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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 9, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, joining forces. the parents of missing baby lisa and local police are now working together again two days after police say they stopped cooperating after a flurry of accusations. crime scene investigators are combing the family home in a desperate search for new clues. we're live this morning in kansas city. boiling over. those anti-wall street protests heating up overnight with protesters moving through new york city and now spreading to other cities coast to coast. one of the demonstrations even shut down a major tourist destination in washington, but is anybody in power really listening? terror behind bars. new revelations about amanda knox's time in prison. in a letter she claimed she was
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sexually harassed by her italian jailer. you'll hear her vivid descriptions of those moments of fear. also, a juror reveals the key aspect of the trial that made him vote to set her free. and she loves you. paul mccartney is tying the knot again marrying his american girlfriend, nancy shevell in a small, quiet affair, only 30 guests. and we're going to tell you who made the list. ♪ you think you've lost your love well i saw her yesterday ♪ ♪ it's you she's thinking of and she told me -- we wish nancy and paul the best of luck. they've been together 3 1/2 years. they look very happy. so it will be a great day for them. >> speaking of music, by the way, we'll take you to a tribute concert that's dividing michael jackson's family. it happened overnight in wales, part of the uk. huge stars performed. jackson's children made an emotional appearance but some members of the jackson family aren't happy about this. we'll tell you why coming up. and we told you about a rick perry supporter calling
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mormonism a cult, a direct shot at mitt romney. now, romney's fighting back with some sharp words of his own. that's ahead. that is a big story. we'll be getting to that in a moment but we're going to start here with the latest twist in that case of the missing 10-month-old lisa irwin. as this crisis heads into day six, the police say that the baby's parents are once again cooperating with the investigation. now, this has been a tense on again, off again relationship between the parents and the police and abc's clayton sandell is live for us in kansas city. clayton, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, dan. police tell us they have gotten more than 250 tips in this case but so far none of them have panned out, but there is that one positive development this morning, the fact that baby lisa's parents who had been described as uncooperative are now once again cooperating. 10-month-old baby lisa's parents and police have made an apparent truce 48 hours after cops said this. >> this evening they decided to stop cooperating with detectives.
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>> reporter: jeremy irwin and deborah bradley were back meeting with police and fbi detectives. thursday night you said they weren't cooperating. has that changed now? >> apparently they are. we're sitting together and they're talking to our detectives right now and that is absolutely the best thing. >> reporter: investigators have seemed susceptible of baby lisa's parents. they reported their daughter missing from her crib early tuesday. jeremy says he came home from work at 4:00 a.m. finding the front door unlocked and an open window. since then they have occasionally been treated like suspects, they say. deborah was told she failed a lie decker test. >> i volunteered everything. i have signed everything. i mean i never once have we said, no, we're not going to do something. this is our daughter. >> reporter: as saturday's meeting was under way, police came back to the family's home, neighbors watching reporters watching crime scene investigators as they combed for any clue that might help solve an increasingly agonizing mystery. >> if it were a toddler in the back of people's heads, there would be the remote yet crazy
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possibility that a child just walked away but since there's a 10-month-old there's no doubt that somebody did something. >> reporter: in hopes of getting new lead, volunteers will be back out today, handing out flyers with baby lisa's picture on them. the family is also working on setting up a reward fund. dan, it's all about generating new tip, new leads that investigators just say they don't have. >> no lead, no suspects. they have been saying that for six days. we have been saying all along that this case is baffling. clayton, thank you. let's bring in our gma legal analyst, dan abrams. what do you make of this relationship between the police and the parents? >> you know, the fact that the police came out and said they're not cooperating anymore is a huge statement because, of course, everyone when they hear that presumes, oh, my goodness, the parents must be involved in some way. so the authorities better have had a really good reason for saying that. meaning the relationship really must have better have ended between them. the fact that they're talking again is really important, because you can't rule them out
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without them cooperating. and they can sugar coat it all they want, but the bottom line is the authorities first want to rule out that anything happened with regard to the parents while they're continuing the investigation elsewhere. >> but the mother told me that the police straight out accused her of killing her own child so how can they have a good work relationship after that kind of accusation? >> if they did that, they probably shouldn't have done that even if they thought that was the case. my guess is they would deny that. that's not productive because even if you think this person did it, you want to get as much information as possible to help build your case. so that's not productive. >> although one could argue that it's an investigative interrogation technique. >> but it's not a good one. i mean it's not a good technique to simply say you did it and see if they break. i mean it's great for sort of "law and order," but in the real world, you want to do everything
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to elicit enough information. to do the right thing here. all of these volunteers out there, wki youchild, help us. help us do something here. >> do you think the fact that this has become such a high-profile case here we are talking on national television six days later, does that help or hurt the investigation? >> it means they get a lot more tips, which can be both helpful and harmful. it's helpful in the obvious way that you get so many people out there as your eyes and ears. the problem is you get so much information and so much of it is irrelevant, every time there is a high-profile investigation, everyone wants to call in and provide a tip or information. some of it total nonsense and hopefully some of it is important. >> dan abrams, always a pleasure to have it. thanks for coming in. we appreciate it. bianna, over to you. dan, we're going to turn to the growing occupy wall street move many. it's gaining momentum across the country with protests breaking out in more than a dozen cities saturday. abc's cecilia
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vega is at the downtown manhattan encampment where demonstration that is began more than four weeks are still taking place. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. you don't have to look far to see how much support there still is for this movement. there's still hundreds of protest camped out at this park where it all started. >> all: we are the 99%. >> reporter: from seattle in the west, to philadelphia in the east, atlanta down south and places like cleveland and austin in between -- >> all: we are the 99. >> reporter: -- the movement that began as the occupation of wall street -- >> all: this is what democracy looks like. >> reporter: is now occupying streets and minds across the country. country. >> i'm not frustrated. i'm as mad as hell. >> all: occupy wall street. occupy wall street. >> reporter: in its fourth straight week, the camp-out in new york's financial district has spread throughout manhattan and beyond. >> banks got bigger. >> all: we got smaller. >> reporter: the movement now has steamed from coast to coast.
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>> there's something that's bubbling, there's something that's happening, there's a youth movement here. the agenda may not be crystal clear. but there's an energy that might lead to something really big. i'm very hopeful. >> reporter: in the nation's capital, the march turned angry when protesters including an anti-war group stormed the national air and space museum. >> get back. >> pepper spray. >> reporter: guards sprayed pepper spray and ordered the building shut. >> i pay my taxes, and i am angry. >> i got laid off at 3:00 today and i decided just to instead of going home come down here. >> reporter: the discontent covers everything from corporate greed to unemployment, but in every city, one resounding cry is the same. >> things have to change, and it has to start with power. i think approaching the economy. >> reporter: well, as for how long these protests will go on, no one seems to know. they'll continue here in new york today. and, bianna, so far there's no
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end in sight. >> that is for sure. cecilia, thank you. let's turn now to abc's christiane amanpour, the host of "this week." she joins us this morning from washington. christiane, good morning to you. >> good morning, bianna. >> you know, critics of this occupy wall street movement say they lack a clear course and message. it's clear they've caught the attention of some of the big leaders in washington including nancy pelosi. you spoke with her, she said that she supports it. even though it's some of her party's policied enacted. >> look, bianna, what she told us, and you'll hear more of the program is that she supports the message to the establishment, whether it's the wall street establishment or whether it's the political establishment here in washington, she's well aware of the very, very low approval ratings of congress. something like 14% right now, and she can see, like many people can see, that there is maybe not a coherent message but the amount of frustration that is now boiling into the street is something very significant. and you remember several weeks
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ago, the mayor of new york himself, michael bloomberg, said and warned that this joblessness, this continuing economic crisis could start to cause social unrest. so i think this is something that people are looking at very, very closely right now. we're going to be talking about it in our show later this morning to see how and if it will be harnessed and whether a clear message will emerge from it. >> all right. well, we also want to turn to the race for the white house. mitt romney, the republicans front-runner, mitt romney's religion out front and center again this morning. his mormon faith brought into question after an evangelical leader called it a cult. so is this going to become a major issue for him once again the same way that it was in 2008? >> well, look, it's interesting because in 2008 he was basically blamed -- people criticized him for, quote, not delving deep enough, not explaining enough the whole idea of mormonism. it is according to polls an issue in the south, for instance. and i think that what we're
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going to see is -- and this is the open question, will there be more explanation from him on it and will it actually remain an issue? interestingly, the values voters summit, there's at least one report, having talked to people at that place, people are very, very concerned, as you can imagine with the economy and not so much with the social issues these days. so we'll see how that plays out, and, again, we'll discuss that this morning. >> christiane, we'll have to leave it there. thank you so much for your time this morning. be sure to watch christiane, more of her exclusive interview with democratic leader nancy pelosi later on "this week." dan? time now to check out the other morning's headlines. i'll get it out eventually. the rest of the morning headlines with ron claiborne. >> using up my time here, dan. >> with ron claiborne who is already make fun of me. >> good morning to you, dan and bianna. good morning, everyone. we begin with a controversial california law allowing illegal immigrants to get state-funded college aid. governor jerry brown signed the so-called california d.r.e.a.m. act on saturday saying it gives top students the chance to improve their own lives and those of others. it goes in effect in 2013. texas and new mexico are the only other states that allow
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illegal immigrants to qualify for state financial aid. and libyan rebels have stepped up their assault on the last major stronghold of pro-gadhafi supporters. they say they have captured part of a convention center in sirte. the city is a key for the former rebels' goal of uniting the country and allowing libya's new leaders to hold elections. and yemen's president who the u.s. considers is a key ally in combating terror said that he's ready to give up power. president saleh made comments on saturday hinting that he could step down within days. it was his first speech since returning to yemen after being wounded in an assassination attempt. that was back in june. and pro football has lost one of its legends. oakland raiders owner al davis has died at the age of 82. davis was a football hall of famer, a highly controversial figure and a huge influence on the sport. >> and just win, baby. >> that's right. [ cheers ] >> reporter: that was al davis, and for years his raiders football teams did exactly that. winning three of the five super bowls they played in.
7:13 am
davis' raiders stood out for their aggressiveness. they ran a wide-open offense built around a long pass and a smashmouth defense. >> he's a legend not just to raiders fans, the nfl wouldn't be what it is today if it wasn't for al davis. >> reporter: raised in brooklyn he joined the old afl raiders in 1963 as head coach and general manager. later as owner he hired the first black head coach, art shell and first latino head coach tom flores. >> it meant a lot to not only me and to all the ball players and particularly all the black ball players. >> reporter: davis was famous and to some infamous for recruiting renegades and molding them into winners. >> i am not one of the pack. never have been. never will be. >> reporter: a renegade himself, davis sued the nfl to move from oakland to los angeles in 1982 but after 13 seasons of disappointing profits, they returned to oakland in 1995. >> wake up this morning and hear that we've lost our owner, you know, the guy that led this team
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for many, many year, it was tough. >> reporter: in success and in failure, the raiders were always a reflection of the genius and the flaws of one man, al davis. enzsa zsa gabor is said to be doing better this morning after being rushed to the hospital on saturday. her husband says the 94-year-old's fever is down and she's opened her eyes after losing consciousness. gabor has been hospitalized several times since breaking her hip. that was last year. finally, the undead were out in force in pittsburgh last night. as they often are in pittsburgh. thousands gathered -- i'm going to get heck for that one. -- in downtown pittsburgh for world zombie day. they were trying to set the record for the largest gathering of zombies, which is currently as we all know 4,500 zombies. there was also a brain-eating contest and zombie olympics. and, of course, as you know, dan, the hallmark of this show, dan and bianna is accuracy. those are not really brains they were eating. >> i hear there was also a
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severed leg javelin contest. >> that wasn't really a severed leg. >> oh, it wasn't. okay, good to know. good to know. >> i don't think it was >> want to talk about weather. >> let's go to weather. >> scott padgett from our abc affiliate in miami, wplg. >> how do you practice for a severed leg throwing contest? >> it's like who are these people? >> nasty pictures there and nasty pictures in florida. take a look at what's going on, a big system rolling its way through. brevard county, florida, dealing with flooding rains up to 8 inches of rain right near orlando. you see the residents there up to almost their calves in some of the water that piled up in their neighborhoods and we're going to be dealing with more of the same through the sunshine state today seeing that onshore flow still happening. rip current risk is very high. low pressure is pulling its way. possibly 3 inches stretching its way down through south florida. rain is also making its way into the southern plains taking a look near dallas up to near wichita. 2 to 5 inches
7:16 am
>> we'll look at some record heat in the northeast coming up. dan? >> thank you, scott. overnight there was a big tribute concert for michael jackson. lots of stars there. jackson's children were also there, but some family members are upset about the timing of this show coming as it does in the middle of the trial of michael jackson's doctor. abc's linsey davis is on the story for us. ♪ sunshine >> reporter: billed as a concert fit for a king, the concert, like the king of pop itself, was not without its controversy and squabbling between siblings.
7:17 am
jackson's family was divided over the timing of the tribute. some were concerned that a celebration of michael jackson's musical legacy should not have occurred during the manslaughter trial of his doctor, conrad murray. on one side his mother, kids, sister la toya and brothers marlon, jackie and tito thought his celebration in wales was the perfect antidote to the troublesome trial, but it wasn't exactly a family affair. his sister janet and brothers jermaine and randy were noticeably absent and opposed it coinciding with the trial. but still, the show went on. >> make some noise! >> reporter: it was a star-studded event complete with jackson's son, blanket, in a suit with an armband reminiscent of his father and daughter paris in a replica of her dad's famous "thriller" jacket. >> we're very happy to be here on this special night to honor our father. >> reporter: there was performances by some of the biggest names in music including jamie foxx, christina aguilera,
7:18 am
smoky robinson and cee lo green. ♪ >> reporter: in addition to jackson's three kids, his mother made an appearance and some of his siblings, not only showed up, but performed. three-fifths of the original jackson five saying blame it on the boogie along with the british boy band ♪ blame it on good times >> reporter: vista la toya took to the stages to perform for the first time since the '90s. his nephews were also part of the superstar lineup. the cheers of the tens of thousands of the fans that filled the stadium overwhelmingly approved. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news. >> you know what's amazing, how much his kids have grown up. >> yeah. >> they look great. >> they do. >> you know, not far from where that concert took place, sir paul mccartney's long and winding road is taking him down the aisle once again this morning for what will be marriage number three. >> marriage number three. he's marrying a wealthy business woman from new york. it's a small family affair.
7:19 am
and abc's simon mcgregor-wood has more from london. >> reporter: the happy couple will tie the knot here in a simple ceremony at this town hall where paul married for the first time his beloved linda 42 years ago. despite typical london weather, mccartney fans have been waiting patiently here for the big day to arrive. >> i just want to see paul. i just love him so much. and i'm really happy for him. >> yes, to wish both the best of luck and to say she loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> we want to see our idol, paul mccartney. paul mccartney. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: this will be sir paul's third time up the aisle. the second time to his american fiance nancy they shevell. and they first met on vacation in the hamptons in 2007. ♪ here i am ♪ here in my -- >> reporter: nancy is the heiress to a $400 million trucking empire, a member of new york's transportation authority and a regular on the new york social scene. after the wedding there will be a small reception in the garden of paul's london home.
7:20 am
reports say nancy will wear a dress designed by paul's fashion design er daughter stella who also arranged a vegetarian menu. the former beatles first wife linda lost her battle with breast cancer in 1998 and his marriage to former model heather mills in 2002 ended in a bitter and expensive divorce four years later. today is also a special anniversary. it would have been john lennon's 71st birthday. at the reception paul is expected to sing the beatles hit "let it be" and a new song specially written for nancy. for "good morning america," i'm simon mcgregor-wood in mraibone, central london. >> dan, did you know there is a special abc connection to the wedding? >> no. >> nancy shevell is cousins with barbara waltersment >> wow. >> yeah. >> nice. >> second cousins. >> good factoid, bianna golodryga. coming up we'll talk about amanda knox. new questions whether she was
7:21 am
sexually harassed by the warden this that prison. we'll tell you about a letter she's written and we'll hear from one of the jurors. he's going to explain why he acquitted her. and apple worship. the high-tech giant is like a religion to some, so what does that make its late leader steve jobs? our god squad weighs in. and take a look at this video. how long will this big dog put up with this blatant provocation have a chihuahua? these are our ocean spray sparkling juice drinks in cranberry and pomegranate blueberry. they have bubbles and come in these really cool cans. it's real fruit juice, crisp sparkling water, and no added sugar. comes in diet, too. it's refreshing, tasty -- the whole family will love it. you want one? i'll wait a bit. all right. mmm. refreshing. real juice. real bubbly. find it in the juice aisle. [ laughs ] [ laughs ] [ laughs ] that's awesome.
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♪ every day i'm shuffling ♪ every day i'm shuffling ♪ every day i'm shuffling and that little guy you see right there is asking for trouble. dude, the chihuahua, likes to play with maggie the mastiff. and he's very insistent. very insistent, so how long will it take before the dude goes shuffling? well weeshlgs's show you coming up later in our "fixation." >> the dude is poking a hornets' nest. >> david versus goliath. >> we have been watching this video all morning, it's priceless. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris. >> also coming up, a really interesting question, should you be able to choose church over jail a controversial proposal. we'll talk about it with our god squad in just a few minutes. but first, amanda knox's explosive letter about her life behind bars. she says she was a victim
7:31 am
of sexual harassment during her imprisonment in italy. and abc's t.j. win sick here with that story. quite startling. >> reporter: it is. it seems like we're learning more and more every day. upon her release from prison last week, we heard reports of how popular amanda knox was inside that facility. it turns out that she didn't always have an easy time. there was serious harassment to deal with, making an already-frightening place making it that much more terrifying for the american college student. four years, that's how long amanda knox lived in this italian prison, but only now are we learning what her life was really like that. according to broadcast reports, she says she was sexually harassed by a high-ranking prison administrator who would ask uncomfortable questions in his office late at night. >> i think the italian courts, the first time around, practically made sure amanda was going to be harassed in prison. since they made her sex life so much a focus of the first trial. they said constantly that she
7:32 am
was the girl without morals. >> reporter: the harassment allegedly stopped only when her attorney complained but according to "vanity fair" writer judy bacharach, she was also harassed by female inmates. >> they didn't go to the limit. gradually amanda knox learned how to fend off unwanted advances from female inmates. >> reporter: up until now we have heard about how amanda tried to productively fill her time behind bars, exercising, cooking, learning italian, even keeping a journal. but since her release, her father curt says the father has not discussed the full details of her prison life. >> we had one simple focus, and that was to bring amanda home and ensure that she was safe and feel safe and then we'll deal with any other issues that we have to deal with later. >> reporter: we're also now learning what went on inside that jury room. one of the jurors breaking his silence to italian tv saying he spent much of the time trying to
7:33 am
read the faces of knox and her coy defendant, raffaele sollecito. he said, i saw the faces of those two kids and they couldn't bluff. they didn't bluff. my point of view is these kids weren't guilty. the family of raffaele sollecito are now offering to help the kercher family get to the truth about what happened to their daughter meredith. the sollecitos believe she was murdered by rudy guede. he's currently serving 16 years in jail for the crime but they say the full story has not been told. and i think that's what everyone wants to know, what exactly happened that night. >> well, there's widespread speculation that amanda will write a book one day. >> we'll see. >> maybe we'll hear. >> it's fascinating to me that rudy guede got a shorter sentence than amanda. >> yeah, 16 years. >> that's fascinating. thank you very much, t.j. let's go to ron with the other headlines this morning. >> good morning to you, bianna, dan, t.j. good morning, everyone. in the news, police in missouri say the parents of missing 10-month-old lisa irwin are once again cooperating with their investigation.
7:34 am
this two days after saying, the police said they had stopped cooperating with them. lisa's parents said they are organizing a reward, hoping that will lead to new information on the whereabouts of their child. casey anthony answered some questions by video conference in a civil lawsuit that accuses her of ruining another woman's reputation. anthony told them that in 2008 a nanny named zenaida gonzalez had kidnapped her daughter. attorneys say anthony took the fifth and replied to most of the questions. texas congressman ron paul won the straw poll at this weekend's value voters summit in washington, d.c. businessman herman cain surging in the polls, he finished second. and the texas rangers slugger nelson cruz slammed the decisive home run in game one of the american league championship series. last night the rangers beat the tigers of detroit by a score of 3-2. game two is tonight. it is time now for the weather and scott padgett from our abc affiliate in miami wplg. local ten, scott. good morning, ron. we want to start with a wintry scene out of ol cole. take a look at some video that we want to show you, an early
7:35 am
snow near woodland park. it normally happens around halloween time. but it happened in early october. and this morning, the first freeze of the season, freeze warnings near denver stretching down to near colorado springs and you can also see down near santa fe. temperatures about 20s to low 30s. from there, we turn our attention to possible record heat in the northeast. golden sunshine, 84, boston, 78, this weatheror >> this weather report has been brought to you by starbucks. dan and bianna. had >> all right, scott, thank you. coming up on "good morning america," there was a huge outpouring this week for apple founder steve jobs. "the wall street journal" called him a secular prophet, but is his work in any way a religion? we'll talk about it with our god squad.
7:36 am
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♪ what if god was one of us faith has been in the news in a big way this week from allegations that mitt romney belonged to a cult to a controversial plan to let vicks choose between jail time and church time. we're going to talk it over now with our god squad, father edward beck, abc news contribute and host of "the sunday mass" and rabbi david wolpe from the sinai temple in los angeles. good morning, gentlemen. let's talk about what happened at the values voters summit this week, one of the pastors who got up and introduced rick perry, republican running for president, said that mitt romney's religion, mormonism, was a cult. let me start with you. what do you make of this? this is something that a lot of christians have said over the years. >> you know, cult wasn't always a dirty word. it wasn't until the 20th century that cult was a dirty word. all of our religions are cult-like. i mean it means a group of people worshiping together with similar practices and rituals. granted, it's become derogatory
7:40 am
now, and i don't think it should be used, but i don't think it's that bad a term to begin with. also, i think with mormonism, the real issue with mitt romney, is he refuses to speak about what he believes and that faith. they want it both ways. they want to have faith as part as the conversation, but don't ask them certain questions. i don't think you can have it both ways. >> okay, but let me just pick on you for just a second. >> yeah. >> the mormons will argue that they are visions. as a christian do you believe mormons are christians? >> i definitely believe mormons are christians but remember when kennedy ran for president, they made a big deal out of his catholicism calling it cult-like too saying it was cannibalism and a lot of derogatory remarks. this isn't the first time religion has been an issue in politics. >> rabbi wolpe? >> i disagree about the use of the word cult. the use of the world cult is
7:41 am
clearly is extraordinarily derogatory, whatever the origin was. and a cult is usually an organization that practices things like deprivation of nutrition and when you leave they harass you. >> mind control. >> it seems to be mind control. people ought to be saying, mainstream people should be saying that you can't call mormonism a cult. the real issue about religion for any presidential candidate is when you take the oath of office, does that supersede all other commitments, and will you follow what it is that the constitution of the oath of office says? >> romney has been very clear about that. >> then that's all you need. >> let me move on to another issue. fascinating church state issue out of alabama. there is a town there that wants to give people who are convicted of misdemeanors the choice of going to a church of their choice or jail. seems like an obvious choice for a lot of people. from a constitutional perspective, does that make sense and do you think it will work. >> well, i'm not sure i'm the best person to speak from a constitutional perspective but from a faith perspective, i'll say, "a," it seems to me that there ought to be alternatives to jail. maybe religion shouldn't be the sole alternative. you ask does it work?
7:42 am
to a great extent it does. if you were as a friend of mine likes to say, if you were out at night in the middle of the night, and you had a gang of teenagers behind you coming closer and closer, would you or would you not feel better to know they just came from bible study class? >> bible study class. >> i would feel very good to know that. so there's a certain anti-violence cache that religion has. >> what choice do you have if you're an atheist? >> remember, there's a church for atheists now. maybe not in that town. i think community service can be thrown in there as an option. i certainly think church has a bitter possibility of rehabilitating someone than prison. so it's if a nonviolent first offe offender, i have no problem with that. i think it's a very good thing. >> very quickly, steve jobs, massive outpouring this week. lot of people said, "the wall street journal" called him a secular prophet. do you see anything religious in his work at all? >> i see something religious about the way he lived and died and what he taught of that. he was a buddhist, supposedly. he talked about mindfulness. he talked about liveing each
7:43 am
moment. >> impermanence in the face of death. >> he said don't live someone else's life. time is short. live in the present and in that way i think he had a spiritual message and we need to listen to that message. >> in a world dominated by technology, if you create technologies that actually enable human interaction and closeness and warmth and embrace, that's a profoundly spiritual message and in fact in some ways is the most impactful, the most powerful, the most driving spiritual message in our day. >> oh, some could argue technology does the opposite and disconnects us. >> well, but since technology exists already and it's going to dominate our live, if you can create those technologies that enable us to do what we do right now which is to reach out, that's good. >> when i communicate with my niece and nephew across the country via facetime and i can see them and we can talk. >> you have to see them in person once in a while. >> father beck, rabbi wolpe, pleasure to have you both. our god squad as we said. coming up on "good morning america," from the sublime to
7:44 am
the absolutely ridiculous an update on this harrowing account between a news producer and a wild turkey. "fixation" is next. ♪ you are an obsession, you are my obsession ♪ i didn't understand it. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. and less pain means, i can feel better and do more of what matters. [ female announcer ] lyrica is not for everyone. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior, or any swelling or affected breathing or skin, or changes in eyesight, including blurry vision, or muscle pain with fever or tired feeling. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you.
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♪ ♪ you are an obsession, you are my obsession ♪ this morning, we're back with "fixation," where we show you stories, images and videos that caught our attention this week. and that we just had to share with you. >> ron, you're up first. >> this is harrowing, absolutely some frightening video, so, you know, keep the children away from the tv screen if you see this, okay? yes, indeed, that is a wild turkey on the rampage, chasing a producer from our sacramento
7:48 am
affiliate kxtv, and she's on the run kind of escaping this demonic creature. and we talked to her about this episode. seriously, this is bad. listen to what she had to say. >> he really was coming fast, and the thing is -- and i was running. i don't know if you could tell that i was running. >> yeah. >> he's running as fast as he could, and his little head is bobbing and i might look a little differently at my turkey dinner this year. i'm sure i will. >> you know, they say that revenge is a dish best served cold. >> oh. >> some cold turkey and some wild turkey. maybe a bottle of wine. >> a whole menu mapped out courtesy of ron. >> well, you know, everybody loves calendars, some of these sexy calendars where these very strapping young men and women each month of the year. well, sometimes baring all. >> where is this going? >> pay attention. you know, there's only one man in my life who i think he --
7:49 am
he's tops for me, but take a look at these men in this new calendar, this new church calendar. it gives my husband a run for the money. i mean these are -- >> carefully placed helmet. >> men from the first parish in framingham, massachusetts, and they have come out with their own calendar. >> they're trying to raise money with this? >> yes, they are. >> excellent. >> this will rake in a lot of dough. >> that's actually a pretty cool shot. >> yeah, yeah, it is, grandmom. marie, calm down. you know, we have seen videos of kids when they find out they're going to disneyland and disney world. take a look at this little girl's reaction. you have to see this. >> we going? >> we're leaving today to go to disneyland. >> are you joking? >> no, i'm not joking. >> we are? >> yes, we're going. >> this is 6-year-old lily out of utah. this was her sixth birthday and they surprised her. seeing the freakout she had,
7:50 am
those are happy tears. >> she was overwhelmed. >> i was confused the first time i saw this. >> what? >> happy birthday. >> she's elated. my birthday is in a week -- >> she thought for a minute it was her birthday that day but it's in a week. these are happy tears as you're going see in a second. watch. >> they ask her to dance. >> are you the one -- >> we're going when daddy gets home from work. when daddy gets home from work. do a happy dance. >> there we go. >> everybody knew she was really happy. >> finally, here's a piece of video, this is somebody, an animal who is poking the hornets' nest. will he get away with it? check this out. this is dude the chihuahua and maggie the mastiff. dude is fearless. this was taken back in 2009 when dude was a puppy. they just posted this online,
7:51 am
or we just noticed it online. anyway it was posted by tiffany carpenter of paris, california. they actually had to train their mastiff not to get up too much, because they worried that she would trample dude the chihuahua. now you're going to see how much patience the mastiff has because as the chihuahua starts to bite the lip, there we go. that is the end of the game. >> you know, dan, you mentioned the happy dance that we just saw from the 6-year-old. she was so excited. we also caught a happy dance of yours this morning. >> what? >> if we have video of it. ♪ >> oh, boy, never do anything in front of the camera. >> for the calendar of 2013. ladies and gentlemen. >> welcome to the last day of my career, everybody. we'll be right back. >> you're on youtube, dan. [ researcher ] people refer to jill as "that woman with the great smile." as a researcher, i refer to her as "that woman with the great gums." because great gums are a foundation of a healthy smile. so she uses crest pro-health clinical gum protection toothpaste.
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i would like to personally thank everybody for joining us on my last morning at abc news now that my career has been ended by a video of me dancing taken unbeknowns to me. thank you very much, bianna golodryga. actually, thanks very much. we're always online at there it is. >> the kid from alaska. on yahoo!. take that video down. or
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