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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  October 11, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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some counsel members did. and they're blaming it's on the mayor and counsel majority. >> he wanted to do a curfew. he wanted do a gang injunction. he want owed do what he did in long beach. and reality is that i don't care how anyone wants to put it. we didn't give him tool owes do it. >> i didn't ask him to leave but if he were to leave this is a good time so someone else can move this next phase forward. so you know i appreciate that. we're going to cut this off. we have a meeting. we have a meeting. >> the mayor and police chief were rushing off to talk about mandates imposed by a judge stemming from the riders case and civil rights complaints. >> we have to go back to court in january. and if we've not met those bench marks i'm concerned that we'll have a police department that may be under the federal government jurisdiction. >> some groups aren't
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disappointed to see chief batts leave are but are not optimistic about a replacement. >> the challenge now is going to be whether to hire once again go outside the department. we tried it both ways and neither seems to have brought success. >> on his way out, the chief says he hopes city leaders will let successor do the work needed without the politics. >> no chief wants to be held accountable this, is not focused at one individual or individuals. it's just a lot of bureaucracy. >> chief batts says this could involve becoming a researcher at harvard university and maybe a part time professor, there are rumors he could be going after miami police chief. the frequent thaim being floated here is assistant
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chief who served in that role before as an interim chief. >> thank you. >> and more than a year after the san bruin yochl plogs, recovering and rebuilding is slow going. homeowners having a hard time getting what they need from insurance companies. and we're live to explain the problem. >> at the bottom of the hill is the intersection closed for more than a year now. that is where there is a crateor that was created. that was set to open for the first time in over a year. that is undeniable, homeowners are still mired in difficulty was their insurance companies. charlie and carolyn live in a rented house just up the hill from where their house used to be. for 43 years they lived in the
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home at the corner of claremont and fair fontmont. just several hundred feet from where the natural gas pipeline exploded last year. they barely made it out. >> is tried to opt front door so-to-see if we can walk. >> their dog made it out in the car, everything else, gone. they want to rebuild but insurance company is creating more problems than its solving. >> when we turned in the information that was we got from the insurance company to our architect he said they don't know what costs are here in the bay area. >> and united policy holders is a nonprofit group that just did a survey of the household that's found 45% have yet to reach a settlement on the part of the claim dealing with the home. 50% are under insured by average $200,000.
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and 50% said they received low ball repair rebuilding estimates from their insurance companies. >> and this is between 50% and 75% of the people that lose everything in the disaster come up short on their coverage. >> the executive direct jerz in some ways, san bruno is unusual but challenge with insurance after the nightmare of total loss is the same all over. >> united policy holders heard over and over, that from disaster victims that, dealing with insurance was a second nightmare. second nightmare. >> charlie says lowest bids means rebuilding will cost double what it's wornl ask they realize they're under insured by hundreds of thousands. when he bought the policy, he questioned the rebuild coverage and was assured it was adequate. >> they said no. it's good
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enough. we still have things on our computer that says that. so... you know if we need it. >> the insurance information network from california an industry group says the reason for under insurance is often, people don't bother to update their policies. they need to stay in touch with their agents over the years. the reason for low ball estimates, the network says is probably just a miscommunication or a misunderstanding. in san bruno abc 7 news. >> and thank you. federal prosecutors unsealed an indictment against two bay area men now facing charges in a massive bank failure. the two men are charged with fraud, conspiracy, and falsifying records. both men were vice presidents of the united commercial bank of san francisco, which went under two years ago. the first bank in the country to fail after receiving tarp
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money, bailout funds a kuss both men of cooking books to hide financial condition after many loans started to fail. not only did the bank fail to pay back it's $298 loan, officials estimate losses of to 5. -- $2.5 billion to fdic. they're the first senior bank officials to be indicted for defrauding the tarp fund. their bank taken over by east west bank of pasadena. >> police say a man faund found dead in the bay view was not shot and was discovered around 4:00 this afternoon in the parking lot of a public housing development. investigators are still trying to figure out how he died but say they've determined he was not shot and it's possible he could have died from natural causes. if the east bay, police arrested the man seen here on the ground. officers say the suspect is a
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parole. the chase started at contra costa county. the suspect got off at powell street. police stopped him near marketplace shopping center. >> talk to any cop, they'll tell you the gang problem is bad and getting worse. a lot worse. gang investigators converged today to share information on how best to fight this growing problem. and there is no easy answer. >> no easy answers but hard working cops at this conference trying to make a difference in neighborhoods like this one. and north fair oaks district, home turf of the gang. some 300 gang specialists are middle easting at the marriott hotel and exchanging information about gangs they know of and learning about those they may not have heard about. once the sargeant was one of two officers killed by members
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of the sovereign nation. a fragmented group. his father was a key fot speaker and told the conference the group is like any other violent gang who should be considered dangerous and says the killers were in the bay area before the murders. >> they were here. they made videos here. they said on the video if you have to kill one speaking of law enforcement, i can't stop. very to kill other ootz goal of the three-day conference is for officers to share information and discuss strategy to fight gangs. >> our county you can get that back a. >> detective draper led a seminar on the latest techniques. >> what caused the gang crime? >> the job is prosecuting gang members. his district attorney says the cases are difficult to try in court. >> they have most documentation, more than
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murders in terms of paper work. you have to go through prior conduct of the people involved with to show this is a gang and not as one judge said how do i know it's just not like a college fraternity? >> ethnic gangs areboroing in numbers. colors are red, and others are wearing blue. >> and we're seeing around 1400 and not documented all of them but that would be the meft mitt. >> sargeant you doug davis with the gang task force says gangs are now recruiting kids in elementary school. >> they may not be a member of the gang. but we're seeing children in clothing that are gang apparel. and learning how to show signs at that young age. >> and gang officers i spoke with say they're becoming more sophisticated and violent. there is easier access to guns,
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stakes are higher, there are tl is more money and drugs thus, more gangs. >> and this sun has been giving grapes a chance to dry out but weather is affecting crop that was suffering from a slow-growing condition. >> harvesting by hand, that is the way they've done it at a faster pace. reisling and other grapes dmot do wet. meaning rot is a reality. they're in a race to keep as much fruit as they can. >> today we're taking about 30 tons. it's time to get it off before it gets worse. >> they haven't panicked since rains but there is efforts to pick the last of the white grapes used before there is damage, not so much of a problem for grapes used to make red wines. they shed water. >> it's the reverse of what we want.
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we want the grapes to strugar up and lose water it means an adjustment for wine maker autos there is a saying that great wines are made in vineyard. but this year, they're going to be made in wineries. it's going to be challenging. >> john says growers are respond together weather. >> analogy i have, we're in seventh inning of the giants game. we know with this past season, a lot can change in two innings when games are that close. >> this is a year when industries been hit with a lower yield. >> we lost up to 30% because a lot of the flowers didn't pollenate because of the cool weather. >> and whether means a hefty financial impact. >> there is another rain event would be devastating. >> spencer coming up next with some good news for those grape grower autos and weather news
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is encouraging for grape growers and many. we'll vai look in the accu-weather forecast. >> also ahead here tonight migrant farm worker grew up to become an astronaut, now he has his sites set on congress. >> a city project causes water pipes to burst. ahead on 7 on your side i'll have an opinion poll. ccccccccccc
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> topsy results veal south bay truck driver who went on a shooting rampage killed himself as deputies closed in. today the medical examiner
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listed shareef allman's cause of death as a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. last wednesday, he killed three of his co-workers and wounded eight others after complaining of racial discrimination. >> giants fan brian stow making headway tonight, been released from the hospital now recovering in a rehab facility. his parents and sister were at his side as he made his way on to an ambulance, his surgeon says he had dramatic progress since being brought here, he's more mobile and has gotten out of bed. doctors aren't sure how much more improvement he'll be able to make. >> i think he's starting to meet milestones and only time will tell. we don't know enough to know why wr he'll ultimately end up. he's making progress. >> and he was beaten nearly to death outside dodger stadium opening day. doctors say he's now able to
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communicate better and his mem very showing signs of improvement. >> the newest candidate for congress is the first-time politician but bring was him an impressive resume including a recent stint as an astronaut. if elected he'll represent people in the 10th congressional district. here is abc 7's laura anthony. >> this story... my story is an american story. >> former migrant farm worker turned astronaut is now a candidate for congress in the reconfigured 10th district. >> i stand here as a candidate for congress with a new mission. to help make sure that mine is not the last generation that can claim their american dreams. >> the 49-year-old hernandez grew nupt central valley, the son of farm workers he didn't speak fluent english until age 12 but went on to become an engineer at the lawrence livermore lab before joining nasa. he flew on a shuttle
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discovery for a two week mission to the international space station. >> he reached his dreams. i hope he continue autos thank you very much. >> as a candidate, he will face republican incumbent jeff denim, now representing district 19. denim chose not to comment, but republicans released a statement likening hernandez to president oak yauma. they consider weak on the economy and job creation. >> when i keep reading about the companies in silicon valley doing business overseas or in india, and i'm saying you know why can't we create a situation and environment where all they have to do is drive 90 minutes and set up shop here? >> another candidate democrat mike barkley admires the former astronaut but thinks he's short on specifics and experience. >> and of course he did travel around the world, further than i did. but then again, i traveled
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around the sun farther than he has. >> they will face off in a june primary. the top two moving on to next november's general election. laura anthony abc 7 news. >> and looks like rain moved out for time being. >> thank goodness. >> and you can qualify that, things looking nice and sunny. there is a live view now. looking westward, great view of the sunny skies there. we've got sunny conditions over most of the bay area there. and there is some low clouds, temperatures on the mild side. upper 60s to low 70s around the bay. 64 here in san francisco. there is clearing and cooler conditions overnight. warmer into next couple days and cooling trend is returning this weekend. afternoon, bright, sunny.
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leftover clouds from yesterday's system passing through but sunny skies around the bay. and inland. and there is pacific satellite image shows a large ridge of high pressure building in bringing us sunny skies and we're going warm and right on throughout the end of the week, overnight tonight, we'll see temperatures a little bit lower than last night z not quite in all parts of the bay area but north bay, lows into low to mid 50s and then sh mid to upper 50s mof of the remainder of the bay area. and there is highs climbing higher in the south bay. 82 in campel. on the peninsula, we'll see upper 70s to around 80. 80s expected in redwood city. and 70s on the coast. low 70s. and there is a high of 70 tomorrow. there is downtown climbing to
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74 tomorrow. and up into north bay, highs from 75 at sausalito, 79 san rafael, 80s everywhere else. and there is highs from mid to upper 70s generally. and 81 in castro valley and fremont. inland will be warmer with highs into mid-80s, 84 in concord and antioch z 86 fairfield and warm near monterey bay. 8 in santa cruz. 74 monterey. mid-80s inland and morgan hill and here is the accu-weather forecast. there is low 80s around the bay. low 70s on the coast. things cooling down saturday. we have farther cooling sunday, monday, tuesday. it's a string of lovely days coming our way. >> and thank you.
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>> first lady michelle obama jumping for joy. >> hoping for a spot in the record books, up next.
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group made up of homeless advocates is moving around san francisco ahead of the police right now. they're occupying vacant properties to make the case
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that empty housing should be used to house the city's homeless and there police have had to search inside of a vacant charl ease hotel. about 20 officers removed banners and belongings. police say those inside were going to be aested for trespassing but they found only one inside. >> this plan is to occupy ask to keep it open for others that need housing and shelter for as long as possible. >> earlier, the unit searched for people who occupy that had building last night. after a search found no one there, either. >> and there was a plea in the case of two men suspected of selling an iphone 4 prototype lost in a redwood city bar. the phone was lost in march but made an appearance on a blog of gizmono.
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and they're charged with supposedly selling the phone for $5,000. no charges have been filed against employee autos san francisco has a new hop on, hop off bike rental program tonight. the mayor took part in the ride in golden gate park today along with officials. riders can rent bicycles at five stations and they don't have to return those bikes to the original location. there are two locations in the park, others justin herman plaz pra ya and union square. and. >> looks like a nice way to go. >> still to come, the government uncovers an assassination plot, middle east rivals do battle on u.s. soil. >> president's jobs package suffered a major set back tonight. capitol hill just head looking into which parts might survive. >> computer hacker was a
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positive purpose. what they've come up with that will help young people with autism.
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...or problems passing urine. other side effects include dry mouth and constipation. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. breathing with copd is no small thing. ask your doctor about spiriva. good evening, the justice department accused two agents of iranian government of being involved in an assassinate plot on american soil. a 66-year-old man has been charged with plotting to bomb saudi arabia's am bass dallas-fort worth united states, unknowingly hiring a drug agent posing as a member of a mexican drug cartel to carry out the plot. he and another iranian remaining at large were described by the attorney general as members of a special operations unit of iran revolutionary guard.
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>> and it reads like pages of a hollywood script. impokt would have been real. and many lives would have been lost. >> officials say no one was in actual danger. the iranian news agency describes it as america's new propaganda scenario. secretary of state hillary clinton says the united states is preparing new penalties against iran. >> president obama is criticizing republican senators tonight for the fail tour of his jobs bill to survive a crucial vote. all 46 voted against advancing that bill. mark matthews is here now with more on how politics is driving the agenda. >> we've reported in the past white house saw this jobs bill as a win, win. either the president able to get the economy improved or... blaimt on the do nothing republicans. that is just part of the story.
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the president today meeting with his jobs counsel and continuing to push for his bill. >> american jobs act i'm going forward, obviously contains many ideas like infrastructure that should be straight forward. >> and at an electrical workers facility leaning harder on republicans. >> i should have a hard time explaining why they voted no on the bill other than the fact i proposed it republicans in senate are pushing back. >> this week has shown beyond a doubt is that democrats would rather talk about partisan legislation that are passing legislation we know would create job autos so did the bill have a chance of passing? no. >> zero. nudging. >> and he says the question is what parts of bill might pass. there is talk of splitting off $44 billion in unemployment benefits and he points out the president would likely go for whatever he can get. in the hope that whatever he
6:32 pm
can get will help cut unemployment. >> if we can get improvement, even a half point between now and next year, that is going matter a lot in terms of people's optimism and willingness to stick with this administration through four more years. >> if the economy doesn't improve by next summer, his comment could well fly to the president's chance to reelection. the renewsal to end keeb yait kills the bill as a whole. >> and that is a question republicans indicated what part they'd accept? >> they have. house majority leader has said we could go for some tax cuts. and speaker of the house boehner said we have trade agreements we can both agree on. what we're not going to see is a infrastructure bank. we're not going see more stimulus spending and tax hikes on the rich? nada.
6:33 pm
zero. zilch. >> not happening. >> there is still a long way apart. thank you very much. >> and republican presidential candidate mitt romney got a big boost before tonight's g.o.p. debate. new jersey governor chris christie endorsed him. just a week ago, saying woe not run for white house, today used strong language to back the former massachusetts governor. >> america cannot survive another four years of barack obama and mitt romney is the man to lead america. we need him now. >> christie took the opportunity to denounce the remarks made by a supporter of rick perry about mormonism being a cult. romney, a mormon called on perry to repudiate that remark. >> here at home, it looks like an effort to stop a state law requiring schools to teach about the contributions of gays in history it's short of signatures. nannette miranda reports on the race to beat the deadline.
6:34 pm
>> time is running out for groups that have been trying to gather signatures to overturn a law requiring that his steeral contributions of gays and lesbians be included. stop sb has a countdown clock says there is less than 24 hours to turn in 505,000 valid signatures. >> it's difficult but the ground swell is so great it's possible that we just might make it and a last minute e mail plea says would it take a miracle to get the number required and help is needed. >> they're sounding desperate at this point. >> gay rights groups are hoping the effort falls short. they've been working for years to get themselves included in tex book autos there is a community that has been sensored out of our educational system. >> what hurt the movement is
6:35 pm
the lack of big money behind proposition 8,ing same-sex marriage in california. the repeal has mostly been a volunteer effort centered around certains -- concerns that schools will teach homosexuality. >> when it comes to defending rights of parents and protecting children, we are willing to take a look into owl avenues necessary to be able to do so. >> supporters of the inclusion of gay history say the new textbooks could help combat bullying and promote greater understanding. >> it would mean so much fit had been around when i was younger, it probably would have saved me through trauma i had to go through. >> since california is the largest textbook buyer from the country, publishers typically try to sell the california edition to all of the states.
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>> and still coming up here at 6:00 a city contractor broke their water meters but they got the will bill. is that fair? >> michael finney explain yz this answer isn't so simple.
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health officials believe they've traced a source of an outbreak of mumps. last week, hundreds lined up to be inock lated and 44
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people have come down with it. officials say it was likely spread by a student contracting the disease on a recent trip to europe. they won't say where he was but say he returned home before showing symptoms. >> tonight's money matters. the government of slovania rejects european bailout plan that require as proveal. without it, the future of the europe banks is uncertain. leaders promise to open new talks on a new strategy. this vote came after the closing bell on wall street. s and p 500 remained flat. we'll have to see what happens tomorrow. >> and first lady michelle obama stepped up her campaign against childhood yob ease ti. led several hundred children in an attempt to break the guiness world record for the largest number of people to do jumping jacks in 24 hours.
6:40 pm
if 20,000 people join in, they'll have the record. and this is started to promote exercise and that voice is that of michelle kwan. >> that is a great picture. >> good effort. >> more still to come tonight who. should pay when a city contractor wreak breaks your water line? >> also, the computer hackers using their skills to help young people with autism.
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7 on your side has been reporting about a huge project to install smart water meters at every home in san francisco. >> it's caused water mains to burst and many had to pay for damage autos michael finney has the story that. has been tough for people to swallow. >> yeah. this story has really grown. we've uncovered this
6:44 pm
controversy. many find out the water meter installation from their pipes -- broke their pipes, yet the homeowner is stuck with the bill. our story caught at tension of an online newspaper asking readers is this fair? >> helen is showing us what happened when a contractor installed a water meter outside of her house. >> they had broken the pipes. >> she had no water and had to pay $4200 for repairs. and diane had the same problem, it cost her $3,000. >> i said but i didn't have a leak before. and now, i do. so i think you should fix it. he said, no. >> and john said the same thing happened at his rental house, he had to come up with $5800 for his repair, it happened during a project with the public utilities commission installing a wireless water meter at all homes in the city. the work can cause pipes to
6:45 pm
burst and p.u.c. says it's happened at 45 homes so far. >> and then, try to get reimbursed. >> you have to have money upfront. i think that is a concern. >> and editor of the online newspaper says the stories raised an issue about who should be responsible to pay. >> so oo she says issue isn't so simple. homeowners contend their pipes were fine. the p.u.c. acknowledges the work can break a pipe. >> what tends to happen is that there is a shock in the season. >> however, p.u.c. says poorly maintained pipes tend to burst. if it's old and britel the p.u.c. says the homeowner has to pay.
6:46 pm
>> the pipe break doesn't mean the city broke a pipe. >> the city contractor changed its name to rid one solutions has assumed liability for damages and decides whether to pay claims. and says that this is hour decision and we have a well established process to do so. each claim is unique and investigated individually. eve says letting them decide claims puts homeowners in a tough spot. >> and that it is a person that may be at fault. >> readers side with homeowners. and this is another 11% say why do we need these meters anyway? he said he hopes we follow up. >> i'm a fan of the stuff you
6:47 pm
do because there isn't as much out there as there used to be. >> and so five were paid, two rejected and one still pending. so do you think homeowners should have po foot the bill? tell me what you think. go to abc 7 and click on 7 on your side. >> very good. >> thank you. >> sure. >> and a hacker is often a term for a computer programmer but there are hacks with a positive purpose. and david louie shows us how some of them are helping people with autism. >> these are just some of the 40 developers volunteering for a special mission. they've broken up into 18 to help young people. each team came wupt idea with experts from the community. >> what we're seeing sheer passion. partnering with specialists so
6:48 pm
on each team there are people that are from the autism and from sigh bs yens side. there are families impacted by autism. >> this team is working on an app to he help people express feelings, another creating an app addressing bullying and another dealing with anxiety of going to a doctor's office. and this 11-year-old serving as an advisor. >> i like to see an app helping kids social skills and this is any issue and also, i'd like to see thing that's help other -- low functioning people as well. >>. >> my son is verbally challenged when pulling up an app on an ipad, it allows friends to communicate sh it gives them typical friends.
6:49 pm
>> the volunteers donating services costing upwards of $100,000. and their work is only starting. >> this when they're ready, they'll be distributed for free. in cupertino abc 7 news. >> and there comes warm weather state wide. highs 83 in chico and sacramento. 83 yosemite. 100 palm springs and 97 in los angeles and 86 in san diego. let's look closer to home. sunny skies, inland highs will be mainly into mid 80s. mid to upper 80s later into the week. there is high temperatures near the bay. 82 in santa cruz, mid-80s inland z here is our accu-weather forecast.
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there is low 80s around the bay. low 70s on the coast. cooling down just a tad on saturday. and there is pleasant weather throughout the seven day period. won't be able to hold on to warmth very long. >> we'll hold on as long as we can. >> and the new memorial stadium at cal going to be impressive. >> coming up next, big step taken today in this huge east bay renovation project. back in a moment. jj
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join me tonight on cable channel 13. coming up then woman who led the fbi to accused killer james whitey bulger and how a stray cat led to the capture. >> then at 11:00 trouble at 900 feet down. why the state is so concerned about a sunken ship, spinning off of the coast, coming up tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. >> and we have some college football to talk about. >> yes. larry beil is now here with sports. >> we'll get to stanford in just a moment. >> you wile and we're on cal now. they opened with three wins and and they'll be staring at three straight losses unless
6:54 pm
they fix defense, cal back in action, another thursday night espn game this week. memories of last year's game with trojans linger vividly. 42-0 at the half. final 48-14. robert woods single handedly shredded the cal secondary z nobody has forgoten that. >> this is a bad game. my brother told me about it last year. and the guy is upset ask want to get back at woods. and this is doing a great job. >> renovation of memorial stadium took a huge step forward today thchl is a shot from sky 7. one of the largest cranes in the country began hoisting sections of the 300 foot long press box on the four massive support towers. when complete the press box will sway back and forth with
6:55 pm
f.a quake hits. >> about a foot ch. is similar to a high rise in a wind storm. it's not anything out of character what we'd do in a taller building anyway. >> now, stanford, undefeated and rolling around in the 10. there is this week, stanford visits washington state with mr. perfect, andrew luck through 370 yards saturday. coach shaw says luck was virtually flawless. >> there were no negatives. there is just nothing he did that was not a positive. and we converted third on the throws and you know, it's one of the games where you look back and it's just a masterpiece. >> on to table. -- baseball.
6:56 pm
texas took first two games, tigers trying to get into the series back home per game three tonight. not a good start for detroit doug fisher, and opens a game by allowing three base hits and there is a rangers fourth inning detroit ties it up, here it comes and there it goes, victor martinez off colby louis, you can see he strained his oblique on the swing. and there he's able to mufl it out. tigers leading and he's not happy. 2-1 in the sixth. steve spurrer dismissed garcia today as well as a writer for a local newspaper. said he wouldn't speak unless the columnist left the room because he's too negative.
6:57 pm
>> we've got to connect over here, they're try to hurt our football program. sounding like this, criticism he showed me, i don't mind it. it's stories that aren't true. i'm not going to talk to these, that is my right, head coach. what we're going to do, you can see i'm going do a personal interview with you and and i'll come back here to talk to you. >> ouch. >> controlling your environment. >> yes. >> yes. >> i'll say. >> and and that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> and see you later this evening.
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