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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  October 9, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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this is "world news." and tonight, the anger spreads. those wall street protests now going global. this evening here, we learn about the lives behind the protesters here in this country, showing up in cities coast to coast. >> i got laid off at 3:00 today. and i decided to just, you know, instead of going home, come down here. religion and politics. the preacher who ignited a fire storm this weekend. the fallout after what he said about mitt romney's religion. and tonight, we ask, how far is too far? hunger at home. our reporting on the children across this country, 1 in 4 hungry. and tonight, the bold move on that famous street. there's a new muppet with a message. the mom-preneurs. three different women unlocking their own way to make a lot of money, not only made in america, made in their own home. and the famous beatle and his bride tonight. which famous song did paul mccartney choose to sing to her after the altar?
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good evening and it's great to have you with us this sunday night. as we come on the air this evening, protesters are beginning their fourth week of protesting right here in new york, south of here on wall street. but with a huge difference. this occupy wall street movement is multiplying, not only in cities across this country, but around the world. look at the images coming in tonight, spelling out the anger. this sign in new york, the rich get bailed out, the poor get sold out. in cincinnati today, this image, as 500 people rallied there. and overseas from dublin, demonstrators gathering along dane street, ireland's wall street, just outside the central bank there. and so tonight here we ask a simple question. that's behind the lives of americans who have joined the protests? what was it that set them off? we begin here with abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: the anger is in las vegas. the protests are huge in houston. the frustration is in portland.
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the outrage has spread all the way to anchorage, alaska. the movement to occupy wall street is now occupying street corners in more than 250 cities across the country. and it doesn't end there. there are now protests on every continent except antarctica. this is a group of protesters that is growing in size and diversity. it does tend to be on the younger side, a number of college students who say they are not going anywhere any time soon. but on a sunday afternoon, we are seeing a number of people come out who have never been here before, from senior citizens to people with their children. like tom eck and his kids. he's been camping out for two days. one of his sons, for two weeks. they came close to losing their home last year. >> it's hard to get -- afford food sometimes. i almost lost my house last year and i know a lot of people who have lost their house. >> reporter: and will hopkins. a 30-year-old veteran of the iraq war. >> this is a group of people who are upset about the way business is being done and with good
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reason. >> reporter: protests continue today in the nation's capital. one day after marchers, including some anti-war groups, stormed the national air and space museum. guards pepper sprayed the crowd and shut the museum down for the day. the camping and marching near wall street goes on and the people, some of them familiar faces, keep showing up. what is it going to take for this to stop, for guys to go home and go back to their lives and to walk away from all these marches? >> well, i -- i hope that we continue to make the country better. >> and cecilia is with us here in new york. you've been covering this for days. people have said there's a lack of a clear message, but it seemed to turn a corner today? people beginning to echo each other? >> reporter: completely. we see the message now is, there's a frustration with the economy and a lack of accou accountabili accountability.
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nearly everyone we talk to says that. >> all right, cecilia, thank you so much. and we these protests now entering their fourth week there's no question they are getting a rise out of washington, forcing their hand. politicians now picking sides. here's republican eric cantor and democrat nancy pelosi's reaction to him just today on abc's "this week." >> i for one am increasingly concerned about the growing mobs occupying wall street and the other cities across the country. and believe it or not, some in this town have actually condoned the pitting of americans against americans. >> you didn't hear him say anything when the tea party was out demonstrating, actually spitting on members of the congress here on the capitol and he and his colleagues were putting signs in the windows, encouraging them. but let's not get down to that. >> reporter: you think it's pitting americans against americans? >> it's the american system. it's the democratic system. we don't all agree. >> reporter: and now even the candidates for president forced to weigh in. republican mitt romney. >> any thoughts on occupy wall street?
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>> i'm just trying to get myself to occupy the white house. >> reporter: and there was that response from herman cain. >> don't blame wall street. don't blame the big banks. if you don't have a job and you are not rich, blame yourself. >> four weeks in and now weighing in. and so i want to bring in our senior washington editor rick klein. rick, politicians taking sides now but doesn't this come with a bit of a risk? >> that's right. look, david, channeling anger to political end is seldom as easy as it seems. that's a lesson republicans learned with the tea party last year. for republicans, it is a little awkward for them to be criticizing the occupy wall street gatherings when they cheered the tea partiers just a few months ago. democrats would love a liberal antidote to the tea party but all that anti-establishment rhetoric is a tricky thing to handle when democrats still control a chamber of congress and, of course, the white house, in addition to that. and we hear this anger that is directed at the lack of accountability for corporate america. keep in mind, david, it has been president obama's economy for three years now. >> all right, and no signs the protests are ending any time
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soon. rick, thanks to you. and we continue with your voice, your vote tonight. and there's real fallout after a preacher this weekend, a supporter of republican rick perry, said that mitt romney is not a true christian. romney, of course, is a mormon. and when it comes to religion in politics, we asked, tonight, how far is too far? abc's david kerley is in washington. >> reporter: mitt romney walked into this room knowing he had been called a nonchristian, a member of a cult. >> poisonous language doesn't advance our cause. let no agenda narrow our vision or drive us apart. >> reporter: but the question of religion was revived. >> governor of the great state of texas, rick perry. >> reporter: when the man who introduced governor rick perry to the same group of christian conservatives -- >> pastor jeffress, i want to say thank you for a rousing introduction. >> reporter: told reporters afterwards that evangelical christians should support perry because romney isn't a true christian. >> in my estimation, mormonism is a cult and it would give credence to a cult to have a mormon candidate. >> reporter: mormonism is the subject of a hit broadway
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comedy. ♪ i believe ♪ has his own planet as well >> reporter: but evangelicals have long been troubled by mormons, who rely on more than the bible for their theology. so, will romney face more questions? >> i don't think this issue goes away. >> reporter: we crunched the numbers from four years ago. with nearly half of the republican primary voters defining themselves as evangelicals, only 20% of them voted for romney. >> this wasn't just attitude. it was behavior. he struggled among those voters all the way, particularly in south carolina, which is a critical turning point in the republican primary. >> reporter: so, is romney a christian? he says so. but some of his republican opponents dodged that question today. >> i'm not getting into that. i am a christian. >> i think what the real focus is here, again, is on religious tolerance. >> and david kerley is withing in washington.
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you mentioned there where evangelicals stand, but americans as a whole, have they moved at all on their opinion of the more upon fate? >> reporter: they have. republicans have, as well. our latest poll showed about 20% of those leaning republican say they're less likely to vote for a mormon. but back in 2008, that number was 36%. so it certainly has dropped. but for romney, it's the e value evangelicals has to deal with. >> david kerley, thank you. politics for this evening. we do move onto the weather, though, and it's been a weekend of extremes. parts of the country saw record highs today. chicago well into the 80s and we learned that a 35-year-old man died while running the marathon. authorities aren't sure if that warmer weather played a role. up and down the east coast, temperatures reached 20 degrees above average. boston, the hottest on record since 1935. in the sou, though, it was the rain. and drought-stricken texas, the rangers/tigers game was delayed this weekend. it was welcome relief in texas, for a parched state which has already suffered from more than $5 billion in farming losses this year alone. and one more extreme to pass along, this one from colorado. look at this. three feet of snow blanketed the state this weekend.
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it might seem early but it's just in time, apparently, for the official start of ski season. we move on now to that troubling story out of kansas city, the 10-month-old baby allegedly abducted from her home. it's been nearly a week now and still so few clues. tonight, though, a huge shift. the parents who had stopped talking to police are now talking again. right or wrong, a community is now studying their every move and here is abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: detectives were at baby lisa's home again today, trying to recreate how a kidnapper may have gotten inside to snatch this blue-eyed 10-month-old from her crib. getting in did not look easy. this is the same window jeremy irwin says was found tampered with in the middle of the night tuesday when he and fiance deborah bradley discovered lisa had vanished. >> all of those things are extremely important, because they add credibility to, did, in fact, somebody break in, did somebody stage this? >> reporter: knowing that stranger abductions are extremely rare, police have appeared suspicious of the parents, at one point, saying they had stopped cooperating.
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deborah said she was told she failed a polygraph test. she and jeremy say they just needed a break from nonstop questioning. they are again working with police and the fbi. little lisa's family and volunteers, meanwhile, are still trying to spread the word. today, taking advantage of the crowds at a nearby nascar race to hand out flyers. david, police tell us this is an extremely frustrating case. few new leads, no suspects and no arrests. and nearly a week later, still no lisa. david? >> clayton sandell in kansas city. clay top, thank you. and now to our reporting on hunger at home. a staggering number tonight, nearly 10 million american children under the age of 6 are hungry. we have reported here on those children and tonight we've learned of a new effort to help them. and that help comes from the muppets who have moved so many people to act before. we introduced you to these girls in arkansas, their nightly prayer before dinner, grateful for the meal. 10-year-old jazeer in philadelphia, his tiny camera
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and that nearly empty refrigerator. >> as you can see, we're missing food. >> reporter: in every corner of the country, a portrait of hunger no longer hidden. 17 million children are now food insecure, meaning their parents often don't know where the next meal is coming from. simply put, 1 in 4 american children don't have enough food. in arkansas, this family has moved into a trailer to save money. mom works at a hotel, dad delivers pizzas. whatever work they can find. >> i hear my kids ask me, mommy, what's for dinner? and i think, there are times, i sit there, kind of pace around back and forth, thinking to myself, oh, my gosh, what is for dinner? >> reporter: and in philadelphia, jazeer, who knows when it's the end of the month, when the food stamps have run out. when's the toughest time for you? >> when i eat and my mom doesn't. she sacrifices. >> i like to help by collecting food for the food drive. >> reporter: that honesty has been heard by the producers of "sesame street," who want children to know they know, too. and this is the first time
5:42 pm
you've tackled hunger in this way? >> absolutely. >> reporter: tonight, the program tackles hunger head on and for the first time ever, a muppet, whose family is hungry, will talk about it. >> elmo didn't know there were so many people who don't have all the food they need. >> when you don't even know whether you're going to have a next meal or not -- you know, it helps when we all come together, david. >> reporter: lily is that new muppet with a message. what do you want to say to the children we met? >> you're not alone. >> reporter: and hopefully we can help them out. >> i hope so. >> reporter: and while lily's first appearance is tonight -- >> hi! >> reporter: she was already drawing a crowd on that bench in central park. fist bump? >> yeah! >> big night for lily. so neat to meet her. and so many have helped after our hunger at home reporting. and you can still help at we have also been reporting here for nearly a year on made in america. asking if we all just bought a little more american, could it create jobs?
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and economists across the board have repeatedly told us the answer is yes. so, this week, the made in america team is back here. this time, traveling 2,100 miles from our studio in new york to find out if homes can be truly built with only american materials. and if so, how many jobs would it create? tomorrow night on "world news with diane sawyer," we begin and we'll give the answers for you tomorrow night here. still ahead on "world news" this sunday night, not only made in america, but made in their own homes. three moms, three hobbies. and a new way to make ends meet in this economy. what is their secret? also, the famous beatle and his bride. what sir paul sang to his newest bride and -- all you need is love. and for all of us who ever thought we were great multitaskers, we put our brains to the test here tonight. should you really be doing so many things at once? should you really be doing so many things at once? should you really be doing so this t guinea pigs to row this tiny boat.ained
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5:47 pm
>> we just put some videos onto our youtube channel and within a month, you know, youtube was contacting us to become a partner. >> reporter: now the whole family stars in "cute girls hairstyles." tutorials for other parents doing their own kids' hair. mindy gets more than 1 million views a week. and youtube shares the money made on ads attached to those videos. >> hi, i'm betty. welcome to betty's kitchen. >> reporter: retired teacher betty given is making extra cash, too, with a demonstration of her family recipe for super bowl nachos. >> and i had this idea of making a video and uploading it to youtube. >> reporter: twice a week, her kentucky kitchen becomes her studio, thanks to a digital camera operated by her husband, rick. did you give her your suggests? don't do this, turn around that way? >> she doesn't usually invite them. i do, anyway. >> reporter: she's had a million page views, too. sponsorship offers, even a couple of published cookbooks. in gainesville, florida, vanessa wilson swapped her law degree for a sewing machine. and a small camera set up at
5:48 pm
home. >> i just want to be able to provide for my family and do what i love to do. >> reporter: right now, where do you make your videos? >> you really want to know? >> reporter: i really want to know. >> we just got rid of a dining room table and i bought two plastic foldout tables. >> reporter: she entered a contest on youtube with this video. >> you win! >> reporter: and vanessa pocketed a $35,000 check. three women in their own homes, turning the tables on an economy that's been so unforgiving. >> and deborah roberts is here with us in new york. so cool to see these women being able to find ways even in this economy to make a little extra money. and everyone wonders how much are they making? >> reporter: i wondered the same thing. they're not allowed to talk money because they're youtube partners and they can't disclose. they're not burning it up yet. they are making some money. but conceivably, they could make hundreds of thousands of dollars through endorsement deals and, of course, if they get more page hits and become more popular, you never know. >> every dollar counts. >> reporter: that's right. >> deborah roberts, thank you so
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tying the knot in london today, marrying this time, though, his american love. simon mcgregor-wood is in london. >> reporter: under a shower of rose petals, paul and the new mrs. mccartney stepped into the spotlight for the first time as husband and wife. american nancy shevell, wearing an outfit designed by mccartney's daughter, stella. there were plenty of smiles after a simple ceremony in front of 30 close friends and family. at one point, nancy showed paul how to shake the petals from his hair. >> how are you feeling? >> terrific, thank you. feeling married. >> reporter: it's third time around for paul. he married first in 1969 in the same building to his beloved linda. she lost her battle to breast cancer in 1998. his four-year marriage to the former model heather mills ended in a bitter divorce. paul and nancy have been together for four years. she's the heir to a $400 million trucking fortune. the happy couple celebrated their marriage in the garden of paul's home, on what would have
5:53 pm
been john lennon's 71st birthday. paul was expected to sing "let it be" and a new song, specially written for his new bride. simon mcgregor-wood, abc news, london. and a note from california tonight. al davis, the hall of famer, owner of the oakland raiders, died this weekend. stadiums around the nfl observed a moment of silence today. the raiders played with "al" right on their helmets. davvi davis' motto was "just win baby," and for years, the raiders did, capturing three super bowl trophies out of the five they were in. davis hired pro football's first black and latino head coaches and the first woman ceo. he was 82. when we come back, if you are one of those multitaskers with your blackberry and everything else, what is it really doing to your brain? moki. chantix reduced my urge to smoke -- and personally that's what i knew i needed. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions
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shows improvement in joint comfort within 7 days. osteo bi-flex. the #1 doctor and pharmacist recommended brand. and finally tonight, it's a sign of the times. people juggling, or should we say, trying to juggle so many things at once. if you are a multitasker, what is it really doing to your brain? here's t.j. winick. >> reporter: this man, like a lot of us, believes he's an expert multitasker. >> i can focus on whatever issue is at hand. i have to be able to deal with many things simultaneously. >> reporter: so researchers put him to the test, driving a simulator, while doing math problems and memorizing words.
5:57 pm
>> is eight times four plus two equal to 30? >> no. >> reporter: to solve the math problems, he must use this part of the brain. the memory test? this part. and the driving? this part. we may believe we can pay full attention to a bunch of different things at once -- pardon me -- but scientists say, really -- hello? -- that's just an illusion. >> we're effectively serial processors, where we're doing one task at a time. >> reporter: our brains evolved to focus on one important task, like hunting. fast forward a few thousand years, and there's much more competing for our attention. that's why an illusionist can trick you and steal your wallet, for example. so, how did that champion multitasker do? >> you got worse when you started to multitask. >> reporter: like 98% of us, his performance suffered. >> my confidence is absolutely shaken. i was surprised how poor i did on this. >> reporter: proof we should all give multitasking a break next time we're behind the wheel. t.j. winick, abc news, new york.
5:58 pm
>> something for all of us to think about. and we should point out, the national geographic program "brain games" premieres tonight. take a look for that. that is "world news" this sunday night. thank you for being here. don't forget, "good morning america" first thing in the morning. my pal diane right back here tomorrow night, and so is made in america. good night.
5:59 pm
>> just win, baby, win! >> to the raiders. >> alan: an emotional win nor raiders in houston, one day after owner al davis passes away. i'm alan wang. raider fans are still celebrating a huge victory tonight. the raider nation packed sports bars today to would have the team's first game without owner al davis, who died yesterday. we're live at raider headquarters in alameda, where fans are awaiting the team's arrival. what's the mood out there? >> the mood is mixed. a lot of fans actually arriving here. members of the raider nation are both mourning and celebrating today. they miss al davis but they're also waiting for the team to arrive so they can celebrate their win in texas. they're here to chant what


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