for a minor dip on monday, mainly clouds, some drizzle in the north bay. then back to warmer weather, in fact warmer than average as the offshore flow, wednesday and thursday. looks by next friday, cooling conditions but between now and then, warming and a drying trend ahead. in the news this saturday morning, breaking news right now oakland raiders owner al davis
7:58 am
has died. the life and legend that changed football forever. also a pilot attempts to fly from monterey to hawaii had to different his plane in the ocean. ocean. all coming up next.
7:59 am
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