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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  October 10, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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gub gun and say two officers saw the suspect in front of the school. >> and they contacted a lone male suspect armed with a handgun. officers saw activity activity that that suspect displayed that led them to believe they're in danger. >> and i heard screeching noises and gunshots. >> one officer fired and struck the suspect. the suspect is deceased. >> it was a scary morning for students and residents here. >> this is sad, someone did get shot here. and around a neighborhood supposed to be safe. and secure. >> this past month, there have been four officer-involved shootings in san jose its a dangerous job. we're trying to do it with less than optimal staffing z we're just going to have to work through it. >> and police aren't saying
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much about this morning's shooting and have not released a suspect's name nor motive. what weighs doing here, then, there is that added mystery of why he was bleeding before the shooting. so, a lot of unanswered questions. vic lee abc 7 news. >> and in san leandro there is a criminal investigation underway after a suspect resisting arest died at the hospital. and this man was taken into custody and workers called police about 11:30 at night to report a man acting strangely and scaring the customers. and investigators say an officer daysed him and put him in handcuffs. police are waiting for ruls from the coroner to determine the cause of death. >> you may have noticed rain is back and some areas around the bay. there is a windshield wiper day. you can see in san francisco. and sandhya patel joins with us what is showing up now.
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>> there is not a lot. radar is overshoofting most of the rainfall. we have had reports at host most loks here in the bay area. and there is light, spotty showers and drizzle. south bay now there is some wet pavement, fremont there are light showers and there is in the north we're seeing moisture redeveloping here near fort bragg. we're expecting rain to reach the bay area. i want to show you rainfall totals we have had so far. some helena just over half an inch. san francisco, 12/100ths. same thing for oakland international airport. get out towards livermore, while you may have seen damp pavement. not enough to measure, there are trace amounts in san jose. and there is where there are
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more showers coming. i'll tell but that and it will impact your morning commute. >> and demonstrators out across the bay area tonight and protests against corporate power and influence continued. and this is a live look at the scene now and this is just near city hall. the mayor declared her support this, is the 12th day in san francisco and there is demonstrateors have been camping out and protests continue in san jose as well. police told them camping out they were violating the no camping ordinance. the demonstrators left but they came back later. >> and there is a group fighting to help the homeless holding a rally tonight and part of the plan is a display of what could be done differently.
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>> there is this small assembly of demonstrators. they say they want to bring atongs number of homeless in san francisco in comparison to the open housing yin yits. they tell me thaitd like to have some of the vacant housing units occupied by the homeless. we've been watching them here there have probably about a dozen at this point. idea from these demonstrators is that they're going to demonstrate here at this plaza and are going to make their way through housing units they've, i guess predetermined and try to occupy those here. and we'll have more details coming up at 6:00. reporting live at civic center plaza, abc 7 news. >> and the activist hacker
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group called anonymous failed to shut down a web site. and they called it retaliation for hundreds arrests stemming from protests we've been talking about. stocks soared on the prom dwrois help banks and dow jones shooting up 330 points. >> and bay area is home to a new solar company moving head quarters from maryland to the peninsula. and there is 150 people worked at the company planning to hire up to 500 in the next few years. california's reputation as a leader lured the company here. >> we're going to invest in solar and make california not only national leeld leader but world leader and we're going do that with companies like
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this. >> they did not receive any tax incentives to come to california and says the move was made based on talent pool available here and has an suspected increase in demand for solar power. >> and new fallout from solydra government loan debacle showing an official concern about the program. the official wrote solydra was just the tip of the iceberg. and the chairman of the house committee on oversight and government requested additional information from energy department on loans granted last month. solyddra filed 15 months after receiving a loan guarantee. >> apple putting plans for a memorial service for steep jurors taking place next wednesday in cupertino. today we also learned official cause of death for jobs, not a
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surprise, pancreatic cancer spreading to other parts of the body. he was first diagnosed in 2004. he underwent a liver transplant in 2009. and was buried on friday after dying in his home on wednesday. >> and there is one of the bills signed by the governor setting off a fire storm giving young girls access to a life saving vaccine without getting parents' permission. and there is more on the outcry. >> the assembly woman says in a perfect world kids talk to their parents about sex and since that doesn't always happen, is he wants options to be there. starting january first, california minors have the right to get preventive treatment for w.out parental
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permission. the humanpapilloma vir wris is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among women. >> this is so close question as to what we might allow but we do that with other reproductive types of issues. i felt that this one was similar to before. >> this signature touched off a fire storm, critics saying it intrudes on parental rights. this family likes availability but doesn't like the government encouraging kids to go behind their parents' backs. >> i think parents should be involved with that decision. i don't agree as young as 12 without permission. >> conservatives are angry taxpayer money could be used to pay for the shots over several months that could cost up to $500 per child. >> if a parent can't snt aware the state will be paying for
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every minor to get the boosters this lead investigator in hpv research research says the debate shouldn't center on moral grounds but benefits, most effective when given before a girl is sexually active. >> that their daughters may be engaging in sexual activity should not be a reason to prevent a vast majority of young women from having access to a vaccine that could save their lives. >> this survivor doesn't wish anyone to go through what she did. >> i urge anyone to, that is eligible to have the vaccine, absolutely. better than going through the disease. >> and in adecision the law allows 12-year-olds to get other prevention treatments including hepatitis shots and medications to reduce the risk of hiv infection after exposure. live in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and fbi joined an
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investigation into a second attack at a salmon hatchery in marin county. saturday morning, someone broke into the center for environmental studies and released their last remaining 20,000 hatch dgs lings. last week, 40,000 were set free. the fish being raised by students at petaluma high school part of an education program supposed to be released into the wild during a special ceremony october 30th. >> and there is a blessing ceremony, we're going to try to show the world we're not going to be put down by this. >> the animal liberation front and peta applaud this decision and contend the fish were being held in filthy conditions. the director disputes that. >> san bruno residents living near the site of last year's deadly pipeline explosion will be soon able to drive through city streets and this mayor
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calls it another milestone. just last month, residents helped fill in gaping crater that marked a spot where it blew up and killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. >> and there is a lot more still to come. as we continue a precious metal found in an early 20th century ship wreck. >> net flix heard complaints loudly and clearly. how it will now stream line service autos and open carry gun advocates waste no time finding a loophole in the ban. the news continues in ononononon
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sure, pulling the mold, ldntew, and grime from out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. bullet holes in an ac transit bus show what happened in oakland about 1:00 this afternoon in san leandro street. nobody was hurt and the bus driver took off to the
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51-line's next stop in alameda, then called police. the police and sheriff's department and county sheriff's department do not know if the gunman was targeting a person on that bus. >> starting january 1, leave your guns at home. governor brown signed a law making it illegal to openly carry an unloaded handgun in public. and violators will fates fines. the governor said he made the decision because it's what police chiefs wanted they and others say that open carry waste time and resources as they have to check out the people carrying weapon buzz california open carry movement says there is a plan to remain armed and say it does not ban all weapons from being carried in public. >> and this will no longer be open carry but all out carries of rifles and shotguns. the police, i doubt will be happy but they asked nor ban.
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they push in order ban. >> advocates argue there is a right to carry weapons under the second amendment. >> and some consumer news tonight. net flix changes its mind on a controversial policy. >> california's governor wants stores to check ids at checkout counters. >> a lot of big consumer news. >> a lot of it in works for months and months. and there is regulations requiring expieration rates daits on over the counter medications but... there is no federal law prohibiting the sale of those expired items and now, there is a california state law. and in the past, 7 on your side reports experts had told us that products remain good past the date but advocates say if manufacturers are no longer willing to stand behind this product they should be removed from shelfs and say most people believe that such a law already exists.
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the plan to break net flix into two service has been scrapped and you'll have one account fr both services and the price changes in july were it charges separately for streaming video and dv does in place to. make that clear, streaming no longer a freebie thrown in with dvd subscription. the service costs $8 per month. and the dvd service at $5 for that, they get one dvd at a time and a maximum two of mailings per month. dvds prices max out at $44 for hose those with eight dvds out a time and unlimited mailings, governor brown signed a bill banning sale of alcohol at self checkout lanes. a 7 on your side investigation found the scanner koz be tricked into allowing sales to minor autos we feel this is a
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loophole go owing to make the situation worse and would like to make summer anyone buys alcohol needs to be ided at the check outstand. >> opponents say there are safeguards in place and this is a ploy to keep scanners out of supermarkets. >> and tre sur hunters struck it rich off the coast of ireland. a crew announced it's found the wreckage of a british ship. it went down on the north atlantic with 20 tons of silver, now worth $18 million. and exploration plans to recover the silver next spring and will keep 80% of it. the british government, 20%. last month odyssey discovered another swhip estimated $200 million in silver on board. >> they've got it figured out. finer's keepers. pretty good. you can see it's gloomy out
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there. >> and there is columbus day turning out to be a wet one. rain has been in the north bay. we've seen wet pavements. there is a live picture from our emeryville camera. there is rain drops on the lens there. most of you have been reporting rainfall. and radar is overshooting most of the rain. here is another live look from our camera. you're looking towards lake tahoe, there are sun and clouds and light rain being reported there. snow levels high, about 11,000 feet. we're not expecting snow with this system that is milder, just expecting showers. and there is a what as been happening not a lot of moisture getting picked up on doppler but but we do have wet pavement. light showers now in the mills. spotty showers here in san
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francisco. and east bay. we do have a little bit of wet weather towards ukia area and this is at the sierra nevada it's rain and green across $50 and 50 so temperatures are very mild at this hour there is a numbers as you can see here into low to mid-60s coast side. and light showers tonight morning showers for tuesday. mostly sunny skies by afternoon and there is much warmer weather for wednesday and thursday. will be hard to believe and we're just dealing with rain today. and there is a warm front with scattered showers, the front moves through overnight. and rain chances redeveloping again. so 7:00 tonight we'll see scattered showers beginning to
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develop and there is a bit of a lull. 5:00 you notice green showing up on the screen. so there is some rainfall developing and this lifts up, rain let's up and inland areas will enjoy sun, coastal areas still lingering clouds into afternoon. and rainfall totals not impressive when looking at this through 2:00 in the afternoon. there is a quarter to half an inch. and east bay from skeer grow about a tenth. and overnight, mild he night. lots of cloud cover to hold temperatures up so we're looking at upper 50s to low 60s with scattered showers out there. and tomorrow afternoon, numbers will be coming down near the coast where clouds linger, so 62 in half moon
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bay. 66 san francisco. richmond. and there is other areas into 70s, around the bay, 70 in santa cruz. here is the accu-weather forecast. certainly morning showers possible. then looking at much warmer weather. look at wednesday, thursday, mid to upper 80s inland. low 80s at -- 70s at beaches, october, cooling begins on friday with a pretty big cool down saturday, sunday, more clouds and there is a slight chance, perhaps we may see showers but models not in agreement yet for weekend. >> they're duking it out. >> thank you very much. >> and just ahead, governor gives college bound undocumented students something to celebrate. >> that is coming up z fog is a staple of life but addressing concerns we may not see more of ate long the coast, just decades from now. that is at 6:00.
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we'll be right back here.
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undocuments students celebrated a new state law that let's them apply for public aid at public universities. students from various universities gather skppld got emotional when speaking about the dream act that governor brown signed this weekend. the controversial legislation makes students who attend three years of high school in california eligible for state financial aid regardless of immigration status. >> i graduated with a 4.0, went through community college with a 4.0. i've earned my place here. the university sees he's mee as a person and not immigration status. >> and 52% of the
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unyumt -- undocumented students are latino, 48% are asian. they say they will focus efforts on passing a federal dream act. >> and two americans won this year's nobel prize in sciences and one of them has bay area ties. they were cited for their work in macro economic growth and how it's affected about by an increase, he held teaching positions at stanford and at hoover institute pello. sims is a professor at princeton university. >> one gigantic gourd. >> and this squashed the competition, at this year's great pumpkin weigh off. we'll be right back. gjgjgjgj
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coming up at 6:00 breaking news out of gilroy. there is a shelter in place on
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third street because of a gas line break. we'll have latest on that. >> fall out from last week's cement plant shooting how a rampage took one work years widow with nowhere to turn. >> and managing traffic jams and why it made things worse for everyone, deal wigt a year later. coming up at 6:00. >> and now, what you've been waiting for, half moon bay pumpkin festival. and he's from the bay area. >> and he took home the top prize for 1700 pound pumpkin and a prize of $10,224. >> it top aid previous record and fell short of the world record of 1800 pounds. and he says he was surprised how much it weighed. >> top pumpkins will be on display this weekend in half moon bay. and that is huge. >> it did work. about $6 a pound or so. >> and world news is coming up next. i'm cheryl


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