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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 11, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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trying to return to normal a cupertino rock quarry reopens for the first time since a shooting rampage killed three workers and injured six. i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland. the coffee is brewing in front of city hall. occupy oakland activists are gearing up for another day of demonstrations. i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco. a vacant 600 room hotel has been taken over by advocates for the hopeless. i'll tell you what they want and what is likely to happen next, coming up in a live report. good morning.
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off to a damp start with mist and drizzle through the morning commute. sunshine rolls in this afternoon and a warming trend the next three days. good morning. mist and drizzle, slick roads and so far pretty good commute. we'll follow it for you in a few minutes. so far. it is 6:01 on this tuesday thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas this morning oakland has ginned the nationwide movement challenging corporate greed and u.s. economic policies. occupy oakland first ladying in the footsteps of the original wall street protest. amy hollyfield is live near oakland city hall where they seem to be packing in for the long haul. >> reporter: yeah, occupy oakland is serious about occupying oakland. look at the little tent city behind us in front of city hall. there's a food tent, they are brewing coffee there now. they have breakfast breads for people gearing up for a busy day. at one point, at its peak
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yesterday afternoon they estimate there were about 500 people here this is part of the occupy wall street movement that started two weeks ago and is spreading across the country. demonstrators are upset about the profits that corporations enjoy while many in the middle class struggle to find jobs. they do think this demonstration is necessary now in order to save the future. >> basically, if we don't fight now this is how we'll be living leave it up to the corporate people it is scary the way the economy is the way the markets are. this might be what we are reduced to. we are getting ready but making a message at the same time if we don't get ready, this is possibly what we could be reduced to. >> reporter: occupy oakland activists say they have the support of the mayor and the local union leaders. and police have been closely watching but have not demanded they leave. they say they have no end time
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planned. they are just kind of going with it. they seem to have a lot of momentum, even at this early hour. it is not just happening here in oakland or in san francisco or even in san jose, occupy walnut creek is scheduled to kickoff tomorrow afternoon. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. a different sort of occupies protest this morning at a couple of -- vacant buildings in san francisco. open less add can is have moved into the buildings to make a point about the lack of housing. terry mcsweeney is live in san francisco. >> reporter: right now we have a police presence we've had this all morning a squad car, officers not moving, a sign they are about to try to go in and remove the people who have taken over the hotel. we've seen security guards as well, moving about inside the building. you look up to the window that may be where some of the occupiers have set up for the night.
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this started with a protest on homeless action day. take a listen. dozens with a group called homes, not jails marched through the streets and chanting occupy everything. then they started to occupy. for starters they took over the former cathedral hill hotel vacant now for two years. some were up on the roof, others waving banners from the windows. some say they are not leaving until they are dragged out. >> this entire building could house all of the houseless families in this state as well as a lot of single adults. >> reporter: protesters say there are 10,000 homeless in san francisco and 30,000 available rental units. california pacific medical center owns this building. they are concerned. they say the building isn't safe. it may be even dangerous. they are concerned about the
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roof and some other things. remaining protesters moved to another building not far from here and took over a 17 unit apartment building. san francisco pd aware of that and on the scene, they are here as well, not in large numbers, just as observers really, waiting, last time we heard, waiting to hear what the owners of these buildings want to do. tila tequila m, abc7 news. san jose -- police are asking for the public's help solving the murders of two former san jose state students victims identified at 21-year-old eric otokawa of san jose and his 20-year-old girlfriend kristina pandula. police say both were shot to death late saturday morning inside otokawa's rental behind a victorian home on south third street the door of the operate opens up to an alley
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investigators tracking down leads told neighbors both were shot in the head several times and may have their killer. >> we need the public's help. we are reaching out to them, we know somebody knows this individual, they suspect he or she committed the crime. >> one witness reported seeing a man drive off in a black honda. police want to hear about anyone who might have had a motive to kill the cup. san jose police officer on administrative -- leave while officials investigate his involvement in a deadly shooting. yesterday morning officers got reports of a person with a gun walking near hillsdale police officer say the officer shot the armed man after he made a threatening motion towards the officer. this is the fourth shooting in one month involving an officer in san jose. two by police and two by the county sheriff's deputies. limestone quarry in cupertino open again for the first time since three employees were killed and six wounded in an employee
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shooting spree. a statement from the texas-based company that owns the lehigh southwest cement plant says the plant is open and hopes to be fully operational within a week. last wednesday a truck driver at the plant shareef allman went on a shooting rampage after complaining about racial discrimination. he was shot to death the following day by sheriff's deputies. straight controller chung says california missed its mark again in september by collecting 300 million dollars less in tax revenues than state leaders accounted for. the 4% drop means california revenue is now 705 million behind estimates. is warning a continued drop may trigger automatic mid year cuts. public schools could lose up to 1 1/2 billion dollars unless tax revenues increase, c and csu systems, face 100 million dollars in budget cuts
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each. time for a check on the forecast. fog and drizzle. >> right. muggy and warm out there too. >> absolutely. that moist flow continues to roll across our neighborhoods, keeping us in this dampness through the morning. by the afternoon, we will see a lot of sun and warmer weather on the way. for now, doppler picking up a few spots of heavier drizzle, mainly in the higher elevations around the bay area. as we are watching the flow steadily march north it going to take all that moisture with it. that's why we'll see sunshine this afternoon. until then the other big story is how mile it is. low to mid 60s this morning. we should be in the low to mid 50s. by the afternoon hours it will take a while to get rid of that cloud cover low to mid 60s coast san francisco upper 60s richmond and san mateo low to mid 70s rest of the bay shore south bay north bay mid to upper 70s in the east bay valley monseray bay sunny 67
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low to mid 70s for the rest of the day and inland you can see what that warm air mass is going to do once we get sun temperatures will be about -- 10 to 12° warmer by thursday we hold on to the warm weather through friday, much cooler saturday and sunday looking die right now. -- hooking dry right now. if you are expecting someone westbound 80 they've shut that freeway down between crystal springs and alta big rigs mixing it up, no injuries, dutch flats area traffic diverted off to highway 20 you will experience delays out of the sierra. drive times this morning, highway 4 beginning to bunch up towards concord, 580 slow towards dublin. 238 not ride. san mateo bridge mist cleared traffic flowing, both directs no problem.
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>> 6:09. game is over. impasse that has cancelled part of the nba season. a solar company
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning 6:13 on this tuesday. go bridge definitely a little fog out there. you -- golden gate bridge definitely a little fog out
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there. we'll talk to mike about the amount of drizzle and how things are going to warm up. we'll check out traffic problems with sue this morning. basketball fans you can scrub the first two weeks of the nba season. it was supposed to start november 1st. those first two weeks have been cancelled because of the ongoing contract dispute between owners and players. commissioner stern made at thupbsment last night saying the two sides are -- the announcement last night saying the two sighs are very far apart. no new talks are scheduled. forget plans to watch or attend the november 2nd, warriors homeowner against the lakers. bay area home to a new solar company. sun edison has moved from maryland to belmont. 150 people will work at the company to start. sun edison has plans to hire up to 500 employees in the next few years. california's reputation as a leader in the solar industry lured the company here. >> with the -- we are the
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innovative state and we are going to invest in solar and make california not only the national leader, which is, we are going to make it the world lead are. we are going to do that with a company like this. >> sun edison did not get tax incentives to come to california. the company says the move was based on the talent pool available here. expected increase in demand in california for residential solar power. sonoma county wine makers reporting significant damage to their 400 million dollar grape crop from reason rains. vines have developed a rot. one grower has lost 50% of his zinfindel vines and 30% of his chardonnay grapes: they are spraying fruit that need more ripening time and clearing leaves out of canopies to let in more sun and wind to dry out the crop. quite a bit of rain, had a bunch yesterday.
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i know you were adding totals there. >> it was all over the place. 3/100 in redwood city to two thirds in some other areas, half an inch in oakland, all over the place. i'll have that map in 25 minutes. also on my blog and facebook. i'll even tweet it, we'll put it everywhere. actually, a little clearing starting to take place as the heaviest of the drizzle in some areas like this shot from downtown san francisco under the bay bridge to the port of oakland is starting to dry visibility increases novato two miles down to a mile and a quarter there up to six miles est fog along the coast hay -- half moon bay low to mid 60s around the bay area and monterey bay and inland
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valleys. afternoon clearing sunshine dry, warmer and that will be the spring board sunshine everywhere warmest afternoons tomorrow, thursday and holding on to friday by the weekend clouds are rolling back in and so is the cooler weather with it. today, let's look compared to average, warmer, still a little shy in some areas like livermore 1° cooler oakland and san jose 3° cooler. sunshine 7:14. most of us should see the sunset at 6:30. extensive cloud cover throughout the morning, morning commute even up to lunch we'll see breaks in the clouds not until we get into the afternoon hours we really see a quicker rochon of the clouds, late start -- quick erosion of the clouds, we star in the south bay low to mid 70s with cupertino, santa clara around 73° upper 60s to
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low 70s on the peninsula redwood city 72 low 60s along the coast this afternoon mid to upper 60s downtown south san francisco, sausalito low to mid 70s through the north bay valleys sunshine near 60 beaches east bay shore low 70s exception richmond and berkeley upper 60s warms in the east bay valleys mid to upper 70s down to the inland valleys morgan hill, gilroy, hollister low to mid 70s upper 60s to low 70s for the monterey bay tonight lack of cloud cover means cooler conditions 50° temperatures patchy fog during the morning commute. 7-day forecast, 8 to 10° cooler i should say warmer tomorrow, a couple more degrees of warmth thursday, wednesday, thursday low 70s along the coast, near 80 around the bay upper 80s to near 90 inland we drop four to
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six degrees friday and another six to eight degrees with more clouds right now it looks dry this weekend. good morning. happy tuesday! drizzle and wet roads. drive times this morning marin county not a bad ride to the maze from the carquinez bridge 20 minutes typical. 580 starting to bunch up towards the dublin interchange. golden gate bridge, we have fog there and limited visibility as you come out of the waldo tunnel slick roads there. now the san mateo bridge no fog, problem-free headlights headed in the eastbound and taillights in the westbound direction no problems. toll plaza no metering lights looks like the metering lights may have been just turned on car pool fast track still the easiest route. for the latest. 6:19. coming up, ending the
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just call it a new way get to you friend wal-mart. the retailer has individual pages for all 3500 stores. a spokesman says the new pages will allow the company to
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taylor offers for specific communities, including -- tailor offers for specific communities. the apps has download able maps of stores that could come in handy during the shopping madness next month. wal-mart has more than nine million fans on its corporate page. jo >> universal iphone and ipad app is free. some popular games will work. the app fills out the larger screen of the ipad the tech world had been anticipating it. facebook will only say we are releasing it now because it is done. it still doesn't have an app for android phones. a lake full of man-eating s is a familiar sight for golfers at the 14th tee at the golf club in
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brisbane, australia the sharks got in after a river broke its banks. golfers love boating about playing there. local kids no longer retrieve lost balls from the water for extra pocket money and our advice is if you are head into the water -- if you hit into the water there, let it go. still ahead, restoring a scarred neighborhood. new benchmark moment coming this week for those trying to rebuild after last year's pipeline explosion. have you seen a killer? police ask for help and offer new clue in the murder of a young south bay couple. >> reporter: what cause are you so passionate about that you would sleep out in the rain for? i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland. i'll tell what is motivating these campers, next. delays into sfo nearly 63 minutes, everybody else running on time.úúúúúúúúúúú@@úúú
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good morning. waiting for the opening bell on wall street there it is! stock futures fell overnight
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despite the fact that the dow average posting largest gain since august yesterday. investors worry that slovakia might not approve a plan to strengthen europe's bailout fun. i don't think i've her the bell ring that long. live from the new york stock exchange in 15 minutes. are waking up in oakland this morning after -- this encampment looks like it is set up to last a while. amy hollyfield is live. >> reporter: they are starting to wake up. they've moved their food tent to this area where they can have a better advantage point of the camp and brewing coffee, getting breakfast ready so they can have a full day of department stays. they prefer -- day of demonstrations they prefer an open forum, discuss. they believe you can make a
6:31 am
difference. occupy oakland kicked off yesterday. at the height 500 people were out here. they don't know how long they will be here. they fear if they don't camp out now they may be forced to live like this. because of what they call corporate greed. that's what they want to bring attention to. they say they would love to see more people out here but there are other ways that you can make a statement. >> many things we can do. we control the market, our money, every time we make a deposit, every time we pay a bill, we are making that corporate giant stronger. if we would invest into our community we would be just as strong, promise you that. >> reporter: the group says, police have not told them they need to leave as has happened in other cities. they don't know how long they are going to be out here. you get a sense they are just getting started. they've momentum this morning and energy. this is part of the national movement that started two weeks ago, occupy wall street. it is spreading.
6:32 am
you are not going to just see it here in oakland or san francisco. occupy walnut creek is scheduled to kickoff tomorrow afternoon. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:32 now. jobs has been one of the key unifying themes for all of the occupy protests. this morning it will be the hottest topic for the president and the republican candidates looking to replace him. both sides are expected to unveil new ideas about getting more people back to work. katie is live in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: good morning. president obama's jobs act is expected to die in a test vote today. at the same time his jobs council should be releasing recommendations on how to create jobs. the president's 447 billion dollar plan faces is first test vote in the senate today. he's been pushing it hard. by most accounts it doesn't stand a chance. republicans have a big problem with spending and so call millionaire tax the president is pushing.
6:33 am
the president's jobs council is expected to release recommendations for job creation. the report includes putting people back to work with infrastructure projects and creating a new student loan repayment plan based ondj income so grad whiches have freedom to take entrepreneurial risks. -- voters can hear what the republican candidates have planned for job creation. herman cain on the record telling the unemployed it is their own fault they are out of work. >> don't blame wall street. don't blame the big banks. if you don't have a job and you are not rich, became yourself! >> people of the community are struggling day-to-day, -- [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: that was a congressman speaking at a latino leadership alliance event in san jose. unemployment raid in -- rate in california 12.1%. republican presidential candidate debate is scheduled
6:34 am
at 5:00 tonight from new hampshire. san jose police are asking for the public's help in solving the murders of two former students. victims are identified as 21-year-old eric otokawa of san jose and his 20-year-old girlfriend kristina pandula of sunny veil he was a student nursing student. she were -- they were shot to death late saturday morning in otokawa's apartment. the door opens up to an alley many investigators tracking down leads told neighbors both were shot in the head several times and may have known their killer. >> who are they looking for? >> they said there was bun witness in the neighborhood that -- there was one witness in the neighborhood that saw this guy leaving abruptly in a black honda. >> police say they need more leads. police are looking for the
6:35 am
gunman who shot at a transit bus yesterday afternoon in oakland. one bullet shattered the front the gun shots startled passengers, none of them were hurt. the bus driver sped away and drove to the next stop. oakland police and deputies don't know if the shooter withs with targeting anyone inside the bus. apple making plans for a celebration to remember company co-founder steve jobs. he died last wednesday at the age of 56. jobs' fans keep adding to tributes at apple stores. the company's official memorial bill take place next wednesday at apple headquarters. it will be for employees only. no public service is planned. the health department has released jobs' death certificate. the apple co-founder died of respiratory failure resulting from pancreatic cancer.qq4m
6:36 am
san bruno residents will soon be able to drive through city streets. the barricades around the neighborhood are set to come down tomorrow. the mayor calls it another milestone in the recovery and rebuilding process. last month residents helped fill in the gaping crater that marked the spot where the pipeline exploded in september of 2010, killing eight and destroying 38 homes. >> students and residents around stanford may smell natural gas today because pg&e will begin venting gas from a pipeline on stanford property to prepare for hydro static testing. the pipeline vented today runs along page mill road and along sand hill road to i-280. the tests were ordered by state regulators in the of the pipeline explosion. meant to identify any leaks or weak points in pg&e's lines. 6:36. still a little drizzley. sure enough, airport delays. >> indeed. 65 minutes into sfo only
6:37 am
this morning. good morning. damp start look at the past three hours, don't see much on doppler other than heavier drizzle across the south bay, santa cruz mountains. the drizzle is starting to dry just a little. i think it hangs around for the better part of the morning commute. the streets will still be wet. the drying trend as the storm -- storm track starting to move north. visibility has improved. novato two, half moon bay the lowest. this warm air mass still sitting on top us, temperatures from 3 to 10° warm are than yesterday except for and kwrbg where they are seeing a break -- scepter antioch where they are seeing a break in many so of the clouds. temperatures staying in the 60s, mostly cloudy by none, start to see breaks in the clouds, warmest weather in the north bay and east bay valleys mid 60s to near 70 the rest of
6:38 am
news the low to mid 60s by the afternoon should have total sunshine leftover clouds possible because the air and the ground is so moist low to mid 60s in the coast 69 oakland 70s for everybody else. today warmer than yesterday not as big a jump as what we are looking at tomorrow about 8 to 10°, a couple more degrees thursday for the warmest day in the forecast. good morning everyone. we pop around the bay all over the place on this report. san jose first, 280 headed northbound from highway 17, getting busier, no major problems. toll plaza, back-up. metering lights are on traffic back to the west grand over crossing fast track still the best way to get into san francisco to avoid that back-up. san rafael southbound live look as you see taillights headed towards the civic center into central san rafael, a bit slow no major tie-ups.
6:39 am
public transit we checked with bart, muni, everyone running on time. drive times a you leave the house this morning antioch towards concord out of the central valley and 238. 6:39. trading underway on wall street we have a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. here's a live look at the big bore, dow down 46 points. -- cal berkeley officials say they found the source of a mumps outbreak that had thousands lining up for vaccinations last week. the new buzz that the oakland raiders may be eyeing a move south. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in san francisco. new s in the take over of the old cathedral hill hotel by homeless advocates. they vowed to stay until someone dragged them out. ih
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check out live doppler fairly quiet across california. sunshine breaking out just about everywhere warming trend from low to mid 60s eureka tahoe, mid to upper 70s, big sur, yosemite, san diego, low 80s fresno and l.a., 97° in palm springs.
6:44 am
6:3 43. san francisco mayor planses to take part in -- part in launching a new bike rental program. two locations are in golden gate park and kennedy drive near the tea garden. others at fort mason and downtown herman plaza and union square plaza. $9 an hour for a regular bike and $35 an hour for a four person -- stocks giving back some of yesterday's gains. most beam would not trade blases with -- most people would not trade places with their bosses. >> jane? good morning. we have the leader in of the european central bank like the bernanke of europe, saying the debt crisis threatens the financial system, pretty serious talk there. that's not helping stocks today. we had that fantastic yesterday, huge gains.
6:45 am
a bit of pull-back today, nothing dramatic the dow down 50 points or so, s&p and nasdaq slightly lower. bloomberg silicon valley index trading up just a bit. musical chairs in the investment world. analysts expect goldman sachs earnings to collapse lowest since the 2008 financial crisis. they say the new winner likely san francisco-based wells fargo thanks to profits from mortgage leaning. times have chained. both banks report next week google reporting this week. most workers don't want their bosses' job. a professional staffing service says fewer workers are angling for the top spot these days. 3/4 polled have no interest in having their managers' position. monday nationals about day. -- monday national boss day.
6:46 am
i'm jane king. mexico's pacific coast is preparing for a major hurricane that will make landfall today. hurricane jova is expected to hit this afternoon. outer bands are ing. a resort town already. jova is a category 3 storm with sustained winds at 120 miles per hour. hurricane center says it could grow to a category 4 before it hits land. hotels from part vie yard that to minutes neoare preparing for the worst, -- >> this made a 180 turn. >> usually trade winds go from east to west this -- very, very tough situation for those folks as you know if you have
6:47 am
been there, they can't handle a lot of rain very well without flooding. we are at 6:47 right now looking at downtown san francisco, looking at an ever changing sky starting to dry a little clouds are going to hang around for the better part of the morning into the early afternoon going to keep flight arrival delays going into sfo. here's rain totals from the last 24 hours from 3/100 in fairfield, concord, redwood city, nearly a /10 in san jose. oakland 3/10 then you see 6/10 in petaluma, napa, santa rosa didn't get a /10 of an inch. half moon bay 1.2 inches. rate now as far as temperatures low to mid 60s not only here but also in the monseray bay and inland. very mild start this morning, clearing by the afternoon that will lead to warmer
6:48 am
temperatures. the warmest in and the brightest days ahead, wednesday, thursday, lesser extent friday. clouds will roll in and start a cooling trend. right now, it looks dry. today 1° warmer in san francisco, san jose, 2° warmer santa rosa 11° warmer. all of us should see that sunset 6:38 this evening. warmest east bay valleys mid to upper 70s this afternoon low 70s most of the east bay shore upper 60s around richmond and berkeley in the south bay low to mid 70s cupertino, santa clara around 73°. upper 60s millbrae, san mateo, low 70s the rest of the peninsula. mid 60s upper 60s downtown south san francisco, sausalito north bay valleys near 60 at beaches mid to upper 60s carmel and monterey low to mid 70s for the ref of the bay and inland tonight mainly clear,
6:49 am
-- cooler in the 50s patchy fog during the morning commute. cold front never pushed through this warm air mass is staying in place. this area of high pressure going to steer that 97° we saw in palm springs, some of that warmer weather our near 90 inland thursday 80 around the bay 70s at the coast. 10° cooler by the weekend. have a great day here's sue with your traffic. petaluma, hot spot here southbound 101 before washington all lanes blocked now with an accident. again southbound 101 in pet lumina still no "sig alert" at this time. -- highway 4, 580 out of the central valley, santa rosa into novato hopefully they will get that accident out in time. golden gate bridge fog surface is a bit slick from overnight
6:50 am
drizzle and rain. san mateo same slick roads no delays east and west one from hayward to foster city both directions. back up at bay bridge, metering lights on, traffic backed towards the maze. a lot of company up the incline into san francisco, no major problems. for the latest. 6:50. national transportation safety board has released this video of a southwest plane skidding off a runway in chicago. camera admitway airport captured the jetliner as it fish tailed off a rain soaked tarmac into grass. it happened in april as the 737 landed after a flit from denver. none of the 134 passengers on five drew onboard were hurt. the nts is still investigating. alameda fire department has secured a second boat for water rescues after a
6:51 am
controversial drowning in may. a 53-year-old man drowned off a beach while firefighters and police stood by because they weren't properly equipped. an investigation blamed the city for relying too much on outside agencies. now the city is shoring up the rescue unit by replacing a fire department rescue boat that was eliminated in 2008. renewed speculation over the possibility of the raiders moving back to los angeles with the death of team owner davis. according to yahya news, the apparent ing down -- of the controlling interest from davis to his son mark may what was needed to get a deal done. yahoo news reports davis spoke to officials behind building a new stadium six months ago but balked at the insistence that the city would own a sizeable chunk of the team. several sources say the raiders may be receptive to sharing a stadium with the 49ers. a seattle man who calls
6:52 am
himself a super hero crime fighter is fight ago assault charge. police say phoenix jones pepper sprayed a group of people over the weekend. jones says the people were fighting. police say they were just dancing. the citizen crime tighter was arrested wearing his black and geld costume, bulletproof vest andrz two cans of pepper spray. public health officials say a. --. a uc berkeley student who contracted mumps may be responsible for the outbreak. free vaccination clinic attracted long lines last friday another clinic is scheduled for today. mumps rare and this is the believed to be berkeley's largest outbreak ever. 6:52. this morning the growing occupy protests have spread to oakland where dozens are
6:53 am
waking up outside of city hall promising to be there for as long as it takes to make change. amy hollyfield -- >> amy hollyfield is live with the latest. >> reporter: they don't have a plan. they don't know now how long they are going to be here for. they have momentum and a lot of energy. they spent the night out here in the rain. a little tent city has formed out here. they even have a food tent where they have chicken stew and beef last night now they are brewing coffee and handing out pastries. they plan to be here for a while. they don't know how long. occupy oakland kicked off yesterday. there were about 500 people here. they have would like for everyone to support them. they would who have to see more people. even if you are not out here they would love your support in other ways, such as how you your money. they are protesting what they call corporate greed. one man asked us not to call it a protest.
6:54 am
he said it is more of a discussion of an open forum. the group says police have not told them they need to leave, as has happened in other cities. they don't know how long they are going to be out here. they are just enjoying the momentum they have going that you get a sense they are just getting started this is part of a national movement that ed two weeks ago, occupy wall street. it is spreading -- across the country and the bay area. occupy walnut creek is scheduled to kickoff tomorrow afternoon. our other top story in san francisco where we find terry mcsweeney. our stories have some things in common this morning. >> reporter: well, they did. looks like right now that the people who took over the cathedral hill hotel here yesterday and vowed not to leave, unless dragged out, they've taken the easier way out. you see the police car behind me, we are hearing from a good source that security guards went into the hotel this
6:55 am
morning to look for the protesters and at some point they heard the door alarms go off, suggesting someone may have been heaving the hotel. they went room to room, couldn't find anyone. homeless protest that turned into the take over of not just building but another one protesters with a group call homes, not jails taking action on homeless act day they vowed to not leave unless dragged out they used bolt cutters reportedly to cut the changes on the doors they went -- cut the cahina on the doors. a health group plans to build a hospital here next year. the hotel has been vacant for two years. other protesters took over a 17 unit apartment building also owned by california pacific medical center. the latest out here is security guards went in, could not find any protesters. at some point during that search they heard alarms on the doors go off.
6:56 am
perhaps the threat to not leave unless they were dragged out were just a threat. they may have taken an easier way out. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 6:56. payment looks shimmery. >> misty, maybe -- organized rain is effort . flight arrival delays will spill into the afternoon at sfo. mild when you step out, throw mid 50s on our way to mid 50s around san francisco to low to mid 70s around most of the bay upper 70s in the east bay valleys. warmer today, warmest days tomorrow, thursday and friday >> southbound 101 in petaluma just before washington both lanes blocked with an accident, bus involved. drive times this morning, highway 4, 580 and 101 there's your drive from santa rosa towards novato.
6:57 am
san jose northbound 101 accident now slow towards the central and northern portion of san jose. back up at the toll plaza, not easy this morning. >> thank you sue. thank you for joining us for the abc 7 morning news. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. keep track of the latest breaking news at twitter and you can talk about it on facebook. midday news attttttttttttttttttt
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