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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  October 11, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc good , i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. right now police moving in on demonstrators. >> homeless advocates seized the buildings yesterday to demand the city do more to find housing for the homeless. terry mcsweeney is live at the scene. >> reporter: the police are getting ready to go in. they are getting together behind me on the sidewalk in front of the hotel. i counted seven this is going to be a huge undertaking this
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is a one block hotel, -- hotel, 600 rooms this is going to take hours. this has turned into this. members of the advocacy group homes not jails, quietly occupying charlie's hotel annika three hill hotel. -- is internationally recognized symbol of anarchy. >> this building is housing that was previously unoccupied now occupied. the plan going forward is to occupy it for as long as it is available to us and to keep it open for others. >> reporter: security guards went in the hotel this morning and found no one. the guards her the sound of a door alarm suggesting protesters may have left. >> whether they are still occupying or not, i haven't
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heard this morning. >> reporter: across the street from charlie's hotel we found a group of tourists about to head home to france. they've seen the same thing home. >> these people, i think these people must sleep on the house not on the street. >> reporter: sutter health opens both properties and operates the california pacific medical center which plans a billion dollar facility at the cathedral hotel site. the san francisco police out here. i was talking to a spokesperson they are telling me even though this is going to be a lot of manpower, it is going to cost the city some money these incidents are generally done for publicity and they do not trash the buildings. cathedral hill hotel, going to be a medical facility and charlie's will probably not be trashed. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news.
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40 people are camped out today at the occupy oakland protest. a tent city popped up in outside city hall last night. so far, oakland police are not citing people for camping. tweets from demonstrators claim officers told them they have 24 hours. yesterday hundreds showed up calling for economic change. some say this is one of many ways this group hopes to send a message to wall street. >> many things we can do. we control the market, our money, every time we make a deposit, pay a bill we are headaching that corporate giant stronger. if we cash making that corporate giant stronger. if we would invest that we be just as strong. tomorrow another group plans to launch occupy walnut creek. the so-called occupy protesters are demonstrating in at least 25 cities, new york, chicago, bash ton, boston, san francisco, san say >> in new york now occupy wall
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street -- protesters have left downtown manhattan and moved uptown target millionaires. hundreds are taking part in what they call a millionaire's march. they are holding oversized checks intended to symbolize how much less the wealthy will pay when new york's current millionaire tax expires the end of the year. >> in washington, d.c. police arrested half a dozen outside the senate building. 100 went inside the building that's when police moved in the. it is all about jobs and the economy as the senate gets ready to vote on president obama's jobs proposal. karen first -- karen travers has more. >> reporter: the president hits the road today. in washington the bill faces a critical test in the senate, a test it is likely to fail. the white house has demanded
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quick action on the half a trillion dollar plan. >> the president: tell congress to pass this bill. pass this bill. >> reporter: senate republicans and even some democrats say it is too expensive. republicans are adamantly posed to more stimulus spending. they don't like the tax increase on the wealthiest americans that democrats added. >> if this vote doesn't succeed tonight we are going to get right at it. >> reporter: the president's record will be under fire in new hampshire tonight. the republican presidential hopefuls meet for a debate that focuses on the economy. herman cain is in the spotlight. right next to romney. national polls determine the sitting arrangement, cain is in a solid second place. his rise has been swift somewhat surprising. he's never been in politics before. barely campaigning in the key early states and focusing most of his attention on promoting his new book.
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cain did earn an endorsement from mitt romney yesterday. romney may benefit from cain's sudden rise. perry and bachmann have been sinking in the polls. if they tear down cain they could climb back into with romney. karen engineers, tphauz, washington. >> late this -- late this morning, new jersey governor christie expected to endorse mitt romney today for the gop nomination. developing news, five car wreck snarling traffic on the peninsula coming off the san mateo bridge this morning. the crash on highway 92 near the 101 interchange. two lanes of westbound 92 are closed along with a connector ramp to 101 north. this is an injury accident. if you are heading that way, police suggest using 3rd avenue to northbound 101. for years after the double murder of a father and a
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7-month-old son, sacramento police have tracked down one of the suspects in the bay area. 27-year-old man booked in jail on suspicion of murder. sacramento police arrested him in oakland yesterday. investigators don't believe that he actually pull the trigger during the 2007 home invasion robbery in sacramento but belief he played a role. detectives are looking for two other men. they released these drawings both suspects may have eyes to the bay area. limestone quarry in cupertino is open again for the first time since three employees were killed and six injured in an employee shooting spree. a statement from the company says the plant is once again open and hopes to be fully operational within a week. last wednesday a truck driver shareef allman went on a shooting rampage after complaining of racial discrimination.
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we was shot to death the following day by sheriff's deputies. tonight the millbrae city council is expected to vote on whether to outsource police services to the san mateo county sheriff's department. a report says the millbrae department is understaffed. the interim police chief says the city needs to spend another $410,000 to hire a police chief, command officer and secretary. millbrae could save by contracting with the sheriff's department but that may result in fewer street patrols. election day early in san francisco. candidates already sounding off. are they ready to say l.a. again? new buzz that the raiders are heading south.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. breaking news in washington. fbi and drug enforcement agents have you ever con covered and stopped what they are calling a significant terror plot tied to iran including the assassination of the saudi arabian ambassador and bomb attacks on the saudi and israeli embassies in washington, d.c. one suspect told officials he was being directed by high ranking members of the iranian government. a spokesperson at the saudi embassy in washington said she was unaffair of the alleged plot. today is the first day san francisco cans can start
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casting their ballots for the -- november election. amy hollyfield joins us. some of those candidates took advantage of the early voting. >> reporter: yes, they did. they were here bright and early. tough to believe it is this time of year again. election scheduled for november 8th. the first candidate to cast his ballot was david chu democratic candidate, after campaigning -- [ inaudible ] they both say they've done endless amounts of campaigning. the college is not only get their name out -- the challenge is not only get their name out but to let people know election is coming up. some don't know the current mayor or the election is coming up. >> we've knocked on 270,000 doors so far in our campaign that's where it has been surprising how many people didn't even know there there
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was an election. we've been educating the voters. i've thousands of san franciscans at morning bus stops. >> there are hundreds of thousands of san franciscans that barely know there's an election november 8th. part of the reason i spent 24 hours campaigning all over san francisco from the breakers to the bay was to get the word out that there is a very important election coming up. that folks have three choices for mayor. >> reporter: current mayor ed lee is planning on voting in 30 minutes. look at this live picture his supporters are already here, lining up in front of city hall to greet him. normally, you would sycuan days voting on election day. the candidates say more people are casting absentee ballots. they figure it is important to their name out there now. i ed with the elections department, more than -- i checked with the elections
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department, more nan 50% -- more than 50% voted absentee last name -- last time. they all seem hopeful, enthusiastic and excited. you get three choices. the two candidates we saw today refused to tell us who they put down for their second and third choice. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. there is renewed buzz that the oakland raiders may move back to los angeles after owner al davis passed away. controlling interest is expected to go to his son mark. according to yahoo news that could open the way for changes in the nfl's stadium construction and franchise relocation plans. builders say six months ago al davis spoke with officials backing a new stadium in l.a.. davis pulled out when they insisted on owning a sizable share of the team. if the team decides to stay in the bay area several sources
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say the raiders may be receptive to sharing a stadium with the 49ers. meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. starting to see a break, delays at sfo nearly 65 minutes. warming trend on the way. big jump tomorrow before cooler weather this weekend. plus, how much is one life worth? the debate over a risky rescue mission for a woman at the south pole. the problem this last rainstorm is causing for grape growers in the north bay wine country. cccccccccccccccccccccccc
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this morning the calls to help a researcher stranded in one of the most desolate places on earth growing. she manages the national science foundation south pole research foundation and is stranded. she believes she suffered a stroke more than six weeks ago blurring her vision and affecting her speech. she needs help now. >> how badly do you want to
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come home now? >> real badly, it is time for me to get out of here and get on with my medical treatment. >> a specialized rescue plane is ready. it may not be able to land for another week. right now too dangerous for pilots to go and -- they are waiting the right now it is 74° below zero 20 below freezing point. visibility is zero. wine makers reporting significant damage to their 400 million dollar grape crop. the vines have developed a rot. one grower has lost 50% of his zinfindel and 30% of his chardonnay grapes. growers are harvesting with enough sugar content spraying fungicides and clearing leaves to let in more sunlight and wind to dry the crops. more sunlight is what
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we'll get in the hours to come, right mike? >> next three days even today. small chance of rain north bay saturday rain could be out of the forecast for a week. hopefully that good news for those folks. we'll keep an eye on that rain chance for saturday. very minimal but i did want to mention it. looking down from sutro tower some of the clouds breaking and will continue during the afternoon. east bay valley cam, from the east bay hills, we are looking there, back at some of the clearing taking place. satellite and what you saw shows up well on our satellite curl in the atmosphere keeping the clouds around. as the curl heads south we'll see a drying and warming trend. let's talk about the temperatures we start off mild low to mid 60s, mid 60s low 70s showing up around fairfield, concord and antioch,
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monseray bay 70 inland to salinas santa rosa moon ray 64 to 63°. -- continue this afternoon clearing trend, dry air and warmer temperatures sunny everywhere with the warmer weather dry weekend right now. 24 hour temperature change everybody going up, minimal in san francisco 1° to about 11 in santa rosa by the time the sunsets. east bay valleys warmest weather mid to upper 70s close to average low 70s most of the east bay shore oakland at 70 upper 60s richmond and berkeley south bay low to mid 70s campbell and san jose 74 menlo park and palo alto 71 low 60s along the coast upper 60s around downtown south san francisco and sausalito near 60 north bay beaches
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valleys low to mid 70s same thing around santa cruz, inland into gilroy, monterey and carmel mid 60s with increasing sun. warmth spreading through the state mid 70s chico, sacramento, big sur, 65 tahoe palm springs 97 warming trend come the deserts. first, tonight will be cooler than this morning 50s patchy fog possible during the morning commute. front never made it through's the reason why it was so moist and mild this morning this area of high pressure with its clockwise flow is going to steer the warm around palm springs up our way wednesday, thursday, friday. check out what it does to our temperatures coast 70s 80 around the bay shore inland upper 80s to near 90 slightly cooler friday with morning clouds cold front bringing more clouds and cooler weather saturday, sunday again keeping it dry we'll keep an eye on
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the north bay for that small chance of a shower saturday. san francisco mayor ed lee was on hand this morning for the launch of a new bike rental program at five fact -- at five parks. two of the stations are in golden gate park the others at fort mason center and downtown at herman plaza and union square plaza. >> you can go from here to the marina or the herman plaza. marina will begin in november. herman you can go today and drove off that week. you can pass by city hall and vote for the next few weeks as well. >> park wide bike rentals charging $9 an hour for a regular bike and $35 an hour for -- ahead the family making themselves at home in one
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neighborhood in the see rather foothills hills.
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today at 3:00, a look at ereaders on the market. then, for some the disaster after of the disaster. dealing with insurance companies. michael finney explains how you can tell if you have the right coverage for your home. at 5:00, waiting for word on the progress of brian stow the fan beaten at dodger stadium. doctors plan give their first update in some time. talk about uninvited guests, a mother bear and three cubs making themselves at home in a residential neighborhood in the sierra
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foothills. >> there's some video of the bears foraging for food. raided a chicken coop, the best way to keep the bears away to do more to secure trash, pet food and chicken coops. >> the game wardens are advising anybody that any bear found causing property damage will be shot and not relocated. >> all right. best to not attract the bears. >> exactly. >> by the way go you ban -- by the way, if you want the latest breaking news you can follow us on twitter and facebook. >> thank you for joining us. hey, you made your own lunch.
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