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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 12, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland where the city's top crime fight are is stepping down. says with the way he's treated by the city council and the mayor is a crime. the story come up -- the story coming up. >> reporter: protesters will be on the move this morning. planning a march. new supporters will be joining them. good morning. look at the lack of clouds. cooler this morning. some areas will warm 25 to 35% by the afternoon. more warm in the forecast. live look at san rafael moving well. we will be following that protest in downtown fran san . -- in downtown san francisco. thank you for joining us
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i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. oakland is go to begin looking for its fourth police chief in seven years. the current chief anthony batts came from long beach two years ago with high hopes and a sterling reputation. now he's walking away. terry mcsweeney is live in oakland with the story. >> reporter: when chief batts made at innocencement yesterday he's stepping down next month -- he said red tape is leading to him walking out the door. he made the announcement saying how frustrated he was allowed to do his job. earlier this year there was a major indication of his dissatisfaction when he applied for the chief's job in san jose. no chief wants to be in a position where he or she has been held accountable but does not have the power to make an impact. i have a crime-related problem in the community, i have to be
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able to move resources. there's laws within oakland now that says i cannot touch 75 officers. >> reporter: last week the chief's request for measures to deal with oakland's violent crime rate the highest of any city in the state was turned down. there's the possibility the government could exert control over the department as the department has failed to implement reform measures stemming from the police abuse in the scandal 11 years ago. the up in of officers under batts' watch has again from 800 down to 650. assistant chief jordan is expected to get the job on an interim basis. as far as batts guess he may be taking a job at hard -- goes, he may be taking a job at harvard. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. drivers beware there could be major gridlock during the morning rush hour as occupy wall street protesters who are fighting wealth inequality take their department station
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mobile. amy hollyfield is live in front of the federal reserve in san francisco. >> reporter: right now they are stationary they are taking up almost a city block here at market we are across the street from the hyatt. they are comfortable. they have sleeping bags. they've been getting three meals a day. they say they are not leaving any time soon. they've set up a food area. they say police are going accommodating. they are feeling good about their mission and how effectively they are getting out their message that's why they are going to go on a march through the financial district. they are upset about the foreclosures and unemployment rate in this . they blame a lot of it on corporate greed. -- >> people tell me they will not leave until they get answers, fairness the economy changes. whatever it is their goal s everybody has their different goal. >> reporter: this started in new york as occupy wall street.
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those protesters marched in front of the hopes of ceos yesterday. the cause has caught fire across the country, including here in the bay area. occupy oakland has set up in front of city hall, one protester there saying if they don't live like this now, they may be forced to live like this on down the road. people who are fighting the foreclosure of their homes will be among those marching in san francisco this morning. the group will have support from local labor unions and from community leaders. expect to see them leaving this spot and marching through the financial district starting at 7:00 this morning. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:04 now. several alameda residents are calling on california's attorney general to res gate why firefighters did nothing to save a -- man from drowning a few 100 feet offshore at crown beach. the 55-year-old died memorial day after intentionally wading
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into the water to take his own life. rescuers stayed on the beach because alameda's fire department was not certified to perform water rescues. last night an independent investigator officially presented a report critical of the city's handling of the incident. residents don't like what happened either. the death of ray manned zack was preventable and a homicide. citizens have asked the attorney general to investigate as a crime. >> i think reasonable people have seen the efforts that has been put into righting the wrong. and making shower their safety paramount. >> a citizen's group has launched a position to have the fire department take over fire profession for the city. the santa clara valley water district is making an unusual offer to get is hands on some land the district is trying to buy 225 acres in the kills he's of highway 101 near morgan hill. here's the twist, the property
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is underwater at the bottom of the anderson reservoir. santa clara's largest drinking water provider says it is part of a complicated deal. the district wants three parcels of dry land nearby the company says they will only sell them as part of a package deal with the land under water no word on what the total deal will cost. contra costa county reporting third human case of west nile virus this year. a 65-year-old woman from the eastern part of the county is now recovering. another dead bird has tested positive for the disease. health officials remind people to remove standing water that key toes breed in and report dead birds so they can be -- testified. 6:0 . let's find out what the weather is going to look like. here's a hint, sunglasses might not be a bad idea. happy hump day. drying and warming trend this afternoon.
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good morning. jet stream well to the north, storm track continuing north as it started yesterday. because of the clear sky this morning, fog in the stand that clara valley, especially napa where it has been thickest all morning. temperature coolest there 48°. rest of news the 50s, 60 in mountain view, 63 in antioch. by the afternoon low to mid 70s along the coast, mid to upper 70s, san francisco, san rafael, richmond, oakland, palo alto, san mateo, everybodies in the low to mid 80s. warm sun around the monterey bay 74 monterey. today is not the only day check out the accuweather 7-day we have warmer weather tomorrow, friday, stars to taper saturday, sunday -- starts to taper saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday temperatures closer to average. going to livermore
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westbound 580 stall cleared was blocking lane number two, there is some residual slow traffic remaining at first street it is out of lanes. drive times for this hour 101 through marin county not bad drive. 24 walnut creek towards the caldecott into the maze un15 minutes. 580 commute -- under 15 minutes. 580 commute bunched up towards dublin. minor slowing to pay tolls. 6:08. debating the naked truth. the case headed for the supreme court today that could mean the end of some jail strip searches. the political accusations fly after single vote kills president obama's latest jobs bill. catching a glimpse of progress, the little sign that one of the giants' biggest stars is on the mend. d
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. 6:12. the supreme court will hear arguments in a case involving strip searches. a man arrested for an unpaid traffic fine, which he paid says his two strip searches were unconstitutional. the justice cost use the case to rule on whether jails may routinely strip search people, no matter the reason. the senate has handed president obama a stinging
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throw not unexpected defeat-z/rn his jobs bill. saying no to raising tabs on the wealthy while cutting payroll taxes. after the vote both sides blamed the other. democrats said republicans killed the bill to make the president look like a failure. gop claims the president a bill he knew would fail so he could criticize them asax> he fr reelection. in the south bay, job fair held for former workers of -- more than 100 employers and resource agencies will be on-the-job -- at the job fair held at the san jose convention center at 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.. in addition, various work readiness and financial education workshops will be offered. new food and boat vendor set to open at stow lake. stow lake and golden gate park
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has gone through a facelift. after 68 years, the family closed up last month. the snack shack has been replaced with the fleet of boats. the lake is being operated by an out of state vendor. 6:14. time for a check on the weather. don't pay attention to the darkness it is going to go away. sunrises everyday, really? >> yes, two minutes and 21 seconds starter -- quicker than it did yesterday. [ unintelligible ] look at how unlimited the visibility is at least in this picture. we sill have fog. thicker fog in the napa valley. temperatures 52 napa, 62 antioch. most in the 50s. monseray bay fog as thick temperatures in the mid to upper 50s as inland.
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sunshine, warmer conditions everywhere not only today but the next couple of day. clear, fairly mile at night, this morning -- fairly mild at night this morning cooler as temperatures warm overnight like in the afternoon. not as much. weekend trending cooler but still looks dry now especially up in the north bay for those'íd wineries saw the big story yesterday about how they are having problems. napa 4° warmer than average. oakland, san francisco the same, san jose five, livermore and redwood , 6° warmer than average. let's talk about the clouds, the lack of clouds through the morning hours into the lunch hour into the afternoon that's why so many 70s and 80s. south bay mainly low to mid
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80s. sunnyvale and milpedis upper 70s. redwood city could hit 82 could be 76 in millbrae. low to mid 80s in the north bay valleys, sun near 70 at your beaches. mid to upper 70s along the east bay shore oakland around 77. castro valley and fremont could crack 81°. we'll hit the throw mid 80s in the east bay valleys, danville and dublin cooler 82. carmel 72, 74 monterey, low 80s for the rest of the monterey bay sun mid 80s inland. tonight temperatures fall into the 50s and a few more 60s around as the winds will be blowing offshore. we'll have that land breeze that will keep all the cooler air out over the ocean and allow the warmth to build up today, tomorrow and friday.
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then wind switch directions they bring cooler air and more clouds that will dim the sun and aid in the cooling. 4° cooler saturday. another 4 sunday temperatures hold steady through early next week. have a great day. public transit this morning, so far, so good only minor delays, ace train number 1 out of stockton five minutes behind. ace train 3 on time. no other delays great way to go. bay bridge toll traffic backing up, they just turned the metering lights on back towards the caltrans parking lot. san mateo bridge good drive, no probe -- no problems westbound towards foster city up the incline section no problem highrise. san jose 280 nice drive if you are heading northbound from 17 towards cupertino, you are in very light traffic. for the latest.
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good news for giants' fans. buster posey has passed a big milestone in his recovery. the san francisco chronicle reports he has -- the team's trainer says he's a week ahead of schedule. posey is hitting in a batting cage a few times a week and is expected to begin live batting practice soon. he is slated to stay in arizona until early next month before going to his home in georgia to continue his rehab. my son has his jersey, fingers crossed for spring training. >> you look as young as your son sometime your son is rather young. new problem for tensions of thousands of sonny playstation users -- >> new explanation for steve
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good morning. let's take a live look outside. pretty clear don't have that mist and drizzle we had the past couple of mornings. things are going to warm up. if that's how you like it you will be shooting hooray!
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a massachusetts family got more mystery than they bargained for during a recent trip to a maze in this town. i was starting to get dark a couple and their two young children realized they were lost so they called 911. >> i'm really scared. it is really dark. we have a baby with . >> the sun was just -- the son was getting upset and they wanted to get out quick. they didn't want to go through the rest of maze to get to the end. >> a police officer and a k-9 unit quickly found the family among the seven acres of corn. the owner says the maze is designed to make it difficult to get out, but not impossible. apple's new icloud service launches today. it stores data from photo, music, calendars and documents and syncs it with your apple devices.
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pay pal announcing a new service that will let you log on to participating merchant websites with one user name and password. sony locking out 93,000 customers who use playstation. hackers stole id's and pass words from customers and have tried to log on to their accounts. sony says nobody's credit card information was in jeopardy but is sending e-mail notification to victims. this incident follows that embarrassing data breach earlier in the year that compromised the personal information of 100 million gaming and entertainment users. new biography on steve jobs explains why he wore his signature black turtleneck, jeans and grey sneakers. in a book being released later this month, jobs got the idea in the 80s after talking with the chairman of sonny. sony used a famous designer to
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design a uniform for is employees. jobs like the idea so much he had the designer make a uniform for apple employees at company headquarters. an idea that jobs said flopped with. the ceo said he wanted a uniform for himself, so he asked the designer to make some black turtlenecks and the rest is history. i'm seeing that will be a popular look for halloween. >> i'm sure. he got 100 of those turtle s made. when he does it, it is all in. -- still ahead, people have -- people will march across and drive, bike it, today the first lady is hoping hundreds will do jumping jacks on it. the world record attempting to come to the golden gate bridge >> major milestone in the recovery of a fan -- beaten into a coma barricade coming down in a neighborhood scarred by a
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pipeline explosion. >> reporter: you have seen them on the sidewalks. this morning protesters take to the streets. i'll tell you all you need to know for your morning commute, next. just in flight arrival delays into dallas, departure delays into d.c.. still dealing with flight arrival delays into charlotte. flightúúúúúúúúúúú@@úúúúúúúúúúúúú
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opening bell has running on wall street. stock futures rose overnight -- on hopes a solution will be found to expand europe's rescue program after one nation blocked the proposal. we'll get the latest on early trading when we return to the new york stock exchange in 15 minutes. the occupy wall street protests continue. in half an hour from now, labor unions will join occupy san francisco protesters to begin a rush hour march that could turn the city's financial district into a parking lot. amy hollyfield joins us live from the financial district with the latest >> reporter: it is hard to believe they are leaving. look how comfortable they are, taking up a block here across
6:31 am
from the hyatt hotel. they have sleeping bags out, they have a food area where they have three meals a day. they expect to see them here day after day. they are feeling good about their mission. activists participating say police are being accommodating. people who work here seem to be tolerating them. they say they have to reason to move on. they are protesting what they call wealth inequality and they are gaining support. labor leaders, community leaders will be joining them on their march this morning. >> it is cool, it is nice makes you feel good, like you are making a difference. i'm proud. i'm proud of everybody here. they are amazing people and they are really loving. >> reporter: this started in new york as occupy wall street. those protesters moved to upper manhattan yesterday and marched in front of the homes of some ceos. their move has spread across the country and made it here to the bay area tent city at
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oakland city hall right now protesters in san jose and of course this one in san francisco which will be on the move expect to see them marching through the financial district starting at this morning. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:32 now this morning the barricades placed near the site of last year pipeline explosion in san bruno will come down. a ceremony will be held 11 this morning to begin removing the barricades. the mayor calls it another milestone in the recovery and rebuilding process. last month residents helped fill the gaping crater that marked the spot where the pipeline exploded killing eight and destroying 38 homes. two of the victims mured in last week's shooting rampage at a cupertino quarry will be laid to rest today. surprising new details about the gunman's final moments.
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>> two of the three victims will be buried today at funerals that promise to be packed with hundreds. last night 400 people attended a rosary service for man well pinon in san jose many his daughter was among those who an -- who addressed the crowd. she said she was proud to call him her dad. other family members talked about the sudden loss of a loved one. >> not being able to say good bay, it hurts. but we have to move on. thanks for everybody's support. >> we appreciated him and ask that everyone say good-bye and say i love to you your loved one because you never know that is going to be the laugh time. >> pinon's funeral is scheduled for this morning. seven others were wounded last
6:34 am
wednesday. six at the cement plant and a woman who the shooter tried to carjack after the initial rampage. the shooter shareef allman was kill the next day. i was originally thought he was shot and killed by police. they did open fire after they say, allman pointed a gun at them. but, the result of allman's ouch released last night show he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. whether he intended to kill himself has yet to be seen. we know the fatal blow came from his own weapon. 6:34 now. >> brian stow the fan beaten into a coma outside a dodgers' game is out of hospital in a rehabilitation center this morning. his parents and sister were by his side as he was moved. the hospital's chief of neurosurgery says stow has made dramatic progress since being brought there in a coma from a los angeles hospital months ago. doctors say he's ready for the
6:35 am
next step in his recovery. >> he's beginning to mobilize. he has been up out of bed. again this is why he's ready for going to a top notch traumatic brain injury rehabilitation center that will allow him to have the best opportunity for recovery. doctors caution that traumatic brain injuries are complicated to diagnose and treat. they are still not sure how much stow will improve. don't know about cars, but people will be moving quickly on the golden gate bridge this morning as part of the first lady's push for fitness. yesterday mrs. obama and hundreds of kids kicked off an attempt to break the guinness record for most people doing jumping jabs in 24 hours. at 10:00 this morning school kids and others will do jumping jacks they have to do it for one minute to be counted. if you are interested go to our web sigh. 6:35. we'll find out -- if the
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weather will cooperate with those jumping jacks. very nice outside. we won't have the breeze and we won't have the chill, a lot of sun. few high clouds, clear sky and a little fog especially up around napa and some of it is developing around the santa clara valley watch out for that. no fog around the bay shore, no flight arrival delays into sfo everybody running 1 in oakland to 14° cooler in fan . all -- all of our temperatures in the 50s. by noon sunshine. haze probably not going to see much of it yet at noon. 68 everybody else in the 70s 80 fairfield maybe hazy this afternoon with this warming trend we do not have a spare the air good news. 4:00 temperatures throw mid
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70s along the coast into san francisco mid to upper 70s around the bay shore inland low to mid 80s 7-day forecast warmer tomorrow, friday the cooling begins saturday spills into sunday holds steady early next week. good morning. we take a live look at walnut creek southbound 680 a few brake lights at north main a little slow traffic towards the 24 junction not a bad drive through the san ramon valley. san rafael, pretty good southbound 101 in company as you head towards central san rafael no major problems as you drive from novato towards central marin. toll plaza bunched up metering lights on. backed up to the west ground overcrossing. highway 4 continues to be a bit of a grind as you head towards concord. 24 from 680 through the
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caldecott tunnel less than 15 minutes. drive out of central valley starting to slow towards the dublin interchange. public transit on time, slight delay for ace 1, a few minutes late. the goal was to kill a saudi ambassador on u.s. soil. now u.s. officials say iran was behind it. still ahead, the latest on what authorities are now calling a failed terrorist plot. live report from the new york stock exchange. here's a live look at the big board now. we see the dow is up 44 points. beware the vitamins. supplements taken by millions of men that could increase their risk for cancer. quite a fish tale this morning. wait until you hear the story of the man who says he surfed a shark. >> reporter: i'm live in oakland, a still once -- a city once again looking for a new police chief. batts stepping down as of next month. the problem is what was going
6:39 am
on at city hall.
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welcome back. 6:42. all is dry on doppler. warming trends for the entire state. let's start on the low end sun and 62 eureka, 69 tahoe. 77 big sur. mid to upper 80s for chico,
6:43 am
sacramento, fresno, yosemite, san diego, 97 l.a., with 100 in palm springs. 6:43. the obama administration is increasing sanctions against iran. in response to what federal agents say was a to assassinate saudi arabia's ambassador to the u.s.. u.s. officials say agents planned to kill adel al-jubeir by detonating a bomb at a busy restaurant near capitol hill. the agent offered to pay members of a mexican drug cartel 1 1/2 million dollars to carry out the plot. >> >> when the source noted there could be 150 people in a fictional restaurant where the request bombing would took place the lead defendant said no problem, no big deal. >> officials say the plot was decked from iran by the country's special -- directed by iran bay the country's special forces action unit. die ran denies the -- iran
6:44 am
denies the whole thing. cain's competition is zeroing in on his tax plan it calls for replacing the current system with a plan for a 9% personal income platt tax, 9% corporate platt tax and 9% -- national sales tax. >> it is a catchy phrase i thought it was the price of a pizza. >> one thing i would say w he you take the nine, nine, nine plan and turn it upside down, i think the devil is in the details. >> remember the plan throws out the current tax code and it stars with three simple economic diving principles, production drives the economy. risk-taking drives growth. and we need sound money measurements must be defendable. >> mitt romney polls show in the lead. said cain's simple answers are not adequate.
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romney picked up an endorsement of christie backing him hours before the debate. thousands of san francisco voters with will get postcards notifying them of a change where they go to vote because a vendor hired by the city sent out 115,000 pamphlets with the wrong voting place. three correction post cards with will go out before the november 8th, election. apple investors have a lot to watch as the company rolls out new operating system. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange with more on that. >> reporter: good morning. after watching closely, today is the day the iphone, ipad and ipod touch use curse upgrade to apple's new operatingl3ç?cystem it is free and includes free icloud on line -- online service.
6:46 am
apple says icloud will store files on apple's data serves and sync them with their other apple devices. one analyst says icloud could increase apple's value by another 100 billion dollars. apple shares trading $400. dow, s&p and nasdaq trading up dow having gain of 65 points. bloomberg index higher more than 1%. gap planning an expansion in latin america. plans to open stores in chile this month and panama and colombia next year. rebels in colombia finding new ways to make money on the sly. think gold bars. illegal gold mining the next major threat to security as government efforts to crackdown on drug crops prompts rebels to seek new ref s. unlike cocaine gold can be
6:47 am
sold into -- into the economy. gold prices did hit regard highs earlier this year. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. hurricane jova is losing steam after making landfall along mexico's pacific coast overnight. the outer bands of rain began hitting the coast yesterday large waves washed the shoreline. jova is now a category 1 storm. it is expected to lose much of its punch and turn into a tropical storm today. forcasters say heavy rain is still a threat with 6 to 12 inches or more that can produce dangerous flash floods and mudslides. >> here we are going to have the opposite of that weather. >> tranquil, hardly a breeze, a lot of sun. no rain in the forecast. warmth developing behind mount diablo as we look from the east bay highway 24 there in
6:48 am
the lower left hand of your screen. patchy fog developing the east bay hills and valleys not as thick as it is around napa visibilities around half a mile to a mile most of the morning. we have 50s just about everywhere. 62 antioch, 60 mountain view. patchy fog in the sand that clara valley. monterey bay inland, patchy fog --. 11 hours 21 1/2 minutes of sunshine today, still a strong enough sun to give you a sun burn if you are heading to the
6:49 am
coast, be careful for that two areas of high pressure dominating low to our south with the flow around bringing the hot weather from the desert south we have we saw that 100 in palm springs pushing it into l.a., 97 pushing up fors us today, tomorrow and try day. we could see -- 90s possibly in the east bay valleys before all is said and done. today's forecast, over in the east bay valleys low to mid 80s, 84 the warm spot around concord, pittsburg, antioch, livermore, 81 castro valley fremont share that temperature. down to the south bay low to mid 80s in most neighborhoods campbell and san jose 82. upper 70s to low 80s for most of the peninsula. millbrae 76. low to mid 70s along the coast into downtown south san francisco, sausalito, san rafael 79, low to mid 80s through the north bay valley near 70 at your beaches
6:50 am
monseray bay sun low to mid 70s carmelo 80s the rest of the bay mid 80s inland. -- comfortable with clear sky and patchy fog in our deepest valleys. two to four degrees warmer as the heat peaks tomorrow and friday tapers saturday, lose about four degrees then another four sunday more cloud cover saturday through tuesday. hope you have a great day. good morning. possible traffic delays in downtown san francisco due to protesters taking to the streets about 7:00 this morning. right around market, federal reserve building could snarl traffic around the financial district. wanted to remind you of that. mass transit, muni has announced there are cable car delays. they had to take the powell and hyde street lines out of
6:51 am
service due to mechanical problems. they have shuttle buses in place. other than that mass transit is a good way to go. highway 4 a little jammed towards concord from antioch, 580 out of the central valley slowing towards dublin over the pass. 238 not bad five minutes from 580 to 880. toll plaza, sun coming up, beautiful morning, you will find traffic snagged behind -- metering lights, behind the toll plaza because those lights are on traffic backed to the west grand overcrossing. for the latest. 6:51 now. >> for years, doctors believed vitamin e helped prevent prostate cancer. now new research appears to show it may create more risk of getting cancer. a study that followed men who took high doses of the vitamin for five years found they had a slightly elevated risk of state cancer. men assigned to take a 400
6:52 am
unit capsule everyday were 17% more likely to get prostate cancer than those given placebo pills. researchers say that risk continued after the men stopped taking vitamin e. the author says it should remind people there are risks in taking any unregulated over-the-counter supplement. on the oregon coast a surfer says he got quite a ride from a shark. he says he was surfing monday afternoon when the shark hit his board and knocked him off. he claims he ended upstanding on the shark and surfing it. it lifted him out of the water for several seconds then took off. nobody got video. but there were witnesses one, another surfer a few feet away. >> i felt my ankle get pulled about three feet, dragged by the leash. then it was gone. that was the scariest part when i didn't know where it was. >> had that fight or flight
6:53 am
thing going on. we obviously sharks are bigger than us so we chose flight. >> his surf board has dents and cracks some friends say that could have been from hitting the rocks if it is a true story he's quite the shark whisperer. about seven minutes from now labor leaders and protester are expected to begin a march that could spell problems for the morning commute. >> amy hollyfield is live with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. they are gearing up. unsee behind me, they've got their signs they are getting ready for their march. they've got new pro at the time terse joining them. support from community labor -- labor leaders also the sf supervisor out here. they are comfortable, they have sleeping bags and a food station that pumps out three
6:54 am
meals a day. active s -- activists say police are being an come . -- accommodating. they are going on this march, they will be back on the sidewalk and say they won't be leaving it any time soon. they are protesting what they call corporate greed part of a national movement that started in new york. it was called occupy wall street there. they will be marching 7:00 this morning, look for them in the financial district, it could cause problems during the morning busy morning hours that's the plan they want to be seen and . then unexpect to see them back on the sidewalk -- they say they have no plans to leave any time soon. our other top story in oakland that city now looking for a police chief. terry mcsweeney is covering that story. >> reporter: good morning. the fourth time in seven years the city has been looking for a new chief. anthony batts stepping down next month saying he can't
6:55 am
deal with the bureaucracy any more. take a look at the chief making the announcement yesterday blaming bureaucracy for making it impossible for him to do his job. last week the council refused to grand his request for tougher crime laws, including a curfew for teenagers, a crackdown on gangs. some thought it might lead to racial profiling. batts said if it was one thing he would have changed it would be the city council would let him be the chief. the mayor said she never wanted him in the first place that batts was not her pick. she told him after she took office if he wanted to step down she would have no problem with that earlier this year he was in the running for san jose chief indicating he took her recommendations it created a problem with the city he one foot out the door, now both feet out the door as of next month. assistant chief expected to be the interim chief. the police officers association hoping he will be
6:56 am
the permanent chief. this will be the fourth time they've looked for a new chief in the past seven years. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. final check on weather and traffic. we'll see the sun lie. >> and a lot of it -- the sunlight. >> and a lot of it. >> you will see total sunshine today even out to the coast, temperatures if the 50s even 60s around mountain view and antioch. by the afternoon temperatures in the mid to upper 70s for most of the bay shore out to the coast low to mid 80s in our inland valleys warmer tomorrow and friday cooling trend starts saturday. stall just reported southbound 680 danville partially blocking a lane there sensors show a little slowing past the area. highway 4, 580 out of the central valley there's 680 drive not so bad. live look southbound 680 traffic lights or taillights,
6:57 am
brake lights around north main. a bit slow towards 24 this morning. >> thank you for joining us for the abc 7 morning news. >> we'll be back with a local update on 7:24. keep track of the latest news on twitter and talk about it at facebook the bottom -- -- on facebook. have a great day. closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc
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