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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  October 11, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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morning america." and have a great tuesday, everybody. and have a great tuesday, everybody. thanks for watchch closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc -- good morning i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland. protesters are sleeping, eating outside in the rain. they stay they don't they may end up having to live this way. >> this is only a test. senate is expected to vote on the president's jobs plan in a test vote as the jobs council prepares to make recommendations on how to create jobs. >> live look downtown san francisco, clouds still here and dropping drizzle. talk about how long that will last and the warming trend still on the way. >> good morning. following a fatal accident involving san jose's light rail shutdown right now. details in just a couple of minutes. tuesday, 4:30 thank you
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for joining us, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. even in the rain oakland has joined the nationwide movement. occupy oakland is following in the footsteps of the original protests on wall street. amy hollyfield is live near oakland city hall where folks are camped out. >> reporter: they are serious about occupying oakland. even in the rain. check out behind me, not only a ton of tents, a third tent, that is where they are serving not just coffee and peanut butter, chicken, beef stew, they have served hundreds. all donated they say. at one point at its peak yesterday afternoon they estimate there were 500 people out here this is part of the occupy wall street movement that started a couple of weeks ago and is spreading across the country. demonstrators are upset about the posts corporations enjoy while many in the middle class
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are struggling to find jobs. bailout, war. protesters admit their message is not entirely focused. occupy oakland activists say they have the support of the mayor and local union leaders. police have been closely watching the situation but have not made demands about them getting out of the area. they say they don't have an end time planned. i asked how long they are going to stay out here? they said no plans. they are here until they are not. this is not just limited to the major cities in the bay area. occupy walnut creek is expected to start tomorrow afternoon at 4:00. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. wealth and end equality and lack of jobs are at the core of what driving these
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protests across the country. today president obama and his republican challengers for the white house will tackle the issues on several fronts. >> reporter: it is all about jobs this morning. the president and the republican candidates for president have high profile events on tap to highlight their respective remedies for unemployment. president obama's 447 billion dollar jobs plan faces its first test vote in the senate today. he's been pushing it hard by most accounts it doesn't stand a chance. republicans have a big problem with the spending and so-called millionaire tack the president is pushing. the president's jobs council is expected to release its recommendations for job creation. they will recommend improving the infrastructure and creating a student loan repayment plan based on income. so graduates aren't afraid to take business risks. tonight the nation can hear what the republican candidates have planned for turning
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around the unemployment numbers. herman cain has been less than sympathetic to those out of work. >> don't blame wall street. don't blame the big banks. if you don't have a job and you are not rich, blame yourself. >> people of the community are struggling day-to-day, -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: that was congressman speaking yesterday at a latino leadership event in san jose. california could get more than 13 million dollars if the president's jobs act passes. california's unemployment rate is 12.1%. republican debate set to start at 5:00 tonight in new hampshire. it is 4:34 now. advocates for homeless occupying a vacant hotel in san francisco to call for better use of the city's many empty buildings will marching on world homeless action day
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yesterday some marched into the former cathedral hotel building. they walked past security guards and minutes later appeared on the rooftop. they say such squatting is justified because the city has 10,000 homeless and 30,000 empty housing units. >> as a squatter, i share my resources. i share my skills. doing public demonstrations like this is one way to hopefully inspire people to take back what is in the way stream pacific medical center owns the building and plans to build a hospital at the site next year. a spokesperson says the building isn't safe to occupy. police are just standing by to make sure things are peaceful. san jose police asking for the public's membership in solving the murders of two two students. the victims 21-year-old eric otokawa of san jose and his 20-year-old girlfriend. kristina pandula of sunnyvale.
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police say they were shot to death late saturday morning inside otokawa's rented apartment. the door opens up to an alley. the investigators tracking down leads told neighbors both were shot in the head several times. they may have known their killer. >> who are they looking for? >> they said one witness in the neighborhood saw this guy leaving, very abruptly in a black hyundai. >> police say they need more -- more leads on anyone who might have reason to execute two young people who others describe as sweet, preppy and wanting to help people. tonight millbrae city council expected to vote on whether to outsource police services to the san mateo county sheriff's office. a report says the police department is unstaffed to the point of being unsustainable. interim police chief says the city needs another $4 10,000 to hire a chief, command level
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officer and fulltime secretary. millbrae could save that money by contracting with the sheriff's department. that might result in fewer street patrols. apple making plans to remember steve jobs. he died last wednesday at the age of 56. jobs' fans keep adding to tributes to apple stores. the company's official memorial will take place next wednesday at apple headquarters in cupertino for employees only. no public service is planned. the santa clara health department has released jobs' debt certificate. it says he died of respiratory failure, resulting from pancreatic cancer. san bruno residents living near the site of the deadly pipeline explosion will soon be able to drive through city streets. barricades are set to come down tomorrow. the mayor calls it another milestone in the recovery and rebuilding process. last month residents helped
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fill the gaping crater that the spot where the pipeline exploded and caught fire in september of 2010, killing eight and destroying more than three dozen homes. you may smell natural gas along a mile long pipeline through stanford university property starting 10:00 this morning. part of pg&e venting of gas to prepare it for hydro static testing. the pipeline runs along page mill road and sand hill to 280. pg&e is scheduled to do testing in sunnyvale today. the tests are aimed at validating the safe operating pressure of the segment of pipe and reveal weakness that could lead to leaks. 4:38. time for a check on the weather forecast. i was thinking where i saw the rain coming in this morning. dribs and drabs before and after the tunnel. >> good memory. >> i hardly remember my drive.
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>> most of the drizzle is in the bay area in the higher elevations in the valleys not as pronounced. hard to see on doppler because it is so low to the ground. it is going to be a moist morning. leftover moisture even if it is not drizzle in your neighborhood the streets are still going to be wet for the better part of the commute. you can see the flow pushing north most of the rain in oregon and washington going to continue moving to the north that's what is going to open us to warmer weather and sun this afternoon. when you step out, it is muggy. temperatures running from 6° cooler in antioch the only one cooler to everybody else, 3 to 10° warmer than yesterday morning. that puts our temperatures pretty much in the low to mid 60s through the 8:00 hour. did you see the radar returns? they tart shrinking then. by noon the rain -- rain is gone flight arrival delays into sfo. temperatures in the 60s more
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mid to upper 60s by the time we get to noon. more sun by the afternoon hours. throw mid 60s along the coast into san francisco. 69 oakland. everybody else in the low to mid 70s. we take a big jump tomorrow, 8 to 10° warmer across the board. warmer thursday, slight cooling trend friday. extra clouds and temperatures back to average over the weekend. drizzle on the road. first san jose fatal accident involving light rail bta at north first and tremble. north first between -- they are expecting that to be reopened about 5:30 this morning. so far, we have the light rail delays. no other problems with your mass commute. accident eastbound 4, leverage on the shoulder.
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. still cloudy, a little drizzle. you can tell looking at this picture of downtown fran san . mike says we are going to clear up -- see sun and get ready for a warm-up. sue going to check out your traffic. more news right now. alameda fire department has
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secured a second boat for water rescues, after a controversial drowning in may. a man drowned after an alameda beach while firefighters and police stood by because they weren't properly equipped. an investigation blamed the city for relying too much on outside agencies for shallow water rescue. now the city is replacing a fire department rescue boat that was eliminated in 2008. >> police looking for the gunman who shot at a transit bus yesterday afternoon near the fruitville bart station in oakland. you can see the that, the gun shot startled passengers nobody hurt. the bus driver sped away and drove to the next stop in alameda. oakland police and deputies don't know if the shooter was targeting anyone on the bus. renewed speculation over the possibility of the oakland raiders moving back to los angeles with the passing of owner al davis.
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the apparent handing down of controlling interest from davis to his son mark may cause a shift in the stadium construction and franchise relocation scenario. yahoo news reports al davis spoke to officials six months ago but balked at their insistence at owning a sizable share of his team if the team days in the bay area the raiders may be receptive to sharing a stadium with the 49ers. bay area traffic, new study shows kicking the hybrids out of the car pool lanes has made things worse. >> one of mexico's most popular tourist towns braces for a dangerous encounter with a hurricane. slipsliding away. flight comes to an unexpected end for dozens of passengers in the midwest. new report says vitamins may be doing more harm than good.
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58 in seattle to 93 in phoenix. a lot of 60s and 70s until the gulf coast 81 new orleans to 83 in dallas. all major airports on time. san francisco, flight arrival delays. we'll let you know how long as soon as they let us know. our flight tracker is at the bottom. 4:48. mayor ed heat will take part in launching a new bike rental program with five new sites in san francisco. two locations are in golden gate park and kennedy drive near the tea garden. others in fort mason center and downtown at herman plaza and union square. $9 an hour for a regular bike and $35 an hour for
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a freeway traffic has gotten slower for us even in the car pool lanes. >> reporter: maybe you think the ebb and flow of traffic are irreversible forces of nature. if so you probably don't study engineering or have this professor. >> one can understand the nature of congestion and how to combat it, the world is a better place. >> reporter: dr. cassidy looked at a stretch of highway 880 many >> it was the one that stood the best chance of benefiting from ejecting the car pool lane. the best candidate ends up being much worse off. >> reporter: since california he ed 85,000 hybrids traffic in all the lanes -- moving 10
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miles per hour slower. in the regular lanes understandable, more hybrids, more competition in the car pool lanes, those drivers are going so much faster they feel a need to slow down. >> the point is, nobody is better off mean if car pool drivers aren't much worse off, they are still worse off. if you would get some of those hybrids back into the car pool lane, everybody would be better off, including knows in the car pool lane. >> reporter: dr. cassidy notes in january a pending federal prom will allow 40,000 plug-ins into the car pool lane. he says they shouldn't make any difference. let the hybrids join them as well. wayne free man, abc7 news. the national transportation safety board has released video of a south west plane skidding off a chicago runway. camera at midway airport captured the 737 as it fish
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tailed off a rain-soaked tarmac into a patch of muddy in april as the plane landed after a flight from denver. none of the 134 passengers and five crewmembers were hurt. the ntsb is still investigating. mexico's pacific coast is preparing for a major hurricane that will make landfall today. it is expected to hit near puerto vallarta this afternoon. the outer bands are drenching the town already. the government has issued a flood warning. right now it is a cat 3 with winds at 123 miles per hour. the u.s. hurricane center says it could grow to a cat 4 with winds of 130 plus miles-an-hour before it hits land. hotels are preparing for the worst. tourists down there are going to get a thrill you can't buy, you have to be there. >> that's not the thrill they
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went there for. >> probably not. >> we still have until november 30th. let's look at what is going home here at home. unusual for it to double back on itself like that. usually those storms head farther west instead of doubling back to the east unusual storm in that respect. 4:50 to. clouds over san francisco this -- drizzle out there, bay shore, higher elevations. going to hang around for the better bart of the morning commute. moist -- better part of the morning commute. temperatures in the -- as we head to the monterey bay 61, 62, or 63°. this afternoon clearing, dry,
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warmer conditions. umbrellas this morning, sunglasses this afternoon, absolutely. sunny everywhere warmest in the afternoons wednesday, thursday, lesser extent friday. more clouds will i go the weekend is trending cooler. -- will signal that the weekend is trending cooler. santa rosa 11° warmer than yesterday. it is going to take a while for the sun to blast through the clouds once it does a quick warming into the mid to upper 70s in the east bay valleys. east bay shore upper 60s richmond, berkeley low 70s for everybody else. south bay low to mid 70s, 75 at saratoga to 76 in los gatos. peninsula upper 60s to low 70s. low 60s along the coast mid to upper 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito
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upper 50s to low 60s at north bay beaches low to mid 70s in valleys mid to upper 60s carmel and monterey. inland low to mid 70s. traveling the state today a few raindrops around you rica and 62. sun shine tahoe 65 palm springs 97° with sunshine. back home tonight, -- clearer sky, patchy fog, temperatures in the 50s. what happened? warm front bushed through, cold front never going to make it through that's why we are in this -- we are in warm, moist flow. once high pressure moves into in dramatic jump in temperatures wednesday, thursday. cold front brings cooler weather saturday and sunday. good morning.
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pretty major accident light rail and a pedestrian. we are ing word there are no delays on the line -- that intersection north will remain closed between bonaventure and component north first and east tremble between zanker and orchard. right now all the at this time montague expressway or zanker road no delays at this time. the intersection closed until 5:30. golden gate bridge foggy, deck is slick toll plaza, metering lights off, but the roads are very wet. for the latest. 4:55. >> state public health officials -- excuse me new study finds taking vitamins could be harmful for older women. researchers tracked 39,000
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women 55 to 69 for 19 years. risk of dying increased who took a multi-vitamin compared with those who didn't. risk getter for those who took iron supplements. >> this raises the question it might hurt. a different level of understanding we need to comprehend. >> exception was calcium sum men as associated with a slightly decreased risk of premajor death. seattle man who calls himself a superhero crime fighter is fighting an assault charge. police say phoenix jones sprayed pepper spray on a group of people over the weekend. a journalist captured it on camera. jones says the people were fighting. police say they were just dancing. the crime fighter was arrested
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wearing his black and gold costume. >> bess dressed guy in jail. >> -- next, coming up short, what an unexpected drop in revenue could mean for california schools. what cause are you so passionate about that you would be willing to sleep outside in the rain for it? i'll tell what is motivating this camp in downtown oakland, next. east coast company calling the bay area home. why it didn't take a tax giveaway to get them here. -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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